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New Royal Enfield Bullet Classic

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Royal Enfield, makers of legendary British Classic bikes, are back in Cologne, Germany to unveil their all new “BULLET 500” at the Intermot.

In 1932, the Royal Enfield “Bullet” was originally created in Britain. Now, 76 years later, Royal Enfield’s newest model celebrates these early “Bullets”. The new “Bullet 500 Classic” harks back to the ‘G2’ Bullet of the early 1950s, retaining the quintessential classic British style that is inextricably linked to the Royal Enfield name.

The new “Bullet 500 Classic” is powered by the new 500cc ‘Unit Construction Engine’ (UCE) and is homologated for Euro III norms. The 500cc engine produces 27.2BHP of power at 5250rpm and 41.3NM of torque at 4000rpm. This new model is expected to be in the Europe Distributors showrooms by January 2009 and should be launched in India by end 2009.

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  • Tushar

    What a bike yaar.It is so cute.I felt like my dream comes true.But I have read on the RE Website that this bike is made only for European market.’Are humne kya bigada hai yaar?’ I think Most of the RE Bullet lovers are in India. Then why this Indian made bike is not available for Indian People? This is very unfortunate.I think “RE INDIA” would have think on this.

  • fas

    I agree with you Royal Enfield should launch this bike in India.

  • sum


  • jaani

    yes. we need that bike here. nehi to? maar dalunga, cut dalunga, jala dunga yaar:)

  • Tyagi

    Tushar (Who am I?) Says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    What a bike yaar.It is so “cute.”

    Who said its CUTE!!! arrghhhh!! ban .. delete… this post

    guys its coming in india very soon
    check out

  • Tyagi

    Well G2 was launched in 1949. and G2 was originally a 350 bike, though the famous one was 500 twin, which was almost the the same as G2 but had a twin engine and straight exhaust pipe (like in current bullets).
    for more elaborated difference between the two new and old check out the old G2 original 1949 photo at$pid=1223020903772
    u can also go through the entire production models of 19th century!

  • fas

    The Enfield pics in your album are awesome.

  • What a bike …. Let me move into new one … Indrum bullett …. Eandrum bullett …. Endendrum bullette …….

    Thanks to Royal Enfield

  • gopan

    wat THE HAKE is this??? u r plant is in India & workin for the bloody Europeans?
    RE supposed to be launched in India first, then only to the rest of the world.
    coz more bullet lovers are there from each and every corner of India.


  • Annu

    what a bike dnt worry why guys 4get that we are in india and we are famous for JUGAD we can modify our existing bike like this only..I have done it withmine.It took almost 3 months but now it lokks like real RE

  • fas

    Hey Ammu can you share more details about the modifications you have made?

  • David Silas


    When is it coming to India? Are we allowed to import the bike?


  • fas

    David – The bike will come next year and you can import it but it will cost you alot.

  • jithendran

    i love this bick i want no mor details plc. with picher.

  • sunny

    its very solid bike yaar.

  • its a cool bike dude. am modifying my bullet and has given me great ideas. thanks for the cool pics

  • Chris

    Ok, so which bike should I get? Advice please guys… i’m in the UK, so i can get these new models, but i was thinking just get a classic bullet 35 no? aren’t the older ones kinda cooler? kick start and everything. I’ll never find this site again so any advice to please!



  • Anindya

    Man I wish they launch this bike to india before may. I am in love with this bike. its almost a orgasmic feeling when i see it. God damn RE release this bike to indian roads. Its made in chennai but available in UK wtf man, why forget the home fanboys.

  • Amit 1996

    Man… I’ve bullet made 1968 but this one hotter thn mine… love it.. i want to own this bike…

  • Raghav

    I am in love with this bike at the 1st sight. but since it is not available in India,and after a broken heart ,i had to satisfy myself by buying a Bullet Standard which comes with almost the same looks.
    I can think of now modifying its looks to almost to the level of Classic.

    I advocate for Bullet Standard than any other models available in the market.

  • Deepak.B

    WoW This is really great.. Look at the Masculine Body i surely like it as read on I saw that it will be introduced in India by end of 2009 so i will wait for it … Till then i will be riding Pulsar………………………….

  • Steve Imortal

    A nice looking bike, but where is the kickstart?
    The most unreliable feature of Royal Enfield export models is the ‘sprag clutch’ between the starter motor and the engine, because of this many owners have completely removed the electric starter. This new model is electric start only, so when the starter mechanism fails (or the battery is too weak to turn the starter motor) the only option will be to push it.

    Ten out of ten for styling, but please fit a kickstart!

  • Raj

    No words to Express.,Ultimate Bike

  • salman

    it is cool but still it is a waste of space in front of ROYAL ENfFIELD constellation 700

  • Baba

    Do not worry Dost…..It should be launched in India by end 2009.
    Be ready for New Machine under you.

  • MG Suresh


  • sajee

    hi to all those who praised this machine…., if you guys have a closer look at this bike, i guess we can get our veteran 350 modified into a much better shape. I certainly agree to what annu had to say. all u have to do is look closer, find the right mech who can help u out, nothing is immposible, and at the end your satisfaction would be sky high. There is no classical example to the existing BULLET. cheers guys.

  • vg

    Abey *****…kaun kharidega ye bike..bakwas styling

  • varun

    below is a offical email from royal enfield talking about the classic model –

    “Greetings from Royal Enfield. Thank you very much for the interest shown on Royal Enfield and we appreciate your passion. As mentioned, the bike Bullet Classic is for export markets. The emission norms in UK is different from the prevailing emission norms in India. Hence the bike should comply with the emission norms of India. We will be communicating about the new product launches in our website and thru other media.”

  • biju .pv

    what a bike ! its not a bike its my dreeeeeem . it should be launched in india
    by end 2009.

  • Deepak B

    Hi Friends sorry to dissapoint you all But this bike wont be introduced in india as this is done only for the European markets and by 2010 one more new model similar will be launched in india..

    Please find the reply for my mail given by Andrew Anantharaj Senior Mng

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your visit to the Royal Enfield website and your interest in the Bullet Classic.

    We wish to inform you that the Bullet Classic is currently being made specifically for sale in the European markets. This model is an exclusive design for European countries to meet their specific rules and regulations connected to emissions and safety.

    This model is not directly compatible to Indian homologation requirements and is hence not scheduled for release in India for the time being. However, we are working towards a new engine platform for India and we will implement certain design changes from the Bullet Classic. We expect to launch a similar product for India in 2010. We will inform you through the media at the appropriate time regarding the release of this model for the Indian market. Thank you.


    Andrew Anantharaj
    Senior Manager – International Business.

    Phone : +91 44 42230209

    Royal Enfield (Unit of Eicher Motors Limited)
    Thiruvottiyur High Road, Thiruvottiyur,
    Chennai 600 020. India.

  • bhatti

    yara bullet mast lag rahe hai….
    thanx yaara main colour lab reha c apno bullet laye…

  • Bullet classic was spied testing in Bangalore. This gives a hope for launch by early next year.

  • vassa

    Haayeeee haaayeeee yaara…! Feel like dream come true……..!!! Awesome buddy…..!!!!!

  • ricky

    I have seen the new model (here in Greece) and i really liked the colors, BUT, it is NOT the same classic look of the old bike. Of course it has injection, and disc brakes and no coils and all sorts of higher technology, but frankly i prefer the pre-2009 models as they are the real deal of the classic model. The new has cool color schemes and it is -supposedly- more reliable indeed, but i prefer to see the front drum brake instead of the disc, the older rear fender instead of the weirdly sloped new one, and the old ammeter over the nascelle instead of the fuel visual. Of course some of these can be changed, but i find extremely ugly seeing the new machine “wearing” smaller wheels of 18″. I prefer the older big 19″ wheels. I cannot understand small wheel for a bike never intended for high speed. Small wheels give this bike a “midget” look. I have a 2005 bullet 500 with a front fender of a 350 and a modified “skirted” rear one, black handlebars, straightpipe crashbar and solo seat. The only thing i’d like to change would be a wider and bigger front brake, a beefy double TLS maybe. I consider myself lucky for not waiting until now to buy the “new” bike as the Enfield dealer no longer sells the older models. Of course the new is better on the road, but the older is the real one…

  • PrOdIgY

    good news guys…..this bike is being launched on 4th Nov09 so dont forget to contact ur dealer on 4th to get the prices.

  • Sushrut

    ‘m buyin this baby on MARCH !!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha………!!!!!!!!

  • Saji

    If ur from Bangalore and u need to have a glimse of this Machine, pl go to Tecknik Motors CMH Road Indira Nagar Bangalore.

  • jaz

    hey this bike izz sooooo much kewl man…thnx 2 royal enfield…

  • jaz

    thanx 4 giving us dis grrrrrr8 bike

  • tenzin

    uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its tooo sexy and smooth man this is da bike iwanted!!!

    • adhiraj

      yes its the most wanted bike …….bole to is ka hi tora hai

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