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Rolls-Royce Pimped By DC

One of the major attractions of the Autocar Performance Show was the pimped up roller done by DC Design. To be honest it looks wacky and a waste of a car as good as the Rolls-Royce. But then to each its own. This car has a V8 engine and 20 inch wheels. Maybe 22 but who cares anyways. I think DC Design should stick to adding spoilers to cars rather then destroying a Rolls-Royce.

Doesn’t the rear of this pimped up Rolls-Royce remind you of the Ambassador?

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  • sumit

    You have put it in exact words what I thought when I saw this car in a newspaper yesterday. Some things are better left untouched, more so if it happens to be such a classy car.

  • fas

    Do you know Sumit most people loved the car and some thought it was based on the Phantom.

  • Sumit

    Fas, I can see entire population loving this car but those who have an iota of love and respect for the automobiles and their evolution will beg to differ.

  • Edward

    I have a hard time believing this bastardization is anything more than just a RR grille. Probably a Ambassador underneath.

  • Ice

    It’s based on the DC Design Ambierod which is based on the Ambassador.From riches to rags…

  • Karthik

    The front view is good .But the rear is disappointing as far as DC standards are concerned. Its very blank.

  • Steve Miller

    I think everybody missed the point which I believe was supposed to get peoples attention and it did. I can’t remember who said it but it went something like this. Bad press is good press because it gets every bodies attention and that is what sells newspapers.
    I think that they made a bold statement this is the most comments I have read on Digg in in a while.

  • Rohit

    This thing which DC calls a car is nothing but completely disfigured ambassador which wanted to look like a Rolls Royce… and neither remained amby nor became the RR… as simple as Dhobi ka kutta, ghar ka na ghat ka… DC ru there… listening

  • owen

    this makes nice clasic cars look like plastic im so ashamend go poo on a stick.

  • Aran

    So so sad. Looks like a Lexus SC430. Yuk! I want to vomit.

  • poppadom dave

    It is indeed based on the Ambassador and is not a show car. It’s for the nonce who commissioned the first DC Roller.

    Money can’t buy you taste. Apparently money can’t buy DC quality neither.

  • GLB

    why would anyone do such thing to such a beautiful car…god this BIG TIME!!!!

  • jini

    its UGLY!!!!!!!!!! Who ever designed it…they spoiled the car!!!!!

  • Rana

    I have just one word” its horrible.” .

  • Heena

    Rampyari of hindi movies was better than this image of so called Rolls..

    he should workout on scooters bikes mopeds but not on the rare species of the most Royal cars

  • Sagar

    DC is an excellent interior designer and he should stick to that. His exterior styling skills are nothing short of cheap and at his age he really is mocking at his own intelligence with designs like these. But the fact that he makes enough money out of his work to continue this butcher job at a rapid pace is a reflection of how stupid the general Indian public is. He’s an idol of un-intellectual wannabes and will continue to be for a very long time unless we ourselves grow up.

  • siddharth

    dc sucks he spoiled the car whenever he touches his magical hands to a car it becomes cheap and ugly

  • Abhay Antony

    Yeah DC pretty made a ***** outta a lady…i understand it would be a ego massage to the company bigwigs to pimp a roller..but this is plain ugly..atleast they should have removed the spirit of ecstacy statuette from the grille…cos this just makes it look cheap…DC screwed itself on this project but their ambierod was nicely done..

  • Abhay Antony

    p.s.- yeah it does look like a ambassador to me :p

  • Hemal Shah

    I think it looks good for a perspective, but black for the bonnet roof top and back? The Headlight scoop looks nice.

    If this is a Amby mod and sure costs not more than 20 lacs, I am sure this will be a hit.

  • Rameez

    Its not a rr look at the length its an ambassador with a rr grille i knw rr more than u guys cuz i own1

    • fas

      Rameez, if you own it, can you please share some pics with us?

  • carcritic

    I dont think the guys ar DC motors watch discorvery turbo…they need some learning to do…how can you pimp a RR..what a junk of a pimp they made

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