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New Bajaj Pulsar 250?

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Bajaj Auto Limited (BAL) is working on higher power bikes which will be launched under its own brand. It currently markets bikes up to 220cc and is developing a 250cc and a 300cc bike to tap the high-end domestic bike market.


The new upgrade of Pulsar is also being developed by the company. According to a company official, BAL has already approached an Europe-based motorcycle design consultancy to work out new designs for the bikes and is also taking help from its Austrian bike company, KTM, in which BAL has a stake.

BAL GM (marketing) Amit Nandi said: “The new launches are part of the long-term plan to develop bigger bikes under the Bajaj banner. We are working on that. We have the capability and technology to develop products on our own, which will be leveraged to develop products across different segments.”


Unlike Hero Honda, which is dependent on its Japanese partner Honda Motor Co for technology, Bajaj Auto has developed its own technology over the years. So the company is working on new bikes based on its patented DTSi technology and also its indigenously developed fuel injection technology.

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  • Aditya

    hiiiiii fas,is it sure that it will launch or its just a rumour……..?

    And if its going to launch,when it will??????

  • fas

    Aditya the news if from Bajaj itself. We can’t surely say the Pulsar 250 will look like the pics above, but surely Bajaj is working on a a higher capacity bike. They should be launching it in this year.

  • Abhisek Verma

    good news. and r those pics imaginary or u have designed them fas(ur a good desiner i think)???

  • fas

    LOL Abhishek, i have not designed them. These are from the designers who have done designs for Bajaj before.

  • wowwwwwwwwww

    they are Rocking ones ….

    when are they going to launch ? and what will be the price range ? am sure the price of those bikes would be sky high in compared to other 200cc and 220cc models …

  • i need to prise

  • fas

    The Pulsar 250 is expected to cost around Rs. 1.10 lacs.

  • Ibrahim

    I think Mr Rahul Bajaj present at least one’s in a month one to 1 person in free of cost… hope he will do


  • sasi

    very bad. i think that its a copy of yamaha’s FZ16. these bikes dont have a muscular look.

  • Varun

    Hey, its a nice photoshop work, but u forgot to design the rear Shocker, not even a MonoShock absorber, Strange :)

  • Ritvik

    Fas, im sure thats not your real name but anyhow, dude, i was planning to buy a bike by may.. and i had narrowed my choices down to the karizma, p220 and A 200.. so if you could you know, give me some sort of genuine confirmation or link, i could actually put off buying the bikes.. however i DESPERATELY need a commuting means so its going to be difficult.. and tell me do you think the new bajaj will be better than ALL the three bikes i mentioned above? is it going to be worth the wait?

  • fas

    Ritvik, by May we can expect the new upgraded series of the Pulsars. The P220 is said to have more power and the black theme. Yes the new Pulasr 220 will be better then all the 3 bikes you have mentioned. Infact the current Pulsar 220 is still the best bike in the segment. Wait for sometime and get the new Pulsar 220, it should be launched anytime soon, within the next two months.

  • Aditya

    the pulsar 220 was going to launch in feb. and now it would launch in abt. 2 months?????????????
    wat bajaj is doing??????

  • fas

    Aditya, I am wondering myself what is taking Bajaj so long. They should have launched it by now. Anyways we cant help but wait.

  • Ritvik

    I believe its the high inflation rates, and recession thats causing the delay from bajaj’s side… and thanks fas for answering that.. i’ll wait.. beacuse you say so! =D

  • harsh deo singh

    i need to price in pulsar 300cc wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh

  • fas

    Harsh, there is no news on the pricing, but expect it to be around 1.1 lacs.

  • Aditya

    These sketches are made by a firm called Xenophya design which probably does consultation work for bajaj in terms of the styling of the bike. Anyways these sketches are very initial ones and have ridiculously high ground clearences. Again the style of the engine is so out dated….Also, previously Glyn Kerr, one the most well known Mcycle designer has worked on numerous bajaj bikes including the pulsars.

  • Hey, its a nice photoshop work. i love fast sorts bike so i need to price in pulsar 300cc wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this bike is very beautifulnow so it would launch in abt last june2009

  • fas

    Atul, the bike may launch in June, there is no confirmation. Prices are expected to be around 1.1 lacs.

  • harsh

    hey fas can u tel me abt some mods i can do in karizma for high top end power

  • fas

    Harsh, you can get a KnN filter and a new exhaust. Then you just need to resize the jets and voila, your bike would be faster.

  • karthik

    this bikes will rock the roads one day

  • tenbeckham

    i am quote distress with the new looks of pulsar 250 cc.

  • lovi sidhu

    wowwwwwwwwowwwwww great……….

  • shashank

    every body just chill..!! those are 100% fake pics. bajaj is working on nothing. they are taking help of kawasaki. its d ninja 250 that they want to launch but with indian fittings. so that after sales they dont have problem for parts. above pics are totally fake with untrue information.

  • Srivatsav

    lol fas ….. whats happenin mate ?? :)

  • fas

    Shashank, the above pics are not fakes. Bajaj might not launch these bikes as they think its easier to launch the Ninja, but the above bikes are in concept stage. Bajaj wants to make their own 250 which won’t cost the earth so the above bikes might see the light of the day some day.

  • Aditya

    Yes I agree they are not fakes, but fas are you sure that these sketches made by Xenophya design are for bajaj? Anyways, Bajaj auto’s name is in the client list of Xenophya so maybe…but look at the ground clearances..and the saddle height…huge…!

    Have a look….

  • fas

    Well Aditya, they quite look like they are for Bajaj. These bikes are still in the concept stage so the ground clearance won’t matter much at this stage :p

  • Aditya

    Yeah thats true…they have a bit of the pulsar’s design language in them…subtle hints..but they arent refreshingly different as concepts…look contemporary dont you think so…?

  • fas

    Aditya, I don’t think Bajaj will be concentrating on a stunning looking bike. They are concentrating more on technology and performance.

  • Aditya

    I guess, for today’s Indian customer specially buying a 200cc+ platform, looks will definately be as important as technology and performance. Secondly, technology and performance is of no use if quality is not present. What Bajaj should focus on is improving build quality and improve refinement in their bikes, also I was very unhappy to see bajaj drag in TVS to court for some infringement issues…Indian companies should come together and work so they can face the competition which will get tougher as the day turns.

  • fas

    Aditya, in India, people go on the looks and buy a bike. Technology is not all the important to them. However there are a few people like us who are enthusiasts, who want a performance bike and not only show. Sadly the only choice is the Yamaha R15, which I feel is quite overpriced and underpowered.

    Bajaj really needs to improve quality. You can buy a Hero Honda with eyes closed but not a Bajaj. About the Bajaj-TVS issue. i feel it was plain stupid of Bajaj. I guess they are really feeling the heat with TVS right on their tail.

  • Aditya

    “Bulls eye” to what you said…but we Indians dont want to spend on technology and performance. You cannot get good performance and looks for cheap coz there is quality involved Its difficult for foriegn makesr to introduce bikes at low prices with all the goodies as our duties( both for SKD/CBU ) and spares are verty high. Instead of launching sales gimmik techno stuff like Exhaust Tec and DTsi which honestly speaking does not make much of a differnce, manufacturers should concentrate on making stuff like liquid cooling, multi link rear suspension, more cylinders etc etc which will definately improve performance.
    Secondly government norms on emissions are making bikes leaner by the day. R15 is overpriced for its displacement no doubt…underpowered too..but look at its refinement…look at FZ’s refinement its really a notch above whatever was being made earlier. That refinement comes from years of development and reserach which isnt new to either yamaha or Honda.
    So Fas where are you from…?

  • fas

    Well said Aditya. I am from Mumbai. I think one of the best bikes in India happens to be the Karizma. Top notch quality. Only if HH give it more power and upgrade it with features which the competition boasts of. The R15 has super handling, it can run circles around the Pulsar 220. Yamaha didn’t face much problems making the R15, since they have mastered the 1000cc segment with the R1. But Bajaj has mastered 10cc and 0.5PS upgrades and thats the reason why Yamaha is by far one of the best bike manufacturers in the world. Don’t you think its stupid to have 150, 180, 200, 220cc variants of the same bike. I think it should be more like 150, 200, 250. Now that would be slightly significant upgrade.

  • Aditya

    seriously…110..125..135 where does all this lead to..? Its time our government loosens duty on bikes above 400cc and below 800cc so we dont have to depend on 180 and 200 cc machines. Not that bajaj would make something exceptionally good in the near future…I have some hope in Yamaha but again cost…:-(

  • fas

    If the Government cuts duties on 400-800cc machines, we wont have to depend on Bajaj anymore. There are quite a few fantastic machine which can be bought for reasonable prices.

    The duty on the 1000cc bikes are still quite alot. A Yamaha R1 in U.K costs half the price it costs in India.

  • aditya

    yeah i know…its absolutely mind boggling the amount of money the government fleeces through duty….i just hope soon they would be some nice 250 and 400 cc twins/fours which have decent power for handling indian road conditions.
    Honestly speaking riding anythng above 600cc on two wheels in India is lunacy. Imagine rich kids graduating to GSX R’s and Ninja’s from a bicycle…

  • fas

    Aditya, most of the rich kids are no buying the Yamaha R15, few use it to its true potential. We have to wait and watch. Bajaj does plan to launch the Ninja by May, so we can expect it by June.

  • harsh rajput

    above shown pics are imaginary or true ………. new pulsar 180cc plz…tell some new features of it & also mention its price plz……

  • fas

    Harsh, the above pics are sketches. Checkout the post on Pulsar 180 Upgrade for details on the new Pulsar 180.

  • tharun

    consept handle should be changed. handle is not safe, sujest a supermoto type.

  • piease release bikes with large scoops. It looks pienty very attractive to youth……. they all looking for that…………………….

  • Aaron Cardoz

    The reason bajaj is taking so long is probably because they have to rethink their strategy. For starters when the CBZ was launched, it kicked ass by being the first sporty bike which gripped the market, then came along the pulsars and from the very start has been eating into the 150/ 180 market segment. The dtsi’s marked a complete success of bikes in India with other bikes suffering badly. Hero honda karizma still remained unbeaten even by the 180 dtsi ug. However then came along the P220 that was in a different league, newer tech, fi,etc…which probably beats the zma in some aspects…so not much needed to be done because of the well established market value that was set up by bajaj. Have i mentioned Yamaha anywhere…not till now..because they didnt make head lines for a while…but that was about to change….FZ16 and the R15…that changes things for everybody and has really been the show stopper recently…i can tell you 10 reasons why a bike lover should go in for an FZ 16 for daily commuting…so coming back to the point…for bajaj simply releasing a new biker with a better engine wont do…how many bike versions and models will they release…xcd 135 dtsi , 150 dtsi, 180 dtsi, 200 dtsi/ probably 200 dtso fi, p220 dts fi….p250 p300??? the new release has to really capture the hearts of the commuters or bike lovers once again the way it did when it was first released….so just an engine upgrade is not going to work this time..when you have complete finished classy bikes like the FZ 16 in the market…so besides the global economic slowdown which has disturbed the demand and supply chain…there are other reasons as well why bajaj is simply not launching a new bike…:-)

  • Aaron Cardoz

    By the way i owned a pulsar for 5 years, and it was my fav bike …after a while i had done many performance mods, knn, jetting, engine porting, shinko tyres…and i really enjoyed my ride…and now have purchased an FZ 16 after that and believe me…when i say u can feel the difference..i don’t just mean power..i mean handling, comfort, stability…
    not saying it is the best…i would love to go for the p200 but i had already owned a pulsar for 5 years so i wanted a different bike experience…:-) and ……………………………..believe me it is a difference EXPERIENCE!!!!

  • fas

    Aaron, thanks for the detailed explanation on Bajaj’s strategy. I hope people are now patient :)

  • prakash

    can u show pulsar 300 videos plz and show the rate plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • fas

    Prakash, Pulsar 300 doesn’t exist, so there are no videos or pricing information of it yet.

  • abhi

    r u sure dat these byk r real and wen r dey gng to release..???

  • fas

    Abhi, these bikes are just designs and are still in the initial stage. Release can be expected next year.

  • sunny bose

    is dat for p 250 for real…makes me feel more like a fz-16 …..i wish fz wud had a better engine,sumthing lyk 180cc or 220cc….den i guess it wud have freaking covered d whole bike market!!!! and when is bajaj coming up with d 2009 versions….i cant wait any longer,i might jus go in for d old p200 or 220 of d hero honda karizma….n if the p 250 is for real then i guess it will be launched in india before d year 2015…….lol…bajaj needs to buck up on their time …..wat say friends???

  • sunny bose

    is dat for p 250 for real…makes me feel more like a fz-16 …..i wish fz wud had a better engine,sumthing lyk 180cc or 220cc….den i guess it wud have freaking covered d whole bike market!!!! and when is bajaj coming up with d 2009 versions….i cant wait any longer,i might jus go in for d old p200 or 220 of d hero honda karizma….n if the p 250 is for real then i guess it will be launched in india before d year 2015…….lol…bajaj needs to buck up on their time …..wat say friends???

  • fas

    Sunny, thats not real yet. Just prospective designs. Bajaj has taken 6 months more just to paint the wheels black of the Pulsar 220, so this will come by the time you have estimated, LOL.

  • i thnk its just a dream bcoz same thnk happen wid 220 too it shown the trailor and was launched aft long time

  • sunny bose

    hey fas u on facebuk??if u r plz add me as a frnd by searching me as”sunny jack bose…” i aint on orkut n i don like….

  • sunny bose

    plz check dis link….dey r showin d snap of a 220 n sayin its d new p 200 fi….was goin on.???

  • fas

    Sunny, those guys have just posted the pics of the Pulsar 220 and called it the P200. Nothing authentic so no use of that link here. I have send you a friend request.

  • Aaron Cardoz

    I must say these are really nice images..wish bajaj would really come up with something like this from peoples imagination.

  • nabin

    p250 is real if ya than it roks but when p250 lunched

  • fas

    Nabin, in around 2 years we can expect the Pulsar 250.

  • manoiz shahi

    ya its the bike i was waiting 4. it make me feel dat a real rider choice is pulsar250. a man can hav a pleasure of racing bokes in p250. i wann thanks bajaj family.

  • i m just waiting when does pulsar 250 comes in market for toping all me collage friend with my girl friend

  • Soul_Collector

    Am sure of 1 thing..bajaj will come up wid better designs than these..

    And this will take time, may b a couple of years…

  • Pawan

    in your dreams…haha

  • Pusha

    this new bike is really a piece…… i will definitely buy it….



  • Soul_collector


    Itz ur choice dude..keep it personal.. please.

    Dont care abt my dreams.. :)

  • Pulsar is not good enough to beat honda (japan) and not the kawasaki atleat so the way is not ended u hav lots way to walk. and i would like to say donot walk by touching hand with japanese company. Invent yourself.

  • Soul_Collector

    thtz wht i was wondering y iz this design so damn cheap, now i got the answer..

    It’z a japanese version..”MADE IN JAPAN”..v r sorry @wahidashiq

    But the point here if tht v neva compared our bikes wid foreign bikez..

    So itz better u keep ur advice wid u.. :)

  • Ritvik

    you’re not even worth it.

  • Soul_Collector


  • Raj Anand

    The first pic of the bike in red colour might be the new P220.

  • Rishit meghani

    heya m searching for nw bike lik a pulsar bt i ve goone thru da pics of pulsar 250cc i likd a lot so is dere any1 who can tl me ven is da bik going to b launched????
    or else wanna buy karizma

    • fas

      Rishit, the Pulsar 250 will come next decade. The bike is still in beta stage.

  • veera

    new 150&180 design is superb but design of 250 is not good

  • mac

    when will the new pulsar 250cc launch i need to know plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • fas

    Mac, new Pulsar 250 is expected in a couple of years.

  • sahil

    i wana knw abt new pulsar 22o

  • fas
  • rig

    i dnt thnk that the design of 250 wud b abl to atract guysssssss.

    • fas

      Rig, the Pulsar 250 is still a couple of years away.

  • anil

    Pulsar 180 or Apache 180 rtr??????????? which one is better? plz reply.

    • Sarath

      Bothe the bikes are pathatic. Either u go for R15 or ZMR.

    • Yamaha R15.

    • shah

      apachi 180 rtr better then pulser 180

    • NO

    • bhaskar

      180 ap iz bezt……………..

    • nis

      Pulsar 180

  • fas

    Anil, both are equally good. I would choose the Pulsar 180 because I don’t ride on race tracks and the RTR is more of a track machine.

  • pulsar 180 is better than apache . go 4 pulsar180 UG 4 model


    The Pulsar 220 & 250 is the Best bike in India. No one can Compit it.

  • simon and phlegon

    well the bike looks cool but there is a lot space in the engine if only it can be covered with an engine gaurd like the way most of the younstars would love to do and if the handle would be shorter like dat of foreign bike and the previous headlights were better but should have a long range of focus cause its hard at real dark and bumpy and twisted cueves


    now i think that pulsar 250 is the coolest and inflammable bike in the world……i can just dream to handle it……..but now its not a dream…bajaj made it true…!!!!!

  • Sandy

    Man.. that picture might true.. reason the 250 cc engine looks the same size will not occupy much space

  • mac

    jus waiting for pulsar 250cc

  • bobby aru

    ther is a roumer tht bajaj will launch 300cc in this year, bt i don’t hope so bcz same thing happnd wid 220cc, any way let me knw whn bajaj will launch 300cc , i m very eagarto see this hot muscular……….

    • fas

      Sure Bobby, I will let you know.

  • saikat

    i dont like pulsar

    • sriramajaya samsara kunjarakarna

      pulsar 135 cc the best in east kalimantan. when U didn’t like please check u psycology to “the doctor”

    • nia

      Den go for rtr….


    when the biger BAJAI 250 come to indonesia

  • not bad,i think swingarm must used banana swing arm,n is must be great exellecent,i guess.kapan indonesia punya pabrik motor?

  • Krishna

    i like it pulsar 200cc yes iam used that bike but iam not us 250cc and a 300cc bike ..!!!????

  • i like this bike very much,when u launched the bike in tamilnadu……..

  • Abhijeet mogal

    when will the pulsar 250cc will launch & what is the price pl mail me its urgent……………………….

  • Waa What A bike with out suspension!!!..

  • arvind

    i have pulsar 150cc bike. if pulsar 250 cc is released i will buy it next day. 100cc ++ from my old bike. surely super speed and acceleration..
    but i ve 2 ask a typical indian question , wht is the mileage

  • rahul kumar

    when it shall be launched in the market?

  • soham

    Are the Bajaj pulsar 250 cc and Bajaj Pulsar X6 Launch in indian market ?
    if Yes ? then whta is a cost on Road ?

  • r u nuts….bajaj ….is launchng KTM Duke 125 in jan 2011……….so no pulsar 250 or X6

  • no heart feeling, ok? they’re all look stupid. come on … be yourself!

  • babul

    pulsar 250 in some words !!

    this is the killer of japan manufacturer with cost/ performance
    also a bad dream for HONDA,YAMAHA F(_) C |< Y Highly priced bikes
    with 4 variants of engine 135cc (pulsar 135 now available ) 150cc,175cc,200cc,250cc

  • this bike is very wonderful. like look,like colour.
    i have 220cc pulsur. & i will purchace 250cc pulsur. so plz give me this bike prize on my emailid.
    iam waiting for your responce.


    this bike is very wonderful SO I purchace 250cc pulsur. so plz give me this bike prize .

  • Hafsalvp

    Wow wow,,,,,,,,,’.’.

  • Must bike

  • i like 200cc pulsar bike.i have 200cc pulsar.i yes i use pulsar 200cc but not use 220cc pulsar.

  • musha alam

    i hv plsr i,m waiting 4 250

  • savio

    looking to see if the 200 and the 220NS can come with a single seat, for the family man , the latest versions makes it difficult to adjust..

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