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Maruti A-Star Records 39 Kmpl Mileage

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India’s most fuel efficient car, the Maruti Suzuki A-star has achieved a spectacular mileage of 39.48kmpl in a fuel efficiency rally in Mumbai.  In a similar mileage rally at Chennai, the winning contestant achieved 37.6kmpl mileage in his A-star. Earlier, in a fuel efficiency test conducted by ARAI, A-Star delivered a mileage of 19.6kmpl. This is the best in class ARAI certified fuel efficiency, among cars in India.

In the A-star mileage rally in Mumbai, the top 25 participants achieved an average mileage of over 26.72 kmpl while in Chennai this figure was as high as 32.5 kmpl. In both these cities, the average mileage achieved by all participants was over 29 kmpl. The cars were driven on a predetermined route of approx 60 KM by the participants on Sunday. There were 51 participants in Mumbai and 45 in Chennai. Before the start of the event, they were given fuel saving tips to get maximum mileage.

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  • Tanmay

    And what are those FUEL SAVING TIPS? Can anybody share then with us???

  • fas

    Tanmay, you need to avoid hard acceleration and braking. Don’t ride the clutch and shift gears between 1500-2500RPM and voila you will get good mileage.

  • sumit

    This is pure bullshit which companies promote. Inspite of being a most ardent fan of Maruti I simply has to blast this practice where the car will be loaded with something like 200 ml of petrol and then the average will be calculated. To really get an idea of average the tank should be full and then the rally should start.

  • K Sundar

    We see few ads on the TV to save fuel/LPG. Remember the one where the kid says he would run a bicycle repair shop in the future. Its time we think about it. This rally is a marketting towards that by Maruthi. Getting a mileage of 35+ will not be under practical driving conditions for sure (I assume atleast – No AC, speed < 45, predefined route with less traffic and speed brakers). How can this be possible when you get to office everyday?

    But the mileage figures from this rally is an encouraging thing to note, if we can be little conservative on our driving, speed, start before non peak hour begin, switch off AC in the evening & enjoy the breeze if possible? we can increase the mileage of the car atleast few more Kms, thats the whole point here. We not only be able to save money ourselves, we save fuel for the future and less pollute.

  • K Sundar

    Tanmay,some Fuel saving tips that i can suggest:

    -Be gentle on accelerator and brake. To start moving from stand still will take more fuel. So foresee the signals ahead.
    -In your daily route, you would know where speed brakers are, slow down for them by lifting off the accelerator a little before instead of getting too near them and use hard brake. You dont lose much time.
    – at Stop signal try to turnoff engine
    -Keep your AC at a lower fan speed if your car does not have climate control. Leave your AC to manage the compressor.

  • ravi

    This is pure bull shit, i have this car and it gives 14.50KMPL without AC and on highway it gives 15.45KMPL. How could it possibly give 35KMPL of mileage.??????? this is jus t promote and increase their sales…ntn else

  • fas

    Ravi, I agree with you. The above mileage is under very unrealistic conditions.

  • K Sundar

    Ravi cool down – if your car is AStar its very much capable of giving mileage over 15 KMPL in city. Mine gives a 16 with in City and it seems increasing.

    And about the 37.6 kmpl record during the rally was indeed a fact. But not the most practical usage similar to our day to day use. I read about the rally that the AC was off, 2 ppl in it, optimal air pressure and predefined route…We can adapt one of this if not all to increase the mileage by few kms. Happy driving!

  • K Sundar

    Ravi BTW, the 14.5 kpml that you get is more than most other cars in this class. I would assume that is the wrost an Astar can get. If it is new just give it few more kms. Mine gave a 14 kpml during the initial 500 kms. later increased.

  • ravi

    K sunder, its been 3 months now and it has completed more than 5000kms stil its giving the same mileage. The only point m raising is that why do companies commit of such a mileage when they dont give under normal circumstances…

  • fas

    Ravi, they give such mileage to fool people and lure them into buying their cars. Every manufacturer does it.

  • K Sundar

    Ravi, it sad that mileage is not improving. Tell the engineer during next service. 19kmpl is what was committed (under practical conditions and not test conditions). This is assumed to be more realistic than test figures. But again will not match our regular use / traffic conditions / individual driving etc etc.. So you would get about 16 kmpl (this is not too behind your 14.5) within city on an average. this 30+ mileage figures are about how much you can stretch or extract. I believe this rally was more straight forward against most other’s as it was done in front of people / press in different cities and and more importantly these cars were not driven by maruthi engineers or professional drivers in the rally – but by common ppl who own those AStars.

    Try full tank method for your measurement. if you put petrol in batches of 10 litres each time like me… then take average of 5 such 10 litres batches. this will be more accurate.

  • K Sundar

    Do you drive on heavy traffic daily? Also, some of the petrol bunks are not accurate. try changing bunks. Go to directs and not dealers. Bangalore has Shell unleaded (not premuim – normal petrol and same cost). When I use them, I get aleast a 1+ on the mileage with my zen. I would assume shell brand will be more pure and accurate. I am yet to use shell in my Astar. Try it if you get shell at the same cost as normal petrol in your city.

  • K Sundar

    Ravi, sorry – i did not see that you have mentioned a 14.5 without the AC. Something is definitely wrong. 14.5 is too far a low mileage without AC. Reading my above posts will obviouly irritate you. Sorry!

  • gurjeet

    i have a astar , my astar gives 30.32 km/L on highway with ac off and speed 70 km/h.. this rally information is true! astar has unbeliveable mileage.it is a very very good small family car.

  • http://www.askpabs.com sandeep

    Maruti has recently organised a mileage rally on A-Star in Kolkata today(7th June, 2009).
    Total 147 A-Star participated. I personally participated and as far my litte knowledge with just less than a year driving experience able to cover the stipulated 53 km. route spending 2.16 litre of fuel.
    I maintained speed between 40 -60 km/h
    After every signal or stationary situation I tried to reach 4th gear and maintained the 40-45 speed in comparitively busy condition in traffic like Kolkata. And 50-60 km/h in roads like higway condition. So the soute was mix of both but I should mention that it was Sunday.
    But as far my knowledge, the winner covered the same distance in 1.3- 1.8 ltr. which is exceptional I beleive. But what I have learnt from the spot that they maintained 1st and 4th gear all through out which may not be possible for driver like me with not even an year experience.
    Images availavle here.


  • K Sundar

    Hi Sandeep, I obviously I did not buy AStar ‘just’ for the mileage factor. but the results are very encouraging. You have done a 25kmpl drive – which is fantastic. I will be happy for a 18kmpl :) which is not too far from my current 16kpml. I read that before the rally the organizers suggested some tips to be concervative on the driving. What are they? can you share them?

  • http://www.askpabs.com sandeep

    Hello Mr. Sundar . The rally was so huge and overwhelming with unexpected 147 participants which the event management guys were facing trouble handling. So no formal guidelines from organizers side as far me concern. I only managed to get few tips which I have already mentioned in my post when I was asking one of the young event management guy about the route map. He added, its upto you to maintain the optimal speed that you feel burn less fuel between 9 checkpoints. And another rule was we cant switch on AC. Though I met one participant who burnt 4 Plus litre of fuel for the same distance with AC on. We informally discussed keeping speeds between 40 – 60 km/h might give us better results. So I tried maintained that and avoided applying brake as much as possible. Tried calculating the possible halts from distance and restrained accelerating to slowdown with minimum braking. I would have get better mileage if I wuuld not have drove just only 600 plus km by now. I hope the figure will improve after 1000 km or so.

  • K Sundar

    Hi Sandeep, So the only influence that the organizers had was to insist on keeping the AC off. You can pretty much claim its your own rally or test results. Seems very fair enough for me.

    The point here is again how much we can extract above the claimed 19KMPL (or the 16KMPL – in my case) from an AStar trying to be gentle on the accelerator and brake and maintain speeds of 40 to 60.

    I believe Organizers gave the fuel and it was a full tank menthod to measure the mileage. Can you add anything here?

    Thanks Sandeep for the all the useful info.

  • saravana

    Ya these rallies are made at standard conditions. But it reiterates the fact that A-star is most efficient car in its class as ARAI claims. I’m an owner of and it returns super mileage … i love a-star..i’m ready to answer your queries from owner point of view

  • http://www.askpabs.com Sandeep

    I too convinced that A-Star is the most fuel efficient car at this moment.

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  • kiran

    nw i get an average mileage of 15.6kmpl.,.mixed trafic condition and mixed usage of ac

  • http://www.albs.co.in Kannan

    I had posted my note earlier. Sorry it did not appear up till now. Hence, I take one more opportunity to write about my A-star vehicle purchased in Jan 12. It is now more than 7 months completed all the 3 services by now. I am happy to quote here that my vehicle gives a mileage of 23 + without AC. I drive between 60-70 kmph and most of the time in ring roads.

    Like said by Mr. Sundar, I take petrol in Shell and some time in other bunks. However, it did not make much difference and I still get the same mileage. I am lucky in that case.

  • shabin

    It is true that AStar is giving a mileage of 14,15 or 16 KM during city drving without AC.But it will give a mileage of 20+ on the highways….on highway my Astar run 70km with 3litres of petrol(not bluffing) ,but in cities it runs only 45+km ….also fuel quality must be good…

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Shabin, that is very good mileage.

  • Asha

    i just owned A star automatic and getting milege of 14kmpl…

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