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2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150 and 180 Upgrade Pictures

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Well it seems that Bajaj has been displaying the upgraded Pulsar 150 and upgraded Pulsar 180 at a few dealerships in Pune. The upgraded Pulsar 200 and 2009 Pulsar 220 will be launched later. We found few pics of the 2009 Edition Pulsars on a popular social networking site and xbhp. Bajaj seems to have mixed and matched alot of stuff among the Pulsars siblings.













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  • Deepak

    Looks kewl…

  • mastermind

    looks devill…kash i had one…

  • Raj

    New Pulsar 180 and 150 looks much sportier than any other 150, 180cc bike.

  • Raghuvart

    thanx buddy

  • mithu


  • bala

    Could you tell difference btw 150cc and 180cc looks

  • fas

    Bala, not much difference. But the Pulsar 180 has a bigger engine and wider tyres at the rear.

  • Srivatsav

    Hey fas gotta ask u somtn… if u were given a choice …. between pulsar 220 ( ug 4 ) and r 15 … which one would u select :) ??

  • fas

    Srivatsav, tough to make a choice between the two. But I guess Ill take the Pulsar 220. What about you?

  • Srivaatsav

    am wid u man ! 220 !

  • Raj

    I with both of you guys, will surely take hot red Pulsar 220.

  • bala

    can anyone tell about fast and furious bajaj new woods pulsar

  • Anvesh

    But i think Yamaha FZ16 and FZS are better thaen these 2 bikes…

  • fas

    Bala, what are you looking for? The Bajaj Fast and the Furious ad? Check it out on the right in the latest videos.

  • kini


  • Chanchal

    mast hai yaar

  • Shashank Varma

    hey guys i have got pulsar 180 edition with me.
    can i get my bike upgraded with the latest features of the new bike.
    and if so what would be cost around………..?

  • Sanjeev

    any idea about the price of UG 200cc in Bangalore..??

  • fas

    Shashank, it depends on the upgrades. Once the new Pulsar 180 is launched then we can say whether you can or not.

  • fas

    Sanjeev, the UG Pulsar 200 is expected to cost 80k in Bangalore.

  • Sanjeev

    To Fas,
    thanks dude,
    i can see many guys are eagerly waiting for the UG 200cc. Lets see when Bajaj is going to lunch the extrem machine… :-)

  • rakesh

    I’m buying 150cc pulsar this week. Is it the right choice? New edition looks cool but is it best in 150cc?

  • Srivatsav

    If ur looking for budget and perfomance … yup its a gud one… BUT… if u can spend lil more .. u can go for 180 cc ! VALUE FOR MONEY !!!

  • fas

    Rakesh, why settle for Pulsar when there are better 150cc bikes like the FZ16 and GS150R.

  • mascherano

    temme cost of pulsar 150 n 180 new ones(delhi ex showroom if possible)

  • I kept patient, thanks for your updates on 150 and 180…

  • fas

    Mascherano, the prices of the upgraded bikes remain the same me thinks. There is no official word yet, but I don’t think Bajaj will hike the prices for such minor updates.

  • mascherano

    fas,they have infact!!!!!!!!
    and quite surprisingly, minor updates n major price hikes,
    p150 has a 10% increase(i.e 66k on road in delhi) and p 180 around 71k(i.e 6-7k more than old version), and i really dnt think the upgrade is worth the hike.

    poor show from bajaj, really disappointing…

  • vikas

    with in 10days this will be in my hand

  • fas

    Mascherano, Bajaj seem to be out of their minds to do that. The competition is not gonna be easy with better bikes then what Bajaj has on offer.

  • kumar

    There is nothing much upgradation in the new pulsar series .It is just a step up model of p200 .

  • Bhargav

    which bike is better in all condition…..pulsar 180(new model 2009 fastrack) or 200

  • Srivatsav

    200 :)

  • Arun

    hi fas..i wana buy a new bike so plz let me know which one will be have good performance with value of my money.fzs or upgrade p180 or new

  • fas

    Arun, if you don’t want to compromise on quality and want to have a trouble free biking experience, get yourself the FZ-S.

  • Sheeraz

    Pulsar cant beat yamaha fz

  • Rocky

    i want to change headlight of my pulsar 150 upgraded version with the headlamps of pulsar 220, how much will it cost and will it be a easy?

  • fas

    Rocky, you can change it. Should cost you around Rs. 2000/-

  • bob

    its just that now upgraded 150cc looks like old 180cc pulsar n upgraded 180cc looks like 200cc pulsar…
    cosmetic changes keeps indian bikers much intrested more than engines refining or upgrading them….

  • i think this time pulsar150 is going to be a disaster.Its the same dull,bowring model.The same headlamp ,same tail lamp and the main thing is that, there is really no change in engine .Only the engine colour has been changed (black) and 3D steel plated pulsar finish on the tank as Hunk . Overall the pulsar150 has been upgraded to pulsa180 & pulsa180 to p200 and is just cosmetic change and nothing . But some fools just go on fresh looks in market and hope pulsar would have some count of money . To me I would just go for HH HUNK,APACHE RTR,FZ but not pulsar

  • tej

    hey guys i have got pulsar 180 edition with me.
    can i get my bike upgraded with the latest features of the new bike.
    and if so what would be cost around………..?

  • fas

    Tej, get your bike upgraded with the latest features is possible and it should cost you around Rs. 3500/-

  • guys go for bajaj pulsar….rest of the things are just BULL SHIT….
    there is no twin spark technology,digital speedo meter is none other than,i bet the mileage with other bikes its most efficient…

  • Hi,I am a college guy and want to buy a new bike in 150cc segment. The bike should give fuel efficiency of 50+ -,good handling, reliable powerful engine(which would go comfortably for about 5yrs),good servicing ,and a good resale value , overall a value for money.So which bike should I buy? Here are sone bikes which I have selected ,HUNK ,PULSAR ,APACHE RTR ,FZ.

  • fas

    Kumaresh, I would recommend you get the Suzuki GS150R, suits your requirements.

  • Raghuvart Singh

    hey SUZUKI and Yamaha wale .. please leave this blog… go find siomewhere your type of BLOG… right .. we are having some serious chat over PULSAR upgrades.. by the way if you are looking for bikes then go and buy DUCATI, HAYABUSA, or YAMAHA power bikes or you may even try TOMHACK.. or HAMMER bikes… dont mind yarron… i thought we are Indians… by the FAS today i got a chance to seee Pulsa 150 at showroom and it was nice to see the cosmatic changes… need to test drive or something like that for complete review… overall found good looking….

  • To fas,
    I have seen suzukigs150r , and I did not like the bike.So recommend me some other bikes which I have selected.

  • fas

    Kumaresh, Yamaha FZ16 is what I would recommend. A very good and reliable bike. Read more about it here at

  • We all have been watching new commercial of the launch of the Pulsar (Edition 2009). Yesterday, I was at the Bajaj Service Station and the new lot of Pulsar was there being unloaded from the Truck. I was desperate to see the new things they had introduced. And guess what, I was so upset to see the changes they had done to the Pulsars that I spelled many bad words to Bajaj. Who the hell is that person who brought this ridiculous idea to the Bajajs.

    Here is waht I noticed:

    1. Now 150 will be having same Fibre Fairing that the 200 has.
    2. Cheap kind of Logo Stickers looks like they have been purchased from a roadside vendor.
    3. The 180 will look the same as 200. You can’t make a difference between both of them.
    4. And the 200 will look same to 220. (WTF).

    Its really annoying for all those Pulsar 200/220 riders who feel like God while throttling their beast machines. Its an injustice to all of us.

    I strongly condemned these changes. And I think it won’t last long.

  • fas

    Burnt Soul, I totally agree with you. Bajaj has really messed up the Pulsar lineup and they will surely feel the heat, once TVS gets the Apache 180 and Yamaha get the Fazer.

  • Diwakar

    Plz 180 cc price rate provide on road in Jharkhand

  • fas

    Diwakar, around Rs. 67,000/-

  • Dhanush

    I dont wanna buy the new pulsar 150 or 180, i want to buy pulsar 200,
    please tell me when it will be released? i have been waiting for 2 months

  • fas

    Dhanush, another month for the launch of the upgraded Pulsar 200.

  • highflyer…

    Plz 180 cc price rate provide on road in andhra pradesh

  • fas

    Highflyer, the price of the Pulsar 180 in AP is Rs. 66,969/-

  • adarsh

    plz tell me cost of new pulsar 180cc in bangalore

  • fas

    Adarsh, the price of the Pulsar 180 in Bangalore is Rs. 67,842/-

  • Sanjeev

    Adarsh & Fas,
    The price of Pulsar 180 UG3 in Bangalore is 72259/- including the accessories(like waxpol,side gaurd,engine gaurd,Helmet Lock, seat cover etc…).The cost of accessories is around 3k, so if we’ll deduct that then it will become 69K on road.

  • fas

    Thanks Sanjeev, the prices I quoted are minus the accessories.

  • fahad

    the bike is good in look

    but not like karizmaaaa

  • K.S.R.Subrahmanyam

    yesterday only i visited the Khwiraj showroom in indiranagar 100Ft road of course in bangalore
    i saw pulsar 150 DTSi 2009 version
    when i was talking to the sales man i came to knoe that
    pulsar 150 DTSi 2009 quite similar to the old pulsar rather aesthetic appeal
    engine is same
    all black is new (inclulding all black engine,alloy wheels,crash guard)
    one more great thing is that the tank extension as of pulsar 200
    and old sharp rear frame is changed to smooth one
    graphics changed
    with its modifications it stood first in the same series vehicles beating FZ16 n apache
    pulsar sales will again boost up because of this
    so pulsar mania is bak
    it is costing 68,892/- on road
    pulsar 180 DTSi is not there for display and it may costs around 71,000/- on road

  • jaspreet singh

    i m very sad . its locking old

  • Ambadas

    how much it will costs for new pulser150 on road from dharwad(karnataka)

  • fas

    Ambadas, the Pulsar 150 costs Rs. 66,388/- OTR, Karnataka.

  • anoop

    hi, friends,
    plzz tell me the on road price of new Pulsar 150 in Trissur, Kerala

  • fas

    Anoop, the price of the new Pulsar 150 in Kerala is around Rs. 60,500/-

  • AMBS



  • fas

    AMBS, the price of the new Pulsar 150 is 59k and the price of the new Pulsar 180 is 64k.

  • honey

    hey! can you tell me the on road price of new pulsar 180 upgraded with accessories in haryana?

  • Nallavan

    Can u pls tell me is it possible to upgrade my p150 to the 2009 modal in Tamil Nadu? If so how much will it costs for the upgrade?

  • fas

    Honey, the price of the upgraded Pulsar 180 in Haryana is Rs. 60,000/-

    Nallavan, upgrading is possible and will cost you around Rs. 5,000/-

  • maddy

    hi can u tell me what is price of new pulsar 150 in orissa??

  • suri

    hi friends plz tell about the mileage( pulsor 150&180 2009)

  • fas

    Maddy, the price of the Pulsar 150 is Rs. 58,000/-

    Suri, the mileage of the Pulsar 150 is 50kmpl and the mileage of the Pulsar 180 is 45kmpl.

  • Bajaj has started messing up its pulsar product range. The heat of competition growing day-by-day into Bajaj’s share has caused Bajaj to worry & TAKE SOME WRONG STEPS. If say, any competitors’ bike starts selling well Bajaj would not be in a position to retain its market share. They’ve got nothing new to cheer their bike from now. Mixed feelings have started to come up about Pulsar UG4. It does not suit everyone’s taste. If a 180 UG4 owner finds a 150 UG4 as being same as his bike,the looks will be stale soon, which is definetly about to happen. Competitors (For eg : Apache RTR 180 Menace) are coming up with new explosive engines which are far ahead of what Bajaj is offering. Encashing on DTSI technology wont last long. I believe Bajaj will have to come up with new engines & a different looks to keep its Pulsar Mania dream going on……

  • jay

    i am going to purchase a pulser 180 2009 edition pulser is it good
    its petrol average and its photo

  • fas
  • Yuvraj

    What is the on road price of new pulsar 150 and 180 ug4 in Coimbatore-tamilnadu.. Will the new purchase of 150 be good nowadays? Or unicorn will be better ? Please suggest me…

  • fas

    Yuvraj, Pulsar 150 is not the best choice in the 150cc segment. Checkout Hunk and GS150R, both are very good bikes. Unicorn is a very good bike but design is a little outdated.

    Price of the P150 is 65k and P180 is 69k.

    Guys, the prices I posted earlier seemed to have changed. Bajajs website is now showing a hike of around 6k of the before mentioned prices. So all the prices quoted before see a hike of 6k. That makes the Bajaj Pulsar not so value for money as before.

  • Raj Anand

    Amoungst all the 150 cc bikes the Pulsar 150 still looks the best.

  • Thank u… I dont lik the plain looks of unicorn… I lik the looks n performance of apache but i am 6ft guy.. I expect comfort riding… My riding distance wil be around 15km per day…
    So shall i go for apache?

  • anoop

    hello fas , can you mention the website to check new price of Bajaj bikes

  • fas

    Yuvraj, Apache looks a wee bit small for tall riders. I suggest you take a test ride to see whether you feel comfortable or not.

    Anoop, you can check the prices here at

  • jay vsp

    hi fas!
    can u pls tell me the otr price of pulsar 150’09 edition( incl. accessories) here in andhra pradesh? Also tell me about performance upgrade, if any, when compared to old p150.

  • sudarshan

    hey can u tell me the cost of pulsar 150 and 180 in karnataka…….!!???

  • kimi

    fas, i needa buy a bike. Can u name the best, next best in 150cc segment in India?
    I am a 6’1″ tall guy.

  • fas

    Jay vsp, the price of the P150 in AP is Rs. 66,254/- there is no performance difference between the old P150 and the new P150.

    Sudarshan, the price of the P150 is Rs. 66,595/- and the P180 is Rs. 70,017/-

    Kimi, the best 150 for your height is the Suzuki GS150R. Very good bike and highly underrated.

  • Anoop

    fas , I am going to buy new pulsar 150. thanks for the information provided here.

  • Nallavan

    hi anoop why dont u go for P200 2009 modal.. It has a great pickup and 2009 modal is really awesome…

  • subrat

    what is the cost of upgrade pulsar 150 & 180 in gwalior???????

  • I want to buy a new bike!!!!
    mY Choices are the FZ s,new P180!!!!
    i will drive 40-60 kms per day
    which is a better bike kiping in mind mileage,cost and service?

  • srivatsav

    Wait for 200 mate , if not rtr 180 !!

  • fas

    Subrat, the prices are 62k and 67k.

  • Varun

    Hey fas i wanna buy a 150 cc bike,can u tell me the onroad price and mileage of pulsor and apache in kochi,kerala

  • fas

    Varun, the Pulsar 150 will give you a mileage of around 50kmpl. The price of the Pulsar 150 is 62k. The mileage of the Apache is 45kmpl. The price of the Apache is 67k for the rear disc version.

  • sharath

    can u teme d price of p200(2009) edition..nd when p220 vil be released.

    well i want to take a byk. d byk should b in more power nd grt mileage around 35 to 40.i went to karzima showroom in our city(kurnool in AP)he told me dat karizma s d best byk dat never skid nd never reduce d mileage..wat abt p200 nd p220(2009 edition)..
    * i want mileage around 35 to 40
    * it should be more mileage
    * it should be in control

  • fas

    Sharath, 2009 P200 will cost around 77k. P220 will be released this month. Your requirements of mileage and power suggest that you should get the Yamaha R15 or the Pulsar 220. The R15 will be in control thanks to its sticky tires. Karizma is quite outdated but still a good bike.

  • sudarshan

    hey is new pulsar 150cc upgraded available in blue colour……??

  • fas

    Sudarshan, the new Pulsar 150 is available in blue colour. It is also available in wine red, ebony black, flame red, magic silver and midnight black.

  • srivatsav

    Take a look at bajaj website for more on 150 and 180 !! they have just launched the website related to 150 and 180 !

  • srivatsav

    what do u think guys ???? it sucks !!

  • fas

    Srivatsav, thanks for the headsup buddy, just checked it out. Surely nothing great. Could have been better :p

  • Darsan

    Really SUCKSSS!!

  • Ren

    Yamaha= Already in Top by every side internationally ( Power, technology, style….)

    Honda= Everyone know about HONDA Machine (internationally)..(same as above Yamaha)

    Bajaj= Improving Technologies for Mileage & Performance for Indian market ( BEST for Indian Bikers, value of money=”Spent Rs. 65k -70k…you’ll get everything ..Style, power, Mileage, Handling, Speed, Comfort,Technology…you’ll never found all these in any other Indian Bike @ Rs.65k-70k)

    Hero Honda= Just changing of “BODY GRAPHICS”(STICKERS)…nothing NEW. Same Bikes with “+”…new graphics.=new version…nothing improvement..

    TVS= What to say …!!! Everyone know …it never comes in top in any category..

    Kinetic= only “COMET Hyusung 250” …other models you know well..

    LML= Bye

  • rakesh chaudhary

    i really like both model 150 and 180, i want to knw whats the actual price in chandigarh and punjab and whats the milege of both bikes

  • fas

    Rakesh, the Pulsar 180 will give you 45kmpl, the Pulsar 150 will give you 50kmpl. Price of the P150 is 62k, the P180 comes for 68k.

  • vijay

    i love this bike, this is my dreamy bike

  • highflyer

    i bought a pulsar 180 ug4 before 2 weeks…….

    its really giving amazing performance…. nice pick up frnds…

    it is same as 200… even it didn’t ‘ve the kick rod……

  • reverse

    i booked a unicorn..

    bt then again my mind is getting attracted to pulsar…dnt knw wats going on…
    did i made a good decision by choosing unicorn

  • fas

    Reverse, a very good decision, the bike will serve you well for years to come. It is a Honda afterall.

  • reverse

    any handy tips 4 its maintenance!!

  • fas

    Reverse, just clean it regularly, get it serviced as per schedule and fill it with normal fuel. It will serve you well for years to come.

  • Yuvraj

    Which is a good performer in 150cc segment… Pulsar or fz16.. Which one has got better pick up and good in high speeds… Plz do compare there two bikes and let me know fas…

  • fas

    Yuvraj, both bikes are pretty good but the FZ16 is a much better bike than the Pulsar 150 anyday. It performs better and looks stunning too. Torque of the FZ16 makes it very good to ride in the city. Pulsars lack stability at high speeds. Get the FZ16.

  • highflyer

    wat ‘ll be da price of pulsar 200 2009 version in andhra pradesh….

  • fas

    Highflyer, there is no 2009 edition of the Pulsar 200.

  • highflyer

    ohk fas…. but i mean it is launching with dts-fi….

    i asked generally…. nyway i’ve taken pulsar 180 ug4, 1 month back

  • fas

    Highflyer, Bajaj will give the P220 DTSFi a small cosmetic upgrade soon.

  • sunil

    i am planning to buy 180cc ’09 edition. but m worried abt its mileage. can anyone help out?

  • fas

    Sunil, the mileage is around 45kmpl which is very good for a 180cc bike.

  • stunGUN

    hi im planning to buy a bike but confused….should i buy the PULSAR 150 or the APACHE RTR 160 FI or FZ16….i want to own a bike which is fuel efficient,smooth,stylish AND somethin worth its money….some1 pls help…

  • fas

    Stungun, looking at your requirements you should get the Pulsar 150, its fuel efficient, stylish and worth its money. I would buy the Yamaha FZ16 though.

  • stunGUN

    thank u fas,more over i would like 2 know about the mileage given by Apache rtr,pulsar150 n fz 16….???

  • fas

    Stungun, your most welcome. Mileage of the Apache is around 45kmpl, Pulsar 150 is around 50kmpl and the FZ16 around 40kmpl.

  • saga

    when the Honda CBF 125R will be in India ???

    • fas

      Saga, Honda won’t be launching the CBF 125R anytime soon. Atleast not in the near future.

  • shyami

    hay fas does new p220 available in silver colour or not plz let me know

    • fas

      Shyami, yes its available but in grey colour.

  • shubham

    tell me which is better pulsar 150 or hunk

    • fas

      Shubham, the Hero Honda Hunk is a better bike overall, but I would choose the Suzuki GS150R anyday.

  • shyami

    hay dude fas if u have some links so that i can see the pulser220dtsi in gray plz note it down. thanks for your cooperation

  • shoib

    in the 180cc segment is apache rtr 180 better or the pulsar??…also i would lik 2 know the mileage of each…??wat are the advantages and disadvantages of one over the other??

  • fas

    Shoib, the RTR 180 is a little bit better than the Pulsar 180. The RTR is fun for the rider and handles very well. The Pulsar looks better and has more features but the RTR has better handling and brakes. The Pulsar 180 will give you a mileage of 45kmpl, whereas the RTR will give you a mileage of around 40kmpl.

  • pankaj

    hello fas… i booked pulsar 180cc yesterday, hav i choosed a good bike with good performance..?? i hav opted for the colour misty grey silver… i hav check in the official site of bajaj, but i am not able to spot the colour well in the picture… i requested the show room guy over here for tht colour but he says tht tht colour isnt coming from the company… i request you to plzz send me a picture of pulsar bike of any cc in MISTY GREY SILVER in colour….my email add is

    and if there is any other colour u would suggest me to take… other than black…. i want to hav an unique colour… as even u know that black is quite common in pulsar most of thm opt for black… which colour do u siggest me MISTY GREY SILVER, BLUE or RED

  • fas

    Pankaj, yes you have choosen a good bike. The Pulsar 180 is a very good bike and looks very much like the most popular Pulsar ever, the Pulsar 200 (minus the exhaust).

    You can see the picture of the Misty grey colour here

    You can opt for red or blue as they look amazing on the Pulsar. I would choose blue anyday.

  • Noufal

    Fas, my brother is in a doubt 2 choose b/w Honda Unicorn’s black clr & silver clr. Which looks more awesome…….??? Or he has 2 wait somemore time 4 a new 150cc bike frm Honda…….??? Any worth 4 waiting…???

    • fas

      Noufal, tell your brother to get the black colour as it looks much better. However thats just my opinion you should see both the colours and person and see what you like more. There is no bike worth waiting for as there is no confirmed news of any new bike from Honda in the 150cc segment.

  • edd

    hey fas
    i went to probiking showroom for pulsar 200 but i came to know that it has been discontinued. well than pulsar 180 or 220 was choice left for me. can u please tell me the practical mileage of both the bikes as mileage is only question in my mind and also suggest me which is better to buy 180 or 220

  • highflyer

    hello edd… i’ve taken pulsar 180 ug4(black) around 2 months back

    it juz got only a difference in exhaust from pulsar 200

    surprise it gives me a mileage of 47kmpl in city

    i don’t think 220 will offer a mileage of above 33kmpl and i don’t know exactly

    and my bike is giving me the best performance in all aspects like speed,look,mileage and specially breaking

    as you want mileage, i suggest to go with 180

  • edd

    thank you so much highflyer for ur suggestion.
    i m goin to buy pulsar 180 .
    Pulsar rocks!!!!

  • fas

    Edd, get the Pulsar 180, it gives better mileage than the Pulsar 220.

  • HEMS

    hi fas, you are giving good reply to everyone… i have also one query,i want to buy a unique bike with good features, power etc…. in my mind only one bike is there and it is Avenger 200. FZ of yamaha’s sititing not good… please give me an advice for the same… you can also suggests from Pulsar 150-180-200-220

  • fas

    Hems, for good features and power you should get the Pulsar 220. Its the best bike of the lot for your requirements. If you like the Avenger get it, but the bike is not all that good.

  • vishwanath Reddy

    What is the exact mileage of 150cc & 180cc pulsar.

  • fas

    Vishwanath, Pulsar 150 gives 50kmpl, the Pulsar 180 gives 45kmpl.

  • nishit

    hi i am confused between honda unicorn and pulsar 150 cc ug4,i need to ride daily 70km,so i want comfort first then mileage.mine height is 5’6″.so which will be good bike for long life and maintenace with comfort,lookwise u know pulsar far ahead from unicorn,but i did test drive of pulsar,i didn’t feel smooth gears,i didn’t ride unicorn till yet.i ride GS150R also but i didn’t impressed much but certainly gear shift was a lot better then pulsar.apache is coming with both disc break and 160 cc in same cost around,so will it be ok for long ride like 70 km,fas please help me out if u can.thanks

  • Maddy

    hi, i want to know that pulsar220 is coming in silver colour
    as in showroom i hv asked they said no
    is there any problem in engines of p220 as that of p200
    it sometime start with electric start
    after giving time it start easily
    or any new karizma is coming

  • fas

    Nishit, for 70kms per day you should get the Unicorn. Test drive the Unicorn and see how comfortable it is. Pulsar gearshift is a bit clunky. Honda is honda and the Unicorn will serve you well. The Apache wont be that comfortable to ride for 70kms a day.

    Maddy, the Pulsar 220 comes in grey colour. There is no problem in 220 DTSi engine and the Karizma FI is coming in September.

  • highflyer

    hi fas…. i heard about honda cbr 150 and karizma fi

    would u plz giv me their details…..

    • fas

      Highflyer, yes the bikes are coming but they are still a few months away from launch.

  • highflyer

    hello fas… i got a pulsar 180 ug4 in may. as u know for pulsar the colour of light in speedometer is in orange. i want to be it in different colour. pls tell me whether it is possible or not to change the colour of the speedometer light. if possible how much it costs ?//

  • fas

    Highflyer, you can change the colour of the speedometer light. It will cost you hardly 10 bucks but alot of effort. You will have to get a LED cap from outside which costs around Rs. 10/- Open the speedometer console completely and change the cap of the bulb inside to the colour you want. There you go, you got what you want :)

  • rajesh

    hi fas… i came to know that there r some technical problems in the new 180 cc bike… r there any problems in the new edition…?? an one more thing that it don’t have a kick start and wht if the battery gets empty…??

  • fas

    Rajesh, there are no big problems with the P180. Some small issues like refinement and uneven quality are there. Lack of kick not an issue as the bike has maintenance free battery. If the battery gets empty, you can push start the bike.

  • Nitesh

    i m going to purchase bike next month i m thinking of purchasing yamahafz or pulsar 180 i want to know which one is good in performance, looks and avg ,can u tell me which one is better and for which bike i should go for.
    i have heard that pulsar comes with kickless start will this cause problem

    • fas

      Nitesh, even the FZ has no kick start and all latest bikes are getting rid of kick start. Both bikes are very good, but the Pulsar has more performance. Overall the Yamaha FZ would be my choice.

  • ramesh

    i got problems with digital speedometer of 150cc 2009 latest is not responding to the fuel level…..i need to know y it is malfunctioning if u send me some info to my mail.i can bring with an solution for it.

    • fas

      Ramesh, could be a problem with the fuel sensor. Ask Bajaj mechanics to have a check. Since your bike is under warranty, it will be done free of charge.

  • Hai this is naveen from khivraj motors bangalore (w/f branch) if there is any quiries regarding sales pls contact me ph; 9880441577, (providing finance, exchange of used bykes)



  • very poor photos


    hi fas.

    i am going to have a new pulsar 150 cc on this sunday.

    so would u plz tell me the exact milage and top speed of this bike.

    so that i can take it to home surely.

    i hope u will reply soon couse the days is coming on.


    • fas

      Manish, go ahead with the Pulsar 150. It has a top speed of 116kmph and gives a mileage of 50kmpl. Don’t worry you wont be disappointed.

  • Raghuvart Singh

    Yes it gives mileage of about 50 Km…

  • HEM

    dear fas,
    i want to buy a bike which should be min 150cc, i have two options in my mind
    1. unicorn, 2, tvs apache 160
    pulsars are too much on road
    fz is not for family…
    suzuki i dont like
    apache 160 rtr i liked becoz its power performance and look
    the same way unicorn i like becoz of its smoothness, look is not much attractive

    i dont have any idea of its maintanence, so guide me in this…

    which would be the best for me

    • fas

      Hem, both bikes are very good. The Honda Unicorn would be better if you want comfort and quality. The TVS impresses with performance and handling.

  • HEM

    hi fas thanx for your quick response,

    but pls tell me about maintanence of these bike, which would be more expensive.
    i heard and experienced that tvs products are more expensive in maintenence.
    please clarify..
    i m really confused, as look matter i want to go for apache and for reliability i want to go for unicorn…
    please reply as soon as possible… thnx buddy

    • fas

      Hem, the maintenance of these bikes is pretty decent, don’t worry the Apache is not expensive to maintain, its on par with the segment.

  • HEM

    and specially in tvs product i want to know about the maintenence of tvs apache….

  • Prashant H

    Hi fas, i will be buying a bike very soon. i have shortlisted Apache RTR 180 and Pulsar 180. Which one IS A BETTER BIKE IN TERMS OF HANDLING, DURBILITY and RELIABLITY. Please help me fus. I’m really confused. I heard that the Apache suffers from vibration problem. Is this true? If yes, then to what extent and at what speeds?

    • fas

      Prashant, both the bikes will vibrate on high speeds (above 100kmph) but both of them are fun to ride. Looking at your requirements you should go ahead with the Apache 180 eyes closed.

  • Prashant

    Dear Fas, have the vibrations in the Apache 180 reduced when compared to the Apache RTR 160? I heard that Apache 160 vibrates alot in the speed range of 70 to 80? Is this problem still prelevent in the Apache 180?

    • fas

      Prashant, yes the vibes in the Apache 180 has been greatly reduced. We are planning to road test the bike soon, but not before another two weeks.

  • prashant

    thanks fas. please publish the results of the vehicle on this particular site. thanks again.

    • fas

      Your most welcome Prashant. Will surely publish the results. However due to the unavailability of vehicle its might take some time.

  • sudarshan

    hey, i’m getting confused b\w the new bajaj discover 135 and the xcd 135…………plz suggest wic one to buy….can u give der rattings ??

    • fas

      Sudarshan, both are good bikes but of the two, the Discover is the one to buy.

  • sudarshan

    okie, and i heard dat, xcd has an constant gear system i.e. neutral-1st-2-3-4-5 !!!
    is it true for discover also……or is it same like the one in pulsar…??

    • fas

      Sudharshan, the Discover has been updated to the Pulsar system. I would recommend you take test rides of both the bikes and see which suits you more before you book or purchase any bike.


    Iam willing to buy pulsar 150 2009 but is it possible to fix front fairing of p220 to 150 wat will be the cost.REPLY ASAP.


    • fas

      James, it is possible but it won’t be an easy thing to do. Plus it will cost around Rs. 10,000/- Its best to avoid it.

  • Ajay

    Hi fas, You have reco Unicorn, Pulsar 150 and Apache 160. How can i select any one of them. I need good engine,speed, ok mileage(50). I might use it for 50kms Daily. Please elaborate so that everyone can get more details from your insight.

    Also can you explain as why you have reco discover 135 instead of XCD 135. In most reviews xcd has been appreciated and in comparison has been reviewed better.

    Thanks fas.

    • fas

      Ajay, the Unicorn is the best bet for your requirements. Get the Unicorn, it will serve you very well for years to come. The Discover 135 has more power than the XCD 135 but if power is not what you are after the XCD makes sense. I would honestly prefer the Stunner over the XCD or Discover.

  • Avik

    hi fas….am planning to buy a 150cc bike….which one will be better-hunk,cbz xtreme,pulsar 150?? also can u tell me whether tvs’s after sales service is good???

  • Prashant

    Hi Fas, i got an Apache 180 and i’m more than satisfied with the bike. Everyone advised me not to ride the vehicle on a speed more than 40km for the first 1500 kms. Should i do that? If yes, than for what reason? And please brief me regarding the other type of care which i must take of the bike.

    • fas

      Prashant, don’t ride over 60kmph for the initial 1000kms. This is the running in period where you should take it easy and then you can unleash the beast. Don’t accelerate or brake hard for the initial 1000kms and ensure you adhere to service schedule as set by TVS Motors.

  • tanu

    hi fas
    i wana buy pulsar 180 .
    but the problem is that dealers dont provide a footrest at rear for my mom to sit
    can it be made possible?
    i want center locking for my there any problem using it?
    can i modify handle of pulsar 150 to that of pulsar 180?
    which is best buy-150 or 180?

    • fas

      Tanu, the Pulsar 180 is a better buy. You can fit a footrest at the rear, shouldn’t be that difficult IMO. Central locking only eats little battery, other than that there is no issue with it. Yes you can modify the handle but it won’t be as good as original handle.

  • raghu

    what is th mileage difference between pulsar 150 and pulsar 180? which is better pulsar 180 or rtr 180?

    • fas

      Raghu, mileage difference is 5kmpl. The RTR 180 is better if you like riding and corning. The Pulsar is good for day to day rides.

  • tanu

    thanks fas

    • fas

      Tanu, your most welcome.

  • Ajay

    Hi Fas, Had a test drive of RTR180 and liked its control/handle. As you said, will it be uncomfortable even for 50kms per day(25kms in 1 go..). Any other Negatives.
    Is CBZ extreme comparable to pulsar 150 and RTR 160. Which one would u prefer(Other than Unicorn which is ur fav i guess).

    • fas

      Ajay, for 50kms a day the Apache wont be uncomfortable. Negatives of the Apache is, its not suited for tall riders. CBZ Extreme is a good bike but its old. I would never buy the Unicorn and its not my favourite either, only thing being the Unicorn is reliable and does the job very well for a 150cc bike. I would personally prefer the Fazer or the GS150R.

  • vish

    fas, u have mentioned about adding a footrest at the rear for P180. Would it be done by the dealer on our request or should we be doing it ourselves. And also, interms of day to day usage (comfort, milege etc) and convenience, which bike is best buy – P180 or Yamaha Fazer ?
    Is there any drawback for the new version of P180 from previous one?
    Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

    • fas

      Vish, you can ask the dealer, some dealers might do it for you. Otherwise you will have to do it yourself. Yamaha Fazer seems a better buy as it comes with Yamaha quality, fantastic resale and amazing looks. There are no drawbacks on the new P180, Bajaj seems to have rectified most of the issues.

  • Ajay

    Hi Fas,
    I am zeroing on RTR 180. Does the new rear Disk have any problem. And the dealer said 180 mileage is same as that of 160(just marketing talk?). Hope RTR 180 is better than pulsar 180 or atleast comparable. Or shall i go for pulsar 150(is mileage differance around 10kms) I am confused????

    • fas

      Ajay, there is no problem in the rear disc. The RTR 180 will give less mileage than the RTR 160. Yes the RTR 180 is better than the Pulsar 180 if you like riding. Forget the Pulsar 150, get the RTR. If mileage is a concern get the Unicorn.

  • Ajay

    Thanks Fas. Honda is the best if we require Mileage, good engine and good power. But in few reviews i have seen that CBZ and Unicorn are offering/Added only stickers where as pulsar/apache have improved.(Who cares if the bike is Perfect viz a yamaha RX100)
    But their booking period sucks. I am Ok with RTR 180 if it can give me 45-50kmpl.

    • fas

      Ajay, the RTR 180 will give you 40kmpl at best. CBZ and Unicorn were already having proper mechanicals and thus their manufacturers really didn’t need to upgrade them mechanically. With the Pulsar, you know it keeps getting better every time because its far from perfect.

  • Prashant H


    • fas

      Prashant, its not normal. Visit TVS Service Center and get it rectified.

  • sunny

    i want to purchase a 150 cc bike , but i am confused which one to take out of cbz extreme , pulsar, apache . want atleast 50 km/ltr.

    • fas

      Sunny, get the Honda Unicorn. It will give you 50kmpl along with high reliability.

  • prashant

    hi fas, yesterday the speedometer of my 15 day old rtr 180 stopped working all of a sudden. i immediately took the bike to tvs service center and got it checked. they took a test ride of the vehicle and said that the speedo sensor is gone and they would replace it free of cost to a new 1 after a week as they r out of stock. but when i took the bike out of service station, the speedo started functioning normally and it is normal even now. what must i do? should i take my bike to get the speedo replaced or should i continue with this? is the speedo sensor covered under the warranty? what may be the reason 4 this malfunctionality? i am totally worried as this is happening to such a new bike. please help…

    • fas

      Prashant, its perfectly normal for the speedometer to stop working if the speedo sensor is gone. Get it replaced by the TVS Service Center. Yes it will be under warranty and you don’t have to pay even a cent. Sometimes due to defective parts by the supplier, there can be issues with some parts but the company will replace it for you. I faced the same issue in a car and got it replaced.

  • prashant

    but now its working perfectly.. what should i do fas? i cant get it replaced it now, right?

  • ajay

    Hi Fas, I booked a Unicorn.Its 1 week and now they say it will take min 60 days..phew.. After your opinion on Unicorn and GS150. I did a test drive of GS and liked it. But do you thing Rusting of GS bikes is an issue or you would neglect it.
    Also knocking and not able to go smooth pickup 3rd gear < 15kmph.
    Please suggest, planning to buy with diwali discount.

    • fas

      Ajay, 60 days is ridiculous. The dealer is playing games, don’t fall for it. I suggest you get the GS150R. The rusting issue was with a particular batch which Suzuki has resolved now. The GS has been geared in such a way that it does knock when you put in high gear at low speeds. Actually any bike would.

  • ajay

    Thanks Fas and HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL.
    Yes i enquired at Malakpet and Somajiguda And 60days was minimum(:) even the somajiguda Marketing person because they have a strong Production plan). Anyway… Coming to GS150, i can go and buy it today itself. but sorry to ask for confirmation regarding the Rust issue as it has been in above mentioned blog and other sites for few months and even till last month.

    • fas

      Ajay, wish you the same. There is no issue. You can ask any query you have. We all are here to answer :)

  • arun

    Hi, I was just wondering if I can rely on the pulsar 180 to deliver 45-50 kmpl? Thanks in advance.

    • fas

      Arun, yes you can but with a very light twist of the wrist.

  • suresh bhatia

    i love pulsar 150cc .its very good n i like one thing its pic up its a racer bike also………….

  • Racer

    Hi Folks nice to meet you here; I bought a New Pulsar 150 Cc recently;
    Its true, this bike is really playing wid me;

    Its mileage became unpredictable, I donno what happened to the bike all of a sudden;

    During the time of purchase it was good and gave a good mileage
    but at that time i was a bit worried about the pickup and the engine beat;

    When i went for a first service; I asked them to increase my bike pick up; There the things went wrong; I don’t know what the stupid showroom guys did to my Bike; It suddenly got changd like some 5 yrs old bike. Even the pick up is also not good;

    What should i do to my bike now; Could some please suggest me some way out

    • fas

      Racer, take the bike to the showroom and tell them to rectify the faults asap.

  • hitesh

    hii fas……….
    would u please tell me abt the exact average pr ltr of new pulsar 180 and whtsthe diff in bhp of p180 nd p200 nd how much tht diff affects on the speed…….

    • fas

      Hitesh, both the bikes give similar average of around 45kmpl. Power difference is just 1bhp and top speed is slightly lower by 5kmph.

  • Shiv Kumar

    Hi, i am going to purchase new Pulser150 cc, it is my first experience with bike previously i have the LML scooter, so i just wnat to know is this bike is value for money or not?

  • Nik’s

    I want to purchase a 150 CC bike. i am not able to decide which bike to go for. i.e Pulsar 150 or Suzuki GS150R. I just want to know which of these bike is value for money. What about maintanence cost & spare part support from them?
    Please reply as soon as possible as I want to decide soon.


    • fas

      Nik, get the Suzuki GS150R. Spares of the Pulsar are cheaper but the Suzuki is a better bike and will serve you well for a long time.

  • Hi! fas or any one’ who is reading this message….
    This is Avdhesh & want to purchase a bike i.e. Honda Stunner CBF 125 CC…please tell me about the feed back from your end……..or suggest me a bike under a budget of Rs. 50,000/-…..Please reply as soon as possible…..

  • I think its a nice one!!!!!!!!

  • Hi,

    Planing to buy Pulser but finding difficult whether to go with 150 or 180
    can some one let me know the diff

    Thanks in advance

  • Sharath

    Hi fas,

    I am purchasing pulsar 150 cc (2006 model,km: 30000) for 35000/- Rs. What is your opinion on second purchase of this bike. Shall i purchase this bike or new bike.

    • fas

      Sharath, buying a second hand Pulsar is a dicey affair. Try to get a Hero Honda bike if possible.

  • Kiran

    Hello FAS, i own a Pulsar 150cc(UGII) Dts-i presently and i am looking for an upgrade, just took a test ride of Pulsar 180 UGIV couple of days back….I felt its a good upgrade and planning to book it on next week (Exchanging my Old Pulsar 150cc).
    I would like to know your suggestion, if its a good move or should i wait for any other upcoming model or should i try any other Brands (Apache 180, GS150R, FAZER, FZ16 Sport)?

    • fas

      Kiran, how was your experience with the Pulsar 150? If you want reliability and quality get the FZ16. There is nothing exceptional offered by the Pulsar 180 per se. Apache 180 is also a mean machine, worth a try for sure.

      Nilesh dude, chill. Bajaj is yet to make a error free bike. Yes they are far better than what they were but still there is room for improvement. I am not a Bajaj hater but facts are facts. The Pulsar 220 UG4 faces overheating problems at times as well as starting issues. Now have you heard similar issues with Yamaha, TVS, Hero Honda, etc? I am not supporting any bike manufacturer but when you buy a bike peace of mind is foremost important and I am sure you will agree with that.

  • nilesh

    Don’t ask to fas..he even doesn’t deserves that.

    If u look at history of comments of him,u will come to know that he hates BAJAJ-Pulsar brand(150/180,220-UG4)and just supporter of TVS n yamaha…!!

    so u r going in wrong direction.

    @P80-About owning P180 is always Great Pride to anyone in terms of Beauty,Ride,Power,Look,Biggy,Sexy,mileage…!!

    Dude…I assure u just LOVE it… Pulsar 180. ROCKS..!!!!So Plz Get it ASAP..!!

  • @guruji

    hi fas…first of all i would like to gve thnks as ur r doing a good job by answering our queries n ur suggestions r helpful.i m planing 2 buy a bike bt like others m confused between pulsar 180 n apache rtr 180.though my first choice is p180 but i have hrd a lot of starting issues of p180 as it dont hav a kick n wat about d battery life? wil u plz clarify d matter?

    • fas

      Guruji, starting issues are not necessary because of lack of kick. The Pulsar is not the most reliable bike around and still faces some issues. The RTR is a better bet as its something different and not just every second bike on the road. Get the RTR with your eyes closed.

  • guruji

    thnx 4 i will go for as it will only giv 40!wat about 160 fi?does it hav any problem?n later on if it had some problem can it b rectified easily as it is EFI?i belong to gauhati assam.

    • fas

      Guruji, get the RTR 180, the 160 has no problem but the 180 is better with more power and features.

  • Kannan

    Dear FAS

    I am planning to purchase FLAME SR-125 or FLAME DS 125. Kindly le me know your opinion.

  • Manish.

    Hi.Biker boyz.There’s no match of pulsar 180cc.I’ve rided almost bikes available in india.Bt i have never seen such a bike like p180.It is awesome guys.I bought the first model of pulsar150 in 2002.Then 180cc in 2006 nd nw again 180cc in dec2009 .Bt guys blieve me there is no such bike made yet.U can buy pulsar 180 with closed eyes..Dont worry about anything.It has everything.Speed milage power n everything u want.Go n buy..

  • prashant

    apache 180 is better than p180 in all aspects u have mentioned. please dont misguide anyone…

  • San

    hi fas!
    m confused whether to buy apache 160 rtr RD or pulsur 150 as my height is 5″10, which bike gonna suit me more?? n which hav d better performence n mileage?? or should i go for other bike then these 2?

    • fas

      San, why are you looking at these bikes when there are better bikes in reach like the Pulsar 180 and Apache 180. If you want mileage get the Unicorn.

  • San

    thnx fas!!! but between 180s apache n pulsur which is better??? Actually i like apache but apache is a bit small bike so does my height gonna b a bit big on apache???

  • fas

    San, both the bikes are very good but I would prefer the Apache 180 over the Pulsar 180.

  • Akash

    Hi fas
    i want to buy a bike who took me mileage arounding 40kmpl and my hight is 5.6ft so who will the must buy rtr180 or p180

    • fas

      Akash, for your given requirements the Apache would be a good buy.

  • Hamid

    Hello fas
    i want to know that which bike is best under the budget of 1 lake

    • fas

      Hamid, the ZMR is the best bike under Rs. 1 lakh.

  • adithya

    hi fas,
    thanx of ur suggestions
    which is best bike in pick nd mileage
    in karizma ZMR,220 pulsar and yamaha R15

    • fas

      Adithya, if you are not tall the R15 is the machine to have.

  • adithya

    is r15 tubeless
    does it has morepick up dan 220 nd zmr
    wats d mileage

  • Prashant

    Hi Fas, i heard the Pulsar 150 has been phased out. Is it true?

    • fas

      Prashant, a new version is coming soon.

  • adithya

    thanks fas
    wat does fas mean

  • biker boy

    nice bike

  • Hi
    u r doin good job by giving answers..
    i want ur help
    can u tell me the mileage diff. between pulsar 150 & pulsar 180
    actually i m confused which to choose,in vision of style and dashingness…plz reply me soon.

    • fas

      Kunal, both the 150 and 180 are similar but I would choose the 180 for power and slightly better looks (very slightly). Mileage difference between both the variants is 5 kmpl.

  • Monish

    Go for 180 ,its just superb ,it has got great styling ,great pickup and got an average mileage of 54 km/ltr ,180 Rules………………



  • arun

    the 180ug4 doesnt have kick start …will tht b a disadvantage????

  • hi all,
    a great news to all PULSAR lovers,
    PULSAR 300 IS A HEAD TO LAUNCH,it designed with a killing looks,dual disc,mono shock,rear disc,and with a new kind of head lamp,just wait & get ready

  • hi i m Mrinmoy Nath from Katlicherra

  • jak

    what is new in it?????????

  • munna

    i want to know the milage of 150 cc pulsar

  • karthik

    can anyone say me whether kawasaki ninja doom will fit pulsar 150 ……………………………………plz plz plz plz plz

  • i need to know the milage of pulsar 150…………plz replay me

    • fas

      Ashwath, 50-55 kmpl.

  • charan

    pulsar 150 red or black ???? black is very common …so wana go for red…wht say guys ????

  • Sajid

    I all modal of Pulsar Bike. I like it.

  • Aadil

    hello everyone, i want to buy pulsar 150 plz suggest me is it good for me. i am not so tall and also plz tell me about its mileage

    • Faisal

      Aadil, wait for new Pulsar 150.

    • Aadil

      Faisal, when new pulsar 150 will be launched and what is new about that

    • Faisal

      Aadil, new Pulsar 150 expected later this year.

  • anshul

    hi fas,
    can u pls telme , wht is the worst avg of pulsar 180, n how long can i expect it 2 give good mielage (also wht is the avg mileage t would give)
    thanx in advance :)

    • Faisal

      Anshul, expect an average mileage between 40-45 km/l. Worst depends on how you maintain it. It will give good mileage as long as you it is maintained in good condition.

  • REEZ


    • Reez, Pulsar 200 NS is best bike of the ones you mentioned.

  • Vignesh

    Hi.guys i am so confuse my hight is 7.2. i like pulsar 150 or 180 which is suitable my hight pls reply

  • hardrock

    hiiiiiiiiiiii will i be able to know the average of the the upgraded version of pulsar 180 2012??????

  • Shayer

    Hey Fas,i have been hearing alot of rumours that the pulsar 135 ls is of poor condition,and it eventually starts to give poor performance or even break down after 3 years of use,and i also dont have many other options rather than buying the pulsar 135 ls.
    So,i needed to know what can be the best way of making this durable,and long lasting.

    • Shayer, just regular service and care will help.

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