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Awesomely Modified Black Bajaj Pulsar 220

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Reader Simplemind has sent up some amazing information and pictures of his friends Modified Pulsar 220. The bike simply looks awesome and much better than the earlier white Bajaj Pulsar 220. The fairing and the foot-rest are from the Yamaha R15, monoshock is from the Honda Unicorn, the handle bar and the swing-arm has been customized.


But all this didn’t come easy. Lots of trial and error. Earlier the bike had a customized fairing. The expenditure on the modifications is around Rs. 20,000/- (with a major chunk of the amount being spent on parts) and we surely think its money well spent. The owner of the bike has got a very good offer and is selling the bike. He will buy another Bajaj Pulsar 220 and modify it in a different way. We can’t wait and we are sure you can’t either.





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  • Raj Anand

    I expect the new Pulsar 220 to get a full fairing like this one.

  • yeah its good looking bike u can say its a monster bike 4 wild hocks..i like it n i wanna buy it. how is its cost??

  • fas

    Zubair, the owner has sold it. You can modify your Pulsar 220 in similar fashion.

  • Manish

    an excellent job here…… d bike luks amazing… R15 is 2 small for a 6′ lik me… a mod lik this 2 d 220 wud help… but u need a dedicated n passionate technician for dat.

    i wonder how much those tyres cost… they r very imp, dey giv a distinct sports bik luk….

    lil bit of performance upgrade wud easily giv it xtreme acceleration(most imp) n can propell it over speeds of 140 kmph.

    wat else do we want ?

  • fas

    Manihs, perhaps do a engine transplant? A V-Twin configuration.

  • Arun

    Wow….Simply Superb…Hope BAJAJ is looking at this….!!

  • sandy

    i dont know why its looking cheap…………..but r15 has maintain some class!

  • nan

    Doesn’t look like pulsar at all except for the split seats & the rare fairings which brings back the presence of pulsar.

  • kunwar

    hi i really liked the bike a lot, wud like get my 220 modified by the same guy who did this bike, pls pls pls tell me the how can i contact him

  • rap

    not good at all

  • fas

    What would you pick? A modified Pulsar or the Yamaha R15?

  • rak

    cheap afta market….

  • bike king

    @ fas… i wud pik a modified pulsar rathr thn tht shit r15…

    yamaha guys might b saying… honey i shrunk r1 nw its r15… :D

  • fas

    Bike King, I feel Yamaha should make the R15 a wee bit bigger so that it suits tall riders and does not look like a mini-bike.

  • Rajan

    it looks sexy in comparision to

  • muna

    this for fast time that i have seen good modification..

  • i wana buy send me your contect……

  • my all friends like this new bike then plz launch that bike in market …………..
    my friends pay for this 220 rs-1,20,000 ok dude>……….

  • my mobile 9915500509

  • my phone no is 9337834546 call me .i love bikes only bikes…………..

  • pl z sent me this type of modified bikes my e-mail address is z plz……………………..

  • YAMAHA Fanatica

    Thats like Getting shitted on self ….

    Pulsar Sucks…. Zma And R15 Rocks…

  • my no.+919338169381 hi,all know these bikes are looking sexy and on fire.

  • Donga

    nice bike,good jobe.


    sir i like this modification i want to also modified my pulsar like this if i give you my pulsar can you modfied like this.I give 10 star this bike

  • fas

    Fouad, I would suggest you have a look at the your local mechanic, who would be able to do the work for you. Where are you located?

  • Ankit

    it,s a sort of mixture but, it is very nice. it,s a good work. i also have a pulsar 220. i want my bike just like this.

  • fas

    Ankit, so why don’t you get it modified? Are you planning any mods?

  • Saheb

    Hey Buddy This is Awesome…. Can u Please Send Me The Full Modified Detail In My Email Address

    This Bike Has No Comparision…. Really Awesome

  • fas

    Saheb, what details do you want?

  • Saheb

    I Want To Know Changes Made…….And Total Cost…

  • fas

    Saheb, cost is Rs. 20,000/- Mods include blackened wheels, engine cover, full fairing and R15 headlamps.

  • parteek

    what is the cost of fairings..?? where can buy the fairings..???

  • fas

    Parteek, I think you will have to make one. Will cost you around Rs. 5000/-

  • parteek

    yar yamaha company fairings de degi kya..??? act. i am in chd and i hav to confirm that yamaha company gave the body kit widout any prob.

  • fas

    Parteek, the parts are available at Yamaha without any problems.

  • parteek

    i hav to confirm that the fairings are including headlights in the bugdets of 5000 rs…? is yamaha company allows to gave fairings to any one customer for modification..?

  • fas

    Parteek, you can always buy parts. They are getting business so they have no issues. Rs. 5000/- does not include headlight. I am not sure about it thought, contact Yamaha and see what they have to say.

  • parteek

    tell me yar..after getting this type of full fairing modification on the p220..the engine damgaing,over heating problem takes place or not..?? i heard from some where that full fairing on the p220 will cause the engine over heating problem…

    • fas

      Parteek, you heard right, the full fairing will cause overheating issues. Its not advisable to go for full fairing.

  • jayanthan

    what about the safty of the rider because i think thier is no side bar seened?

    • fas

      Jayanthan, which side bar? Or do you mean the crash guard?

  • Chandan

    NO mAtter wat modification u losers do, YAMAHA ROX……all oder company bikes ryt now in INDIA SUX………..LIVE ON YAMAHA

  • Dhanushka

    I live in Sri LAnka and owned the same pulser model…
    can you just write me down what are the modifications you did to this…hat are the spares you need for it and all..

    • fas

      Dhanushka, some parts are from the Yamaha R15. Is it sold in Sri Lanka?

  • tenzin

    i have a r15, but wen i saw ur pulser i thought i have done mistake by buying a r15

  • Chandan

    **** YOU TENZIN……..BLOODY ASOl……..YAMAHA R15 is d best………no pulsar can beat it…… matter wat **** ppl do to it or the company does to it….PULSAR SUX…..

  • RAJU

    how much did the r15 body kit cost??????????????

    • fas

      Raju, the Yamaha R15 body kit can’t be bought of the shelf, you have to source individual parts. The fairing can be bought for Rs. 5000/-

  • RAJU

    i need the total cost like the engine gaurd 4 a side costs 400/

  • RAJU

    i own a fz16 can the body kit of r15 fit fz???

  • fas

    Raju, which guard do you want? The R15 bodykit won’t fit the FZ16.

  • azaan beg

    i want full detailed about this bike plz

    • fas

      Azaan, as you can see there is not much difference, its essentially a Pulsar 220 DTSFi at heart with some cosmetic modifications.

  • vijay

    Great job!!!! cheers to those did it, well I too want to do the same, guys plz tell me where n how can I get the R15 fairing, & what n all needed to do similar modification for P180 n A160. Thanks!!!

  • vimal Raj

    how cost does it take to modify a bike pulsar as r15

  • Arjun Wadhawan

    Hi there,
    I own a Pulsar 200. Is it possible to fit the R15’s fairing and the rest of the stuff on the P200 like you have done on the P220?
    I live in Delhi. I would appreciate if you could tell me the total cost and how much time will it take and what all parts will I need?

    • fas

      Arjun, its possible and it will cost Rs. 20000/- or so. It will take around 4 hours. For the parts consult your mechanic as I am not aware of all the small parts needed.

  • abhishek

    i am having a unicorn and i want to fit the body kit of r15 can its able to fit on dat

    • fas

      Abhishek, you can fit R15 body kit but it wont be a perfect fit and will look very odd.

  • dude plz say me the process i want to make a bike like urz , what an idea

    • fas

      Maneesh, just hire a mechanic and buy the required parts. You can get similar modifications on your bike.

  • Manju

    Hi,i wanted 2 knw wich handle had u fitted n can i fit R15 handle 4 p220 n wich tyre had u fitted

    • fas

      Manju, I am not aware which handle has been used as I am not the owner of the bike, but you can surely try and see.

  • anubhav

    its a cul bke… i wntd 2 no dt whch colour or knd of graphcs vl suit in p200 red colour..!!!!
    gve d rply as soon as pssible
    thnk u..???!!!!

    • fas

      Anubhav, red graphics would look good, but depends what you like.

  • mohanish

    hey fas, i recently booked FZ16 and i have seen couple guys with R15 fairing on p220. are you sure that it wont fit fz16?

    • fas

      Mohanish, R15 fairing will fit on the FZ16 but with some mods. Better to get the Fazer instead.

  • ranjith k

    pls tell me whether i can fit karizma zmr kit to ordinary karizma

    • fas

      Ranjith, you can’t copy and paste it entirely without modifications. Better to get the ZMR. BTW the ZMA looks better than the ZMR.

  • Nikhil Jain

    Awesome mod !! Jus love it !! Can you tell… whether I can fit in FZS tyres on such a bike ??? Genrally I’ve seen guyzz with wider than stock tyres have a loose chain, but since u have removed the dual shox.. would the problem persist ?? amd.. in the front.. can i get dual discs ?? like add an apache’s petal disc alongside the current one on the other side.. :D … And how much would it cost to get a paint job.. like that is coming on the new ” Racing Inspired R15’s ” ???

    • fas

      Nikhil, lots of questions but since I have not modded the bike I wont be able to answer all so here goes. You can’t get dual discs at the front, even if you can, dont. Its not a good idea messing with the brakes as that can cause severe issues. Paint job will cost you around Rs. 10k.

  • ranjith k

    i just want to fit the front fairing of karizma zmr to ordinary karizma, i own a karizma, is it possible? and what is zma? pls reply me

    • fas

      Ranjith, ZMA is Karizma. ITs possible but won’t be a direct fit.

  • RAM

    hey i ve got a hero honda hunk,,,can r i5 fairing fit for me

    • fas

      Ram, no the R15 fairing wont fit the Hero Honda Hunk.

  • Fahad

    hey as u said dat owner want 2 sell dis byk.if yes.den plz send me all d details(price,date of buy,contact no.,etc) on my id.

    • fas

      Fahad, he has already sold it.

  • jatin

    can you please tell me if i cn fit the r15 fairing in my p220 dtsi?
    how much will it cost me if i want only the fairing and the handle bar?

    • fas

      Jatin, its not a good option to add R15 fairing and handle bar to the P220. Yes, its possible but with alot of modifications. It will cost you around Rs. 10,000/-

  • Kashif

    The Bike Looks Too Cool. Seeing This MOD I Can Say That The 1 Who Did This To His Bike Is A Real Bikes Lover And Have Got A Good Knowledge Of Bikes.He Have Completely Changed The Look Except Some Parts.If Bajaj Sell 220 In This Style Then It Would Be The Best Bike On Indian Roads. Even I Would Like To Make Such Modification To My Pulsar 180.
    Can Anyone Tell Me Where Can I Modify My Bike In Such Way With Some Expert Mecanic In Hyderabad?

    • fas

      Kashif, just search for a mechanic and tell him to do what you want.

  • This Bike is cool but i don’t like full fairing i like naked bike.
    I have picture Bajaj 200 make Fairing Ninja 250 hmmm Very2 Hot but i can upload in this site, Can U help me Bro :-)

    • fas

      L6688GE, just email your pictures to webmaster at motorbeam dot com.

  • rizvy

    pls tell me …..i have hero honda hunk…..can i use the R15 front body kit imean twine headlight kit in my hunk…….pls let me know and howmuch it will cost…?

    and will it fit to my hunk…..? ifnot then which kit should be bestly fit to ma hunk…..pls let me know

    • fas

      Rizvy, you can’t fit R15 body kit. You will need to do extensive modifications which is not worth doing. You can try though with any body kit.

  • Shankar

    Hai, Great Looking Bike . I have a white color apache 180CC . Will the R15 body fit the bike .

    • fas

      Shankar, no the R15 body kit won’t be a straight bolt on fit. A little bit of modification is required.

  • Vicky

    Fantastic remodeling work . Hats off to the remodeler . I need to remodel mine too . I have a pulsar 220 black . Where shall I buy the R15 body fairing and the parts ? And how much it costs?

    • fas

      Vicky, buy it at Yamaha dealership. Costs around Rs. 10,000/-

  • feris

    hello fas i want to know wheather i can do this for pulsar 150 dtsi and how much it would cost and where did you do this amazing work

    • fas

      Feris, that is not my bike. Yes you can do it and it will cost you around Rs. 20,000/- Just find a mechanic, source the parts and go ahead.

  • Hitesh Khatri

    Awesome mod !! Jus love it !! Can you tell… whether I can fit in FZS tyres on such a bike ??? Genrally I’ve seen guyzz with wider than stock tyres have a loose chain, but since u have removed the dual shox.. would the problem persist ?? amd.. in the front.. can i get dual discs ?? like add an apache’s petal disc alongside the current one on the other side.. … And how much would it cost to get a paint job.. like that is coming on the new ” Racing Inspired R15’s ” ???

  • sexy paint job n nice flairing… infact i would have bought dis bike but i’m gonna buy d ninja 250r which is d only true racing bike in India besides d YZF r15. Hitesh i think u should not put fzs tyres on a pulsar ‘coz it would alter d handling n d riding dynamics. d pulsar is not designed 4r fzs tyres n about d dual front discs… R U CRAZY?!?!?!?
    whats d point of having dual disc brakes on a pulsar?! d front tyre would lose traction n d wheel would lock. only heavy sports bikes with large displacement engines need dual disc brakes. y cant u jus b satisfied wid d bike d way it is?

  • d changes r jus cosmetic right? no difference in performance. i would hav spent d money on tuning d bike(platinum iridium spark pugs K&N air filter maybe a sports exaust). see i’m d kind of guy who likes performance more den looks so…dis mod jus dosent work 4 me .


    Hi Fas,
    pls tell me whether i can fit karizma zmr kit to pulsar 220 dtsi and how much it will cost me?

    • fas

      James, you can fit but it will require modifications. Something best avoided.

  • rizvy

    hi fas, would u pls tell me wheaher i can fit karizma kit or new KArizma ZMR kit to my hunk……and how will it cost…….pls give its cost individually……..

    • fas

      Rizvy, no you can’t fit. It will be a very hectic task with lots of modifications required plus no real benefit.

  • ashok

    I have a pulsar 200 and want to change the front part as R15 only head light how much it costs

    • fas

      Ashok, it costs around Rs. 5000/-

  • ashok

    fas u told that it costs around 5000 is it the price of only lights or full doom set. where are they available and also tell me that. what is the cost of rear disc brake set and the price of 220 head light set

    • fas

      Ashok, only headlight. P220 headlights also cost in similar range. Rear disc can’t be fitted aftermarket. You can find the parts at respective service centers.

  • rizvy

    so now pls tell me …….which kit can i fit to my hunk…..i really want the modification n also its estimated cost………

    • fas

      Rizvy, paint the bike and add some graphics. Will cost around Rs. 10,000/-

  • Rinzin

    i wanted to buy a pulsar 220cc and modify it just like yamaha R125. but how much does it cost to modify it. will it be available in Jaigon, west bengal coz this is the only nearby place where i can buy it.

    • fas

      Rinzin, modifications can be done but serve no purpose other than aesthetics. You can get the parts at any bike shop.

  • bhalesh

    bro.. ur bike is damn cool…… yar mere pass pulsar 180 digital hey yar to ye yamaha r15 ki body fit karni hey to kitna kharcha ayega or kahan se fiting hogi iski?? or yar ho sake to apna cell no. dena.. tnx brother

  • imaad

    fas hi how r u dear?
    i want set same has u den r15 kin fering set ho jaage…………… any alterlashan hai

    • fas

      Imaad, I am fine, Gods grace. R15 fitting will require lots of alterations but its possible.

  • imaad

    thnx dear

  • vikas

    bro cn u tell me from where do i got dis mod in my pulsar 220 2009

    • fas

      Vikas, get if from any nearby mechanic.


    Hi all,
    can i fix Full Front Fairing of Hero Honda Karizma ZMR/Kawasaki Ninja 250R on pulsar 220DTSI and wat would b the complete cost.

    • fas

      James, you can’t do that. It will take some modifications and it will cost you around Rs. 10,000/-

  • vikas

    ya tell me exact 4rm where i do dis mod 2 my bik

  • P@rtha

    Dude i got a pulsar 150 n wana fit up the R15 Front body cover or ‘faring’ as it is said…….so cnu plz muc a set of it wud cost??

    • fas

      Partha, it is not feasible and wont fit with ease. Will cost you around Rs. 10,000/-

  • tushar

    EY bro….

    i want to knw a good modification Workshop….from where i can get my ride modified…

  • P@rtha

    i dsprtly wanted dat luk is dat so hard dude??

  • swapnil

    i want 2 modify my p220…….please will u tell me what is d cost of complt faring set of r15 and dugati 999

  • swapnil

    and wht is an estimate cost 2 modify with these faring n also tell me d cost of headlites…….

  • Ananth

    Hey dude….
    very much inspired by your modification. i also enquired with a mechanic about this. He said the front fairing of the R15 alone will cost around 20K where as you have mentioned your whole thing for you costed around 20 K.

    Please help me out. Also please let me know if you know any place in hyderabad where i can fix this thing.

    Thanks in advance,


    anyway the bike looks better than R15…..gr8 job man….watz the rear wheel size?

  • sagar

    hey plz tell me how u attach the centre shock??????

  • dude whats ur bikes millage and is its pickup is faster then r15 or same as pulser 220

  • shahed shaikh

    hi fas ihave modify my bike kike ur bike
    plz ask me total cost of your bike and place in which u modefy ur bike plz reply i am waiting

    • fas

      Shahed, that is not my bike but it costs Rs. 20,000/- to do similar mods.

  • SAD

    the bike looks very bad if all of u guys think that the bike is awesome then i donno wat did u guys see in the bike

    and for u guys to have the modification done then u dont have to struggle much and send a lot bcoz Pular 220 itself looks good and better than the bike in pic

  • Ash

    Hi Fas.
    Can we use R15 fairing for pulsar 150 and also the headlight of R15 to pulsar 150..if yes do we have to do some special modification..& estimated cost will be???

  • the best in the world

    I have a cruiser bike of harley davidson and wanted to modify it is it possible

  • sumeet

    hey fas..dude if i want 2 put the 220 fairing on 180 ug 4. how much will it cost?do reply.

    • fas

      Sumeet, its not possible to do that, will involve lot of work and not all that worth the effort.

  • Saur

    Where to modify pulsar 220 in maharashtra? is it possible at nagpur? what’s the address?

    • fas

      Saur, go to any bike mechanic, source the stuff yourself and your good to go.

  • subasis

    hey….is it possible to fit r15 headlit in rtr 160???

    • fas

      Subasis, no its not possible but with some mods and effort it might just be.

  • sasi

    hi..i wanna modify ma 220(red) with some grafics but i dont know which colour suits on it and which pattern suits it ..could u say…and wats the cost of r15 foot rests..

    • fas

      Sasi, I guess around 2 grands.

  • george

    Dude, ur doin a gr8 job there.. puttin up pix of ur fantastic bike and answerin ppl’s questions2! Are u based in Chennai or Mumbai?

    • fas

      Thanks George, I am based in Mumbai.

  • Hai Dear Guys,

    Modifying a vehicle is an art, every one cant do it,
    The people who loves motoring & think something different from others.
    The proof you can see Physically, picture posted above on a PULSAR 220.

  • hi FAS… im shyamanand from trivandrum(kerala),

    im planning to buy bajaj pulsar135cc blak colour. can i make it in a sporty look?? i just need to do simply work like leg sheld, headlight somethig like that. how much will it cost? where can it be done? my email id is or thankx..

    • fas

      Shyamanand, you can get it done at any bike shop near you.

  • thankx but how much will it cost? within 15000??

    • fas

      Shyamanand, probably yes.

  • Animesh

    I own a pulsar 150 Dts-i(2006), & I want to fit the new fazer fairing, & the Fz’s mono suspension too. can u tell me how much it may cost faring & the suspension & wat vil b the assembly cost. Rest I will manage.

    • fas

      Animesh, its not possible.

  • Jabir Bachan

    can u fix r15 doom to karizma…..what it costs? if u hav the picz send me that tooo…….thnx

    • fas

      Jabir, no you can’t.

  • kiran

    i saw your ad in quickr .com and i want to buy your bike please reply me

  • shwatank sharma

    i own a karizma zmr and simply r. I would too buy a pulsar 220 fi .so can you plz give me your adress and ph number.

  • jayanth

    sn u tell me the price of r15 faring

  • Harry

    Can u do sumthing with cbz xtreme.

  • aniket

    hey if i made 220 pulsar 2oo hayabusa how muchis the real cost…plz send me

  • chhangte

    well done,u must be interest in modifyin’

  • sanjay

    can i get picx of modified red pulsar 150

  • jaison

    hai dude can u me the contacts or email id of the bike owner plllzzz,coz i really wanna turn ma 220 into this awesome thing

  • Animesh

    Hi Buddy,
    I too want to do som alteration/modify to my p150. like frame work, swing arm, wheels, fairing etc, is it possible without being illegal, b’coz i read some were that altering the bike or changing the wheels to bigger size from the recommended 1, & even if u change the paint color of ur bike is illegal. the cops can seize ur bike. & i too checked my rc book : the wheels size r mentioned, paint color is mentioned too. what ur answer to this.

    1st v hav to take a n.o.c(no objection certificate) from rto/rta, i think.

    all bikers b4 altering ur bike think legally.

  • Krishna

    I too own a 220 and want to modify it to a r15 front fairing,how much it costs?

    • fas

      Krishna, around Rs. 10,000/-

  • this is the best mod i’hv seen on any pulsar 220.

  • i’m kid of; 9 yrs ,nd i love cars sooooooooooooooooo much that itoove to own topend cars good

  • Sachin

    Hello guys,

    I have Pulsar 180cc bike, could any one please tell me where can i get modify my bike like a suzuki hayabusa. Please reply to the mail i.e


  • Alwin

    hi…. i’m having a 180cc pulsar… is it possible 2 do d same wat u’ve done to my bike…?

  • Hi,

    I am Pratik Sharma From Jamangar(Gujarat)and am trader in construction materials.
    I am Interested in Purchasing the bike.
    Kindly give me your mobile no./Contact details.

    Pratik Sharma

  • Mukid

    I want to turn the looks of my Pulser 150 to yamaha R15 .please give some suggestion.Sould I or not ?



    wanna talk reg the bike

  • Amlan

    I have a Yellow Stunner,
    I want it customized. Give some tips???
    And how much will those modification cost me?
    Please reply.

    • fas

      Yellow Stunner ans you are asking in a Pulsar post :p

      Anyways you can go to any bike shop and get it done. Where do you stay?

  • sathish

    how much it coste 2 modify pulsar 180cc…. not the power but the looks…!!
    mail some pics of customized pulsar pics 2 my email… my e mail is

  • asishbikerboy

    mast gaddi hei
    light hei R15 ka or tanky se le ke break light tak pulsur
    mast idea aap ka aur gaddi bhi mast

  • Ela

    its just look like yahama R15 is modified with a pulsar tail light there’s nothing great in tat i have seen better modification then this

  • can u fix r15 doom to Pulsar…..what it costs? if u hav the picz send methat tooo…

  • babu george

    does ds thing hav an air drg

  • Aaditya choksi

    Hiiii lovely creation. i also intrested modifying my pulsar 220 can u give ur contact plz. my cell no is -09510095111. thnx.

  • nice bike bajaj pulser 220

  • darryl

    dude my modified pulsar 180 ug3 is the most customized pulsar on indian roads coz i have fully converted into 200cc i mean to say i made it better then 200cc which is so called the most beautiful pulsar so if u want the photos then send me a mail…

  • sumeet

    could anyone send me pic of a modified-without doom-single round bulb karizma r… will such a mod look gud???




  • Arun

    the worst modified bike ever seen in my life……………………………………………….

  • bhanu

    where cam i get a short mud guard for pulsar 200cc

  • devjot

    dude your bike was awsome…even i wnt to modofy my bike like yors plz guide how to do that….

  • shahid

    i have a bike 1300 cc. but i like most your bike

  • this was the worst modification i have ever seen ,, i really wouldn’t have payed even 15 k for this poor dumb bike. i really dont understand how can some dumb people here can like this ugly modification which is so cam immature .. … i have modified my p 220 in a better way … i have made it into a Kawasaki ninja and it looks original…. it only cost me 20 k …. its really sad that people are so poor in modifying …. i love my bike i have a offer of good prices but i never can sell it off .. coz i have earned my fame

  • arjun nagar

    dude your bike was awsome…even i wnt to modofy my bike like yors plz guide how to do that….

  • bose

    looks like total bull shit…… vatz this a hybrid of yamaha nd bajaj such a waste of a nice looking machine…..

  • William

    hello every one
    have Pulsar 180cc bike ( not a dig meter.. ) 2006 version.., could any one please tell me where can i get modify my bike like a R15 . Please reply to the mail i.e

    I live in delhi>>>

  • raj

    could pulsar 150 front can be fixed as per r15 …….
    plz do temmme how much does it cost?????

  • Watch these youtube video to chech awsomly modified yamaha fz -s

  • abhi

    i hv a pulsar 22o i want to modify like this were could i can get it done in delhi plzz inform me and hw much it will cost



  • You know, its really not each and every day that I leave a acknowledgement on anyone’s weblog. Really, I don’t seriously follow so many blogs simply because I seriously just don’t possess the time. But I wanted you to realize that this article was exceptional. Thats all! meta tag tutorial

  • vasanth

    is it possible to change the footrest of pulsar 150 to new pulsar 180?

  • avinash

    can u modify pulsar 135 ls (new) .. within 15k ,, please reply to me on

  • Aashish

    hi good work bro u should post more of ur work now a days people want 2 be seen differently they want 2 be notice a ode man out kind

  • aj

    Dear Bikers,
    I am from Bangkok , and u bikers in India dont know about Kaulson Racing, u should visit u can also contact Vijay if I am right.
    Khun Guntraphut

  • can i keep the body cover of karizma zmr to my cbz xtreme

  • hii i want to buy this bike what it can be pls tell me and can i put NOS in this bike u can contact me at
    i’m in lko

  • abe sale ty kuch bata sahi

  • great mod, graphics work nicely done

    stands out in the crowd

  • i am also going to buy a pulsar 180 next month,in my bike also i am going
    fit the R15 doom

  • madan

    hai,i want yamaha yzf r15 dome,can you tell me,where can i get that tool,i want contact through at 9080707560
    9791337791,be quick…

  • hello yar ur bike is oswem i have buy new pulsar220 i want to copy ur bike plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    contect with me this is my no 9878838395 and my website is on orkut

  • Aftab

    dis bike is awesome modified . ilike it good job man .u should also try in others bike in different way .

  • gopi

    hi man………..
    nice modification…….
    i want to modify my yamaha FZ16 bike to R1…..
    so plse give me the details where u modified ur bike……….(shop add.fone no.)
    my contact no. is 9543256445

  • musharaf

    heyyyy budddy awsm bike yaar plzzzzzzzzzz tell me what is cost of the front fairing i want to put it on my 200

  • Toshi

    buyin de parts is not de problem dude… get it off any yamaha service center… de problem is finding a grease monkey good enough to fit is right ;)
    I know 1 in Ahmedabad bad.. if any one is interested tat is :)

    • vishal

      give me your number i wanna talk to you
      i have to modify my bike ….
      my number -9889371561

  • musharaf

    ya plz tell me d address…

  • darshan

    hey dude pls give the address and number of the mechanic u modified it from…….plss reply on

  • Raj

    I don’t think that is black pulsar 220 because none of the version of pulsars have mono-shock. But this modified bike has…. I think they r making us fooool…………

    • hary

      he fool us man this not 220

  • Ankit

    hello every 1

    nice modification… but dunt u guys feel tht the bike has started looking small as r15 do.. as pulsar is known for its gr8 n heavy looks… its innovative modification gud job but practically thnk u vl find sum mistakes… keep it up Tk

  • waseem sahil

    hey buddy wat a bike man awwwweeeesum… dude i want to fit r15 dome on bajaj discover… it possible??????…….pleeez reply me on my mail or contact me on 09985452554.

  • awesome modification yr………please can i know hw can i modify my pulsar 220……coz i want my 220 to be lyk dis…….plz plz….snd me the details……….

  • John

    give me your contact detail

  • i need to buy such a bike can u contact me… no is 8870071551…….wats s the rate of the bike

  • Rajdip

    please tell me how to modify my pulsar 220 and give me your contact number so i could call you or txt you and i’ll come to you to modify mines and dont worry about money. thanks!

  • vijay

    hi dude u modified the p220 very good but u should concentrate on ur stickring it SUCKS..
    gud luck with that

  • hi………….. your bike is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. its vrooooooooooooom.

  • nice modifieddddddddddddddd

  • ridwan

    nice job mate bt i jst dnt understand how u fitted those monoshock and the swingarm…plz let me know….

  • Toshi

    @Ridwan: Dude FZ mono shock fits perfectly well on de 220 swingarm… u will just need to weld a head plate onto the chasis of the 220 to complete the connection. I will try n post pics of the connection we made on my bike. its just that it is a lot of trial and error as u need to find that perfect spot so that the bike does not bunch at corners nor is it too soft………
    But a honest advice, if u plan to ride hard n really fast dont go for a after market mono shock, its more trouble than performance. Its more of a good looks thing ;)


    • dizz

      I want to install FZ monoshock and swingarm in my p220. Is it possoble? How much will it cost? will it improve the handling in corners?

  • ankit

    how much it costs buddy..??

  • MB Grg

    Similar modified bike we have here in Gangtok ridened by a cop.It was modified long time back.

  • Ankur Jain

    Looks like Bajaj R15 :P … Good Job done …

  • Aditya

    Awesome bike dude…
    but does it efect handeling???

  • bro plz tell me rough idea about whats d cost of r15 doom with headlights??????

  • sami shah

    nice work done by you on your bike…………………………….
    but wanna say you some thing
    pulsar is uniqu 4 its look so plase do not insult my yours and any ones 220 by putting the kit of any other bike on it…………
    samir=99 2 66 2 33 2 2 or 9770832366

  • Bike looks Good but if you change the colour & stickering means it will rock yaar

  • Anurag

    Dude where in the hell did u get that front irc tyre… nr57 is always been ma favourate – i din know that u get a set of front and back…

  • harsha

    haiiiiiiii broooooo ur bike is superbbb awesomeeeeeee how much it costs

  • Obaid

    My God Frnd! Itz Awsome…………M impressed!

  • neeraj

    cool wat was the expanse of all of this

  • Mikki

    Really awesome bike
    nw i’m also gonna try monoshock on my 220

  • vishal

    hey i also got pulsar n i want to know whts the cost of the yamaha r15 front body which u have kept in front of pulsar
    just its price i want to know its front body part price ……

  • mahendra singh

    hy i had brought new pulsar 180….bt in colg many guyz hving same bike so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….give me sme sugestion how can make unique

  • vicky

    i like thes bike naice modifition

  • asif

    bro total cost kitni aayi…and welding and wiring change bhi hua kya ????????
    rply asap

  • i wanna modified my pulsar 220…with full cover wiyhout any part of ma bike…actually i wanna put full cover….its possible plz contact me-8015184876

  • i wanna modified my pulsar 220…with full cover wiyhout any change of ma bike…actually i wanna put full cover…st…i mean wht is the total cost and also tell me prize fir.its possible plz contact me-8015184876

  • dizz

    I want to install FZ monoshock and swingarm in my p220. Is it possoble? How much will it cost?

  • Rohit

    Dude Excellent.. U HAd Modified it Great Excellent dude Wel Done

  • Srikanth

    Awesome work yaar…u could have opted for a better sticker work….anywazz gud job!!!

  • i wanna modified my pulsar 220…with full cover wiyhout any change of ma bike…actually i wanna put full cover…st…i mean wht is the total cost and also tell me prize fir.its possible plz contact me-9889794107 9839044666

  • Vinay

    Is possible to put this dome on apache??

    • it”s obiusly possible……….a have 2 bikes apache RTR180 nd nem R15 ……..but better is RTR………..

  • Vinay

    Is possible to put this dome on apache?? and how much will it cost?

    • sundhar

      yes i can mod your bike to r15 contact sundhar 8098985828

  • bert

    from what swing arm and shock did you use sir?

  • gani

    hay sir i have pulsar 150cc i want modification to same as your bike pulsar 220 can you answer me how much cost it will take?

  • lokesh

    did u increase the tail height or its just the same??

  • Ansuman


    I’ve pulsar 150cc… can I change my both tube type tyre to tubeless tyre like FZ-S and rare drum brake to disc brake???

    • Faisal

      Ansuman, you can change tyres but adding a disc brake will require heavy modification.

  • balu


    What would be the cost estimation if i go for the same modufication for Pulsar 180cc

  • pankaj

    wat shld i hve 2 buy…??
    pulsar 220f or 200NS….???

    • Faisal

      Pankaj, Pulsar 200NS.

  • Kumar


    I have a pulsar 150 black 2007 model and planning to remodel it. Can you please share the details
    1. Is it possible to remodel mine similar to yours, mainly the side ones and front helmet dome
    2 How much it costed
    3. where you got it done for your bike

    • sundhar

      for modify ur pulsar to r15 in 15000 rupees with painting also call me sundhar @ 8098985828

  • hey I just wanna add the Yamaha r15 faring to my pulsar 180how much will it cost? and where I can get this mod done nearby ?I stay at Thane Maharashtra India

  • amit roy

    i have pulsar 2oo can u say me from where u done this modified…..plz rply plzzzz nd if u wnt sell dn jst cntact on this no. 9007915857

  • Jayaprakash

    Now i am buy a new pulser 150 in show room they modified that R15 doam plz say quickly

  • Ramesh

    Hi sir i have pulsar 150cc i want modification to same as your bike pulsar 220 can you answer me how much cost it will take?

    • sundhar

      for modify ur pulsar to r15 call me sundhar @ 8098985828

    • ajinder

      sir i want to modifiy it in punjab will u plzz help how much is it cost ??? where u r going to doo this modification???

  • saheb biswas

    very good…………………………

  • ajay

    hey i have my pulsur 150 cc 2012 model can u modifie it and wat its cost and show me a picture of modifie pulsur 150

  • my ph no is 7737902691

  • Washim

    I bought a pulsar 220 black just a month ago. I want customised it fully… Anyone there who is willing to do… Contact me 9883124975

  • vineeth

    I like to change my pulsar220 front kit with R15 front kit. How much does it cost?

  • Ravi Raikwar

    I have a Red Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi and want to modify it in R15 V2. How much does it cost?

  • Chetan

    Hi,.I want to modify my pulsar 150 (2008) to pulsar 220’s dome or may b to R15 which i will like n as well as other modifications dat i dnt know… n i thnk i hv to change all the wiring system so how much cost it will take.
    contact me: 8446448344

  • garry

    hi,i want to buy same one can u tell me where can i buy like same contact no is 0061433965774 and send me u r no my email is tnx bro ..

  • shashank

    sir can i modify my honda stunner with r15 fairings…if so then pls tell me what parts do i need to modify…..

  • lokesh

    even i wanna modify my 220 pls assist me

  • lokesh

    9620291921 dis vil be my number

  • Ajay

    Hi Sundhar,
    Is it possible to modify honda unicorn 2006 model to something similR to this. If there is any possibility then mail back. I am keen to give a makeover to my machine.

    Ajay, Delhi

  • Visakh vijayan

    Am at the edge of buying a bike, which one should i choose , yamaha yzf R15, pulsar 220 or 200ns

    • Visakh, get the R15 V2.0.

    • Rajasekar

      IF u need style and comfort go for R15
      IF u need speed and long highway drive gor for P220.

    • No One

      Buying P220 doesn’t make much sense now anymore, if long distance riding is not your requirement, then you can go for Yamaha R15 with eyes close but beware, negative sides are its riding posture and every poor headlights..

  • nadeem shaikh

    I’m 22year old and I m verry much pationet abt pulsar 220 but my frnd r sayin me that bike was not for long time plz help me wath should I do wich bike is good and worth my money.thank u

    • Nadeem, get the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • amit

      Don’t buy any bajaj vehicle.
      I have good experience of Bajaj
      U can go for unicorn 160

  • sanket

    wanna modify ma pulsar

  • Nikhil

    i have pulsar 180 new, and i wanted to modify it as R15

    is it possible

  • Bhaii kya main apni pulser 150 tumhari bike jaise modify kara sakta hu kya Aur kitne main
    reply me I really Wanna 2 Know.

  • Godwin

    Plss tell me rate of only engine cap.fitted in this bike pls reply me fast I am very eger to fit it in my 220

  • rohan

    pls giv me the address of the shop i wanna modify mine as well….

  • rohan

    sir pls suggest me some shops in mumbai i wanna attach fairings to my pulsar220

  • Joshua aron

    I have a pulsar 150 grey color 2010 model….. I want to mod it with r15 dome and paint it fully to the apache graphite colour …. Is it possible to paint it fully …. if it is possible how much would it cost????… please email me

  • manu joseph

    i’m at the edge of buying a bike.i love long drives,i love speed drives.first i decided to buy a hero karizma r.but my friends said that hero has got engine complaints.i’m a hard core fan of pulsar series.which i would prefer pulsar 220 or hero karizma r.

  • Rajasekar

    I have P220 F is faster than Karizma and R15.
    Top speed is 143 which I went recently with no issues.

    Overtook Karizma easily. and he said he will buy P220 . you can have proof in most of sites.
    high torque and Horse power and stability.

    Power ful bike in this segment.

    If you are going for honda go for Honda CBR 250 .

  • ankur tigga

    i hate the customization !!
    ewww !!
    i can modify better !!


    Anybody hear to modify my new pulsar 150 to pulsar 220 or R15 in kerala near kollam district pls contact me 9562214

  • akbar raja

    i have p150 bt….i love 18 vry much and 220…..vry much…..
    i took p150 bcs of mileage only…
    bt nw i m feeling more…
    so i need p220 silencer and fairings….
    is there any…mail to me….frndzzz

  • 9865782942

    i need to chnage my pulsar 220 doom like this. its urgent… anyone can tell me pls

  • brij jadhav

    Yaar Mai apne pulsar150 ko 220 me change krna chahta Hu.muje iske liye kon kon Sa part change krna padega,engine chod k or kitna kharcha aayeg?plz tell me

  • rola pe gya

    assholes dis is pulsar 150 modified to r15 like stuff not 220….

    • Vivek Narayan

      Asshole Pulsar 150 doesn’t have a split seat!!
      It is P 220.Get your facts straight.

    • Joe Harry

      So we cant modify the seat of 150 as split ??? (but dis is 220 only)

  • Manoj Kumar

    boss i had pulser 150 2006 model can u tell me weather i can change my doom to new pulser 150

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