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Maruti Suzuki will soon launch the K-Series powered Swift. The Swift petrol is currently powered by a 1.3 litre engine derived from the Esteem. The G13B engine is not only outdated, it has poor driveability too. But Maruti is not replacing the engine for power or torque. April 2010 will see Bharat IV norms come into effect and Maruti’s G-Series engine won’t be Bharat IV compliant. Thus Maruti will copy-paste the engine into the Swift petrol from the recently launched Ritz.

The 1.2 litre K-Series engine will help in two ways. Better mileage and lesser duties. The Indian Government gives excise benefits to petrol cars having engine capacity less than 1200cc. So that will amount to 4% excise duty reduction on the Swift petrol, the Swift diesel already gets this benefit. Can we expect a reduction in the price of the Swift petrol? Your guess is as good as ours.

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  • Common Man

    MSI also said that the petrol variants of the Swift and the Swift Dzire will now be equipped with Bharat Stage (BS) IV norms compliant 1.2 litre K-Series engines.

    • http://yahoo swangchan

      suzuki company is best company in the world.
      maruti is on of the fraud company inthe world.
      maruti suzuki swift is a good car.but
      maruti swift is a local car
      maruti suzuki swift has suzuki engine.
      maruti swift has local engine.
      there are two types of swift car.
      first is maruti suzuki swift that is original car . this swift car has suzukiengine. there is inprint suzuki name on the engine. buy
      second is maruti swift, that is local car. this car has no suzuki engine. that is local or fake engine.there is no inprint suzuki name on the engine.
      if you have any dought please check your car engine.if your car engine suzuki ,that is original.
      you ask your dealer they also tell above said.
      maruti suzuki swift engine is import from japan.
      maruti swift engine is make from scrap material.
      maruti collect the scrap material from other car company like tata, fiat and they are making local engine.
      so dear friends don,t buy maruti swift. please buy maruti suzuki swift.
      please chech car engine is it suzuki engine or local or fake engine.

  • http://yahoo swan

    hello sir” maruti swift zxi is very bad car in india.because this car has local has many problem.there is no inprint engine name.some swift car has suzuki engine. some of the cars local engine.why this body s are same , but engine is you know the answer? please tell me sir. because i have swift zxi 2011 model car. i asked my dealer about my dought, they can”t tell answer.i wrote a letter to maruti company 20 times but there is no reply from maruti company.i think maruti is a fraud company in the you know maruti company is original or local company? swift car is local or original? swift car engine original or fake? swift engine has inprint suzuki name or not? dear friends tell me answer please!

  • http://yahoo swan

    Cons : use less engine
    Description :

    Needs to improve

    Overall Experience maruti car is like child doll. this is used only play. not in use.maruti engine is made from delhi local area.this engine is like scrap engine. low milage.late pick up like old man.

    bad paint on the car.heavy noise like out source is good but engine is waste.maruti makes fake engine. suzuki engine car is good . but maruti makes delhi local engine is waste. you check car engine isit suzuki or local fake engine before you buy it.


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