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Bajaj Pulsar 220 vs Yamaha R15 vs Hero Honda Karizma

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The premium biking segment in India is seeing some action. Though the action is far from what we would have liked to see. The recently launched Apache 180 is very promising but the new Pulsar 220 has taken everyone’s attention from TVS to Bajaj. Bajaj did feel the heat from other bike manufacturers had thus had no option but to pull something out of the box. They has priced the Pulsar 220 very well but will the new Pulsar 220 be the king of the performance biking segment?


Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi

For – Top speed, looks, price
Against – From the rear people might think your riding a Pulsar 180, quality, refinement
Verdict – Bajaj needs to differentiate its top end bike with other bikes from its segment, more power would have done wonders

Yamaha YZF-R15

For – Super handling, R1 tech, braking
Against – Small size, puny tires, price
Verdict – Yamaha could have given the R15 more power, racing kits on their way

Hero Honda Karizma R

For – Quality, service, reliability
Against – Other than new stickers this bike has not been updated since a long time now.
Verdict – Hero Honda need to get up and smell the coffee. They need to upgrade the Karizma with new features and more power.

Your sub-500cc sports bike?

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  • selva

    i go with pulsar 220dtsi….since it has good looks …at good price tag..i ll buy that this month…..

    • manjet siwach

      u r very older one

  • crimemaster

    1)the new 220 rocks …coz of its cost and power it gives and also it loooks more stylish this tym….
    2)whereas the r15 is too costly and doesnt have enough power ..even the karizma is better thn the r15…tyres suck a big time…
    3)karizma is a nice bike but it needs to be upgraded quickly..or else it will be thrown out of d competition….

  • fas

    Crimemaster, the new Karizma is coming soon.

    • Ravan

      fas where is new karizma???still waiting….

    • It’s not yet launched but it produces 20 BHP of power.

  • Ron

    Here comes…. the new… brand new HERO HONDA KARIZMA ZMR… check out guys….

    • fas

      Ron, the ZMR is a good machine but more power would have made it the pick of the segment.

  • rashid

    i would go with bajaj pulsar cos it has got heavy body good balance while driving at high speed beside all these ask any youngster their first choice is bajaj pulser

  • sameer

    Well i would like to say i like pulser 220, yamaha r15 and also Hero honda karizma but i would like to share a new bike Royal Enfiel roll out classic 500cc best than all

  • RKR

    power was gone up , performance was superb. additional features like oil cooled and air cooled. the muffler part is awesome, I just bought a 220 and waiting for the second service 2000 – 2500kms, after the first service the performacne was much improved and getting agood milege around 35 – 40 on trafffice and on highways it go up to maximum of 43. Initially the rear disc break was not performing well but now it has iproved .The head lamp is very powerful and very useful at nigh rides.The center stand of the bike hit the road if ther is two pax, it should be upgraded, morever am satisfied with maa bike and PuLsAr 220 is really the fastest INDIAN and am proud to be a fastest INDIAN. 220 Rockzz!!!!!

  • gokul kannan

    hai guys,
    i will surely gone with karizma r.Coz when we compared karizma with other bikes like 220,r15,apache karizma is the better one.i know 220have stunning bhp but no use.When we go for a long trip like more than 100km distance.engines of all bajaj bikes get over heated.that’s one problem .another one is chain and socket.It will damage quickly.And the main problem is itys model.Everybody knows that all the pulsar have same back pulsar 180 is also look like pulsar 200.By comparing bajaj pulsar.pulsar 200 is the best one in its series.Next is r15.No use.It have a great look.But no power,small cycle tyres,high price.actually r15 destroy the reputation of yamaha.i don’t like to say about r15.Then apache not at all good bike.But karizma best bike in its class.i know karizma have not much facility.karizma wants to upgarde.but everyone should understand one thing karizma was launched 5years before.even now there is no complaint in engine side.some people didn’t maintain the engine side thats why the engine gets comparing mileage,style,riding comfort karizma is the better bike in its class

  • I have a 6 month old Bajaj Pulsar 220 dts-i.I think its the best performance bike in India.Truly the Fastest Indian.It looks smashing with new all black theme.Not much to say about the engine power of the bike,its the best in India.Similarities in looks between other pulsars is a issue though.But I think Bajaj should have kept the features like split sits,fatter 120/80-17 rear tyres,clip-on handlebar,grab handles exclusive for 220 model only.For the price of 80,500,its surely a best buy & value for money.
    Yamaha’ R15 is a nice bike.But i realy don’t like its looks.Specially the rear.But Yamaha says the rear tyre is specilly designed mrf zapper exclusive for r15 & the quality & durability of bike is great.Top end power delivery is nice.Feels great after 6000rpm.This bike is the best in 150cc segment.Its performance is great for a 1500cc & its unbeatable on race tracks.Its price is too high for a 150cc bike.Not a best buy.I don’t think its worth its 1 lac price.Though good efforts by Yamaha.
    As for Karizma,i think its only great touring bike.I agree its handling is best.This bike is for those who tour mostly.Sitting is best in class.But Hero Honda should give a new engine for bike.Even the ZMR’s engine is the same old 1st 2003 karizma engine with FI.Price is high too.I don’t like the looks of ZMR too.
    In my opinion,all three bikes have there pros & cons & have a great street presence.All these bikes are head turners on road.If you want only peformance with great looks go for Pulsar 220 dts-i.Most of the people buy R15 for its bigger sibling R1 derived looks.Zmr & Karizma R is only for those who are avid tourers & want great handling with nice performance.

  • the greatest bike ever created on earth is PULSAR 220….any doubts??????

  • rony

    no its the r 15 in the end .

  • Animesh


    • jitu rabha

      you have not race wid me…. 220…. karizma needs trained driver to race but 220 no need……

  • Anuj Sharma

    Baja Pulsar is the best and the finest bike in India.

  • monuj


  • vyjith

    karizma s the king

    • navin

      karishma sucks to the core, but 220 always rocks….!!!, 220’s top speed is 163

  • Jegan

    Guys, First of all please dont compare “YAMAHA” wid Bajaj(sigh******) n Hero Honda :) Yes INDIAN Yes YAMAHA!!

  • doanl

    the new R15 cn kick da 220s ass bigtym..!!its been tested in da races that took place in mumbai…the winner ws da R15

  • he all are mad those who says pusar,r15. the old karizma is the king of racing. check it yaar.karizma the ultimate bike

  • Pulsar – Autorickshaw Technology
    ZMR – 10 years old Technology

  • & still 10 yrs old tech cant beat autorickshaw tech….

  • ant


  • Abhi

    Yamaha R15 is de best……..i accept that the price is high,,,its a 150cc bike but being compared to 220cc bikes…that wrlly sounds great..

  • Dj Sam

    Any time Karizma R guyzzzzz…..there is no way to compare pulsar & r15 with karizma………karizma ka naam kharab ho jayega…….

  • solomon anu george

    pulsar has 21.3bhp A& r15 has only 17 ps

  • solomon anu george

    how can you compare a 150cc bike with a 220cc bike pulsar has 153top speed & r15 HAS only130 topspeed with6speed gear box pulsar has only 5speed gear box then think who was the king

    please reply your comment

  • solomon anu george


  • sam

    220 has max pickup and top speed from r15,karizma.its totaly best value bike if u want to beat zmr and r15 on roads then must go for 220…
    nothing else the FASTEST INDIAN……………..

  • Mike

    hmm….R15 has good pickup n styling in his way. but its price is too high so people looks for pulsar 220 ……awesome look. awesome torque..u feel like heaven if u been wid ur girlfriend…

    i used dis two bikes n sold dem….if u r encouraging on price dan go for 220 otherwise r15 rockz…..i got my ninja last month …n for sure v r stunning…


    • Velly

      right bro i agree wid u

  • Gomzi

    R15 is killing, with respect to karizma and pulsar220
    if u want looks go for r-15 it’s a style symbol real sports bike
    if u want power go for pulsar 220, but not stylish coz it’s common
    and if u want top speed range plus fuel efficiency go for karizma it’s true indian,…

  • modassir

    well p 220 is the best of all bikes in india today. yamaha is the worst bike. i had race with all bikes even karizma zmr the loosest of all. pulsar roxxxxx yaar

  • Ripun

    I used both Karizma R and Pulsar 220. Karizma is good for its performance and Pulsar 220 is for pick up and speed… So, its ur choice… While we have got TOP speed and all good features in these two bikes. Then, why should we go for ZMR and R15.



  • thakur singh

    pulsar 220 is the king of road like lion is king of jungle. r15 and karzima zmr can never beat the 220. zmr and r15 fudhu bike in india. bhai loak. paisa mat berbhad karo r15 per.

  • p 220 best choice for pick up,bracking,handling and top speed…
    i have p180 ug4… i touches 138 kmph.. :D
    see video .

  • ravi

    i love the
    bajaj pulser 220cc

    • goutam

      220 is the vry bed sound vry bed

  • Arun

    Hai Guys,

    R15 is the fastest bike.Come to a stright road and i will show u which is an animal.

  • Manju

    R15 is the king

  • Darle

    If any bike in india can go from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds than P220.
    Nothing can do it…….
    If yes then reply………

    • fas

      Darle, the ZMR does it in almost similar time.

    • Ravan

      fas dont go with thinking that foreighn company is the best..go for the truth,hence go for pulsar

    • But R15 better in most aspects.

  • vick111

    My fully ported rx135 will do 0-60 in 3 secs… BTW, there are many vintage bikes like RD350, yezdi 350 and Enfield fury faster than p220… Its definitely not the fastest indian bike… But the fastest 4 stroke indian bike… nothing can compare to the quality of yamaha… so always,,,,

    Yes! Yamaha!

    • fas

      Vick111, Can you share more details with us?

  • DHruv

    tum sabki aesi ki taisi …pulsar220 ki maa ki aankh….fuddu bike sirf pickup mein achhi hai baaki cheezon mein fuddu…no quality nothing…KHADKI hui bike HUMARA GAANDU BAJAJ…DNt Compare R15 its a MOTOGP derived Bike…handling nd oll…NISSIN CALLIPER IN REAR BRAKE…LIQUID COOLED 4 VALVE DIASIL CYLINDER…FORGED PISTON…JIS GAANDU KO BIKES KI KNOWLEDGE NI HOGI WAHI BOLEGA ISKO BEKAAR BIKE…COME ON A RACE TRAk..P220 DIKHEGI NI KAHAN CHALI GAYI…I HEb touched 148kmph on dis bike….9811452002 herez my cell no. m giving open challenge to p220 come on if u have ballz..we’ll have a drag race on a long stretch..thn i’l show u wat the R15 Has got…HAI DUM?????

  • vick111

    sure… wat details do u need??

    • vicky

      which one is best pulsar 220 or yamaha r15 or zmr??

    • Faisal

      Vicky, Yamaha R15.

  • fas

    What modifications have been done on your bike and some pictures.

  • mas guite

    R15 is the best. 150cc is the winner of the overall. It actually has the highest top speed which is 144kmp/h. Engine is reliable & Fuel efficiency is the best. Weights lesser than the others. Handling is unbeatable, but it has a skinny tyres which gives a nervous feeling. This international product would not be beaten up by the desy company.

  • sank

    apache is the best………….. karishma and p220 and r15 ****… if i just throttle u all will disappear…. racing is in my dna…… loosers.

  • sagar

    pulsur 220 is a real fastest indian bike for male. ye hai mardon ki bike.

    • baba

      right bro, yahi h mardon ki bike.

  • venkatesh

    Pulsar 220 s**ks Bigtime!!
    All those who have are stupid Maniacs

    • Pratyush

      u are the biggest idiot i have ever seen on the net

  • Grishiv

    r15 is the best…it is a true racing bike and benefited with new technology…no one messes with it…

  • don no 1

    hi friends if u want fastest bike then u go for pulsar 220 because it is the no 1 bike of of india and rest of others r stupid bike i m going to purchase pulsar 220

    • Don ka maa

      Yeah whatever, just make the delivery of my pizza in time.

  • if u want a quality bike go for yamaha r15 coz of its looks ,handling .I owe a pulsar 220 and it is like a trash ,its average is about15-20 and it has been problematic since 1 go for r15

  • Aashish Niroula

    i hope people don’t get fooled by pulsar 220 being mentioned the fastest among the three…i have owned both pulsar 220 and r15 and would say r15 totally lies in a superior class….speed increment from 90kmph+ takes a lot more time in pulsar than in r15…r15’s handling is outdoes every indian bike…braking is tighter than pulsar 220…r15 is a lot easier bike to control than pulsar 220 when you’re at 75kmph+ speed…….bajaj mentions 144kmph to be pulsar 220’s topspeed….but i haven’t gained more than 132……while i’ve gained 154 kmph in r15 with a small engine modification [racing issue]….also bajaj keeps 220’s mileage at 30-35 kmph..whereas r15’s mileage is at 40-45kmph……..though slightly expensive…r15 is a lot lot better bike than the two…..and personally i think pulsar is better than karizma zmr..

  • manhiik

    who told Aashish Niroula that pulsar is better then karizma zmr ??? pulsar really ***** man in all the aspects.. then r15 .. who bother about that toy ??? so ma conclusion zmr is the real king .. r15 good.. and pulsur really **** n ****kkkkkkkkk

  • feroz

    yahama is the best and best 4 ever.
    bike made by yahama r the best bike in the world.
    yahama r15,yahama fazer,yahama fz are good
    yahama bikes provide good fuel efficiency, pick-up,
    yahama will change the life of every Indian.
    go yaham gooooooooooooooooooo.

  • feroz

    bajaj pulsar,hero honda karizma,tvs apache has no good looking.
    bajaj is the bakwas bikes in the world. hero honda is so-so,tvs apache is good.

  • U-Wax

    R15 [Yamaha]can’t be compared. Ride it to feel it………..

  • baba

    pulasar is the real king of bikes in india.
    as i ride all the bikes in all type ares like plains, hills, highway, traffic etc. and only bajaj pulsar gives you a long time ride than any other bikes like R15, ZMR. apache etc,. it takes only 6 sec from 0-60 which is lowest than any other bike in india.


  • yatin

    pulsar220 is d best bike having more power than karizma n r15……….baaki sab thaki vi bike h…………..


      p220 is the best bike all over the world n my best bike 220 ke aage sab ki piche se phat jati hai to r15 aur zmr ki kya okat hai 220 ke samne 220 ke alawa sab phattu hai phattu acche acche ka kaam daal deti hai pulsar 220………..

  • champ

    pulsar rockz…
    go for pulsar
    m nt against for other bikes,coz i have ride all of them
    but bajaj pulsar is unbeatable…
    go for pulsar ,,distinctly ahead

  • Dj

    as we can see in this pic some bajaj lover uploaded this thing everyone knows that R15 is the best bike here .. weight info wrong performance info wrong and yeah pulsar 220 is the cheapest bike ever so sabne khareedi hui hai ataareef toh karenge hi dont worry guyz tumhari galti nhi hai bajaj hai hi bekaar company self maari toh aisa lagta hai bike ko cough ho gya ho and if we r talkin about looks yahan honda ki CBR ne ghutne tek diye 220 kahan stand karegi

    • Velly

      mere bhai honda ki bike me dum nahi hai but pulsar to pulsar hai nd indian bike hai foriegn ki nahi hai

  • Vicky

    Baap baap hota hai aur beta beta hi rehta hai…. isme koi doubt nahi hai sab power aur looks ki baat ati hai to Pulsar220 sab hi bikes ko piche chood deti hai like ZMR, R15 aur jo bhi tum log soch paoo……..

  • pulsar 220 is the father of all bikes in india.its looks,style,speed,power,and comfertabiliy is great.pulsar 220 ko pakrna muskil hi nahi namumkin hai.r15,zmr ka baap hai pulsar get off the roads for the king.pulsar 220 rockz.

  • ankit

    pulsar 220 is best itsss rockzzz and all other are fattu

  • manjet siwach

    litrally i prefer for r 15 bcoz its getup is vry nice

  • Chachu

    Sab apni apni laal karne mein lage hai… lage raho india :)

  • chat

    R15 is only for short men, i think..
    Pulsar ka accelator ghuma ke dekho aur R15 ka patachal jayega.
    Pulsar riding quality is very good among TVS, Karizma, Yamaha.
    only r15 ke parts ki quality acchi hai.

    • Velly

      Yaa pulsar 220 nd r15 both r gud but r15 ke peche baithne wala bada azzab lagta hai nd iss bike ka price bhi jayda hai soo sab afford nhi kar sakte but pulsar 220 ka price theek ha aur 3 person aaram se baith jaate hai i think both r gud pulsar ek step aage hi hai

  • Sajn


  • tametabin

    r15 wil be da drage loser…..4…220.palsur…ha…ha…

  • tame tabin

    palsur 220 has DA mst powerful LIGHT….!!
    R15 AN ZMR krma dsn’t have he…he..

  • hemanth

    zmr is the bike ilke it is very nice

  • babai

    r15 is the best pulsar 220 is the bad bike……………………..

    • arunn maya

      I think he is fool…… r u driven any bikes

  • Mohan

    Pulsar 220 is the pathetic bike in the world.., LOL
    I bet they’ll stop this model of pulsar,this may have more bhp n torque buh it wont last long for more than 2years,so i think karizma r is the best last longin’ bike.
    i vote for Karizma r.
    Dkah dkah Go..,



  • sam

    all bikes r bakwas except mine…… ‘ninja!!!’ n i think 220 is gud….

  • baptu

    bajaj pulsar 220 is da best

  • nihar

    Pulsar 220 is fastest reaches at the speed of 145 km/h.

  • arsath

    R15 has a top speed of 162kmph claimed by many .. some of my friends have both pulsar 220 and r15… they say pulsar 220 only goes upto 150kmph and it strains a lot but r15 = 162kmph (its a 150 cc engine) but there is another bike the apache rtr 180 which reaches 160+ speeds

  • charan

    pulsar 220 is the fastest bike in india u love 220

    • Akash

      Bhai charan… Fastest bike in India means ?? There are many bikes faster than Pulsar 220 . . . . .

      Its a different thing that u love it but u can’t say its the fastest…..

  • abhi

    Good ‘JOKE’ Of The Year Mr. Arsath… .. .
    Plz Guys Start Laughing… .. .

  • Akash

    @arsath . . . . Pagal hai kya be ??

    R15’s- 135 speedo indicated somehow…
    Apache’s- 130 speedo indicated…
    220’s- 153 speedo indicated…

    Not included the slope… I think…

  • Anurag sarma

    Bajaj boxer is a fasted bike in the world..i touches 180 just few second….really…its true…

  • arunn

    Pulsar 220 is most top rated bike against this 2

  • raja singh

    hi hi hi dont fight guy’s ok some are asking 220 is best …yar after some time u will totally torcherd by sound of ur bike …. But in zmr its smoot and somoot just thik about that

  • Aryan

    Hey guys who r supporting karizma r i’ll say them as dumb…bcause they r ppl with narrow minds.they’ll not understand what d style nd coolness is?no doubt that r15 is good but at too much cost they r offering very low specification thats why pulsar 220 is da best….i feel like a real duuuude while riding it….220f really rocks

  • DJ AP

    performance of bajaj P200 cc is best but milleg is not so good !!!

  • Bhabani

    Hello Team,
    I am planning to go for a new bike.
    Yamaha R15 V2 or
    Pulsar 220.
    Can you suggest me which i should go for.
    All above reviews are about R15 but no mention of R15 V2 performance.
    Please suggest.
    My Criteria:
    Long Drives (500 ~1000 Kms) in a stretch
    Bit of Racing in City Traffics
    I prefer good Quality & Long Life of Bike

    • Bhabani, we have written a detailed review on the performance of the R15, have you read it?


    i hav pulsur 220f.. this bike is very waste for me.. now always engine complaint.. ths bike hav only starting torque.. ma frnd hav karizma r. it hav les strtng torq compare to 220,. bt on running karizma wil win.. so i thnk karizma r iz mor bettr.. compar to 220f n r15,
    karizma hav god performanc, handling, mileag, less maintananc.. so my vote only for karizma r..

  • madhu appaji

    truly said………..

  • jumba rina

    faisal…..its obvious that 220 has more bhp and displacement.but on the other hand the yamaha r15 has the racing dna of yamaha and it has also been given the title of indias fastest spec on the road its a true sport class bike with better technology. so is r15 faster then 220?? i too own a yamaha r15 version 2.0 fiery red.

    • 220 has more power but R15 the better bike.

  • Robin

    No matter what bike u all ppl have out there, it purely depends upon the rider dat how well he/she maintain their machines. Me Owner of Pulsar 220f since 2009…. nd still going strong ;)

  • shafiq khan

    Best power ever like racer is Pulsar 220
    Enjoy d ride its Karizma R complete satisfaction
    If any one looking for best stylish its Yamaha R15


    Halo faisal,its true that pulsar 220 has more power,but r15 beats 220 in a long race.i too did it.and.whts ur views on r15 for long races??

    • R15 is faster in corners, Pulsar out accelerates it and has a higher top speed.

  • Jumba rina

    Hey.faisal,Can.pulsar 22O.reach.a.topspeed.of.162.kmph?

  • Jumba.rina.

  • Jumba rina

    Faisal,, vs zmr vs 22O and

  • jumba rina

    Faisal.bhai,is r15 meant for speed or just for its looks?

  • jumba rina

    Faisal Bhai,is daytona ECU meant only for yamaha?

  • Vinay

    Looking for a second bike confused between P220 and KMR . mainly for small runs between 100 to 200 km not looking at The top speed factor but what’s more important is it’s reliability and longevity. Generally land up crushing between 80 to 100kmph on highways but this bike is mostly going to be used in the city what do you guys feel
    +cost of maintenance
    +projector headlights

    + reliability
    + refinement
    + mature ride and handling
    + proven long distance crusier

    Your inputs would be valuable

  • biker

    listen karizma may be good in its own place but r15 has much more acceleration and top speed than this it overheats on long because of agricultural aoir cooled engines agricultural karizma suits more in villages

    • Aman

      Jis me petrol jyada hoga

  • biker

    you nandan it was for you

    • biker

      you golul kanan it was for you

  • Rishabh

    Agar karizma R vs Pulsar 220 ki race hogi to jetega kon yar …… plz rply …….. jisko shi jawab pata ho…..

  • rihan saxena

    i love pulsar 220f … nd my favourite bike is pulsar 220f…

  • sidhant kapoor

    No bike would give u a top speed mre dan 140 … nt even pulsar 220 those who claim having gone 140 plus…r just boasting….
    R15 is gud bt lags in performance nd price compared to 220…..220 is d best buy u can get … having a 220 cc engine gud milege nd stunning luks…I own a yamaha r1.. but still… I would recommend u guyz to go for a bajaj pulsar 220…

  • Raman

    guys neither its 220 , nt evn r15 ,nor z
    mr ,, best is just karizma looks , cmfrt, engine , cc, R top speed is also perfect as per handling cmplete balanced bike each n everythng is as per the other cmpletly balanced well designed . karizma r is the only king of roads in india. As i hav three of thm in between three brothers and three of us go wid karizma R

  • 9845624201

    bajaj 220f is the best guys its indian bajaj engine

  • CEO S

    KARIZMA R Is always Game…and Karizma R is Gamer…..Pulser is not a gamer ……pulser is a Trainee

  • karan

    For looks…..go for R15 2.0
    For trend……CBR 150
    For Mileage……ZMR
    For power…….P220F

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