New Honda City Modified With Bodykit


The old Honda City was very famous for being mod friendly, but the Honda Citys thereafter never really appealed to the enthusiasts. However the new version looks promising with 118PS on tap. In Malaysia a enthusiast has modified his City with widened fenders, redesigned front and rear bumpers, side skirt, air vents all around, new paint, new rims, new tyres, adjustable suspension system and a after market exhaust system makes the car look more aggressive.





2010_Honda City_Modified


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  • Harish Kumar

    The front looks very similar to the Civic (just blur it a bit and it looks like the EVO IX from the front like one of those kits from Most Wanted)..Rear is an absolute mess..The boot lid and the rear bumper look ugly while the side skirts and fenders are good

  • Harish Kumar

    Notice the rear view mirror int he 3rd picture!!!!!!!!!!! Its turned to the wrong side :-D

    • fas

      Harish, that is some good observation.

    • jain viay

      i own the honda civic can we do some nice cosmetic changes 2 it mail me

  • Bike Advice

    I too have a new honda city modified, but only with company’s accesories. I have just completed 4,500 kms. Do you want a review to be posted in your site? :)

  • Neil Coutinho

    Nice customisation… but could’ve used a better car! :)

  • gaurish

    hello “bike advice”
    r u thinking of selling ur honda city.. if yes, den contact me.. also send me the pics of ur car..

  • harishisstupid


    thats how the mirror is turned… its not on the wrong side… dum**ss!

  • shahul ….

    will i als modify my car wid same look as abv wt vl b d cost for modifieng my car as same as above

    • Faisal Khan

      Shahul, around a lakh.