Modified Bajaj Pulsar 150 In Maldives


Ahmed Areesh, a Mauritian Maldives resident has modified his 2005 Bajaj Pulsar 150 with alot of mods. The whole job took him just two weeks to complete and he did it himself along with the assistance of his friends. The stickers are a bit out of place with NOS et all and the mods seem to be quite expensive.


The prices of the mods are : –

  • Handle Bar – $133
  • Dust cover – $260
  • Paint With The Glitter Effect And The Racing Striped – $450
  • Read IRC Tyre – $80
  • Modified Silencer – $350
  • Pair Of Rear Pedal – $25
  • CBR Mirror Set – $10
  • Seat Modification – $45



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  • lalit nagarth

    that really made a joke of pulsar …

  • Biswanath

    I want to add pulsar 150cc engine with pulsar 220cc body, give the correct way.