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Modified Tata Nano For Rs. 1 Crore

After automobile designer Dilip Chhabria ruined a Rolls-Royce, its his turn to do the same to a Nano. The Tata Nano was made to be affordable car and not a supercar but Mr. Chhabria thinks otherwise. The car which will be showcased at the Auto Expo will cost Rs. 1 crore (this is not a typing error) and will be a two seater. Yes, you can get 1 DC Nano for the price of 75 Tata Nanos. But what makes the DC nano so expensive? Afterall its basically the worlds cheapest car with some modifications! First off, the stock 623cc engine goes away and in comes a 1600cc powerplant capable of a top speed of 200 kmph aided by a 7 speed triptronic tranny.

The exteriors get gull wing doors (ala Lamborghini Murcielago style), biometric door handles (allowing only the keyholder entry), xenon lights, LED clusters, 15″ alloy wheels (up from the stock 12″ wheels). The interiors boast of panoramic wind screen and lots of gadgetry like mobile LCD screen (for movies, internet, navigation and games), customised instruments panel (which reflects on the windscreen), door mounted camera (for rear vision) which even records clips. Now why would anyone want to do that?

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  • Krishna

    @Motorbeam : Isn’t this pic the exterior kit for the nano by Dilip which costs 80,000 ?

    This is available in all carnation stores.
    This costing 1Crore?
    Not man, :|

    Try to get that pic or else, just dont post one.
    This exterior kit costs 80,000Rs.

  • fas

    Krishna, this is the DC Nano kit indeed. You can read the picture, it says DC-Carnation. The above picture is only for illustration purpose and the real thing is not even shown out of DCs own workshop yet. You will surely see the pictures soon, you will have to wait for 3 days for that :)

  • Krishna

    @fas : Oh, Okay.

    Sure , I’d love to. :D

  • sumit

    Well any publicity is good .. even bad one .. and I guess that’s why DC goes about it with all the hype and destroying the very practical sense of our autos.

  • chris

    @fas and @ krishna

    This is not an illustration, it is the real thing. It says DC carnation because dc has a tie up with jagdish kattar’s Carnation Auto to sell his bunch of really gaudy cars.

    In fact i have seen the nano you people are talking about on the road. (Pune express highway), driving along with a similarly destroyed Honda city and Maruti estilo

  • ORB


    This pic is only for illustration? But this is highly misleading. Last time you were showing off some Honda Twister 300CC in the pics and were talking about some 110CC Honda’s bike in the article. that 300cc bike looks very nice and that 110cc bike looks equally bad. I found that very very misleading. Neither do you talk anything in your text about the illustrated pic were u clear it out what is the pic and how is it related to the article. I think its bad practise, I sincerely havn’t seen ne good website/journalist-entity doing this.

    • fas

      ORB, the pics of the Twister was the international version and it was a rough rendering. We had written in the post about the CB Twister being based on the 300cc version. What is better, no pick at all or atleast a picture of the vehicle on which the upcoming car/bike is based on. Anways next time we surely will ensure we clearly mark it as it is so you don’t get misleaded.

  • jo

    i think the stock one was looking better than this modified crap.

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