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The wait seems to be nearing an end with news about the upcoming Pulsar 250 pouring in. According to Motoroids’ sources in the component industry based around Pune, Bajaj is in the final stages of developing an all new 250cc bike for India. The engine has been under development for quite some time now and the new Bajaj Pulsar 250 will feature a parallel twin, four-valve per cylinder liquid cooled 250cc engine. Power output is expected to be anywhere between 27-30bhp with top speed of 160kmph. But the most important piece of news is the pricing, which is expected to be south of Rs. 1.5 lakhs!!

With the Pulsar 250, Bajaj will take a major upward shift in technology. On the cards is a new aluminum beam frame (used mainly on superbikes), rising rate link type mono shock rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes, clip-on handle bars, projector headlamp, new digital instrument console and most importantly a completely new design. When launched, the Pulsar 250 will undoubtedly set the benchmark for ride, handling and performance in the premium biking segment in our country. What do you think should Bajaj offer on the Pulsar 250? Please share your views in the comments section below.

Source – Motoroids

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  • Briarreos

    What the 250 should offer(in that order):
    1.handling (at least comparable to bikes like the r15 or the ninja)
    2.Some really good quality performance cycle parts.
    3.reliability and fit and finish (no squeaky bits and panel gaps please)
    4.a radical design statement ie no faux plastic panels minimal design function over form etc etc (for god’s sake get a good look at the ktms)
    5.kerb weight around 140 kgs
    6.tyres 110 front and 140+ rear

  • fas

    Briarreos, you have spoken right out a enthusiasts heart. I thought most would want more power and higher top speed.

  • Himanshu

    Looks Like a KTM to ME.

  • dhiraj c raut

    i hope this new bike looks different from the current pulsar range..

    • fas

      Dhiraj, this bike is expected to carry the next Pulsar design.

  • pansome

    Should make all the engines 4 valved, most important the 220cc…
    Rest all, cheers to bajaj…good move…
    still, with all these specifications, price may go upto 170k, but its bajaj, so keep the fingers crossed…cant say anything…8-]

  • dhiraj c raut

    @fas …good then ..i think it will be inspired by KTM, design…


    i think this is just a concept

  • Arun

    why do i smell that bajaj is takin a step against the Apache 220? Either way, its us bikers who r gonna enjoy the show..

    • fas

      Arun, the current Apache is good enough to give the Pulsar 220 a run for its money. So the A220 will surely kick some a**

  • sashi

    Rofl, its fake.
    I hate when some website publish such fake news to get more views.
    250cc and bajaj, really long way to go. I would have believed if it was the apache 250. 1st of all all pulsars handles like a cycle, and 250cc in such a frame = death of the rider, so pulsuc 250 is just a dream

  • PrasenjiT

    WeLL >> RajiV BAJAJ had Said On The eVe Of The puLSAr 22O dTS Fi LaunCH in 2OO6 >> THaT The WOrk On The DeVeLOpmenT Of PuLSar 3OO n 4OO v2 iS ON >>

    i HaVin meT The BAJAJ CEO 2 WHeeLeRS S.SridHar HimSeLf in PNQ BAJAJ
    Can ASSure Ya ALL ThaT The 25O >
    maybe 2O11 >>

  • pedru

    just wait for Honda 250cc coming up at will take shit out of bajaj low quality bike

  • Krishna

    considering indian market pulsar twin should be of variants catering the needs of city biking, street bikes, and off road versions and of course cruisers also would be welcome. these variations can help it bajaj to focus on the deliveries like, power, mileage, comfort, performance.

  • Harshil

    Well its good to see that there will be pulsar 250..but well according to present 220 F & 220S..i think they r da benchmark for bike market in India as they just cost around 69K-72K(ex-showroom) so accordingly if they increase CC by 30..& BHP by 7-9BHPs..& addon oil cooled shud not cost mor than 1 lakh.. like costly YAMAHA bikes..well ya 1.5 lakh is also not so much but ya according to price of P220.. P250 is much much costlier..& hence i think i shud go for P220 S next year & add on – 120mm tyre on front, 140mm tyre in rear, 2 disk brakes in front, 2 exhaust..then l8r i’ll add R15 headlight & fairings :D
    well can u plz help me by telling me overall cost of these modifications?
    well i’m thinking for 220 S as it is less costlier & i want r15 headlight only not 220 F’s…
    plz reply me on if u think i’v spammed this page..well i was unable to contact any gr8 bikers who could help me so..

  • aj

    Well,Bajaj/Honda/Yamaha/…whatever the order maybe,for sure on the tech front Honda and Yamaha are way ahead. This given,it’s good to know that some work is underway to produce high capacity and high performance machines from Bajaj. Unfortunately,Bajaj sacrifices their technology with economical pricing points,in turn compensating the quality. I guess they just go by the price factor which is pre-dominant in countries like India(which is understandable). You can’t have the cake and eat it too..

  • rahul

    cool bike when will it lonceh in india

  • motherfucker iorga eugeniu laurentiu

    You completed a number of big points there. I did a search on the subject and found a lot of men will consent with your website .

  • vinfo

    I hope that the new 250 bike will has a mono shock rear suspension……

  • sumit

    It should be fully faired

  • afank

    the bike really look awesome but need to change it a little bit such as the front mudguard, bcz in rainy season in india we expect a lot of heavy rain n as it is little short it will not help to keep the engine pert clean n the other thing is that the silencer is not visible i think that it will look better if they tried to put it under seat like some sports bike hv thats it rest all is f9


    its ossum when i see pulsar 250. its good i wanna ride.

  • Max

    Bajaj always produces substandard bikes. So whatever design they come up with, will have a Olympian amount of defects, go for Honda or Yamaha.
    Oh, Pulsar fans? I forgot, you cannot afford either of them.

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