Kawasaki Ninja 250R Lands In Nepal

Bajaj Auto has launched the Kawasaki Ninja 250R in Nepal. Touted as the best 250cc motorcycle in the world, the Ninja will be available exclusively through the recently inaugurated Bajaj Probiking Corner at HH Bajaj in Kathmandu. The company is targeting sales of 150 bikes this year and 15 were already booked even before the launch.

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  • LBJirel

    This was exactly the same bike I read about in a newspaper the other day. Only one thing I remember about the bike was 250cc. And one more thing though I exactly can’t remember at this time is the price NRs. 7,50,00.

  • Deepak

    @LBJirel,sorry dude u missed one zero to price Nrs 750,000.

  • bimwaiba

    HeY guys this is really cool bike but too expensive.



  • Prakash

    This bike is TOO expensive in Nepal. Rs 750,000 just for 250cc sport bike, i would pay Rs 300,000 on top of 750,000 and buy R1. The reasonalbe price of this bike i would recommend be like in between RS 3 -4 lakhs in Nepal. In india market this bike costs only 2-2.5 lakhs.

  • max

    Very expensive bike matalab, chinna kinera.

  • kn8rider

    guyz are u taking about R15 or R1 huh??? i dun think we gonna get R1 around 3-4 lakh in Nepal… u most be taking about R15…

  • deps

    can u guys bring ninja in different colours.i dont like its green colour so i got blue r 15 you know.

  • Rider

    it is nice bike.i like it

  • deps

    its nice bike .i agree but change the colour dudes.

  • yugi limbu

    I wish to buy my fav this bikevsuitable for womeeeens