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Yamaha Confirms R125 Launch On 17th April

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2010 Yamaha R125 - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Yamaha India has confirmed the launch of its much awaited and highly anticipated R125. The Yamaha R125 is the younger sibling (but more appealing) of the R15 and will be launched on the 17th of this month. It is powered by a 124.66cc engine which gives a maximum power of 14.5 bhp at 9000 rpm and maximum torque of 12.2 Nm at 8000 rpm. The R125 is 2015 mm long, 660 mm wide and 970 mm tall. It has a wheelbase of 1355 mm and ground clearance of 155 mm. The Yamaha R125 will be priced at Rs. 83,754/- (ex-showroom, Delhi) and will be available in 4 colours namely Burning Blue, Sports White, Impact Yellow and Midnight black. The launch of the R125 comes as a surprise to us as we were expecting Yamaha to launch the SZ16 (pictures here) which they showcased at the Auto Expo.

“We will enter the premium 125cc space with the R125 on the 17th of April. It will be the first sports 125cc machine in the country,” Yamaha India representative, who wished to remain anonymous said on the sidelines of a new boutique dealership launch in Dharavi. “Rajpal Yadav will be the brand ambassador of our new product as Mr. Yadav and the bike compliment each other. We intend to compete with the Pulsar 135 and CBF Stunner FI,” he added.

Main Features of the Yamaha R125 : –

  • Liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine
  • SOHC 4-valve cylinder head
  • Fuel injection
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Wet-sump lubrication system
  • Electric start
  • Steel Deltabox Chassis
  • R6-style mid-ship muffler
  • Aluminium swinging arm
  • Dual catalysers
  • Air Induction system
  • 126.5 kgs dry weight

Technical highlights of the Yamaha R125 : –

  • Lightweight steel Deltabox frame
  • Cast aluminium swinging arm
  • Aggressive R-series styling
  • High quality components
  • Leading build quality
  • Full-sized chassis and bodywork
  • 1,355mm wheelbase
  • Sports riding position
  • Dual R-series style headlamps
  • 292mm diameter front disc brake
  • 230mm diameter rear disc brake
  • Ultra-compact tail cowl
  • Compact LED tail light
  • 33mm diameter front forks
  • 130mm front wheel suspension travel
  • 130/70-17 rear tyre; 100/80-17 front tyre

Source – 1stA-F

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  • Shekhar

    Woooooooow, this bike looks so much better than the R15. I want this and I am saving now.

  • Vijay

    I highly doubt the made in India R125 will have all the features the international R125 gets.

  • Raul

    This bike weighs more than a R15 I wonder why? More show than go.

  • Deepak

    I will ask the million dollar question – Mileage kya hai?

    • Vishnu


  • Raul

    Kya yaar deepak, mileage chahiye toh splendor buy karo.

    • hemant

      u r right bro

  • Deepak

    I already have a splendor with quantom core technology so I asked, lol.

  • Raul

    Having a spelendor and still asking about mileage of a performance bike is ridiculous dude.

  • bura

    and michael jackson is not dead
    :) april fool

  • Nice one want higher CC

    Launch some higher cc versions plz

  • Saurabh

    Good.. April Fool to you all also.

  • agog

    Good news for April Fool.

    But with even a chance of 1 in a million, if it is true I’ll book it at the first day :D

  • modifii

    April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….April fool….

  • 250

    Damn we dont need anymore 125s and 150s. Why the **** cant they bring a 250 instead????

  • Ronak

    Rajpal Yadav will be the brand ambassador of our new product as Mr. Yadav and the bike compliment each other.

  • wat ever fas r u sure ?, dont fool us on april 1st, i was wating for this bike if its launched iam finally going to get it

  • shiven

    awesome …… better than R15 ..just some BHP are missing…but Yamaha following the pulsar methodology…all bikes same front almost…bring a 200 cc at least…either naked or..completely different from r 15 and r 125

  • Amaan

    Guys!!! This is a clear prank!!! Dharavi is a slum area!!!! there are no showrooms there!!! And Rajpal Yadav!!!!! Brand Ambassador?????? He couldn’t even be an ambassador for the Hindustan Ambassador. LOL! Happy fools day!!!

  • Ayush

    F**k u motorbeam, that was a very dirty prank, I was just shouting nd jumping like a maniac out of sheer happines but only to realise dat I was fooled, very bad :(

  • Harshad

    its a prank, chk this link (“Source – 1stA-F”) on the bottom of the last pic of the post.

  • ColdGold

    Fas, you fooled me and the others that I informed about this. I am now celebrating happy fools day:)

  • dinesh

    APRIL FOOL GUys…. RAJ pal YADAV as a brand ambassador, Yeah sure :D..

  • rishi

    whats this stupid joke, i am waiting for yamaha r125 and i dont like this joke. the website admin should stop such kind of news rather than entertaining……….jokers

    any 1 here, aware of r125 launch date.

  • tushaar

    haha lolz! ,,,,awesome joke ….i was surprised to c dis post bcz i own an R15 nd fr sum time i was suspicious abt my bike’s future :D ..nice prank!

  • neel

    cool…it looks much better better and sportier than the R15.
    the finishing and the styling of clip-ons are much better

  • Vinay

    Everything is fine in bike in terms of look …
    But where is the power man …
    Yamaha is way behind in power as compare to Cbz, Hunk & Pulsar ..
    So itz a suggestion for yamaha to launch some powerbox in the same deadly lookz ….

  • Davneet

    Hi to everyone….
    first of all motorbeam is not fooling.they are correct..
    yamaha will be launching this R125 very soon coz my brother is in INDIA YAMAHA MOTORS LTD. and he has also taken a test ride of this bike..


  • gopu


    dude wat the hell ru saying………….

    R15 and FZ 16 has better power than Hunk,CBZ and p150…….
    also the R125 has better top end than any other bikes in india under 180cc exept R15 ….. its top speed is 82mph that means it has around 130kmh top speed

  • mandar

    the r15 can cover upto 146 to 147 as long as i knw but with a k&n but i dnt think its the K&n that does so much
    neway is it really launchin this soon cause i really need a new bike and i wud not mind to go for this one

  • Davneet bhai-r u sure about the launch of yamaha yzf r125? And if yes then what does soon means? 1 month or 12 month? Please reply! M waiting for the bike since 8 months!

  • Davneet


    yes bhai launch is confirmed..
    u can contact your nearest dealer for the same.

    • Bishtu Tudu

      Bhai . I just wanna know that which year will this bike land on our Indian land … When can we buy it..? Date ke sath year v batao bhai ..

  • sachin

    plz launch some higher cc bike…………
    250 or 300cc bikes…………..

  • Spectator

    I can see only following possiblities :

    1. If they are selling here, the quality would not be the same thats available abroad(going by the price quoted). Would be a toned down desi-version. And at 84k ex-showroom its gonna be a out-n-out FLOP!!!

    2. This news is just a piece of CRAP!!!

  • gnanshwar

    will it b same as R15….?when i saw R15 in d pix d same way b4 its launch i was pretty eager at dat tym abt d waves it would create after its lauch…but due to its very short size nd its thin tires diminished my feeling wen i saw it in reality……is dis r125 really goin to b d same as its sibling??????

  • indiaboy

    i doubt that this rumour is true because they have given above in the message by the yamaha official about the launch of a boutique shop in dharavi…..!!!!!! AND rajpal yadav as brand ambassador…. lol doubt that dis rumour is true…anyway if its true then surely going to book one for myself

  • irfan

    iam using fz16 iam waiting for r125 is it really lauching 17 april 2010 if it is ofcourse iam going to buy please let me know whether that is true or false

    • fas

      Irfan, read the whole post properly. Its a April fool prank.

  • this bike looks awasome.., i want this to be launch as soon as possible

  • sandarsh

    guys guys.. this bike is ‘real’ but not gonna cost 80-90!! actually 2-2.5lack
    this bike is European bike!!!

  • the bikes looks gud but i doubt whether it will satisfies the power thirst of the indian biker boyz afterall its jst a125cc punny engine that comes witha a lot of goodies for which the yamaha is asking a huge price plze yamaha bring a proper bike of 250 cc for less than 2lakh i will be the 1st to buy it plze

  • rider

    17 april came n went n no r125…

  • Manthan

    very nice bike i like it……………so so so much yar….!

  • yash

    when will this bike will be launched plz somebody tell something why these yamaha guys does not listen

  • sunil soni

    yamaha r125 is jhakas & i m kindli waiting it




  • addkk

    gud joke !! i asked the nearby dealers they said me they will launch this bike on may 18

  • ahad ali

    Guys don’t be so happy because they do not have any plans to launch R – 125 in India.I asked from Yamaha India through e-mail on 10th May 2010. I am worry about fellows who creates rumours in the net.

  • guys please dont comment on this blog……..or what ever it is as its of no use…….just know one thing that .yamaha yzf r125 is not going to be launched in india…….and please dont hope also that it will come ever…..if you want this bike import it from israel….and now plz dont comment…..its of no use…..its just a waste of time…hope you get me..!!!

  • Jemmy

    i’m waitin for so long….if it’s not launch in India then the amdasador of yamaha company must declares some information.

  • chirag

    Chinta mat karo baja and appache has launch there bike ninja 250, and appache with fully sporty look

  • plzz tell dat when is r125 going too launch in india

  • plzzzzz telllllllll
    is this bike is two siter

  • hello i wanna bye r125 plzz tell when it is going to launch in punjab i m frm punjab,bathinda

  • daniel

    hiii plzz tell me wn it wl b launch in delhi !

    r125 rox yar !

  • happy singh

    heyy plz launch ths bike in august bcuz my college r gng 2 b start frm sept………….spooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • TOmar

    Abey isi byke lunch karneka koi jarorath nahi. etha na ganda byke maine kabi deka nahi.

  • aayush

    hiii plzz tell me wn it wl b launch in vadodar, gujarat!


    i wanna this bikeeeeee so plz tel me when it comesssssss

  • raj

    hi am from chennai…plz tell me when R125 will be launched in chennai..
    please tell me …and also the estimated price..

  • Harshad

    It was an april fool joke, this bike is not coming to india.

  • hv an attitude 2 win

    i wanna know when yamaha r125 is gonna launch
    pls send me is exact price & launch date
    on my id
    waiting yzf r-125

  • Sadip Dhakal

    When will R125 launch in Nepal. I am eagerly waiting for this particular bike. The bike looks a great sports bike……!! Love to ride it as earliest…!!

  • vipul

    iz r125 iz goin to launch in india or it is just a rumour im goin to buy r15 so shuddering I wait?

  • rahul

    when R125 will launch in bangalore and nepal

  • i want to know the exact date of lunching r125 in delhi as i want to buy it as soon as posible

  • Prasanth

    hiiiiiiiii…… wen wil r125 launch

  • rahul

    hieee its me rahul agrawal and i want to buy R125 in bangalore so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me when it will be launch contact me 9341550167

  • mubin

    if this bike is on launch please send me a message

  • syed jabir

    when yamaha R125 is going to launch in bangaloreeeeeeeeeeee, can u plz inform me the date by calling me on +919632130323, +919141620542

  • remruata

    please tell me the exact time when R125 will be lauch in the North
    East parts of India


  • hai can i know when r125 is going 2 lanch in hyderabad

  • when r125 will launch in delhi. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  • me

    balls to all of u!..tis is not gonna get launched in india!!

  • pratheesh

    hi, pls tel when will the bike R125 will me launched in tamilnadu ? am waiting, oh god pls launch it also in india as soon as possible

  • basavaraj

    hi, i want 2 kw R125 wn its released in mangalore,(d.k, karnataka, india) plz tell any one

  • hey plz tell me buddy when it is going to launch in delhi……. and in haryana and its estimated price…………

  • I got this bike :) i ride it in ahmedabad…
    I just imported it from europe…
    I PURCHASED THIS BIKE IN 95000 INR…in indian currency…

  • hi kanishq……….are you sure..that what u wrote was right?

  • Please let me that when R 125 launched in kolkata & what would be the price of this bike. thnax

  • Ajnaz

    Hey guys,
    dont keep waiting!…
    as per the information ive got from the yamaha dealer, R125 is not gonna be launched in INDIA.
    so better try to export one!….

  • sam

    Hi.guys…………….i calld in yamaha servc centre nodia………… get d info bout YAHAMA R125………….they told me that its just an romr……they r not going to launch this bike in india…………if u still hav d doubt u can call in this no…………this yamaha’s nodia servc centre no. ………….its 18004201600……….take another bike…..and dont dream bout this…………my dream has also broken after hearing this info from them…………………..

  • hiii when will this bike going to come in india

  • VDP

    Rajpal Yadav ha ha ha ha ha ha come on, that line makes it obvious that it’s a hoax.. can’t believe some people actually believed this… mega lol!

  • deepesh kalra

    hey can u tell me when launching r125 in delhi ,i wanna buy on this month…..

  • is yamaha r125 launched in india,if not whenit will be launched in india,i did not nought any other bike coz m waiting for r 125

  • Mafia Riders

    The Dream will come True, That’s the BAAP of Bike in LOOK !!!

  • Sam

    I askd d yamaha dealr 2day in ahmedabad n they said dat it wil be available in almst all yamaha showrms in india by end 2010…

  • Pratik J

    hi when will R125 releash in nepal n plzz tell me the price for nepal

  • please tell me the exact date of launching of yamaha r125

  • buyju

    hey!!!! ths s o no use!!! this bike isn for india.. import if ya really need tat bike.. t ll cost ya more than d present r15!:-D.. and evn f tat bike s releasd n india, yamaha ll chang ts looks fo sure and make t DABBA!!!!! so go 4 karizma o r15.. o fz’s.. far better… y i tel ths s cos m n london n i own ths bloody vehicl.. indian r15 s loads better cos i ve tat n india.. ths s mere waste o evrythng!!!!!! contact me for any details bout ths bike..

  • Sri

    Hello… v r all watg 4r tis bike . wen u r gng to lanch???? plssssssssss give correct date…… -Chennai

  • venkat

    is it available in chennai and what is the price

  • Tanmoy

    Please Yamaha dont make any modification before lauching this bike in India. Please launch this bike as soon as possible. I need this bike badly.

  • awesome yaar r125


    Hello… v r all watg 4r tis bike . wen u r gng to lanch???? plssssssssss give correct date…… -LUCKNOW

  • Anjan

    When will this bike release in nepal,and what will be its estimated cost…eagarly waiting to bye it..I just want to b its first Rider in nepal.tara april ma ta launch bhyena,was it a april fool joke

  • man plese release the r125 as soon as possible because i am fida of r125 so pleaseeeee the r125 as soon as possible or release the date of r125 in India

  • the hottest bike and attractive on the world is r125 so please release it as soon as possible iam eager to ride the r125.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hiii.plz mail me d date of launch in mumbai.i want 2 buy anyhow.

  • Jaggi

    I think this is fake not gonna launch…?

  • ashu

    hi when will this byke launch in dehradun.i want to buy this byke

  • Anjan

    Dear Sir

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We are sorry to inform you that as of now, we do not have any recent plans to launch R – 125 in India. For further exciting news and updates, please logon to “”.

    If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

    Thanks & Regards
    Back Office Operations
    Toll Free : 1800-420-1600

  • yam

    hi im yam from nepal when publish this bike in nepal please……. tell me i gone crazy man

  • kalyan

    Why Yamaha not launching R-125 in India? Do Yamaha have any strong reason for this?

  • Ali

    Hi this Ali from Andaman & Nicobar Island i wanna want to ask that when will the R125 will launch in this Island wanna want this bike to buy pls launch this bike in this year in Andaman & Nicobar Island pls its my request



  • pratik

    can i know when Yamaha R125 will be launching in India.One more question do Yamaha is planing to give R15 those meaner look as it has given to R125. sure you will aggre R125 looks better than R15.

  • loz

    You Know wot……does yamaha knows dat they are gonna make lots of money and increase their bike sales if they launch r125…..wot a stupid company for not launching………..

  • hey can i know when Yamaha R125 will be launching in India

  • kapil

    can i know y yamaha not launching R125 please , and z there any plannz of launching it in india ? if, then wen it gonna launch in india ?

  • kh ian

    Is it confer-med that R-125 will be launched in india..will it be avialable in all state

  • salman

    Plz stop postponing the Launch date as im too desperate for this bike plz launch this bike before september. Its’s been a year since im listening to the launch date .ALL THE LAUNCH DATE’s ARE FAKE
    So plz feel ashamed and launch this Beast
    R15 is just a piece of Sh!t > THE price tag is not suitable for it
    so plz YAMAHA INDIA feel ashamed and launch this bikes as soon as possible


    hi ye kab aayeegi bazar main. main yaku lena chahta hu kitnee rupeyeee ki hai ye gadi jaldi bata daiyooo.der mat kariyooo sunlayeee k naaa chal ab pad kar hasiyoo matina chal mauh band kar ab. na manoo abhi phir mauh pad liyoo arai roti na khawego aire chal ab band karlee tu yee bata tu hasoo cho moku deekh roo hai samgho.

  • Subha….Rockstar

    Sir plz plz launch this bike….We r waiting for this bike for a long time..R125 is a nice looking well priced bike plz Yamaha India launch it asap..We dont want any other bike than this. Plz Yamaha India launch it before this year end and give us a very special new year surprise as well as a new year gift….plz launch it… to hv R125

  • Cerin

    can i know when Yamaha R125 will be launching in India.We dont want any other bike than this. Plz.plz launch





  • dev-d

    did u tell me when the r125 lounch in india?

  • ImMoRtAlZ

    Please do launch the bike ASAP so that Indian Bikers can look for a better bike of the 125CC category.If this bike comes,Other bikes will go back including Yamaha R15 because of its co0l appearance.R125 is a bo0n for India’s biking industry.So0n Indian bike companies will copy the model and launch bikes of this appearance and power :P

    CS player prono0b

  • Sushant

    i am from nepal
    i want to buy this bike because of the spread sheet of this R125
    i like this type of sheet i have a dream of sitting on this type of sheet
    when will this bike will come in nepal please reply
    as soon as possible

    its so goooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!111

  • kalzang

    m 4rm sikkim.india
    sir wanted to know wen will this bike be launched over. luved this bike vry much so jus wanted 2 buy in white with red combined………..

  • shreyas

    yeah me 2 eagerly waitng for this bike..i’v passed ma 12th and still havnt purchased any other bike jus coz m in deep luuuuv wid this bike..plss launch asa possibl!!!!

  • hardik

    its nice bike yamaha is doing good thing for indian bike lovers

  • Rajeev

    When is the shit yamaha r125 going to launch in nepal… I love the bike more than a girl. So, I need the bike. I have been waiting for the bike since I saw it. This Bike’s awesome.

  • atul

    please launch this bike as is and dont modify it to suit to ‘bull-shit’ indian conditions.

  • when it will be com in india

  • YAMAHA support

    hi all,
    happy to inform we are going to launch this bike in the end of this month(SEP).
    Go and contact with your nearest yamaha factory shop to confirm your booking, due to huge need and publicity we are forced to delay the launch of this loving bike. Sorry for all this inconvenience, do the best deal with us and feel the difference.


  • Questioner

    Hey..Yamaha support..are you telling the truth or just creating a roomer among youngsters..please let me know and publish the website with launching date a contact details if possible..

    Bike India

  • Dear yamaha …. plz launch dis r125 bike plz.. im waiting for dis bike … even my grl frnd is w8ing 2 hav ride on r125. she is not talking wit me from past 4mounths.until yamaha r125 launch up 2 i wont talk to you… plz as soon as possible launch da bike for me and for my girl… i beg u yamaha…

  • Pranay Gaikwad

    Hi there name is pranay i have bajaj avenger .. n plain to buy a new sports bike .. n had a look on the bike n if possible can u tel me the price n all the details of Yamaha R125 .. n liked the bike n want to buy .. i stay in Bombai

    Pranay Gaikwad

  • I want to know when this bike will be launched in H.P coz i am crazy for this and rest of the bikes of BAJAJ TVS and all are boring……………………………………………..

  • hiii..
    may i know whn u launchd in india or nt bcos im waitng from 7 months n if R125 will nt launchd then i’ll anothr one…

    thank you
    munish sharma
    Radisson hotels





  • monster_dog

    Published on April 2010. April Fools Day. :)


  • it is a wonderful machine…… i need to known when is it going to launch in hyderabad

  • Frank

    Is this bike launch in Delhi…..?

  • common Yamaha did we Indian’s commit a mistake that no new bike with the write power should be given to us we got to wait wait and wait all the other bikes suck u people r known for ur beauty and power combined in bikes so pls launch the r125 and the 2 stroke i have been waiting fo 1 year 6 months i got a RxZ its a monster and no new bike can beat it not even yhe pulsar 220 so common send in some powered bikes fast all are waiting and make it fask…………………………………..pls

  • *fast

  • JimmyDee

    What a nice looking bike. It’s a great improvement over the crap that other companies put out in the 125-150cc range.

    Now all they have to do is put out a 250CC twin or something and beef up that anemic back rotor and they’ll get me as a buyer.

    Finally companies using their brains… All these restrictions with licensing, availability and taxes mean that they have to make a change in the thinking that only the big displacement bikes need to be well made. I’m in the market for a well made bike, but I have no interest in anything big-displacement because I can’t even use one for at least a couple of years… The first bike I buy is going to be small displacement and that will wreck my budget for at least a couple of years.

    Make good quality small bikes!

  • Jemz

    Hi this is Jemz….i already Own a Yamaha Rxg 135 and its a 2stroke bike….and the initial power of my bike is so high that i dont have words for it….but as a four stroke bike i like R125 very much….specially in looks….and i think so if Yamaha launch that bike in indian market… there should not be any other bikes in india accept Yamaha….because youngsters are gonna be mad after the launch of this bike…..Only yamaha Parking…….Cheers

  • when is r125 launching in Siliguri i want to buy it as soon as possibile

  • is yamahar125 avalable in india?my mail adress is and when in bangladesh

  • Amit

    When r U going to launch r125 in nepal & what is gonna b its price?????
    Plzzzzz launch it in nepal b4 this year runsssss out plzzzzzzz

  • tima

    is it really true that ya gon launch it by the end of sep???????????
    Plzzzz yamaha plz launch this byk.B4 this had seen the pic of gladiator 165cc but U didnt launched it & now plzzzzzzzzz dnt do the same with this byk too..plz launch it in Nepal & plzzzzz do inform me in my id about the price & from when can i get it booked in Nepal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • hey m planning 2 buy yamaha fz s bt still i want 2 know wen is R125 will b launch in india i also want luk at features of dis bike

  • suraj

    hi… i want exactly when it is going to launch….. and its milage…… plz can anyone forward to my mail id ”

  • meet patel

    plz give date of officially launchng of r125

    i m waiting for this…..

  • Arif

    plz tell when will r125 launch in india the exact official launching of this bcoz m waiting for it!!!so plz tell me on this add “”

  • romex

    pliz send me a email if r125 is launch in india my email id is

  • richard

    pliz tell were in manila to first launch the r125…..thanks

  • Pratik M Shah

    please let me knw when this ultimate machine is going to be launched…..Please mail it to my email id as soon as you come to know….my email id is

  • sohan kapoor

    plz tell me when launched this bike???

  • shailendra pratap

    i want to buy yamaha R125…………………..plz tell me launched date in india…………………………..

  • mappy

    lease im waiting from 2 months for this bike can u please tell us that wen ur launching dis bike,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i really liked it,,, its structue is nice,,more dan r15

  • Ramanpal singh

    Pl. let me know when Yamaha R125 is going to launch in INDIA.
    My e-mail id:-

  • stephen aimol

    i beg if u lunch r125 faster in india, its realy amazing , if i have to vote bike of the year i will surely vote R125, so plz plz plz iknw u can lunch faster than than it is expected . oh! god plz help yamaha company to do it ,amen.

  • swastik mishra

    pleazzzzzzzzzzz tell me when it will launch in india
    becuz i want 2 ride it in my home toun i want 2 buy it also

  • i want to buy yzf r125 when did yamaha launching that bike in india plzzzzz tell me………..

  • rishabh

    vat an awesome bike it izz… @ a thrillin price… plzzz… tell me when it is being launched launched i india … plzz… mail if ny1 noez !!

  • sumit

    when the r125 boking will start in mumbai.
    plzzz let me knw on my id

  • avinash

    inform me lunching date of dis machine

  • aryan

    plz tell when will r125 launch in india the exact official launching of this bcoz m waiting for it!!!so plz tell me on this add

  • nitin kumar

    i am nitin kumar, i`m waiting for it, so plz send me e-mail when it is going to be launched.




  • i was thingking of r6 bt dat was too cost. Now in INDIA i can find my dream bike at a very really aportable price. plz inform me

  • Roshith

    am very much interested in owing r125…its ma dream bike..i would lik 2 kno d launching f r125 in india…along wit d pric details….

  • Raptor

    Please share the details of the launch of Yamaha R125 in India. When the bookings gonna start?

  • sanjay Joshi

    Plzzzz tell me, when the Yamaha R125 to be launched in Delhi, b’coz i’m waiting for that bike for a long time…..

    Sanjay Joshi

  • shubham

    plz tell when will r125 launch in india the exact official launching of this bcoz m waiting for it!!!so plz tell me on this add

  • Plzzz Tell Me Launching date of yamaha r125 in india

  • YYY

    There is no news like that..
    Next year yamaha lunching it’s 250 CC segment. Fazer 250 and Fz 250 will be coming in mid of next year.

    May be after that 150cc scooter..

    No chance of YZF 125..

  • John

    In R15, the first and second lots are good.. But now the R15s are problematic.. Yamaha degraded the quality.. Many guys are having problem with R15 who bought in 2010.

  • Abhishek Das

    please reply me that when this bike will be in india…?????

  • Golam Kibia

    Hi this is Golam. I just want to know when R125 is launching in India. I am waiting for.

    Plz send me the date & time.
    I am waiting for it…………..

    Plz plz plz plz plz ……………….

  • Pinaki paul

    I am requesting that , send me the lunching date of R125 in India.
    Plz year samja karo… Me & my girl frnd waiting for it.

    My E-mail is :

  • jitu

    mileage of r125 per litter

  • joe

    could u plz let me know the launch date of R125 in india?…plz…..

  • I would like to buy this machine for sure as it will be my first bike…. Was always passionate about bike and was lookin for a super bike… And its a surprise, and now here is an oppotunity for me to grab this machine as soon as its launched… Am crazy behind the bike….. Love you Yamaha

  • praneeth

    plzzzz let me know when we can start booking this bike to my mail id my id is

  • Rohit Porwal

    I m eagarly waiting for this change in Yamaha… plz tell me exect date of its launching….
    also tell me that Is R125 is better then Pulsar150 or not…….and Will I wait 4 this bike is good or not…..

    Reply me on

  • Ehtasham

    I would like to buy this dream bike for sure as it will be my first bike….I Was always passionate about bike and was lookin for a super bike… And its a surprise, and now here is an oppotunity for me to grab this dream bike as soon as its launched… Am crazy behind the bike….. Love you Yamaha…. YAMAHA ROCKSSSS

  • Rocks12x

    it’s a good bike .

    i like it very much.

    did you say when exactly lunch in INDIA?


  • mohammad zubair barki

    it’s a good bike .

    i like it very much.

    can you inform when exactly launch in INDIA?

  • Omar Rayhan

    please let me know the lunching date of yamaha r125…and the price???? my mail id is (

  • alam khan

    hi…may i know when this bike is caming in that i can take it as soon as i can…so plz let me know on my e-mail

  • rajesh

    you told r125 will launch in 17th april but it dont.plz launch it fast i want to buy this bike soon.

  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….
    launch the bike on 25 jan 2011.
    by the youngustan(youngsters of hindustan)

    Angel yamaha motors
    janapriya departmental store
    100,feet road
    state(tamil nadu)

  • anosh

    what is date of launch r125 in nepal

  • karthik

    plsssssssssss launch the r125 in india as soon as possible

  • mohan

    please let me know the confirm date of launching r125… please….

  • Navjot

    Near may or june !!

  • anshuman

    r15 ko kha jagi gee

    anshuman singh
    motion yahama

  • joseph

    plz tell me when this bike going to lunch………

  • harsh

    please let me know the confirm date of launching r125 in Mumbai.

  • maajid

    plzzzzzzzzzzz let me knw the exact date to launch yamaha r125 in mumbai.. i want to buy this bike and i m desperate to buy it so plz plz plz launch yamaha r125 in mumbai as soon as possible plz plz plz…………….
    we are waiting for yamaha r125 so plz launch it soooooooooooooooooon

  • Hameed

    I heard dat the release of R125 is a rumour when i went to Yamaha’s showroom………….if the bike is truly to be released then please we ALL yamaha fans here in chennai are waiting for A GOOD REPLY………

  • vishal

    please let me know exact date launch r125 in surat , i am wait to bike 125 moor time… i like all yamaha bike but most like r125 plz fast launch.. yamaha group..i am wait,this bike {rx100 is gold }bike…plz reply me plz …………plz…. [bikr.boy61@YAHOO.IN}

  • debamrit

    I am certain this was just an april fool joke..”Rajpal Yadav will be the brand ambassador of our new product as Mr. Yadav and the bike compliment each other.” this tells it all


    VERY GOOD MOD,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • jak

    can you give single reason????? for that you say….????????????

  • loyid

    this was said dis year 2 !! itz not goona cum i guess !! .. waste of tym !!

  • wonderful bike i like it, eagerly waiting 4rm letang 6 morang, no idea when will launch in nepal…

  • nice bike , but when the bike is launching in india ? plz tell me

  • parmod yadav

    nice byk pls tell me lounching date

  • Sathish

    125cc :o ! then wat abt mileage & top speed? :D :D

  • manish

    plz tell on which date yamaha r125 launch in india

  • manish

    when yamaha launch the bike

  • krishna

    its very cooooooooooooooool bike i like it very much i am waiting yamaha r125

  • ramesh

    yahoooooooooo………its very coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i am waiting for yamaha r125

  • Raj

    What might be the price in Nepal for this bike. In Nepal all the bike costs triple amount because we have 2 multiply *1.6 for Neeplease currency then * 1.8 for tax. Yamaha R15 costs rs 300000 in Nepal, Bhairahawa, Karizama ZMR costs 282000 NRS in Nepal, Bhairahawa.

    Don’t know what might be the bike of that price. I am waiting fot that. Recently I had used Yamaha R15 true color. It was nice.

  • yamaha r125 is very jhakkas so i want to buy this bike but plz tel me about milage and top speed first i had used yamaha fzs

    i like so much this yamaha r125 i just buy when lumch but tell ne about millage and top speed plz

  • Raj

    The top speed might not be high because it has only 14.5bhp. However, this bike is stylish and it has 6 gears. If the above news is true as mentioned the price is about rs 84000 IC. If it is true then surely the price of R125 will be about Rs 259200-270000 in Nepal.

  • Raam

    i like so much this yamaha r125 . But there small Problem its a single sitter .. Better to double sitter. to ride.

  • in love this bike and waiting for yamaha r125

  • ajmal

    i lyk it..m waiting 4 it..m plning to a buy a bike by july of any body cnfrm the date it gonna launch??

  • mast bike hai….plz launch soon we are waiting for this

  • syedaziz

    This was the message i got from the official website

    Dear Sir

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We are sorry to inform you that as of now, we do not have any recent plans to launch R – 125 in India. For further exciting news and updates, please logon to “”.

    If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

    Thanks & Regards
    Back Office Operations
    Toll Free : 1800-420-1600

  • gats

    wats d price in india n milege of r125

  • srikanth

    what is the price in india of R125

  • faysal

    it is very much painful to wait for r125. why yamaha wests time to launch this bike. i am very much unhappy. yamaha should take care of its customers.i think they will do that. bye……………

  • pavan

    Sorry guys its not gonna come to india. i have contacted Yamaha india, according to them thy have no plans for launching r125 in india. instead r15’s new model is going to be released in jan 25 2011.
    pls tel me if u ppl know anything abt the bike.

    • fas

      Pavan, there is another thread about the new R15 launch. Kindly do a search, the details are mentioned there.

  • Pavan

    Donno abt tat bro, lets pray that r125 or r15’s new model launches by this april

  • k72 Racing team

    Hi everyone , this news is a false it seems …. i have personally mailed yamaha inida more than once . The reply is negative . They said that their is no recent plans to lanch R125… you guys if u have doubt just mailed to yamaha india about this.

    • fas

      k72 Racing team, did you read the post, it clearly is a April fool prank.

  • k72 Racing team

    @ fas : yo dude , thanks for the update,i planned for buying it. whether u have idea about honda CBR 250 price in india

    • fas

      k72 Racing team, there is another post on the CBR pricing. The pricing is Rs. 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom) for the non-ABS CBR250R. Bookings have started for Rs. 5000/- and if you cancel it, they will deduct Rs. 500/- and return the remaining amount.

  • ashish gupta

    r125 is very sexy yaar isn’it?

  • NBn

    Hey thought to buy r15 but i saw this byk & i think it’s more cooool dan r15…so plzz anybody tell me..When this Byk is launching in Nepal…so curious to know..!!

  • k

    don’t joke please i’m waiting for this product since i’d heard about it…. please confirm the launch date ….
    thank you..

  • nEpHoP

    @NBn hi m8 i dont think r125 will ever be lunched in india and nepal cuz it dose not produce more power than r15 and other reason its like especially made for europen countries and even in here UK it cost around 4thousand if u sum op the money in nepal its will cost around 4lakh 50 thousand and they will add all tax nd shit so about 5lakh and no1 is gonaa pay that much money for 125cc bike which produce hardly bout 16bhp its imposible to sell them here in nepal and india lets say country like nepal,pakistan,india,bangaladesh and all so i hope they will give some new upgrade to r15

  • Arun

    Reallyyyyyyyyyy!!!! This is cool Hot news buddy,,, We can’t see any more sports which suits indian roads… its back posistiion is sexy where we failed in R15,,,,

    Im worring only in one matter its Engine performance though R15 was failed to compete with Pulsar 220 & Karizhma ZMR what will be the position for 125 guy,,,,

    Hope it wont go bad than pulsar 150 atleast,,,,

    But yamaha is having its name for its Speed,,, so yamaha will do better

    Yes!!!Yamaha!! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • XenOn

    Man what the f-king hell! there is a waiting for this for this bike since 2008! =/ still NO R125 man keep that crappy R15 away i don’t care about it’s’s the least we can expect from such crap tires =/ R125 has 130/70 tires <3 or atleast upgrade R15 people! -_-'

  • Abhilash

    Whats d onroad price here in mysore?

  • what is the price in Pune ?and what average does it gives

  • she is hotter then her sister r15……looks like aprila RSv4…

  • satish kumar

    thank god atleast u people think of relese this bike as soon as possible

  • K72 Racing Team

    A Modified Version of R15 is going to be released soon , which have similar resembles Like R125. I perfer to go for modified version of R15 since the CC of the Bike for R125 – 125CC where as Modified Version of the R15 is 150CC.

  • Gururaj Padaki

    Guys… Any Idea when the New R 15 hits the market.. ? I have booked one on 8 Jan and continuing to wait… :-(

  • k72 Racing team

    @Gururaj Padaki . Hi dude , whether u have booked for the New R15. Do Reply

  • Gururaj Padaki

    k72 Racing team,

    I have booked Yamaha R 15 on 8 Jan. Not sure whether its a new one or old. They told it takes 3-4 weeks. Waiting since then pal… :-(

  • k72 Racing team

    @Gururaj Padaki : thanks for the update …

  • Aby

    Its utter rubbish, people acting very cranky on this bike, people should look at overall features, its just got the style and weight, the bike is heavy when compared with other 125cc category bkes, for example if you compare it with Discover 125cc, discover has features of Air cooled, 4 speed gears, overall weight would come upto 133kg, If you want some more added features, then Hero Honda Glamour, which boasts of Fuel Injection, if you r looking for 4 valve engine, there’s already pulsar 135 which has above features with 5 speed gears just one short of R125, but i dont think that would make a difference, when u compare BHP wise, Pulsar 135 has 15.06 BHP, whereas Yamaha R125 has 16BHP, guys me tell some of my friends bad experiences, he has R15, now he’s looking for BAJAJ or Hero Honda bikes because its value for money, its got the style, power, comfort, mileage, its the complete machine, first of all there r not much service centres, any problem in bike, you’ll have to tow it thru a rikshaw till the service centre, they r not gonna come to your place, the parts r costly, if you mind spending please go ahead, but please do have a check on the sales chart past few months, initially new bikes of yamaha fare better in first few months, then drastically it dips, today yamaha has the largest variants, the reason being they wanna click with one or the other bike, no bike in 150cc category has ever beaten Pulsar, nor in 125cc category has ever beaten Discover(now leading in 135cc too), nor in 100cc which Hero Honda Passion and Splendor is leaders in that category, there’s nothing wrong in buying this bike,maybe just for a passion but at the end of the day, you’ll be cribbing how to sell this bike, India’s evergreen Yamaha bikes were RX100, RXZ and RX135, after that Yamaha has never been successful, they smelt success, FZ and R15, for some period but now its dipping, who can afford 90,000 for a 125 cc, when u could buy Karizma ZMR, or Pulsar 220cc which is the fatsest bike, with prize just 10,000 extra than R125. think and act. dont act and then think.

    • Raghu

      Y is it not goinggg 2 release in india

    • Raghu

      Y is it not going 2 release in bangalore

    • vigi

      hey abi! are you some kind of stupid fool. coz the way you are comparing r125 with glamour,DISCOVER!!really are you out of your mind!!coz when r125 will hit the fifth gear …your pussy bikes will be smoked..

    • Roy

      see let me tell u something Mr. Aby . See its YAMAHA. not ur ******* hero honda, bajaj…okay first understand that..coz R125 is something which no one can beat in looks either performing wise man. and one more thing is dont look only into the mileage and all that uncle kinda stuff dude..grow up..its 2011 not 1960 guys who all planning to take the New R125 plz go ahead and choose it..its completely reasonable rate too..and i think it would be released in june cost would be somewhere around 1,20,000 INR…

  • Can I know what is the price of R125 in nepal and when it is launch in kathmandu

    • comedy

      it costs 94000rs

  • ravi roshan

    i waiting for this bike 1.5 year,then kindly launch this vehical

  • Vinoth

    i dont knw y u people r delayin to launch diz bike..
    Jst B transparent yaar..

  • K72 Racing Team

    for a 125 cc bike a price of 90,000/- is worthless . As you know in indian market the rate of 125cc is lesser than yamaha r125. Moreover their is no sign from yamaha to launching this machine. Dont waste the time, plan for other bikes. Any updates of New R15.Whether the New R15 Exist ?

  • ◦Liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine
    ◦SOHC 4-valve cylinder head
    ◦Fuel injection
    ◦6-speed transmission
    ◦Wet-sump lubrication system
    ◦Electric start
    ◦Steel Deltabox Chassis
    ◦R6-style mid-ship muffler
    ◦Aluminium swinging arm
    ◦Dual catalysers
    ◦Air Induction system
    ◦126.5 kgs dry weight◦Lightweight steel Deltabox frame
    ◦Cast aluminium swinging arm
    ◦Aggressive R-series styling
    ◦High quality components
    ◦Leading build quality
    ◦Full-sized chassis and bodywork
    ◦1,355mm wheelbase
    ◦Sports riding position
    ◦Dual R-series style headlamps
    ◦292mm diameter front disc brake
    ◦230mm diameter rear disc brake
    ◦Ultra-compact tail cowl
    ◦Compact LED tail light
    ◦33mm diameter front forks
    ◦130mm front wheel suspension travel
    ◦130/70-17 rear tyre; 100/80-17 front tyre

    it consist what a bike should and one thing it is a macho king kind of bike one thing men please leave publish the releasing data and booking date
    ……….please launch the date of booking.

  • it consist what a bike should and one thing it is a macho king kind of bike one thing men please leave publish the releasing data and booking date
    ……….please launch the date of booking.

  • amit

    This news is April fool….

  • k72 Racing Team

    Y this fake post is still in the blog….. ? . Even one rotten apple makes the basket full of apple to waste

  • rahulkumar

    waht a bike yaar plz jaldi launch karo isko i want buy this bike aur is bike ki sari details meri mail id par send kar do and installment price bhi pllllzzzzzzzzzzz thanks yamaha

  • anand

    it sure ………….will yamaha r125 will launch in india ……………….or this is just a fake ??????


  • Sriram

    Hooooooray…..!!!!!!!! it has been confirmed that it is launched on APRIL 20 2011 in chennai……….

  • k72 Racing Team

    @Sriram : its a april fool call…
    if so can you update any official evidences regarding this

  • sam

    This is a FAKE guys!
    Apparently NO yamaha official has made such a statement. The new Version is the Cosmetic updated r15.

    R125 will not be launched in india, its a different bike for a different market. To be specific, it was built as a learning bike for European Guys(Mostly taller than us) which explains why the bike had bigger dimensions.

  • vikram

    this is somewhat fake,bcaz it wil b a 150 cc engine in this body,wil be launched in may>>>

  • The R125 looks much better than the R15 as LED lights and body styling was a bit lacking in that model. I doubt on the power that the R125 will produce.

  • nishanth

    i think its a awsome bike………. plz launch it soon

  • lukesh

    plz yamaha moter.launch this bike in india plz plz.. this is my dream launch this bike vary soon

  • Hari Madhav

    its a total fake news,as far as the dealers told r125 wont hit the market for another year or two due to total dominance by r15 and r15,r125 are both race models ,so yamaha has permit only for r15,not its younger version.
    r15 yzf too is a big doubt far i know it costs 1.5laks(r15 yzf).
    note:i m frm chennai

  • leave it fast

  • Krish

    Im really pissed that this site would play such a joke,,… really disappointing in this age when most of us look to sites like yours for reliable info on something we are passionate about… Super weak effort by the mods…

    • fas

      Dear Krish, if you read half the stuff its not our fault. Did you bother reading the whole post? Did you see the date? Did you see the sources at the end? If you don’t and then act like this, its your fault completely and not ours.

  • James Khakhlari

    When the yamaha R125 will be coming to Guwahati,Assam Showroon.

  • tohid

    is it really coming to india?

  • s.sudhakar

    please release in tamilnadu R125. I LOVE R125 I LOVE R125 I LOVE R125

  • Hey guys see whats the date today. its 26th april.Please don’t waste your time by waiting for R125 its never gonna release in India. May be possible after 5 years. Now the Yamaha wants to concentrate their business on R15. It’s selling nicely. If they launch R125 people will go for it only because R125 loooks better than R15 and its cost is also less. More over R125 is best suit for taller guys. So Yamaha decided not to launch the bike here in Indian market since they want to concentrate on R15. So you should be satisfied with R15 or now you can go for the Honda CBR which is 250 cc. Or Karizma ZMR or even with P220.

    If you feel like you can’t live without a Yamaha R125 try to get it imported from UK or US.

    Price will be more than 1 lakh including tax.

  • anant

    can ny1 plz confirm weather the bike s comin or not….its really confusin to decide if its true or not..

  • sandip

    plz launch this bike in nepal. i wanna fast….

  • Rahul Chugh

    wat do u think of us …..r we fool…..we want this bike to be launched soon….u hv been committed to launch it on 17th April……launch it readly…..or disclose some information…about launch…otherwise…..i will file a suit against u….mind it….

  • wat do u think of us …..r we fool…..we want this bike to be launched soon….u hv been committed to launch it on 17th April……launch it readly…..or disclose some information…about launch…otherwise…..i will file a suit against u….

    • fas

      Rahul, read the post again carefully. It is last years April fools.


  • Kishan

    when shall it release in INDIA

    • Kishan

      plzzzzz realease it fast with in this month

  • dis is actual little monster…..m crazy abt dis bike….pls launch sooon in india…

  • Vikram

    where have been R125 released

  • what a byk .plaese give all detail in my email id including price launching date in india. tnx yamaha

  • Jatin

    when he is launch in india ??? m waiting

  • hello stupids release it soon or giv add in tv dnt waste time for only publisity … u do lik dat it ll flop in india ts sure ur sligthly loosin ur bike crazz in india

  • addyspark

    i think aby is an uncle…. may be his son wants dat bike,but he could not b able to afford i think. bcoz the way he comparing r125 with bullshit glamour is kinda serious…think n c…

  • Hemant

    One of my frined have this bike in UK, he told me that’s bike age is only 2-3 years, after that this is unused bike need lot of replacement in spareparts n servicing..


    • wht tym it’ll be lonch in india i really want this

    • hey yaar hansraj it illb launched at april 17th of 2012 above..? jus..go 4 it.?

  • sarthak

    when the hell this bike is going to cme in india i m jst dying fr it i want it at ny cost

  • sharath

    when it will reach market? I wanna book it. I was about to book R15 but this monster rocks me.

    • itz..nt so good az r15 yaar.?? ill go for r15.?

  • pllllzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz launch by 2-3 months……………

  • really aewsome i want it for my boyfrnd…….whn its launching

    • tarun

      ,, do u knw the launching date of this byk,,

  • really awesome i want it for my boyfrnd…….whn its launching

    • hey..sonali..r15 version..2.0 ill b better 4 u pair..?

  • Ashiq vk

    when is it launching on india?

  • Gagan

    plzzzzzzzz wen u release yamaha r15 in mysore i want buy it pls reply me plz i m begging u

  • Gagan

    wen u release yamaha r125 in mysore pls reply me i want to buy it

  • Anish chaudhary

    When r125 launch in delhi

  • Pratik

    Really looks good I want this byk..
    Bt when r125 launch in pune ???

  • zubair malik

    When r125 launch in delhi plz rply me i want to buy it plz……

    • itz..on april 17th of 2012 yaar.?

  • When itz going 2 launch……….i”m really like this bike…..

  • whn ths byk’ll lounch in india,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • plz lonch dis bike i want it…..

  • plzz launch this this bike as soon as possible…..m dying 2 ride it….

  • AADI


    • fas

      Aadi, no confirmation for Yamaha R125 India launch.

    • AADI

      tb b kb tk ???????????????

  • prasit

    when this byke will be launched in india (kolkata)?
    tell me the acurate date….

  • i’m a big fan of yamaha r125, i’m from philippines and presently working abroad in saudi. just wonder if there’s any available r125 in the philippines? and the price? i really love to own one….i’m dying to have one..tnx!

  • blitz

    plzz launch tis bike as soon.. im eagerly waitin.. its not fair tat r15 will outnumbered when u launch tis majetic r125 bike. hey yamaha people out ter.. launch tis as soon



    • r u sure it will be launched in dec????????????/

  • Whn ths bik lonch in asom????

    • fas

      Koustove, no idea at all.

  • Darun
    • fas

      Darun, that is now old news.

    • Darun

      @fas, obsolutely bro… i wanted to share this news here as few R series lovers like me r waiting for R125 based on a rumor that’s “a year and half” old!!!

  • niaTAY

    It’ll launch in sep…….. 5 or 6. sure!

  • manish, amit

    when launch in AGRA.
    i am waiting for this bike so hurry up

  • saju

    sir plssssssssssssssssssssssssss……..
    launch in banglore……………..
    i am damm waiting 2 buy this bike……

  • aparichet

    sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    launch in nepal ………………
    i’m waiting for this bike ……..
    plz launch within 2-3 month

  • beynon

    am from kerala
    i want dis bike
    wen is it launching

  • kishore

    waiting when this bike launches in bangalore

    • paru


  • Narendran

    i wanna know the launch date of this sexy bike…i ll be the first one to drive this on the roads of chennai….!!

  • kunal

    awesome bike yamaha rokzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • syed..rameez….

    mummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plzzzzz brotherssss pray 4me if igot 80% in 12th then i got this bike plzzzzzz pray 4meeee…..

  • sb

    you yamaha , launch this early in india , people loves to bye this r125 .

    i think every one wants to bye this .

  • sb

    you just a big shit yamaha .

  • saurabh

    I Want dis bike launch dis early pls yamaha

  • fayaz

    i want Sports White bike in hyd sr … pla call me no 9705786743

  • harisharan

    When will R125 will be launched in Chennai. I waiting for this bike more than 2 year now . Please some one let me know when will this bike will be launched in Chennai. Please tell me ? .

    • Faisal

      Harisharan, this bike won’t be launched any time soon. Why don’t you opt for the R15, which now looks similar to the R125 at the rear.

  • k 72 Racing Team

    Hey Guys…! this is an april fool call… this post has been more than a year.. if u check the starting comments , u wil get to know ….!

    • Faisal

      k72, even the post has an April fools prank written at the end of it.

  • k 72 Racing Team

    Yamaha R125 Specially made for european roads.. not suits for indian roads…!

  • nitant

    hi…………… my dream bike

  • Plizzz…. plizz…. pliz…. plizzzzz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .launch dis bike s soon s we cn, coz m dyin 4 it, so pliz again launch dis bike b4 i die……i meant it witin next year…

  • Plizzz…. plizz…. pliz…. plizzzzz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .launch dis bike(Yamaha R125) s soon s we cn, coz m dyin 4 it, so pliz again launch dis bike b4 i die……i meant it witin next year…

  • Plizzz…. plizz…. pliz…. plizzzzz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .launch dis bike(Yamaha R125) s soon s you cn, coz m dyin 4 it, so pliz again launch dis bike b4 i die……i meant it witin next year…

  • Plizzz……. plizzzzzz…. plizzzzz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .launch dis bike(Yamaha R125) s soon s you cn, coz m dyin 4 it, so pliz again launch dis bike b4 i die… I meant it witin next year…

  • Yamaha the Indian youth is Requesting u to launch r125 please launch it.

    we will be Thankful to u………….!..please..!…………………

  • biakte rn ranglong

    plz lunch r125 in india



    • Faisal

      Hiran, no the R125 is not being launched any time soon.


    plzzzzzzzzzzz launch the r125 in India … plzzzzzzzzzz

  • midhun

    pls……….launch this bike fastly as soon as possible………in india………

  • midhun

    pls launch that bike fastly…i want that bike…………………….midhun

  • mufaddal

    plz launch this bike….
    yamaha u will gt ur sales up..

  • Jediel Carvalho

    Esta R 125 Sport da YAMAHA é linda. Será que vem para o Brasil ??

  • i bet this bike is not better than r15 v2 ;)


    PLS…launch this bike fastly as soon as possible………in india


    PLS…launch the r125 in India PLS……..

  • pls announce the date of release we r eagerly waiting..

  • Arun

    plz launch this as soon as possible

  • arindrom

    plzz yamaha plzz…launch this bike as soon as possible…..i mean if possible then present year only…because yamaha bikes are my mosy favourite and this year i am going to prefer a yamaha bike…and i am thinking to prefer R125…ssoooooo plzz plzzz launch it ssooon…i am dying for it

  • pratik

    design is awesome but today youth generation demands for minimum 180 and above cc (cubic centimeter) bikes………..that why some guys think before they buy this Yamaha bikes

  • Tapas Pal

    nothing to say about YAMAHA
    YA..s every bike is Superbbbbb…..
    but, one of the amazing bike is R125….
    just say… I NEED……

  • zeeshan

    yamaha plzzzzzz launch dis bike fast,, m a first person in agra who will purchase dis bike i promise you

  • siddhu

    Hi R125 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. darling cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom fast i will die for u darling

  • jimmy

    wat the hell r they playing with us………..yamaha if ur listening pls pls launch it asap

  • keshava

    plzzzzzzzzzzz…….launch dis bike as soon as possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Rajesh

    Plz launch the yamaha R125 as soon as posible we r waiting for tat.

  • doe temme da date of the launchin plz guyz m waitin n try hard to launch it soon n first repllyin 4rh the date of laungi………………??……………eagerlly waitin dude come fastooo………………:P

  • Azo

    Dame it…!! Still waiting 4 the launch….. Yamaha are You Listening…..???
    We are waiting…… Its driving our patients out…..

  • rukz

    when wil r125 conform launching am waiting for tis bike plz tellllllllllllll

  • zohan

    plzzzzzz launch this bike in uttar pradesh as soon as posible……..

  • Nandpal singh

    I have been waiting for last 4 years to teal now according to yamaha r125 feathers, whenever launch this modal we will purchase 2 bikes this types. yamaha please launch earlier.

  • can u plz…………………………….. launch it a soon as possible…………… plz………….. plz………….

  • plz , plz ,yamaha cmd pls lanch it in march 2012

  • plz plz plz launch this bike as soooooon as possible….

  • kartik

    plzzzzzzzzzz lauch this bike in indi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Alok

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….. launch this bike plz plz plz……….

  • shan

    Pls Launch this BIKE wuith in next month ….. pls pls ……………….

  • piyush dhawan

    ply launch this bike in amritsar in march i request you yamaha

  • Gippy Cheema

    i want to buy this bike soon plz launch this bike…….am a jatt and its my jattitude.

  • Vignesh

    I am would like to buy tis bike

  • We are desperately waiting for this bike. Possibly on the 17th of April. It seems perfect, budget friendly too for the market. Simon Avishek Lama.

  • adit rai

    Is it sure that r125 will be launched on April???? Then if it will be launched in India then it must be launched in Nepal…..right???

    • ashwin noronha

      r125 was about to launch in april 2010 n not in 2012 two years passed it wont get launched

    • Faisal

      Adit, no it will not be launched.

    • anil

      hi this is anil am a fan of yamaha and mostly i like r125 so am confuse in r125 whether it is launching or roumour or any plz give reply wn it going to be launched in hyderabad

  • karthik

    Sir please tell me when will yamaha will lanch there r125 in India ..I need to book the bike .. Please tell me date via e-mail …

  • ambadi

    sir is it sure R125 is about to launch in 2012 april
    please conform this to my mail id

    • Faisal

      NO Ambadi, R15 is not launching anytime soon.

  • vickky dude

    sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do fast the launching of ya ma haha r125,,,,,I must be need this…..

  • swapnil

    sir when it is launching plese give the date i wanted to book……………

  • Sumit chatterjee

    I just need it.wb,burgapur

  • harjinder

    pls tell me what will be road price for r125

  • darvin

    when this bike s going to be launched
    i am wiating for this bike
    pls anyone tell frnds

  • shahid

    sir plz launch r125 yamaham

  • shahid

    i am waiting for bick yamaha R125
    conform lauch 17th april 2012…????
    plz inform me

    • this bike is not launch in india in next 10 years

  • yamaha r125 is does not launch in india this bike is not for india only for UK and US countries so this bike lovers are hear the bad news.

  • YAMAHA r125 is permanently not launch in india

  • Rahul sawant

    plz call me i want 2 book the bike as soon as possible my cell no is 7489988669

  • Subin Raja

    today is april 17th but this bike is not released ,this is bad website.this website says wrong informations.

    • Faisal

      Subin, read carefully, this is an April fools prank dating back to 2010.

    • sid

      when r-125 is going to launch in india???? if it is going to launch den plzzz tell me d exct month or date of launching dis awsm bike… eagrly waiting for dis bike…

  • shahid

    canfarm not launch in india

  • gopal

    sir when it is launching plese give the date i wanted to book…………

  • majid mulla

    please tell me the launching date of bike in baramati………..

  • Adithya

    Sir…i have been waiting for this bike to launch in 2010…but unfortunately it didn’t launch tat time…i tot this time at 2012 the bike will launch….and there is again a bad news…i seriously love the bike..especially the r-series….i want this bike to launch in India….please…many of us r eagerly waiting for the launch of this bike….still there is hope in many hearts that this bike will soon launch in India…please don’t let us down…

  • Friends their is no plan to launch r125 in india now. Because it will affect the sale of r15 version 2. Only after 2 years of the r15-2, they have planned to the launch of r125

  • Anubhav Singh

    Sir… im dying to buy this bike and i really need it… me and my cousin bro 2 saal se is bike ka wait kar rahe hain…we both wanna buy this….can you please tell me when it will launch and its price??

  • Subhasis

    r 125 coming to india or not . Please tell it or sms me 9668131722

  • now not launch in india

  • shahbaz

    sir, when are you launching this bike can u tell me the right date and price so that it can be comfortable for me .

  • Sujithsubrahmanyam

    Iam wiating for yamaha r125 launching

  • When ill R125 Launch In Mumbai ?

  • benz

    der is no plans by yamaha launching its r125 still now. Dis blog has confirm dat it will launch on 2010 and now its 2012 already.

    • Faisal

      Benz, if you notice this was an April’s fool prank.

  • Nandpal singh

    this bikes is good looking and best mileage in this segments. so please earlier launched this bike. petrol prise increase day by day so customer will required today mileage, pick-up, looking, stylish, controlling,features, Best service, Engine sound.

  • Rupesh Bhatt

    please tell me when will yamaha will lanch there r125 in India ..I need to book the bike .. Please tell me date by e-mail … my e-mail is Iam wiating for this yamaha r125 launching. Pls tell me.

  • AVI

    hi this is avi i m egarly waiting for yahama r125 i wanna b the 1st owner of this sweetheart

  • karthikeyan

    i need yamaha r125 tell me when it launched

  • r 125 coming to ASSAM(india )or not . Please tell it or sms me 9706617082

  • How long is Yamaha R 125 launch in India

    Plz Reply


    • Viccky, Yamaha R125 is not coming anytime soon.

  • Sunny

    sir,plz tell me the lanching date of r125 i want to buy this bike sir plz lanch this bike soon……………………………
    we are all waiting for this sir plz………………………………………..

  • Mithu Adhikary

    how many days latter that bike launched in Bangladesh,,plz ans me ass soon ass possible,we wait for the bike Yamaha R 125

  • shoaib

    when these bike will launch plz tell me the date

  • kailash

    hi faisal,,,,,,,,,,, is this just a fake news…? u mean there is no r125 model that is to be launched?

    • Kailash, read the above post carefully, it is an April fools prank.

  • sumit

    pis,pls,pls,plsssssss launch karo yr or meko koi bhi pls date batao launch hone ka_______
    i wanna buy ths bike
    i dn’t knw every thnk but i want it_____________ ;(

  • rajdwip

    What`s the new upcoming bikes in india as a sports bike

  • sir , when does this bike come wwe all are waiting for it tell us the correct date when it releases in india pls release it soon i have dreamed somany things of the bike pls dont make us disappointed

    i love u yamaha

  • Subhash GOWDA

    This bike is not going launch in India ! !

    because this bike specially made for European countries for adjusted conditions !!!

    so people don’t waste your time for waiting to this bike !!!

  • munees

    How long is Yamaha R 125 launch in India

    Plz Reply

  • nagas

    yo man. .m waiting for this godamn ride only?if it is not lauch in india wat will be d price of this bike if we import?

  • rik bose

    when its going to launch ? & what is the price of r 125 in kolkata ?

  • sat

    When this r125 is going to launch ? and what the price in Jamshedpur ?

  • hitesh

    pls launch this bike i want to buy it…

  • hitesh

    pls launch this bike in india….i want to buy it…

  • In which year and which date the r125 will be launched in kolkata. Plz reply

  • Swapnil Kashyap

    hey yamaha.. i want the as soon as possible.. launch it soon in Assam in India ya..

  • What’s the top speed?

  • when it is going to be launched in india ……..please tell me, otherwise i’ll have to buy r15….
    and i dont want to do it……

  • Rupam Gohain

    i m planning 2 buy a bike, but vain i didn’t get a heart touch 4m any bike but this R125 seems 2 made me crazy, so can confirm me that when it is going to be launch in Guwahati, and how much it will cost and how much mileage will it give..Plz reply coz i m going for a long trip to Arunachal till the china border by bike riding.

  • Ayush

    plz launch bike its so cool bike in my life plz launch plzplz plz plz

  • Vipul

    When is r125 launching in pune,maharashtra…
    .and what will be the price

  • Yashwant

    When R125 is GoinG to Launch in INDIA….???????

    • Yashwant, never.

    • varun

      sir, when are you launching this
      bike can u tell me the right date
      and price in 2013????? m really
      wont r125

  • ajay

    Whats the price of yamaha r 125 if we import to india

  • modon

    vuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ami eidar age douraia i jaitepari

  • amit verma

    which showroom available in delhi of this bike

  • Abhas

    When R125 is GoinG to Launch in INDIA….???????& Whats the price of yamaha r 125 if we import to india????

  • karthik

    like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roshan

    When thise yamaha r125 going to launch in maharashtra?pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls launch thise bike….

  • nitin sharma

    this bike is osome nice bike of yamaha yo dud

  • varun

    sir, when are you launching this bike can u tell me the right date and price in 2013????? m really want r125

  • anuj


  • Ravindra

    yaar iss bike ko launch krni h to kro ni…….to ….site se clear kr do……..yaar itna wait ……….

  • king

    r125 is launched yeheh im vry happy

    • Subhash

      Hi Dude…
      Please let me know when R125 is launched, I want to buy this bike…
      Let me know more details to my email: (or) please give a call to my no.91-9980-330-927.

  • mkm

    its really looking so awesome.if this bike lunch in india then selling will be so high but keeping a hope for this bike means wasting of time bcoz it seems a fake show of yamaha r125.i would also thanx alot if company lunch it.bcoz hardly i like to buy.

  • soyam

    I am also waiting for this awesome bike..infact i have already been areange 100000 ruppes for it,,
    so plz plz plz relise this nice bike in india as fast as possiable,,,,,

  • Aritro

    Lance me my yama yzf R125

  • Subhash

    I am eagerly waiting for this bike…
    What is the launching date in India- Bangalore.

  • Brahmananda Maiti

    Please do it in January because Feb ruary will be too late……plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………. You all out there yahama leaders please answer my plea…..

  • Subhankar Dey

    When will it launch in asansol…very much eager to buy it….please launch as quickly as possible….

  • Wajid

    I wnt to buy R125…..pls laungh it in india….becoz my love likes tat bike as she likes me

  • Wajid

    Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls laungh in india…….and say the perfect date to us……becoz we cant be waiting for a long time pls laung it immediately

  • Ankit

    syamaha please launch r125 till the month of march 2013 i beg…..

  • Goldbara

    R125 whn r u camin 2 india?cnt wait any long for u plz i beg the india yamaha company 2 lunces my baby r125 fast.Befre i died let ride vit u for a while……..
    Ooh r125 i hrd tht u r camin in india on th mnth of april is tht truth if it so dan i’ll be waitin u plz do cam fast 2 india!!!
    Awlys ur lover guli……r125 mmmmmaaaaaaauuuhh..

  • shabbir

    Pleazzzzzz launch this bike within the month of June bcoz i have promised some one especial to take her on a long drive on this bike . So , pleazz launch this bike and if not possible then please tell me wat will be the import price . pleazz plkeazz pleazz pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz . I am just crazy about this bike so pleazz launch this bike this year within the month of June

  • varun

    hey friend’s koi faeyda nhi ha wait krne ka r125 nhi aye ga india me mane bhi bahut wait kiya 17th april 2012 jo date di huyi ha r125 ki voh ek aprilfool tha r125 bna hi frogien country’s k liya not good for indian roads so yamaha can’t launch in india our na hi import krne ka koi faeyda ha cause to service of r125 tha indian yamaha service station needs more improvement so YAMAHA r125 SPORTS BIKES LOVER’S go YAMAHA R15 V2.O really great sports bike ……Yes Yamaha ..!!

  • Arunava Dey Ray

    Can’t wait to buy you….

  • Goldbara

    Yo guys u knw wat it ain’t nevr gana cam r125 nevr don be fool by dos ediots copany thy r folin u ol jst buy r15 v2 i gt it dat bike ad dat bike u knw wat jst fucking cool if u gt dat bike u ol neva eva gana miss tht bike if u rech the speed 2 95 abve nava eva u’ll be fil lik u knw ‘i fel lik im top of the world wooooo’if u ol dnt belve m dan
    U buy it ad modify it ad luk the truth of v2 r15!!

  • raghav

    i wish yamaha cud launch this bike. but i dont knw wats wrong wid yamaha india. may be indian rto ppl are not permitting a foreign company to play around in india like how bajaj n tvs do.
    i wish yamaha wud had been an indian company. bloody ever body know wat kinda of cheap bikes these bajaj n tvs ppl make. they lack in quality, ride quality, engine quality, no engine life, no road stability. bloody bajaj is alive wid pulsar’s engine which was a spit frm kawasaki and tvs in alive because of spit of suzuki fiero’s engine. Come on baja n tvs its time for u to pull ur socks up start making ur own engines…. and starting giving opportunities to young engineers….

    • Akash

      Raghav…. U r right…. India lacks creativity and innovation…..
      Bajaj, Tvs and now Hero must produce some hot and reliable products…..

  • rehan ar

    impressive bike but,,,,

  • Akash

    Hey felloy INDIANS . . . Enjoy R15 . . . This bike is for europe only…. And will never launch in India….

  • vikhayat

    yaar lene ko tayyar baithe hai aao toh jaldi bhopal mein

  • afif

    i want to ask..
    is it chassis delta box for r125 is same with r15 ??
    please reply

  • ajay

    plz come fast i m waiting 4 u

  • avisek

    she is made for mee!!!!!!!

  • Ananth

    Come fast u r my birthday gift……

  • Nihal

    Hello sir…is there any plan for launching yfz-r125 in mangalore

  • Abdhu Kerala

    waiting 4 u macha,,,,,,,,, ;)

  • Pritam calcutta

    Yea bike kaya calcutta pe lonche hogi yea kahi or pe hogi or hogi to kiu nahi hogi…is ka mileage or top speed kitna he ye kitna comfort he savi k liye….??? Rply……

  • Pritam calcutta

    Yea bike kaya calcutta pe lonche hogi yea kahi or pe hogi or hogi to kiu nahi hogi…is ka mileage or top speed kitna he ye kitna comfort he savi k liye….??? Rply……plz…

  • Palash


  • godwin davis

    i love to had this beauty…..come fast…buddy

  • Chakpu Rakesh

    iam really crazy for this yamaha R125….i really want to own this bike n as soon as possible plz launch it Quickly in Guahati x show room….iam dare ready to buy it..
    suppeerrrbbb lliikkkeedd…

  • aryan

    awesum bike.. I m lookng to buy it.


    I am waiting for this bike, My fav bikeeeeeee, I LIKE IT

  • prashanth

    when launching in india please reply me any

  • jatin

    Hello frnzzz
    Yamaha r125 is comng in india on march 2014 no fix date but itzzz daam sure..

  • saquib

    abe Yamaha walo bta do kab launch hogi india mai

  • zaid

    wen is it going to be launched in india ?????????????????????
    !!!!!!!!!!!!……PLZ TELL ME……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zaid, it’s not going to be launched anytime soon.

  • RIK


  • vishal

    guys i hav taked to yamaha customer they were telling yamaha r125 is not going to launch in india shit yrr i m soo sad..

  • prashanth

    i want this bike i love this bike so wen launches in India Bangalore ,
    Please reply me

    i wetting this bike

  • naveen

    hi. i want exact price nd..economy

  • drmzzon

    plz cme frst m waitng fo u ma swt r125…..

  • RJ

    hey , you yamaha co. ……. can’t you see that there are so many lovers of yamaha yzf r125 … so can’t you launch it in india …. i request you to launch it in india … though i m not capable to purchase it … but i request you to launch for the lovers of this bike …..

  • hareesh

    pls may i the date of releasing yamaha r125 in india

  • gani

    Hello sir…really awesome bike ,I love so much , i want to buy …….when its launching

  • praveen

    Wen is this bike is going to launch in india..?

  • sarwan modi

    plsss come baby waiting reee ab aur intejar nhe hota

  • Abhishek

    Plzss launch it in solapur,India
    And know me when its going to launch!!

  • Raghav Dhingra

    When will this byk b laumchd..bcz m eagrly waiting..


    I Love this bike so we will please launch the bikes quikly plssssssssssssss



  • Pavan Sharma

    yes in frind circle every guy wants to buy this bike please launch it……………………….

  • Manoj

    Please lunch this bike in nepal and I hope everybody will be buy this one.

  • Aman Sancheti

    People fell for this one so easily :D

  • Aameen please

    Please launch this bike in Delhi

  • Cheekymix

    Pls launch diz bike in india Yamaha r125.when will launch

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