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The Toyota Prius maybe having problems in the overseas market but that hasn’t stopped the Indian division from gathering 80 confirmed bookings of the environment friendly car. The company has a initial target to sell 200 units this year and the first lot of 24 cars have already been delivered. The company is heavily embanking on Bollywood superstars to buy a few to show of their concern for nature. Till date over 1.5 million units of the Toyota Prius have been sold worldwide, making it by far the most successful hybrid vehicle in the world.

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  • Arun

    I really dont understand why the prius is such a big deal, it returns a mileage of around 20kmpl which the americans consider a big deal, but dont we already have cars that have the same or even better mileage?? This car costs, if im right, 20 lakhs or something, why would someone buy this when they can get the same, if not better mileage from a swift or an indica or a polo or punto or almost anything else for about a quarter of the investment???

    i dont see the prius becoming a big hit like it was in the US… We already have problems with pedestrians not seeing cars coming… with the zero noise this car makes, it can create more trouble…. Toyota, put a really efficient diesel engine into the prius instead of the 1.8 petrol, this could give it around 30 – 40 kmpl and thats a really attractive proposition….

  • Sankesh

    Sorry for pinging in so late. Anyways the thing about prius is it is the world’s most commercially successful hybrid passenger car. Most of its sale is in the states where the cars on an average have more than 1.5 l engine. So when you are comparing mileage compare it with equal sized engines with equal cylinders. Nano for instance gives around 25 kmpl! Its engine is 623 cc with only 2 cylinder. The Honda city (1.5 l) gives around 13 kmpl in city driving. So Apple to orange doesn’t make sense. And diesels are not that popular in US.
    Prius costs a little more than 10 lakhs in US (correct me if am wrong.) Now that’s a price any Indian would like to pay. But its a CBU unit so the import duty is more than 100%. Most of all Prius is not designed for India. Hope its clear

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes Prius is not for India and the Indian Government is to blame.

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