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Honda Launches CB Unicorn Dazzler

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Honda Motorcycle & Scooter has launched a new version of the Unicorn.  The CB Unicorn Dazzler is priced at Rs. 62,900/- (ex showroom Delhi) and will come with  five speed transmission, digital instrumentation, 17 inch alloy wheels and rear disc brake. The bike is Bharat Stage III emission compliant and is available in four colours – Armour Gold Metallic, Pearl Siena Red, Pearl Nightstar Black and Sword Silver Metallic. According to Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the Dazzler will give a mileage of 60 kmpl. The company will continue to sell the existing Unicorn, which is priced at Rs. 59,285/- (ex showroom Delhi).

“The 150 cc segment of the Indian motorcycle industry has grown over two-fold in the last three years and it is expected to grow at this rate. This new Unicorn will help us in achieving more market share in the coming days,” Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) Operating Head (Sales & Marketing) NK Rattan said.

The Mumbai launch of the Dazzler is on the 14th and we will be covering it. If you want to ask Honda officials any questions, just drop your comments below.

Update – High resolution picture gallery of the CB Unicorn Dazzler can be found here.

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  • Pranav

    My question to Honda Officials:

    Honda has costliest But most powerful bike in 100cc segment : CB TWISTER

    Honda has costliest But most powerful bike in 125cc segment : CBF STUNNER

    Then why didnt they maintained this in 150cc , with this model ?


  • come on has this got an fi engine? if yes , then it has hit the right spot, otherwise wats the use of this launch,its like an old wine in a new bottle!

  • Amit

    Pls ask them why they are not luanching any new products like any 250cc bike

  • venkatesh

    what next from herohonda? a splendor 150?

    but honda, a real nice move compared to the stupidity of bajaj. but still not much impressed with the design.. instead of keeping clones with slight modifications(honda’s mod is huge), u can give birth to new babies with varying names and design.

  • venkatesh

    no it does not have a Fi engine. same old unicorn engine with some tuning. the added things are those new seats, digi speedo and tubeless tyres. rest remains the same

  • suresh

    hey why not the colours shown at auto expo 2010 the one with white and red is available with new dazzler

  • venkatesh

    you may get them a while later just like FZ=FZs with a added price.

  • alexander

    hey i am great fan of HONDA … now they are making gud design ..the next will be power … i mean honda power ..
    i am waiting for honda to take out the collobration from hero HONDA.. and launch HONDA bikes without thinking about … any company

  • Raj Anand

    Honda go ahead and launch 200 cc + models, I am sure in future you will be India’s second largest 2 wheeler company leaving Bajaj far behind.

  • Digital Speedo is looking good, rear disk is ok but not need for such a under powered bike, tubeless tyres are a welcome, design is worst when compared to Twister, the back break lever is again the worst which hits some the big speedbreakers in Chennai, foot peg and riding style still in a commuter type and titled as unicorn “SPORTS”. Overall looks is not bad, but Dazzler should not stand near FZ-series or Apaches, because you like it or not these bikes are designed with the best details. Dazzler is no where near these bikes.

  • Wow friends, no kicker and no leg-gaurd, what a bike of most horrible design.

  • Honda CB means Hondane C Banaya


  • Madhav

    I think the Leg Guard is an accessory! Not a standard fitting in any bike.

  • santosh

    its a pity
    honda’s taking us indians who contribute so much to their global sales for a ride
    it seems like they think that we will not come out of the commuter segment mindset
    they have never changed the engine for the past five years
    I was waiting for a long time to buy a new unicorn, but will now go for the bajaj 220

  • Unicorn is a great bike, but one thing which i dislike most is the seating postion which is like a 100cc commuter bike. It is really disappointing thet they have retained the same seating posture in this bike tooo, Hoda please launch a sport bike, u already have a powerful commuter bike, Unicorn.

  • hmm..i was waiting for tis bike with some expectation like the power and looks but had a rough idea of how its gonna look, from the concept vehicle displayed and it pretty much looks like they went ahead with the concept bike…i guess it is targeted only for college students, to be frank the current unicorn looks more sexy and sophisticated than the dazzler..
    anywayz i will make the payment for my booked CB Unicorn and wait for another couple of years hoping tat honda will release thr first 200cc bike by that time.
    till then i will njoy the Honda engine on the CB Unicorn

  • Another good product from World Leader. Honda’s every two wheeler in India is a great Product, In fact Honda Activa has broken all the records of Sales in Automatic Two Wheelers Segment.

  • It won’t happen again.Sorry guys.

  • @ Santosh
    good decision

  • Shakeel Anwar

    have been waiting since long for a new launch of the Honda Unicorn but was disappointed as the new version does not have a Kick starter which is very essential when the battery drains or the starter fails.

    currently using a 2007 unicorn when it was new I had been into embarrassing situations because of the starter solenoid switch which used to malfunction causing the starter to keep running even with the key removed,and bike on, the switch was changed twice but the problem was not solved, then my father who is an auto electrician did an alteration and fitted an old Lucas Solenoid switch which used to come in the old Premier Padmini cars and now it has been almost three years and not a single problem from the starter, also upgraded the battery from a 7 Amps to 9 Amps.

    I’m very satisfied with the bike and its performance it has done 40000+ Kms and still running.

    Good work Honda pls maintain the brand image because of which customers select your products, do not disappoint them.

    Shakeel Anwar

  • captain

    does this bike really has a mileage of 60kmpl…….???…and doesnt this look somewhat like the CB Twister…..isnt it??

  • Ritam Chakrabarty

    The prob is that there’s an unbelievable waiting period of 6 months for CB Unicorn at authorized showrooms in Mumbai.The smaller dealers charge Rs. 8000-10000 extra if you want instant delivery!
    I have been waiting for the Dazzler ever since the Auto Expo. Will I be able to get the bike as soon as it launches in Mumbai or will I have to face the same “waiting period” problem as with the Unicorn?

    • fas

      Ritam, Honda has increased capacity of their plant. You should get one asap.

  • madhav


    i believe u wont get starting problems as the bike comes with Maintenance Free battery.

    that is the reason OEM’s remove the Kicker.

  • arun s nair

    The Best Boring design available now new honda cb unicorn
    the old model is better than this

  • Honda Launches CB Unicorn Dazzler (looking good when it will be assailable in dehradun.


  • vai rajbarath

    I have booked for HONDA UNICORN at Coimbatore last month and I have been told by the dealer to wait for nearly 6to 7 months to get the delivery. If I opt to change the booking to CB UNICORN DAZZLER will it be possible?
    What is the exact lead time required to get a Unicorn from Honda?

  • sk901

    this bike is sure to dazzle in the market..gud work honda…am sure to buy this..thumbs up to honda.

  • dev

    where are the rear set footpegs honda? i mean it is good bt we need some sporty underpinnings

  • Rupesh

    CB… is nice but can’t they modify its petrol tank to some what bigger size, it will definitely give more good looks to it.

  • Rupesh

    When will it be available in Pune………

  • Rupesh

    and what would be the on road price including all types of taxes and expenses……..

  • Sourav

    Hi, guys, have to tell you one thing:

    I went to the Honda dealer to buy CB Unicorn 150cc on 14-May-2010, the same day that Unicorn’s new avatar Dazzler was launched.

    They had displayed a black Dazzler in the showroom, and at the very first look I thought it was the ugliest bike in India.

    Guess what? I went ahead and booked the good old vanilla CB Unicorn. It looks much better and self-assured.

    Comparison of Dazzler and old Unicorn:

    1.) The front head lamp of Dazzler is the ugliest of all bikes! Old Unicorn is much beautiful. Ditto for the rear lamp.

    2.) The side cowls attached to the fuel tank is made of cheap plastic. It looks very ugly, just like Hero Honda Hunk. Old Unicorn has a very elegant looking fuel tank.

    Also, the main fuel tank of Dazzler is the ugliest of all bikes – it is so narrow like a dog’s back.

    3.) The LCD speedo console in Dazzler is the ugliest of all bikes. Don’t believe me? Go check out yourself! I personally prefer the meter console of old Unicorn. Simple, sturdy and effective.

    4.) The rear tyres of Dazzler are more thicker. Well, who cares? Unicorn is not about sport, but power commuting. In any case, Dazzler with Unicorn engine does not have the firepower to utilize those tyres. Instead, Dazzler’s mileage may drop because of the thicker tyres. Useless addition!

    5.) Dazzler has rear disc brake. Again, who cares? You will not appreciate the disc brake if the bike is as ugly as Dazzler is!

    6.) The drive chain is uncovered (Horror of Horrors!) For a bike that is inheriting most of Unicorn, how can they compromise on reliability?
    Old unicorn with covered chain is more appropriate.

    7.) Seating posture and engine pickup of Dazzler is exactly like Unicorn.


    Conclusion: Honda should have introduced a real sporty 150cc bike. Instead it has copied and destroyed Unicorn’s legacy with this stupid Dazzler.

    My advice: Stay clear of this non-sense pretender called Dazzler. If you want a sports bike, buy Apache or CBZ Extreme. But if you like commuter bike, choose between good old Unicorn and GS150R.

    – Sourav



  • When you say Honda is not a great then, you will not be great you also one in the world to support others views. You buy it and ride it you will not say any more words like above….. Honda is the god of bike.. it saves the environment. No more sound from the engine. Please love the world and keep human to rule the world rather ruling devils(Bajaj, ect…) I mean politics in business…. do not go to doctors for review they also do the business.. no one is true except Honda Unicorn.. and new comes……..

  • yah,its nice.but i expected it more stylist. weight loosing is a great news for me. coz cb unicorn is toomuch havy for me…..

  • Kavi

    Nice bike we expect more cc bike from HONDA


  • Anand

    Is this onroad price given in the honda official website include road tax + insurance?????????????????????????????

    • fas

      Anand, prices are ex-showroom on Honda site.

  • NJ

    congrats to all Honda fans…they now have a new boring motorcycle to enjoy their mundane existence…

  • Ashu

    I think twister has better look dazzler but if it is true that dazzler have same engine as unicorn so one can go for it but after reading whole comments i’ll go for older unicorn (an my brother in law have this from last 5 years and today also it has same smoothness and 50kml mileage)

  • what is the curb weight of this bike, why there i no clip on handle,what is the actuall mileage and heard this bike does not have a kick start, that sould be a problem when battery is down or self-start does bot work.

  • HAI FAS……..

    Is it possible to fix a “DRUM BRAKE” at rear in HONDA CB DAZZLER?????? pls reply me sooon……

  • bunty

    i think HONDA CB DAZZLER soon capture the market, it is nice bike.

  • preetham

    wot ever it is honda company is the best company around. according to me the honda dazzler is one of the best vehical around becoz its got good milage nd good look too…as we can see other bikes have good look but no milage eg;pulsar200,220,180..nd even apache rtr 180 it sucks when it cums to the milage i guess the new dazzler 150 has got 14.2bhp power with a good i even test drew it i feel it was comfortable to ride it so um booki th bike today….

  • fas

    NO Parthi, only discs.

  • preetham

    hey the photos may not look good but originaly the bike is superv..

  • chethan

    hey guys i m worried about waiting period in bangalore!!!

  • thanks for ur reply JAS

  • Harin

    If this honda unicorn dazzler is in 180 series.. it will be the beast in riding segment.. i like this model very much especially the 17 inch alloy, monoshock and rear disc brake features.. the company should have given clip on handle bars instead of this common handle bar.. rest all features are good. looks are similar to hero honda hunk.. but this model is much better than old unicorn model.. Sword Silver Metallic i like that.

  • Mohamed ashif

    Hai,i was tested the new unicorn dazzler.what a wonderful bike!.i really enjoyed its test cell number is 9809043744

  • Antony

    This is a much smaller baby unicorn, which is very overpriced. Old unicorn had 18-inch wheels but this has smaller 17-inch wheels. It is not sporty because it does not have clip-on handle bars. It is not an exective/family bike because of half chain cover.

    Honestly, if this bike was made by Bajaj or TVS, we all would be condemning right now. Dont praise it just because it is a Honda.

    It is not a streamlined commuter like old unicorn or new Suzuki Gs150r, nor is it macho-looking like Apache or Pulsar, nor is it stylish like Fz16. Even the twister looks better. This is meant to dazzle the village folk, which is primarily herohonda’s market.

  • i have buyed this bike and this is good bike with a good pick up and handling is too good.

  • Alankrit

    I m a very big fan of honda but honestly looks wise fz is far better than dazzler in the segment.But i took its test ride its pick up is awsome man performance is wow,but fz has a heavier and macho look than dazzler but tech wise ths is too gud.

  • Antony

    What is the new tech in this bike that is not already in other bikes?

    This is a much smaller Baby unicorn, which is very overpriced. Old unicorn had 18-inch wheels but this has smaller 17-inch wheels. It Does Not Have clip-on handle bars, so its not sporty. It is not an exective/family bike because it has only half chain cover.

    If this bike was made by Bajaj or TVS, we all would be condemning right now. Dont praise it just because it is a Honda. The only good thing is the rear disc brake.

    Dazzler is like bits and pieces put together. It is not streamlined commuter like old unicorn or new Suzuki Gs150r, nor is it macho-looking like Apache or Pulsar, nor is it stylish like Fz16. Even the twister looks better. This is meant to dazzle the village folk, which is primarily herohonda’s market.

    Honestly, tata is giving Nano car for 1.25 lak. At 75k for a small 150cc bike, its really overpriced. Actually, all bike makers are cheating 2-wheeler buyers by selling 150cc bikes at cost of 70k to 75k.

  • Since Activa 110cc honda bikes are not coming with graphics stickering i.e. activa 110cc, cb twister, cb unicorn now cb unicorn dazzler. it looks naked. the speciality of honda is always engine performance, style & comfort riding. same thing is continued in dazzler too. only disadavantage is the availability of the product. honda should improve its production. i love honda.

  • jain

    When will it be launched in nepal???

  • What is ex-showroom price & onroad price of dazzler in mumbai

  • i want 2 know all difference / similarity between Unicorn dazzler & CBZ extreme…about der maintenance, avg , ride control , spare parts , price diff , style etc etc..wic 1 is good

  • Do honda think the body of dazzler will be reliable? Honda could have taken some more intrest in the look and body design of much awaited Dazzler? No Led rear tail lamp/ No Macho look/ no Aggresiveness in bike its seems to be nuts, bolds and junks parts set to gather to built a bile, apart from the Engine, everythink is a piece of junk. Honda come up with some bike next time.

  • amit_26

    I would like to share my observations regarding CB Unicorn v/s Unicorn Dazzler.

    Many people say that following additions are worth it for additional 4,000 Rupees :

    (1) Digital Console.

    (2) Tubeless Tyres

    (3) Rear Disc brakes

    (4) Tweaked Engine.

    (5) Maintenance Free Battery.

    But we should also note the following:

    (1) Digital console is in lieu with Analog which consisted of 3 numbers of Independent meters.

    (2) The tyres are now smaller by 1-inch in diameter. Also the rear tyre is wider thus giving more friction. Also there is a substantially visible gap between the tyre and the body which looks odd.

    (3) Few people have raised Apprehensions that the rear disc break may cause skid due to sudden stoppage.

    (4) Tweaked engine is Nice thing…. but if you observe closely then the sound of CB Unicorn engine is still better than Dazzler.

    (5) MF battery is a good Move. But note that the earlier battery had a 7-AH rating where as the new one has only 4-AH rating. Considering only Self-start , this may be an issue …. And remember, you can always replace the ordinary battery of CB Uni with MF battery anytime in future.

    (6) Honda has reduced the size of bike in all the dimensions – lenght, width, height, ground clearance and wheel base.

    (7) Made the bike lighter and thus took away 8 kgs of metal as compared to CB Unicorn.

    (8) They have raised rear tyre in such a way that now fitting a “saari guard” will give a bad look.

    (9) Most Importantly they have removed the KICK !!!

    (10) They have replaced a big, nice looking and attractive front Vizor(in front of the console) with a small and ordinary looking vizor.

    (11) The 3-D Honda Wing on the tank which was a Hallmark of the looks of the bike has now taken a beating. In CB Uni it is visible from many sides. but in Dazzler it looses its visibility from many angles.

    (12) When you are the driver , you feel the seat lower that the CB Uni.

    (13) When you are the pillion, you feel raised and the legs positions are not comfortable.

    (14) The petrol tank has been shrunk in size, capacity and LOOKS !!!

    (15) They have also removed the full chain cover and just placed an upper strip like those in bicycles … again doing some cost cutting and material saving.

    (16) When you see the bike with two people sitting on it from a distance … it looks like a small bike …. unlike normal Uni which look big even if three people hop on it.

    (17) Honda should have worked harder on design part to make Dazzler look very different from Twister.

    Considering the above I don’t feel that additional 4,000 are worth it.

    I had Booked Unicorn but when I heard a new Model is coming, I didn’t take the delivery of CB Uni and waited a month more for Dazzler … but honestly I am more disappointed instead of being “Dazzled”….. now I will have to wait a month more to get my all time great and favourite CB Unicorn.

  • chethan

    @ amit,
    Nice comments buddy.
    i just wanted to know how comfortable is it for a pillon.
    otherwise a more powered bike than cb uni, feels good.
    ofcourse looks would have been better.
    but i am still very much confused between d two…..

    Did u take the test drive…….

  • monish

    i am taking a new bike.. which should i opt for dazzler or fz

  • jyoti

    @ amit u r absolutelY ryt.. but itz pick up z even more dan karizma..i had a test ride yesterday
    i felt everythin z ok wid it xcept 1 or 2 things but HONDA reduced it’s size in all dimension so itz lukin lyk a small byk.n from sum distance itz lukin lyk twister. now i vl ve 2 w8 another week for CB unicorn

  • manas jyoti

    ghanta bike sale is bike bananewale ko kisn ne banaya beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I feel that this bike is a piece of shit. this is a idot bike with idotic style 4m

  • manas jyoti

    ghanta bike sale is bike bananewale ko kisn ne banaya beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I feel that this bike is a piece of shit. this is a idot bike with idotic style 4m A P J Abdul Kalam

  • chethan

    Overall dazzler is a good bike, i had a test ride of it n felt good.
    Guess wat i havent rode unicorn yet. So i am confused btn d 2 bikes…
    i am 24… i actually feel unicorn is a bike for age old people…it looks powerless(for me) ….plz comment on this…

    i felt good on dazzler….
    Thsi will be my first bike so plz help me out …….

    i just have some question for Honda lovers..
    1. IS this dazzler reliable for 5 or 6 yrs like UNI…..
    2. any take on mileage?
    3. is it not at all good for a pillon ? (including old people as pillon…)

    plz comment on this n help me guys….

  • amit_26

    Hi Chetan,

    Well I am not sure why the regular Uni looked powerless to you ?
    Take a test drive and your myth will be solved.

    And also its not a bike for age old people as you feel … those people prefer Honda Shine instead of Unicorn.

    Its just that Unicorn has a matured and sophisticated broad look where as Dazzler has a Sporty and sleek look.

    About your queries:

    (1) At least for engine I can say that it will be reliable as its a Honda engine.

    (2) Since its unicorn engine (little tweaked) so be assured of a mileage of 50 Kmpl … u may even get more depending on ur driving habits.

    (3)Well… in order to give a sporty feel , the pillion seat is raised and little narrow. So old people MIGHT find it “comparatively” uncomfortable (as compared to regular Unicorn) to hop on it and sit for longer duration.

    Every thing aside… at the end its the personal choice and liking !

  • chethan

    Thanks a lot dude.
    I have already booked unicorn. But i ll get a test drive before i receive d bike anyhow.

    Y i felt uni was not so powerful compared to dazzler was, Dazzler can have a stand at high speeds with pulsar n fz but not uni as its top speed is 101.
    but dazzler can go upto 115 as mentioned by showroom people….

    What’s d top speed u achieved in uni? i ll wait for ur reply….

  • rino raj

    hey this dazzler has a self start “only” right. !!!!! wat if the battery fails, and u need to start the bike.
    ther is no other option!!!
    so my question is Can a kicker be added to it??????????

  • chethan

    But answer me one thing isint unicorn a low bhp bike in 150cc segment…..
    tats y i was feeling it looks powerless compared to dazzler….

  • amit_26


    Unicorn has 13.3 Bhp and Dazzler has 14 Bhp (a 5% increase). Uni might seem to have a marginally less pickup that pulsar etc but then it has good acceleration at High speeds. It might take a while to go from 0 to 40 but from 40 to 60 takes no time.

    People have driven Uni upto 11-115 Kmph without vibration.

    @ Rino Raj

    No there is no KICK start and also it can’t be added later on. As far as failing of battery is concerned, the showroom people say that Maintenance Free (MF) battery poses less problems.
    If the battery fails then u can start the bike in the same way you start a car when its battery fails…… LAGA RE DHAKKA RE.

    No offense to anyone …. but now a days i m observing that Honda showroom guys are trying their best to promote Dazzler and showing less interest in praising otherwise much-praised Unicorn.

  • anoop sathyan

    I am more confused on the existing CB Unicorn and the new Dazzler. I am a person who rides long distances almost everyday. Which bike could I choose for the right confortable seating position (I mean I shoudn’t feel any body stress after riding for hours)?
    Also can we have a full chain cover fitted for Dazzler as an option? Plz reply.


  • CBZ extreme and Unicorn. Both these bikes features five-speed gearbox – a one down, rest up shift pattern. Unicorn scores over CBZ X- Treme in being economical, Unicorn returns a combined fuel efficiency/mileage of 52kpl as against 48kpl returned by CBZ X-Treme. Unicorn is meant for performance savvy and CBZ X-Treme for power savvy.

  • X- Treme is more powerful and comes with loaded features while sporty unicorn symbolizes performance and makes sense for practicality (even after named sporty). If you look for a sporty bike to intimidate your friend then choose CBZ X-Treme but if you are a looking for a family bike pick the Unicorn.

  • Fahmi

    @ Chetan
    Unicorn has been till date the best bike i have ridden in the 150cc category. The top i have touched on a Unicorn is 120kmph without any extra fittings.
    Had a Test ride of the Dazzler & it was a total Turn Off…….didnt expect Honda would reduce it standards in such a manner.
    As far as the performance is concerned…have a regular oil change and keep it well maintained and it could give you a mileage of 55km on a litre….
    @ Anoop Sathyan
    My daily run is around 60-70 kms in a day. Trust me on this one and the Unicorn has not given me a single trouble till date. And on some weekends i do make it a point to hit the highways and do atleast 120-140 kms at a stretch. The only point you need to remember is that if your constantly doing long trips your bike would need more attention and have it checked regularly, which will increase the life of your bike.

  • chethan

    @ Fahmi,
    Thanks Fahmi for ur opinion…..

    u told it can give 55+ on regular oil change…..which bike u r mentioning ?
    uni or dazzler…

  • vivek

    i bought this bike few days back …. i love it …its very nice bike to ride .

  • Akash

    dudes…….go for yamaha fz man…dazzler is not worth for 74,000 on road…unless and only for reason its honda… fz is surely a better buy than dazzler for its power,style and performance…hunky fz rocks road ride.yaaaaaaaaamahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

  • rizwan

    everything is good except its break paddle.thats makes it a very old fashion bike,it should be behind i feet more as like in pulsor.all though its better for aged person not for new age boys.if its break paddle adjust behind i feet its become sports bike otherwise its n………………..

  • I have booked the dazzler and have taken the test ride of it i hope it is worth rs 68000 and will not give problems such as maintenence. It’s digital console is just fantastic.

  • Olga

    See, I am confused between the older Uni and the Dazzler.
    1. Is a shorter wheel base worse or good ???
    2. Isnt the older Uni more stable with the Xtra 8 kilos ???.
    3. Shouldnt we have a kicker in a byke ? How reliable can the dazzler without a kicker ????

    Please pls help I am about to book my Unicorn ! Should it be Dazzler or the good Ol’ Uni ???????????

  • RAM

    hai this ram iwant take this bike but ihave some doubts this at present iam ridid FZ 16 Iwant know about serivce side this bike maintiance is simllaer to elier unicorn because always new bikes known market when the bike is trouble free and mouth publicty can explain how i can take this bike iam interested about rear disc brake because of when rear drum brake bikes are very expanssive when it comes toworn out of brake drum

  • J.Ajin Jegan

    I want to HONDA UNICORN DAZZLER with in one month[kanayakumari dist]…….
    please help me………

  • nikhil

    hey guys i m going for my 1st bike but i m confused btween UNICORN DAZZLER & STUNNER PGM FI. plzzzz help me for this. dis is my 1st bike & i want a good one. reply fast thankyou

  • Pratik

    why honda doesnot put engine off switch like bajaj n yamaha…other all r best in dazzler…

  • Chetan Parte

    Hi Friends i m chetan, confuse about the karizma r and uni DAZZLER.
    Give me the wright choice. i like both of bike.

  • vzen


  • i personally say that unicorn is the fastest bike in 150cc category….
    it reaches 0-60 in just 4 sec….

  • shijil

    When will it be launched in kerala ?

  • shijil

    When will it be launched in kerala

  • Antony.

    kya yaar. timi haru pani yo bike ko mazaak udaunchau? malai ta engine cover bhayeko bhaye yo bike jasto aru kunai hundaina thyo jasto lagcha. its too good man

  • samir thapa

    what the fuck,
    my cb unicorn is far more better than this bloody stuff

    honda manufacturers are son of bitch to bring on this one
    i had never expected this one from honda

  • Shakeel Anwar

    I have a 2007 Unicorn, and have lately noticed that the stiffness of riding is missing, I had replaced the handle cone set 6 months back and now the front suspension is emitting a strange noise when it goes in pot hotel.
    can someone pls advise, I also feel that the front forks are become very soft as compared to my friends Unicorn of the same month and year.

    Shakeel Anwar

  • kamal

    another half hearted attempt from honda. don’t know what is holding them from launching a bike with latest features and taking pulsar headlong. japs tend to think bike is to commute from pt. a to pt. b but to us southasians it is our sports car.

  • gifty

    it looks gorgeous….! less weight more comfort…!so friends i prefer this…

  • Bhamre MV

    I hv new Dazzler, past 6 yrs I hv used 150Pulser.Honda DZL bike is very smooth, Light still very powerful. Pick up is too good, control is also good, turning redius is modarate. Only I hv fear that if byke does not starts for any reason i Donot hv kick to try
    Otherwise the byle is definatly good cost is 3000-4000 more than what it should be

  • nishi

    hi friends..i am still confuse wht to bring to my home.uni dezler or bajaj pulser..fz is onther option for me..i want good sporty look as wel good pick up with good avrage (leat @50 to 55) please suguest me the right.i also heard that the pulser star causing maintance problems after some time is it true? i want to book my bike as soon as possible.please help me out for this.

  • Vishnu

    Whats CB in CB twister , CB Unicorn?

  • its dazzling

  • Vinodh. A.S.

    As am considering this bike for purchase, i would like to have my major doubts on this bike. The bike doesnt have a kick start option. My apprehension is how to start the vehicle in case of the electronic ignition failing to respond, especially during rainy seasons or at any other time! The same question posed to the dealer did not evoke a convincing response. Hope to receive a reply on my e-mail at the earliest.

  • kaizer

    rear disc brakes and the design is cool but kick start split seat and underseat exhaust would have made it unbeatable


    hola que tal a todos soy de peru quiero saber cuando llegara esa moto a peru me muero por comprarmela.. vamos hay miles de personas q aqui las quieren tener por favor espero una respuesta de ustedes gracias.,
    hello to all such I am of peru know when that bike came to india .. I’m dying to buy it We are thousands of people here want them to have q Please expect a reply from you thanks

  • Keshav

    Liked everything but no kick start gets problem after few years.

  • Sailesh SP

    Honda Dazzler is a great bike when it comes to fuel efficiency and great 0 to 60 pickup. Normally, the 150 and 160cc bikes can make 30 to 35 kmph in 2nd gear in a normal drive (not pushing hard), but Dazzler touches 40kmph in 2nd gear with out any problem. Everyone who test driven this bike could have felt it comfortably.

    I was driving Apache RTR 160cc for past 3 year (I was the 3rd person to book this bike in Chennai), it touches 33 kmph when pushed hard in 2nd gear. But, the engine of the bike is not reliable as Honda’s. Of course moderate re-sale value. Still, Apache RTR rules. I love Apache’s performance which can’t be compared with any other bikes in this category. I miss my Apache RTR 160cc, 15.2 bhp, 130 KMPH top speed.

  • BOON

    I am rider from hills station…. My question is how without kicker we can start the bike in rein and cold session?

  • sidharth

    i am also afraid of not getting a kick start????

  • I am planning to buy dazzler. But a bike without kick start creats doubt in my mind. what is the difference between this bike and others in this segment.

  • ninad kamat

    hello sir..
    i am currently looking for my 1st bike..
    like the new honda dazzler a lot..
    but my only query for it is about the kick start thing…
    i just want a good assurance from company that the self start gonna serve itz best anytime..
    if it happen to fail the it would be like a gun without a bullet….
    also i wanna know that if at all self start mechanism fails then what minimum would it cost to get it done right once again..
    thanking you…

  • Madhav

    I went to purchase dazzler at showroom but i found motorcycle without kick,when i asked for same that how to start in failure of ignition or ia rains, there was no answer for that so please reply to this mail as early as possible.


    You say the price is 62900/-, but in Palakkad, Kerala the on road
    price is 70,400/- How comes this high??

    Moreover they say there is a waiting period of 60 days?? Is it so?

    Though HMSI promised test drive, Palakkad dealer “Ghani Honda” has
    not even bothered to contact me. Pl help. I want to buy one is
    performance is OK and can get quick delivery – say 15-20 days

  • Olga

    I purchased the DAZZLER with some doubt because it has no kicker. Now I have completed 3 months and faced NO PROBLEMS due to lack of a kicker. In fact the starter has not failed even once, even after 3 idle days. So no problems at least for now.OK, think of it as a CAR (hence no kicker) !!!! The bike is nimble but stable also. Styling could have been better !
    At kottayam the vehicle price was Rs.65000/-. On road price more than 70k. I got the vehicle spot delivered ’cause there was stock. Dunno the position now.

  • mahesh from mumbai

    About kick start confusion :
    Earlier we have kick start for cars also.
    Now we have button start and we do not complain about it.
    So what is the proble that we have kickless bike ?

  • nachi

    Why…why….why….no kick start…..this is the only thing stopping me from buying the bike.

  • Santosh

    when will this bike launch in Nepal….

  • Deepak Karki

    I Have A Question PLEASE Someone reply me When is it coming to “Nepal” and with its price in KAthmandu Valley !!! The most important the DAZZLER in red- white combination is great i love it ..make sure they come like bunch of flowers in ma country!!

  • dhamu

    why why no kick start ?
    please send the doubt

  • Binod

    i want to buy this bike but it’s not available in Nepal (Kathmandu), Why ?
    please response me. Okey

  • sagar

    hi,I want to take bike I am confused to purchase either hunk or CB unicorn dazzler ,kindly let me know their diff.& also suggest which bike is more good on indian roads with the low maintanance,,,,,

  • Phurwa

    When it will be lunch in Nepal????? and this question goes to dealer or manufacturing company: in rainny or cold season, it is faild to start from self….. how we start bike without kick…..???? it is better to kept kick start….. if it have kick start i will sure buy this bike……………..

  • Ajay

    This is my first bike as i saw most of people not willing to buy dazzler bcoz there is no kick start, will you let me know what assurance the company give for electronic ignition start. As car dont have kick start but Bike cant be compared with Car as they have lot other comforts which a bike dont have.
    I think the prob persits after few years, then maintance of bike will be more.
    I need to know which is better bike dazzler or CB unicorn…CB means???

  • vicky

    hello sir..
    i am currently looking for my 1st bike..
    like the new honda dazzler a lot..
    but my only query for it is about the kick start thing…
    i just want a good assurance from company that the self start gonna serve itz best anytime..
    if it happen to fail the it would be like a gun without a bullet….
    also i wanna know that if at all self start mechanism fails then what minimum would it cost to get it done right once again..
    thanking you…

    • fas

      Vicky, get the Dazzler, it will serve you very well and the kick not being present is not a problem as the bike has maintenance free battery. If the self does not work you can push start the bike. Self not working can be due to various reasons and the cost of repairing it varies on the problem but mostly it is covered free if your bike is under warranty.

  • vijeesh

    I am planning to buy dazzler. But a bike without kick start creats doubt in my mind

  • Benjamin

    CB means City Bike…and the dazzler is a Good bike..go ahead buy it.. i bought one myself..

  • Romex

    Today, On 23rd of September of 2010 Lunched in Nepal.

  • arwin neo

    hello sir,
    am romeo from nepal..
    i luv dis cb dazzler very much…i would like to buy this bike…
    would u much it costs in nepal..(kathmandu)
    waiting for ur reply..

  • sau

    Good News Guys, Dazzler has been launched in Nepal on 23rd Sept. It is available at all Honda showrooms across Nepal at price of Nrs 1,95,900

  • shailesh

    It is so nice bike…. but its price be normally high than other company’s having same capacity bikes….. Anyway, it is the best bike for Young generation…..

  • Anil ( Mepas )

    hello to all,
    well am also little worried in this bike not havin a self start i love it when i c it yesterday n going to buy it ..but why the cost is very high in nepal ..the dealler said total cost will be NRS 1,95,000 ..guys ..should i buy ..or not..n also which color should i choose..plz send some response coz dis is my first bike which am going to buy..

  • VKA

    i am riding dazzler from about 3 months
    no complaints,nothing at all,i have driven it in very heavy rain,not even a single problem occur with the self of the bike,just one touch on the self button and the machine is ready to launch without any noise.
    in all very nice bike.

  • Midhun

    hii.. i m going to buy a bike very shortly.. i m confused with three of them.. hunk dazzler & cb.. can u plz help me…

  • VKA

    dont get confused yar just take a test ride of all 3, m sure u will like dazzler.
    i own it and i just love it.

  • Kathir

    Hi everyone i bought the new cb dazzler with in chennai 3yrs engine warrenty . Its just amazing bike.compared to any other 150cc above bikes its really good in milage. Its around 53kmpl and as in a casual ride it touches 50km speed without any noise. Its a smooth biking. I bought red color. But the draw backs are of the honda company. It does not provide assosaries which is not even number plates and bumper and saree guards. All its costs. The on road price is 73k and the extras it comes to 75. But apache 180 is comfortable of all extra fittings at 77k. Any quarees mail me at

  • umesh

    this good looking sports bike of honda is it available in amritsar bcz i want buy it plz tell me

  • NIRon

    this is the bike which is lower than expect!sabse kawadi bike of the year

  • sapphire

    unicorn iz better than unicorn dazzler..
    i really didnot like the design of dazzler…

  • Anand Tiwari

    is Honda Unicorn Production has stopped? Please reply..
    as i have booked CB unicorn on 11th Oct 10..
    also wanna know which is more better CB unicorn or dazzler…



  • vka

    the company claims 60 kmpl,and i am getting around 55 kmpl easily

  • Maddy

    I have only one problem here with Dazzler, KICK START

  • Dr. S. D. Puranik

    Hare Krishna,
    i have purchased aHonda unicorn cb dazzler on 10sep.2010.
    since i bought it, Iam facing problem in rear suspension which appear to b too hard inspite of no. of settings by d dealer.
    I have not seen similar problem wid one of my friend. he is happy enuf.
    do any other any dazzler owner have same problem? if yes pl. let me know d solution.

  • the battery comes with maintenance free so u need nt worry about the kick start in any condition dudes……………………….

  • Rohit

    hi sir i want to buy unicorn dazzler but one thing giving me problem first of all this bike not have a kick start function but i have pulsur in pulsar bike have both system kick and self start have both that is good thing for pulsar user, i ask sometime my nearly honda showroom if unicorn dazzler some time give problem in winter session or also rain session at that time what should i have to do for start unicorn dazzler bike and also is there any technique for start unicorn dazzler bike, actually my one friend has bought unicorn dazzler bike but he told me dazzler nice bike for milege so pls replay my email id

  • kishore

    i’m having dazzler and i’m having problem with rear suspension(mono).hope it will be solve in my first service which is on nov19th…

    -handling is quite good and i love to ride it all the time.
    -good looks(black).
    -bike reaches 107kmph top speed.
    -gear shift is very smooth.
    -weight less.
    -mileage give around 50 in city.

    i’ve doubt in gear shift can any one help!

    1st gear -(0-10kmph)
    2nd gear -(15-25kmph)
    3rd gear -(25-40kmph)
    4th gear -(40-70kmph)
    5th gear -(70kmph-top speed achivement)

    i’m right?if any changes suggest me…
    thank you…….

  • kishore

    dazzler top speed goes to 115kph…
    tik tik sound from rear suspension gone after first service..
    bike mileage is 45kmpl in city and 50-55kmpl in highways…

  • Hi all..i have bought uni dazzler on May 31st…Completed my 6 months and it has crossed 4500kms…Only one word i can say is Awesome or excellent or great….now i m feeling the slogan of Honda “I Enjoy the Quality”it has very smooth engine with comfort riding…. its definitely a gud upgraded package than old unicorn…the wider rear tyre,sexy digi console,power increment and tubeless tyre gives u a pleasant driving and sporty look…paying just 4000 bucks extra u get thise upgrades than older Uni which is good value for money thing… In City riding i acheived mileage of 52…Depends on driving style..but it gives around 50-55 kmpl in city riding conditons…In top speed(60 – 70kmph)also bike doesnt makes noise and vibes..feels like flying….only doubt is it doesnt have kick start..oly elec start..i ve doubted and scared while hearing first..after enquiring dealr he said comes wit MF battery and sure ther will be no prob for 4-5 years in battery….gear shift is really smooth and easy….braking is excellent…one more thing i like to clarify is here i seen in several posts that rear disk is risky and tough for fresh new first time riders…But the truth is rear disc is not powerfula s front one…i’ve felt rear dis is some wat 20 -30% sharper than drum brake…but ther is no question of riskiness in rear discs….on the whole its a sporty commuter,… top speed is 116 kmph..i m very much satisfied…it simply overtook old uni in all aspects…while comparing to

    pulsar(Poor performance and engine and no comfort..only style) and
    gs(rust prob and relaiablity of engine) and
    fz(Better and good style – but fails in mileage and high price)..

    Dazzler is better in all aspects…but it can beat the style of fz..but in performance and specs wise it has comparitively better than above 3…so guys go for it and Have a enjoyable riding…

    Some Issues i faced in my 4500 kms of journey wit my Machine
    1.Sometimes i face this..not all the times..wen i m driving in 5th gear it automatically shifts to 4th gear…
    2.In Winter season have to use choke for starting…
    3.My Clutch cable has got cut aftr 20 days of purchase and they have replaced me for free of cost..
    4. Engine gets very heated after some 10 to 15 mins of drive for first 2 months…. now its ok…heat reduced…5.the vibrations i hav faced it in initial stages…but now if i go at 70kms also no vibs and gearshift is so smooth like slicing the butter or boiled egg

    Tips for Good maintanence of Dazzler :-

    1. Do timely service

    2.Jus lubricate u r chain 10 days will b gud..This is Important.

    3. For Better braking u shud apply both front and rear if you go beyond 40 kmph

    4. For Good Mileage .. Daily Morning after starting the bike leave the bike in Idle engine running condition of 1500 rpm..It allows Engine oil to flow through all parts of Engine fully..Start riding after doing this.. Dont Use Clutch Frequently..Use it wisely..

    5.Each and Everytime u giv for Service jus tell the service person to check the MF Battery health and Recharge it fully for avoiding Battery related problems..This is very important since u hav to rely only on elec start…

    6.After your free services get over – Dont go for Honda service after that…Prefer your Good Local mechanic..BCos honda service mechanics are not so good.

    From my Experience i hav crossed 4500kms…it got very smooth……….its like grape wine man…as days pass it will taste gr8…sure u will feel aftr crossing 3000kms….Dont Read my review and take decisions…U Jus go to the showroom..test ride the Dazzler ..andd u urself will feel the difference from other bikes…Take a wise decision..

    if any issues or queries mail me to or…bye..

  • My experience so far:

    1. Battery is not reliable (failed at day 1 for me).
    2. If not in use for 2 days, you have to use choke to start. People staying in cold regions (delhi) may find it worse in winters.

    On day 1, battery was not working after a while and had to start by pushing it.

    Went to the showroom next day and they said it was a connection problem which they fixed.

    Again, the same issue occurred and the battery was down by evening. I had to start by pushing the bike which is not possible in traffic. Its a real pain.

    Went to the showroom third day and they replaced the battery. It has not failed so far (1 month now) but who knows, can’t rely on it anymore.

    REAR BRAKE: Rear brake is really bad compared to drum.

    I am unable to stop the bike using rear brake from just 40 kmph within 10 meters. Its feels little risky to me especially if you have to stop the vehicle suddenly.

    Honda explanation: All disk brakes are like that and will be fine after 200 km.

    I did 200 km and nothing changed.

    Gave the vehicle for service and then rear disk brake was not working at all.

    Honda explanation: Since water has gone into the brake, it is little less. It will be okay after a day.

    It was okay after riding a day but now the question is what will happen in rains? Isn’t it quite risky.

    GEAR NOT SMOOTH: I did not find the gear to be smooth and it would give a feeling of hardness while shifting from higher gears to lower ones. I changed my gear lever from the toe only to heel shift for comfort. Now, I find the gear stops at neutral when changing from 1st to 2nd. Really annoying.

  • ninad kamat

    i guess either u are at utterly bad luck or mayb dn’t knw wat….
    bt damn sure this wuld be the first ever reply m goin thr’ wich is quite impossible to believe….cn understand abt choke thng wich at timez i du hv to do…. bt regarding battery dn brkz n all u really facing a bad luck ever…
    newayzzz wish u happy riding.. jst lukout for ppl within ur region oweing same machine…and ask i gues to not getting a satisfactory service frm dealer..jst c if those ppl also facing same service problm….
    newayzz a happy riding to u….njoiiiiii

  • @ Ravi S Ghosh…Hi Ravi.. me too has faced the Battry problm as u told…but not at 1st day..aftr 6 months i faced the same prblm…and i got ir replaced…now 2 months over…its goin smooth wit new battery…but dono wen it’ll make problems…v shud get some permanent solution from them reg battery…cos the battery warranty is uto one year only…so v hav to get it solved within 1 year..or else they will charge for battery problems…

    But other things u said – (Rear brake,gear shift ) was not at all ther…. other things are going very gud….Rear brake,gear shift is so fine…i think u shud get a proper service…

    One more major prob i m facing is Engine ets over heated aftr 10 mins drive…all engines get heated ..but tis one…gets very over heated and within 10 mins…giv suggestions

  • chethan


    Sorry dear friend….i have completed 3000 kms now in dazzler…
    not even once i used choke till now from day1…..

    i have left it in rain for 2 or 3 hrs many times but starts without any problem and without using choke….

    BUT YES…
    one problem i have been facing is gears…… its not at all smooth….and gear slips and prob is not solved even after 2nd service….
    AND i am getting a mileage in the range of 57 – 60 in city…. :)

  • Seems like everybody is having one or other problem. Certainly, Dazzler is not a product one would really love :(

    However, in my opinion, the biggest problem is the dealers not willing to accept that there is a problem. Rear brake is really very bad as I said, cant stop the vehicle even at 30 kmph. But the dealers are not ready to accept it. Seems like I’m stuck with a dude.

    • arun

      @Ravi S Ghosh: why do guys try to act like a hero…..who the hell are you decide that “Dazzler is not a product one would really love :(“. Something may be wrong ur particular piece….so dont blame the whole lot.

  • I feel the handlebar to be little heavy, especially during turns you can feel it falling on the side you are turning and you have to kinda life it back. Anybody else had this issue?

  • sudheer

    sorry the battery complaint is abig problem ETZ -5 BATTERY IN MARKET IS NOT AVAILABE

  • dr. S.D. Puranik

    To surprise nobody has posted reply to my problem of suspension!
    any way iam managing it as i have accustomed to bear the problem!
    :-{NEW THING»
    Select push rubber botton on speedometer console panel is not available in loose! 1 has to buy whole thing costing rs 250/- this is a LOOT coz that silly thing can b easily removed by anybody causing nuisance to owner.

  • Gautham

    Hi friends i’m an ardent fan of Honda (now). I’ll give you a clear picture of which bike is better. I & my friend has both CB Unicorn & Pulsar. CB Unicorn – Better comfort, mileage, durability. Pulsar- Comfort (not upto the mark), mileage (?), durability (not steady). I waited for more than three months for CB Unicorn and at last got the bike. I don’t regret for waiting since it is better than any other bike i have rode and i’m telling you this from my heart. I had CBZ, my friends had Apache and GS150R. We all drove each others bike and came to a conclusion that all of them liked CB Unicorn. CB Unicorn has a uniform weight all around and the jerk is well-balanced even if the bike is in full throttle. We all went for long drive and everyone loved to drive CB Unicorn. Once you pass the third gear you wont feel the engine sound, it’s so smooth, no wear & tear for long-term (Guaranteed). It is trendy too for youth’s and good value for money. I strongly recommend everyone to buy CB Unicorn especially the Pearl Black. There was once this saying that “Honda stays longer than your best friends” i agree to that quote now.

  • Ravinder


    I bought a new dazzler and by reading all the scrap i am affraid how my new dazzler will be..

  • anil

    don’t buy dazzler becoz spares are not available -last one month, iam trying to buy some spares,i think its a failure model and i am trying to sale it.

  • bharath

    @anil … sell to me >>>

  • antony

    Maintainence-free battery means no need to top-up battery frequently with distilled water. This means less work for showroom mechanics during service, but for the customer it means nothing. The lifespan of ordinary battery and maintainence-free battery is the same. Cb Unicorn has 7 Ah battery, but dazzler has only 4 Ah battery. So, battery in dazzler is of lower Amphere, so it will discharge faster. I agree unicorn is good bike, but dazzler is not. Dazzler without kicker is not reliable.

    If we have kickstart, if battery fails, we dont have to run to mechanic immediately, as we can kickstart the bike, so we can continue our work and go to mechanic when we have time. Without kickstart, if battery fails, you have to leave all important work and go first to mechanic to get it fixed. Car owners are obviously richer and have money to spend on mechanic frequently, but can bike owners afford frequent trips to mechanic??

    • I agree with that complete. So far over 6 months, I’ve got 2 such instances of battery being dead, one on the second day of buying the bike.

      Secondly, I have had tremendous problems with mileage. I have been getting 40 kmpl or less. Went to service center at least 20 times. Finally, complained in Honda website and they asked to give the bike to the service center. They have done something but not sure whether the issue is fixed. I’m testing the mileage now.

  • Keyur

    Hey Dazzler lovers please help me in suggesting what should be the even speed for a new Dazzler for its first 1000 km, What will be the maximum speed of my bike for first 1000 km??

  • ninad

    40kmzph.. max 45 dnt race it much or pull it racing unevenly in between till 2500-3000 kmz keep it n slowly slowly raise speed to 50-60..80…. till 10k try max upto 80 n c u once d engine get properly adjusted wid riding n all.. it wuld surely reply u wid good avg nearby 50+ try mainting it well wil proper oiling n all gd tc happie riding

  • antony

    Honda dazzler production has stopped. Nobody knows why. Since Aug 2011, dazzler is not available in showrooms. Next batch of dazzler expected in 2012 only. Anyway, without kickstart, dazzler was not selling. Maybe new dazzler will get kickstart.

    • rahul

      is that true that dazzler has stopped being produced…. i cant belive it how did u come to know about it…

    • Faisal

      Rahul, no its not true. Its a rumour.

  • friend ,, i want to know mileage and cost of this bike…Can you send me???

  • Manoj:

    I’m getting a mileage of 40 kmpl despite of multiple repairs they performed to improve mileage. They claim the mileage to be 60 kmpl.

    Also, the so called maintenance-free battery stopped working 3 times in last 1 year and since there is no kick, you have to push the bike to start it.

    Price is Rs 77000 on road Bangalore.

  • ashwin

    where it hide dis many days

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