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Tuned TVS Apache Hits 100 In 6 Seconds

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One of the most under estimated engine on Indian roads is the one present in the Apache bikes by TVS. Alternatively one could even call it a gem of an engine. The engineering that has gone into this unit is almost biblical. The same version of the engine, also used in the Fiero bikes, has been used for racing all around India, in various competitions such as dirt, enduro and road / track racing by TVS. The real secret behind this engine is its origin, designed in Japan by Suzuki, tried and tested to its limit for over 15 years in India, and now on the roads giving all the bigger bikes a run for their money. Unlike the R15 engine, the Apache engine is not a smaller version of something bigger, it is what it is, it has been raced and tested just like it is, specifically in India, and has evolved step by step, ignition by ignition. So what is the practical benefit of such an engine? Well, as long as you change the oil, clean the filter and decarbonize it once in a while, the engine could last a lifetime without any parts replacement or renewal, no matter how hard it is ridden, another thing is that you could tune this engine to produce unbeatable specifications while it being reliable and fuel efficient at the same time.

I’ve included a picture of a modified RTR 160, worked on by 10Ten racing based in Bangalore. This machine has been highly tuned to produce in excess of 25bhp and features an actual 0-100 kmph time of under 6 seconds, 5.8 to be exact. Just one example of the many thousands of Apache’s tuned to the next level. The engine is pretty much stock on the outside, but on the inside, it has seen a lot of improvements, a few of which are kept as a closely guarded secret, it has won almost all of the competitions it has been entered into, its tuner,  Joel Joseph literally swears by the engine and personally claims that the quality of components used is better than bikes like the R15 and Karizma. In fact he mentioned that for tuning and racing purposes, he would any day choose the Apache engine over the R15 or Karizma, both of which have been tuned by him to almost unbelievable specs ( 165cc R15 with 23bhp and 260cc Karizma with over 30bhp). With an engine made of such strong components, it is literally bulletproof, meaning that, as long as it is run in with proper care, it could live off the race tracks for the rest of its life, being revved hard for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The Apache 150 can be upgraded to a custom 186cc set-up which will make it produce a good 20bhp. The rideability and reliability will be better than a the stock RTR 180. The engine will be completely reworked to offer class leading performance. A few examples are already doing the rounds on the roads and they have clocked more mileage than a stock engine with sure-shot reliability. The amazing aspect is the fuel efficiency which will be similar to the stock engine despite offering such levels of performance. The modifications include, a new fully tweaked head with altered port geometry, increased compression and improving combustion efficiency by optimizing the engine, custom cylinder block bore with racing high compression piston, larger CV carburettor with jetting, tuned free flow exhaust for better performance and lesser weight, ignition change, modified intake tract and a new mild profile camshaft For best results a K&N filter is also added to gain better intake velocity. This is the ultimate set-up an Apache/Fiero will ever need for maximum performance and reliability. The engine can be pushed even further but this will decrease mileage. Extreme modifications are done only to bikes tuned for racing and are not suitable for daily use.

Joel also offers tuning of stock Apache bikes, here is a listing of the changes that could be made to the Apache 150 with the already achieved results. For more information on such mods, contact Joel at

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  • prabhat

    was this a advertisement for JOEL ?? if the engine is such a reliable and perfect and can be pushed so high without hampering the fuel efficiency or rather making it more , then why the engineers who actually made this engine are sleeping ? why they are under Bajaj for performance (220), reliability from Hero-Honda, and handling from Yamaha (R15, F16).. 0 – 100 under 6 sec that’s really quick, hope its true ,hope they increase the top speed too. and also hope the secret from JOEL be unveiled by the TVS and then to the customers. TVS should stop making bikes like 150, 160, 180 just increasing the displacement and 2bhp per bike. all Apache looks the same . they should stop copying from Bajaj, they should follow Yamaha. If TVS is such a good bike then they should not limit the bike proper quality only on racing track, it should be transferred to the production bikes too. They should not just make bike they should make benchmarks, and make others follow..

    • hey there i’m an automobile engineering student, the above thing is possible in an rtr but that much power is not permitted for Indian commuter bike segment as per the emission and tax rules. the engineers from tvs are not sleeping they are actually restricted to do less. you can ask that how i know this surely. the reason is i got an rtr 180 which is modified by me itself. it can do 0-100 in 12.3 secs and reach up to a top speed of 143km/hr effortlessly i just installed a K&N air filter and an modified exhaust(free flow). i squire its possible and please don’t comment if u dont know any thing prabhat.

    • soumo

      I saw this just today and as a ownerof SUZUKI FIERO from 2000 I just had to reply…. Prabhat you are right on your comment on the TVS engineers….they are sleeping. The engine is a gem – I have done over 125000 kms and still going strong. With GPS race details, I do 0-60 in abt 7 secs on road in traffic, and 0-100 in abt 12 – but this is untunes, regularly serviced stock engine. A better drag rider may get a few seconds less on these numbers. I cruise at 80-90 and no vibration, no noise, no hiccups, smooth pulling….thats the beauty of this engine. Bike easily does Pune Mumbai, matheran with pillion and luggage (u know the steep climbs after karjat to daturi naka)

      Next – the handling is a beauty, I had a front tyre puncture while doing abt 80-85 on Pune Mumbai highway, and could control the bike somewhat to minimise damage due to the fall….thats saying a lot for a 150 cc bike! Yams or others (honda 100-125 cc does not even qualify in this discussion) have not provided so much control under such extreme conditions, my biking friends own these brands too, and have had bad falls.

      Average is steady for the past 12 years at 48-52. I mean Steady – no fluctuation even after so many years. No repairs required ever for the engine. Frame/Chasis has not rusted at all. Every detail is as good as new – just required a rub-down and fresh coat of paint.

      Thats the bike, which is being killed by the sleepy engineers at TVS. This bike could be a flagship model for TVS bu they let it die. The TVS guys are good at engineering, but equally bad at packaging and marketing their good bikes. So brand value is low, demand is low, numbers are low, status among young is low, the bike dies a premature dealth. Only a few like me hold on to the gem and enjoy the ride.
      i just did a Kharghar – Murud ride and it was awsome again – pulling from 70 to 90 in 4th for overtaking, and if you need grunt, just slot into 3rd – the hot engine is on adrelenine…….just reminds me – the gear slotting is precise even after 125000 kms…..never needed any repairs. no false neutrals…But again – desperately needs a 5th after 80kmph speeds….thats a major lacking of the bike.

      One more feather in Fiero’s cap is it is still the most desired and largest winning bike in RACES all over South India.

      So u see, u r right. The engineers are sleeping.

    • Kiran

      One fellow rider commented above yamaha and honda will not be even qualified for refinement and handling benchmarks…thats absolutely rubbish..recheck and do comment..and please note you are comparing 150cc with 25cc lesser ones..yet honda 125’s outrun any other 125 or slightly above ones in terms of reliability and refinement with comfort handling.just that they have a mild state of tune for better mileage and easy cruising without much gear shifts. They are all from the glorious unicorn’s family. Build quality and advancement in technology is not something easy to create..ride safe..

    • Katr665

      i get 0 to 60 Km per hr in my rtr at 5.2 Secs . So jst shut up and stop blaming tvs engineers . They are making commuter vehicles that can be used as race bikes also . Not lyk r15 , That can only be used as a sport vehicl. . .

  • Arun

    Prabhat, This isnt an advertisement for Joel, this is to show an example of the true nature of the Apache engine, the reason why TVS is a bit behind on the engine is that they tune it to meet certain criteria put forward by the regulators, it seems that a certain class of engine can only have a specified maximum output which is why the Yamaha R15 produces just 17Ps when in Europe the same bike produces well around 21Ps.. Also with more power, bigger brakes, bigger suspension and stronger frame is required which would make the bikes much more expensive than the rivals…

  • racerboy

    dude prabhat – You dont need to get personal with any manufacturer. This was not something to show who is better than the other. This is very clearly an article which showcases a tuned race bike from Joel, and not some TVS built stuff. How is this an advertisement? Its a feature man and looks like you are a great bajaj fan. The pulsar is a lousy ass bike. This bike has no development from TVS, its an individual attempt. Why the hell are you trying to compare TVS to a handbuilt race bike by a privateer? get your facts right man.

  • rajat singh chauhan

    prabhat…i think sorry i dont think m sure dat u dnt knw anything about mods…company launches bike keeping in mind d demand of customers as out of 10 thr wil be 2 who would ask for performance…joel mods r top in india at best price for a middle class enthusiast to avail dose racing parts in his/her bike..and for ur info let me tel u no company is copying anything frm any one..and lety me remind u its RTR who gave d rear disk first which was later given by bajaj in p220 fi,,den d clip on handles, grab rails.digi spdo..led tail lamps wch othrs r still struggling for. stroke may b less but d bore is enough to make it rock…and rule over d pulsar…

  • Arun Jose

    Does joel tunes royal enfield bullets??

  • Ravi

    What! Karizma over 30 bhp, wow thats on par with ninja 250 and better than CBR 250.

    • Ravi, reliability of the 30 HP Karizma is not known.

  • Akash

    30 bhp karizma…….. Engine will MELT ra babu… :P

  • Akash

    noooo…….. this is a track bike built by TVS Racing….

    Faisal please ask tvs people for bigger bikes…

  • maddy

    anyone there to help me in modifying me apache rtr160??
    i have installed k&n,changed the carb to 180 and altered it and little mods in head too..
    changed stock exhaust to free is 3 yrs old bike,gives me a top of around 130-135kmph..
    can it be modified more to give me even more top speed??
    pls help me…waiting for the reply….
    thanks in advance….

    • Maddy, yes it can but you will be trading in reliability.

    • maddy

      can u suggest some more mods for me pls??i live in chennai..

  • maddy

    and i also changed my front and rear tires to demon pirelli sport,rear tire size 110.
    pls let me know wht should be done to increase my bike top speed…and what to know about big bore..
    whether will it increase my bike top end??if so,pls let me know the cost of it pls…
    my email id is

  • Vishnu

    got an apache,stock and i thniks it can do 0-100 in less than 11 sec.actually its running lean,
    gonna build a custom exhaust.later porting head and cold air intake with electric turbo. Hows that?

    • Vishnu, possible but compromise on mileage almost certain.

  • gaurav dev

    My Apache RTR 160 2010 model is getting top speed of 115 only after giving a full pump on all the gears and rear tyre is fitted with 120 and mileage is too low no modification with engine and the service is time to time.What to do?

  • tikboy

    i have an apache rtr 150. the old one but its great. its been 3 months already. i can do 0-60 in just 4.8 sec and have a top speed of 146? unbelievable? even i, i cant believe i just did it. i ddn’t do anything to my bike. i just ride and run.

  • Katr665

    Prabhat . Man just dont tell things . If arnt sure about these stuffs . Im a mechanical engineer . Nd i own rtr 180 Modified myself . .with triple electrode spark plugs,synthetic oil,k&n filter and tried the shortest time test on my bike . For 0 to 60 Km per hr . I gt a stunning 5.2 Sec on my bike . Im sure a better rider than me an get even lesser

  • shahul

    very well written feature..only true enthusiastics will grasp what has been said…and other fanboys will just bark and run…

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