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Day 5 With The Figo – Lazy Friday

RRRRRRrrriiiiiing…seems like explosions in my head, i try to figure out whats happening but soon realize its the alarm clock. Snooze…… Snooze …. Snooze and finally I roll out of bed with fading memories of the drive last night, seems like a distant dream now. Its Friday and we are looking forward to the weekend, finally a couple to days to unwind with friends.

Heading to work there is unexpectedly much more traffic than usual. The Figo’s light steering enables us to cut through it like a knife in butter. We travel through the same road we drove last night and it looks a wee bit different during the day. It was overcast and the cloud cover looked beautiful.

Heading home after work, we stopover at the mall for some shopping.

A word of caution, avoid taking your wife or girlfriend for a shopping expedition in the Figo, its a sure shot formula to bankruptcy considering the boot can accommodate shopping bags worth your annual income.

We dint do justice to the boot space by the looks of it. We are now heading to catch up with a few friends who are waiting to check out the Figo one on one. We will keep you posted on what they feel about this machine.

Todays Question – If you had to pick up a Figo, which colour would it be and why?

Get writing, the competition closes at midnight on 31st July.

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  • Jijo

    Ofcourse white color. White looks nice, i can add black alloys and white rejects heat as well.


  • dr ashish shinde

    colour colour which colour do u want?….
    i remember the game which v used to play as kids but ya i think abt it once again to play but this ime to select the colour for figo as it appears to have lots of attractive colour options out there bu ya again my fav will like to go in for white for sure

  • Masumi

    i would choose,green
    for reasons…
    green looks hot…know green mirchi…teekha
    green for green revolution…as figo is bringing colour revolution with bright colours..
    and above all its my fav colour too..
    so go green ..go FIGO

  • sanah

    It has to be black. Henry ford has said “a car can be in any colour as long as its black”. i’ll go with him on this.

  • Nagesh

    Looks like th Figo is a prefect companion for the weekends as well as for the office. I like cars with big boots, specially hatchbacks, saves me the pain of getting a saloon, spending less and getting more.

    What I notice that traffic or not, the car should be so that you love it in both the conditions because rarely will you always having free roads to enjoy the cool breeze and drive the way you like. This is where diesel makes sense and saves alot of fuel for all of us.

  • Neeha

    Weekends is the perfect time to realise why a big boot is important. My earlier car Zen had a small boot so I used to stuff out everything on the rear bench, but when I had to take friends along I realised why you need rear space as well as a big boot. All that said I feel one should look for a car with good driving dynamics, features, safety and most importantly decent space all around.

  • Sharan Peddi

    Better late than never, I missed the action on day five as my friends dragged me for a weekend party.
    I am a great lover of art, in many forms: paintings, objects, textiles. I don’t have the talent for painting, but I have a very good sense of colour, a love of visual beauty.
    I will choose Red Ford Figo which personifies fresh & peppy feel of the car, Red also goes well with the interiors that are thoughtfully designed.

    Now, thinking of Red I am ready to Get Set Go with Ford Figo..!!

  • lalit

    my figo has to be red..

  • Nidhi

    i’ve bought myself a WHITE FIGO..
    got it fitted with WHITE colored 14″ 6 spoke Star alloy rims ;)
    it makes my car look even bigger and more amazing altogether :D

    there r many reasons for doing so..
    RED is too flashy
    BLACK gets dirty and muddy really fast
    SQUEEZE is so eye blasting that its a head turner.. but in shock!
    and the other 2 colours were not available when i bought it as i got one of the very first figo’s on road :D

  • karan kapoor

    palm beach road is an awaesome place to drive. i will go for black as it has some status. all vip cars are black.

  • Wajahat

    The colour has to be red. i love red and live red. i am big ferrari fan and red is what i do. The figo looks red hot in that colour and red creates an aura of spotiness around it. thats why red for me. i even use eveready batteries as its tag line is ‘gimme red’

  • venkatesh

    white for sure.. with black sport stripes.. alloys.. not a green again..

    reason : white is the color i love the most.. the beauty that gives a pleasant smile whenever i see her.. it gets dirty easily.. i love that too.. i can maintain the car well and will know that my car needs a bath.. hides me from the scratches from people who doesnt know what a car means to a man. :(
    the other reasons include that light color matches well with the interior of figo.. try it..

  • faraz

    I personally think that green would look best on FIGO as the its very soothing since green is the colour of the nature itself.When ur on the wild it helps to blend in the atmosphere and looks cool too and when your in a rock’in mood its hot like a mirchi.And besides

    “GO GREEN”

    is the funda these days

  • Neeha

    I think Matt Black paint would look really hot on the Figo with black alloys.

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