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KTM Avatar Launch This Year

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The upcoming KTM Avatar (the 125cc street bike) will be launched in India by the end of this year and will be manufactured at Bajaj Auto’s Chakan facility. However the most interesting aspect of this Duke is that it will feature more power for Indian customers. Yes, KTM plans to launch the 125cc machine with close to 20PS of power, whereas the international variant will make do with just 15PS. Later on, more powerful engines will make its way into the Avatar. The said engines will also find their way in the all new Pulsar which debuts early next year

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  • Pulsarboy

    Will it be street legal with 20 ps for 125cc?? don’t think so.. that’s the reason why R15 makes 17ps.. as far as I know!! in other markets R15 makes 21ps with the same engine..

  • Jav

    Yes it will be street legal. R15 makes 17PS as Yamaha has not tuned it intentionally keeping emission norms and mileage in mind. The KTM will need to comply to emission norms and the rest doesn’t matter whether its 20PS or 30PS!!

  • Anirudh

    Pulsarboy needs his knowledge brushed up ;). There r bikes that make even more power n all r street legal.
    This is gonna be interesting. Its a smart move to share the engine with the pulsars coz it will keep the costs low. Just hope they dont share the instruments too coz that will be bad.

  • Pulsarboy

    @Anirudh.. first go and brushup yours.. according to Indian regulation.. 150cc machines can’t make more than 17ps.. to be street legal.. that’s the reason why performance kits of Yamaha are not street legal. This news doesn’t mention any, I guess it’s just plain speculation..

  • shera

    plz upload bike modification places and kits and price as modifier,,,,

  • Anirudh

    @Pulsarboy.. The performance kits of Yamaha are not street legal because with them the FZ does not meet the regulations for noise and pollution. Thats the only reason mate.

  • AK

    @ pulsarboy: he’s right,

    the article in motoroid quoted that the rule applies only in europe n not in India, however the power might be restricted to adhere to the pollution norms here..
    Plus a bigger bajaj-KTM engine based on 125cc avatar will soon be launched in India…
    @ Az…. u really have nthin else to do,,,, do u??

  • Eddie

    Anirudh knows nothing about bikes but behaves lyk a pundit,there’s a saying… empty vessel sounds much… I agree with pulserboy.. a 125 cc bike can not b street legal in india which produces 20 break horse power… the rule in india is a 125 cc bike can only produces 14 hroses, a 250 cc bike can only produce 28 horses in india.. now u wud argue dat y is ninja runnin in india which produces 33 ps? for every1’s kind information, I must enlighten evry1 dat its kawasaki bajaj ninja.. it is launched in colaboration with bajaj in india.. and if u check the real price on dis deamon in world market, it costs Rs.1,81,000/-.. so indian customers are paying no less than Rs.100000/- to govt.the same can b done with ktm avatar,but only if indian customers r willing 2 pay that extra penny 2 d govt. 4 nothing, or i might add, just for a 125 cc bike.. I must confess dat avatar lux like a dream!!! But the handling of ninja is nuthing better than r15 and i can say that cuz i own 1 of each… the chassis of r15 is gud enuf 2 handle @ speeds higher than 170! but trust me ninja dos’nt give as much confidence @140 as much as r15 does.. hope u get the message that every costly thing is not better.. lets c if avatar can compete with yamaha r125 in terms of handling at high speed…

  • Eddie

    I think pulsaboy is a very modest knowledgeable person who also carries humility with him… cuz wateva info he gave, is unarguably right!! yes r15 has been restricted to 17 ps in india whereas it produces 21 ps outside india becoz of rules in india claims that a 150 cc bike can’nt produce more than 18 ps.. that is the reason y the upcoming ninja 650r will b launched in india which will have pre-installed C.K.D kit (Complete Knock Down kit) from Thailand which will produce about 71 ps and 66 nm of torque,which satisfies the bhp norms of india unlike its 250 version sibling… thats y its price will as low as Rs.5ooooo/-

  • Eddie

    u can even bring a ducati 1098 in india @ close to Rs.17 lakhs whereas its original price is close to Rs.8 lakhs in world market.. but u’re gon have 2 pay 110 percent extra of the original price to the government of india.. A guy near my place in behala,kolkata, rides a yamaha yzf r1 which sounds, lux, and runs like a dream,which cost him near abt Rs.14 lakh or so as i have herd, whereas the real price of it is close to Rs.6 lakh out of india, now m sure u all know the reason y!!!

  • Tata Fan Boy

    @All the knowledgeable people here –

    Please visit the following links for specifications before blatantly criticizing the Indian RTO and Yamaha India.
    Notice the : Potencia Máxima 16.0 Hp a 8500 rpm?

    Now if the R15 is runnin a bumped up motor.. shouldn;t te FZ too have the same; where sold outside Indiyeah!
    Potencia Máxima 13.7 PSa7500 r/min

  • Eddie

    Hahahahaha!!! Tatafanboy, u know what, u tok nonsense… Your english dos’nt make any diference with the website u posted… your english is quite similar 2 the language in the website… Try n b clear wat u wanna say, get the memo lol? but still i wud like 2 answer wateva i can make out of your english… Fz 16 and fazer r commuter and tourer bikes respectively though both of them hardly make any difrence, how can u expect more power from a tourer or commuter bike? … R-15 is sports bike which falls in a difrent category altogether…

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