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Yamaha R15 With Performance Kit Pictures

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Yamaha India had launched an insanely expensive racing kit for the R15 last year. 91% of Motorbeam readers had voted the performance parts to be overpriced (more details here). We had a chance to checkout the racing kit on the Yamaha R15 and the lack of street legality makes us wonder the practicality of these kits. Yes these kits will help propel the R15 to 100 kmph in less than 10 seconds and on to a top speed of 150 kmph but there is a tuner in Bangalore who makes similar stuff with more features at half the price. We will talk about that later, till then you can drool over the R15 fitted with performance parts and make sure you watch the video right at the end of this post.









[youtube: 540 375]

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  • Ivin

    the disc is stock……

  • Prabhat

    There are nine pictures but except the muffler I couldn’t notice any performance kit which can make it go 150 kmph and 0 -100 less then 10 sec

  • Rahul Reddy

    i just planed to buy a bike and went for 2 month of survey on indian bikes .. my options was among ever green Karizma , ZMR, pulsar 220, pulsar 180, R15, tvs apache rtr 180.. dude believe me i took 2 months to survey .. first lemme tell about me I’m 6’1 hight, perfect body with 80 Kg weight n 23 yr old .. in my friends except R15 we do have all the bikes ..this the true review lets go one by one. Before going one by one let me tell u one more thing ofter my 1 month of research i book Karisma first (note: befor i book karisma i didnt test drive R15 ) later on one day i jst went to see R15 and went for test drive guys believe me bike was realy awsome gr8 performance with sports feel while u drive the bike. ofter tht i did 1 month survey on the R15 . i asked more thn 100 R15 owners. yes, its true, when ever i see R15 on road i just overtake R15 n asked him to stop n introduced my self n start asking abt R15 got 100% (+ve) review frm owners .. bike was consistance even it was 2 yrs old bike, it had same performance n milage as the new bike. then ofter all thngs i canceled karisma and book R15 , currently my bike was 5 months old bike, guys trust me im enjoying every second of my bike drive
    guys for any further information plz dont mind to ping at my FaceBook my link is::

    NOTE::: I’m not lover any particular bike all i see is performance and consistence

    according to my research on indian bikes

    1) karizma:: ths bike is every greeen bike but u can find many bikes on roads and old technology // milage –> 35

    2)ZMR:: ths bike came to over cme few thngs in kariza but it dnt have goog look from back side and engine get over heat even it is liquid cool engine // milage –> 36

    3)pulsar 220:: ths bike got gr8 performance but old technology , ofter few months bike doesnt perform as that perform when it is new, engine sounds, heavy maintainces // milage –> 30

    4)pulsar180:: this bike cme with good looks with old pular200 body , but engine was again the same as 220 , doesnt perform as the tht perform whn it was new , engine sounds , heavy maintainces // milage –> 38-40

    5)tvs apache rtr 180:: well even ths bike has gr8 performance but bike doesnt have consistence in performance and fuel economy and not gr8 sports looking bike // milage –> 35-40

    6)yamaha R15::well this bike had gr8 performance with new technologys consistence in performance n milage, true sports look n sports feel whn u drive it , had gr8 handling at any speed , solid grip, .. // milage –> 39-40

  • David Johnson

    This is great.I think im one of the only people in the states to have a r15 so its been extremely hard finding parts.Once i find the necessary parts i need like two mirrors a shifter assembly i would love to upgrade my bike i need those parts first.Can anyone help?It is an 08.

    • Faisal

      David, which state are you in that there are no parts availability for the Yamaha R15?

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