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Maruti SX4 Diesel Review

Maruti SX4 Diesel – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Maruti Suzuki is set to launch the SX4 Diesel by the end of February. We got our hands on the soon to be launched SX4 and took a short drive to see how the diesel engine fares in the SX4. The Maruti SX4 Diesel features the same 1.3 liter Multijet motor found in the Fiat Linea and the Tata Indigo Manza. The SX4 Diesel, when viewed from far won’t give you any hint about its diesel nature (except the diesel noise, which can be heard in the video at the end of this post). On the exterior everything on the SX4 Diesel is similar to the petrol SX4 except the DDIS and ZDI badges.


The Multijet engine has been neatly packed under the hood of the SX4 Diesel. This car is roughly 70kgs lighter than the Linea Diesel which makes the car slightly more quick to respond due to a slightly better power to weight ratio. In short, its the same recipe which flavours the Linea, but we are pretty sure the Sx4 will do better numbers than its Fiat counterpart. In the same tune of 90bhp, the SX4 has good low end torque and responds to the input of the accelerator once the turbo spools up completely at around 1900Rpm. Power delivery is linear and you won’t feel a significant kick like you do in the Swift Diesel. Turbo lag is present at lower RPMs but once you work in the turbo band, the SX4 diesel is quick. The car feels quite peppy considering a 1248cc engine is lugging this beast. Maruti Suzuki has hit the right mark with a good balance between power and fuel economy.


The Diesel SX4’s Multijet engine cleanly revs all the way upto 5000 Rpm. For those who think the car is too big to be powered by a meager 1.3 litre engine, you are clearly wrong.


The interior gets beige colour and the fabric quality felt marginally better too.


Pricing is not out yet but expect Maruti to price it competitively considering the dwindling sales of the petrol version. Stay tuned. We will update you with more from the launch.

[youtube: 540 375]

[youtube: 540 375]

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  • Ramakrishnan

    1.3 Engine is not enough for this car ( I think so ) at least 1.5 give best performance.

  • Rakesh

    Excellent scoop guys, really an exclusive. The SX4 looks good with the DDIS motor. Now average of 18kmpl will help sales.

  • pritam

    i did not even know sx4 was comin in diesel. looks good

  • rajat

    This engine will do an awesome job in sx4, because Linea is decent to drive so maruti = lighter = faster = better efficiency. Nice scoop, diesel noise sounds more than fiat.

  • robinyates

    the car looks good and with the latest diesel engine will get excellent mpg.Remember that a diesel engine is different to a petrol. You must not expect high revs,use the rev counter and let the diesel torque work for you

  • vikas

    Nobody really cares about power but economy is what matters and that will make the SX4 sell infront of the honda city.

  • rash

    Smaller wheels and narrower tyres would have helped the puny engine to run faster and more efficiently.

  • Dhody

    The fiat linea seems to be better damped. Maruti is never that good with NVH, be it diesel or petrol.

  • babu

    maruti cheating my expections, the center consol like old one, n 1.3 mjd sx4 vs 1.6 v v is better, linea launch 1.6 mjd very soon

  • vikas

    i just inquired bookings have started for the sx4 diesel.

  • brandon

    Dear Tester, I was pleased to find that this was one of the first reviews on the Diesel SX4, but am doubting your knowledge on cars

    You are revving a Diesel to redline, when the engine is cold and fuel is low. Do you understand the effect it can have on the car

    Kudos and God Bless

    • fas

      Brandon, that is a test drive car, it is meant to be driven thay way. The reason it was revved to see how high an RPM does it touch. Also revving in neutral has no effect on the engine.

  • pritam

    brandon, this is the way to test cars. besides under scoop conditions, dont excpect a full tank of gas and a hot engine.

  • lalit

    if i am not mistaken, this is inside maruti stockyard in gurgoan, i have been to this place. how did u manage to drive the car man, nobody is even allowed inside here

  • surprise and hats off for stealing Fiat technology just as they did it from GM for 1.3 multijet without paying royalty ,now they have sucessfully stolen 1.3 90 bhp whats fiat and Tata not doing anything about
    .After 2011 Suzuki will steal VW engine technology and frame designs and then give up or buy back VW shares just as they did in GM collaboration
    Osamu Suzuki should be given master theif award in India

  • Impressive Fas… Coolio Good job.

  • Opendro

    sgree, can you substantiate you claim of FIAT stealing multijet from GM? I do know that FIAT had to sell common rail technology to Bosch and I also know that GM and Suzuki were also part of the multijet research. Beyond that you seem to be simply barking. Or prove me wrong.

  • rakesh

    The SX4 diesel might be too late as the new verna is also cumin wid i20 engine

  • Pritish

    i heard the new swift will launch on 15th march is it true

    • fas

      Pritish, where did you hear that?

  • prashanth

    dude….is it true??????

  • B S Kumar

    The car used in the TV ad. of the SX4 diesel is in fact, the petrol version. I wonder why some people have to play these cheap games – especially the ad. agencies handling such a big client. Check it out on YouTube – pause where the tachometer is shown – redline at 6500rpm! Clearly that is the petrol version’s tachometer, not the diesel’s. That means the petrol version is the one with all the excitement!


  • crazy wheels

    The 1.3 l multijet diesel is the best diesel engine now available in India. because this 1.3 l mill has more power than the other 1.5 l diesel engines. It has more power than the 1.5 l renault engine, 1.5 l ford diesel, 1.2 l 3 cylinder WW engine adn 1.0 l beat engine.
    The same engine 90 hp does decent performance in Ertiga.

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