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2012 Tata Indica Vista Test Drive Review

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2012 Indica Vista Review

2012 Tata Indica Vista – Click above for picture gallery

Car tested: 2012 Tata Indica Vista ZX Quadrajet

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 6,91,237/-

Tata Motors unveiled the Indica Vista for the first time at the 2008 Auto Expo. Since then, alot has changed and new competitors have emerged in the competitive hatchback segment. The Vista has received a much needed facelift to keep it fresh amongst new rivals. The company has not done drastic changes on the Indica Vista, but subtle ones, which have been done after factoring in feedback from existing customers. With the new India Vista, Tata Motors’ expects sales to rise by 20-22% and feels that the LX and VX variant will be the most popular one. With 4 engines on offer across 4 variants, we find out if the Vista is a worthy hatchback amongst global alternatives.

[singlepic id=7161 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Exteriors – One look at the new Indica Vista and you immediately realize the generous addition of chrome on the car. The front is very reminiscent of the Indigo Manza and has been done intentionally. The company wants people to associate the Vista with the Manza, rather then with the Indica. The new three barrel headlamps and chrome grille go along well on the new Vista. Chrome has been added to the side as well, along with the addition of new 14-inch alloy wheels. The rear gets a pearl black finish strip, along with changes in font size for the TATA and Indica Vista logo. Overall, the design of the Indica Vista remains very similar to the old model, with slight changes to keep things looking fresh. The company is offering the new Vista with two new colours – yellow (from the Indica Sport at the Auto Expo) and blue.

[singlepic id=7165 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Interiors – Step inside the new Indica Vista and the first thing you realize is the sahara beige interiors. The doors too have been modified to be easy to open and close. The center console has been carried over from the Manza and the steering wheel now sports audio controls. Addition of features on the new Vista has been done to offer value to buyers and thus the new Vista now sports dual airbags, ABS, Blue 5 (BlueTooth system), electrically operated outside rear view mirrors, 2-way adjustable lumbar support and the likes. The good thing though is, that some of the features of the top end ZX model are being offered on the lower variants as well. For instance, the rear wiper is now called intelligent, because it automatically switches on (if the fronts are on), when you put the car in reverse.

[singlepic id=7151 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The Indica Vista has excellent space and thus the company has given the new car the tagline – Sedan Class. Interior room is one of the best in the segment and the driver as well as co-passengers will have no issues in stretching out in the new Vista. However, this has led to a slightly compromise in boot space, which although is 232-liters, appears to be less due to the hump on both sides from the wheel arch. However, the rear seats have split folding function. Seats are comfortable and the quality has improved significantly. The switches feel a tad heavy to operate, while the buttons on the steering wheel are molded inside the steering, rather than on it, makes getting used to. The centrally mounted instrument cluster is not something we liked, and is quite distracting to say the least. Overall, one of the foremost reason for buying the Indica Vista would be the space it offers and it does it in abundance.

[singlepic id=7169 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Ride, Handling and Braking – Tata Motors’ engineers have improved the handling of the new Indica Vista. Earlier there was alot of body roll, but now the Vista corners with new found confidence. Steering feel too has improved significantly but high speed stability still remains alot to be desired from. Braking is good and the ABS works well. However the weight of the car becomes very apparent during braking. The company is working on reducing the weight of its cars in the near future. The foot well is very cramped and there is no dead pedal. Ride quality of the Indica has never been an issue and the new Vista continues with this trend. The suspension absorbs most bumps and rarely do you feel the terrible condition of our cratered roads.

[singlepic id=7147 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Performance – Tata Motors’ offers four engines on the new Vista range. The 1.2-liter Safire 65, 1.4-liter Safire 90, 1.4-liter TDi and 1.4-liter Quadrajet. Both the petrol engines are not segment leaders, neither in performance, nor in fuel economy. The 1.4-TDi is best opted for if your on a serious budget or want to run your car as a Taxi. We drove the new Vista with the Quadrajet engine and find it to be well suited for the car. Infact the Quadrajet motor is easily the engine of choice for the Vista and excels at its duty.

[singlepic id=7155 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The Quadrajet (don’t be fooled by the name) is nothing but a 1.3-liter Fiat Multijet engine. Producing 75 PS of power at 4000 RPM and 190 Nm of torque at 1750-3000 RPM, the Quadrajet motor has very good performance and will easily revv to 5000 RPM should you please. Driving in the city is a breeze and the engine is tuned for driveabilty. Turbo lag has been minimized but not absent. The Indica Vista will easily do 150 kmph with this engine and returns a mileage of 22.3 kmpl (ARAI figures). The clutch is light and the gearbox is relatively smooth and easy to operate. NVH levels are very good and engine noise has been suppressed to quite an extent.

[singlepic id=7140 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Conclusion – Tata Motors has given the Vista a mild makeover to ensure it continues to sell decent numbers every month. The Vista had some minor niggling issues which seem to have been sorted now. This makes the new Vista easier to live with. Furthermore, the new Vista now gets new features which make it an attractive option for those who look at space and value for money. The quality has been improved as well and the rough edges of the old Vista have been addressed to a large extent. With prices set to be very competitive, the new Vista indeed offers more car per car.

[singlepic id=7158 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Whats Cool

* Space
* Value for money
* Features across variants
* Improvement in quality

Whats Not So Cool

* Petrol engines not the most fuel efficient
* High speed stability
* Centrally mounted instrument cluster

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  • Very nice review. Overall rating of 4+ looks good for the vehicle. Lets hope that it will sell more than its previous version.

    • sankaran

      hi guys why no one suggested tata vista vx abs diesel version basically peoples are looking appearence only they are not thinking about the machine it is a amazing car think think before purchase a new car diesel varient give the option for indian make pls forward the good msg from u people

  • ramesh

    you are very fast in the reviews, nice….

    • fas

      Thanks Ramesh.

  • raj

    Vehicle will sell in good numbers, specially coz it looks premium now…

  • great car… but still the dashboard on center. @tatamotors y dont you share the centerconsole with manza??

    • fas

      Rakesh, that is what everyone said to Tata engineers at the media briefing.

  • Harshad

    Any improvement in the interior plastic quality, like there was a significant improvement in the Swift?

    • fas

      Harshad, there is some improvement but still not upto what the i20/Polo offers.

  • ramesh

    hi. FAS
    you are answering to every coment. really nice and keep it up

    • fas

      Thanks Ramesh :)

    • hi bro i booked vista(QD) sedan class is this correct choice i am not so much impressed of swift i think tata motors are improving day by day.i like the fit and finish and the quality of cabin,and also the power of engine. please tell me ur suggestion

    • faisal

      Loganand, yes the Vista is an excellent car and the recent refresh makes it all the more tempting to buy.

  • himesh

    the front looks way too mature for a hatchback. overall car looks smashing though

  • Navjot

    Last pic i.e backside of Vista. One can see Bumper lining at the bottom of bumper showing poor quality of vista. This is common in Manza too !!

  • Ramachandran

    Kindly provide compare between new Vista and New Swift ( Diesel ). which is good?

    • fas

      Ramachandran, the new Swift is good if you like driving. If you need space, the Vista is the car to buy.

  • Ramachandran


    Thank you very much.

    • fas

      Ramachandran, your most welcome.

  • Jayakrishnan

    Hi, Howz the High speed stability ????

    • fas

      Jayakrishnan, high speed stability has improved but still needs improvement. Above 120 kmph, vibrations present.

  • ashish

    i think the old vista looked way better without all that chromey jazz

  • himesh

    correct that instrument cluster plz, thank u

  • Harendrasinh

    Hi friends,
    Which is best choice for diesel cars,new swift diesel or new vista diesel within price upto 5.5 lakhs

    • fas

      Depends on what you are looking for? Space or handling?

  • shreyas

    give it a nice design and it will totally rock

  • Venkatesh

    Ford Figo Zxi or Indica Vista,which is the best choice fas.

    i don’t have much idea ,this is my first car ,Order of my preference are good performance,low maintanance ,VFM and then look .

    • Faisal

      Venkatesh, I would suggest the Ford Figo.

  • Venkatesh

    Sorry for not mentioning ..i am looking for a diesel car.

  • Samir


    I am very much confused after reading a lot of reviews about new vista sedan class.
    Some says don’t go for TATA vehicles.

    Is it a good choice? as i am opting for a Indica Vista VX (Diesel).

    Please help me..



    • Faisal

      Samir, its a good choice if your looking for a spacious hatchback.

    • rejoy divakaran

      who told like that…..

  • kaushik

    Fas, out of the Honda jazz and the vista quadrajet VX, which do u think is the better choice? i don’t mind whether it’s a petrol or a diesel engine.. all i want is a fun to drive car and huge space.. as both offer gr8 space, i dunno which of these handles and rides better… i also want to know the approximate mileage one can get with the honda jazz…Pls reply…

    • Faisal

      Kaushik, the Honda Jazz has better handling and returns around 12 kmpl in the city. You are comparing two very different cars, though for diesel you should get the Indica and for petrol the Jazz.

    • kaushik

      Oh… tnx for ur reply… :)

    • Faisal

      Kaushik, your welcome ;-)

  • Sujeet

    Hi Faisal,

    I really need your help .I am looking for diesel car within range of 7 lakhs.After all research i am plotting it on toyota liva GD and TATA vista qudrajet,but considering features are more pleaseant in Vista rather than in Liva.I really doubt the perfromance of Vista comparing with Liva,Liva has allmost all the same specifications as of Vista,So i am into dilemma.which one should be preferred..Features like Music sys,fog lamps and fresh look of dashboard are missing in Liva..Is it considerable to invest on them if purchased, because i get them in Vista.Please advice me…

    • Faisal

      Sujeet, Vista much better than Liva. Liva is a Toyota without the quality of the brand.

  • Ramachandran


    Nothing special in Liva. Whereas, Tata Vista is proven vehicle and well equipped. Moreover, Vista engine is similar to that of Swift.i.e both Vista and Swift having Fiat Engine. Moreover running expenses will be lower than Liva. So you may opt for Vista Diesel.

    You may wait for Authentic recommendation from Faizal.

    • Faisal

      Ramachandran, rightly said. The Fiat Multijet motor has low running costs and is very frugal.

  • Sujeet

    Thanks For your reply.Ramachandran

    But how about services and mainatanance of TATA.I got many feedback stating that services of TATA is poor,they often delay in their services.

    • Faisal

      Sujeet, when it comes to service Toyota is very good indeed. Tata service improving though.

  • Ramachandran

    Some places, Tata service is very bad. However, the product is seems to good. Moreover, the product is Value for Money. Spare parts may be cheaper than Liva. You can also gone through the review of Liva in internet. I am not advocating Tata. Wait for Faisal for final advise.

    • Faisal

      Ramachandran, you are right about part pricing but Tata service quality still not upto the mark with service people not as professional as you encounter at a Toyota workshop.

  • Sujeet

    Thanks Faisal and Ramachandran for your valueable feedback.

    last week i drove tata manza qudrajet,it has great power and torque produced at very low time as compared to toyota liva..i was happy with perfromance and pick up of tata manza,vista is the replica of manza in engine specifications.
    I am really happy with your comments.please let me know how about Hyundai i20 diesel CRDI..comparing vista,just as an option..

    • Faisal

      Sujeet, i20 better as an overall package. Excellent quality and very good service from Hyundai.

  • Ramachandran

    Sujeet, kindly check steering column of i20.

  • Arvind


    Hyundai i20 diesel is a much more expensive car when compared to Vista Qjet. I am running a Vista Qjet diesel for 47,000 Kms and so far had none of the problems other than regular servicing costs. From the choices you mentioned i would suggest you to buy Vista Qjet with ABS (Air bags are upto your choice). The ABS fitted car brakes and handles around the corner much better so that you can have fun while driving. Also the 5th gear had been made slightly taller than the previous version of Vista to make highway cruising more economical. The Fiat’s engine is trouble free and it the way better than 8 Valved toyota’s engine or Figo’s engine. You also have the flexibility of fitting a Dragon kit (Diesel tuning kit) over the Vista to make it 100 bhp monster.

  • Rahul

    Hi Faisal,

    Really appreciate your contribution to this link. That is really great.

    I am planning to buy a car. My requirements is just to have a family car. It wont be used very much, hardly 20-30 kms per day. I dont expect very good pickup and high speed. I just want to get a car having low maintenance, is fuel efficient and spacious.

    My budget is @ 6.5 lakhs. Is Indica Vista Sedan a good option for me?

    I am thinking of buying a diesel car.

    Please suggest. I am not aware of the specifications which I should check suiting my requirement. May be you can even suggest some other car if that suits better.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

    • Faisal

      Rahul, the Indica Vista will fit your requirements as the car offers very good space and fuel efficiency. Maintenance is low too and the only alternative is the Etios, which suffers from quality problems.

  • Sumit

    I want to purchase a diesel hatchback and I have shortlisted Hyundai i20-Sportz, Maruti Suzuki Swift-ZDI & Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet VX. I drive 40-50 Kms per day and within the city. I like the Ford Figo also but not preferring it due to the absence of rear Power windows even on the top variant.

    Considering my requirements to drive I hardly find any chance to drive beyond 70 KM/H in the city.

    I would prefer good space, comfort while driving and low on maintenance.

    Please suggest me a car among these 3. Also please suggest me any car which is not shortlisted by me but is a good option.

    • Faisal

      Sumit, looking at your requirements you should get the i20.

  • Arvind


    If u are looking for a spacious, comfortable and easy to drive hatchback then u can consider Vista, i20 and Liva. All three are spacious hatchbacks. i20 is more on the expensive side. Liva is cost effective, but when i drove one of it, it found that it got noisy engine and poor sound insulation. Vista holds good for your requirement and also Fiat’s fabulous 1.3 l engine is bullet proof with atleast 2 lac kms durability. 2012 vista has got long travel suspension best suiting our indian roads and high way driving is also very stable. You cant go wrong with it. See if you can grab some offers from Tata motors in their April Sale. all the best for your new buy.

  • i have booked vista vx is it good i always like silent cabin i it silent

  • gaurav

    sir as i want a small car for tevel business so please suges me a best car for travel i am buying a car first time so i am getting plz help me in buying a car for business purpose and also in good performance and low maintance .which will b the best ford figo or indica vista help me in this car which be a best car thanks.

    • Faisal

      Gaurav, get the Figo diesel.

  • gaurav

    sir it will be a better for travel business.

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes Gaurav, it will be.

  • gaurav

    and also suggest me a big car for travel business which will be better taverra or bolero.

    • Faisal Khan

      Gaurav, Tavera would be a better option.

  • vaibhav raghuvanshi

    I am very much confused after reading a lot of reviews about many cars i don’t have much idea that which car i want to buy and i am going to open my tours and travel business next month only so faisal help me to find me a car business purpose in a range of 5k-5.5k and a big car in a range of 7k-8k Please suggest the specifications which I should check suiting my requirement. you can even suggest some other car if that suits better. in my both range.
    thanks & regarda,
    vaibhav raghuvanshi

    • Faisal Khan

      Vaibhav, I would suggest you get the Tavera/Innova.

  • Ragu

    I want to buy a car for personal use and expeceting to drive 4000 KMs in a year. I am planning a indiva vista 2012. Could you suggest me a good model.
    Thanks and regards

  • Johar

    Hi Faisal.
    I intend to buy a hatch back.
    Budget 6 lacs
    To be used in the hills, as I live at a hill station.
    Need good fuel economy, reliability and easy and cheap maintenance.
    Which diesel hatch would u suggest.
    I have heard that figo has ground clearance issues when fully loaded with 5 passengers, can’t decide. Figo, liva or vista.
    U suggest.

    • Javeid

      Johar, i think your best bet is the Figo. Overall, the Figo is the best package in terms of value and price. Even service costs are nominal. The Liva does not come across as an attractive package overall, especially with the built quality and interiors and is considerably overpriced for what it offers. If you are going to be driving alone or only with the front passenger you may want to consider the Beat diesel too. The Beat gives you a 3 yrs maintenance free package. Let us know if you want any further assistance.

  • vaibhav

    faisal help me to find me a car for a business purpose in a range of 5lakh – 5.5 lakh as i belong to a rural area in bundelkhand in uttar pradesh so please sugess me to buy a car in this range as i am setisfied with u in a range of big car for tavera.also sugess me a car in a range of 5lakh -5.5 lakh. as resently i am having a buget to buy a small car .according to a survey i found three car in my range which are as follows-
    tata indigo ,indica vista or tata indigo tdi bs-111.which will be a better in this three of all.
    thanks & regard
    vaibhav raghuvanshi

  • vaibhav

    .according to a survey i found three car in my range which are as follows-
    tata indigo ,indica vista or ford figo .which will be a better in this three of all.
    thanks & regard
    vaibhav raghuvanshi

    • Javeid

      Vaibhav, I think if you are considering diesel, the Figo will be your best option. Good performance, abundant space, value for money and nominal service costs. If you are thinking petrol, the Indica vista sounds good.

  • vaibhav

    thanks for the suggestion javeid
    thnks @ regards,

    • Javeid

      You are welcome Vaibhav

  • dhamneet chauhan

    hi javed,
    I want to buy a car for personal use and expeceting to drive 50 km per day.I am thinking of buying a diesel car.I would prefer good space, comfort while driving and low on maintenance.My budget is @ 5.5 lakhs. Is Indigo tdi bs-111 a good option for me?Please suggest. I am not aware of the specification which I should check suiting my requirement. May be you can even suggest some other car if that suits better. waiting for your answer .

  • raghu

    After doing some research about two months on hatch backs I finally decided to for Vista VX.
    Becz of all my requirements VX is satisfied, and also immediate delivery no need of wait for 3-4months as like swift. Noise free engine and has more space the other . comfort in long drive.

    I am eagerly waiting for my Visat VX , 11th I am gonna get it ……….:)

    • Congratulations Raghu on zeroing in on the Vista VX ;-)

    • raghu

      Thank you Faisal :) … I would like to know did I take right decision to choose this car?

    • Yes Raghu, your decision to buy the Vista is a good one ;-)

  • dharmneet

    Hi faisal,
    I want to buy a car for personal use and expeceting to drive 50 km per day.I am thinking of buying a diesel car.I would prefer good space, comfort while driving and low on maintenance.My budget is @ 5.5 lakhs. Is Indigo tdi bs-111 a good option for me?Please suggest. I am not aware of the specification which I should check suiting my requirement. May be you can even suggest some other car if that suits better. waiting for your answer .

    • Dharmneet, I would suggest you get Indica Vista as it suits most of your requirements.

  • dharmneet

    faisal which b a best for tours and travel business as i m having a budget of 5.5 lakhs there are 2 options in my budget indica vista or tata indigo.May be you can even suggest some other car in my budget if that suits my home town is in rural area in uttar pradesh.
    waiting for your answer

  • dharmneet

    faisal also tell me whether maruti swift is also good car for tours and travel business will it be a better car instead of taking among all these two cars tata indica vista or indigo and also please tell me about the swift dzire as i m not hvng tht much amount to hire this but although i want to know about its permance for the business purpose.waiting for your answer.

    • Dharmeet, Swift also good car but rear space and boot space too small.

  • dharmneet

    so faisal ehich will b the according to you for travel business.please guide me as there are many cars but i m confuse so please sugess me in big and small both car

    • Dharmneet, don’t be confused, get the Indica Vista.

  • dharmneet

    in big car innova is also best fo travels business can i take second hand innova it will be better.

    • Dharmneet, Innova is the best car for travel business but its not cheap to buy.

  • dharmneet

    which is abest in big car for travel business and will it be better to buy a second hand car for business and if yes then please tell me how much run in km i can take a big car.and if no then which will be good big car in new one.

    • Dharmneet, honestly you should get a Ertiga, that is the best option for you.

  • dharmneet

    faisal will u please help me to find out me a mileage of Toyota innova in city and in highway.

    • Dharmneet, city – 10 km/l, highway – 12 km/l.

  • Dear Faisal,

    I have a few questions for you. If and when you please do answer them. They will be very basic considering your knowledge but will be hugely advantageous for me when it comes to selecting a hatchback.

    My first question is:

    1.) What is body roll?
    2.) What is kerb weight?

    What I understand about Torque and Power is as follows:

    Torque is probably like a 100 m sprint, while Power is more of a long distance kind of runner.

    Therefore, why do diesel engines have high torque?

    How does a diesel engine differ from a petrol and which is a better one in the long run. I know this depends a lot on my requirements but a basic understanding would help me build my knowledge about cars.

    If you could clear this it would be of great help.

    I would also like to understand how does one know which of the two: The Indica Vista or the VW Polo is more stable? Also, which one has better road stability and chances of the driver escaping with minimum injuries in case of a head-on collision.

    If you have the time, please be kind enough to guide me to a site which could be a beginners site to understanding cars and engines.

    Last thing, where are you based?

    In case these questions are too much for you to answer you could just refer me to a link or ignore it if you do not have the time.



    • Oliver

      If your worried about collision I suggest u travel in our BEST buses & sit in the last row. I guarantee its the safest.
      For a beginner the Qs u have asked are pretty advanced???

    • Muniraj, kerb weight is the total weight of a car without any passenger or luggage. Body roll is the transfer of weight to the outside of a vehicle, caused due to bad dynamics and poor weight distribution. As far as torque goes, it is something which helps in acceleration, while power helps in speed. Diesel engines have turbocharges, which when spool up offer a tremendous burst of torque. Diesel engines differ in every way from a petrol. To know the stability of a car, you drive both of them and you will feel it. As far as safety goes, we can simply check crash test results to find out which is safer. In this case its the Polo. I am based in Mumbai.

      You have a lot of questions. Why don’t you start posting queries one by one in the forums and I am sure everyone will be able to help.

  • Oliver

    I am planning to buy the Indica Vista but the only thing i am worried about is the Hydraulic power steering. I would have preferred EPS. Everything else is perfect for a budget of 6.5lacs.

    • Oliver, so which car have you opted for. Hydraulic steering offers better feedback.

  • Sudip Saha

    Dear Faisal,

    As per above conversation with others I have came to a decision fro buy a Indica Vista Quardjet LX and I have a question. WIll it be suitable for tourist purpose??

    I have one Qualis already whose journey is much comfort than Innova/Xylo/travera. WOuld you agree with me regarding the same??

  • sudarmani

    Dear Faisal,

    Reading your review on new Indica Vista, i have zeroed down my 3 months of research to Vista VX. I drive approx 400-500 km every month. My questions are :-
    1) Will diesel car suit my requirement.
    2) What will happen if i dont take my car out for couple of weeks. Being diesel car, will anything happen to my engine; and
    3) Being my first car, i want to keep it for long. What is the life of a diesel car. Will it give me same smooth ride even after 5-7 years

    Thanks in advance!

  • jp mishra

    faisal will u please help me to find out me a mileage of Vista TDi ls in city and in highway.

    • JP, yes. City mileage is 15 km/l, highway is 18 km/l.

  • satinderpal singh

    hello sir, i wanted to buy a car. which one is better for me patrol or diesel? mere daily drive is only 50 km. pls suggest me kon si car sasti aur better hai

    • Satinderpal, I would suggest you get a diesel.

  • Vikas

    I hav vista tdi how I am increase power and mileage in my car.disel engn tunner is for tdi????

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    Dear Mr.Faisal,

    Nice to see your analysis on Indica Vista Vx. I am driving TATA Indica from 1999 (DLE in 1999 and DLG Turbo from 2008 onwards). As my family is pressurising me for go for different brand from TATA I have opted to go for Ford Figo Titanium 2012 old version (getting good discount) from Show room. The main reason is good discount, ABS and dual front air bags. But with the similar price and ABS I get vista which is my choice but stepping back because vx model not having air bags which is available in figo titanium. Tell me for safety reasons which is better? And another issue why I am not choosing tata is because of poor resale value. Does this vista vx will have good resale value? My monthly running is 1600kms and yearly thrice we go for long tour along with family members. Please help me in this regard. I am very much confused. Or is there any better option (with this price range Toyota Etios liva is available for interiors are cheap).

    • No One

      TATA Suffer from Quality issue, long term reliability issue.

      I think you know that better than anyone with 2 indica and for a full decade.

      Go for Figo. Ford Figo is a really good deal, specially with discount available with the old model.

      Indica / Indigo will continue to have good resale value for taxi market but Vista and Figo i guess would return similar resale value unless ford continues its dealer expansion and market penetration with its expansion strategy.

      So Figo’s resale value can only go up and be as it is comparable with Vista.

    • T.Srinivasa Rao

      Ok if I want to go for Figo how about the maintenance cost. I heard that ford maintenance is very high. And also Figo has some ground clearance and slow pickup in 2nd gear. Is it true?

    • Srinivasa, your choice with the Figo is right and you should go ahead with it. Vista will have better resale than the Indica.

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    Dear Faisal,
    Thanks for your response. Please see the following:
    1) Ford Figo – Likes: ABS/Airbags/Alloy Wheels /Big Boot space/Blue tooth Music system.
    Dislikes: Low ground clearance and body hitting the ground issue. High cost of spares and maintenance cost. Poor resale value. Front passenger seat congestion.

    2) FIAT Punto(Dynamic) – Likes: Design / High Ground clearance /Big Boot space/ ABS / good Seating / Great driving pleasure.
    Dislikes: No Air Bags / No Alloy Wheels / No Blue tooth or USB system / High cost of spares and maintenance / Poor service backup / No resale value. Back seat middle passenger not having the comfort due to the floor design.

    3) VISTA Vx – Like: Design / Interiors / VERY GOOD SPACE / Low maintenance / Service availability / Good mileage / Improved re-sale value / Blue tooth-USB sytem / ABS.

    Dislikes: Poor brand image / poor re-sale value / No Alloy wheels / No Air Bags .

    My family is 6 members. Me/ my wife / my old parents / my elder son (teenage) / my younger son (boy).
    My monthly running in city around 1500kms. Weekly once we go out with family 5 members. Yearly thrice we go for long tour with 5 or 6 members with luggage. What is important for me is comfort /security / economical as well as the good resale value.

    Kindly help me. If I am missing any other brand please suggest me. As of now the Indica DLG Turbo full filling all my requirements. But need to change the car now.

    Srinivasa Rao T

    • Srinivasa, I would suggest you take a test drive of the Figo. Also the Hyundai i20 is worth considering. The Indica does match your requirements well but don’t expect good resale and sharp handling from the Vista.

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    Dear Faisal,

    Thanks for your response. The Hyundai i20 we liked very much for its space. But the price is very high considering the facts that no alloy wheels, no stereo, no ABS, no Air Bags. Bcz lesser than this price Ford figo offering much. We took the vehicle (figo) test ride. We found front passenger side seat is little less. But I liked the boot space , Alloy wheels, ABS air bags and blue tooth stereo. Can you clarify me If I go to Figo how to overcome the bottom hitting the road issue. 2nd will there be any resale issue for this.

    Dont you recommend Punto Dynamic?

    Expecting your suggestions.


    • Srinivas, Punto also a good option but don’t expect good resale. Figo resale is good since car is in demand. If you are careful, you won’t face any bottoming out issue.

  • nb

    Please suggest, buying a used for fusion plus with abs
    Model Dec 2008
    KMs done 61K, Condition: Good, Color:Gray,
    Fuel Type: Diesel, Asking price 4.5L.
    Is it worh buying this car?
    Cons: Stoped production long back, high mainteance, non availabilty of parts
    Pros: Interior space, boot space, SUV looks,
    What would be the best price to buy this car?

    • NB, asking is too much considering the Figo is based on the same vehicle and you can get a brand new one for slightly more.

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    Dear Faisal,

    Happy to see the way you give suggestions. Today in Hyderabad Vista Vx with all discounts getting it for 6.38 lakhs. Ford Figo (Titanium)7.09 Lakhs, Punto Dynamic for 7.10 Lakhs and I20Diesel for 7.45 Lakhs. Maintenance wise (services in regular intervals, replacement of spares and other costs) which is better. I will keep the vehicle atleast for 5 years i.e around 1.0 Kms. And to be frank with you I am more worried about the maintenance costs and re-sale value.

    I think the answer will be helpful as most of the people are unaware of the maintenance costs.


    • T.Srinivasa Rao

      Sorry Faisal. I will keep the vehicle for 1.0 Lakhs kms. (yearly i drive for 20000kms)

    • Srinivasa, looking at your worries, your best bet is the i20.

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    The price quoted i-20 is Diesel Magna.

  • Sandeep

    Hi Faisal,
    i own a Vista QJ(July 2010) and recently found out that there is serious problem of intercooler hose getting easily damaged in vista by bad road conditions since it is very low, even speed bumpers can cause damage, and it results in serious engine damage, which is not even covered by warranted. this is serious design flaw. is it the same in new vista as well?

    • Sandeep, intercooler placement hasn’t changed in the Vista.

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    Dear Mr.Faisal,
    After doing lots of research today we (6family members) went to Ford Showroom for final test ride. This time we found its different compared to the last time. Because all these years we drove TATA Indica. So sitting in a small car some what we could not adjust in our 1st test drive. But this (2nd Time) after knowing about the product we satisfied. In fact 5 adults 1 kid accommodated in the car. The ride was good. Though the seating comfort cannot be compared with TATA Indica the driving satisfaction is so good. And today we got more than 20K discount(midnight sale). And we booked the car. I will post some more information about my new experience with figo later. Anyway thank you very much for your valuable advice.

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    Dear Faisal,
    Today (8.12.2012) we have purchased Ford Figo Titanium(Diamond White). I thank you very much for helping me in making the decision to go for Ford Figo. Hope I enjoy the ride. Thank you very much.

    • Congratulations Srinivasa on your new Ford Figo. Take it easy for the first 1000 kms.

    • Enjoy your experience.

  • T.Srinivasa Rao

    Thank you Mr.Faisal and Mr.Javeid Khan.

    Today is the 3rd day with my ford figo. I found a rattling sound from rear back side (probably from shocks). The service engineer asked me for 2 hours to rectify the issue. But as I dont have the time I will give my car afterwards.

    And also please let me know what kind of care I should take care before 1000 or 2500 kms.

    The company is asking me to take TMP (Total Maintenance Plan) for my car. The scheme is for 3 years 60,000kms around Rs.43,000/-. This includes complete services, replacement of spares. My years running is 20000kms. What is your advise. Is it worth going for this plan. Or simply get the service done as per schedule. Please help me fast as I have to take this plan within 2 days. Or else the cost goes up.


    • Srinivasa, the scheme sounds good, as it gives complete peace for 3-years. If you are ready to shell out the amount at one go, its worth going.

  • dear Faisal,
    as i want a car for travel+personal purpose so will u please suggest me which car is better instead of going to tata cars.the which i have choose is Toyota Etios and second one is ford fiesta classic so please suggest me which car in these two will be better for me.

    • For travel purpose, the Etios serves as a good car. It is more spacious than the Fiesta Classic, however the Fiesta feels much better in terms of exteriors and interiors.

    • Faisal till u didn’t suggest me which will be better for me to take in these both of the car for business purpose ford classic or Toyota etios and also tell me which is better in a mileage also wtng for Ur answer.

  • Khushal

    Dear Faisal,

    I have old Maruti Zen (petrol-2004), now I want to sell this car and purchased new Diesel Car, Which Car should I buy… weekly run is 100 km……..which option is better for me….petrol car or Diesel Car…………….if Diesel……then Vista is OK for me ………………… suggest me…..waiting for u r response…:)

  • Faisal till u didn’t suggest me which will be better for me to take in these both of the car for business purpose ford classic or Toyota etios and also tell me which is better in a mileage also wtng for Ur answer.

    • Gaurav, I strongly suggest the Etios, its makes for a very good taxi.

  • Faisal any more car which u can suggest with your side for me. in a range of 6,00, i am totally satisfied with your suggation for etios .as i am planning to finance two car one is clear to go for etios and what about second choice so plz help me to go for second choice.

    • Gaurav, for travel business, the Etios is an excellent option.

  • Faisal what is your opinion for tata indigo bsiii lx it is also good car for travels businessin a bugget of 6 lkh.

    • Gaurav, get the Etios, it is much better.

  • thnks for ur help.

  • v p preeyan

    Dand what about ear Faisal bai i want to buy anew swift Diz ire Vdi vdiPlease tell me shall I get ABS in swift dezire vdi and what is your opinion about new Disire

    • VP, new DZire is good. Get ABS variant. Go for it.

  • Deepak Gupta

    Dear Faisal, I need you help to select a best diesel car. I have reviewed so many comments of various users on Maruti Swift, Nissan Micra, Ford Fogo & Indica Vista.

    With the consideration of Mileage, Durability, Lowest maintenance cost & resale value, suggest me the best one from above four cars.

    Deepak Gupta

    • Deepak, the Maruti Swift still rules and is the car for you.

  • Deepak Gupta

    Dear Faisal, Pls also consider high ground clearance

  • Deepak Gupta

    Dear Faisal,
    Thanks for your suggestion. Can I also go for Figo? please suggest me.

  • Deepak

    Hi Faisal,

    I want to buy diesel car. will you tell me which is best car for me i have 2 option as per my budget indica ev2 or beat diesel.


  • Sumit

    Hey Hi Faisal,

    I have decided to buy a vista QJET VX model after its test drive. But some of my frnds suggest me to go for VX D90 for more power.
    So m confused now as i never drive D90 VX . please tell me does 15ps matters alot??
    Hows the power of QJET VX ?? Does it lag while overtaking ??
    In some reviews I read that the turbo gets charged after some time so it should be surprise for you while overtaking it gets suddenly charged….
    Please tell me what is exactly difference between QJET VX & D90 VX
    And for which i should go for as the price difference is just near about 25-30000…

    • Sumit, yes 15 PS does matter and if your budget permits, go for it.

    • Sumit

      Hi Faisal,

      How much Difference should be there in average of QJET VX & D 90 ???

  • Sumit


    Other Readers could also help me ….

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