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TVS Motors, the Hosur based bike company that has made waves in the sport biking culture of India with its model, the Apache RTR is now all set to launch the same model but with full fairings! The Apache RTR offered in India is offered in the 160 and the 180 cubic displacement variants. The TVS Apache RTR 160 is a tough competitor to the very popular Yamaha R15 and the Bajaj Pulsar 150. A new version of the 160 is due to be launched in India and expectations have been riding very high on this face-lift. It is expected to be showcased at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo to be held in January.

However, the expensive spares, vibrating mudguard, uncomfortable seats etc makes the bike not fairing very good at the reliability and build quality factor. Hopefully, TVS should resolve these glitches when they come out with the revised model. The TVS Apache with full fairings was showcased recently in Indonesia. The bike is definitely a looker and looks at first glance looks no less than a proper sports bike. The long headlights, full fairings and the thick tires make the bike look quite masculine too. The bike is definitely make waves in the Indian market once launched. We are eagerly waiting for this latest mean machine to come to India. Will this bike take the bike market by storm? What is your opinion?

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  • k 72 Racing Team

    What the Hell….! Looks cool. Double disk in front wheel. Any Specification..?

  • Ikh

    Sorry guys for breaking your expectation, I’m from Indonesia, This Bike is TVS Apache RTR modified by Indonesian moto modifier per request by TVS. This bike was showed in some auto expo to show the sporty image of TVS.

    You can look Suzuki GSX series image in the bike. India is the base of TVS so, it has very small possibility if Indonesia become R&D center of TVS in Sport bike. Indonesia is R&D center of TVS in Cub bike series, because it has very large market in Cub and automatic bike.

  • hritik

    @ joy….hw can u compare apache 160 with r15….r15 is almost double the price of rtr 160….strange???

    • Faisal

      Hrithik, I think the comparison is with reference to the cc.

    • hritik

      agreed fas…..but thats the only thing which is common in rtr 160 n r15…..r15 is almost double in the price n outperforms both rtr160 n even its biggger sibling rtr180…also some big guns like pulsar 220 n hero karizmas r well mathced by r15….the looks,the technology used in r15 compared to rtr is class apart…even the target buyers r diff…..if the cc is only point of comparison then i think yamaha fz series makes better sense here……

    • Faisal

      Hritik, that is right but then both the bikes are good handlers as well.

  • hritik

    the bike looks more or less based on suzuki gixer series….if launched wid 250cc mill…it can be a worth foe to duke,cbr n ninja

  • abhisek

    this is a gsx 600r with TVS stickers…. thats it.

  • muduli

    Please provide authentic news.I will gift this to my son.

  • Mahindra

    GSX-R Apache 1000r…. what series name… but it will be great if full faired apache is introduced in india… superb mods…

  • gouri

    wel it looks like a locally modified one, its front end and rear view mirrors are looking like modified ones……………

  • Adi

    GSX. Ha ha ha

  • Kiran

    This is just a show bike locally modified version.Don’t hype it too much. even if by chance it is launched it will cost around 2 Lakhs. bcoz TVS bikes r the most costly ones.

  • sam

    woooohhhhh…………….its looks like a gixxer.its it made for showcase or for sale to tear the indian roads.if its for sale m gona buy it at any cost.if not then also i will try to get.any how.its awesome man.hop that it would be made for sale.thnks tvs motors i wnated something like that.its awesome.

  • Kiran

    @ sam ..its not for sale its just show bike.

    • sam

      wats the hel is that…..cant we make a personal order to get it if not then its useless i thnk.

  • http://tvs nissanthan sri lanka


  • kuku

    i want new model apache

  • shuffal birdi

    RTR 180 cc bike nice
    I like bike nice lucking bike.

  • vivek

    sir i am very glad for TVS company who planned and gave us such a big and a wonderfull bike,pls i wanted to purchase dat super bike for my birthday,dats on 28th of june.pls call me on 09611140284.and let me now the price of the bike.thanking u


  • Jasper

    Guys i have seen the same fairings on a pulsar 220 and that too looks awesome…google it…Pulsar 220 full fairing…so i suggest lets talk about the fairing kit..then your bike can look like that toooo……if any one gets to know about it plz post it here……take a note of this.

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