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The Lost Queen – Mitsubishi Lancer

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1998 Mitsubishi Lancer

The best looking car in its time, the delight and darling of youngsters and arguably the best car available to modify right from the body works to the engine. For me the Lancer is still the “darling” car. Over the years Lancer went through lot of upgrades both cosmetic as well as technical. Still the first launched Lancer wins my heart for being the best looking when compared to all succeeding versions.

Facing tough competition from a competitor that still rules the mid-size car market in India, the masterpiece Honda City, the Lancer still managed to create an aura for itself and hardcore fans all over India. A first choice in National Rally championship proves Lancers ability to easily transform from a regular city sedan to dirt licking, sturdy rallying car.

Mitsubishi Lancer Interiors

A regular and dominating personality on the Late Night Marine Drive shootout of Indian version of Fast and the Furious, Lancer is the Kohinoor in the Queen’s Necklace of Mumbai and shall remain so forever. Though the Lancer still has presence in other countries, it’s sad demise in India has been a tragic story for all the Lancer fans.

Mitsubishi, through Hindustan Motors, might have launched the Evo X, but Evo burns a big hole in the pockets and makes it an expensive toy which dare anyone try to modify and risk heavy payments in service and maintenance. Lancer leaves behind a legacy which hardly any of the current line-up of mid-size sedans can boast of, from its near perfect looks and still being able to get to new heights of coolness after little modifications. Lancer has its own space in the Indian Auto Industry most specifically in the hearts of car modifications, which is yet to be challenged by any other car till date.

Mitsubishi Lancer Drift

Mitsubishi Lancer Engine

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV

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  • tejas

    nice article vivek…………….the wrds meintioned in article r so damn true….nice1

    • Vivek

      Thanks tejas. hope you have liked it.

  • Amol Paricharak

    hey vivek….awesome article….nyc flowing words speakin ur heart…n yep…surely will miss lancer…d new evo is trendy lookin piece of junk… :-P

    • Vivek

      haha. well i dont want to comment on the Evo. but that for your valueable comments

  • soumi

    nice research about ur “lost queen”…n very nicely placed words

    • Vivek

      thanks soumi..

  • Payal

    Congratulation for your first article Vivek. The articles is perfect. Good work done. Looking forward to see more such articles. All the best ..

    • Vivek

      thank you very much. I will give my 100% every time for following artcles….

  • aks

    excellent article there. i feel hm is the one which has caused this condition of the iconic lancer, now its too late to save it :(

    • Vivek

      just hope that mitsubishi comes up and surprises us all with a new LANCER

  • omkar

    well written! :) keep it up \m/
    … try n spare some time for my scooter :P

    • Vivek

      thanks omkar. yup your scooter will also get some light soon…

  • Sumeet.

    Nice one vivek. Hope to read more articles written by you.

    • Vivek

      thanks sumeet. will definitely work hard for more.

  • Ninu

    If it is launched with the a fuel efficient low maintainance diesel engine then it can recreate the magic like when it was launched in past.

    • Vivek

      Ninu : I think petrol engine will perform better anytime compared to diesel one. the car is meant to drive serious not save money on fuel… :)

    • Ninu

      Dear, modern Diesel engines are far more superior to petrol engines, nowdays they are coming with twin turbochargers with zero turbolag even some fastest sportscars are diesel also.

  • Ninu

    These are timeless classics, never become old and boring..

    • Vivek

      so true. eevery after 30 years. Lancer will still look good

  • Sidd

    Nice article by You and isn’t the third pic from GT(gran turismo) game.

    • Faisal

      Sidd, that is right. Keen observation there ;-)

    • Sidd

      This ieom very good game because of the amount of lancers present in it right from first lancer to lancer evolution ix, every lancer launched in the worl even the rally ones

      I request all lancer fans to try it out.

  • sameer

    very true man. When i heard the word Lancer, Adrenaline rushes in my vanes….

  • Shami

    Nice article Vicky.. Well written

  • Rehna

    Nicely written Vicks. A good start. Keep working on your writing skills and I am sure you will soon be sought after critic by the Indian auto industry.

  • Ramamurthy

    Nice article vivek, though I had a Honda city, I still love Lancer’s shape & performance.

  • Supriya

    Very Nice Vicky, Keep it up

  • Hunky

    Why is it a lost queen ??

    They dont do that bad with Cedia and Cedia Sports without any advertisement whats so ever.. Isn’t it ??

    Lancer sales are totally driven by customer feedback.. People who know and love driving..

    Cedia is there, but there is no urge from HM to advertise..

    Secondly, EVO X FQ300 can come at around 25L mark if they make it here in India… If they do make it (highly impossible i think) here at India or some how get the price at around 30L range with proper advertisement, queen still can topple a lot of king of present market from their seat :D…

    HM and Mitsubishi needs an aggressive marketing to bring up the points, points which made this platform a 11 or such times WRC champ..

    I disagree with the title, its a hidden queen, hidden by the lack of urgency to sell..

  • Abhishek

    Awesome Vivek, you have spoken my heart about the Lancy….keep it up!!!

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