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Pulsar 200 NS vs R15 V 2.0 vs Karizma ZMR

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Bajaj Auto has unveiled the next generation Pulsar, which is the second generation of the most popular motorcycle in India. The Pulsar 200 NS (Naked Sport) has alot of firsts in the segment and will live on its promise of being high on power, fun and affordability. Now the obvious question is, which bike would you chose to buy if you have a budget of below Rs. 1.20 lakhs. Even though Bajaj has chosen not to reveal the prices, they have given a hint that it will be below Rs. 1 lakhs. With a few estimations (like fuel efficiency) in place, we have done a quick comparo of these three bikes to find out which is the king of this segment.

Hero Karizma ZMR FI

Hero Karizma ZMR FI

The bike with the lowest power to weight ratio, the Karizma ZMR can not be ruled out just because it is not that quick. The Karizma ZMR is highly reliable and a comfortable tourer for long distance touring and well suited to tall riders. The engine might not make your heart skip a beat but is extremely smooth and produces torque well down the revv range, making cruising at high speeds a breeze. The styling might not be to everyones liking and the unavailability of spares are something which are not very pleasing.

Yamaha YZF-R15 Version 2.0

[singlepic id= 8207 w=540 h=375 float=center]

What is a 150cc doing in between these 200cc + bikes. Well, the Yamaha R15 is a very potent machine and although it is int anywhere as quick in acceleration or top speed as the Pulsar 200 NS is expected to be, the R15’s USP is the way it lays down its 17 PS of power. The killer looks can’t be matched, while the handling is the sharpest of any motorcycle sold in India (below 600cc). The brakes, engine refinement, quality all negate the relatively higher price of the R15 Version 2.0. However, the aggressive riding position and almost un-usable pillion seat makes the R15 not a very practical machine.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

[singlepic id=10784 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The most awaited bike since quite some time now, the next generation Pulsar is finally here. Powered by a 200cc, 4-valve engine with triple spark plugs, the Pulsar 200 NS looks very strong on paper. The next generation Pulsar has a smaller tank too (smallest ever for a Pulsar), which goes to show that losing weight was a priority. The power to weight ratio is the highest, while the cost per BHP (as per our estimated price) is the lowest, giving bang for the buck, something which the Pulsars are known for. The streetfigher looks, power output and value for money are the evident positives of the next generation Pulsar. The lack of fuel injection, no full fairing and projectors are the obvious drawbacks to most.

Pulsar 200 NS vs Yamaha R15 V2.0 vs Karizma ZMR – Quick Comparo

Bikes Karizma ZMR Pulsar 200 NS Yamaha R15 V2.0
Engine (in cc) 223 200 150
Power (in BHP) 17.6 23.5 16.76
Torque (in Nm) 18.35 18.3 15
Weight (in kgs) 159 145 136
Power To Weight 110.7 162.1 123.2
0 – 100 kmph (in seconds) 13.5 9.8 11.5
Top Speed (in kmph) 126 136 130
Price (in Rs, ex-showroom, Delhi) 95500 95000 107000
Cost Per BHP (in Rs) 5426 4043 6384
Mileage (in kmpl) 38 35 35

Our Choice – At this moment, without even riding the Pulsar 200 NS, it is very difficult to chose one but the next generation Pulsar 200 NS does look promising. If Bajaj has been able to iron out all the issues and improved refinement, then the all new Pulsar will be difficult to beat. Either ways, the Karizma ZMR gives no threat to the Pulsar 200 NS, while the R15 Version 2.0 is almost 20% more expensive than the Pulsar 200 NS. The second generation Pulsar will live up to what the first generation has created – VALUE for consumers and there is very difficult denying that.

Which one would you pick?

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  • Definitely Pulsar NS

    • Zubair

      Bajaj has done it again.

    • rishab sharma

      no bro ns can nvr match with r15.

    • Fredrick

      Its never about the speed always. r15 costs more than, gives less mileage. It may look good but its not value for money unlike 200NS , its good looking stands out can beat r15 just like that. I have a 200ns and my personal best is 152kmph. Try that on r15 and it will start screaming like a girl.

      If ever Bajaj makers did not consider the price and they started making bikes costly then even pulsar 150 would like a spot bike. India is all about value for money and its proven bajaj makes them better than any any one. I respect yamaha but 200 ns is way better than r15 or any bike in 200-225 segment

    • Nihal

      Dude I got my R15 to 152kmph (Daytona Upgraded) n I didnt hear it scream like a girl.. U cant compare a 150cc bike with a 200cc bike anyway…

  • sachin

    Things may look good on papper but how it fairs in real world usage is what far pulsers are lagging behind in handling,engine refinement and some quality issues….if bajaj can iron out these only then they can beat the japnees.

    • Pulsarboy

      Even without all these, Pulsar got 50% market share, now with this upgrade, japs are going to get wiped out. Just wish that TVS upgrades Apache, which will make sure that japs are finished.

    • bladebrakers

      hi mr. pulserboy..
      I am having 2 questions for you…
      *what is the longevity of bajaj engine?
      *what is its engine refinement quality?
      ask urself is there any match to Japanese tech in this regards?

  • karan

    This is how a pulsar should be.. hats off to bajaj.. indeed

  • a very good answer to all above bikes given by Bajaj…thumbs up!

  • kaushik

    From single spark, to DTS-i (digital twin spark ignition) and now to triple spark? Damn, that’s many sparkings… everythings fine, but bajaj, why no 4 valve head like the 135 ls???

    • k.p

      its 4 vavle head only my friend

  • Ryu

    wOw! it looks like I want..!! Revolutionary Pulsar!!!

  • Atul

    May be there would be a new karizma till then, who knows may be with cbr250r engine. Let the ns come in market. Then predict

    • Faisal

      Atul, no new Karizma from Hero anytime in the near future.

  • sid

    Lets see how Bajaj prices this bike as it has similarities with Duke 200 which is an excellent bike and would be my bet given it is about the same priced as R15V2.

    • Pulsarboy

      @Sid, no way this is going to be priced at R15 level.. Duke with it’s FI, costly suspension bits from WP suspension is priced at 1.17k, though it’s introductory price, it tells you the way Bajaj goes about pricing. Damn sure, P200 is going to sport a sub 1 lakh ex-show room price, more like 85-95k. Taking out FI system itself results in 20k savings, add to that cost saved by not going for WP suspension, that can be another 10k easily. So, in my view Bajaj got the perfect weapon to devastate competition. Just imagine, would you go for any other bike if this is offered @95k on road??

    • vimal

      good saying

    • abhisek

      Pulsarboy ur exhaggerating the facts. I dont thing they r saving more than 10k by not puttin FI since their carburetor is expensive this time n cost of 3 spark plugs. In suspension also not so much since they already have gas charged monoshocks. When compared to duke they r saving in –

      1)No FI
      2)130mm rear tyres to Dukes 150mm
      3)35W lamps to Dukes 55W lamps
      4)single pot Front Disc to Dukes 2-pot.

      Apart from that they r saving in some more small things (led to non-led indicators etc) and taking 2-3k less from the Brand difference and localisation advantages too.

    • Pulsarboy

      Do you have any idea how much WP suspension costs?? it’s a company that prices their suspension systems way above the competition. just for your info even the Duke is 95% localized, very few parts are imported. did you look at how the aluminium swing arm looks on Duke, compare that to one present on P200NS. It’s just a rough estimate, they are saving at least 40k when compared to Duke 200. So, don’t be surprised if this bike is available at around 95k OTR.

  • Pulsarboy

    That seems like the end for Karizma/ZMR/R15.. with both Duke 200/P200 now squarely aimed at bikes between 80k to 150k price range, it’s hard to ignore such VFM propositions. Not to say that they will go out of the market, but progressively less and less buyers would go for them in the light of new alternatives such as Duke 200/P200. Knowing Bajaj P200 would certainly be priced below 1 lakh, this is why I stated on the other thread that CBR150 is dead before even getting launched.

    • abeleth

      pulsar 200ns la mejor y por largo rato, para las japonesas, la cosa esta como malucomga

    • sid

      As I said on some other page that people are under estimating the number of people who just love full faired bike than naked. So it seems R15V2 or CBR150R may not be dead after all :)

    • Faisal

      Sid, yes we Indian do have a thing for full faired bikes and case in point is the fake fairings which we see on many Pulsars and ZMAs.

    • ignatius

      Karizma is a tourer , R15 is a race track bike .. but i dont know where this pulsar will fit .. No bike is threat for R15 unless Yamaha comes with other race machine ..

      Karizma is a low cost tourer below CBR250R .. and hence only it claims 6 month waiting period still ..

      the same way specutlations told once xcd 125 comes .. splendor and passion will die .. but ulitmately xcd die with in 2 years ,…

      Hope Bajaj wont do that mistake again …

    • Aryan

      Karizma claims 6 months waiting bcoz its production volumes r very low. Pulsar don’t have to fit in segments it creates its own segment. grow up dude.

    • abhisek

      Ignatius XCD was never a ground breaking product, it was quite ugly and no one liked it. Splendor existed because of its legacy. The poor people have more reliability on it and people wanted mileage and the ppl of that segment r not bikers. They dont want to try anything new. Ppl like you who buy 97cc worst bikes like passion wont understand what a bike is for a biker.

    • Pramod Chennai

      6 months waiting period not only for delivery, but for spares too !!

    • Faisal

      Pramod Chennai, yes horrible attitude at some service centers.

  • abhisek

    IMHO the design of P200NS is better than R15 or ZMR. ZMR is already not beautiful…. Its tank is like passion plus and back look is ugly. R15 V2 looks good but it has advantage of having fairing and 2 headlights (which r not puposeful). NS looks stunning as a naked bike and quite well design and looks very expensive. If it has a fairing then it will have another good alternative look. Power wise it is in a different segment compared to R15 and ZMR. Even at 95K it looks underpriced to me! But we have to wait to reviews and refinement and other issues. Bajaj has now got over 10yrs exp so we can expect something better. It has made TVS look so inferior when compared to Bajaj Auto.

  • Aryan

    Milege of Pulsar 35 WTF. bajaj claims 58 we can get atleast 45-50 dude.& who told you its 95 K.???

    • abhisek

      Bajaj claims 58kmpl. ul get it if u ride at constantly everytime at fixed 55kmph and at 6th gear. But in the city mileage drops drastically. My 125cc Stunner gives 41kmpl in the city :( I used to get 55kmpl on my caliber earlier.

    • ajay

      honda vehicle are delicate i feel go for any hero bike for mileage my friend have stunner he get 51KMPH i dont wants wrong in ur engine, go for nice mechanic work shop so that u impove ur mileage

    • abhisek

      My Bike is just 5 months old and I go to authorised Haiku Honda Servicing (1 Free remaining). I complained them about low mileage. They said its rectified. I am calculating it now but I dont think things have changed much. Theres nothing wrong in the engine since the engine note sound is superb. For me personally it has the best engine sound in any bikes <=150cc. The power delivery is also smooth and the bike feels comfortable. Lets c if it improves.thanks.

    • ajay

      as per my knowledge u have one year free serving (6 Services)
      who is that fellow who gave this option go fight for ur bike man

    • abhisek

      Ajay I think some time ago we had 6 free servicing. Now we have only 4 free. The service book is given by Honda and not the Dealer so that can not be a cheating.

    • Faisal

      Aryan, we have clearly written it is an estimate.

  • all the power facts of r15 are wrong…….this bike cant b neglected in speed

    • Faisal

      Shubham, the power facts are right. The bike makes 17 PS and PS is not equal to BHP.

  • k 72 Racing Team

    Let c guys whether it can play around the corners like R15.

  • Aryan

    It can play around corners much better than R15.. I exp it !!!

  • Aryan

    @ abhishek……. dude u r in 2012 yr. those false claim days r over. ARAI has more strict rules. any company can only claim any figures according to ARAI testings only not by their own.
    If ARAI testing claims 58kmpl at constant 55kmph speed so in city it will surely give you @ 48-50 kmpl. don’t compare this triple spark engine with single spark engines. its comparing like horse & donkey. even P180 UG 4 gives @ 50kmpl.

    • abhisek

      Aryan dont expect too much in fuel economy. I dnt say claims r false but those conditions r far from normal so u see a * marked in the mileage claims. My friend has 150cc R15 and it gives 36-37kmpl in the city. Though on highway riding at a speed of 50kmph in 6th gear always with no acceleration or deacceleration may give him 55-60kmpl. possible. Its comman-sense yar. Depends on riding style and roads n traffic. In city I expect 35-36kmpl from NS. Even Motorbeam expects 35kmpl. They r not fools nor am I. And more than spark plugs the difference in power is due to the bottom end of engine taken from KTM200.

      In between have already road tested the bike. Reputed motorist Adil Darukhanwala claims it has the best engine sound note in any bike in India.

    • Faisal

      Aryan, the fuel efficiency figures are not by ARAI.

  • vijay

    Pulsar…….always……….value for money…

    • ajay

      Pulsar no value for engine man

  • humneet singh

    bajaj should work on the looks
    pulsor looks nowhere near than the R15
    but pulsor’s value for money and engine is far more superior!!
    Confused to buy which one?…

    but if yamaha cuts the price of R15 to 95 – 1lakh level i would definately buy R15 for it’s looks….

  • ajay

    Dear Friends,
    I really loved ur suggestion but i have Yamaha fz when i see in my view i feel both pulsar 200ns and Yamaha FZ are almost equal there is slight difference in muscular tank and look frankly speaking pulsar engine is not up to park after 3years of usage, there is different sound in engine to,let see how it is in market

  • Pramod Chennai

    People are not understanding the basic things. R15’s riding position is aggressive and designed to fight the air resistence at high speed. This means it is to be used at race track only, and probably for short trips thru highways( 80% of R 15 owners have never seen a race track yet). And hence using this bike for daily office commute thru city ( falling on the fuel tank like ” please don’t beat me any more”).
    A touring bik eneeds a comfy seating position and adequate power, like ZMR and Bullet. People call CBR 250Ra sport tourer- this dos not make any sense since the seating postion of these two segments are just opposite.Some say leaning forward position in CBR is very comfy- even the ones who say it know they are lying.If that was ti be truen then all over buses and cars should have had Push Front seats instead of push back and we should be folding our legs back instead of stretching them when tired.

    P 220 NS is never a track bike, but its a naked bike with sporty engine. and the riding position and the GC show that it is best for daily commute and eaqually good for tough terrains(like Indian interior roads), and the power and torque figures suggest the how poerful the bike can be when needed.

  • @Pramod: Very nicely put. Just wanted to clarify on the comfort factor of the CBR- well not really as comfy as the ZMA or ZMR, but its not too bad either. Yes it is forward biased but a wonderful suspension makes up for it. You get used to it in 1 – 2 days of riding.

    • Pramod Chennai

      Hi Deepak,
      Just wanted to mention it..even am waiting for my CBR 250R C-ABS delivery. As I told, I know that riding position is not upright like my P 220’s or Zma’s, but still I love the machine and suspension as you highlighted, to be precise, booked this one knowing what I am up against.

      I found its riding position more like RTR’s( RTR’s suspension is quite bad) and it gives your back a task if you go for more than 50 kms continously.

  • softwareprabhu

    for those who are still thinking about Bajaj Pulsar 200NS vs KTM Duke 200:

    Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is the best middle-class sports bike and there is no doubt in it.
    i love it. but, KTM Duke 200 is not just a bike, it a Lifestyle. like Bullet.

    their model name is not just a name. they mean it.
    (KTM) Duke – A nobleman (in various countries) of high rank
    Rolal (Enfield) – Established, chartered or authorized by royalty

    are you still comparing?!. visit some foreign blogs/website before comparing a foregin/other category bike.

    PS: students, stay away from Royal Enfield & KTM, unless you have a fatso wallet for addon accessories/wears.
    without those extra addons, there is no meaning of buying a KTM or Royal Enfield.

  • Both Are Very Nice Looking Bikes…

  • Neil

    @Pulsarboy: If you dont mind sharing your contact detials. If you have a BBM Pin by any chance do let me know.

  • Neil

    @Pulsarboy: Also would like to know where do you hail from?


  • neil

    @Pulsarboy: Just ignore the BBM Pin part and good that you dont know it. Thanks for the email address.

  • kranti

    Eagerly waiting for d real cruiser KTM DUKE

  • Japs…!! r not finished yet. yam shuld beware from the tough rival for r15 the honda cbr 150r. after the success of cbr 250r the 150r will take on his rival r15. that must be interisting to see after 150r’s launch in the market. 17 bhp=r15 vs 18 bhp= cbr 150r.

    • k.p

      r 15 torque 15nm= cbr1 50r 12.6 nm torque??

  • some may have marveled at the brilliance of the CBR250R’shandling the fact remains that it just doesn’t have the buzz and the exhilaration that the 200 NS does and even while giving away crucial displacement to the quarter-litre Honda, this Bajaj can show a thing or two, not just to the CBR but to every other bike onthe market in its class and thenleave them for dead. zigwheels rating=9.5 for pulsar 200.

  • Wow. the specifications mentioned about Pulsor 200NS looks like Playing 11 list of the Brazillian National Soccer Team,legendary names on paper but performance not upto mark . Hope Pulsor 200NS does not go down like the same and stand upto the standards and market expectations . Bajaj bikes have Dominated Indian roads for the pricing they offer and not for the Quality ,Efficiency nor Riding comfort. If pricing can be reduced for the the super style R15 2.0/CBR and be brought down to 5 digit value , it would rule the market ,as it would be Economically thinkable for the Bike Fanacists and Middle class people …
    But practically, that’s highly impossible …

  • dinesh

    We cannot decide anything with just papers in hand. Only after the test ride we can say about the product. But the Pulsar 200 looks killer. But we have to see on the engine refinement and the gearbox. And how the bike react on the roads. But whatever it is Pulsar can sell in volumes but the refinement and technology it cannot match the Japanese contenders…..

  • rocky

    r15 v2.0 rockxxxxxxx…….no pulsar can compete with it

    • Neil

      I’ve been using pulsar 8 years God damn. The bike still turns sour hearts to sweet mind. It is what you extract from the bike and not the bike from you. Feel it enjoy it. Pulsars are for heaven sake the most exciting bike. Who doesnt have the quality niggles. How many years have you been swinging around and for what purpose. R15 or FZ are from he house of Yahama and their dynamics are spot on, only after the RD of 40 – 50 years. they have been in moto GP they have been everywhere in the world. You should expect this to happen much earlier when the yamaha’s had headaches with Crux, YBX, YD and Enticer. Give me a break. Its the Bajaj people (Read it Bajaj R&D) taken a forward leap and brokne the jinx of performance biking. Balls to the Honda’s and Yamaha’s. They felt the survival threat and came up with a recuparating idea. Where were they for years. Why didnt they give the joy way back in 1990’s-2000’s. Sleeping giants. Look at the hideous looking ZMR. Again Honda playin part here. Lets see what the can pull after the split up. Do they have the guts to survive. The feel the heat too. Splendor bike has created wonders for the Jindals Hero group and Honda made them look better. Its the relaibilty of the honda made hero survive and not the Hero making the Honda’s survive. Pulsar sets you heart pulsating and only the people who have dive will know it. Its the respect you show to the bike. Filthy looking Hero Honda’s still have build issues. The have valve issuse, the have cylider head issues. Whats that know. No matter how educated we are we go damn care about the nitty-gritty’s and just keep on blaming a product even before trying to know what substance it is made of up. The R15 is just a better track tool. Where else can you take that ride. Shallows, valleys. Even a journey of over 100 kms will make you feel life less. So whats the use of R15. What praticality it carries.

    • Faisal

      Neil, well said about what you extract from the bike and not the bike from you. At the end of the day what matters is biking, irrespective of the bike ;-)

    • Abhisek

      Well said Neil n Fas. Pulsar has made India proud. Indonesian n many othr countries’ bikers r dying to get it launchd soon in thr countries.

      Fas I can’t wait anymr to read d test ride of P200 NS by motorbeam. Pls don’t make us wait anymr. Hope u get d bike soon :-)

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, we don’t want to make you wait but Bajaj Auto is not yet offering bikes for reviews!

  • abhisek

    Fas I saw this pic carefully and am taken by surprise to see that Bajaj are using BYBRE (Brembo) brakes for the 200 NS. Did u notice that one?

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, nothing surprising there. What the Duke can use, the P200NS too can!

    • Gautham

      No surprise even the P220 uses the bybre brakes.

  • very good answer provided by Mr. Neil…in support of that i would like to add that even though Japnese Moto giants have over 40years of R&D section but still there 150cc bike gives the average in align with 220cc engine of ours….what will you do of engine refinement then???

  • can any body say that KTM SERVICE will done at only at KTM Servicing centre or it may be done at bajaj showroom.

    this is the reasone why i Pause my booking KTM DUKE 200.

    KTM Showroom is about 500 away from my home.

    • Faisal

      Dilker, KTM servicing will be done at Bajaj I think as KTM showroom dont seem to have a service area. Need to confirm this.

  • Pramod Chennai

    @ Faisal, I have not ridden any bike with centrally placed exhaust as this one and Duke have. From the pics, it seems that the outlet comes close to the right foot( don’t know it just seems to me), do you thinh that the right foot/ left foot will be exposed to excessive heat ?

    And was the demo bike fitted with Saree guard, which is essential for Indian market and how was the bike looking with it?

    • Faisal

      Pramod, yes there is a saree guard present and the bike looks just fine. As far as the exhaust goes, it is placed in such a manner that it does not blow air on your foot.

    • Shibadip

      No pramod, the exhaust and the foot peg r located quite fr from each other. also the test riders has done quite a no, of test before unveiling this bike. so rest assured dis problem will not arise.(unless u hv a KHALi like foot)

  • Shibadip

    I had a pulsar 150cc which got stolen 2 yrs back.Snce den was waiting for r15 v2.0, but on it,s launch found it too impractical and too expensive!! So, again had to wait long for next gen pulsars.
    Although i am a pulsar fan, but i am not a fan of naked bikes. But the aggressive looks of 200 NS is haunting me every day and so i am planning to book 200 NS on 1st day only, but can anyone tell me if a full fairing can b attached in d bike?? (After d warranty period is over)
    Also will it be risky to book it so early without looking over some of the ownership reviews.

    • Abhisek

      If P220 F’s fairing can be put on P220 N then most probably in NS also it would be possible when dey launch faired version. Checkout at service centers.
      Later u can ask this question in some big auto magzine lik autocar, overdrive, zigwheels n dey wil ans correctly. Fas can also help u in dis regard

    • Shibadip

      Frame of 220S and 200NS is completely different. However, when BAL will launch the faired version of 200NS that can probably fit to 200NS. But the thing i worry about is the Hunk like protruding tank of 200NS. However i have seen a Hunk modded with R15 v1.0 fairing at Kolkata(not looking good altough)!!!

      FAS or anyone with modification knowledge; pls throw some light.

      P.S.- I am also against any modification on bikes, as i think bike looks and performs better in original self. But also i am vry much of an anti-nacked theme guy. Dats y never liked FZ16.

    • abhisek

      Shibadip I din say about frame of 220 and 200 NS. Im saying whether the fairing of faired 220 will fit the unfaired 220 (same bike). I also believe that too much modification makes the bike prematurely old.

      Surely it will be slightly risky to book before going through all the reviews but 200 NS seems to be a strong option and nothing going against it. With the 2 big Ks behind Bajaj and their own RnD effort I dnt think its too risky. This test ride review might help u

    • Shibadip

      Thanks abhi… But hav seen d review earlier. Too biased.Think i will b d 1 giving a hands on review for others to decide.!!
      Also i see a compleately new switch/valve on the left side of d bike. Guess it is 4 reserve/main petrol valve. Aginin a 1st time in india i guess!!!!
      Seen some post on other forums where it is being said that advance booking have already started. Any nwz on dat???

    • Faisal

      Shibadip, unofficially bookings have started.

    • Faisal

      Shibadip, the faired version will have different headlights. You wont be able to put the fairing on the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • Shibadip

      FAS.. I called up probiking showroom at kolkata an hour ago. They told dat new pulsar sale r about 5-6 mths from now and assured dat dere is no booking of 200NS as of now anywhere in India, and was thereby persuading me to book Duke 200.
      Going by ur statement, i guess u hv 2 hv some inside source at probking 2 get booking unofficialy.
      Seeing the interest on dis bike, i guess dere will b a huge demand and d waiting period will b of 2-3mths whn d booking statrts officially. So can any 1 confirm abt d Unofficial booking?? and hw can i get 1 if dere is any??

      ANd about the problem of faired version having different headlights, then howcome we c current pulsars and other bike hav a NINJA or a R15 fairing??

    • Faisal

      Shibadip, Rajiv Bajaj himself said launch in April, so the sales will start then. Production will be kept high knowing the demand will be quite high for the bike. Some dealerships are taking unofficial bookings but remember that the new Pulsar won’t be sold at Probiking.

  • Shibadip

    FAS; if not at probiking, den where will i go for booking?? OSL counters??
    I guess d probiking person gave d story of 5-6mths so dat he could persuade me for a duke 200 instead.
    Hpoe d productin suffices d demand, but i want my bike to be at least within 1st 5 200NS in Kolkata. That will b 1 exclusive 1 in my locality!!!!!

    And pls throw some more light abt d fairing. I am very much impressed with dis bike, and only thing dat might stop me is the naked theme..
    Will i be able to modify it with any NINJA/R15 v2.0/Pulsar 200Fully Faired ??

    • Abhisek

      I agree d review is slightly biassed n Adil seems to be overwhelmed n return favour to Bajaj for exclusively providng him bike for road test even before launch.
      I lov faired bikes.also bcz of light handle so I cn undrstnd ur prob so wel.althogh ns looks striking in naked avtar.
      Probikng guys wil obv persuade u to buy ninja/duke bcz of thr own performnce ratngs.
      U cn email or cal helpline from bajaj auto site contacts. Thrs a customer care toll free num.

    • Shibadip

      D toll free no. is closed on sunday. Will call dem 2moro. But they will hv only 1 thing 2 say= no booking now and will start 4 late may or aprl start.

      All will b ok 4 me if some1 can convincingly cofirm me about the fairing modification.

    • Faisal

      Shibadip, yes you have to go to Bajaj showrooms for Pulsar bookings. You maybe able to modify with fairing but it wont be such a clean job as the original.

    • Shibadip

      OK mate, hv made up my mind. Will gv a look at d pricing of CBR150R to b relsd by end May. If not satisfied, will book 200NS.
      Wont be modifying anything till d warranty period(2yrs). By dat time some idiot will fair it up and post it on d net!!!!!!!!
      Depending on those pic will take my further decn.
      What say??

    • Faisal

      Shibadip, if you want faired, then wait for faired P200, Bajaj will launch that too.

  • R15 fan

    no way comparo
    p200 is a naked bike ,a person who is a lover of street bike or naked bike will get this.
    hero honda karizma zmr is a sports tourer bike , a person who is a lover of sports bikes nd will take it to long ways will get zmr.
    last but not the least
    YAMAHA YZF R15 V2.0 it is a truely racing bike nd person like me who is the lover of racing bikes will get this like i will.

    Conclusion:- every bike has merits nd demerits ,every one has its choice

    but r15 is better in my opinion because except of being a 150cc bike it gives a tough compition to other bikes of 200cc.

  • somnath

    pulser 200ns & yahama R version bike which best opitions
    pls help me..

    • Faisal

      Somnath, depends on your requirements.

  • Sameer

    No doubt… Plz go with pulsar, the reliable one….

  • Shravan SP

    i’m gonna buy a bike i’m 17 confused whether 2 buy pulsar 200ns or fazer cause though pulsar s a beast it’ll die within a few months nd ask service whereas fazer stunning luk nd long life cheaper compared 2 200ns nd top speed 126kmph nd pulsar 200ns 136kmph 1ly 10kmph more nd we can’t evn reach 100 in dese indian roads nd increasing traffic…so my choice FAZER!!! ROCKX MAN :D

    • Faisal

      Sharavan, get the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • Shravan SP

      sorry dude…i bought fazer nd tuned it now it gives a mileage of around 43kmpl nd i hav installed xenon angel nd overall onroad it came 2 be 1ly 86,578rs only…:)

    • Preetam jaiswal

      what a bike.

    • ram charan

      hi faisal what about life that it{200ns} can give
      it means expected

    • Ram, that is something I can’t say as the engine and technology is new.

  • nick

    Yamaha R15 V2 has no match for looks…. But for a better performance and a lower price pulsar200Ns is d best…..

  • Abhinandan

    Ohh come on guys. I am 6 feet tall with good weight i have Karizma ZMR, i have driven R15 version 2 of my friend. and R15 is a wonderful machine. but wat i get is r15 doesnot looks good on me. looks like a cycle. And look at this p200 ns. Wow better looks den any pulsur, Mono shock, liqid cooled engine, with all new style you never get before. If anyone ask me to choose in between P200 and Zmr now ill say p200. but i would like to wait to say anything now. as its not available. and not with me.

    • Faisal

      Abhinandan, did you try the R15 Version 2.0?

    • Yedhu

      Which will be beeter in case of milage.Pulsar 200ns or yamaha fz???
      Which should i buy??

    • Faisal

      Yedhu, can’t really say without riding it but technically it should be the FZ.

    • ryan

      1st try r15 v2.0

  • Abhinandan

    Yes i only try version 2. not the older one. because my friend has got it, ride it and while riding takes some shots….alas! bikes looks so pony on me. You know i am in love with R15 since i rode it. so much refine engine no vibration. Comfy. But only thing which send me back is its look with me…Otherwise. Braking of R15 version 2.0 is 5 out of 5. Comfort 4 out of 5, control 5 out of 5. If my hight would be till 5″7 inch ill go for R15, but im for 6 feet 1 inch with 100+ weight need to consider sth. else.

    • Faisal

      Abhinandan, consider the Classic then.

  • ajju

    I’m buying r15 2.0 its superp look an top speed it can beat pulsar 200ns 220 all dhose its superp performing bik I luv r15 evn girl’s wil luv so my r15 uuummmmaaaaa

    • Shravan SP

      bet u can’t reach 120 in these roads :P

    • sangam

      r15 will never beat p220. correct ur figures

    • kIRAn

      agree wit u buddy..he has gone nuts!!moron ajju…

    • Sachin

      Sangam P220 can never beat R15 technically in any sense, R15 is an extreemely powerful machiene, u have to discover its power…

      The p220 never even comes near to R15 ‘s perfection…

    • satish

      Ya R15 definitely cannot pulsar200 ns … i bet on it..

    • Rohan

      I admit that pulsar 220 f is extra ordinary bike but r15 is un beatable.when it comes to racing track,although pulsar 220 has top speed more then that of r15 but pickup,brakes also matter a lot r15’s triple spark engine ,excellent breaking capacity makes it unbeatable in both looks and at
      race track..

    • Paul Joseph

      Rohan, R15 does’nt have Triple spark engine… :o

    • of course p-200ns will better than every thing ,
      and company claimed 58 of mileage.

    • Paul Joseph

      Bharath, Company claims 58kmpl of mileage when ridden constantly at 55-60kmph ! Otherwise I say 35-40kmpl city and overall 45kmpl. Btw, I’m buying 200NS B)

  • akxay

    duke 200 is better than r15 v2.0 duke have 25bhp power and fantastic and diff. look …..

  • Hi Fas,

    In the comment you mentioned 95k to be the on-road price and here you say that 95k is the ex-showroom price… Which one shall we believe?
    Also some1 in Ludhiyana claims to have seen the slip of showroom cost 87K though I do not know how far is that believable… Also many dealers have reported that there is an extra option priced more with soft-compound tyre option… Some1 reported that a single dealer claimed to have received more than 75bookings, dont knw if he was faking it but many have booked and reported it on xbhp and for a 200cc 23.4 bhp bike its selling like hot cakes I guess. Also attributed to the competitive pricing, quality and high mileage provided by Bajaj for the P200NS.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, the pricing is a guess, not confirmed, should be less than Rs. 1 lakh on-road.

  • Sam

    Hi,, I need suggestion , i am 28 year old professional. I am about to buy a bike, previously i was owner of 2 pulsar 150-DTSI CC bikes for about 7 years, both brought new. now I am about to buy Pulsar 180 and suddenly my friend stopped me and showed p200 ns pictures,. they are nice, i decided to wait 20 days, because showroom people said it is coming in 20 days, I want to know which is better p180 or p200ns. I afraid liquid cooled engine will be having too much mechanism and can fail turning my engine into charcoal.
    can you suggest me, this will be my final bike for life. please suggest,.

    • vijay

      you can go with pulsar 200 ns.

    • Faisal

      Sam, wait for Pulsar 200 NS if possible, it is way better than the P180. Also liquid cooling won’t burn into charcoal, just maintain your motorcycle well.

    • Paul Joseph

      Sam, Liquid cooling is the best cooling there is. Air cooling or Oil cooling has certain limits and beyond that it fails. But there is no such problem with liquid cooling. :)

  • Pramod Chennai

    @ Faisal-Do you foresee a problem for 200NS during the monsoon because of its Exhaust Placement. Am not too sure on the clearance between the exhaust nozzle and ground and if the water can easily get in.

    • Faisal

      Pramod, nope. No problem due to exhaust, many bikes have this since years now (abroad).

  • Sam

    Friends i decided to go for Suzuki GS150R as i have no time to wait, i am shelling 150 – 200 Rupees daily for auto rikshaw, and bajaj has bad habit of upgrading their bikes in every new batch of production, so i am afraid as soon i buy in first batch of production, they will surely modify their bike, (it is for good but hurts already brought customers). so i will buy 200NS next year, let it refine till than,

    Thank you very much

    • its a completely new bike. why will they modify it. they wil just bring a new variant with fairing in 6months thats it. Though GS-150R is a good bike remember that it weighs 150kgs for a 150cc machine which will be very heavy for city riding considering its lower power too. If you buy GS now and sell it and upgrade to P200NS again u will spend alot of money. Aren’t there buses available at ur place that ur spending 200rs per day?? If not then continue with ur purchase. But if you can take buses then I would say waiting for P200NS is more sensible. Also April 2nd week the deliveries will start but I guess waiting could be around month since many ppl are booking it. Just see if you can take buses for a month. otherwise 200rs/day is huge.
      Other good option (if you dont get buses) would be to buy a cheap 100-125cc used bike. Suppose you buy it for 15K and sell it for 14K or even 15K (some talent required like me :P) when ur close to get ur delivery of P200NS. Otherwise you’ll lack the premiumness and novelty offered by P200NS over GS-150R.

  • jaswanth

    yamaha R15 v 2.0 looks damnn stunning…it is best in every aspect when compared to those two bikes, the only drawback i found in r15 v 2.0 is pillioneer seat, we cant take our mother in that which makes more un comfortable to them except for that, girls usually love to have their boy friends a r 15 for sure.. Its one of the most stylish bike i have ever seen.

    • rightly said jaswant :) the rear seat is too high…. we cant always take our girlfriend on this bike… i will be uncomfortable for ladies and elderly :(..

  • Pemba Sonam

    Hi frds,

    I have R15 V2.O looks good but fuel tank is small and next person seat is very high. I don’t like Tank and silencer. About Pulsar 200NS in picture and Video it looks very nice but lets see when it comes on road and market. i am waiting for test drive, if pulsar 200NS is better than new R15 v2.0. then definitely i will go for Pulsar 200NS. Till now my R15 v2.0 is good……

    • Faisal

      Pemba, the rear seat height is ridiculous actually.

  • k 72 Racing Team

    @faisal: Yep… I was in pillion position and met with an accident, since their is no rear holder for pillion in R15 2.0..

    • Faisal

      k72, Yamaha should offer an option to install rear grab rails.

  • manish

    2 b tru i have njoyd all 3 of thm……..n acc to me n my rnkings plsr 200 ns
    thn r15 vrsion 2
    n thn zmr…….
    but in 150 section r5 is the bst till now

    • Faisal

      Manish, yes 150 cc bike the R15 is the best but then even the CBR150R is here now.

  • Anand Jha

    HEY please help me out as i m confused between bikes ZMR ,R15 and Pulsar NS
    which one will be the worth and best performance as i m planning to buy within a week a new one

    which one will be good in looks and mileage

    • Faisal

      Anand, wait for the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • anand …. if u see the looks then undoubtedly r15 and if u go for power and mileage then it should be 200ns… now u decide urself:)

    • Jagdeep

      You can take r15 is the best one

  • Agnal

    I am planning to take a new bike.classic 350,r15,p220 are top in my list.i am a bit fat too.which one should i prefer?

    • Faisal

      Agnal, get the Classic 350.

    • agnal… if u have a good budget the u can obviously go for the r15.. coz its the best looking bike in market:) but u can also wait for 200ns to enter the race if u need a better powerful bike…

  • chirag

    I am planning to buy R15 V2, but confused between duke n r15..

    waiting is 4 months for R15 v2 in Mumbai.

    I need a sporty bike with less maintenance and a great pickup. top whack of arouns 135 to 140 coz m just 58kgs n 5.85″

  • rohan

    ma dad is giftin me byk…..i m confused between pulsar 200ns or 220 f………..whch 1 shld i go 4……i m just 16…..?

    • Aryan

      P200 NS

    • rohan…. waiting for 200ns is a much much much better option obviously :) coz 220 has b come an old model…

  • hi guys
    when it comes to good bikes i feel tat r15 and pulsar 200ns r the best… both bikes share a very good looks and power combination… i must say that pulsar 200ns is much much powerful than r 15 and r15 looks great than pulsar 200ns ……. i would love to buy r 15 but only thing tat stops me is the financial issue… r15 comes for 1.25 lakhs but i think pulsar 200ns will cost 1 lakh only.. so my choice is obvious for pulsar 200ns… so just waiting for it..

    for looks go for r15
    for power and speed go for pulsar 200ns :)
    both bikes r super powerful but p200ns leads in performance and r15 leads in looks and style.. but anyways i m buying 200ns for having getting a brand new bike tat has just entered in market rather than buying old bikes tat has come to market few yrs b4 :) so for me pulsar 200ns is the besttttttttttt:)P)

  • if anyone asks me which bike you have to chose between yamaha R15 and Karizma ZMR? I definitely chose KarizmaZMR because it very stylish and good loking or good in mileage or good in speed.

  • sree

    I red all the comments above i booked 200ns first in my area and i think r15 v2 is gud not gud best in lookz and perfomance pulsar 200 ns so i go 4 ns and my bro is working in bajaj he told me 200 ns is giving a mileage of 52km i guess i will get around 45 so i will own it………….

    • Shibadip

      Hey Sree, since your bro is working in bajaj, can u please give us any info on its launch(Booking) date.!!!
      Hared abt 14th may, but now the news is that new gen discover will be launched tommorow.

    • kailash

      hey shree, if ur brother works in bajaj then u can surely know the booking dates of 200ns… so pls ask him n tell when the 200ns booking starts….?

  • sree

    Shibadip it will deliver the bike on 4th june my bro told me

    • Shibadip

      Thanks man, but zig wheel says launch will be during july!!
      But, What i dont understand is the site tells bike will be in shrm by MAY, BUT WILL BE AVAILABLE BY july!!!!!]
      after may comes June, so why wait till july??
      I first thought its a typo error, but in some other forum also its written that bike will be available bu JULY!!
      What the hell man!!

  • Anand

    R15 can beat any other pulsar it just need upgrades like daytona check on youtube..YAMAHA YZF-R15 reached 150km/h..:D

    • Aryan

      What if Pulsar gets upgrades like Daytona.. if R15 reaches 150 then Pulsar can surely reach 170-180km/h..:D

  • Anand

    dnt confuse guys you should upgrade r15 with daytona and it makes it powerful beast great in looks nd great in power than other check it on you tube..:D

  • Paul Joseph

    I’m currently having RTR 180-white, it has impressed me a lot. I have ridden P220, R15, CBR 250 and all but RTR handles the way I want it to be. Good mileage and amazing pick up with very cool sound and the only con I can say is that it produces vibrations at some RPM. Btw, CBR is also good as it is very powerful and reasonable price. Any bike can perform better with upgrades. I’m saying it because buying CBR 250 is better than buying R15 and upgrading it with Daytona. And coming to my doubt, I buying a new bike and 200NS is my choice but the problem is Pulsar’s powerful bikes are known for engine trouble. I was going to buy P220 instead of RTR but this engine’s poor lifetime made me to think for other bikes and I was happy with RTR 180. I’m acknowledged that P200 NS is having lot of changes like new developed engine, new light and strong chassis, more importantly the engine is liquid cooled. So I hope the 200NS would have way better lifetime than any other Pulsar. What do you guys think about that ? (I have already booked 200NS and it’ll arive next month)

    • Faisal

      Paul, if you have the budget for the CBR250R, get it.

    • Paul Joseph

      I love CBR 250 the most in under the budget of 200k but the best I have is 100k. :(
      And mileage is problem too with petrol price hiking. :/

  • avi

    Yamaha R15 awesome. R15 is 150 cc than why it’s Mileage is 35?

  • hey paul who told you pulsar is known for engine trouble. i have pulsar 180 and no engine problem. RTR 180 is good but i dont like RTR look,

    • Paul Joseph

      Sony, Yes, the trouble is mostly with P220.
      RTR 180 has better power and handling over P180. RTR 160 is the perfect competitor with P180. I like the looks of RTR 180 more and even girls love it ! ;)

  • joey

    o my god..! My r15 soo beautiful and after putting angel eye HID lights looks so so sexy!!.. Damn chicks go craze whenevr see the bike…….. uummuuwaah…,

  • yogesh

    pulsar is best better than all

  • deepak verma

    i want to buy a bike under 100000 so plz tell me i like 350 cc Classic and ns 200 cc bajaj i have 6 feed height and 95 kg same time i would go with my bike out of delhi comfort and best parfomas

    • Faisal Khan

      Deepak, get Classic 350 if you want to take the highways more often.

    • Paul Joseph

      Yeah, I agree with Faisal . :)

  • Personally i m ridin the p220 …… quality sux but i luv and by d way i hav mod it…lik put an extra projector …… got monoshocks. … put a two brothers racing exhaust and put pirelli tyres for the frnt and back……but r15 luks gud sumtm and not half d time …….i stil feel ninja 250 has no match although being expensive….thnku

  • friends please tell me which bike give me superb speed
    yamaha fz, honda cbr 180, apache 160
    and pulsar 200ns
    please guys tell me fast

    • Paul Joseph

      Rahul, Cbr 180 ? :o
      It is CBR 150.
      Among them I would choose 200NS. It has power and mileage with the help of Triple Spark technology controlled by ECU. Better handling and the best power to weight ratio. Can’t say anything about quality but I heard the Engineers are frequently testing it out on the roads and correcting every single flaw. That is why they are launching it very late. Lets hope for the best !

    • Rahul, Pulsar 200 NS.

  • friends please tell me which bike give me superb speed
    yamaha fz, honda cbr 180, apache 160
    and pulsar 200ns
    please guys tell me fast

    • Rahul, Pulsar 200 NS appears to be the best yet.

  • Hariharan

    Hey please help me out as i m confused between bikes ZMR ,R15 and Pulsar NS
    which one will be the worth and best performance as i m planning to buy within a month…..and am 6ft tall n 7o kg….which bike suits for me???? please tel soon guys!!!!!!

    • Paul Joseph

      Hariharan, Usually ZMR is the bike for tall guys but I think 200NS might suit you well too. I suggest 200NS because it is better than ZMR in most ways. Power, looks, mileage, technology, top speed, breaking, handling and more. *As said in reviews.
      And ZMR has full fairing, quality and resale value, etc…. nothing much more
      So in total 200NS wins :)

    • Hariharan, wait for the Pulsar 200 NS.

  • Mishra

    Hi guys, iam going to buy a new bike but im in gr8 confusion among r15 v2.0,fz,apache the problem is tat im 5.5 ft height but with fit body .please suggest me wat should i prefer

    • Mishra, the R15 costs almost 50% more than the other bikes you mentioned here. So it all depends on your budget.

    • Mishra, get the R15.

  • Aditya

    Sir , m gonna buy karizma zmr, i m 5’11” n 70kg weight, is it ok for me????? And also tell me its mileage….. Actualy i rode it n i feel so comfortable on it….

    • Aditya, the mileage is around 35-40 km/l. Yes, the bike is ok for you but you can look for other motorcycles in that range as well.

  • come on guys,,,, when is the pulsar 200 ns finally releasing… ? i been long time since then r sayin tat p 200ns will release by end of may.. ab june aa gaya kya ghanta release hua h… :@

    • Paul Joseph

      Here, they said it’ll arrive next month only….again another waiting month :(

  • Hariharan, Usually ZMR is the bike for tall guys but I think 200NS might suit you well too. I suggest 200NS because it is better than ZMR in most ways. Power, looks, mileage, technology, top speed, breaking, handling and more. *As said in reviews.
    And ZMR has full fairing, quality and resale value, etc…. nothing much more
    So in total 200NS wins :)

  • Hariharan, Usually ZMR is the bike for tall guys but I think 200NS might suit you well too. I suggest 200NS because it is better than ZMR in most ways. Power, looks, mileage, technology, top speed, breaking, handling and more. *As said in reviews.
    And ZMR has full fairing, quality and resale value, etc…. nothing much more
    So in total 200NS wins :)

  • Rahul, Cbr 180 ? :o
    It is CBR 150.
    Among them I would choose 200NS. It has power and mileage with the help of Triple Spark technology controlled by ECU. Better handling and the best power to weight ratio. Can’t say anything about quality but I heard the Engineers are frequently testing it out on the roads and correcting every single flaw. That is why they are launching it very late. Lets hope for the best

    • Paul Joseph

      Why are you people re-posting my comments ? :O

  • Aditya

    I want to buy a bike. I’m 6′ tall and 70 kg in weight.. Which bike is suitable for me. I’m thinking about CBR 250R, R15 V 2.0, ZMR, 200NS.. Tell me guys.. Urgent

    • Aditya, why are you not considering Duke 200?

    • 100L

      very nice and look

    • vishnu deva

      herohonda karizma zmr i ove that bike because me also 6any doubht about karizma contact me at

  • rahul

    Hey i want to buy a bike i’m 6feet tall and weight around 90 …i want to buy a bike with good pillow seat can u suggest me one

  • rahul

    It’s around 1.3 lac

  • this intel is wrong about r15 v2 the top speed that my r15 v2 reach is 148. I think 200ns pulsar can do better than that according to its cc n bsp. Any way r15 is cool bike for girls n pulsar 200ns is a rocking bike for dudes. I advice r15 v2 if you are supposed to impress girls but to live ur own style i advice pulsar 200ns. Also if you want both cool n rock you should go for hoyosung 250 its really a nive bike if you can afford it. It has the top speed 186 kmph because it got 250cc, 46bsp and 2cylinders

    • rinton

      R15V2 always de best.

  • Pranay

    I want to buy the bike with dashing looks and mileage! Which 1 i sud go 4?

    • R15 always ahead….!!!!!!!!!

  • mere pass cbz xtrem h new modal mujhe ns 200 leni h kounsi sahi rahegi

  • naved

    bajaj pulsar 200ns best bike than yamaha r15 and hero honda karizma.

    ye r15 karizma kya mukaabla karengi. pulsar ka. bajaj pulsar 200 ns, best he iski look. iske three plug.

  • Vicky


    . Pulsar Won,t able to smell the R15 Exhaust……:) Yes YAMAHA

  • viky

    R15 V2 is by far the best looking Sexy machine were there is no one to challange atleast which cost below 2L. Looks and Handling are outstanding ! pulsar seems to be a package good on paper but it is yet to prove itself ! Reliablity, Durablity all are in doubt as usual case with bajaj

  • AVI

    According to a poll conducted on which company makes highest quality bikes in India, result has been achieved that Yamaha ranks 29.7 %, Honda 24.3%, Hero Honda 20.7%, Bajaj 10.1%, Royal Enfield 8.7%, TVS Motors 3.5%, Suzuki 2.8%. Indian Automobile market is flourishing with newer launches, makeovers and upgrades quite often. Based on a survey conducted the top highest quality bike manufacturers in India are listed below:

    Top 7 Highest Quality Bike Manufacturers in India:


    YAMAHA leads with 29.70% of population opting for this bike. Owing to its successful debut of the racing inspired YZF-R15 and the first naked bike to India – FZ series, Yamaha has owned the hearts of many. Not only in India, Yamaha in several parts of the world is one of the preferred sport bike manufacturer. Yamaha is 5.4% higher than Honda’s %. The servicing of Yamaha bikes is above average in most of the service centers and delivery period of Yamaha bikes are kept under control.


    • Limax

      Let me remind you “Bajaj Kawasaki Ktm”

  • azeezkaropady

    kya kamalka gadi yar ns 200 i like it

  • kevin king

    200 ns for every body size lookable bike

  • Saurabh Patil

    NOTE FROM MODERATOR – Please stop using abusive language, your comments will be removed!

    • Saurabh Patil

      NOTE FROM MODERATOR – Please stop using abusive language, your comments will be removed!

  • nitesh

    Hey guys i own a karizma-r and i hav beatten pulsar 200 ns in a race

    • Manty Ahmed

      Whr did u race?BIC? Beaten NS in a race with Karizma R? Lol uv good sense of humour.looks like u beat a calm rider riding in his run-in period otherwise its Impossssssibleee. ;-)

    • Nitesh, that is really cool, but why was the Pulsar guy in sixth gear all the time? ;p

    • Limax

      Oooohooo in your dream

  • JUST GET THE 200NS man…………..
    i have cancelled the r15 2.0 booking for it…………………….

  • parveen singh

    pulsar 200NS iS A UNIQUE MACHINE. Compete r15 & karizma ZMR

  • pranesh

    my budget s 1L.. suggest me d best bike in that zone… my first priority is style.. n value for money & mileage come after that..

  • vivian

    hi faisal
    i’m 5″11 feet tall n my budget is 1 lakh can u suggest a bike n i need mileage

  • vivian

    thanks faisal:)

  • vivian

    hey faisal wat abt ktm duke i no its price is bit high will it suit me?

  • ganraj

    mere ko r15 v2,hyosang gt 250r,pulsar 200ns me. se konsi achi hogi bataiye

    • Ganray, budget? One bike costs Rs. 1 lakh, other Rs. 1.2 lakh and the third Rs. 3 lakh. How can you choose with such varied budgets?

  • amit

    Fas any news when Yamaha will Launch 250cc ? Eagerly waiting

  • apni 200NS se R15 ko itna piche choda ki mujhe use kahna pada “barabri to karlo”.

  • jayesh

    mujhe ya bike acche lage…………..

  • sanjubaw

    i have cbz extreme and now i want to buy pulsar 200

  • sanjubaw


  • sanjubawa


  • Srinath T

    Hi Faisal,
    I’m 6 feet tall with 1L budget, decided to go for p200Ns based on your reviews.
    Just one question to ask- Could I trust the durability & reliability of new 200NS engine? Cos, previous pulsars didn’t impress me and I currently own a Karizma R.

    • smp

      iam not a karizma fan. But i frankly say that karizma is the only bike that touches the soul of india.
      It has topend quality than any other bikes in india. The machine already proved it. If you have any doubt you have to enquire about the machine to its real owners or mechanics (experienced.)

  • i love palser bick & what speed
    u test the divre on palser4

  • tushar

    Hii Faisal .. i am planning to buy a bike in next couple of days.. can u suggest me the best between pulsor 220 and pulsor 200NS .?
    Plz mention the road price of the bikes mentioned above including all taxes n all.. reply asap..!

  • Hey Faisal.. I’m planning to get a new bike for me within next 2 weeks. I’m confused between Karizma zmr and pulsar 200ns. Which one of these is better to go? And why? Y0u can email at Thanks in advance

    • Dinesh, the Pulsar 200 NS is the bike to get. ZMR outdated.

  • sid

    hey guys, i dont wanna start bragging about my baby r15 2.0 but when u have one u dont wanna compare it to any bike at all, its just sheer pleasure to ride. in handling no 150 cc bike comes close let alone power specs, but its not a superbike and was meant to give indian youth a taste of near superbike performance. only by looking at it did companies like hero and honda bring out their bikes like zmr and cbr to us.

  • Swapnil

    I m confused between karizma zmr nd r15 2.0 wich bike should I purchase my first priority is mileage nd looks

  • pankaj

    R15 just rocks being 150 cc class bike clocks over 150 Km/hr on stock well with daytona goes 160 km/hr, other in class are just cheap high CC bikes.

  • r15 is always best !!speed gain of 200 is gud,but the braking and handling is very poor!!!
    R15 best in all!!!!!good loook,good power,braking,handling……………………………..!!!!!I’ve no words to tellll!!!!!!111thanks to YAMAHA

  • Sanjay

    Hi, i wantd to buy a bike within a couple of day’s I’m confused between R15 2.0 and 200Ns, and budget is 1.10 lakh, plz suggest me d best one,

    • Sanjay, that is easy. R15 won’t fit in your budget so why are you even thinking? Get the 200 NS.

  • Hi frends..
    I’m confused between new r15v2.0 and pulsar200ns.and the budget is 1.15L,could u suggest me one?

  • Hi frends..
    I wanna buy a bike and I’m confused between new r15v2.0 and pulsar200ns.and the budget is 1.15L,could u suggest me one?

  • pushkin

    Oka guys enuff debate on r15,pulsar 200 ns and karizma…to me the best looking bike out there is R15 V2.0! Looks,style,braking and specially the tail light all are great! I am buying this babe very soon! The tail light has impressed me more than anything! So if u want chicks to notify u,get a R15 v2 and wait for the magic to happen ;)

  • Agnal

    I bought a new pulsar 200ns and it is not upto the has been a head ache for me.the radiator is leaking coolant from the very first day which i first failed to recognise during the time of delivery.the engine is giving only a sporty sound and it is not accelerating above the speed of 80.the service and showroom guys are not ready for taking responsiblity.pls tell me a solution for this




    PULSAR IS rockstar IN IND

  • Gagan

    Which 1 is the best?
    1 karizma zmr
    2 pulsar 200
    3 r15

    • Dhanesh

      Karizma zmr

    • r15 is best bike

    • Montu


    • Akash

      Karizma ZMR rocks. I had a budget of around 1.3-4L & after considering several options finally bought the Karizma ZMR due to its being proven on the indian roads. Awesome machine.

      One more thing: I’m just 5’5 but this machine suits me like hell & is not causing any problem WHATSOEVER. So, Karizma being only for taller guys is a myth!!!!!!!!!!

  • zmr is a awesome bike when comparied with r15 and pulsure

  • Ashray Panwari

    pulsar 200 ns rocks. bur r15 sucks bcause of power to money ratio. it is not qick as pulsar. all r15 fans have lost their senses. there is nothing in that bike to spend over 1 lac.

    • Pranav

      pulsar cant beat the build quality of Yamaha bikes + 200 NS has no Fuel Injection
      Yamaha R15 is competing with 200+ cc has no flaws!

  • R15 is the best.:8-)

  • JOHN

    No Ashray,
    R15 is not all that bad..
    It is actually the Best Vehicle while taking turns.
    You can turn R15 with full confidence and it can pounce on any vehicle and Jump away.
    But Dude R15 cannot beat 200NS in terms of Power and speed.
    Yes 200NS is very powerful Vehicle , but lacks in Handling capabilities.
    But I am too happy with 200NS and I am sure to wait for pulsar 350NS to arrive in Market.

    • Pranav

      200 NS is a very good handler! the difference in handling of R15 and 200NS are almost ignorant

  • Akki

    I think R15 and 200ns both are best bikes in the world

  • Pranav

    i am a proud owner of the Pulsar 200 NS for 1.5 months now..and it’s a gem of a machine!
    i had a few minor problems like the vibrations, throttle response, gear shifting, etc. in the beginning. All you have to do is go to the service center and claim for a free repair..and the bike is perfect!
    i managed to attain a top speed of 143km/hr on highway (which was kinda bumpy)..and i expect the bike to go 145-146km/hr on a smooth road.
    the Eurogrip tires are good..but not that trustable!
    the bike is very stable at high speeds..and it’s cornering abilities proved it to be the best Pulsar ever!
    it’s giving me a mileage of 34-38 km/lt (rough riding style) gives around 40km/lt on highway
    and the front and rear disk brakes work like a dream!

    i am very happy with the Pulsar 200 dont have to think twice when you’re investing on this machine :)

  • Parimal

    Seems those pulsar 200 ns fans have not tried duke ktm. And I hate taking brand new bike to service centre for crappy issues. Why is QC dept at Bajaj doing ? I faced same issues with pulsar 150, then shifted to CBZ & now looking for Honda CBR. The looks of 200ns have been copied from ktm but the frame, suspension is all different. The handling of ktm is as good as R15, if not better. And if vitamin M is not issue, then it is best to go for Honda CBR 250 followed by 150.
    Nice comfort, few vibrations & feels great. And I wonder in heavy traffic how does that 0-60 matters ?? CBR is more practical bike, R15 is race track bike, 200ns is poor man’s medium powerful bike. I will rule out ZMR as my friends have issues with spares & sometimes cold start issue as well. Though I like CBR, there is no pass-light switch. So stupid of Honda :/ .

    Frankly, there is no VFM bike having balance of all things in the range of 80k-1.2L. Nothing offers value & peace of mind like bit old bikes like CBZ, Unicorn. I am now thinking to go the good old way – Bullet 350 Classic. Hell with 0-60, when you are on bullet, that is all different experience. No one stands near you in 4 ft radius, very useful at signals :D.

  • m.yasar

    pulsar 200 ns very

  • JOHN

    200ns is poor man’s medium powerful bike. ?????????

    200NS is 1 lakh in Bangalore and Duke is 1.3+ Lakhs …….
    So 30000 Rs more will make you RICH??????? :)

    Medium Powerful Bike???????
    What a Joke…… There is no sense in this comment… I have been driving R15 since days and is not equally powerful as 200NS is.

    The only one thing is CBR 250 is the bestter of all —- Yes it is true…

    I am sure people are getting Jealous of this BIKE…….

  • JOHN

    What a Joke..
    200ns is poor man’s medium powerful bike????????

    200NS is 1 Lakh and DUKE is 1.3+ lakhs in Bangalore .
    Buy paying 30000Rs more will you become rich ?????? :) :)

    Then Duke comaped to price of CBR 250 is again Poor man’s average power bike.
    And R15 is Poor man’s Less powerfull bike !!!

    Total stupid Comments……

    I agree with only one point CBR250 is most powerful bike of all the above…

  • Aniket

    hiee all !!
    wana buy a bike yar
    confused btwen
    r15 v02 n pulser 220 ? ?

    i want performance. :-)
    do suggest :-) w8ing fr ur comments/replyz

  • JOHN

    R15 DUDE.

  • kashif

    dear all…
    I have had enough opportunity to drive all three bikes…..except the New Puls 200……but I tell you…beyond these brand…there is one imp name that you guys have missed…..I tell you I have been driving TVS RTR, 160 CC since 2007….and max speed I could handle was 120 km on the way to Jaipur from New Delhi, means NH-8….I bate you none of your bike could mange non-stop running between Delhi – Jaipur at that high speed…..and that too without any vibration. such was a comfortable journey I used to have…..with my speed maintaining on an avg. 75 kmph. and its not that once it happened….I keep rushing to Delhi by my much trust and confidence that TVS has given me… can not be given by any other bike……… no doubt about the power, pick up and the smoothness that I enjoy driving TVS RTR 160 CC. In addition…sound and road grip that this bike has……no comparison…..try once TVS ….U will love it……yes…now M wating for…Pulsar 200n. no comment about the one I have not tried……….but do try any bike of ur choice at a speed of 100 kmph for hrs…and hrs…..then u get the real picture and the strength and power of the bike..not just handling in the city……… So to my opinion so far TVS RTR is the best bike of our time at this segment and power.

  • prasenjit biswas

    pulsar 200 ns is more powerful from ZMR/yemaha R15 V2.0……………..

    • rupinder

      200 ns ki awaz bakwas hai baki sb kuch thik hai


    hi guys. TVS Apache RTR 180 is the comfortable bike for acceleration, mileage, handling, braking(abs), stylish(2011), strong, power, top speed, sporty, etc…… Thanks guys

  • Ravi

    My choice is 200 ns, its great bang for bucks, the pillion is also comfortable. Karizma ZMR is also good, but my brother has it so I have used it it, but never the less its a good bike.

    R15 is also great, I think the reason why it cost so much is due to its fairing, I dont want to pay that much. If I would spend 1.2 lacs on R15, I’d better add 40 k more and get a Honda CBR 250 std. which cost 1.64 onroad delhi.

    CBR 250 is decent 250 cc bikes and it competes with Ninja 250R around the globe. It will give you everything: power, sport touring (120 kmph+ with pillon, comfort and handling), fairing, good looks and a segment that is still premium in India.

  • zaro

    Both r15 and 200ns r best bikes

  • crazybikerider

    i am going to get my new bike …can’t decide exactly what bike it is. i love ZMR, and also feels comfort riding pulsar 220 and Yamaha Fazer. plz guys help me through this.i also looking for stylish and power riding.

  • Mayank

    Hi guys I want to buy a bike with low maintenance and reliability I am confused between pulsar 200 ns and karizma sports . what do you guys think

    • Mayank, get the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • Akash

      Karizma ZMR is also a damn gud bike. Trust me. I bought it after a lot of thought recently & have found it be better than the crappy pulsars and tvs’s.

      Also, Honda doen’t giv a lot of accessories with the bike. While with Hero u get all the accessories included in the price tag. So, I went for Karizma ZMR against the CBR 250r..

  • atanu

    guyz i want 2 buy a bike,my weight is 85kg nd height is 5ft11,i m totaly cnfusd between pulsar 220,zmr nd r15 v2.0.i luv r15 da most..but i want to knw frm u guyz,which wil b bettr 4r me..

    • Atanu, get the R15, its an excellent bike.

  • Prithivi Raj

    Hi guys I want to buy a new bike,which bike is best among Pulsar 200 NS or R15 I read the comments I am very much confused b/w these two bikes ohhh bike guru please help me.

  • R15 has top Speed Than pulsar 200Ns. R15 Can Pickup the 100speed in 10 Seconds Where as 200Ns can Beat the 100 in 12.3 Seconds

    • Richdad

      Please correct 200ns goes 0-100 in 9.8s and for R15 its 11.5s or more. Top speed of R15 is less than 200ns in proximity of 130 kmph. 200ns goes above 140 kmph and if you have a long stretch of road you can go till 150 kmph!!! There was youtube video where a guy did it.

      I myself have rode it to 125 kmph.

      Its upto you if you want a super refined 150cc sports bike go for R15, if you want refined 200cc bike(R15 is a bit more refined) with naked looks (naked bikes are cheaper than their sport counterpart) for 200ns.
      I myself bought a 200ns since I want to upgrade to something large later and 200ns has enough power to keep me happy till then.
      Also I would advise anyone with 200ns to change stock tyres with MRF RevZ it really improves bike handling, bringing it to a whole new level.



  • yuvan

    pulsar is the king of indian bikes

  • raman

    faisal mai nw bike lena chahta hu so tell me ns200/r15v2konse acchi h plz tell me…

  • jayadev

    Pulsar 200ns is out of stock in Pune…

  • anupam kumar

    friend hub sorry dost par zmr aisa gar maraya hua gari ri5 v2 ke samne kuch nahi hai samje .
    na look na style na pickup aur uska chain itna awajj karta hai na man karta bam se ura du

  • Tapabrata Sarkar

    yamaha R15 v2 is the best bike.

  • trehan

    r15 is the best than 200 ns or zmr its pickup is much more than the others 150-200cc bikes it gives a THROTTLE response its pick up is just like voooooooooooooooo

  • biker dheeru

    hey friends, please help me to choose one bike among r15 v2.0, p200ns and yamaha fazer. i m totally confused after reading all above comments.

  • swarup

    i like the bike is karizma zmr

  • Akshay

    R15 the great bike

  • subhankar

    Hi friends, i am 21 years old nd my height is 6.4 inch.i have hero karizma is perfect for me.zmr’s looking is beautiful than 200 ns bt not than r15 v2.

  • Aditya

    Hi guys plz help me i wnt to buy a bike bt coofused in r15 v2 and 200 ns plz tell


    ZMR really s**ks looks like a dabba with wheels


    And There is on doubt that R15 got the best looks among these 3 but power goes to NS

  • zakariya

    R1.5____is a awesome bike when compared with____zmr____and____pulsar!!

  • aaryan

    r15 is best bike nd if rider have potential so dis bike goes more than 150km/h so dnt underestimate dis bike

  • jedid paul

    I hav njoyd a lot while riding r15…really comfortable…just i am flying b/w a great traffic at 115km/hr…having an awesome control and braking system..

  • Sathya

    Pulsor is clearly Vfm with low quality parts. It’s no where comparable with r15 a global r series family of Yamaha.

  • jithin

    the pulsar 200ns is the best bike compared to R15 in all ways

  • Warship saikia

    200 ns is the best…. R15 can’t beat ns….

  • jasim fahadh

    Pulsar 200 ns is the best nothing can come near to it….with its power naked luks gud mileage and handling nearly to the ones of r15

  • shubham

    ns is best ..
    top speed 143 …

  • mkrt

    Alway best ns

  • om

    Which colour look superb in NS ?

    • Om, all colours, specially red.

    • om

      What about blue bro.

    • Om, it looks good too, all depends on what you like.

  • Sandeep

    who is the best bike for me in 150cc. I like r15 Image but I dn’t no what’s the performance on road, plz advise me !!

  • Rocky

    Itz an awsum byk i love it..
    Ven i race wid apache 180, pulsar 220 and cbr 250 dey like itz splendr i won…

  • Jewel

    R15 is the best. Comfortable, stunning look, and it’s born from YAMAHA

  • Siraj

    YAMAHA R15 – For people who need style more than anything. You get the Yamaha Quality assurance and service. But the difficulty for the rider may cause back problems in future. Practically unusable pillion seat makes it even more worse. Overall the best bike among the 3 for short dashes, cornering and a rare style packed long trip.
    HERO ZMR – An excellent choice for a peaceful ownership experience. The bike may not make your heart skip , but it can push the limits when u really want to. Undoubtedly the best touring bike among the 3. But difficulty to ride in heavy traffic conditions is something the rider will have to compromise on, you will have to stay patient in the cities.The mileage that this 223cc bike offers is also creditable.
    BAJAJ P220 – When it comes to the horsepower-to-money ratio, nothing beats the P220 and it’s still quite a brilliant buy. The ease of use in heavy traffic conditions adds to the merit. But the overall quality of the bike still needs to improve. The Engine sound, vibrations , poor service will all be the factors that stand against the P220.

  • Jhon abrahim

    On paper everything looks fair unless you get to ride it in reality,

    Ask me,,, R15 v2.0 will beat any of these bikes in a matter of a few seconds,

    R15 v2.0 costs 1.35 lakhs on road… u think people are crazy to buy a 150 cbike for 1.35

    My friend has pulsar and when he gets to ride my bike he says dude your bike has 0 vibration… Pulsars handling is very bad, and pickup sucks man… R15 150 cc can beat pulsar 180 cc bike ,,, and when r15 races with pulsar 200 cc, , , he aerodynamics of r15 helps finish quicker…

    Try it yourself before anyone mislead you…

  • Amnad

    Pulsar 200 ns gives 45kmpl

  • rocky

    now i hav r15 v2.0, n waiting for YAMAHA R25 – TOP SPEED 195 KMPH SABKA BAAP.. ready to TASHAN

  • Miltz

    arey baba r15 r15 its just a puny 150 cc grow up.
    recently a cheap racer was “lets race” on his r15 at a signal. 220 just blew him off. still in 4th got him close to my rear view and then hit full throttle in 4th did 115 odo and this r15 was way back. dude squeezed his way at the next signal to be ahead and poor guy i again caught up with him finally he let go. I had no intention to race that day but just wanted to blow him off the plastic toy. hheheheheh and my 220 is 4.8 yrs old. there is a lot more than 150cc 17 bhp yapping

    r25 = 195kmph
    hayabusa = 355kmph (Bada Baap)

  • Kushal Kshirsagar

    @Niel i don’t know if you check this conversation today but i read the entire thread. Hats-off to you!!! the way you defined usability of P200NS was just amazing i am about to get it (Some formalities are due) let me tell you another thing i owed P 180 for almost 3 years and traveled far distances (at times almost 300 to 400 km’s) in a day since i am very addicted to tour on bike. The P180 never let me down. My younger bro own’s a Karizma R and it is just a fucked up bike in only 2 years this is the difference between Bajaj and other Company’s. Where as i use to tour in rocky terrains, muddy ways, slippery ghats but still my P180 never let me down. And who is talking about cornering on R15 it was a bullshit in Amboli ghat when we traveled to GOA from Pune. My friend met with a serious accident, who dominated the streets in our hometown on that bike as compared to me. R15 is only for city use, where as our new generation likes to go far from the home on bikes. So guys who are looking for a best bike in this period just go for P200ns as all the other bikes are just far way back from it…

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