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Today is a day which will change the motorcycle industry for the next few years. India’s most popular motorcycle, the Bajaj Pulsar is set to go into its next generation and the Chakan based automaker will be unveiling the bike for the first time ever. We are the event and will update you with pictures, details and alot more in real time. Stay tuned.

2:30 – Bajaj has showcased all the versions of the Pulsar, right from the original which was launched in 2001 to the latest version which was launched in 2009. The company is going down memory lane showcasing the previous models and their advertisements.

2:40 – The development of the Pulsar started way back in 1998, with commercial launch taking place only in 2001. The second generation Pulsar being launched today is all new.

2:47 – 4-valve compression technology chamber and triple spark technology to feature in new gen Pulsar. Better fuel economy and performance. One master plug at top and two supplementary at sides. 15% faster combustion. 23.5 BHP compared to old Pulsar 220’s 21 BHP. Next Generation Pulsar is called Pulsar 200 NS.

2:55 – The Pulsar 200 NS is a naked bike, which looks slightly similar to the P135. Liquid cooled, 4-valve, triple spark, carb engine. 23.5 BHP of power at 9500 RPM, mated to a 6-speed gearbox. All new alloy wheels and monoshock suspension.

3:00 – 18.3 Nm of torque at 8000 RPM. Weight of 145 kgs and a fuel tank capacity of 12 liters. 280mm front disc, 230mm rear disc and central exhaust.

3:05 – NS stands for naked sport, full faired can be expected with other smaller versions to come. Competition is Yamaha R15 and KTM Duke 200. Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS price is less than Rs. 1 lakh.

3:10 – The Pulsar 200 NS will be available from April 2012. Bajaj has no plans of phasing out old Pulsars as of now. However they will be phased out eventually.

3:20 – World’s first single-cylinder bike to feature tri-spark technology. 0 – 60 kmph in 3.8 seconds and 0 – 100 kmph in 9.8 seconds. Top speed – 136 kmph. Expected mileage of 58 kmpl at 55 kmph. Ground clearance of 167 mm. 60 – 0 kmph in 16.33 meters.

3:30 – Twin spar perimeter unit frame, 37mm double downtube front suspension, petal discs, 32 mm carburetor, parts shared with KTM Duke 200 including engine components.

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  • Praveen

    i guess they r going to launch it at 4 pm…
    as their website says…

  • Praveen

    DEADLY BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anand

    One word – INSANE!!!

  • Anand

    Fas, Your thoughts on this Maniac?!

    • Faisal

      Anand, my thoughts coming up soon ;-)

  • vijay

    loving it….superb design….

  • akshay

    impressive new 3 spark technology

  • Indian

    hope they do something about engine quality/refinement. This is one area where bajaj/pulsars suck big time compared to hondas and yamahas. Hope they have used some KTM/kawasaki tech which would make it more refined and reliable.

  • Sushrut

    They didn’t even bother to wash the bike, is it? Look at the tyres..No Fuel injection surprises me with a price close to a lakh rupees.

  • Aryan

    Ausome Bike !!!

  • Aryan

    @ sushrut …….. the tyres came directly from MRF its not the dirt its white powder which is used while packing tyres.
    who told you that the price is close to 1 LAKH ???

    • vijay

      very true…

    • Sushrut

      @Aryan: Read update timed 3:05.

    • Aryan

      they told below 1lakh doesn’t mean close . lets see only the time will tell. & I knw wht is it.

  • varun

    very good bike for my 5 year old kid….as he lyks no of spark plugs in bike….crap….

  • Aryan

    @ varun…. Triple Spark plug helps bikes for better performance & fuel efficiency. this can be understood by ur 5 yr old kid but not you.

    • vijay

      very true brother…it’s great bike…..

  • Indian

    The 3 spark plug thing is just a gimmick. it will not make much of an impact in the real world. Just like other pulsars, this will sell like hot cakes because of looks and features and value for money. Boring story. Good for bajaj though.

  • Aryan

    @ Indian….. which bike do you own ????.
    triple spark plug gives you 23.5 bhp of power with 58 kmpl fuel efficiency.
    0-60 in 3.6 secs & 0-100 in 9.8 sec. only a fool can deny it !!!
    its common sense guys look at Engine specs i don’t think any other company would even dream to do this much refined engine with power & fuel efficiency.
    INDIA runs on fuel efficiency. bajaj is giving you plus power with it. what more do you want.
    just name 1 bike which will give you better performance than this !!!

  • Aryan

    Fuel Injestion version will be Exported, not for India as Indian people want it in much lower price.
    ofcourse Bajaj will surprise us with ‘value for money’.

  • Indian

    @Aryan..chill dude… have you ridden the bike? how can you comment on refinement? can u first define refinement? 58kmpl is recorded at 55kmph…and thats how ads work…bajaj CT100 gives u more than u think its practical fuel efficiency…i am talking about real world conditions dude..and the same goes with 0-60 times. these are company claimed figures..only a fool would take this for granted.. there is nothing great about dude.. yamaha R15 extracts 17 bhp out of a 150cc engine.. so relax..dont get too excited.. if you like it buy it ;-) now dont give me that “no other company can do this shit” crap…:P

  • Aryan

    @ Indian …. yes I have ride the bike so I am commenting. you own a R15 thats doesn’t mean that its the greatest bike nor is the pulsar greatest I just am telling its the better than others.
    people haven’t seen or ride a bike of that quality, so its obvious that u r commenting like this. I myself ride the bike & I know how much engine is refined & its acceleration is enormous.
    Fuel efficiency what bajaj claims is 58 kmpl. atleast you will get 50 kmpl. Better than R15. R15 is better in looks only.

    • vijay

      great aryan……now waiting for booking….

  • k 72 Racing Team

    World first three spark plug … this make the world motorbike company to turn around to c what is about.but the same time, bajaj might have done some refinement in engine, handling and other performance.

    Lets C whether it can play around corner like R15. Otherwiese the bike is a crap :-).

    @fas:good job dude to you and the whole motorbeam team.bajaj website sucks after the count down over.waiting for the complete review on road perfromance….!

    • Faisal

      k72, thanks a ton for your kind words. Will try to do a complete review soon.

  • gaurav

    @indian….hey its no joke that the most number of bikes seen on roads in INDIA is a pulsar…bajajs pulsar is unrivalled in power fuel efficiency looks and mileage…this is what a common man requires..because unlike you not everyone is rich enough to afford a stupid bike like R15…and one thing gud about pulsar is that it provides what the people want…and if its pulsar one can buy this bike with eyes closed….


      mr.gaurav! how can u say r15 is a stupid bike? still it is one the best handling bikes in the country. wen bajaj launched pulsar in 2001, there is no strong competetor to that bike except fiero nd cbz both hav very low mileage at that time pulsar gives more efficient than those bikes,it doesn’t hav a proper competetor for couple of years,this reason created the pulsar brand famous! the new pulsar(200ns) looks gooits also a nice bike, but dont hurt others!

  • Deepak Dongre

    I wonder how people criticize even before seeing/ riding a product in flesh. So much so to offer by Bajaj and still….alas, its tough to satisfy us Indian Bikers :D

  • Pritam Sarkar

    Woohoo atlast they have done it…… man this bike is owesome

  • hunk668

    @indian…hey punk cut the crap go to n chck fr urselvs hw th first ride went..n don giv me the crappy Yamaha R15 xplanation it usd to b good bt nw its P200ns all the way..u n ur bik dosn evn stand a chance..ur bike sucks on milage big tym…myt b gud wit luks but pulsar beats r15 in all aspects including th refinmnt n abt tech hmmm 200ns has left r15 far far faaaaaaaar behind in grow up n xcpt wr ur bik is n learn to liv with it..Yamaha r15 was gud but the 200 is take ur crap talk out n GROW UP. PERIOD

  • Lokesh

    The bike looks sexy n what about the mileage?

  • Amit


    I had excited and purchased my xcd 125 in the same way when bajaj launched it and declare its mileage 100+. I believe and purchased and till now i am receiving mileage only 55-60 KMPL. Yes I accept that i am not driving the bike at 55 km/hr speed or 40 Km/hr speed. But this figure was not expected. So don’t believe these figures and facts.
    No doubt its looks are amazing and i believe performance should be great but mileage cannot be which they are claiming . Even I doubt that this bike will give more than 40 km per litre.

  • k 72 Racing Team

    @ all : Guys Some what looks like Suzuki gw250…!.wait for suzuki gw250, which is around the corner.while comparing this bike, suzuki gw250 has greater performance.But the price will be different

  • Neil

    Mates just one suggestion enjoy biking and enjoy the fun it gives instead criticising the product dont buy it if you dont respect it. Forgo the artifacts and enjoy what you have. All people enjoy the Yamaha radicals coz they have chassis, engines etc being developed for 20 years and odd so there is nothing new they profoundly gave it to the R15. But if Bajaj gave all the aspects which a common Indian never knew or had seen before. E.G a Projector beam, Back Lit Switches, Twin Spark, 17 inch wheels, Tubeless tyres. Where were the Japs (Yawning). Now this all new Pulsar NS has set some ground breaking revelations. Bajaj has planted something new and that too from a Indian Manufacturer we have to Appreciate it and if you aint generous enough keep mum.

    • Sourabh

      well said bro

    • http://motorbeam dilker

      nice neil.

      nice comment to all.

      all must accept it.

  • Borntechie

    I echo Neil, well said mate, I may not like the people who appreciate Japanese bikes, as they (Japanese bike makers) have a better infrastructure, capital, technology and brand name/value, naturally product will be good. I appreciate Bajaj because it has indigenous research and development, of course good strategy (Buying a stake from an Europe’s 2nd largest motorcycle maker) and understanding every Indian’s mindset. Bajaj is the only company who is making all Japanese bike makers to scratch their heads in each and every department heads to make a competent area to beat Bajaj’s dominance in premium bike segment.

  • http://motorbeam dilker

    i think this is the one of the world best bike.
    bez its great in the field of
    1) mileage, 55-60 KMP
    2) acceleration, 0-60 in 3.6 secs & 0-100 in 9.8 sec
    3) muscular look.
    4) SOHC 4 valve Triple Spark technology.
    5) price < 1 lakh
    6) 23.5 bhp
    7) hidden Silencer
    its weak against only LOOK.
    SO BLINDLY go the bajaj show room & book . (wait 4 launch)
    this is the only INDIAN bike manufacturer who can head on with japani bike
    yamaha , honda

  • Madhav

    The engine shroud looks chaotic!

  • khatib

    I am so proud that bajaj is using mind blo
    wing tech.feels good to c we are giving tough comp. to japs.
    Remember “nayi bharat ki nayi pechcan”

  • Neil

    @Sourabh, Dilker and Borntechie: Thanks and much appreciate the way it has been reciprocated by Borntechie and Dilker. I’ve been enjoying my ride (Pulsar UG1 180 DTSI)for 8 years now. If anyone of you hail from pune do come meet me, will show the way it has been looked after. I respect the brand the product and the joy it has given me for 8 years. Not even a second thought to part with my ride. She does wonders for me. So whats wrong defending it. It has given the masses a joy and bikers reason to live. Its an identity and trust me i’ve even seen Pulsars drooling the english streets. I felt proud to see the bike 2000 miles away from my land of origin. These people who only trust the hondas or yamahas for the matter that they have been into the business for 100 years and 100 years is not a tiny span. They have refined in leaps and bounce and not at the very first go. What they want is a product with no flaws atall and there are none that exists. For god sake give me one bloody name and you have the flaw sheet right in front of you. So respect each and every product the way it has been built. If you dont ignore it. Its not you me that matters its the masses and Bajaj is certainly for masses. People who think this machine wont fulfil the moment find something else which can keep you excited. Enjoy biking, Cheers!!!

    • Shanisall

      this bike looks like a copy cat and looks a lot like Honda CB1000RR….and bits and peaces from other international bikes from well established and good manufacturers.
      i don’t mean to degrade this bike,, but check it out for yourselves …no offence to the brilliant ex-designer who designed bikes in BMW Motorrad ,, but an Indian was also in the team and they wanted to make the bike look so much different and made that ideas of those Indian managers get involved too much and so they ran wild and ended up in something that looks like this which may not be to the liking of other biking fans and hard core riders unlike pulsar fans.
      This pulsar looks muscular but definitely not a best bet for a poser … i mean,, this is the first impression of this bike and it is not so compelling for a radical looking bike rather a copy cat and not so stylistically good looker.. just think about other competitors that looked the part when it was launched and the way they made their first impression, say for example the R15, FZ, CBR250 R and bikes like that ,,those bikes made it the first impression in the best way and this bike fails to do so. And also what’s worst is that bajaj has chosen to carry over its pulsar brand name , which is usually connected with a sloppy bike without any kind of good bike character in it…of course it sold in millions unlike its Japanese rivals, but that’s pretty much defines an Indians expectation, just a bit style and fancy things like Exhaus tec and nothing more to it and for many Indians,, a bikes CC is the only measure with which they measure power… that is the exact space where Bajaj is trying to conquer,, bajaj Motorcycles division is intelligent about what the masses of Indians want so as they are bring in “FANCY” tech like 3 sparks plugs and stuff so as it pretty much sounds like a comedy that if one spark plug is busted you still have 2 to burn..

      we do not know the complete and extensive review of this bike but it seems like somehow the handling especially cornering has improved,, but still fingers crossed for a bike that never stood up in the complete performance chart and i am speaking from a holistic point of view and all pulsars till date,,, at all professional comparisons done by several biking community and magazine test teams ,,were not at all close enough to be complimented as a good bike ..

      if they have managed to shut the mouths of pure hardcore bikers who dwell on track, then kudos to bajaj ,, but if at all it fails then bajaj like always sell in nos,, but will be doomed until it comes with another effort possibly which can claim : 4 spark plugs , 2 air filters, twin side exhausts , 5 indicators, 3 tail lamps,, 11 no plate lamps, 10 rear-view mirrors and stuff…

      just kiddin..

    • hunk668

      @shanishal…pulsar is one awesme bike n the proof of its popularity is wt it has dne since its launch nt only in india bt evn abroad..n talkin abt the new pulsars tripl spark n othr specifications first get to kno wt it is n wt it does thn yap ur mouth around…the test ride is alrdy dne by zigwheels…chck out the results it will help u shut ur crap talk..the new pulsar evn beats the ktm duke 200 quiet easily…it shud take quite a lot fr an indian bike to do no question pulsar is a big big brand n the new 200 proves it head ovr heals n leavs its cmpetition the likes of honda250 yamaha r15 n almost evry othr bike dead in its path wit its performnce n technology..stp leavin in the ninties n cme around mr.5indicators n yea GROW UP..PEACE

    • Faisal

      Shanisall, loved the line about 4 spark plugs, 2 air filter, etc. it was really funny ;-)

  • Neil

    @Shanisall: What bike you own. Whatever it might be, it hardly matters but certainly not a pulsar. So if you are trying to generalise the thing here that masses only go with CC as power then where the hell do you fall in. You mean here that the masses are either illiterate or ignorant of any given fact and so are the media, isnt it? mate i again want to tell you that usher the masses to make them realise what is right and what is ot right. Bajaj is not forcing people buy their bike, not by any sort its not a election campaign where they ask you to have voters id before you vote. Its his or her discretion. So you choose it you nourish it.

    “this bike looks like a copy cat and looks a lot like Honda CB1000RR….and bits and peaces from other international bikes from well established and good manufacturers”
    – May be for you it looks like a copy or itterated model of CB1000RR so how does it take away the pride of the Pulsar of being a bike so very successful and preferred by the masses. if you have the facts display it, you got every right to do that. If not concrete keep the fact files aside or dump it.

    “just think about other competitors that looked the part when it was launched and the way they made their first impression, say for example the R15, FZ, CBR250 R and bikes like”
    – What are these, iterations of their elder siblings. Whats so special about it. What have they done in these many years. Snail slow R&D and churning out money from outdated and not so sophisticated products. What has the R15 so special. 30 years of R&D from the Japanese and then given something which is already deployed somewhere else. CBR getting the same queues from VFR and whats so special with it. Again 30 years of R&D tried and tested components. Why everything now why not before some else comes and conquers it. Why not have niche elements rather than ‘gone for lord sake’ attitude. Get your basics right and then murmur. These japanese have brought nothing in last 30 years which Bajaj did in 10 years. Its the guts that gives you glory and the debry that only gives you doom.

    “we do not know the complete and extensive review of this bike but it seems like somehow the handling especially cornering has improved,, but still fingers crossed for a bike that never stood up in the complete performance chart and i am speaking from a holistic point of view and all pulsars till date,,, at all professional comparisons done by several biking community and magazine test teams ,,were not at all close enough to be complimented as a good bike ..”

    – Let me reiterate, no machine on this earth is flaw less and not even these jap machines. The Ducati’s the harley’s even they fail miserably. that doesnt mean that aint ducatis or the harleys anymore.

  • hunk668

    @crap mouth shanishall…chck out fr the first ride of the 200ns cause the bike u ride cnt evn think of cmein close to this ruthless agressor..

  • hunk668

    @piece of crap thinkin shani wtevr…., “One of the worlds best manufacturer of bikes Kawasaki, bajajs Japanese partner of long standing has been dazzled by the way the bike has shaped up and wants to explore ways to branding it as one of its own in some of its most important markets! And that’s just saying everything one wants to know about this firecracker of a motorcycle with manners to charm, delight and excite. A hooligan and a gentleman both rolled in one!”
    -Zigwheels editor
    …this speaks volumes fr the bike n the technology n power its made up crank ur candy a** dwn n sht up

  • Maximum

    So what happened to the bike spotted with the KTM Racing engine in it. It did’nt have a rear disc brake as well. I think that all the pulsar’s are going to look the same this time around too the 125/150 or 180 which is not a good thing if you are looking for exclusivity. It is very important not to be mistaken for riding a lower capacity bike.

  • hunk668

    @Maximum..yea bro ur ryt hope tht dosn happen this tym round..n the one u r talkin abt were th test vehicles thts all thr is to thm so no worries in tht matter..thr r talks abt a full faired version of the 200ns n as rajiv bajaj quoted a 350cc bike will b launchd in 2013 hope its a pulsar

  • abhisek

    Coudnt slp wel after seeing the bike pics last night in my cell.
    I mean what a design this is. Mind Blowing. It looks like a true SuperBike!!!

    I didnt expect much from Bajaj since everytime they used to change the tit bits on a so called new model. But this time they came with a complete new model.
    I dont like Naked bike much but this has got the design correct. Some clues have beeng taken from CB1000R for the front but whats wrong in it. Its not a copy ofcourse.

    So many firsts for Bajaj I suppose.
    – First time they have incorporated radiator in a bike
    – Mono Suspension that too gas charged
    – Exhaust is superb and first time they have made such a clean look. Main stand, tank everything.

    Thr 3 spark plugs may be a gimmick or may be very useful I am not sure. But this launch has put Bajaj in the league of the Japs from the league of Bajaj n TVS but only if the refinement issues r taken care of.

    Built quality oozes from the bike and I dont doubt about handling after seeing the pic where the expert has touched his knee on the road.
    good to see the weight reduced. They should give option atleast for FI and fairing for different people.

    If they had FI then it would have been 25-26bhp. The FE claimed is unreal for city driving but everyone does have false claims so no problem but Bajaj bikes have been giving the best Economy so no probs. Hope they take capable servicemen to service bikes like this and Duke 200.

    In between nice coverage with accurate times. I like that pic in which Bajaj demonstrates Pulsar is Viral :D

  • abhisek

    I have copied images 1,3,8,10 and put 10 as my wallpaper :)

  • Suraj

    @ all : keep it cool guys..
    We don’t have to fight over this..
    Rather we’ll wait and watch untill we get hands on experience of this machine..
    In my opinion an ideal upgrade of a product with commendable changes in all departments..
    But what looks best on paper has to be tested on grounds before making any opinion about it………
    So keep watching this space…..

  • Aryan

    @ suraj ……. few people including me had it hands on. so I am commenting in favour of Pulsar. Dude its just ausome bike.

    • Suraj

      @aryan : thts gr8 dude…. M jealous ;) Thanks for sharing your gr8 experience

  • Deepak Dongre

    Did I read someone say it beats the Duke…too much talks even without riding…let it hit the roads first. Its a great bike on paper at the moment, but then Pulsars have always been great on paper- hoping to see how it handles the tarmac.

  • madusha

    KTM Duke 200 and Pulsar 200NS, two similar products from Bajaj. It will be interesting to see how Bajaj markets these differently.
    Your thoughts Fas?

    • Faisal

      Madusha, Bajaj will price the Pulsar 200 NS way different than Duke. Also Duke pricing is introductory so naturally they wont cannibalize.

    • NASH


  • softwareprabhu

    for those who are still thinking about Bajaj Pulsar 200NS vs KTM Duke 200:

    Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is the best middle-class sports bike and there is no doubt in it.
    i love it. but, KTM Duke 200 is not just a bike, it a Lifestyle. like Bullet.

    their model name is not just a name. they mean it.
    (KTM) Duke – A nobleman (in various countries) of high rank
    Rolal (Enfield) – Established, chartered or authorized by royalty

    are you still comparing?!. visit some foreign blogs/website before comparing a foregin/other category bike.

    PS: students, stay away from Royal Enfield & KTM, unless you have a fatso wallet for addon accessories/wears.
    without those extra addons, there is no meaning of buying a KTM or Royal Enfield.

  • anmol

    This will cannibalize the Duke.

  • Akshay

    I will blindly go for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS .. BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN !!

    • vijay

      I m Too…still waiting for price announcement and booking date….

    • Nuths

      BE INDIAN, BUY INDIAN…. Appreciate it Akshay! I got a P180 UG$ sincce 2 years, a bike of AWESOMENESS!!!!

  • Akshay Malhotra

    @Nash – before u try to convince people by ur *hitty explanation … let me tell u one thing that bajaj holds 38.6 stake in KTM .

    So ur after sometime kick bajaj theory is proved wrong here.

    And FYI – Bajaj pulsar is sold in phillipono, spain etc etc by name kavasaki bajaj Rouser … and kawasaki CBR is sold in name of bajaj kavasaki CBR

    Get ur facts straight before spitting venom u fool, have a good day sir !!

    • vijay

      also….bajaj is not depend on KTM for making Engine like hero moto corp on honda. Bajaj is comfortable to make the perfect bike without any help from other bike company.

  • Akshay Malhotra

    @ Vijay – There was a time when Bajaj was dependent on Kawasaki but after Pulsar launched Bajaj broke ties with Kawasaki and became independent.

    and now Pulsar is pure independent Indian company and gives best quality and value for money bikes.

    There are many ignorat Indians who will lick *ss of Imported Bikes.

    Like Hero also total Indian now as broken ties with Honda now and became Hero Moto Corp. so now we have another company which is totally Indian.

    Still Indians are so stupid they will go for Yamaha.. Retards.. !!

    Pity on people..

    • Faisal

      Akshay, I am sorry but I disagree. Hero MotoCorp is not India. The engine and technology (including design) is still Japanese. If any bike manufacturer is truly Indian, it is Bajaj and TVS.

    • vijay

      hero moto will use the honda’s technology till 2014…after that , nobody knows what they will do.

    • Faisal

      Vijay, there are hunting for other companies to collaborate with, so they might use their technology.

  • sean fernandes

    Nice one bajaj. BUT here are my comments. The tail section is still bulky and ugly. the swing-arm has so much lack of design and cheap looking. The tires are not the right type, i understand that its for on and off road, but come on tires like on the yamaha faser would be the best choice for it to be stable at high speeds and cornering considering a top speed of 136. The head light looks like some transformers head (wonder what its going to transform to?) too sharp. overall i thing the design is too sharp at every corner making it look like some Japanese toy bike. but non the less good job bajaj.

    • Aryan

      Bajaj is coming up with bit modified tail section & performance. the tyres may also be changed. the tire section is same as yamaha fazer it looks small thats illusion of design. the head light is good, wht u r thinking I don’t know.
      @Sean fernandes…. yamaha R15 also has sharpness at corners that means it is also japanese toy ??? grow up dude modern bikes do have sharp designs. transformer like head, atleast u r not transforming from male to female !!! so not to worry….. Bajaj is launching a perfect performance bike with most advanced tech in INDIA at low price… whts more u expect from a bike manufacturer !!!!

    • vijay

      correct aryan, but some peoples are still not able to understand that bajaj is doing the best in the market…. providing us best technology with low price……

    • sean fernandes

      Please guys i am not trying to offend anybody, these are just my own opinions, i could be right or wrong but they are just my own opinions. Don’t get me wrong i truly believe that bajaj has done a great job but as a designer myself i cannot be just content with what ever that is designed and produced or we will be stuck and never grow on, anything designed and produced is always subjective so that we can look forward for even more better products to come, so i cannot just be content.
      Aryan,(growing up can be optional dude..!!) i do like the performance and tech put into the bike i am talking about the design based on naked bike genre so i am not comparing this to yamaha r15 which is a racing model. What bajaj has done is kept it to the iconic pulsar design. what im saying is that they don’t have to. the pulsar design WAS good but it is already old and boring. There is no harm in making it a bit more expensive by making the design more impressive than yet, if its darn good people will buy me.
      Every where you look there’s a pulsar around. its not impressive anymore, its not like your going to go wow check out that bike. so finally what im saying is that MOVE ON..and not grow up. sometimes to much of the same thing is not always good.

  • Aryan

    @ Sean …. if too much is not good then y don’t u buy a Hayabusa or Harley davidson….. they r very rare or u may also opt for a Ducati panigale 1199.

  • Aryan

    @ sean… too much is good for Company as they will earn more, people will get those bikes in best prices & spares are available everywhere……. people in India adore great performance bikes but won’t dare to buy it…. they will always look for best bikes in lower prices. so u can see lots of Pulsars than any other sports bikes bcoz people has choosen it & it deserved.
    rare bikes have some problems as high prices of bikes & spares, low average etc people r knowledgeable now to choose the right bike for their pockets & standards not for only wow effects !!!

  • accswiftura

    Dude, is there engine balancer in pulsar 200NS?

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