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Hero Showcases Ignitor, Maestro & Matte Black Hunk

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Hero MotoCorp recently unveiled its future line-up and showcased it at the 2012 Auto Expo. The three bikes, which will hit Indian roads this year are the Ignitor, Maestro and Passion X Pro. The company has been focusing its attention on setting up an R&D center as the exit of Honda from the company has left Hero technology-less. Case in point are the bikes which the company claims to be next generation, which are nothing but machines which Honda has been selling in the Indian market for quite some time now. The Ignitor is the CB Stunner, while the Maestro is the Activa with a new name.

Indian consumers are not ignorant that they won’t be able to make out between a Stunner and Ignitor. Long time ago, when we were testing the Hyosung ST7, many people thought it was a Harley-Davidson, even though both bikes don’t share any common parts. When the Stunner and Ignitor are essentially the same motorcycles, most won’t even think the bike is a Hero and instead pass it off as a Stunner (the enthusiasts among us are too smart though). Honda has given Hero the bikes they wanted and launched new motorcycles which are actually new models with the latest technology. Hero knows that after 2014, they won’t have Honda to rely on and are scouting for design and technology partners across the globe. Hero had its complete range on display at the 2012 Auto Expo and also showcased a Hunk painted in Matte Black colour.

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  • hritik

    waitig for next gen karizma…..a worty upgrade to legendary zma .. :(

  • sajid

    hero bikes awesome….. colours and new lauching bikes its very nice…. its name of brand “hero” many indain pepoles buy this “hero” bikes.

  • rajan

    hi i just want to ask about hero cbz extreme that it is possible that cbz extreme will be available in kick option in future. if yes then when it will be launched . reply pls

    • Faisal

      Rajan, kick start in Hero Xtreme unlikely in near future.

  • Rajan

    Faisal, actually i want to ask that is it possible to have that kick system in new hero extreme by pay some money for that. give ur best suggestion on this topic. gud night.

    • Faisal

      Rajan, no you can’t put kick start in the Hero Xtreme.

  • Sumeet

    When will be this new hero xtreme be available in india???
    Waiting from a long time now

    • Summet, no, not really.

    • anish

      Hello Faisal, i just bought new Hero Extreme on Nov 1st, its really awsome bike.
      It has got rear disc brake as well & kick start. This is available in all showrooms in Delhi.
      it cost me total 82K onroad including all major accessories.

  • Arun

    xtreme with kick start hs already launched..:-)

  • balaji

    hai Faisal buyya

    it is better to buy hunk(2013 model) or pulsar …did hunk still depends on honda engine which is 2014 deadline..
    or hunk develops engine by own using global italy & Usa patners….Did 2013 model did have vibrations above 60 kmph

    • Balaji, Hunk uses Honda engine, slight vibes, not much, new engine and new Hunk coming next year.

  • Raj jayant

    i am going to purchase ignitor … this a gud option so far luk n mileage is concerned

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