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KTM Duke 200 vs Yamaha R15 vs Honda CBR250R vs Karizma ZMR

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Bajaj Auto has launched the KTM Duke 200, pricing it very competitively. The Duke 200 has many features which we are yet to see in a sub 300cc motorcycle. The quarter litre and around segment is seeing a whole lot of action and its just going to get hotter with the launch of the all new Bajaj Pulsar 200 and the Honda CBR150R. Triumph is said to be developing a 350cc motorcycle, Hyosung has already confirmed the GT250R while Suzuki and Yamaha might just drop in with their 250cc bikes anytime in the later half of 2012. But as of today, who is the king? Let’s find out!

Hero MotoCorp Karizma ZMR

Karizma ZMR Wallpaper

Hero MotoCorp’s Karizma ZMR is the cheapest here but still can give a tough fight. Although it falters on its looks and out right performance, the ZMR is still a very competent motorcycle for those looking at touring. Power delivery is smooth and performance is good at low revvs. But the ZMR is not a handler and the bulky fairing leads to difficulty in maneuvering in the city. The positives of the ZMR is the upright seating position and smooth Honda engine. The downside is the pathetic service (lack of spare part availability) and noisy rear disc brakes. Overall, a good option to look at if you are into touring and are on a budget.

Read The Karizma ZMR Test Ride Review

Yamaha YZF-R15 V2.0

[singlepic id= 8205 w=570 h=400 float=center]

When the first spy shot of the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 emerged almost two years ago, people went crazy and the hype is well justified. The R15 is still the best looking motorcycle out of all the bikes featured here. The looks are just stunning and the razor sharp handling and crisp red-lining characteristic of the engine will make you fall in love with it every time you ride it. The slightly aggressive seating position, low displacement engine and poor pillion comfort are the obvious drawbacks of this R-series machine. Those who love the tracks and want to get their knee down every corner, the R15 is the bike to have.

Read The Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Test Ride Review

Honda CBR250R


Honda’s announcement of the CBR250R for India was greeted with excitement unseen before by motorcycle enthusiasts. The CBR250R was a quarter-litre machine, made for us, what could be better? The VFRish styling, fantastic brakes and butter smooth Honda engine have resulted in the CBR250R sweeping most 2011 bike of the year awards. The inconsistent quality, un-CBRish nature and high waiting periods are something which have not gone down well with Honda fans. Still, the CBR250R is the best bet for those who want a practical everyday motorcycle, which is fast and easy to live with.

Read The Honda CBR250R Test Ride Review

KTM Duke 200

KTM Duke 200 vs Competitors

The KTM Duke 200 is only made in India and exported all around the world. Bajaj Auto has done heavy localisation (close to 95%) and played havoc with the pricing, making all other motorcycles featured here look pointless. Right from the dealerships, to the bike, everything has been taken care off to ensure that KTM’s entry into India is a successful one. The stunning looks, nimble handling, short-stroke engine, insane instrumentation and aggressive pricing ensure the Duke 200 is the bike to have. Just one colour and the slightly difficult to read display could be the only drawbacks of this bike.

Read The KTM Duke 200 Test Ride Review

KTM Duke 200 vs Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 vs Honda CBR250R vs Karizma ZMR – Quick Comparo

Bikes Karizma ZMR Honda CBR250R Std Yamaha R15 V2.0 KTM Duke 200
Engine (in cc) 223 250 150 200
Power (in BHP) 17.6 25 16.76 25
Torque (in Nm) 18.35 22.9 15 19.2
Weight (in kgs) 159 167 136 136
Power To Weight 110.7 149.7 123.2 183.8
0 – 100 kmph (in seconds) 13.5 9.8 11.5 9
Top Speed (in kmph) 126 145 130 136
Price (in Rs, ex-showroom, Delhi) 95500 143001 107000 117500
Cost Per BHP (in Rs) 5426 5720 6384 4700
Mileage (in kmpl) 38 30 35 30

Our Choice – We just can’t choose one as all of them have their own purpose but if we had to, it would be a close call between the KTM Duke 200 and Yamaha R15 Version 2.0. What is your pick?

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  • Praveen

    wow !!!
    comparison i was looking for…
    thanks faisal !!!

    • Faisal

      Praveen, you are welcome. Which one would you choose?

    • Pramod Chennai

      Hi Faisal,
      Good comparo. I would have loved the KTM Duke 200 to have been equipped with ABS. I would still choose CBR 250R(C-ABS) just for the ABS.Now it has almost become a necessity considering the road condition and number of vehicles on road, yes its a true life saving device. I was also expecting a better top speed for Duke 200 but it is almost close to that of P220(lesser than what Bajaj claims), but I know the Technology diff though !!!

    • Faisal

      Pramod, Thanks. Yes the lack of ABS is really a bummer. Atleast as an option it should have been offered.

    • Praveen

      definitely DUKE 200 as i prefer POWER over the looks n i like naked bikes for city driving (because there are cars for highway driving… :D).

    • Faisal

      Praveen, nice analogy there but its the highways where you can use all those horses.

    • Praveen

      for me horses are of above 800cc like YAMAHA R1, HAYABUSA, CBR, DUCATI DAVIEL, HARLEY DAVIDSON. etc..
      not these 200-300cc bikes…

    • Faisal

      Praveen, those horses can never be used, except on the track.

  • sid

    I think you overlooked a good competition coming soon: CBR150R. For full fairing lover that may be a bike to go for and for a naked bike lovers, this is the bike without a doubt. Hero honda is doomed :)

    • Faisal

      Sid, we mentioned the CBR150R but then the bike which is not yet launched was not to be included.

  • Pulsarboy

    @Sid, good competition?? I think there is no point in launching CBR150R, it’s already dead looking at Duke’s pricing. Nobody in his right mind will pick a 150cc bike when a Duke 200 with this kind of performance, is available at around the same price tag (assuming that Honda tries to price CBR150R 1 lakh plus ex-showroom). More over you got P200 coming in with sub 1 lakh pricing. So, R15 itself is going to be squeezed from both sides, where does CBR150 stand a chance in this scenario?? May be, for those who want only faired bikes, it makes sense to go for R15/CBR150, but I believe with this kind of pricing, they will be hard pressed to find buyers.

    • Praveen

      totally agree wid u pulsarboy….

    • Faisal

      Pulsarboy, you are bang on. The CBR150R will just not work infront of the KTM Duke 200, which will not only create problems for the CBR150R but even the CBR250R. Bajaj has pulled off stunning pricing for the Duke.

    • Sushanth

      If CBR150R is priced below 100k then it should be good(like 99k). CBR250R may have problems but may not be the same for CBR250R C-ABS.

    • Faisal

      Sushanth, CBR150R price confirmed to be sub Rs. 1.2 lakhs, so expect it to be similar to the R15.

    • Lord of roads Pulsar

      you are right bro. There is no one can stand in front of this lineup of bajaj ktm.

  • abhisek

    Nice comparo. Is the ZMR 11.5k cheaper to R15?? I thoght they r more or less same priced. R15 and ZMR look much inferior comparo to CBR250R and Duke200.
    Pulsarboy I agree with u but fairing is a very important criteria. CBR150R should be priced not more than 1lakh ex-showrum othrwise it would not be a big success.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 goes to around Rs. 1.18 lakhs (on-road), while the Karizma ZMR is around Rs. 1.06 lakhs (on-road).

  • Dear Faisel,
    whatever the mileage you have mention is it right for KTM duke 200.
    would you like to type the city as well as highway mileage for stunning KTM DUKE 200. PLz

    • Faisal

      Dilker, the mileage is city. Expect 4 kmpl more on the highway.

  • Amit chakravorty

    Hi Fas,
    you might want to check the 0-100 timings for R15,Sub 10 seconds from the R15 in the stock condition is simply not possible


    • Faisal

      Amit, we never said the R15 does sub 10 seconds to 100 kmph, it does it in 11.5 seconds.

  • neel

    both r15 v2.0 and ktm 200 duke seems to be a tempting deal.

    • Faisal

      Neel, the Duke 200 more so!

  • kaushik

    since the power to weight ratio of the duke is stunning, any day, would pick the KTM over all the bikes if looks aren’t important… For looks, i love the CBR 250 R

    • Faisal

      Kaushik, trust me the Duke 200 looks stunning in real.

    • kaushik

      waiting for my eyes to catch a glimpse of it! :0

    • Faisal

      Kaushik, its already arrived at dealers.

    • kaushik

      then i’m off to it.. there’s a small bajaj showroom very near to my home!

    • Faisal

      Kaushik, so did you see it, what is your opinion?

  • Ysak

    shud include p220 also..r8

    • Faisal

      Ysak, would have included P220 but the next generation version is due to be unveiled soon.

  • Anand

    It’s right down to R15 v2.0 and the KTM 200.. Fas, would wait for your Test Ride Review to decide the winner! :)

    • Faisal

      Thanks Anand, we are trying to get hold of the bike ASAP.

  • nik

    Common haters
    why you keep comparing the r15 with 200/230/250 cc all the f*cking time !! :/
    please dont say cause of the pricing . lol

    PS : after spending 7k and giving my r15 v2 a new heart i think id take on the duke and also .. ive touched 148kmph on my r15 v2 when it was stock :)

    • abhisek

      nik, dont go by R15’s speedometer. I have learned from many people that it has got the most exagerrated speedometer on any bike in the world. So ur 148 might actually be 128 only!

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, rightly said. The R15s’s speedometer is quite optimistic to say the least.

    • abhisek

      Fas, I wonder is it something related to the marketing strategy of Yamaha. Could be possible. Obviously anyone would be enthusiastic to see oneself doing 140+ on a 150cc bike. What do u suppose?

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, well can’t really say because most bikes have speedo error. Only the Karizma ZMR has close to 100% error free speedometer.

    • Faisal

      Nik, its a compliment for the R15 to be compared with the bigger bikes and hold its own. Trust me the R15’s pricing is not the only reason for the comparison.

  • If you are riding R15 V1 or V2 then you know that you are on High band so no need to think about the low revs and feel for it. This bike is just awesome in power bands, I will never go for KTM duke. I love my R15 V2. It delivers true power everyday while riding to office. No bike in OMR can can chase me. We know in case of handling and braking who is best ! Its R15. So Guys who have R15 just chill let the KTM Duke come out, It will be treated the way other bikes have been till now. :)

    • Faisal

      Chinmay, you have to ride the Duke 200 before you say you will never ride it.

  • sid

    you are underestimating numbers of:
    – posers
    – faired bike lovers
    – people who may go for more balanced bike
    – people who may need a better pillion seat
    – people who love honda’s smooth engine and gear box (with no comparison with KTM’s)
    so why don’t we wait for new bike launch, pricing and demand for it before declaring KTM a winner over CBR150R or any other bike :)

    • Faisal

      Sid, that is the whole point. We did not declare any winner, we just told our choice ;-)


    Anyway..YAMAHA is YAMAHA..nobody..Beats a YAMAHA..ahh..Super bike..And Looks Wise..Nobody..make as the YAMAHA models…okay…

    • Anand

      Ok :)

    • dhiraj c raut


    • Faisal

      Tarun, the Duke’s chassis is potent to give the R15 a run on the twisties, though on purely looks the R15 is the clear winner.

  • Aryan

    yamaha R15 is a joke for riders. only for city riders. if you travel on highway with R15 its just 150cc. looks like a great bike going in less speed.thats an embarrassing thing for riders.
    Yamaha knows thats Indian people only go for looks least interested in performance, so they launched R15 V2.0.
    by any mistakes if Yamaha exports the bike it will be just a JOKE !!!
    one more thing ………. there is no grab handle on R15 (its not allowed as per safety norms) how did the ARAI approved it (may be by bribing corrupt people for approving) the pillion rider is very unsafe.

    • Faisal

      Aryan, for the highway I think the Thunderbird is the best bet. However the R15 is best suited for the tracks.

  • I think it has spoiled too many cakes simply by its pricing. Only a proper test ride of the bike will give a clearer picture. Too much of excitement and hype on the launch. Guys who wouldn’t have even seen the bike in flesh (forget riding) are coming out with superlative comments. The acceleration and top speed figures vary so much (which somehow I don’t believe and was completely biased in BALs report) and we are still not talking abt the roll on times, the top speed conditions combined with the wind drag on your body. Riding on the track is a complete different ball game where the conditions are so controlled. Given a condition of riding on the ghats with the KTM making power in the high band- one would need constant downshifts. Am sure there are many many more things to talk about. Time will tell- as on paper this bike looks a real yummy delicacy.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, rightly said but on paper less weight, similar power is going to result in better speeds, right? But till we don’t test it, we can’t really comment.

  • @Fas: Where did you get the mileage figures from? 30 kpl is ridiculously low for the CBR. My CBR gives 35+ riding in the city (including freaking traffic jams) and 100+ burst on the highways.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, the mileage figures are from when we tested a 5000 kms + CBR and we got constant 30 kmpl.

    • Lohith

      Hi, where did you get the mileage figures of KTM duke 200..? Is tht 30kmpl mileage is of on city or highway..?

    • Faisal

      Lohith, the 30 kmpl mileage is as per City. Calculated based on distance to empty – 10%.

  • abhisek

    I agree with Aryan. Yamaha R15 seems to be a joke after the launch of KTM 200 and yet to be launched CBR150R. CBR250R is a stadard bike and has comparo to no other bike in India (Except another std. bike the Kawasaki ZX-250R). The feel of a bigger cc (250) cannot be compared to mini bikes like the 150cc R15 or CBR150R. It is in a league of its own. And to the exagerrating R15 owners I would say that just wait for the launch of CBR150R. The sales will speak for themselves. Nobody needs track bike for cities or even our highways. CBR250R is a semi sports comfortable bike with good handling too. CBR150R is also slightly comfortable in comparison to R15 I suppose. But only if they price the 150R well.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, don’t you think Yamaha should reduce R15 pricing slightly and launch a 250cc bike to counter the Duke 200?

    • abhisek

      You got my nerve Fas. I like the R15 but what I actually mean is that it is overpriced and the rear portion does not go with the bike. feels like additionally added to it similar to Swift Dzire. Definitely Yamaha should launch a 250cc bike to compete with CBR250R and Duke200 because R15 is not the correct comparision and is overpriced. I agree its the best handling machine but still normally everyone has to drive in the city.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, the problem is that the R15 should not be compared to the Duke 200 but the pricing makes us to do. So either Yamaha should reduce prices or offer more power.

  • Imran Khan

    When does the booking starts for the duke in mumbai and who are the dealers in mumbai?
    When will be the Black and Green colour available?
    Please reply.

    • sree

      in a week..i think in andheri we have show room..just search there dude…

    • Faisal

      Sree, bikes have already arrived in showrooms.

    • Faisal

      Imran, bookings start on 1st Feb. Probiking dealers at Kanjurmarg and Vashi are the dealers in Mumbai. Only orange colour.

  • hritik

    bang on pricing of duke…..

    r15 v2 is slightly overpriced…i d luv if wud they retain old r15’s price….since there r no engine n performance upgrades…its just a mere facelift…

    anyways i m sure tht duke’s gonna rule the 1lakh-1.5 lakh segmnt…cbr150r has a tough road ahead….r15 beats it in looks n duke in performance…… if only hero launches a 250cc all new karizma flagship :P

    • Faisal

      Hritik, Hero will only launch re-branded Honda bikes and there is no way they will get the CBR250R to rename Ignitor, Fighter and the likes!!!

    • abhisek

      That was superb Fas lol!! Guess what they would rename CBR250 if they launched… may be Fighter or Magicer. Hero is funny.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, I really wonder who even comes up with these names!

  • In odisha there is no Pro biking showroom :). where to book the bike. how ?what is the on road price in odisha.

    • Faisal

      Dilker, they will be opening one up soon.

  • akshay

    some website i read ktm duke 200 mileage as 15 -20 km/lt …thats whats scaring me from buying bike

    • Faisal

      Akshay, we will have to wait for ARAI figures to arrive.

  • @Fas: The figures are really surprising. I can guarantee that the CBR will still give 30+ even if you’d be constant at 120 kph. Now that makes me wonder how were you guys riding the bike.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, how old is your bike (kms wise)?

  • @ akshay:thats right bro.
    same to me. i m also scared to buy for mileage.
    here it is written 30 but it must be conformed with strong proof.
    verbally is not enough to believe.

    • Faisal

      Dilker, if CBR can give 30 kmpl, than Duke 200 being lighter should give more or less similar figures with same power output and lesser displacement.

  • Thanx faisal,

    But I think . bajab havnt officially declear the mileage of KTM DUKE 200 as its price.
    I have Read almost all article and Update regarding KTN DUKE 200. It was not mention.
    Finally I got in some other site there were written as its giving 15-20 KMPL(non officially)

    FOR Me Mileage is very IMPORTANT Because, I want to USE KTM DUKE 200 as COMMUTATOR bike .. If its mileage is more than Near by or more than 30KMPL Than i must go for it.

    • Faisal

      Dilker, as cleared by others, you can expect 30 kmpl with ease.

  • Aryan

    @ Dilkar………KTM Mileage is 35-30 KMPL.I assure u won’t get less than that. only the fools quotes r 15-20.
    Its common sense if CBR can deliver 30 kmpl (250cc) then KTM 200cc(even think that milege is sacrificed for power & also weight is less) it will ofcourse give @ 30 kmpl.
    think wisely guys & who ever has quoted less ask them, ‘have they ride the bike ??’

  • @Fas: My bike is 1300 kms old. In fact 2 of my other CBR friends with more than 6000 kms on the odo are getting upwards of 35 kpl and when giving it a real whack it still gives them 32.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, we too gave it some whack and we did not switch it off during shoots though I am not sure how much it will consume idling. However 30-35 kmpl is what it would give depending on riding conditions.

  • panchamkarwal

    awsome guys

  • thanx Aryan.

    4 Lighting mileage informational with commonsense.
    now definitely i will be with KTM DUKE 200 in near futur.
    i dont want any extra information about this .


    Waiting for booking..

    from here now i can feel KTM DUKE 200 as my commutator Bike..

  • Awesome package ktm duke 200. but lacks body colours. hey check it out on youtube special coverage by overdrive. ktm duke 200.

  • bbk

    On paper yes the KTM does look very desirable except for the top end part (claimed to be a humble 135 KMPH), but for the sheer joy riding and as a sports bike lover I would choose the R15 v2.0 anyday

    • Faisal

      BBK, yes the R15 is alot of fun but the V2 feels slower than the V1.

  • nithin

    I would have picked the Katoom.. but as of now I already have a v2 in my stable and so, would wait for the announced 350 that is expected to hit markets by next year

  • Bheemshankar

    hi faisal:
    i hav owned CBR250R by d month of MAY,2011, most amazing bike, u mentioned the mileage is 30, myself gettin 32-35KMPL in city, i was on trip to banglore to goa around 1600KMS in 2.5 days i got 38KMPL,
    The top speed it is really amazing, i was reached 168KMPH, n some of my friends reached 175KMPH..

    • Faisal

      Bheemshankar, no doubt CBR is a good bike and has a much higher top speed than the Duke 200 but the Duke is quicker in acceleration. Both are unique and very good motorcycles.

  • k 72 Racing Team

    Guys yamaha R15 149.8 cc is been a competitor for 200,250,220cc…u can understand the quality and standard of yamaha.till now the sexiest bike in road is yamaha r15.

    • Faisal

      k72, when it comes to looks, the R15 is undoubtedly hotter than the Duke.

  • Aryan

    Guys , the KTM has top speed more than 145km/hr…. but the speed is red lined upto 135 km/hr. after speed of 135km/hr. it decreases upto 130 km/hr.

  • Aryan

    @ k 72 Racing Team……….. don’t misunderstand that R15 is competing with 200,250 cc bikes it is competing only in price. other things r not even close of 200,250cc bikes.

  • Obvious winner is Honda smasher KTM Duke here to stay.Honda will be with begging bowl all over manesar waiting for a buyer


    Faisal, good comparison….

    Is it true that KTM is planning to launch Duke 250 and 300 by the mid of this year.

    • Faisal

      Asogan, thanks. No, KTM will not launch Duke 250 or 300 but the Duke 350 in 2013.

    • ASOGAN

      Which other 250’s r comin in the near future….i;ve read that suzuki and yamaha have concrete launches

    • Faisal

      Asogan, mostly this year.

  • Nice comparison Faisal but overall considering price and the engine… i guess ZMR is best. Why to spend more if we are getting more mileage with ZMR and it luk stylish also.

    • Faisal

      Atul, ZMR lacks power and handling prowess of the other machines present in this comparison. Also ZMR service is not so good since service centers are more into serving Splendors and Passions of the world.

  • har

    Topgear says the duke struggles to return even 20kmpl !!!!!

    True ??

    • Faisal

      Har, depends on riding conditions too.

  • yzf

    wht matters is the looks ,caause u have less explianing to do.with fake looks u will talk for the product more than u r suposed to,,

    yahama is beating all those bikes at there game,,more like the iphone,,,its jst awesome and unique despite the low power,u can never get the feeling whn u riding the r15 in any other bike,,my be the ninja 250r,,,,cbr 250 vibrates jst like the plusar 220..

    ok imagine a ducati 150cc bike and the plusar NS,200cc,new version,and KTM,trust me p;ple will buy the ducati…

    • MANISH


    • Ninja Owner

      Boss Manish,

      Check your Grammar first!! What is “Rided’..I don’t think you have ever even seen Ninja..:)

    • poltrot

      What has riding a bike got to do with the grammar?
      He made a point and we understood it well, that is the whole purpose of communication, I guess.

    • Abhinandan

      offcourse ducati no r15, no pulsur. no honda.. i love ducati. but ducati does not have 150cc bikes. ktm 200 is best. In looks in power in riding its zst awsome. I have ridden the R15 ver. 2.0, R15 is best no vibes at all but its a small bike much suited for 5″4 kinda students. But look at duke. A simple but very aggressive beauty. beauty in a beast. I mean beautiful yet powerful. No match.

    • Faisal

      Abhinandan, yes the Duke has struck the right chord with the pricing and features.

  • Aryan

    @ yzf ….
    people will only buy ducati if its price is worth of its performance & looks. no will buy(except few rich ppl) a 150 Ducati if its costs 2-3 lacs (just for example). its common sense.
    don’t judge the Yamaha R15 by only its looks. its performance is at low end (ofcourse its 150cc) if it had been a 250 cc with cost of less than 1.5 lac it would have been best bike.

    • krish

      s ,wt u told is absolutely correct ,the r15 looks better in style but its performance is very poor when compared to other bikes ,the only reason is its cc $ BHP .if we have same r15 in 200cc with 22bhp then we won’t find any other bikes ………………………………….

    • Abhinandan

      then the bike cost will not be 1.17 lac. it will be around 2 lac. with no doubt.

    • Abhinandan

      yamaha se 150cc ki bike tooh sasti hoti nahi, and you are expecting R25 less then 1.5, Jooh 150 cc bike kooh 1 lca 18 thousand main bechta hoon how can u expect they will sell a 250 cc bike in less then 1.5 lac.



  • mg

    i think ktm duke is more like to become a new sensation….its pik up punch of 0-100 in 9 secs and torque power is awesome(atleast on paper)…i thnk its best bike to get in 120000 range..

  • James

    “The R15 is still the best looking motorcycle out of all the bikes featured here”…Fat chance it is…Only After the Duke

  • maddy

    u done a great job man………and i think d duke is thee best pick.

  • Anubhav

    I am owner of new KTM Duke n can say i love this machine.

  • naseer

    im from malaysia… we have duke 125 in market and duke 200 is expected to be here in june/july 2012… duuke 125 is brought in CBU and duke 200 is coming in CKD… could u please compare between these 2 variations?

    • Faisal Khan

      Naseer, both the Duke 125 and Duke 200 are manufactured in India. We have done independent reviews of both the bikes.

  • yahya saifi

    ktm duke 200….

  • R15 is the best !!!

  • sharad

    boss i am looking for a 250 bike.Pls suggest me a good one except zmr..

    • Sam


      Sharad I would suggest you to go with Duke 200 It Got what ur looking for I won’t say about the bike have a Test ride After that for sure u ill own its has great power & decent pricing.


  • manoj

    r15 does not perform as much as it’s looks,its got the r1’s styling,I’ve travelled at 128km speed in a cbr250 there r no vibrations,the duke is the best pick cause its got a reasonable pricing,and a better power to weight ratio than cbr250

  • avi

    yamaha R15 rocks .. i love this bike. awesome bike, don’t know about vbz 250….

  • runvik

    Is duke 125 going to launch in INDIA

  • Aaditya Solanki

    hiii faisal
    i want to buy duke 125 but i don’t know that it has launch in rajasthan or not and what will be the price…..??

  • Vishnu Menon

    CBR 250R is the best KING OF ALL THE 4 BIKES

    • Lokesh


  • vivek kumar

    Sir, i hav 2 buy ktm duke 200.but at showroom rs144000 doesn’t fare in delhi rs132000 only.wat i do.and what is de best price to buy ktm duke 200.

  • Lokesh

    cbr 250 r only rockzzzzzzzz !!!! chancelessss performance guysssssssss

  • Rishav Dey

    i am a owner of KTM DUKE 200 it’s a good bike,performance also good but HONDA CBR 250 also very good bike in performance or looking .

  • Sam


    Hi This is sam just got my KTM duke 200 white & black. Let me tell you few things about this bike Vechile got Instant pick up viceversa breaking it won’t shake even if your on 120km & has great looks Even non biker will give look once only drawback is Digital meter which u can’t see properly when ur on high speeed over all the vechile is awsome for the streets know woul;d expect you F the road in the middle on road. Just Add K&N FILTER u feel like u riding sports machine of course its a sport in 200 segment people who are looking for best looking & Instant performance like RD350 or Rx100 or Sholin Just go with it if you won’t u ill regret in ur life .

    Thanks Sam

  • Nalin Saini

    Hi Faizal,
    Nice comparison.
    Can you tell which is the best cruiser bike in the price range of 1-1.25 lacs giving mileage more than 40 kmpl.
    Thanks in advance.

  • mausam bittu

    ktm is best

  • karan

    i want a bike that should come in my budget 1lakh20thousand I need a bike that hav stunning looks performs well I don’t need much high speed engines as I need a bike for city driving.plz suggest me which 1 should I choose.

    • Karan, your best bet is the Yamaha Fazer.

  • ranka

    hey faisal the yamaha fazer is better or hero karizma zmr

  • Devendra

    He guys, I am from Rajasthan I am looking for a bike; great spped, real quick to cruise through crowded streets/sharp turns, fast/smooth/safe crusing on desert tracks/mountain tracks/muddy and tracks. It should be real good for long drives (700 Kms to 900 Kms in 12 hours with minimum brakes for refreshments). The front and rear shkoers shoud not put pressure on my complete spine/sacral joints, arms and legs. The long rides must be comfortable and pleasant. Looking forward your valuable suggestions

  • RoaD KIng . . KarizMa ZMr ,

    Hey . . Ma bike ZMr highway. MileGe is 55 . . HanDling is very gud . And peRfEct breaKinG system .and .the 223 ..EniGine fuel injectioN . . The bike is AweSoMe and sexY bike . . OveroLl the bike is gud . . . Zmr gIVEs the toP sPeEd of 160. . Dn y U TalikiNG aboUt ZMr is nOt a gud bike ? Tel me . . . Road kinG kariZmA zMr . . <3

  • jalaludheen

    we are karizmerianzzz……..:)

  • Ravish N

    price isn’t the only factor that makes a bike *good* bike or a *bad* bike. in that case a cbr fireblade, ducati monster, ducati multistrada, yamaha R1, suzuki gixxer, hayabusa.etc are the worst bikes ever made! & tvs excel would be THE ULTIMATE bike in the world :P all the bikes compared here are over the top in their own league. stop comparing entirely different machines which are meant for entirely different style of riding

    • Ravish, this was just on paper, on the road, things are different. Have you read our shootout reviews?


    @faisal..Hey boy faisal…don’t be such a hypocritical retard..don’t pretend like you know about everything under the sky..there is a large number of technicians like me who works day night to develop a vehicle..its not like simply sitting in front of a laptop and criticizing a reputed company..go get your hands on Hx250 R and give us the response..grow up boy..

  • yash

    hloo faisal
    i m really thankful to you because of these reviews but the top speed written of r15 is 130kmph but i used it my self and found it can reach 145kmph from me but there are such proffesional who take it to 150kmph and above

  • Narendra shinde

    Honda cbr 259r is the great bike in all compared

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