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Tata Jungle Experience Safari Storme

In recent times, the SUV segment has seen a phenomenal growth in the Indian auto market. With such a huge rise in demand seen, all the car manufacturers didn’t waste any time to bring in their SUV offerings to the Indian market. of the many SUVs launched in India, the 3 main that garnered lot of attention were the Mahindra’s XUV500, Tata Motors’s Safari Storme and Force Motors’s Force One. But which is a better contender of the three. Let us find out with a quick comparo. The Mahindra XUV500 is powered by a 2.2 litre mHawk CRDi engine that produces 140 BHP of power at 3750 RPM and 330Nm of torque at 1600 RPM.

The Tata Safari Storme, on the other hand is powered by a 2.2 litre DiCOR engine that develops 140 BHP of power at 4000 RPM and 320 Nm of torque at 1700 RPM. The Force One gets a 2.2 litre CRDi engine churning out 141 BHP of power at 3800 RPM and 321Nm of torque at 1600 RPM. Both the Tata Safari Storme and the Force One gets a 5 speed manual gearbox while the XUV500 offers a 6 speed manual. When it comes to exterior looks, each of the SUVs has their own distinctive styling. The Mahindra XUV500 is definitely a class above than the other two with its unconventional and bold styling. The Force One is also a good looking SUV, more on the rugged side. The Tata Safari Storme is however, a facelift of the earlier Safari and retains many design cues from its older sibling.

When it comes to features, the Tata Safari Storme is left far behind. The vehicle comes with dual airbags, reverse camera, projector headlights, EBD and ABS but misses out on a climate control system, Bluetooth audio streaming and multi-information display. Compared to this, the Mahindra XUV500 gets 6 airbags, parking sensors, fog lamps, EBD, ABS and TCS as well. The Force One offers the least of the lot with only parking sensors and fog lamps.

In terms of dimensions, the Tata Safari Storme measures 465 0mm in length, 1918 mm in width and 1925 mm in height. Compared to it, the Force One weighs 4860mm in length, 1780mm in width and 1885 mm in height while the Mahindra XUV500 is 4585 mm long, 1890 mm wide and 1785 mm high clearly stating Mahindra XUV500 as having compact dimensions than the other two. In case, you want loads of space, you would like to opt for the Tata Safari Storme, but in case you want an SUV with bold looks, the XUV500 is the answer. There are actually little or no reasons to buy the Force One, whose only USP is its Mercedes-Benz powertain.

Force One EX Variant

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  • Sidd

    Thee worse of the lot exterior and exterior vise is the Force one

  • abhiram


    • Faisal

      Abhiram, the Safari Storme is not yet launched so prices not available for it, while booking for the XUV500 has been temporarily halted.

  • viper

    The Tata Safari Storme comes with 6 airbags, parking sensors, fog lamps, traction control, EBD, ABS and “”””ESP””””!!!. good features…if they work after driving it out of the showroom.
    Do check the feature facts again please…ESP DOES NOT get mentioned in the Tata Storme advt. too!!! So Big NO NO to bashing the -more safer on paper XUV500 – W8, the first Desi SUV with ESP! ok tata, don’t please!

    • Faisal

      Viper, we will check it out with Tata and get back about the ESP. ESP is present in the Aria so there is no problem for the company to offer it in the Safari as well.

  • Pulsarboy

    To me Safari looks much more appealing than the other two, looks very elegant and this could age very well like earlier Safari. But looks are anyways personal choice. Lot of features doesn’t mean it’s a best product, we have seen how niggles came up in XUV as well. So, it’s all about how reliable the package as a whole, that matters. That’s the reason why Fortuner sells a lot even at a steep premium.

    • Faisal

      Pulsarboy, well said. More than features, its the reliability that really matters.

  • The XUV seems to be a clear winner here.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, the Safari is coming close.

  • Kedar

    Joy do check XUV 500 W8 also equipped with 6 airbags.

    My vote goes to XUV500.

  • Ninu

    If you want Size then Force1, Style then xuv500, both then go for STORME… :)

  • Kunal

    Tata should come up with Aria’s 6 speed Automatic with Tiptronic function as showcase at auto expo in Safari Storm at the time of launch would love it.

    • Faisal

      Kunal, one the Aria get the AT box, even the Safari will.

  • The Safari Storme seems to be the most sorted out product of the lot considering its been thoroughly overhauled and built on a completely new X2 platform (from Aria), also facelifted with the help of engineers from Jaguar and Land Rover( it reflects in the Discovery kinda front end look). Looks are definetly a personal choice but I still think the Safari Storme can be the best product considering value for money proposition.

  • Rohan

    This looks like a incomplete comparison. Is the Force one that bad?. Not that i like any bit of it, but the comparison could have been more detailed.

    • Faisal

      Rohan, the Force One is not bad but when you put it against these two, it clearly looks dated and feels inferior.

  • Super

    LOl…seems to be more like an Advt. for tata safari storme than comparison..seriously come with more such things and i’ll stop reading motorbeam..

    • Faisal

      Super, no this was not an advertisement for the Safari Storme. We don’t do such things, it was a simple spec comparison and nothing else. We are not passing any judgement here but with the Force One not upto level and the XUV not available, the Safari automatically becomes the vehicle to buy today. I would honestly wait for an XUV personally ;-)

  • mohit


  • i want to book safari storme.when is the storme arriving!?

    • jaykumar

      in safari there is no steering audio control, no space to accomodate a 6′ touch screen in dash. also it look like 20 year old japanese car

    • Faisal

      Srini, April end.

    • Bids

      @Faisal – Which year April end ??

    • Bids, it was supposed to be launched in 2012, but now its going to come in October.

  • NiteshM

    Tata safari strome look like a land rover for the people who can’t afford Luxury car, but the design of land rover is superb….
    look at this Srome thing…yuuuukkkkk…interior & Exterior both Succcckkks….

    Force one, k it’s a gre8 deal but interior & exterior is a $#!+ designed by CHILD….also NO Airbag & low safety features throws this thing out of competition…(only people who want to buy new SUV but not able to get XUV5OO are buying this thing)

    Talking about looks like an SUV, but features available in XUV5OO are much more than other vehicles makes it a Gre8 Crossover

    my vote goes to “XUV5OO”
    i want to buy XUV5OO but it is not Possible…not bcoz i can’t Afford it but bcoz of Mahindra don’t have power to produce XUV5OO as per the market DEMAND

    • Faisal

      Nitesh, well said but the Safari Storme is supposed to be a huge improvement over its predecessor.

  • hany kon

    I like to safari storm .its really look like a man but the interior same like sumo,tata always repeating the same shit. its not looking good, well xuv the interiorir is good not bad, exterior is cute, its look like a femile,
    I love safari body, and xuv interior, abt perfomence of both r equal

    • Hany, quality of Safari Storme interior seems better than that of XUV500’s interior.

  • cool capri

    when is tata launching safari storme… it was show cased in jan and it’s been 6 months and no one seems to have a clue.. will the old safaari be phased out? if one was to buy a new safari, given govt’s intention of increasing prices on diesel vehicles, tata may loose out initial customers to competition.

    • Cool Capri, Safari Storme is being launched in July.

  • Sorella

    I’m suprised a car website like this would compare a CROSSOVER with an SUV! Clearly anyone with basic automobile knowledge would tell you XUV isn’t really an SUV but a crossover whereas Storme and ForceOne are SUVs

    • Sorella, nowadays comparisons happen by price and not by body type.

  • Arvind

    Tata cars are good in looks only. But their build quality is very inferior. That is why Mahindra is selling more car than Tata. If TATA does not improve its quality it wlil collapse.
    Scorpio and XUV both are successful only due to their build quality and low maintenance. Tata cars needs to improve this side.

    • Arvind, the Aria has huge improvement in quality and the Safari Storme too is better than what Tata quality was earlier.

  • Pawan Mahal

    I would lyk to buy safari storme…..its undoubtedly an awsme SUV…..TATA just lags behind for its vehicle’s maintenance and material quality but I think tata has improved in new storme…just waiting for Tata to launch it………

  • safari is best in spece& comfort,
    xuv best in look & technology.
    So it’s your choice

  • Meghan Ranade


    I have never owned a Tata vehicle but really like the good things I have been reading about Storme. However, I am completely confused due to the numerous quality issues cited with Tata as a brand, also the endless niggles with XUV makes me think whether a good SUV can be offered in the 10 -12 lacs segment. Would there be the same level of quality and fit finish available as with the 10 -12 lac rupee sedans?

    • Meghan, nope Tata and Mahindra don’t offer same level of finish as other global manufactures. If you want a SUV in that bracket, do consider the Duster.

    • Meghan Ranade

      Related question – I have observed that almost all reviews unanimously cite that Duster’s Ride Quality is phenomenal and as good as 25 lac rupee cars. My question is what makes it so good? Any thing to do with suspension as this is a very attractive point in decision making

  • sandip

    in safari storm many new features added,but better thing is that they tuned geartrain of safari

    • Sandip, that was never a problem. The problem was quality and dynamics.

  • Nitin

    Actually i love safari, But it’s maintenace and costs of spare parts is higher than Mahindra XUV.
    Vehicles from Mahindra doesn’t require much maintenace.

  • Arun

    Safari Launch seems an endless story
    Here in this review, its is comparing only the kids features available on these mighty Machines to rate them and Nothing on core side like 4×4, basic structure, approach angle, ground clearance etc which is basic expectation on chosing a SUV over a sedan

    Force one and Safari is on Ladder frame which is build to carry Load. High speed handling in slightly on lower side due to ladder frame

    Where as XUV is on Monocoque which is lighter, but on load carrying capability and heavy duty stuffs, its not meant for
    Due to this , on serious offroading, we need to see how XUV handle on reliabllity part when compare to ladder framed SUVs ( Even scorpio is in a ladder frame ).
    So to me, XUV is essentially a sedan build with SUV shape
    So any day, I prefer a force one or a Safari than XUV

  • Avinash Pandey

    i will own a tata safari and i will like it so much.

  • sulfikar

    storme price and milage

    • Sulfikar, details not available but expect around 9-11 lakhs.

  • Sourabh Bhilare

    Real SUV is only Tata Safari Storme…beats both in drivebility…

  • Dnyaneshwar

    Waiting for SStrom since so many days can Tata announce officially about launch date and month

    • Dnyaneshwar, launch of Storme is on 17th October.

  • Ani

    if TATA would have launched the storme with 3rd row front facing seats, it would have been clearly a winner. this face to face third row is not good for long trips and is never going to be comfirtable for kids. dont know why they still sticking to the old concept. even scorpio is coming now with 3 row front facing seats.

  • aman dhaked

    mahindra xuv 500 is the best than innova,safari storm,scorpio,bmw,marsatiz

  • aman dhaked

    xuv 500 is the best gaddi in the world

  • Mayank

    Hi Faisal,
    What is actual fuel consumption of safari and xuv in city and on highway? What is the turning radius and who is best in weight vrs torque ratio, as the specs. can’t just be compared without checking the weight of each of these SUV’s ?
    What do we mean by steering wheel will crumple in case of impact in tata safari? Also in do we actually need an airbag in case of tata safari / will it actually helps in case of impact (was asking this just because I wanted to go for lx /ex model but don’t want to compromise too much on safety)?


    • Mayank, mileage of XUV slightly higher, but both should give you around 10 km/l in city conditions. XUV being a monocoque is lighter and thus also easy to maneuver owing to its lower turning radius. Airbags do help, worth the extra investment.

  • Sandeep Sowkur

    If you are impressed by storme then you should go and touch the black plastic above the chrome bar on back hatch. I was a huge fan of safari and have been dreaming safari for a long time. I waited for the storme to come and the storme was a total let down on the testdrive. So i went to XUV. XUV had excellent features much better than the safari but not enuf space inside. It was more like a slightly extended sedan. So reluctantly i went to force motors not expecting much at all and i have brought the car. Its very spacious to the last row reclining seats !!! , Powerful merc driven turbo engine, Lotus tuned suspension allowed me to go over speed breakers without hitting brakes very comfortably, I got a extended test drive to try out the cruise control which works like magic (Storme doesnot offer cruise control). I guess the plastic inside is not of greatest quality and little low on safety features. But force one has a menacing road presence no doubt. Believe it or not when i went to take delivery of my car, a local politician who came to buy a fortuner, in next door showroom, walked in and brought two of these. Definetely test drive force one before buying an SUV.

  • Ram

    Tata safari the real suv. I love it.

  • Athul De Dukez

    The price?????

  • Suniel

    Now all three SUV has been in market now tell which SUV is best to buy.

  • Hariprashanth

    Hello everybody, i was actually reading this whole thread of discussion and could easily figure out the Fan base Tata and Mahindra has. But let me open up another angle to this. I started driving on a Tata Sierra, moved to Safari, then to Scorpio and from Feb 2012 i own a Force One. Believe me or not, it is the best in class SUV i have ever driven. The engine, the suspension, the space and the feel you get when you floor the pedal.. its absolute pleasure. I did test drive XUV before considering F1, but that vehicle behaves like an excited puppy.. it is too bad on bumpy roads and many of the features in their exorbitant list does not work properly.. 100’s of sensors on an SUV means headache.. More over, less space and bad drive made me strike out XUV, i did not have Safari in my list coz i owned one before and Storme was not launched at that time. But i did take a TD when it was launched.. and i was impressed with the improvement compared to the dicor. it was less noisy and more powerful, Again not spacious as F1 and not powerful and did not give that driving pleasure. But Storme and XUV has good interior and better fit n finish than the Force one.
    For me End of the day, i want a vehicle which can take me and my family to any place i wanna go, it should be powerful and economical. Well I am 100% satisfied with F1 on my simple needs.. after all i have a vehicle which has a heart which runs a 30Lacks car. (Mercedes E220 2002 model). I strongly recommend you all to take a Test Drive of the Force One and write a review on that.

    • Hari, the problem is that Force Motors doesn’t have dealerships everywhere.

  • B K

    Hi guys you all confuse me, would have to finalise on a new vehicle shortly. In the Price range of 9 to 12. Hence was keenly reading all your reviews. I am a big man, 6 ft 3 inches with 120 kgs. Getting in/out of the car and next sitting inside the car both on drivers seat and behind when chauffeur is negotiating the car would be key to me decision. Have been driving Verna….wow it is just too good …maska hain. I know such smoothness wont be available in these SUVs, but the one coming nearer would be good. Your suggestions please.

    • BK, Duster would be a good option for you. If budget permits, the Safari Storme should also be considered.

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