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KTM Duke 200 Test Ride Review

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KTM Duke 200 Road Test

KTM Duke 200 - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

KTM Duke 200 Review

Bike tested: 2012 KTM Duke 200

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,32,385/-

Till a few months ago, Indian bikers had very few options if they wanted to engage in performance motorcycling. In 2008, Yamaha launched the R15, which did create a segment of sorts. In the same year Bajaj Auto launched the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, a very capable machine, but at a price. In 2011, Honda shocked everyone with the launch of the 250R and in 2012 this only gets better with the arrival of the KTM Duke 200. The Duke 200 is manufactured by Bajaj Auto, which holds 47% stake in the Austrian motorcycle maker. Everybody has been high praises for the Duke 200, with most finding absolutely no fault with the baby Duke. We ride it to find out what is all this hype really about?

[singlepic id=11776 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Styling – The KTM Duke 200 takes heavy design inspiration from other Dukes (namely the Duke 690 and the Duke 990). The way this motorcycle has been styled, gives it alot of street presence. The appearance is unmistakeably KTM and the Duke is dressed in the company’s corporate colors – orange with a mix of white and black. The design has been carried out so well that the Duke looks much bigger than it actually is. Everything on the Duke screams premium, right from the 10-spoke alloy wheel design to the exposed trellis steel frame and the under seat exhaust.

The design of the KTM Duke 200 is pure naked street-fighter, with bare essentials being used. You would be hard pressed to know the Duke 200 weighs just 136 kgs as the looks are extremely beefy. The attention to detail is simply marvelous and the quality is top notch. The tank has been contoured in a manner which helps you to tuck your thighs behind it. The seats are comfortable and the LED indicators look smashing. There is absolutely nothing one can say could be done better with the Duke’s styling. If I had to nitpick though, I would get rid of the saree guard and hugger and put orange racing strips on those wide 150 section tyres.

You simply can’t help notice a KTM Duke on the road and soon there are going to be too many of them. But fret not as Bajaj-KTM know their customers very well. Thus you can differentiate your Duke 200 by opting for KTM PowerParts, which include tank pads, seat cowl, sticker kit to illumination set, handle guard and alarm system. These parts don’t come cheap by any means of imagination but one can still differentiate their Duke with the use of good art work.

[singlepic id=11787 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – Turn on the ignition key and you are greeted by a question – Ready To Race? This question is the pillar of all KTM machines, signifying what this brand is all about – performance.  The switch gear is crisp to use and are back-lit. The instrument cluster carries an insane amount of information right from the bare essentials like speedometer, tachometer, odometer to twin trip meters. While other information is shown too on this cluster, including side stand warning, low fuel level, distance to empty, distance to service, digital watch, shift light, average fuel consumption, average speed, engine temperature, etc. The display is light dependent and as it becomes darker, it goes more orange. The read-outs are slightly small though and in broad daylight, it becomes difficult to read at times.

[singlepic id=11777 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Performance and Gearbox – The KTM Duke 200 is powered by a 199.5 cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine which is liquid-cooled. The engine is short stroke in nature with a bore x stroke of 72 x 49 mm. What this motor produces is 25 hp of juicy raw horse power at a rather high 10,000 RPM and 19.2 Nm of peak torque at 8000 RPM. Well that is what the KTM Duke 200 produces on paper. Out on the road, the experience of riding the Duke 200 is very different, because simply put the Duke 200 is nothing short of a 16-year old on steroids. The way the power is delivered is absolutely insane. The Duke 200 just doesn’t stay put and wants to prowl ahead with every slight twist of the throttle.

The Duke 200 has a power to weight ratio of 184 PS / ton. It reaches 60 km/h in 3.4 seconds and 100 km/h in just 9.4 seconds. INSANE. Truly insane.

Start the KTM Duke 200 and it starts with a throaty roar. The exhaust is loud and the performance of the Duke is very reminiscent of a 2-stroke motor. There is no hesitance from the motor, which is eager and ready to race at every given moment. The real fun begins at 4500 RPM, when the Duke comes in its own. Past 7000 RPM, all hell breaks loose and the Duke rushes to the redline with utmost emergency. But the party spoils with the revv limiter kicking in abruptly at 10,500 RPM. The cut off is sudden and abrupt, specially when you consider the Duke is very quick revving. This sudden cut-off is felt in the first three gears, while it is a little gentle in the last three gears.

[singlepic id=11794 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The KTM Duke 200 will reach 45 km/h in first gear (relatively tall geared), 62 km/h in second gear, 82 km/h in third gear, 103 km/h in fourth gear, 122 km/h in fifth gear and 138 km/h in sixth gear (all speeds are speedometer recorded and will be 4-6 km/h too optimistic).  The short gearing helps the Duke 200 to revv to its redline very quickly but results in compromise of top speed. When the revv limiter kicks in at 138 km/h you feel that there is alot of juice still left in the Racing KTM engine. Bajaj Auto has clearly limited the engine for the sake of reliability.

When you ride the KTM Duke 200 spiritedly (you would be crazy not to!), the exhaust note is intoxicating. The Duke is loud and can be heard from far away. The way the Duke screams is totally uncivilized, going in-line with the overall theme of the bike. But mind you, the Duke is not a good cruiser. It just doesn’t feel right when ridden in a relaxed manner and hits 100 km/h in 6th gear at 7000 RPM. It can’t be tamed, it just wants to break loose and run at full steam all the time. The torque is very well spread out and you can simply get into sixth gear at speeds as low at 30 km/h. The roll on times are very good and one of the best I have seen on an Indian motorcycle. You simply twist the throttle and soon that 30 would be 130 in the speedometer, without a single cog change. Talking about the cogs, the Duke’s 6-speed gearbox uses claw shifting mechanism, which works smoothly with precision. So is the clutch, which is light and easy to operate. The Duke 200 returned a mileage of 30 km/l during our test, which is respectable for such a powerhouse.

[singlepic id=11797 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Ride, Handling and Braking – What riding dynamics do you expect from a bike which weighs just 136 kgs, has a tubular steel trellis frame, 43 mm upside-down forks at the front and linkage-free monoshock suspension at the rear, made by suspension experts WP. The Duke 200 is sharp, extremely poised and ready to be flicked around corners all day long. One can simply point and shoot the Duke and it obeys without any fuss whatsoever. The grippy and wide MRF tyres only help matters and the Duke is a very good handler (second only to the Yamaha R15 V2.0).

The Duke 200 features a tube type wide handlebar, which gives the rider ample feedback.  The riders seat is very comfortable and the riding position is sporty yet comfortable, thanks to the rearset position of the foot-pegs. The Duke feels extremely stable at speed but once you whiz past 120 km/h, it does not offer the same level of stability of the Honda CBR250R.  The bike features 300 mm discs at the front and 230 mm rear disc brakes, made by Brembo subsidiary Bybre. The brakes are extremely powerful and offer a terrific bite. Deceleration power is quite in sync with the accelerating prowess of the Duke 200. KTM should have offered ABS though, at least as an option. The suspension has 150 mm of travel and the Duke is sprung on the stiffer side. Thus bad roads really unsettle the bike although the ride is pliant on good roads.

[singlepic id=11769 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Conclusion – The KTM Duke 200 has come and re-written all the laws of performance motorcycling in India. It looks gorgeous, performs very well and has excellent dynamics. Everything about the Duke makes you believe that it is a bike of a higher class, but without burning a hole in your pockets. Undoubtedly then, KTM engineers have done a fantastic job on the Duke 200 but more so I would like to credit Bajaj Auto for the quality and pricing of this mean machine. The Duke stands for a pure KTM street motorcycle and the Duke 200 lives up to it. Now if you excuse me, I am going to paint the town orange, the Duke is indeed an irresistible machine and easily the best 200 cc motorcycle in the world.

[singlepic id=11785 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Whats Cool

* Muscular looks
* Performance
* Multi-information display
* Value for money

Whats Not So Cool

* Abrupt revv limiter cut-off
* Instrument cluster difficult to read in day light

[singlepic id=11763 w=540 h=375 float=center]

KTM Duke 200 Specifications

* Engine: 199.5 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine
* Power: 25 PS @ 10000 RPM
* Torque: 19.2 Nm @ 8000 RPM
* Transmission: 6-speed manual
* Top Speed: 138 km/h
* 0-100kmph: 9.30 seconds
* Fuel Consumption: 30-35 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Suspension: Telescopic Upside Down Forks (Front), Monoshock, Alloy Swingarm (Rear)
* Tires: 110/70/17 (front), 150/60/17 (rear)
* Brakes: 300 mm Disc (Front), 230 mm Disc (Rear)

KTM Duke 200 Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 2002 mm x 873 mm x 1274 mm
* Wheelbase: 1367 mm
* Ground clearance: 165 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.5 liters
* Kerb Weight: 136 kgs

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  • karan

    very nice review, i m looking forward to buy this bike……

  • Wow! Its not the looks that is the main USP of the Dukes. Its the engine. If you see a speeding Duke the biking enthu will jump upon you. The engine roar is irresistible and simply the best. After I watched some Dukes speeding in my area I suddenly feel the competition lacks alot. The fat rear tyre has awesome lines to catch your attention. Amazing bike overall.

  • Fas, its not fair.. No video :(

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, we are planing a video review soon ;-)

  • Gautham

    what is that 63min in the MID????what does that indicate???

    • Faisal

      Honestly Gautham I don’t know what the hour glass indicates. It could probably mean that on full throttle, the bike will be out of fuel in 63 minutes!

  • Hunky

    Made by Bajaj (rather with bajaj) and for some reason I would wait for couple of months to watch riders cross 15k-20k mark and listen to their honest feedback before even thinking of it..

    All bajaj products are so so good in paper and so much impressive in first ride but when owning one, ASS / Quality / parts durability and reliability becomes a nightmare.. Only difference was the Ninja, though from Bajaj stable, but being totally made by Kawasaki (though assembled via Bajaj help) quality / reliability and durability is top nodge

    Hoping to see KTM followed the same foot step

    • Faisal

      Hunky, I think the Duke 200 won’t have any issues because Bajaj makes the bike. The engineering has been done by KTM.

    • Hunky

      You know, even if the engineering was done by bajaj, still i would not have doubt its capability..

      P220 DTS-i is a completely bajaj product and there is no doubt about its performance ability.. So far, till now, made by bajaj products are so good in paper, even in first ride (out of showroom) they are so so impressive.. But more kms the oddo clocks the more issues starts come with bajaj’s mentality of price cut via compromise..

      More kms it starts clock, smoothness starts to fade away, performance level starts to drop.. Its a common assumption that maintaining a bajaj is cheap, but matter of fact if you want to maintain it like a showroom condition and wants to keep the performance / smoothness level, its pretty dam costly not just in terms of money (spares fails a lot, new ones are not upto the mark) but also for your time, since company ASS is pretty crap and so many small niggles show up over time..

      Compare that with Yamaha / Hero / Honda.. You dont quite notice that drop in performance or smoothness level so fast as a made by bajaj product.. Most of the time (not always though), specially in case of Hero Moto, walking out from an ASS is so satisfactory (compare to bajaj) !!!

      Spare of other makers cost more, in some case way more compare to bajaj, but they do what they are meant to do, while with bajaj, so many times changing the spare still doesn’t solve the issue for which it was changed..

      Recently i read some where that Rajiv Bajaj commented that they wont do reliability or durability compromise this time around with their next gen pulsar, sad to read as what did he meant by this time ?? Was there a compromise in his last attempts with previous gen pulsars ??

      By the way, the above view of mine is completely personal and from personal exp only..

    • Manty Ahmed

      I agree with you bro on the compromise part but I had satisfactory bajaj A.S.S. experience. Now I hv a honda bike but spare availibility & servicng satisfactn remains a questn mark. I hv been followng Rajiv Bajaj. Can you please link to that comment he made? Bro I read the reviews of Pulsar 200 ns & seems like quality is very good. Engine quality is even better. Only the tvs eurogrip tyres don’t do justice to the able chasis. Soft compounded zapppers would hv resulted in superb handling. But for city eurogrips r sufficient

    • jaz

      @hunky, u are absolutely true.. Bajaj gives performance in low price minus the durability.. using a bajaj after 15 or 20k kms in top notch condition iz impossible.. my p220 had severe issues within its 13k run in jus 6 months :@ sick!!

    • Neil


      Bajaj had never forced people to buy their products and your are not an exception. So its you who decides to possess a machine fully developed by bajaj/co developed by bajaj or a machine developed/co developed by other manufacturers who have only craved when bajaj made the difference.

      If Bajaj is good on papers why aint Honda’s out right good. Why they still face build quality issues. Why aint they 100% and why aint the best selling performance bike. Bye crores of people buy bajaj and not only the Dazzler, The CBR250 R or the Karizma. Aint they missing the essential ingredients somewhere. Honda’s aint niggle free. They are a century old manufacturers best in business. Why now they are only coming with these bikes. Why not 10 years back when people were still hogging for glory on the aged RX100 and the KB125, Suzuki supra, RD 350. Why not a projector from Honda when they already knew it all exist. Where were they on this world. Hope you get the gist. People here India strive for it. There are still issues with Hondas and Heros and yamahas.

      Mate respect the efforts and instead of cribbing on whats missing. If you aint generous enough then enjoy the radilcals of the Japs. I would certainly praise them if they would have had the FZs 10 years back. When then only had those hideous little 125 CCs.

      I’ve much more to write but i wont coz this wont end here.


    • Wow what a comment. Well said. And Heros are no good in build quality either. Its a wrong perception being spread. Yamaha is but only for 150cc bikes. I am sure this comment is going in motorbeam’s new thread :)

    • Faisal

      Well Abhisek, nowadays we are getting so many good comments that if we put them in a post it would be way too long. But we are reading all of them and soon we plan to have a rating system so good comments are highlighted automatically ;-)

    • Hunky


      Please do point me to a single line of my post where I have disrespect for Bajaj..

      At the end of the post, there is a big line that I included to share the fact that the entire post is from my personal exp only..

      Why should not one be cribbing for something better ?? Just like Bajaj didn’t ask me to buy their, I am not asking you or anyone to not to buy Bajaj..

      Bajaj products are good not just in paper for also in their first ride, there is no doubt about their RnD ability.. is not that a positive point I made about ??

      Personal unhappiness was with their tendency towards performance / ride quality / smoothness loss faster than other mentioned products.. Along with parts quality.. Since your comment is directed towards me, hence I ask you, do you think the said factors are a unwelcome criticism ??

      Criticism is something always pushes a good brand to become better and a better brand to become superior..

    • Neil

      @Hunky: I dont want a argument here, however its the disrespect someone shows by not accepting the fact and the matter of fact is that Pulsars are 10 years old and Hondas/Yamahas/Suzukis are 100 years. So there is no point denying the fact the in the span of 10 years they have made us think the future whereas in the past 10 years the Japs have only looked for their future and not for the people and what would they have in the future.

      There is no question some one not respecting the Bajaj Radicals and you not being an exception mate. I wont ask you how many pulsars have you own in Last five years coz i did own four and still own one of those. I believe me i’ve witnessed the improvement.

      I know criticism brings the best out of someone but praises do make a best look better. My point here is look at the positives and rather than bulletin the flaws. Look at what we have when we thought we had nothing.

      Look at what Bajaj gave and not what they failed to gave coz there are players have failed miserably and still struggling to give us the happiness which i think the pulsar gave in very short span. I know its not the best engine with some niggles and wont survive the long run. Though its you who looks after the machine and it reciprocates. Thats the case with every machine you own. For me personally the Pulsars are as good as any other for the long run.

  • Rahul K

    Bajaj learnt a lot from previous mistakes. Their bikes are now even better than the competition…Their new products are top notch and above industry average in fit and finish. There are no issues left at all….Bravo Bajaj…

    • vijay

      right man

    • Aryan

      Right dude

  • Srinath

    Sorry for changing the topic here, but FAS and Gautham, I think the hourglass denotes how long the vehicle has been ridden for I guess. Maybe the KTM owners can throw in some light on this.

  • Neil

    @Fas: I rang Pune Sai Service, they say its only June when we can see the Pulsar 200 NS hitting the showrooms and not May :(. Now thats certainly not a good news, isnt it.

    • Faisal

      Neil, bad and good news both. Because delay will also mean Bajaj will test the Pulsar 200 NS more extensively before launch.

    • Neil

      @Fas: Yes indeed, add to my agony. Better late than never ;)

  • Aviru

    Awesome review, it really helped me allot.
    Specially the comparsion b/w R15 v2.0, CBR 250 and Duke 200.
    I was planning to book the bike tomorrow, after reading the review I feel more confortable to book the bike.
    Looking forward to it.

  • Vaibhav

    I was a bajaj hater a year back, highly overpriced Ninja, pulsars which lack durability and have a lot of engine and overall issues, but now with highly promising P200NS, Duke 200 at the price of a steal, i am very much beginning to love bajaj. I think its Honda which has most number of quality issues with their new products, we all know about issues with CBR250R (also its kinda cheating by Honda to make a VFR250 and name it CBR for sales), and the so called CBR150R at 1.30lacs with 12.6 Nm torque, is Honda kidding us? and what Bajaj is offering in DUKE200 at 1.30lacs is unbeatable. Its way to go for Bajaj. And Yamaha has greatest quality in 150cc bikes, which would be soon matched by only Bajaj, i am sure.

  • mani

    good work faisal 2day i saw it on t road and it luked awesome but wat abt rainy seasons and abt mufflers ?? does it do well in potholed roads???

    • Faisal

      Mani, thanks. I don’t think rainy seasons should be a problem for the Duke 200. Its not that comfortable on potholed roads but the ride is not that stiff either.

  • k.p

    handling is concerned second only to r15?? why?? i thought duke200 outscores in handling too..

    • Faisal

      K.P, the R15 is difficult to beat in terms of handling.

    • jaz

      True, i have taken an r15 few dayz back and am feeling the fruits of its handling… doesnt flutter even at 140kmph!! and it loves to be shot hard at the corners :)

    • Aryan

      R15 140kmph ??? i think ur speedo has damaged or u r faking!!!

    • Faisal

      Jaz, with an R15 you just point and shoot and voila ;-)

  • shahin

    Hello dear How i can buy this bike from Bangladesh

    • Shahin, you can’t at this moment as its not available yet.

  • harjot

    this bike is really cool and value for money…and u comparo btwn 3 bikes helped me a lot…today i cancelled my plan to buy cbr and i am looking forward to duke 200,as it is now available in my city..

  • DipsH

    what will be the duke’s milage on highways and in [reved hard] cities

  • TAD


  • TAD


    • Tad, yes the Duke 200 is comfortable for all riders.

  • Thiaga

    Hi Faisal,

    U are doing great job !!

    I own a karizma ZMR..I am planning to buy DUKE 200…
    I have several questions :
    Is this a wise decision to buy DUKE ?? I am bored with the bulkness and fairing of ZMR…
    Also,does DUKE 200 face any Spares Issues?? …I m staying in chennai…
    Does extra premium petrol is necessary for duke 200 ??What will happen if I put normal petrol??
    What kind of problems as well as Advantages I can face when I buy DUKE ??

    Also,I heard DUKE 125 is coming to India & Duke 200 will get 2 new colours after diwali…….
    Is that true??

    • Thiaga, Duke 200 is a good upgrade from ZMR. There are no spare issues and premium fuel is not needed. Duke 125 is not coming to India and the Duke 200 is not getting new colors. Disadvatange of Duke is its now expensive due to Rs. 8000/- price hike. However advantage is the fantastic engine performance and sharp handling.

  • Thiaga

    Faisal…2 new colours for KTM Duke 200 launched !
    Happy going to buy the white one..its looking awesome in new shades!!
    I was expecting green and silver but bajaj gave white n black shade !

    Guys looking for mini duke can wait.KTM duke 125 will be launched in feb next year..
    Rumour I heard from KTM people !!

  • Gokul

    Hi faisal,

    I came very much impressed with ur review….and iam planning to buy a bike may be 200ns or duke..according to u which one is the better choice??

    • Gokul, have you read our Duke 200 vs Pulsar 200 NS shootout?

  • chris

    Duke 200 is a very good bike as I have heard till now. But some videos in youtube say that they have problem riding continuously for about 76kms or more. Even the sound of the bike changes after high performance. Is that true. I am literally confused whether to buy this bike or CBR 250. I might go for a long drive of about 200kms continuously atleast a month. Whether this bike is suitable for long drive. Or I have wait for its bigger bro duke 390. Please suggest.

  • Bilal

    Hi. I m from Kenya. Recently imported DUKE 200. I m trying to set the watch and i dont know how to. Pls send me in detail on how to set the clock. Thanks.

    • Bilal, its easy, just go into settings, using the buttons around the console.

  • rohan

    Hey fas I own a duke and I want to know that does the mileage console is accurate it shows 56 per ltr whereas I get only 30 to 32

  • sudi

    i have a budget of 2lakh,
    i am getting ninja 2nd hand just driven 1092km absolutely new
    bullet at 1.81lakh
    cbr 250 and

  • nion mehdi

    faisal bhi. can u plz tell me how i will buy ktm duke 125cc from bangladesh….

  • nishanth

    R15 or DUKE 200 @faisal what would you suggest plz

  • Fahim

    Hi Faisal bhai,

    I wanted to buy a bike between Honda CBR 150r/KTM Duke 200/Pulsar 200ns. I had initially shortlisted pulsar 200ns, but had a real bad experience with previous bajaj products such as Saffire(scooter). Had to sell the Saffire & buy Honda Activa(which is ten times better).

    My question is what to choose between CBR 150r & DUKE 200 based on?
    1). Style,
    2). Engine smoothness & refinement,
    3). Gear ratios- heard duke has real annoying short gear ratios,
    4). Is the CBR 150r worth the money? What do u think?

    • Fahim, get the Duke 200. CBR150R not worth the money.

    • Fahim

      Are u sure bro? Coz I’m gonna book in 2-3 days. & till now I was goin for CBR 150r, but seeing ur view I think I’ll go for KTM. Should I? Give one final go-ahead to me.
      + HOWS THE CBR vs KTM SERVICE?? Is the KTM service gud? Honda is obviously very gud in this deptt..

  • arjun chapain

    how many gear are there in ktm duke

  • nikhil gupta

    hey, which bike will be good for long driving in very less time. Let us assume 260 km in 3 hrs max.
    will the KTM Duke 200 or 390 suffice for the above requirement ?

  • sendhur

    i owned duke but i am in tamil nadu is dat duke spare parts and engine oil is costly here ?

  • Sandeep


    • Sandeep, read our long term review, you will know. It’s around Rs. 2500/- per service.

  • kiran

    When is duke 200 with ABS is going to be launched?
    Is ride very stiff to make rider uncomfortable on our roads?
    How is rear seat comfort for occasional short trips?

  • kiran

    Any views?

  • Evan

    Isnt the ABS activated by default ? I believe so :-/ Faisal,can you help me out please?

    • Yes it’s on by default but you can switch it off.

  • Kamaal

    Faisal, what fuel efficiency will the duke deliver in city riding ? And what is the service interval for the bike? Is there any facelift planned for duke 200 ?

  • ajin

    hi..,Mr.faisal I am 18 years old boy I am planned to buy duke 200 is it good for a me

  • ajin

    And one more is ktm launch duke 200 with ABS facility in India.

  • vineeth

    hai i heard it gives 38kmpl to 40 kmpl milage …. is that was true?

  • Ranjeet

    Hi Faisal, I’m confused between Duke200 and CBR 150r. I live in pune and need to travel 40 km everyday. Which bike is more comfortable?

  • Abhijit

    Hi Faisal,First of all you are doing an excellent job.thumbs up for that.I am planning to buy Duke 200 pretty soon and I need an info.Has KTM launched the bike with ABS in India?

    It would be great help!

  • jay

    hello faisel I want to know if a 44t or 45T rear sprocket will fit to the duke as I want to increase the accelaration of my bike top speed doesnt matter to me. pls pls give me a solution

  • Er Digvijay Patil

    Guys, my body built is very thin and age about 27. I was inspired about this bike when I saw it in a foreign tv serial. Now, I also have seen it in my masters’ college which made me more curious about it. Would it be proper choice to select this bike though I have a slight back problem? Will it offer me comfort in long drive as well as city roads of Pune? What about the comfort of rear person? I know its’ a single person exclusive racing bike with 200 cc range. Still, please answer me more precisely. Although, originally its’ Austrian brand KTM, majority share holder is Bajaj with 47%. So, it is kind of Indian made bike. I would prefer it against any other Honda or Yamaha bike. Thanks.

  • asd

    Hi Faisal,
    I got delivery of Duke 200 yesterday. It feels taller than the test model but when I’m carrying pillion on my bike, it is same height as of test model. That small difference matters me a lot as I’m 5.3.

    Can we lower seat height somehow even to some extent? Waiting for your response.


    • Firstly congrats on our new bike. Secondly, don’t worry, you will get used to this ride height.

      Or you can soften the suspension by going on the softest setting.

    • asd

      Thanks for your prompt response. Actually even my toes (both at a time) are not touching the ground hence I’m worried.

      Can I go to top setting of 10? Will it damage bike when I’m carrying pillion? Is there anything else I can do?

    • Try the different setting for the suspension and see.

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