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2012 Hyundai i-Gen i20 Test Drive Review

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Hyundai i-Gen i20 Road Test

Hyundai i-Gen i20 – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Hyundai i20 Review

Car tested: 2012 Hyundai i-Gen i20

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 5.52 – 8.98 lakhs

The Fluidic design has created mayhem in the market and Hyundai has been at the receiving end with a waiting period exceeding 6 months in the case of the Verna. Following the Verna’s footsteps, the Hyundai’s i20 has just undergone the surgeons knife to come out in a more good looking and sporty avatar. The Hyundai i20 made it’s debut at the 2008 Paris Motor Show and went on sale almost immediately in India by December 2008. We drive the new iGen i20 and find out whats new.

[singlepic id=12056 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Exteriors – The iGen Hyundai i20 now incorporates Hyundai’s Fluidic design elements. The maximum change is appreciated in the front fascia. The i20 gets the hexagonal family grille with new wrap around headlamps and trapezoidal fog lamps. The international version gets daytime running lamps too. The chrome Hyundai logo is complemented by the black grille.

[singlepic id=12029 w=540 h=375 float=center]

There is not much change in the side profile except for the chrome door handles and turn indicators on the outside rear view mirrors. Courtesy of the new bumpers the length has been increased by 55 mm, everything else is absolutely the same as the first generation car.

[singlepic id=12031 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The rear is mostly unchanged too. What’s different is a new bulging tail lamp cluster and a rear spoiler with integrated stop lamp. Just under the boot opener lies the rear camera which can be noticed on careful observation.

[singlepic id=12038 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Interiors – Not much is different on the inside as well, the gear lever gets a dose of chrome and overall quality is top notch. Fit and finish gave us no reason to complain either. The leather wrapped steering feels good to hold and the Hyundai i20 is still as spacious as before with generous boot space.

[singlepic id=12041 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The new Hyundai i20 gets digital temperature and fuel gauge instead of the analog ones in the previous generation car. There is a digital speedometer too. The drivers seat is blessed with an armrest too. There is no denying that the Hyundai i20 is loaded up to the brim with gizmos and goodies. No other hatchback comes anywhere close as far as the equipment list goes.

[singlepic id=12043 w=540 h=375 float=center]

You now get rear parking sensors and camera. Similar to its elder sibling, the Verna, part of the inside rear view mirror acts as the screen once you engage the reverse gear.

[singlepic id=12040 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Nissan had introduced the intelligent key and push button start with the Micra in the hatchback segment. The new i20 gets the same now. There are request buttons on both the front doors, just press them and the doors will unlock/lock provided the keys in your pocket.

[singlepic id=12045 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The list just goes on and on. Few first in segment features are automatic headlamps and rain sensing wipers and rear parking camera, as already discussed. Other features include six airbags, auto dimming inside mirror, rear disc brakes, impact sensing auto door unlocking, Bluetooth, etc.

[singlepic id=12055 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Rear leg room is good and one can sit in comfort without feeling claustrophobic. Another segment first is the smart pedal system. At first I thought its a marketing gimmick but having tried it, i realized it really works. In panic situations, many tend to apply the accelerator and brake at once, this can cause the car to accelerate and my be dangerous. In the i20, if case such a situation arises, the brake pedal will override the accelerator and get the car to stop.

[singlepic id=12037 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The i20’s boot is quite large at 295-liters and the low loading bay adds to that advantage.

[singlepic id=12060 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Performance – The petrol version is powered by a 1.2 liter Kappa engine with dual VTVT in Hyundai speak or variable valve timing as we like to call it. This engine is mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. There is also an option of a 1.4 liter Automatic variant with a 4 speed auto box. On paper, the 1.2 engine produces 84 Ps @ 6000 rpm of peak power which is 5 % more than the earlier version, but getting behind the wheel, it does not feel different at all. Torque has been marginally increased by 0.2 kgm to 11.6 kgm @ 4000 rpm. Low end grunt is average and the i20 does not feel powerful enough, though the midrange and high end is decent. Obviously the engine has been tuned for efficiency and does well on that front giving an ARAI certified mileage of 18.5 km to a liter. Translating this to the road, you will need to downshift frequently to extract the best of this engine. On the other hand, engine refinement and NVH have been vastly improved. It’s hits the redline at 6500 rpm in a tamed manner.

[singlepic id=12036 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The 1.4 CRDI diesel engine is an absolute gem and easily outshines its petrol counterpart. Smooth and refined, this engine redlines at 5000 rpm and performance is not lacking on any front. The turbocharger now kicks in at 1500 rpm, a full 250 rpm earlier thereby eliminating the turbo lag altogether. This diesel motor produces 90 ps @ 4000 rpm with a torque of 22.4 kgm @ 1500-2750 rpm. Mileage is marginally better at 21.9 km per litre thanks to the electronically controlled turbocharger which optimises air flow leading to higher combustion efficiency. This also results in lesser emissions and a better performance. Mated to this is a 6 speed manual gearbox. This gearbox has evenly spaced out ratios which give you the best of city and highway performance. The sixth gear will find use on the highways.

[singlepic id=12023 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Ride, Handling and Braking – Suspension has been tweaked and the i20 now absorbs undulations happily without transferring much into the cabin. Unlike the older version, the ride is compliant at slow speeds. Its a pleasure to drive in traffic too with a light steering. This comfort oriented suspension setup takes a toll on the ride at high speeds. Steering feedback is negligible and the car seems nervous on the highway. Even hard braking from triple digit speeds will unsettle the car. Highway manners aside, the i20 wont give you a single reason to complain.

[singlepic id=12026 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Conclusion – With so many gizmos on offer, the i20 is understandably more expensive than the top end Maruti Suzuki Swift. It is the most loaded offering in the segment too with many first in segment features. If your use is mainly in the city, this is the best hatchback money can buy.

[singlepic id=12024 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Whats Cool

* Feature loaded
* Powerful diesel engine
* Spacious interior and large boot
* Effortless to drive in city

Whats Not So Cool

* Fluidic styling doesn’t appeal all
* Handling not sharp enough
* No LEDs or 15-inch wheels

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  • Lovely review..I feel it looks good front up…if they would have carried it on, it would have looked really nice.

  • arush

    I think Hyundai has got it right with the features and gizmos but still the sharpness is missing what is expected from a hot hatch!

  • Noz

    Though the car is fantabulous but the million $$$$ questions is: Has Hyundai got their basics corrected / fixed? If Yes, to what extent / degree?

    Hope all understand about the basics ;-)

    Their suspension, steering, and rattling problem which have been addressed over the web by umpteen customers.

    • jagdish

      none of their cars have good drive, even sonata too soft

    • Faisal

      Noz, I think the next gen i20 should fix those issues.

  • julie

    It looks so much like the Verna hatchback to me!

    • jagdish

      oh plz its different, vern a luis better

  • jagdish

    nice pics, make the i20 look so good

  • sushil

    The boot space is really good, very practical hatchback. I am planning to book one soon.

  • raul

    Put that engine in Swift and perfect drivers car ;p

  • aks

    Imagine what will happen to the next generation i20, with hyundai progressing so fast!

  • anoop

    Hai motorbeam..
    the previous site was better and flexible……

    • Halley


  • Raj

    Dont you want to speak about AC, tons of complain about AC being ineffective in peak summer.

    • Javeid

      Raj, there was no issue with the AC at all. In fact, i was pretty impressed with the way the car cooled. If you have had any issues regarding the same, do let us know.

    • vamsi krishna

      i want to buy a petrol car and this is going to be my first car i’ve shortlisted “i20(sportz),swift(zxi) and etios liva(g-plus)”.I travel not more than 400km in highway but sometimes it may exceed upto 600km(per month),mostly in city
      can you please suggest me the better option with out fail
      which of these will be good in terms of:
      mileage,driving and comfort

    • Vamsi, you have no option but the i20.

  • jacquilin

    I own it and is really awsome!!!!!!

  • ishank

    I want to buy a diesel car around 8 lakhs but confused between hatch or Sedan
    please help me out Should i go with this or any Sedan Car please help me out
    suggest me a good car which is Value for money….?

    • Faisal

      Ishank, you won’t get a good sedan for that price. Get a top end hatchback.

  • Yohhan

    Nice review! :) I didnt understand the ‘smart pedal system’ you wre talkin about.. Can you put some light on it and tell me exactly what is it ?

    • Javeid

      Yohhan, the smart pedal system is the first of its kind in the segment. In sudden panic situations, the driver sometimes tends to press both the accelerator and brake. This can result in the car accelerating instead of braking. In the ‘Smart Pedal’ system, even if the accelerator is pressed, the brake pedal will override the accelerator and the car will come to a stop. Hope this helps.

  • Gokul

    Should i go for dzire vdi or i20…overall performance and milege…diesel only…

    • Faisal

      Gokul, go for the i20.

  • sudhi


    you said “Even hard braking from triple digit speeds will unsettle the car”. I am planning to buy this car and i will be using this atleast once a month on highways (high speeds ofcourse).

    will this be a problem for me on highspeed driving.


    • Faisal

      Sudhi, yes if you plan to drive aggressively.

  • Ateek

    Hi Javeid,
    I am currently using i10 sportz. Please help me.I am confused between i10 n i20. Should i stick with my i10 or go for i20.Also tell me city avg. of i20.If you have any better option then please tell. Also tell me that my monthly car run is 500-600km so i stick with petrol or go for diesel??

    • Faisal

      Ateek, if you don’t want a new car, stick with the i10. But if you want to upgrade to a bigger vehicle, go ahead and get yourself the i20 diesel.

  • ganaps

    Hi Faisal ,

    What is the recommended speed for a safer driving in a highway with this kind of a steering and a brake ? Bcoz I am planning to buy this car and may have long journey once in a two month .


    • Javeid

      Ganapathi, the i20 is a perfect city car. My point was that it does not feel as confident on the highways. You can comfortably cruise and 100 kmph, the only issue is that at that speed steering is light and hard braking tends to unsettle the car. But this does not mean that this car cant be driven on the highways. If your running is predominantly city and occasional highway, the i20 is a good option.

    • sudhi


      what if we replace the 185/65 R14 tires with 215/50 R15? will it help in high speed stability?

      i know the steering is light weighted but will the change in help cut down the risk?


    • Sudhu, it will help in stability but will ruin the ride quality. Steering will also start become heavy.

    • sudhi


      as per : 185/65 R14 tires with 215/50 R15 gives similar measurements (only fractional differences). will it still affect the steering?

      the reason why i am asking you experts so many times is,
      I am going to drive on highways quite a lot and on high speeds.

      i dont want swift as there are soooooooo many on the road.


    • Javeid

      Sudhi, I think 215 tyres will be a bit too much for the i20 and you can expect a considerable drop in mileage too. I would suggest that 195 or max 205 would be good. Steering would get a little heavy but its should be ok and increased grip levels will certainly help the highway driving. You may want to consider 195/60/15 Michelin Energy XM series. These tires have been personally tested by me and they give good grip in dry and wet and also last long without compromising in the fuel efficiency.

    • sudhi

      wonderful, so 195/60/15 it is. i am booking my i20 crdi now. and i hope i get used to the other high speed issues (if there are any).

      thanks Javeid. you are the best.


    • Ganaps, speed between 80-100 km/h feels safe in the i20 on the highways.

  • i really like the 2012 i20’s looks and features and interiors

  • l think i20 is better than the swift in terms of features and average

  • venki

    Hi javeid ,
    i am interested in i20 but unable to decide diesel or petrol version.
    my budget is upto 7,50000.
    so i am have option of i20 petrol sportz or i20 diesel magna.

    After reading ur review, it is quite understood that disel version has nice pick at all levels(low speed,mid range and high speed).Eventhougth i am not travelling much,but i want engine with decent pickup.
    so after this review , i am planning for i20 disel version(magna).
    pls suggest me
    thank you

    • Venki, you can go ahead with the i20, as the performance is excellent.

  • dev

    i m confused between swift vdi and i20 1.4 crdi
    can u tell me which car is best based on styling comfort and most thing is breaking on high speed
    swift vdi offer a optional abs means what ? plz described


    • Dev, get the i20 if you are driving in the city. If more highway driving, then the Swift will be a better option for you.

  • Kunal

    I have chosen two cars maruti swift vxi and Hyundai igen i20 magna(o), but quite tilted towards buying i20.My ride will b mostly in cities and occasionally in highways.My only confusion over i20 is its handling on highways at higher speed more or around 100 kmphand its mileage.will it be prudent to go for i20 istead of the most popular indian hatchback swift?just want an expert opinion

    • If your running is city oriented, the i20 is a good bet. On the highways, the i20 is not as surefooted as the swift but then again, the Swift Vxi comes with 165 spec tyres which are really poor in terms of grip. In your case the i20 makes more sense.

    • kunal

      Thanks javeid for ur valuable feedback.I heard a lot about light steering of previous model of i20 which becomes an issue during long driving.Though highway driving will be occasional in my case but is it create any problem really?

    • Kunal, since you will be rarely using the i20 on the highways, the light steering should not be much of a problem. In fact its a boon in the city.

    • kunal

      thanks a lot javeid..

  • Anup

    Hi Javeid,

    I checked lot of review about i20 Asta (Petrol / Diesel), and compared with Jazz, but interior wise i feel i20 is best but petrol engine is underpower, could you please help me to take my decision on which vehicle suit me, my 70 % usage is home to office and return (20+20 km) and weekends (150 km) and once in a 6 or 12 months travelling about (1000 km). Which vehicle i should choose ( i20 petrol/diesel Asta, Jazz X, Swift Zxi models ). Does i20 diesel is expensive in maintaining after purchase. And is it true diesel engine will give problem if we don`t run for 10 days.

    • Anup, firstly with the amount of running you have mentioned, you should seriously consider a diesel car. Petrol is a strict no-no in this case. You may consider the i20 or the Swift. I20 is the best city car while the Swift excels in both city and highway. Diesel cars are slightly more expensive to maintain as compared to their petrol counterparts but your savings on fuel alone will undercut that. These days, there is no issue if you dont start your car for 10 days, however to keep your battery fit, it is recommended you start your car atleast for 5-10 mins once in 7 days. If I was in your place, I would have opted for the i20 since your main use is in the city.

    • Anup

      Thanks a lot. One more question how about i20 suspension. And does the engine is Hyundai`s own or its a fiat engine?

    • Anup, the i20’s suspension is soft and is mainly oriented towards comfort and suited to city driving. The engine is Hyundai’s very own. Only Maruti, Tata, GM (Beat Diesel) and Fiat use the multijet diesel engine.

  • murali

    I am very much interested in i20 crdi asta. But i am worrying about its performance in the highways as i frequently goes to long rides on the high ways. Is new dezire ZDI ok compare to i20? i hate its looks, interior space and boot. what about the space and boot of new dezire ZDI? please suggest which one to buy? Both models are at same cost.

    • Though the i20 is not the best in the segment as far as highway driving is concerned, the Dzire looks plain ugly. Since both these cars are of the same price, the i20 offers more in terms of features and would be my choice between the two.

  • Ateek

    If i20 have some highway issues then which car would you recommend with best features , suspensions, looks, boot space and obvious mileage…
    One more question is that my monthly car run is around 500-600Km and sometimes on weekends it add 200-300 km more. So my question is rather I use Petrol or Diesel??

  • murali

    what about the fiesta classic sxi diesel? is it best choice compare to dezire zdi(lack of space,boot and awakward lookings) and i20 crdi asta(highway probelm).No problem fiesta classic sxi is 1lakch more.but i am worrying about the dicontinuity of the model.

  • Thampi

    I wish to buy a car cost 8-8.5 lakhs. My first preference was Swift Dzire ZDI. But waiting period is almost more than 8 months. I have booked a swift vdi and the delear promised me with in 3.5 months. But after reading about i20 diesel asta, I am in a confusion. The features are great. But somebody wrote in the web that its suspesion is not so good and the steering feels a flimsy in highways and also some complaints about a/c. please let me know whether the i20 clears all these defects. My travelling is mainly on highways and occassionally in cities. Your suggetions are welocome. From Faizal also

  • Prabhat

    How is the rear leg room of new i20 compared to Honda Jazz ?

  • Chetan

    Hi Javeid,

    I am planning for a used hatchback. Confused between the i20 Asta, Swift , Figo. Note i am looking only for a Petrol car since my daily drive is only occasional and the car would be mostly used n weekends(predominantly within city limits). Please tell me which car to go for in terms of comfort,maintenance,fuel economy and resale value.( I am planning to stick with the car at least for the next 3 years). I need expert opinion.

    • Chetan, if you want a petrol hatch, you should choose between the swift and i20. The Figo is a very good car but the petrol engine is not very mileage oriented. Since your running is mainly in the city, I will suggest that you go for the i20 as its more spacious than the Swift, otherwise both the Swift and i20 are good options. If you can manage to get the new Swift in the second hand market, it will be the pick of the cars for you.

  • Anup

    Thanks for valuable points Javed, this month starting I got my Asta Diesel 1.4… And now it self its crossed 1200 KM… and First service done…Coming weekend travelling to Kerala…

  • Sameer Bhasin

    Hi Javeid,

    I am planning to buy Petrol car and got confused between I20 and Jazz Select. As you mentioned in your review that I20 Petrol engine is not that good as compare to diesle. Other side i have gone through many reviews regarding Jazz and people have impressed with the engine. Could you please help me deciding one of the car.
    My Monthly running would not be more than 900Km’s.


    • Sameer, if its a petrol hatch, then the Jazz is the best thing money can buy right now. It is just perfect in terms of performance, mileage, ride and handling balance and space. Just close your eyes and go for the Jazz.

    • Sameer

      Hi Javeid,

      Thanks for the response, need to confirm about diesel as well…I have tested i20 and now going to test Fiat Punto 2012. Which one is better, I can see so many features Punto provides like DTE, Average Fule consumption which i20 I gen doesn’t have..

      Please suggest me any one of I20 or punto..


    • Sameer, the Punto is no doubt a very good car but there are issues in terms of resale and service. If you can overlook these then its the perfect drivers car. However, in all practicality, you will certainly expect some money when you sell your car after a few years and the Punto may prove to be very difficult to sell, so, all considered the i20 will be better. Also the i20 has better built quality than the Punto.

  • Balbir Singh

    Hi Javied, greetings. I’M planning to buy new car and we have shortlisted i20 and swift desire. My daily traveling is appox 10 Kim’s and weekly useage is approx 100 Kms. Pls advise shall,I go for petrol or diseal . Also, which car shall I go for i20 or desire….? One more thing, I will also be traveling in highway for approx 500 Kms to 700 Kms in 4-5 months….pls advise.

    • Balbir, if your daily running is around 10 km, it makes sense to go for a petrol car since you will not justify the premium you will be paying for a diesel car. Both cars you have selected are good but given a choice i will prefer the i20 over the Dzire. Besides due to the lockout at Maruti’s Manesar plant, deliveries are running really behind schedule. You may want to consider the Jazz as an option. It is the most complete petrol car in the market currently.

  • utkarsh

    Totally confused between i20 asta and jazz x ,, equally to be used in city and on highway ?

  • kishore hablani

    Dear javed i want to purchase a petrol hatchback . my budget is rs. 6-7 lacs and i have shortlisted hyundai i20 sport next gen, swift zxi and honda jazz . please advice me on the basis of performance handling , and riding pleasure. my running is 600 km. and is mostly in city.

    • Kishore, as per your requirement, I understand that you are looking for a driver oriented hatchback with good handling, ride and performance. My first option will be the Jazz. The swift will be next for strong Maruti sales and service and then the i20. Believe me, all the above cars are good, it’s just about tuning it to your requirement. The i20 will be a good option if you are looking for feature rich hatch. Hope this answers your question.

  • Arun

    Any idea about the cost of spares for the i20 diesel compared to say the swift, fabia, polo? Are parts localised or imported (clutch, suspensions etc)

  • avinash

    Hi Javed,

    This is about FE.

    I wish to buy i20 magna 1.4CRDi , would you please suggest what is actual FE in city with 100% AC on and on highways with 100% AC on

    • Avinash, FE in city is purely subject to traffic but you should get about 14 in City and 17.5 on the highways. Both figures are with AC on. Please note that even driving style has an influence on the FE.

  • Prakash

    I want to purchase a diesel car and i’m confuse between new i20 magna(option) and new swift vdi, my monthly runnig is 4000 to 5000 km, and i’m mostly travelling on high way, suggest me best car by milage, maintenance , comfort and style.

    waiting for your reply.

    • Prakash, if your main running is on the highway, i will suggest you opt for the Swift.

  • Mahesh

    Currently I have petrol indica Xeta and I am planning to buy new diesel car.My main requirement are
    1 Budget 6.5 to 8 Lakhs on road in Mumbai
    2 Daily travel 60 KM in city with AC ON
    3 Mid to top end features like rear All power windows , Defogger with wiper , central locking and ABS if permits
    4 Good resale value after atleast 5 years
    5 Occasionally(Once in three month) going on long drive of 400 KM.
    My choice are

    1 i20 Diesel Magan
    2 Punto 2012
    3 Swift VDi
    4 Figo Diesel
    5 Micra
    6 Ranault

    Please suggest atleast two choices with pros / cons.


    • Mahesh, i think you can stretch the budget slightly and settle for the Swift Zdi, in which you will get airbags, abs, rear wiper, defogger etc which is missing in the Vdi. If budget is a constraint then the Figo Diesel will not only fit in the budget, but give you all the other features you require. You may want to consider the Pulse and i20. The i20 has a soft suspension and is a little jittery on the highways, otherwise its a perfect car. I think the Swift Zdi is you best bet. Loaded with features, unbelievable resale value and strong maruti network.

  • Manish


    tell me why I20 is not a Highway car whereas some of the car forums says it is like a Horse on Highways……………..?

    Need your suggestion on this as I am planing to buy I20 in couple of days……

    My usage will be on both Highway and City.



    • Manish, the i20 has a softer suspension setup as compared to the competition. This makes it bouncy on the highways and this lends a feeling of instability. Best is that you take a test drive and judge for yourself.

  • Tejeshwar

    Hi Javeid,

    I am going to plan a car. between 5 to 6 lakh no daily running.
    for my parents in my native place, Which variants should we buy(petrol or Diesel), Please help.

    Thanks in Advance.


  • Tejeshwar

    And this is our first Car.


  • Nitin Agrawal

    I am buying car for the first time & i am a very new driver learnt from the driving school.I will not use the car daily but my monthly running will be 400 to 700 kms.Should i buy diesel or petrol.My choices are i20,pulse & swift.please suggest?Is pulse maintenance very expensive?

    • Nitin, get a diesel car. Since you are new to driving, get the i20 as its very easy to drive, with extra light steering.

    • Nitin Agrawal

      Thanks,Faisal bhai.Sorry,but can you please evaluate getting a diesel car with such a lesser running as i heard that diesel cars makes a sense when one has to drive atleast 40-50 kms per day.I also want to know that the maintenance costs of diesel car is slightly more than petrol car or it is just double.

    • Nitin, diesel cars are more fun to drive. The maintenance is slightly more but not double. You also don’t know when your running might increase, so if you have the budget, get a diesel.

    • ayyappa

      Hi nitin, i wud not suggest u to go for pulse, for the reason tat it has less service station in india, so once ua car breaks down on a long trip, it wud be difficult for u to find a renault service station, and u can also expect its maintenance to be costly since its a up-coming company in india. Its better that u look for either an i20 or a swift.
      If u r looking for a diesel car , then I say i20 wud be the best since, u will hardly feel any vibration of the car inside the cabin, u also will have a bigger cabin and a boot space of 295l,tats 90 liters more than tat of swift, so ua long drive would be gr8. In swift u feel some vibrations inside the cabin, but on highways wen u go above 2000rpm the turbocharges gets ON and u can feel more power and the car floats like a petrol car.
      If u r going for a petrol both the cars(i20 and swift) are g8 in driving pleasures, but while looking for mileage swift wud be a better choice as it gives 20-23kmpl on highway and 16-17kmpl in city without ac. But i20 wud give u 15kmpl in city and 18-19kmpl on highway without ac. The main advantage tat i20 have is tat, its a complete featured car, it has many gr8 features than swift. The main advantage of swift is tat it has gud mileage & low maintainance comparatively.[I have driven both petrol & diesel variants of both these cars]
      Since u drive only 400-700km per month, I would suggest u to go for a petrol car. Since u drive so less u cant find urself profited by purchasing a diesel model for the term of around 8-10 years. If u own a diesel car, u r supposed to take it for a drive almost everyday(5 days/week atleast), or else after 3 years u will have some battery complaints and more.

  • amit

    I M PLANING TO BUY Hyundai i 20 CAR……



  • Andressa

    Hi Just bought a i20 petrol 1.4 its awesome, very smooth to drive 6 gear, bluetooth conection, no more cds connect straight to my phone ….. really worth buying.

  • Nitin Agrawal

    Besides i20 petrol,which petrol car would be a better choice among Ritz, i10, Figo or the upcoming Sail uva in terms of overall value for money.Also suggest in diesel?

  • gaju

    U .va sail or i20 which will be better does sail gives better mileage than i 20

  • Ronak

    i want a diesel car shall i go for i20 or wait for honda amaze ?

    • The i20 is a good hatchback, however first you need to decide whether you want a hatchback or sedan. The Amaze will here in the first half of 2013 and is expected to be a good entry level sedan from Honda.

  • Ronak

    i think i should wait for honda amaze , comfort , looks , space and great handling with a seden model and a brand like honda with a good price will be a great deal.



  • i20 petrol performance is very super……..

    • Sreeraj

      i20 diesel is far far better..

  • tushar

    i am planning to buy i20 diesel sportz
    firstly i would like to ask is asta i 20 worth buying or shuld i buy sportz model
    secondly, some1 told me the i20 diesel doesnt hav a good mileage, gives arnd 13-15, is tht true
    plzz help


    • Tushar, the top end Asta would be my pick. Mileage is good and expect around 16-17 on highway and about 14- 15 in city. However, mileage is a subjective figure, it will depend on various factors such as traffic congestion, time spent on idle etc, the i20 CRDI is one of the best engines in the segment.

  • Sreeraj

    Iam planning to buy a i20 asta crdi………..Is it much powerful than any other cars that we can get in this price?I heard that i20’s comfort is not good,is it true?I usually drive through somewhat rough roads,is it’s suspension is suitable for that?Is it a good choice for enthusiastic drivers?

    • Sreeraj, i20 not the best choice for enthusiast driving. Its more comfort oriented with light steering offering little feedback at high speeds.

    • Sreeraj

      What about the comfort on rough roads???

    • Sreeraj, its decently comfortable.

  • Adarsh

    Dear Faisal, I just bought I20 spotrz diesel,i feel idle rpm of my car is on higher side 800 rpm on idle, kindly let me know what is the idle rpm of i20 1.4 crdi. Because i feel nervous to drive in traffic & use clutch for long & every time when want to drive in slow speed. Pls suggest what to do.Thanks

  • Mudit

    Hi i am too confused in I 20 Diesel Sportz and Honda Amaze S Diesel. Please suggest me the best buy???

  • tejas

    Hi I currently own chevy UVA . I’m considering for a new hatchback under 6.9 lakh rs. My monthly usage at max will be 750kms.
    I have shortlisted following cars:- 1) VW polo highline (petrol).
    2) I20 sportz(petrol).
    3)swift zxi/zdi.

    also plz advice if any other car.

    My prime requirements:-
    1)car must be spacious.
    2)mileage city (12,13) & highway atleast (17,18).this is a prime criteria as my UVA doesn’t satisfy me in it.
    3)loaded with features.
    4)low servicing cost rs.4000/servicing

    thanks in advance!

    • Tejas you want Space? Get the Hyundai i20.

    • tejas

      hey thanks. but does it also satisfy my other criteria of mileage?

  • dr. kundan

    want a new car with budget around 8 – 9 lakhs.,monthly usage around 1000 km.its my first car and i am new driver and tall (6 feet)
    my primary requisites are
    2.highway:city 50:50
    3.loaded with features
    4.after sales service good
    i have shortlisted i20 1.4 asta/dzire zdi/polo/etios liva
    pls. suggest me should i go for diesel or not.

    • Kundan, since your monthly running is only 1000 km, it would be more financially viable to opt for petrol car since you will not recover the extra money you will put for a diesel. The i20 looks like the best option for you.

    • tejas

      hey whats the mileage of petrol i20 in city & highway??

  • raj

    I recently bought i20 petrol sportz version…i need some clarfications regarding the mileage….Some one help me out in knowing this and also service cost???

    • Raj, mileage of petrol i20 around 11-12 kml/l.

  • nitin jaswal

    hi i m monthly running is 600-800 km in a month…plz guide petrol or diesel? plz consider future of diesel rated sfer deregulation…. and i20 or honda amaze?

    • Nitin, get diesel as it’s more powerful and efficient.

  • nitin

    please tell me average of swift and i 20 petrol

    • Nitin, Swift is slightly more frugal. City mileage is 12 for i20 and 12.5 for Swift.


    Dear Mr. Faisal Khan
    Please comment on my experience:
    I own a Santro zing since 2003. I wanted a new car with price tag of 7-7.5 lakhs.I cosnidered Swift Desize, Jaz and i20. My usage of car is on weekends only and for 400-500 KM in a month. As news came that Jaz is going to be withdrawn from market , even though I liked it very much , fearing of spares & resale value , I focussed in Swift Dezire and i20. The looks, style , features, interiors ,space tilted me towards i20. I though milage or fueil efficiency will also same for both cars and in bumber to bumber city driving with 100% AC any pertrol car wiil give same mileage, so I have not bothered about it and purchased i20 sportz pertrol 1.2 lit in Feb-2013. To my shock for initial 700Km with AC and four passengers, it gae only 7Kmpl.After 1st service also on long direves on high ways I am getting only 10-11 Kmpl with AC on & four passenger incar. Every body in the office say that their seift dezurire even Honda city or Etios or Sunny are giving 14 Kmpl in city and 17-18 Kmpl on highways.
    Mr. Faisal , whether my choice was wrong ? Had I made wrong decision choosing i20 ? My wifes says for FE we should gone for deisel version atleast. For my usage deisel car worth buying?
    Please give your exper comments

    • DVS, 11 km/l from petrol i20 is good mileage. Yes diesel cars give more but considering your running, do you think the additional investment in diesel car would have paid back soon?

  • kuldeep

    hi faisal

    which color of igen i20 is prefered to buy? plz tell me i have to book soon this car
    confused between twilight blue or amber grey….??

    • Kuldeep both are good colours. Maybe grey is better. I like white personally.

  • saikiran

    Which color is this? Amber grey or twilight blue

  • Rahul Bhatnagar

    hi Faisal
    Please advise me on upgrading my car.. I am owning an Alto K10 VXI. I ant to ugrade to a petrol version since my running is 500 kms in a month. I like I20 but the mileage is too low. how is Jazz as far as cost and Etios Liva petrol version? My priorities are comfort, mileage, cost and mantainablity .. in this order…

    • Rahul, Jazz has been discontinued and new model will arrive early next year. I would suggest you the Brio, have a look at it, it’s a good car.

  • Parvendra Bhandari

    Hello Sir,

    I am planning to buy hatchback car. Please advise which car has good leg space and comfort for long drive.

    • Parvendra, what is your budget?

    • Parvendra Bhandari

      Hi Faisal, Thanks for response. My budget is max 6.50 lac.

    • Parvendra, get the i20.

    • Parvendra Bhandari

      one more question, is i20 reliable to drive in hill areas.

  • Pawan

    Hi Faisal, I have decided to buy i20 but little confused. Should I buy it on Dec 13 or in Jan 14 which will help in re-sale. Is Hyundai planning to launch any upgraded model of i20 in 2014 ???

    • Pawan, if you buy in January, you will still get a 2013 manufactured car.

  • Umesh

    i20 igen sportz 1.2 petrol or Amaze 1.2 SMT

  • Umesh

    My monthly run is ~ 500 km. Have a Santro Xing since 8 years and just love the car. Want to upgrade now. . Mostly city driving. Budget on-road Mumbai 7-7.5 L. Confused between i20 igen sportz 1.2 petrol and Honda Amaze 1.2 petrol SMT. Yesterday, I took a TD of Amaze. Felt it rather under powered. Same I’ve heard about i20, but have to check it during TD next week. Love the features of i20, but exterior is better and passenger space is much better in Amaze.What do you suggest?

    • Umesh, get the Amaze if you need a car with a boot. i20 is good but Amaze would be a better bet for you.

    • Umesh

      Thanks Faisal, but actually boot is not my essential (must have) requirement. I like all other features of i20 except passenger leg space and width. Looks like Honda has very cleverly chiseled the inner fat to have more leg space and width for passengers, Although i20’s width and length is more on-paper. Both cars are almost at the same price, with following ‘+’ and ‘-‘:
      i20 igen sportz:
      [+] > Great styling,
      > Great features( day light running light, Bluetooth, Rev parking sensor ECM, electrically folding and tilting Mirrors, cooling glovebox, ….. endless)
      > Safety features (ABS, Air bag),
      > Fairly large boot
      [-] > cramped passenger space

      Amaze Petrol SMT:
      [+] > very spacious passenger space (width and leg/knee room)
      [-] > very basic interiors and dash board (can say ugly)
      > No safety features in this model

      Though i20 has DOHC engine and Amaze SMT has SOHC, still I’m not very sure that it is really a great advantage to i20 as both are 1.2 lit and seem under powered.

      Does i20 really has less than required passenger space(Or just I feel so since mesmerized by Amaze’s passengers’ space)? Is it a frustrating factor (for passengers) when you have 3 family members on back seat on a long drive? What is your experience?

    • No Umesh, i20 has good space, you are feeling less space because Amaze has too much interior room. I would suggest getting the Amaze.

  • shree

    Hi Faisal,
    Please help me choosing a car between Swift ZXI or i20 sportz 1.2. My usage will be only for family trips or going to functions, and mostly driving the vehicle on highways.

    • Shree, since your use will primarily be on the highways, go for the Swift. However, the rear seat and the boot of the i20 is more spacious. The Swift is more surefooted on the highway.

    • shree

      Thank you Javeid for you reply, I’m really fascinated by the features that i20 is having compared to swift. Is the problem with the suspensions and steering of i20 affects only at high speed or even at normal speeds? If the car to be rode on bumpy roads, as I belong to a town, which on would you recommend. My parents are almost tilted towards buying a swift but the classy features offered by i20 is making me pulling them back. So considering all these, should I go on with swift or i20 can be preferred?. Thanks in advance :)

  • asish

    Hi faisal
    I am confused between i 20 asta diesel and swift dzire zdi
    As i am goining through rough road.and what about the pick up of i 20 and suspendion.plz help wch one i ll go for?

  • Harikrishnan

    Hello Javed,

    I booked I20 Petrol Asta last week. Thrice in a year i would using the car for long drive from Bangalore to Kerala. After going through this review am quiet disappointed that nobody recommends I20.

    Let me know the suggestions.


    • Hari, the i20 is a great car but due its soft suspension setup, it feels too bouncy on the highways. If you are doing occasional highway trips, its ok, but better to opt for a better handling vehicle if you have daily highway running

  • Harikrishnan

    Hello Javeid,

    Thanks for your reply, As i booked and cannot change the car now. Could you tell is ride too bad in highways?
    i don’t know why Hyundai cannot correct such silly issues. Let me check with Sales guy again.
    BTW can do some thing with suspension?

    And also could you tell me a place in bangalore where i can put leather seat cover in cheap?


    • Hari, don’t panic. The ride quality is tuned to city conditions and it is very good in the city but due to this softer susoension, it feels a bit bouncy. There is nothing wrong and you shouldn’t cancel your booking. Just to satisfy yourself, you can take a test drive again on the highway to judge for yourself. You can search online about places for good seat covers in Bangalore.

  • Nitin

    Hi Javeid, I am getting an average of around 7kmpl on my new i20 petrol. Though i have just driven it for 120kms (in City with 100% Ac). Can I expect the mileage to increase after the 1st service? I also noticed that the tires were overinflated on delivery (45 psi), recommended tire pressure is 33 psi. Would that have effected the mileage?? Any suggestions on how I can improve the same?

    • Kamli

      sell your i20 and get ALTO
      Check it up with your service advisers…How can Javed help you LOL

  • Jayesh

    I am totally confused with few cars. I want a Diesel Car with Best engine best Mileage and good interiors.
    Budget- 9L or less, thats limit.
    Test Drive-
    Honda Amaze
    Engine Sound in cabin and when I opened the door and started the Engine the doors got a lot of vibrations.
    the engine was just moving a lot.
    Some vibrations on the peddles
    rest ok..
    So i believe later on this car can become a maruti.

    Test Drive – Grand i10
    Rejected it is just bad engine with beautiful interiors….

    Test Drive-Polo Highline
    Loved it but lacks that feeling of trust.
    the company is not having support in Gujarat a lot.

    HAVE- Ford Figo Titanium
    I loved it its best comfortable car but just the oldest interiors and here in my place when ever I see some one using Figo its a old Man..LOL
    I hate its looks…

    TEST DRIVE-Micra
    Dont ever test drive…You will just give a cry it lacks everything that can someone want in a car…

    I just gave it 5 out of 10 but it gets rattle sound from body after a offroad drive of 3000 km My friend lives in village and he have it.Mileage is also not good and rest its the best among these compared above.

    HAVE- i20
    Its a dream but not the truth…When luxury is needed you get here when you drive this car you will not be very comfortable,confident.
    The car irritates a lot on highway…We here in freeways go on 130-140kmph from Ahmedabad to Baroda ExpHGY i20 feels like it will loose control.
    It doesn’t have sensible ABS BA. Thats like you need a driver and ask him not to go beyond 80kmph
    I hate it in city it seems like everyone says uncle its here in my place a boring car.
    Jokes Apart its mileage is 14-16 thats it.
    but i am driving very fast honestly i am an aggressive driver so Hyundai makes a perfect Engine what ever speed you drive i20 it will give you a honest mileage.

    When you drive this you will get the best pickup among all these cars above.
    When you drive this you will get girls staring once to check are you a handsome CHICK.
    Interiors are enough eye soothing and lovely Meters and sound(some settings required to gain and bass)
    Mileage – 18 City 21 Highway
    remember I am a aggressive driver.
    Boot is small to comparison of all above
    but the handling is super duper cool.
    I was not a Maruti Fan but it made me. Yes it has got cheap plastic interiors which I hate but driving this car is the best car you can buy.
    Now you can decide guys as its your choice
    Swift Dezire was not on this list as I rejected it in terms of the friends who will slam me after the drive as their knees will give pain…
    Remember all the cars are Diesel I have and Tested
    so be careful
    Drive Safe
    wear Seatbelts
    Do not drive after PUB -LOL

  • Harikrishnan

    Hello Javed

    I bought I20 Petrol 1.2 Last January. Driven almost 4500 KM. Car gives all the premium features and quality. But, I have certain concerns which I came across.
    1) Mileage is just 9.x KM/L in cities. But in highway i am getting much more..which i am happy.
    2) Suspensions are not very bad. Bounce back is more in huge gutters.
    3) Uphill Pick up is very pathetic. It can’t climb any uphill. Couple of times i had this issue in climbing steep uphill. Entire passengers got panicked because the car is not at all moving up and engine just get stopped. I am forced to bring vehicle down and got some acceleration + initial movement to climb up. Do you have any idea what i can do this?
    Any way to boost the pick up?
    Other than no issues with I20.


  • harbakshish

    i want know the mileage of i 20 diesel & swift vdi

  • Debidas

    i booked car elit i20 asta petrol.
    my avarage mounthly runing is 1500km.
    is it my right chose or wrong. plz tell me

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