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Bajaj Pulsar 200 Full Faired

At the launch of the Discover 125 ST, Bajaj Auto confirmed their plans of launching the Pulsar 200 SS in the near future. The SS in the Pulsar 200 stands for Super Sports, which will feature a full fairing. Our artist came up with a rendering some time ago (above), and we showed the same to our internal source who said that we are slightly away from the real thing. However, the artist impression gives a rough clue of how the Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS could turn out. Bajaj Auto remains silent about the launch of the Pulsar 200 SS but revealed that the Pulsar 200 NS deliveries would start by July.

The Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS will be positioned above the Pulsar 200 NS. It will feature the same mechanicals too with the most significant changes being done to the gearing to increase top speed. The power output will remain unchanged at 23.17 PS. Bajaj Auto has also started testing prototypes of the Pulsar 200 SS at its track in Pune, a source with direct knowledge of the development has revealed to us. The company has a few prototypes ready with them and will extensively test the bike as its their first full faired motorcycle.

All full faired bike face two main issues. The first being the engine cooling while the second being high vibrations. Bajaj Auto needs to address both before the launch of the Pulsar 200 SS, which will only see the light of the day by the end of the year. The Pulsar has been known for low cost of parts and the company needs to ensure the same is maintained with the Pulsar 200 SS, as fairings are known to be expensive to replace. Expect a premium of Rs. 5000-7000/- on the Pulsar 200 SS over the Pulsar 200 NS.

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  • Rajan

    Deosnt impress me. Need to see in flesh. Looks cluttered to me

    • Faisal

      Rajan, this is just an artist impression ;-)

  • Abhisek

    Dying to see in the flesh the full faires super sports :)

  • Pulsarboy

    If this news is true, then R15 & CBR150 both has a lot to worry about.

    • Faisal

      Pulsarboy, it can even unsettle the CBR250R.

  • Aryan

    good news !!!


    I got some pictures of 200 SS on the net,and i can bet that it will beat all the pulsar previous models and superbikes of other companies present in the market in this price segment.


    It will be out at the end of end of per Mr.Rajiv Bajaj.

  • Pulsar Fanboy

    Waiting for 200SDS, Super Duper Sports and
    200SDDSDS, Super Duper DUPER super DUPER Sports.

  • Safin

    I want to buy a fairing bike (thinking to buy CBR 150). But if I get this from Bajaj side it would be the best. As per my knowledge it will launch in end of 2013. So if I buy 200NS will it be modified to 200SS from Bajaj side ? Please suggest me what to do.

  • Jit

    Today i’m cancel the cbr 150r booking u no why because I want pulsar 200ss, so plz launch this bike in india immediate, & set this bikes videos on you tube


    Me too waiting 4 200 ss. Any Idea about top speed?

    • Faisal Khan

      Nikhil, no SS coming.

  • Arkaprava

    really 200SS is coming? by when we can expect it? as per yamaha factory showroom, a 250cc bike is coming in 3rd quarter of 2013. If 200SS wil come then it’ll be a real war.

  • thushan

    i am from srilanka
    any body know when launch in india pulsar 200ss bike
    i love pulsar bike

  • Suman

    Im from favourate Bike Is Wating To The New Pulsir 200ss…

  • Suman

    Im watting To the New pulsir from this city,the all boys was craigy about Pulsir.

  • gash

    200ss wont come

    • afaq

      is it true how do you know?
      i actually wanted 200 ss

  • mohan

    plz tell me about for launching date bajaj pulsar 200ss in Rajasthan immiedetly

    • Faisal Khan

      Mohan, no SS coming anytime soon.

  • Tushaar 2shR

    Dafuq.. Why isn’t it coming ..or is it that are u just puking *hit??

  • Tushaar 2shR

    M sorry but this made me soo mad… I seriously wanted this bike.. Buddy please make it clear..

  • ram

    Waiting for 200ss

  • Himanshu

    I had pulsar 150, I have pulsar 180 and I’m gonna buy Honda CBR 250r but if bajaj will launch 200 SS before end of this year I will wait for bajaj, its best, love its detail and performance.

    • Faisal Khan

      No they are not launching 200 SS.

  • Himanshu

    Please tell me the launching date.

  • Abdur Razzak

    Oye Faisal. pulsar 200ss is launching soon on dec2013 & a 375ns will launch too on 2014 beside duke390

  • abhi

    Plz tell me Is it coming or not

  • kushsl

    plz launch pulsar 200 ss I wanna buy I cancelled booking pulsar ns

  • abhishekh kr nirala

    i am from siliguri i was just going to buy pulsar 200ns and i saw in net pulsar 200ss gonna launch soon and sadly i cancelled the planning of buying 200ns and waiting like hell for pulsar 200ss plz bajaj launch it son

    • Faisal Khan

      It won’t come this year, mostly.

  • kashish sethi

    I want to purchase pulsar200ss so plz tell me its launch date or i will have to buy pulsar200ns plz. Reply soon .

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