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Honda Launches Dream Yuga – Live From Event

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Dream Yuga Launched

Yesterday Bajaj Auto pulled the wraps of the Discover 125 ST and today is Honda’s chance to launch their mass market motorcycle. We are at the launch of the Honda Dream Yuga motorcycle in Delhi and have learned that the brand ambassador for Honda Motorcycles is Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Honda has reported paid Akshay Kumar Rs. 50 crore for a 5 year deal. The complete line-up of Honda 2-wheelers is present here. The press conference has just now commenced. Keita Maramatsu, President and CEO, Honda 2-Wheelers India has taken the stage. Honda is setting up a new plant in Naraspura, Karnataka. Production at the new plant will start by 2013 and will increase total annual capacity to 40 lakh units. Honda has come up with a new slogan – ‘Sach Kardenge Sapne’. The company has also come up with a new advertisement, which includes Akshay Kumar.

The first dream bike by Honda was launched in 1949. The main motive of the Dream Yuga is to be a city bike and Honda has given it a tagline – ‘Ek naya yug, ek naya dream’. The Honda Dream Yuga is powered by a 109cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine which produces a peak power output of 8.5 BHP at 7500 RPM and a peak torque output of 8.91 Nm at 5500 RPM. The engine is mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox. Honda claims a best in class mileage of 72 km/l for the Dream Yuga (based on their own internal testing). This commuter motorcycle is available in 3 variants and 5 colours namely Black, Force Silver Metallic, Maple Brown Metallic, Monsoon Grey Metallic and Alpha Red Metallic. The Dream Yuga features Honda’s intelligent ignition control system, which works according to load and increases torque and mileage.

The Dream Yuga has the smallest turning radius. The base variant of the Dream Yuga has kick start and spoke wheels. It is priced at Rs. 44,642/-, which is the cheapest bike by Honda India. The mid variant has kick start and alloy wheels. It is priced at Rs. 46,134/-. The top end variant gets electric start and alloy wheels and is priced at Rs. 48,125/-. All variants get drum brakes and Honda is targeting people in the age group of 25-29 years. Honda is hoping to introduce new products in this segment, based on customer demand. The Dream Yuga is manufactured at Manesar and will be available in the market in June.

Dream Yuga Launch

Honda Dream Yuga 110 Launch

Honda Brand Ambassador Akshay Kumar

Honda Dream Yuga Launch

Honda India Line Up

Honda Fury India

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2012 Honda Dream Yuga

2012 Honda Dream Yuga side– Kanishk Arora

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  • Aryan

    The top end variant gets electric start and alloy wheels and is priced at Rs. 48,125/ ???
    Add few thousands u will get a brand new Discover with more feathers & power.
    A 100 cc engine with Arai mileage of 72kmpl means in city it will come down to 60-65 !!!
    The ‘Splendor’ was much better than this…. same old bike, no features………. “giving 50 crores to akshay kumar” means who ever will buy this bike will hav to also bear the share of 50 crores???

    • Faisal

      Aryan, the mileage is not ARAI. It is under Honda test conditions!

    • Aryan

      Fas….. no one can claim mileage without ARAI approval.

    • Faisal

      Aryan, not really. Some companies do and they give the disclaimer.

  • yila

    Discover 125ST with 13BHP and standard disc, electric starter and alloy wheels is far better than this boring, age-old “splendor brother” that too at Rs.48125.

  • Suraj

    It appears to be Shine with Twister’s engine.
    No doubt Twister has great engine, but lack of 5th gear and it’s pricing lets it down. Also looks doesn’t compliment it’s size .
    Thus this combination (Shine+Twister) looks a nice idea.
    But the pricing is not just the perfect.
    Let’s see how it is taken up by Indian customers.

  • Salman endorsing Suzuki, akshay endorsing Honda , Ek tha tiger versus Rowdy rathore, John endorsing Yamaha, Bajaj endorsing Pulsar , Discover,KTM & kawasaki , Tvs with its Beast Apache and hero.. hum mein hai hero……ok coming to the point , its better to buy the new discover st with its new features and its value for money, why buy those ponies when you can discover something good in Rahul(Bajaj). even we can buy yamaha SZR, or discover. its time to dump the ponies and start new yuga(above125cc bikes)

  • Aryan

    What Honda want to prove??? ……… tht Indians should come back to their old age (start of new yuga) the same old bike with rectangle head light, spokes wheel all drum brakes with only kick start
    (in base variant)
    mileage need not come with boring design and outdated features !!!

    • Swaroop

      And thus came the Discover 125ST to counter that statement ;)

  • vijay

    still they are dreaming… be no. 1

  • Ninu

    boring design + expensive.. Honda should stop dreaming and come to reality that India needs new technology with good features at an affordable price.

    • vijay

      well said.

    • rajat

      dere s sumthing calld quality which u dumb people wnt understnd n honda stands 4 its quality

    • karikor

      Now who would buy something which is overpriced , and what quality are you talking about? a basic commuter will always remain a basic commuter. People who buy bikes in this segment, look for competitive pricing and fuel economy. And so long as thier motorcycles take them from point A to Point B with the least number of visits to the service station for the next 10 years or so, they will be happy. And with all that money they save up on buying a better priced motorcycle, they will be able to cover up thier fuel costs ( please do the math, if a basic commuter gives 65-70 kmpl, the petrol cost is 70 bucks and you have 5000 bucks extra in hand, then how many kilometers will your bike run with 5000 bucks? Correct me if i’m wrong, but I’m getting something around 4500-5000km)

      If you are still willing to pay 5000 extra for this, then who is the dumb one?

    • Aryan

      @ rajat … Honda stands for quality in International market. in India it quality is only for their first few bikes like Unicorn, activa & deo…. rest all bikes r senselessly costly & downgraded quality of international version…
      dumb people like u will consider all bikes same but its business man… Honda too wants to earn so its now reducing quality for profits & lower costs

  • Sushrut

    The whole idea or thought process behind the new Discover has just been proven right. Nightmare Yuga.. err.. dream Yuga is just the bike which compromises on all fronts. Bang on product by Bajaj and hats off to Rajiv for the thought process.

  • karikor

    I think Honda has blundered with the pricing…charging a premium for such a segment is not what anyone who are interested in this segment wants, no matter how good the product maybe. For people buying a basic commuter motorcycle, even Rs.500 does make a difference. So this premium business may not work when you want to establish and penetrate this segment.

    At this price, many customer would not mind spending another couple of thousand bucks and upgrade to a bigger and more contemporary looking bike with all the extra features like the Bajaj Discover 125ST.

    • Faisal

      Karikor, well said. Honda seems to be hell bent on realizing its own financial dreams – sach kardenge sapne!

    • karikor


      I think Suzuki have had more insight into this segment and have been more considerable than Honda. They were able to launch the Suzuki Hayate at a sticker price of Rs. 40162/- for the base variant, after considering that they had roped in Salman Khan to endorse their product.

    • Faisal

      Karikor, imagine if they hadn’t roped Salman. RS. 36,000/- for base variant ;-p

    • karikor

      Precisely my point. The competition would have gone for a toss. Only thing Suzuki needs to do more than just roping in celebrities is to build on their dealer networks and after sales service.

  • Many foolples are gonna buy this in name of Honda & then repent. Too basic a model.

  • karikor

    Honda has just launched the Dream Yuga at around or less than a couple thousand than the CB Twister. What they should have done, is to price it atleast 5-6000 lesser than the CB twister if they really wanted to penetrate into this segment and challenge the might of the Splendours / Discovers. I thought the whole idea of Honda ending its collaboration with Hero was so that they could have a free hand at launching products that are basic commuters that are dominating the market even till now. And that has not been accomplished with this Dream Yuga as its just 2000 bucks cheaper than the CB Twister, that is already found for some years in the Honda stables. Well the only sensible thing that Honda should do right now, is launch another motorcyle below the Dream Yuga, say 100 cc, maybe it can be called just Yuga with no dreams and launch it in the sub 40,000 price range. It doesn’t even need to cross the 8 BHP mark, as all the Splendours and Discovers are between 7.4-7.7 BHP. Maybe then Honda can claim a mileage of 100kmpl and actually deliver 75 kmpl and well hopefully then the product will stand a better chance to sell like hot cakes and challenge the might of the Splendours /Passions and Discovers.

  • As always, another overpriced product by Honda.

  • mulyono

    When “Dream Yuga”
    launching in Indonesia

  • shekhar

    honda or hero moto offer only refinement not well outright performance.designs also seem bulky and simple.hero karizma zmr 223 cc 17.6bhp while p220 has 219cc 21 cbr 250 has 250 cc 26 bhp while ninja 250 has 33 bhp and ktm duke 200 produces 25 bhp.

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