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Shootout – 2012 Hyundai i20 vs Maruti Swift

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Hyundai i20 vs Maruti Swift Road Test

Hyundai i20 vs Maruti Swift - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Shootout – Hyundai i20 vs Maruti Swift

While Indian’s still love their sedans and SUVs, a new category of premium hatchbacks is slowly emerging. Two of the best hatchbacks on sale in India today are the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Hyundai i20. The Swift has been a best seller, since the very time of its launch in 2005 and accounts for a major chunk of sales and profit for Maruti Suzuki. The i20 on the other hand is not far behind and has been doing decent numbers for Hyundai. Both these cars have been updated recently and are so good that deciding one amongst them can be confusing at times. We took them out on a Sunday morning to find out how they fare against each other.

[singlepic id=12161 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Styling – Deciding one amongst them based on looks alone is a difficult task. Both the i20 and Swift look good in their own right. The Swift’s styling has not got a significant update in the latest generation model and Suzuki engineers decided to evolve the styling from the old car. The new Swift is larger in all dimensions and looks modern thanks to the headlight and tail light treatment. The i-Gen i20 on the other hand majorly retains the old car’s dimensions. The new bumpers have given it increased length but the overall shape is unaltered. The fluidic treatment to the front doesn’t give it drop dead gorgeous looks like the Verna and the front is a mixed bag. The side profile remains the same with new wheels, while the rear now gets new tail lights.

[singlepic id=12167 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Head over to the next page to read about the interiors of the i20 and Swift.

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  • Srinath

    Thank you FAS for this comparo. I am in the same dilemma regarding these two cars as my next car. I drove the i20 yesterday aturbond pretty impressed at the performance of the diesel. The turbo kick is addictive. You have rightly put that the steering lacks feel compared to the swift.

    • Faisal

      Srinath, I am glad to be able to help ;-)

  • har

    I feel the Brio betters both these cars….especially the swift !!

  • DevD

    I own a new i20. It has black and beige interiors. Dark brown and beige interiors were the part of first generation of i20 to my best knowledge.

    • Faisal

      DevD, thanks. A small error on our end and we have corrected it.

  • Sushrut

    @Har : Brio is a very compact and low slung car. Getting in and out of the car is a pain for tall folks. Your parents and grand parents will especially hate to sit in rear seats. Both i20 and Swift are far better in this dept.

  • Kedar

    Faisal very well written and fantastic, unbiased comparison of both the cars.

    As you are saying that Swift Diesel has linear power delivery then I dont think Punto 75HP and Swift DDiS will have any difference. 8.98 lac for a Hatchback is too much I think.

    Do you have any Idea that FIAT is going to launch Punto 90HP Sports version in this month (may be on 18th May)?

    • Faisal

      Thanks Kedar. There is no update on the Punto 90 HP yet.

  • Ninu

    i20 is better when it comes to Practical hatch, it offers loads of space compared to swift, i m still scratching my head as both cars are same in dimensions but still there is no space in swift’f rear & boot.

  • har

    @Sushrut–well the swift takes head banging to a whole new level !! Just try getting into the back seat. The autocar show especially stated that getting into the brio back seat is really easy. Brio may be compact but the cabin is more spacious than the swift(i am not exagerating.Please try it). The boot is only 20 ltrs smaller.The iVtec engine is better than the K12. In addition to that brio has a faster 0-100 time, is more nippy and its a HONDA !! And its even cheaper by 50k !!!!!

    i20,jazz and polo belong to the next segment not the swift. Its just my opinion anyway as I recently test drove them all back to back.

  • I don’t reach much of car comparos, but then on Motorbeam- its an exception ;) As usual, very very nice review there. Not too many auto-jargons to make it look tasteful- just nice and simple way to put things across. I think Hyundai never makes great handling cars- but very “USABLE” vehicles and the i20 is no exception. And 226nm Torque is nearly a decent SUV territory figures. Awesome! Though I wish the i20 looked more exciting.

    • Faisal

      Thanks Deepak. Forget the exciting part, it is the dynamics which needs more excitement.

  • anuj

    Salla seedha jawab nahi diya..

  • Sanjoy

    I’m also in confusion to buy Swift or i20. It is hard to decide , which one is better , Swift vxi or i20 magna . Both are same in price. Some one plz give the actual mileage of both cars….

    • Faisal

      Sanjoy, what are your requirements?

  • Well written article with indepth assesment of both i20 and swift.
    It seems that i20 is more of a city car while the swift is versatile. However the Diesel variant of i20 seems to be better in terms of power. One would surely buy a Diesel car ( which is more expensive at initial cost ) if one has to travel a lot ( meaning highway travel ) What use is the i20 if it is not handling highspeeds well. If it is giving a bumpy ride at high speeds ! It would be prudent to swiftly adopt the swift vis-a-vis i20.

    • Faisal

      Snoopy, most buy hatchbacks for the city and that is where the i20 scores massively over the Swift.

    • fido

      I noticed that swift has a blind spot. the beam from the roof to the bonnet is too thick +plus the rear-view mirror has a big casing, i always find that a big minus for swift. do you see this issue? i dont see this reported on any of the swift reviews. except this i love the swift.

    • Fido, yes this issue is prevalent but over time you get used to it.



    • Faisal

      Abhisek, when are you getting delivery?

  • Purush

    I was told by S.E in Bangalore that crdi igen i20 takes 30-35 days to
    deliver. Swift vdi is 5 months

    But I am still thinking to go for swift due to:
    1. Less maintenance cost, though now we need to put synthetic oil to new swift for vin no. dated after dec2011.
    2. More mileage compared to igen crdi
    3. Good handling, though my highway drive is less than 20%
    4. Hate chocolate coloured interiors

    But decided to live with crampy boot space.

    Whats your opinion on this dear Sajid. I have to book next month.

    • Faisal Khan

      Purush, I would suggest you get the i20 since your driving is mainly in the city.

  • Murthy

    Too good analysis on both the cars, I am confused between Swift ZDI and I20 Sports diesel. My budget is 8-8.5lac.

    Daily I will travel in city for 60Km. Once in 2 months I have to travel on highways (usually drive @ 80-110KM per Hr). Can you tell me which is the better option for me?

    • Faisal Khan

      Murthy, the i20 is the better option for you.

    • lovey

      Swift better then i20

  • muzammil

    im going to get swift zdi next week after 8month wait but still confused between i20 sportz crdi vs swift zdi price is same.kindly help me

    • Faisal Khan

      Muzammil, if you are getting the Swift after waiting for so long, get the Swift.

  • kaarthick iyer

    Nice review faisal bro….
    I own an i20 asta petrol…..its super smooth and awesum steering response from the EPS…
    only drawback is the pick up of the PETROL version which is sluggish in the highways…..The ride is smooth..but have to revv really hard to reach 100 itself..i think the diesel is better..but the ride quality is stiff..I owned the old version of petrol swift LXi too…that undoubtedly had better acceleration….So if u r goin for petrol i20….do not expect amazing pick up….but its a feature rich car..that gives the feeling of a sedan…

    • Kaarthick, yes the i20 is a very good car and the performance issue is present on the 1.2-petrol. Hyundai should offer 1.4-liter petrol with a manual gearbox too.

  • Nuzat Kazi

    5. Who can disagree with the fact that Maruti has broken the trust of Millions. I still can’t believe that a man got charred to death but it is unfortunately true! Ashish Rathi is the name of the person who died inside the Maruti Swift because of Swifts faulty engine. So please have a look at this article and do share it to save other people’s lives

    • hebin

      OH MY GOD!!!!! :-P :-P :-P enough kazi!!!! :-P

  • hebin

    If you are choosing petrol variant, then i20 is nowhere near the new swift.. The power and pick up of the new swift is AMAZING. The interiors are so neat and luxurious with black finish alone. Plz dont tel me the biege interior of i20 is beter. Swift interior luks more classy while i20’s luks fancy. And the cabin in the new swift is SUPER SILENT. I was just blown away when i rode the new swift. Thats up from me. A HUGE SWIFT FAN. If swift exists in the market, never gonna change to another car ever. Swift, new swift, new swift….jus that. SWIFTISM RULES.

  • SWIFT all the way. Great car…

  • shiv

    nice review….i just got my swift 2months back…went fr highway ride twice….really a stable car. i personally feel new swift luks better than i20. it has comfortable driver seat and driving experience which lacks in other hatches…i 20 is not an exception. with diesel cars being prefered in current situation,a stable mileage of 15-17 kmpl in city and a reliable service with cheap maintanance and ddis engine leads swift over i20 . i20 may be better..but swift is the best..when all the aspects are considered. inches of space doesnt is the feel u get when u drive it…:)

  • sagar

    i20 is very good car i am also plaaning to buy the car most probably i get it tomorrow

  • murali

    Is new dezire zdi is better than i20 asta. which one best to buy. both belongs to same price. is the boot space of dezire is more or lesser than i20? is the rear legroom in new dezire is comfortable.
    i frequently go on highways. please suggest me.

    • Murali, buy the DZire if you need a bigger boot and if you drive on the highways often.

  • sanjay

    i m planning to buy a petrol hatch , finalised the i20 bec of looks, space n features but when i took a test drive i was shocked , the pickup was worse than my 5 yr old santro specially in the 2nd gear . smone plz advice me …

  • murali

    new dezire zdi and fiesta classic clxi/sxi. which one is best to buy. i heard that fiesta is a old one and problems of service and high costly spares. is new dezire zdi is comfort on par with fiesta classic.

    • Ninu

      Dear Murali, Dzire is just a swift with a boot in comparison of Fiesta, which is a proper sedan, Ford diesel engine is a proven one & gives very good average too. I have seen many Fiestas with 1lakh plus kms on the odo & still needs just regular service. Ford’s spares are now at par with the competetion as these are manufactured in India now. In my openion If you want big boot space and more practical sedan, go for Fiesta.

    • murali

      is fiesta going to be a dying model as some claimed in reviews. Then what about the spares and resale?

    • Ninu

      Resale? For how much time you wanted to keep your car?
      Fiesta classic still sells more than the new fiesta, so its not a dying model.
      You don’t need any spares soon as modern cars covers lakhs of kms without any major overhaul.

  • murali

    what is the milage of fiesta classic clxi/sxi diesel. i am not getting the correct news. some claims it 15/17/18/20. which one correct.

  • murali

    some claims that fiesta classic clxi/sxi is a dying model. is it true?. Then if i select it what about the spares and resale.

  • Chittaranjan Pradhan

    Hi Faisal!

    Great comparo! I am sure these two are the most sought after diesel cars today & both make sense in thier own right. Overall, I feel i-20 is a better over all package for a typical small Indian family, if one has to live with just one car.

    I have test driven previous gen i-20 diesel. Swift DDIS is simply dead when compared to the monstrous power of the diesel i-20. It is better by a significant margin. It will easily over power other 90 bhp diesels used in SX4, Manza etc. I have done 160 kmph in i-20 with out much fuss for a very short period. Feel that a speed of 130 kmph is doable on highways all day. When Swift DDIS struggle to move beyound 125-130 kmph, at that speed i-20 can still push you back to the seat with pressing of the accelarator.

    I have heard that both have improved on refinement front. Can you please inform which of these diesel hatches ( i-20 & Swift) is more silent inside the cabin at idle & on highways say at 100-120 kmph.


  • Praveen

    Dear All,

    I agree with you Chittaranjan. I too love silent cabins as far as possible which takes off the strain from long drives & silent cars do give a premium feel. I had rejected Figo Diesel for this reason only as it sounded like a old gen Indica to me. I love the diesel refinement of New Fiesta & Fludic Verna, but both are out of my budget.

    Which diesel hatch will be as close to petrol when in cabin noise level is considered?? Will help me in my buying decision. Short listed ones are:
    i-20, Swift, Micra, Liva. May wait for Brio too.

    Thanks in advance

  • I20 Love

    I wan’t you all to give a thought to the below in I20:
    Steering mounted controls.
    Automatic Wiper,
    Rear View mirror camera and sensors
    Blue tooth.
    Auto headlights
    Fog lamps.
    Power side mirrors (A show-off, missing in some of the sedan models)

  • I20 Love

    If you can afford the top model in MY20, you can brag a lot of features with somebody who has a Linea or similar sedans.
    Personally I even don’t like the interior Plastic/Wood quality in any of the Maruti vehicles.
    Just knock in any of the Maruti vehicles door from inside and in any of the Hyundai’s. You can feel and listen to the difference immediately.

  • Ashish

    Hi Faisal,

    I must say very nice comparison. I am planning to book a car next week. I am too confused between i20 Megna (O) diesel and swift VDI. I am bit worry about maintenance. I heard Hyundai maintenance is much much more than Maruti. Even it cost you almost double in servicing of Hyundai. Please suggest me which one to buy. I will have to drive mostly in cities but on highway also to an extent.

  • Rajbir

    Dear Faisal,

    pleaSE suggest me which car to opt for b/w Swift VDi or i 20 Magna/O diesel.i want to know which one will give me better mileage in city and on running is mostly in city and once in 3-4 months out of city.please suggest me soon as i am planning on urgent basis.

    • Rajbir, get the i20, it will give you around 16-17 km/l in city.

    • Rajbir

      Dear Faisal,

      thanks for your reply regarding swift diesel & i 20 diesel.u have told me i 20 will give me 16-17 k/ltr in city.what mileage swift diesel gives in city.

    • siva

      you buy swift vdi because mileage is 17.5to 18 kms vell give mileage and spares costs also better but hyundaii20 mileage is poor & spares also very high my suggestion is betterthan hyundai so you can bu swift ok

    • Bappu

      Are yar me also confuse, m thinking swift is better,

  • Bappu

    m very confuse with swift vdi and i20 magna(diesel), i20 v assa lagta hai or swift v.m live at village,roads are not so good,broken road, so plz plz plzz suggest me anybody which should i take, m hanging??

  • Bappu

    Help me somebody yar , kya karu kise booking karu????? i 20 magna diesel ya swift vdi.

    • Bappu, close eyes and book i20.

    • Bappu

      thanks Dr, will u plz tell me about Cevrlt Beat LT or PS. My uncle is going to book BEAT,he asked me about the car……. I’v heard that, it has steering problem and very light body,and after 1 year it became khatara car…………… is it true? plz reply me

    • Bappu, get the Beat LT. There is no problem with its body, even though its light.

    • Bappu

      DR, Faiz.
      actualy my uncle will use the car just for full masti or fun, more than 300km or 400 km in a month and after 3/4 yr he will replace another one. So which car he should to buy??? He selected chevrolet beat lt(for good mileage), Eon, A-star,Rits dsel………….
      Plz suggest me d best car !!!!!!!!!!!!Plz……Plz.

    • Bappu, get the Ritz diesel.

  • SSM

    Need more scientific comparison as article is too small to describe both cars.

    • SSM, for more description of both these cars, you should read our detailed review on the same ;-)

  • Rahul

    Hello friends,
    I am having swift diesel old model and planning to buy another car…..should i go for swift diesel new model or i20 diesel… there any difference in terms of engine b/w old and new swift …?

    • Rahul, old Swift engine felt faster with the kick in the pants feel. The new Swift lacks that. Get the i20.

  • Chinchu

    Not a detailed reviw… any angle swift is a better car….
    wat else you want…!!!!

    • Chinchu, the i20 scores extremely well on quality, interior space, boot space and features.

  • Ayaz Khan

    Hi Faisal, thnx for this forum.
    Got a great to learn about i20 & Shift…
    I am planning to book i20 magna(O) -petrol as my usage is very limited i.e daily 15-20 km.
    What do you suggest me whether this car is fine or I should go for some other. Or should I book a diesel car, would highly appreciate your reply.

    • Ayaz, I would suggest a diesel car as they are more fun to drive. What is your budget?

  • Sahith

    Took test drive of Polo, Punto, i20, and swift on same day. I would say “How did indians liked Swift” .. IMO swift is the worst car i drove and then POLO, both cars are ridiculously less inspired compared to the i20 crdi and punto.

    I test droved all 4 diesel cars in a truly Indian road for about 5km. Here are my ratings according to my test drive…

    Engine Noice inside Cabin (Lesser Better) : i20 > Punto > Swift > Polo (Worst of all)
    Pick up : i20 > Punto > Swift = Polo
    Handling : Punto> i20 > Polo > Swift
    Suspension : i20 (Amazing) > Punto = Polo > Swift
    Braking : i20 = Punto > Polo > Swift
    Classy Feel (Inside Out) : i20 > Punto = Polo > Swift (Worst inside out)

    After all i though Swift is the worst car i test drove yesterday and IMO it can only compete with brio, figo and beat.

    The only thing i felt bad about i20 is its light steering which can be easier to getting used to it. So finally i am proud to say that am going to get an i20.

    • Sahith, i20 is a very good car but it does not offer as good dynamics as the Swift and Figo.

  • Nice review Dear all , I thanks to all who has given they own experience knowledge on selected comments .

  • Jitendra

    Dear Faisal, thanks for the lot of information & comparision of i20 & swift diesel. I owned old swift Vdi from last 5 years & I really love it. But now after the recent test drives of both new swift zdi & new igen 20 I am going to replace swift vdi by Hyundai i20 1.4crdi sportz due to its decent features ,nice pickup & soundless cabin with good legroom. My daily running is about 65 kms on state highway & during holidays in city also. ( Average 2000 to 2200 kms per month) & I am normally driving at the speed 80 – 120 kmph. Please advise me whether my decesion is right. I am getting the delivery of i20 within next 1 week & due to manesar plant problem swift waiting is extended upto 7-8 months & it is also not confirmed. Please revert.

  • Jitendra

    Dear Freinds,
    Waiting for your opinion. Please revert at earliest. I am really confussed between i 20 1.4crdi sportz & new swift ZDi. I really need the right feedback form all the freinds.

    • Veer

      i have spent 7 lakh on swift (DL2C AP 1383) and crying…. no compersion with i20, even indica vista is far better than swift 9818833553

    • Arghyajeet

      Mr. Veer I would like you to please explainin detail why are you so unhappy with the swift. I am planning to buy one Recently. Need to know more about it so please revert back with full details

    • rd

      hi Arghyajeet, both the cars are great its just a matter of priorities. swift is maruti, so service is cheaper, resale is better , engine is more refined and peppier, sitting is higher than i 20. but i 20 is far more powerful(diesel), more spacious and luxurious cabin, bigger boot and feature rich. swift is more responsive in low gears. but once you reach 200 rpm i 20 diesel is a jet. on highways , its runs like a wild beast. look wise i20 is more elegant and classy but it will give you less on resale. so its your choice, both are good.

    • Rd, the new swift is very flat at lower RPM, the i20 is much better. Service is not as cheap as it sounds too. The only department the Swift beats the i20 is in the handling department.

  • parteek

    can any1 know when hyundai i30 is launched ?????

  • Ateek Jain

    Hello Faisal
    Can you please help me by choosing a better car. Tell me the best hatchback and sedan for highways. Please tell me the best options for long drives.
    Thanks in advance… :)

    • S Pani

      In my view best option would be the Punto 90hp Sports, then the Punto 75hp. The Punto on the highway is head and shoulders above every other hatch in the market. In fact most other cars dont even rise upto waist height of the Punto, when it comes to highway driving.

      3rd best would be a close call between the Polo and the Swift. The Swift would be my choice among those two, as its engine is more smooth and refined. But the Polo is probably slightly more stable and sure-footed than the Swift, though I have personally never driven a Polo.

      Of course, the above applies to diesel cars. If you are looking for petrol cars, 1st choice would be the 1.4Emotion Punto, 2nd choice would be the Fabia 1.6, 3rd choice would be the Swift. The other outside option would be to go with the Honda Jazz. The Polo no longer has the 1.6, and the 1.2 Petrols of both the Polo and Punto are just too underpowered when it comes to the highway.

      Only one other thing is, if you looking for highway hatches, dont go even within 1km of a Hyundai dealership.

    • rd

      , both the cars are great its just a matter of priorities. swift is maruti, so service is cheaper, resale is better , engine is more refined and peppier, sitting is higher than i 20. but i 20 is far more powerful(diesel), more spacious and luxurious cabin, bigger boot and feature rich. swift is more responsive in low gears. but once you reach 200 rpm i 20 diesel is a jet. on highways , its runs like a wild beast. look wise i20 is more elegant and classy but it will give you less on resale. so its your choice, both are good.

  • samarth

    i like swift rather than i20 because maruti’s servicing is cheap

  • Shashank

    considering the market review and personal experience,
    new swift (1250cc) has asthetic value in minds of indians……..due to this it has good resale value
    u’ll get bored of its black plastic interiors after some time.
    but in case of i20 (1500 cc), practically it is far better than swift, more boot space, stylish interiors, spacious, low seat level gives racing car feel, also if u are lookin for long term use then go for it.

    in case of punto, it is good only if u go for top model that is sports., else it lacks pickup

  • Ankur

    Hello Mr. Faisal,
    Well, 1st of all thnkz for creating this forum & the reviews that you’ve provided. I belong to Assam and was looking forward to buy a hatchback car, for which I’ve shortlisted two cars:
    1) New Suzuki Swift VXi
    2) New Hyundai i20 Magna (O)
    But m confused about the Mileage, Maintenance, Resale issue of these two cars, coz there too much altered facts provided over net.
    I’m looking forward to drive the car 3-4 times a week covering distance of about 12km/day and once in a month will go for a long drive say 50km. Looking forward for your answer. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated…

  • mr peerzade


  • Vikas

    Can any body know when Maruti is going to launch new model of A Star.

  • Naveen

    Hi Faisal,

    Excellent Article. I am planning to book Hyundai i20 Magna (o). Little confsused between i20 & Swift Vxi. I will be driving mostly in the city. Usage will be less. Can you give me the city mileage of both these cars. Hyundai i20 Magna (o) and Swift Vxi.


    • Naveen, get the i20. Mileage should be around 12 km/l in the city.

    • Naveen

      Thanks Faisal for your inputs. I have already booked i20 Magna (o) Petrol version. Can u also let me know the city mileage of Maruti Swift Vxi, just wanted to know for info.

  • Anshul Agarwal

    Hi Faisal,

    I want to buy a new car which i should take in comparison to Swift or I 20
    which one should be better and why.
    In petrol version.

    Please help



    • Anshul, if you are driving mostly in the city, the i20 is the better car to buy. It offers so much more too.

    • Anshul Agarwal

      about the average of both the car

    • Its there in the above review. Check page 5.

    • Anshul Agarwal

      please suggest diesel or petrol

    • If budget permits, get the diesel.

    • Anshul Agarwal

      but i dont have so much of run maximun 2000 km in months

    • Then get the petrol version. Also the price difference doesn’t justify getting a diesel.

  • Inder

    Hi Faizal,
    My daily run is around 90 km on my Santro CNG. 45 KM in city and 45 on highway. Now i have to upgrade my car from CNG to Diesel. My budget is upto 8 lakhs with good looks and economical car. I have already booked dezire vdi. What u suggest??

    • Inder, DZire VDI a good option. How much time is the waiting?

  • Jay

    Inder Swift dzire is best choice of all. Value for money vehicle.

  • Mani chopra

    I OWN I20 THIS CAR IS LIKE AEROPLANE ………………………………………… AND SWIFT IS LIKE a AUTO @|@……………………………………………..

  • SS Burnwall

    Hi faisal,

    hv finalised to buy VW Polo Highline Petrol. My daily running would be around 25-30 kms per day. Plz suggets is it right

    • SS, with the updated pricing, the new Polo seems to be a very good alternative.

  • Mohammed shaik Ismail

    I just wanted to knw that which car is better Honda jazz or Honda brio….im a little confused so pls help…..its urgent

    • Mohammed, the Honda Jazz is a better car than the Brio. Both use the same engine so mileage is not much apart.

  • Mohammed shaik Ismail

    and faisal pls let me know the mileage of both cars

  • trina

    i have santro xing car ….but i want 2 upgrade daily run is 14 -20km, okayyy ,& i want to buy a new one…which i should take in comparison to new maruti swift vxi &hyundai i zen i 20 magna o or sports……which one should better for me ….petrol /desel???plzzz aus me properlyyyy….waiting for your aus……….

    • Trina, petrol i20 will be a good upgrade.

  • lalit

    Dear faisel,
    What is the best car polo top model diesel or i20 sports diesel….Pls confirm. My running approx 4000 KM/month and now i have xylo top model. Now i want to buy car with gud feature wd gud fuel economy. Pls suggest urgently.

  • Amit

    Dear Faisal
    I want buy a new diesel car nd my daily runing is 100 – 150 km. I am planning for i 20 crdi Magna (O) but i confused about service . Is it costly compare to Swift VDi . Pls help nd revert

    • Amit, nope, servicing Swift VDi is not costly but not the cheapest either.

  • siddharth

    Faisal sorry brother
    But i thnk u are very unfair with swift petrol. In your review you accepted that swift petrol its much better than i20 but still you are preferring i20 over swift.

    • Siddharth, the i20 is a better car for the city. The light steering makes it a boon to drive in crowded conditions. The i20 also has better quality, more space and more features. From driving perspective, the Swift is a superior vehicle.

  • Deepak

    I want to be a diesel car………..Plz suggest between i20 magna or swift Vdi. My monthly running is 1500 KM.

  • saibabu

    faisal, pl suggest which is the best between, i20 and swift desire fulfilling the following conditions. 1.milase – diesel 2.1200 – 2000 kms per month running. 3. cost 8-9lakhs. 4.delivary time.5. appearance and inner facilities. 6. secirity mesures

    • Saibabu, looking at your requirements, the i20 is a better bet for you.

  • muneer

    I think swift iz demanded hatchback than i20…results high resale value for swift.swift iz stylish young while as i20 matured dads suggestion iz for swift …good pick up and economical.

  • Manvi Gaur

    I want to by a new car. My driving is about 300 km per month. Please guide me which version car should I buy a pertrol or diesel. the car should be low maintence & give high fule economy. my budget is 5 to 7 lacs. An early reply is highly appreciated. Thanks

  • chris

    Hey guys,

    Interesting thread, I am planning to purchase at buying a new car and yet confused in making decisions. I have SWIFT VXI and VDI as an Option. However considering the pricing factor I prefer to go for VXI- Petrol reason being is my usage for a month would be arnd 800-1000km and am wondering if My decision on VXI is a option or should I look at VDI by itself….

    However, I am also considering I20, I took a test drive and it feels good, power pick up, smoothness interiors but i kinda didnt like the exterior , I feel the swift interior is fair enough and the exterior looks stylish and more over am planning to resell my car after 4-5 yrs and wondering wat would be the best option ???? Please advice….

    • Chris, the interior quality of the i20 is much better than the Swift. In fact the recently launched Fluidic i20 is very popular. When you sell your car after 5 years, you will get a marginally more value for a Swift as compared to the i20. Since your running is only about 1000 km, it makes sense to go for a petrol car, however, if i was you, i will pick up a diesel for the best combination of economy and performance.

    • Chris, i20 a good option for you.

  • Gurpreet

    hi faisal I’m highly confused between swift dezirevdi and i20 sports diesel I’m a slip disc patient I’ll drive 800 to 1000 kms in a month in city. I need ur advice better mileage low maintainance. And also we r a family of 5 adults and a child. Driving seat shud b very good. I like both the seats ill keep the car for 5 years plz reply soon

    • Gurpreet, get the i20, it offers very good space.

  • Gurpreet

    Bt what abt its ground clearence suspension and ride in rough roads and maintenance

  • Aman

    Hi faisal i m confused between Dezire Vxi(petrol) and i20 Megna O Diseal. MY Avg. monthly running is 800 Km.The price differce between both are 85000.i want car sholud should be looks good myself and others.and which gives much comfort while driving.Please suggest which is a good option for me.

    • Aman, get the i20.

    • Aman

      Thanks faisal i m gng with i20 sportz diseal n will get tomaarow :)

    • Aman, congratulation on your new car.

    • Aman

      Thank you faisal for your suggestiion i m getting real driving pleasure with i20.

  • Avnish

    My i20 magna 1.2 petrol is 18 months old now, I contacted an approved CNG fitment center in delhi, he says put a cng sequential injection kit in your i20.
    driving on petrol is really a pain as i get around 11-12 kmpl in city. I don’t mind this avg as it’s the largest car in it’s segment. I drive about 40-45 kms on a daily basis. So should I put a CNG kit in my i20 1.2 petrol car? Plz suggest!

    • Avnish, you can put it, but you might face problems and also your warranty will get void.

  • Saurabh

    Hi Faisal and all the car lovers,

    The article by Faisal is great and the following discussion is very informative. Thanks everyone.

    Now my problem is what to choose: i20 Petrol sportz or Swift Petrol Zxi. I personally love the looks and design of i20 but when I test drove it, i felt its little underpower in the second gear, otherwise the drive was smooth. So today I tested Swift VXi. the interiors of Swift isnt great at all but I felt its little more powerful in second gear. If I buy i20 petrol, I’ll get around 30 thousand discount, whereas there no discount in Swift. Also, in i20, the passenger seat is little uncomfortable as the right kness touches the big dashboard all the time unless you push the seat back to a good extent. I find some drawbacks in both the cars thats why i am super confused now.

    I live in Bangalore, My drive will be mostly in city around 800KM per month and may be some short trips to 200/300 km away frm the city once in a 2 month. So is it my decision of buying a petrol car is ok. I dont want to spend almost a lakh more for a diesel.

    So I have two question here:
    1. Shall i go ahead with my preference and buy i20 Sports (p) over Swift Zxi or Vxi?
    2. Is my decision to buy a petrol car ok?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Saurabh, the decision to buy a petrol car makes sense since your running of around 800 km will not justify the extra money you will be putting in for a diesel car. Secondly, since your running is mainly city oriented, the i20 should be your choice as there is more interior room than the swift and overall quality is better. Both cars have almost similar service costs but you will get more features in the the i20. However, the Swift is also a very good car and you cant go wrong with it too. I would go for the i20.

    • Saurabh

      Thanks a lot Javed

    • You are most welcome Saurabh.

    • Priya

      I am going to buy verna 1.6 sx diesel.. what about its average in city and highway ?

    • Priya, mileage is around 14 km/l in the city and 16 km/l on the highway.

  • Babu

    Thanks for the article.
    I have confusion to buy i20 or swift.
    My usage is beyond 700-800Km/month.
    So I decided to buy a petrol car.But I am in confusion to choose swift vxi/zxi or i20 Asta.Which one is better.I just learn driving and this is my first car. I’d like all features with comfortable driving.


  • Rajesh

    Hi faisal,i have recently learned driving,i am planning to buy i 20,is it easy to drive in the city and i have heared that i 20 sports diesel version stop in city traffic at 2 gear

    • Rajesh, yes the i20 is a good car for you, its easy to drive and diesel cars need to be driven mostly in first gear in stop go traffic.

  • Ashwini

    Hi Faisal,
    We are planing to buy car .. this will be first car in our family .. But I am confused between swift ,polo and i20 petrol version.. we wil be using car 3-4 times a week mostly in city area , I visted Vw polo showroom .. saw that it has got more features compared to swift.. havent visited hyundai i20 yet .. my frnds suggested that swift has less maintenance cost .. Please advise me ..

    • Ashwini, the service costs of i20 and Swift are more or less same. The Polo is more than the other two. Since your use is mainly in the city, the i20 will be my choice. It offers more rear space than the Swift and Polo and is loaded with more features too. Second option will be the Swift. You may also want to consider the Honda Jazz, which is one of the best petrol hatchbacks in the country.

  • yogesh

    Guys Go for Swift Diesel . I brought one after waiting 6 months ..done with 5000km in less than 2 months .. I fell in love with this car.. Swiiiifter ..coolest car. I am getting 22 km/liter in city ..and 24 to 25.50km/lit in . I have maintained xls for tank full methode km drove to num of liters put in . I can share with you guys. 9970255432.. my id

    • Yogesh, which is your routine driving cycle? city or highway? I have the new Swift Zdi and the maximum i have got is 17.5, that too on the expressway, with stock 185 spec 15 inch tyres. In contrast, my old Swift Vdi on 195/60/15 Michelin tyres, petes tuned was delivering 17 – 18 km/liter even after doing 1.10 Lakh km.

    • yogesh

      I drove city daily for office comutance ..and on weekends highways …not always good roads in konkan but still i never got less than 22 anywhere ..I just dont drive more than 80km speed… MUST to do is try to follow running meter that shows 30km/lit ..just try to stay there .. and never push accelator for more time. just do touch and untouch more often if running millage is not above 20 or 25km/lit… just try to be steady on accelator ..not to over use it once you achive desirable sppeed. release leg from it if not required.

  • Aman

    Hi Faisal,

    Recently i brought my i20 Sportz Diseal as suggested by you.i have one query regd. LED’s which works only in day time and at night time when i on my head lights the LED’s does’t it possible LED’s will also work in night time with head lights. Thanks in advance.

  • Anil Kumar


    Am planing to sell my I10-petrol and wanted to reply with deasel car ut am confuse between this two models I20 & Swift VDI. I heard that the mileage wise swif VDI is good than I20. Please suggest

  • Manish

    I am planning to buy car so i am confused between two car i20 Sportz & swift ZXI.My running in a month around 500-600 Km also in weekend i will drive on highway.Which car is good for me. Also please let me know about maintenance of both car.I don’t want to expense more money in maintenance for the car.Please suggest me.

    • Manish, if you plan highway driving every week, get the Swift.

    • Manish

      Not every week but in a month.Mostly i will be in city.And also tell me the maintenance of these car.

  • Suraj R B

    Hi Faisal,
    I have a query related to Swift ZDI & VDI. what i want to know is price is only the factor for opting a Swift Zxi over Swift Zdi or is their any performance related or engine related factor included in opting for a petrol car over a diesel car. I dont have much of running its only on weekends. does the engine gets affected. i am very clear about the option of selecting between hyundai & swift, Thanks to you..

    • Suraj, Diesel cars are sold at a premium and that is the only reason why the Swift Zdi is more expensive than the Swift Zxi. The only difference between the two is the engine. Since your running is limited to weekends only, it would be a wise choice to opt for the Swift Zxi.

    • S Pani

      Manufacturers dont artificially jack up prices of diesel cars at least not entirely.

      Diesel engines are more costly to make. Thanks to the higher pressures and higher temp in diesel engines, generally they are heavier than petrol ones. Similarly, diesel engines make considerably more torque most of the time, thus needing stronger gearboxes and other drive train components. And again despite modern injection technologies, its still more difficult to achieve low emissions on diesel engines, requiring use of DPFs, SCR units or EGR systems to reign in the emissions. All this add cost, making diesel cars slight bit costlier than petrol ones.

      To add to that, in India, a heavier demand for diesel engines means manufacturers can afford to have higher margins without losing sales volumes of diesel variants.

      If your running is low, you are better off buying a petrol powered car. The main advantage of diesel today is that its fuel efficiency is slightly on the higher side.

    • S Pani, completely agree. In fact, heavy gauge alloys are used for diesel engines while most petrol engine are made of aluminum. I agree diesel engines are more expensive to manufacture but its not as expensive as the premium charged by the manufacturers, especially since they are producing them on such a large scale. Also, with the differential between petrol and diesel prices only reducing, will the increased fuel efficiency of diesel engines be enough to compensate for the lakh odd you pay for it? Will it be economically viable?

    • S Pani

      Well, thats a tough one to answer.

      For one, diesel engines will remain the more fuel efficient ones, and diesel wont still reach the same price mark as petrol even at zero subsidy. Thus per km running cost of diesel will remain lower.

      Of course, initial cost of a diesel will remain higher, despite large volumes. Check prices internationally, you will see between a similarly equipped diesel and petrol car, the diesel is costlier.

      But lets not forget, one can just buy a less equipped diesel car instead to decrease initial cost. That is, one does not always have to choose between a Swift ZXi and ZDi. The ZDi is more than 1L rs costlier, but the VDi is only about 30thousand rs extra over the ZXi. So depends on the customer, whether he wants lower running costs, or more safety and equipment.

      If you ask me, I would take safety over running costs anyday, but will this be the case with all, I doubt it.

      Overall, I think despite the reduced difference between diesel and petrol prices, diesel engines will still sell more than petrol ones in India. Of course the split may come down to about 70:30 in favour of diesels, rather than the existing 85:15. Because practically, if you leave out the cheap hatches like Alto, WagonR, i10 etc barely any petrol engines get sold.

    • No One

      @S Pani

      Apart from added extra for Diesel (First the more you pay in exshoroom + extra TAX) upfront cost, what about the running maintenance for a diesel car ??

      Diesel maintenance seems to be significantly higher than its petrol counter part. Petrol engines really needs a lot less attention in service :P

  • No One

    Diesel in next few months will continue to see gradual increase of Rs. 0.50 + TAX till it reaches that 65/67 mark.

    It is going to change the equation completely and I wonder what would FIAT do then since they made up their earning module in selling engine only :P

  • Asif

    Hi Faisal
    Maintenance wise which is a better option Swift ZXI or I20 Asta 1.2 Petrol

    • Asif, maintenance wise, Swift is slightly better although not by much.

  • Manish Ranjan

    Which car is maintenance wise less, Swift or i20.

  • Asif

    Which is a better performance wise, features, maintenance- Hyundai-I20 Sportz / Skoda Fabia- Elegance 1.6MPI- both petrol version

  • Asif

    Iam planning to buy a hatchback car and I have zeroed on 3 cars- Hyundai I20 Sportz , Jazz Select, Fabia Elegance 1.2 all petrol variant, but the latter 2 have a long waiting period as I went recently to the dealers, can you please guide me and suggest which one to buy, my priorities for the vehicle is should be best in performance, maintenance, roomy and ample of space interior,
    Since Fabia sales are declining day by day I fear it may be scrapped from the Indian market ,

    • Asif, Jazz has been discontinued. Get the i20. New Fabia coming next year.

    • Asif

      Then is it worth waiting for Fabia

  • Deepak Puri

    I want to buy a new hatchback car…I am confused between i20 Sports 1.4 crdi diesel and Swift Zdi….which one is best for family of 4 person if we take the parameter of comfort, mileage, power ,handling…As i am from himachal so sometimes car got jammed on steep roads..To start car in 1st gear good rav is required ..If we consider all this , which car is best….?

    • Deepak, get the i20.

    • DEEPAK

      Thanks Faisal

  • Rajiv Nigam

    between i20 sports crdi diesel and swift zdi , which one have best company fitted quality speakers…..reply pls….!!

    • Rajiv, Swift has a better sound system although speakers are not great if you open and see them as they lack magnets.

  • Anmol Garg

    1). Which one has good suspension and comfort ?
    2).I heard that , on high speeds i20 diesel sports steering rattles and also AC performance is not good (on comparison with swift diesel zdi)…Is it true?

    • Anmol, i20 is more comfortable overall. But yes, the i20 lacks steering feel compared to the Swift.

  • sagar

    Mr. faisal khan we have to purchase a car and we have decided to select it from between swift and i20
    and we have also confuse for purchase it a diesel or petrol version of it due to falling of petrol prices now these days we r confuse so can u pls tell us which one car we have to purchase from ur expert opinion
    and that car must have resale value !! may be it is of diesel or petrol !!

  • Sarthak Singh

    Which car i should buy in the range upto 16 lac….I am concerned about better comfort and luxury……

  • Waz

    Hello Faisal,

    First of all thank you for your wonderful reviews and effort you guys put in to bring this to the public.

    This is going to be my first car, and I’m going for a petrol model owing to 2 reasons, Diesel is getting expensive, and my monthly running would be around 1000km only with an occasional long drive.

    I’m really confused between i20 Asta Petrol and Swift Zxi models.

    Pros: Long list of features, fully loaded, spacious, Interior is wonderful to say the least
    Cons: Lack of pickup in 2nd gear, steering feedback, expensive than Swift

    Pros: Sporty look, Fun driving, good pickup, brand Maruthi, cheaper maintenance, better resale value
    Cons: Lack of features (compared to i20), all black dull interior, lack of luxury feeling, too many on the road!

    I know both are great cars, and finally it drills down to a personal choice. Given that I’m in a dilemma, please suggest which one will be a better buy.

    One more question, does it really make any difference to have airbags in Indian roads? If not, I will consider i20 Sportz model only, though wife won’t be happy without a passenger airbag ;)

    Please also suggest is there any other car I should be considering in the similar range


    • Waz, both cars are good and airbag is passive safety, always good to have. Since you are looking for a feature rich vehicle, the i20 is a good option. Swift if you are into driving and frequent the highways. i20 if you drive mostly in the city and have people sitting at the rear quite often.

  • arvind

    I am confuse about i20 magna (o) & swift vxi plz help

  • deepak

    yaar i want sold my swift and wana buy diesel it right dicision?

  • Priya

    I am going to buy a new Hyundai verna diesel 1.6 sx…..What about its actual average in city and highway?

  • Ashif khan

    Hi Faisal,

    Well written comparison and nice video. I am planning to buy my first car and initially I started with Hyundai EON but some of my friends who own it suggested me not to buy this as it has heavy maintenance cost and also not that good car and then I thought about Maruti Alto 800 but since all in my Family is 6 foot tall so its not good car to buy so excluded that. Now I am finally shortlisted these 2 cars but not sure which one would be best. Please suggest, below is my requirement.
    Budget – 6 L, Mainly City driving and won’t be driving on daily basis expecting 1000 km per month (on the upper side). Please let me know the model number too so that I can enquire about the same.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Ashif, I would suggest you get the i20, it can seat people at the rear in comfort. Maintenance is not high.

    • rupak

      Hello Faisal,
      I am from Shimla,I want to buy a car ranging from 6-8 lakhs.My monthly running is 1000-1200 km
      I want a solid car meant mainly for hilly bouncy roads with good features and milage too. I am confused with ford classic ,i20 diesel ,swift diesel.Please give suggestions.

    • Get the Classic, feels solid.

  • Rajvir

    Hello Faisal,
    I am going to buy a new sedan (diesel) upto 10 lakh..Which car i should go for as i am concerned about looks, comfort (especially in rear seat) , mileage, power , low maintenance , suspension… i like Verna most due to its fluidic design and its interior build quality… The main thing is that i am from Hamirpur (himachal pradesh) and the most roads are on hills.. I am very confused…So pls suggest me a sedan car for a family of 5 persons…

    • Since you are going to be driving on the hills, why don’t you consider the Ford Ecosport. It will fit into your budget and also fulfill most of your criteria. Howveer, if you want a sedan only, the Verna is a good option since service backup is readily available too.

  • Ketan Benkar

    Too good analysis on both the cars, I am confused between Swift ZDI and I20 Sports diesel.

    Daily I will travel in city for 8Km. Once in 2 months I have to travel on highways (usually drive @ 140-200KM Hr). Can you tell me which is the better option for me.
    Requirement :- I want hai average car..
    Plz help me.

    • Kedar

      Ketan looking at your usage I dont think you should opt diesel car as initial investment will be high and you need to drive your car for long time to recover that cost.

      Swift has punchy petrol engine than i20 and Swift is loaded with good suspension and has better steering feedback than i20.
      If you are ready to wait for few more weeks then go for Ecosport Ecoboost Petrol. It is mindblowing car.

  • udit

    I’ve gone through alot of reviews and a lot of websites. i infact took a test drive of ecosport, i20, swift (all diesel).
    According to my requirements, am confused between i20 asta(diesel) and swift Zdi. looks, comfort and safety wise i think i20 is better. Performance wise it depends on your usage. All am confused about is the mileage. Since my usage would be city drive mostly. Some people claim the mileage for diesel i20 in city to be 10-12kpl, some people claim it to be 13-14kpl, and some to be arnd 15-16kpl..after reading hundreds of mixed reviews am really very confused and want to know whats the exact mileage in city for both i20 and swift zdi.
    It’ll be great if someone can help me with a genuine feedback.

    • Very similar mileage, not much to choose from between two as far as mileage goes. Around 16 km/l in the city.

  • atul banal

    my budget is upto 5.5 lacs, mainly for city drive and on petrol, if on highways then will be driving upto 80km/h , what should I buy i20 1.2 magna optional or swift vdi petrol. thanks

  • Mayank Rana

    What is on road price of swift zdi ….. I am from himachal and if i will get it from a showroom of himachal than what will be the total price of this car ?

  • john

    Swift is better compared to I20. I20 has only bells and whistles which is of no use after few days of ownership.
    Swift ZXI or ZDI are the best VFM hatchbacks in petrol and diesel variant. I20 petrol is known for less mileage even below 10km/l , diesel variant is good but the engine is known for serious problem after 20K.

  • Ashish

    If one is so much confused between two competitors, it means both of them are of same weight-age with little +ve and -ve facts in both.Then why not we as an Indian support the one which has a tie-up with Indian Company ? Before going on a final decision please think over it from deep of your heart keeping in mind the heavy decrease in value of rupee and inflation thereof.
    Looking towards the globalization, it should not be mandatory to buy all Indian products, but among the two wrestlers in the ring of equal weight groups we must cheer for the one who is a part of our own soil.
    If we are not going to think over these facts, from whom else we should expect?
    Be Indian-Buy Indian !

  • Ashish deewan

    Hello Faisal,
    this diwali i am buying i20 1.4 crdi spotz diesel….I am a driving enthusiastic person..I am from HImachal pradesh….I have driven swift many times….it has a bunch of power when i push the accelerator…i love the feeling when turbo start..Its an awesome experince to overtake the car in swift…I did’t get the chance to drive the i20 diesel due to some reasons…Will i get the same punch of boost in i20 diesel..

    Between swift and i20, which one have better sitting posture..As i saw some people in i 20 sit a little bit down than swift

    • Swift’s front seats are very good. Yes i20 diesel has the punch and we suggest it over the Swift for city conditions.

    • Ashish Deewan

      Thanks Faisal …. :D
      But which one has better front view while driving.?..U know what i mean …

    • Ashish, both have good view so nothing much to choose between them in that regard.

  • Supriya

    Hey Faisal,

    I am confused between swift vxi and i20 magna. This is my first car and my average driving would be around 200 kms per month. Someone advised against i20 as it is a pain to drive in crowded places and mileage is low. I am tending towards tried and tested swift(Every third car on road is a swift!). I want an easy to drive car and everything else is secondary. Though you have answered the same queries many times, still a response would be much appreciated.


  • Krishna

    God !! we all have the same confusion, however i cant resist in putting up a question. i have narrowed down my requirements to a petrol car as my office is 10 kms from my house additionally a monthly 200 km outing . In terms of usage, this would be a first car for a few ppl in the family, so we might be looking at a lotta of part replacements for e.g. clutch plates, brake pads etc. We saw a bunch of cars ford figo, amaze, brio, beat etc etc . We finally narrowed it down to 2 options Hyundai 120 sportz and new Swift Dzire VXI. My fiance is looking for all the bells interiors, accessories etc. I am looking for performance, accessories that really help u , value for money and pre and post sales support and costs and resale value,
    Let me know if any more points need to be considered or any details are required

  • Sandeep

    Which one is a better choice Swift VXI or Fiat Punto.

  • Vikas


    I 20 TOP SPEED IS 150KM

    • Top speed is not sole criteria to judge which car is better.

    • mervin

      go home you are drunk ! :-P in reviews you’d mentioned that i20 is powerful than swift due to 1.4ltr engine ! :p never compare swift with toy i20

  • prithviraj

    I am planning a new car. My running is mostly on highway. which one should i buy? My requirements are that it should have more lag room in rear seats and low maintains, and also comfortable for long journey. my budget is up 8 lac.which car should i buy.

    • You should be looking at the Honda Amaze.

  • Vinay

    This is the best analogy i have ever seen between i20 and Swift. I am also one of hundred others who are confused between i20 and swift. This article gives a lot of clarification(and hence peace to mind). I am now more confident on i20. Thank you very much Faisal for your in depth comparisons.

    Although one thing I found hard to believe. The i20 petrol giving mileage of 18.5 kmpl, is on the book but not practical I think. I mean i have seen many complaining about i20 for very low mileage as low as 9-10 kmpl (in city with AC On). I am tired of listening to bullshits by sales/dealers regarding mileage. Can you please give me practical mileage of i20 petrol in city conditions with AC on(with novice driver). It will be very helpful for me.

    • Thanks Vinay, real world city mileage is around 10 km/l. The i20’s 1.2-litre motor lacks power and thus one ends up revving it more thereby compromising on mileage.

  • abhinash

    confused about swift or i20. I will buy petrol version

  • abhinash

    plz help faizal.
    I also wantd to knw when 2014 swift will be launched

    • Updated Swift will be launched in a few months.

  • abhinash

    No fixed date??? nd i20 or swift which maintenance cost in more??

    • No fixed date, i20 is more costly to maintain but not by much.

  • abhinash

    ok. I heard that i20 is a car which have many problems bt if u sayng then.its ok.

    • I have not heard about any problems in i20.

  • vinod

    I heard that the new swift will carry new features such as DRL,pshbutton start like the grand i 10 and a brand new 1.2 ltr / 1.5 ltr maruti diesel engine.Will it come with such features?

  • abhinash

    so faisal can u plz get some information about new facelift swift. when it will release. coz I was waiting for that only. bt if it will take more than 3 months then I will buy i20 or else new facelift swift. so plz help me.

  • Sahil

    Hi Faisal I am confused between petrol version of grand i10 sportz model , i20 era model and swift vxi.Please can u suggest which onle would be better in terms of mileage and features??
    Thanks in advance :D

  • mandy

    Faisal is a Hyundai dealer,,,,i guess

    • Nope, I run a Maruti dealership actually.

    • john

      Good..Dealership name plz…
      Anyway all your reviews tried to make Hyundai cars superior to others…not only maruti.
      I personally feel except Santro(My old ride) and Santa Fe(I own one recently after long long tds) no any other Hyundai vehicles in India are that good especially in handling and performance. How come i20 is better than Swift ? Only in features…who cares about those features in a mid segment vehicle when the steering is lacking strength and handling is so bad also the engine struggles to move the heavy weight body when driving in b2b traffic at low speed.In bangalore its almost impossible to drive in slow moving traffic at bumpy roads …Still you conclude that i20 is better compared to Swift which is just a charm to drive in all conditions.

      BTW I also curious to know your view on i20 vs polo , i20 vs punto and i20 vs brio .I never find any such review …I know the reason if I am not wrong.

    • When we write a review, we see what the general public wants, nobody cares about the steering, most appreciate the lighter steering. Before calling us biased or favouring Hyundai, please have a careful look at our comments. We have recommended the Swift over the i20 many times when the buyer wanted something for the highways. Most people want features and don’t drive spiritedly, for them the i20 and Grand i10 make a lot of sense.

      Forget all that, read the above review, go to page 3 and see what we have written about the dynamics of the i20. i20 is a car for those who want space and features and are not into driving enthusiastically, the Brio is a better car to drive than the i20, the Punto and Polo are a notch up in driving pleasure but the former was earlier known for average quality while the latter lacks space.

      So at the end of the day, when we recommend a car, we do it looking at the mass market. Would I buy an i20, hell no. Would I buy a Swift, I already own one, the car you see in the picture is our personal car.

  • julu

    How about brand value.People prefer any Maruti over others due to brand name.
    John, how you are finding Santa Fe as a good handler..all Hyundai cars are same be it eon or sonata….






  • nik

    Budget- 6.50 lakh
    Which is better in petrol version??
    Swift or i20?
    Better in mileage, looks, nd low maintenance..

  • Raju

    Hi Faisal,
    I want to buy i20 asta petrol but I have heard about the pickup issue of the petrol version. Do u know if the latest version of i20 asta petrol had rectified this issue or its the same. I am confused upon i20 and dzire for this reason. Plz suggest.

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Tata Bolt Long Term Review – Final Report

April 27, 2016    Parth Gohil

Tata Bolt Long Term Review Long Term Test No. 87 Car Tested: Tata Bolt MultiJet XT Kms Done: 9508 kms Test Started at: 5271 kms Test Concluded at: 14779 kms Mileage: 15.99 km/l, 19.98 km/l (best), 12 km/l (worst) Fuel Consumed: 595-litres Fuel Cost: Rs. 30,654/- Rs. per km: Rs. 3.22/- Drive the Bolt and […]

2016 MV Agusta Brutale 1090 Test Ride Review

2016 MV Agusta Brutale 1090 Test Ride Review

April 26, 2016    Dhanil Vira

MV Agusta Brutale 1090 Review Bike Tested: MV Agusta Brutale 1090; Road Test No. 686 Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 19,30,000/- The Brutale 1090 is the most powerful naked bike from Italy’s MV Agusta, it’s a mad machine It all started with the movie ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ in 2003 where the MV Agusta F4 was ridden […]