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Pulsar 200 NS Priced At Rs. 99,200/- OTR Mumbai

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When the KTM Duke 200 was launched, we were yet to ride it. So I went to the Bajaj Pro-biking showroom (now KTM showroom) at Bund Garden road in Pune, for a small test ride. I put down my name and number for the test ride. Just now I got a call from KTM showroom asking me what I have decided about the Duke 200. I said I don’t plan to buy it at this moment. The lady on the phone informs me that they have started taking bookings for the Pulsar 200 NS and the booking amount is Rs. 10,000/-. On further inquiry, she informs me that deliveries will happen in this month itself and the ex-showroom Pune price of the Pulsar 200 NS is Rs. 85,270/-. Dealers confirm the on-road price for the Pulsar 200 NS to be Rs. 94,300/-

While this news might have credibility to it, I will still wait for official confirmation from Bajaj Auto on this matter. But there are little chances of the pricing being wrong or inaccurate because dealers never reveal prices before they get news from the company. It is quite possible Bajaj Auto has started bookings only for Pune city, as the company might want to do a phased launch of the bike. This will also enable them to take feedback from customers and make changes accordingly before commencing production on full steam. The company had done something similar with the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi in 2007.

A pricing of Rs. 94,300/- on-road might sound a bit difficult to achieve as the Pulsar 220 sits right below the Pulsar 200 NS in terms of pricing. But Bajaj Auto could reduce prices of the P220 to distinguish it from the P200 NS. Also Bajaj Auto saves alot of money (close to Rs. 8000/-) by not offering the Pulsar 200 NS with a fuel-injection system. So its not that difficult for them to price the Pulsar 200 NS so aggressively. The launch is certain to happen in the next couple of weeks and pan-India deliveries will start only next month. At the Discover ST launch, Bajaj Auto said that the Pulsar 200 NS deliveries will start in early-June. So if you were waiting for the Pulsar 200 NS, you should head to your nearest pro-biking showroom now. Yes Bajaj Auto is still selling the Pulsar through Pro-biking showrooms.

Update – We got in touch with a few dealers and they have revealed that the Rs. 90,000/- price is ex-showroom, which equates to an on-road price of Rs. 94,300/- (Pune). We also spoke to a Mumbai dealer who has told us that Rs. 1000/- is the cancellation charge for the Pulsar 200 NS.

Pulsar 200 NS Pune Price – Rs. 94,300/-
Pulsar 200 NS Mumbai Price – Rs. 99,220/- (all prices on-road, including insurance charges).

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  • Neil

    Hi Guys,

    As i told that i am not spreading rumors!!

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Neil, the pricing is so aggressive it becomes hard to believe sometimes ;-)

  • Abinash

    Finally the wait Over(almost)

  • Neil

    I think though the 90K price has to be the showroom price and 95K OTR is what i suspect.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Bingo, its 94.3k OTR, Pune. Confirmed.

  • Jkay

    Oh yea… good pricing… 90 OTR…
    It’s good pricing even when OTR 95K…

    So, july is the month, I get this beauty as mine.. :D

  • Manty Ahmed

    who said dealers don’t reveal prices? If u google more you wil get to know most of the dealers have announced pricing from launch till now. 90k seems too tough to achieve. Imo it would be around 1.05L otr Pune. One rumour again from motorbeam :(

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Manty, had it been any other dealer I would not have bothered with this post but this is straight from Bajaj Auto’s flagship dealer.

  • Ysak

    y cursing MB 4 evrythng.. evrything R rumors until itz officially declared..
    read smethng in MB sme1 sayng against MB’s opinion abt etios..
    wat shud they tell othr than their opinion..thn watz the point of a test drive ..??
    a test drive OR revealing is the narration of the opinion wat the tst drivr felt during the tst drive.. as simple as that..

    a humble reqst 2 stop cursng MB 4 each n evrythng..

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Thanks Ysak for the support ;-) We are here to provide the fastest and most accurate news and honest reviews.

    • Manty Ahmed

      I agree ysak mb has been doing great work.what work faisal has put is unmatchable. Also Suraj, Chandan & Javed. I applaud their test drives but have come across some unauthentic news from mb and ppl talking about that. I am a critic of mb to better it. I appreciate that mb brings the news first and visits all bike car launches

    • Ysak


  • Hunky

    Didn’t bajaj said they wont sell NS200 via KTM rather PBK showrooms ??

    Why all of a sudden decision change and NS200 making itself in to KTM showroom ??

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Hunky, Bajaj’s flagship product is the Pulsar so there is little doubt about its priorities and hence it might be sold through KTM showrooms. If not sold, they might take bookings for the initial batch till pan-India launch occurs.

  • Amit

    No Still we need to confirm. 94K onroad for this bike seens to overpriced especially whwn we are missing out projector lamps, full fairing…how cone 220 with 5 gear with 21ps claims a top speed of 144 while 200 with 6 gear with 23.5 ps claims 138 ? Strange…

    • Hunky

      With new engine technology, a price jump can be justified !!

      But yes, we will miss the P220’s projector a big time..

  • Rahul

    Just 1 doubt bros,,,if the ex-showroom price for P200NS is 90,000 Rs in Pune,, The OTR will be minimum 97,800 Rs….Am i correct?… Faz..

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Rahul, you are correct. The ex-showroom price is Rs. 85,270/-



    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Sagar, around Rs. 96,000/-

  • Aryan

    Guyz we can just take the price as base for planning to buy a bike… not exact price as its not officially opened by bajaj.

  • harshit

    nice looking bike below 1 lakh price tag!!
    But question is “Will it be good tourer bike that can go miles and miles without back pain and vibrations??”
    And ” Will its Fuel efficiency figures more than 40?”
    If any one owns this cool bike then plz post as i want to buy one just waiting for answers of these questions.

  • Neil

    @Harshit: The bike is yet to be owned by someone who can actually summarise the points jotted down by you.

    However the questions that you have asked are very generic and I’ll try and answer them.
    Please mind i am not an engineering geek by any chance and hence would request you all to correct me for any mistakes committed whilst compiling the information. Apologies in advance ;-)

    Please note: These answers are mere on the basis of experience shared by someone who drove this bike before it headed the showroom and then came the feedback which i would like to translate it here.

    1. Will it be good tourer bike that can go miles and miles without back pain and vibrations??”
    – Yes this bike is good tourer and hoot to drive due to its upright driving position and comfortable ergonomics. It is very much preferred for the daily rides. Mind you it performance as you want it to. So the feedback we get from the bike is very good and at any given rev ranges. So this bike will stay happy even at low rev ranges whilst you drive in city and enjoy the high rev ranges when on the highways which is less comparatively, provided you being a avid tourer. The engine settings are far different from that of KTM (Duke 200) which stays happy only in high rev ranges even though they share the same bottom half (The problem of any high reving engine its phenomenon of putting pressure on the connecting rods, rocker arms and/or other attributes that contribute to the cyclic parts. In due course of time you will notice the timing chain rattling and worn out cam shaft bearing due to the excess pressure created on low rev ranges). Though high revvin engines are fun to drive under special circumstances only. So yes this bike is good tourer with surprisingly no vibes at all at any speeds.

    2. Will its Fuel efficiency figures more than 40?
    – The norms have certainly changed in recent times. Vehicle Manufacturers are under the scanner and have been asked to produce engines which are environment friendly. Engines now a days dispense less harmful gases and or the catalytic converters help hazardous gases turn less hazardous which eventually brings down the fuel consumption of any engine and Bajaj is not an exception. This engine is super tuned and will definitely give a fuel efficiency somewhere around 40-45 KMPL in town and around 50 KMPL when on highways (These figures again depend on the riding conditions, person riding it, Use of clutch and brakes etc). But frankly speaking if I were you I never would have thought of fuel efficiency whilst on bike producing 200 CC of power with 23.5 horses ;-). I will still advice you to wait for some time before you think of owning this bike, because some minor tweaks are still left and they shall be done in due course of time when you will have full grown Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS.

    Hope these answers make sense and wish you all the best mate!!!

  • sarans

    what will be its on road price in assam. have been eagerly waiting

  • http://facebook nagarjun

    wat would b the price of 200ns in bangalore…..
    oops m wating for it for almost a 2months…

  • Avi

    I want to know that Pulsar 220 has the top speed of 144 kmph but this is according to speedometer and original top speed is around 135 kmph and the claimed top speed of Pulsar 200NS is 136, is it according to speedo or it is original top speed???

  • pawan sandhu

    vry vry vry sexy dashing …coooll bikee.i realy like this ….

  • Rocky

    what will be its on road price in siliguri(W.B)……..

  • suraj

    supersexy naked bike

  • aditya

    good but handling problem

  • Talha

    Guys, can you please find out from your sources about the launch date of 200NS in kolkata, Im really desperate to get one however the Bajaj showroom reps do not have any clue about the pricing or the launch date of the same. :(

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Talha, Kolkata launch by end of the month.

  • Talha Tahir

    Are you sure about it faisal?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes buddy ;-)

    • Talha

      Hi Faisal,

      I called up bajaj showroom today, and the news was disappointing as before,they said that the launch has been postponed in kolkata and the are planning for the 1st week of september, this is seriously ridiculous.
      I just feel like going to another city and getting one for myself.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Talha, wait for sometime. They will launch it pan India by August, so it wont go till September. Discover ST was launched in Kolkata so now the Pulsar 200 NS will definitely be launched soon.

  • rasesh

    any idea on on road price of pulsar 200NS in ahmedabad.. when is it going to be available??

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Rasesh, probably next week.

  • rasesh

    thanx buddy!! and d price??

  • atish shah

    its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



  • http://www.tagged.com apache

    apache 180 with abs is better then pulser….


    Is pulsar 200ns is available in Ahmadabad now ? and what is the on road price of pulsar 200ns in Ahmadabad ?

  • Prayag

    Please Tell me When will be Pulser 200ns Launch in Assam…thanks in advance .

  • Prayag

    And also Tell Me 200ns Onroad Price In Assam.I am from Tinsukia…Thanks

  • Rajan

    ns200 is not so gOod…………….real handle problem……………………….

  • suresh kharel

    pulsar-200 is good bike for everyone but the cost of bike in Nepal is too high. so, limited people can only buy pulsar-200.

  • vishal thakur

    hey i jst wanna i want to buy a bike
    shud i go for 220 or 200 ns……!

  • sharukh

    bandal bike hai yaar…

  • http://facebook.com debia saha tabia

    I too lik pulsar bike 200 ns

  • http://facebook.com debia saha tabia

    Wat is da actual price pulsar 200ns?

  • Nikesh Bhanji

    Me too.. guys taking pulsar 200 ns on dis month of 26th.. w8ing.. from long time……

  • shiv oraon

    please,borrow the bike pulsar200NS



  • gourav oberoi

    pulser 200 ns is 2 costle plz less some price near abut 80.000/- to 90.000

  • Ricky

    M reallY gona HaVe It ::DAmZZ:”:

  • haikam

    i like the bike but the price is too much. i suggest the price to be lessen so that many can efford to use it. the back wheel brake shoe system is somewhat looks like the front btake shoe whic seems not very standard. please explain.

  • jayadev

    in Karnataka they are telling its out of stock…. please help me out….

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