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Hero MotoCorp Launches 125cc Ignitor Motorcycle

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Hero MotoCorp has launched the Ignitor 125cc motorcycle in the Indian market today. India’s largest motorcycle manufacturer might have split with Honda but still has the right to some of its products till 2014. As can be seen in the pictures, the Hero Ignitor is nothing but a re-badged Honda Stunner motorcycle. The Hero Ignitor is offered in two variants, with the base variant getting front drum brake and the top variant getting front disc brake. Other features like alloy wheels and electric start are standard on both the variants.

Hero MotoCorp has priced the base Ignitor (drum brake) at Rs. 55,900/-, while the top end (disc brake) variant of the Ignitor is priced at Rs. 57,900/- (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi). Hero engineers have tweaked the engine and the Ignitor produces 11 Nm of peak torque at a lower 5000 RPM (the Stunner produces the same amount of torque at 6500 RPM). The power output is the same 11 BHP at 8000 RPM and the Ignitor uses a carburetor. Honda offers the Stunner in both carburetor and fuel-injected versions. The Ignitor uses a 5-speed gearbox.

The Hero Ignitor is offered in four colours – Vibrant Blue, Sports Red, Pearl White and Panther Black. The 125cc segment is all of a sudden seeing alot of action with TVS and Bajaj Auto readying an attack in this segment. TVS Motor has been testing the Radeon 125cc which is expected to be launched sometime in September while Bajaj has already shown the Discover ST to the public last month. The Ignitor might not get the volumes of the Super Splendor but Hero MotoCorp wants to offer more choices to the buyer.

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  • Abhi

    This bike really cool.. Better and cheaper then Cbf stunner.. Good Luck HMC..

    • Pulsarboy

      do you know the price, of course you don’t!! this is priced 2k more than Stunner.

    • Abhi

      price differ in every state. So i stay in Bangalore n i’m talking about Bangalore price.. Stunner reach 70k.

    • Abhi

      HMC is not trying to come up new bikes but they are giving some extra variants in same segment n same displacement.. and some people doesn’t no that Hero is working on 400cc and 250cc bike…

  • Manty Ahmed

    Cheater company. Cant make a good screw also thmeselves. Better buy original Stunner.

  • Neil

    HH always try to be smug but they always fail when it comes to creativity. For how many more years are we going to see same damn Honda bikes with Hero bagdes. It doesnt make sense. If they really think they are the leaders then they have to come with some in house masterpiece. No matter how bad it looks we shall be proud for the only reason they have mend it. However they seem to be reluctant with the fact that Bajaj and Honda are growing and getting stronger every passing day.
    So Hero i request you to stop being a smug which you are not and get out of the comfort zone and produce which would make India proud the way Bajaj has done with the Pulsar!!!

  • Who thinks about all these names at HMC x-(

    • Deepak, wait a second. Have you heard of their next bike launch? The Passion xPro :-O

  • Neil

    @Deepak: Spot on with that!!!

  • Viky

    Chillax dude ! Honda have no option rather than providing Support to Hero till the Licence valid till Dec 2014. But the Hero is so smart that it is putting sales chart on fire despite of having any exciting product. on the other hand Bajaj is struggling to increase sales (1 % up this month)due to tough competiton with Honda. For this month also it seems bajaj have lost its position from no 2 to 3 in terms of domestic sales.

  • Viky

    NEW DELHI: The country’s largest two-wheeler maker Hero MotoCorp today reported its highest ever monthly sales at 5,56,644 units in May, registering a growth of 11.28 per cent.
    The company had sold 5,00,234 units in May 2011, Hero MotoCorp said in a statement.
    “The company’s sales in May this year surpassed its previous highest of 5,51,557, recorded only last month — April, 2012,” it added.
    The country’s second largest two- wheeler maker Bajaj Auto which slipped its position to third on Monday reported 1.23% increase in motorcycle sales in May at 3,21,922 units.

    The company had sold 3,17,989 units in the corresponding month last year, Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) said in a statement.

    Exports grew 3% in May at 1,30,573 units compared to 1,26,818 units in the same month last year, it added will Domestic Sales are 191349 which is much below what HMSI sold this month.
    Two-wheeler manufacturer Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) today reported 52.02% growth in total sales for May at 2,21,540 units.
    The company’s total sales stood at 1,45,729 units in the corresponding month of the previous year, HMSI said in a statement.
    Motorcycle sales jumped 37.44% to 95,507 units in May this year as against 69,488 units in May 2011, it added.

    The company reported an increase of 65.31% in its scooter sales to 1,26,033 units from 76,241 units in May Two-wheeler manufacturer Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) today reported 52.02% growth in total sales for May at 2,21,540 units.
    The company’s total sales stood at 1,45,729 units in the corresponding month of the previous year, HMSI said in a statement.

    • Manty Ahmed

      Hero’s 90% selling 100cc bikes. Its not an enthusiasts company like Bajaj Auto.
      I’m damn sure u come from some rural area thats why ur a Hero fan. Bajajs growth was just 1% bcz many people have booked solid bikes like P200NS & Disco ST. wait & watch growth of Bajaj Auto in July’s month.

  • Viky

    Let us Pray that Bajaj can Come back to its 2 Position with its 3 spark 4 Valve 6 gear technology…LOL

    • Abhi

      Exactly VIKY, lets hope bajaj to come up with some extra featured bike for short period.. :D

  • Viky

    @Manty it seems like holds a Bajaj which is nothing but Bajaj – j = Baja ! LOL !

    Sad to see that you are disappointed by the sales of Bajaj but what to do…Dtsi 2 spark plugs are not working so they are adding it one more ! LOL ! We are seeing the sales chart of Hero from last decade when it thrown Bajaj out from No.1 Spot. Hero Sales are continuously increasing but Bajaj sales are stagnant. Look at Honda how fast they have thrown out Bajaj from No 2 Spot just within a Split with Hero in 1 Year. Every manufacturer knows to make a Stable Product unlike Bajaj who doesn’t know what to make and what to sell?

    Need example….Just take a Discover. First they luanched 125cc in 2004…then the 110 cc in 2006 then got a hit of hammer on there head by saying they are quitting 100cc segment so 110 cc discontinued. Then they launched 135cc…then 150cc….They lost the markets share drastically and were unable to hold the ground hence they are again back with 100cc with 5 gear….then 100cc with 4 gear then now the 125ST………Need much more explanation. I think may not be able to understand this since u belong not from rural but a slum area…LOL !

  • Viky

    @Manty when bajaj Launched Disco 125 ? Tommorow they may launch PUB 125 ! Its the time to Disco…ooo !!!

  • Ninu

    Hero Honda used to make very good quality bikes in past, Splendors,CD-100 lasting 10-15 years without any major work, but now they are making crap, spare parts costs a bomb in comparison of competetion.On the other hand Bajaj is improving itself in terms of quality and refinement, Spare parts are cheapest.And not to mention about the Technology” Bajaj is leader”

    • Abhi

      of course spare parts are cheaper then Hero. Cos Hero bikes need its spare parts to be replaced after 5 or 6 years, and Bajaj Bikes need to be replaced for every 10 months or a Year.. :D

    • Ninu

      Exactly thats what i wanted to say, I said “Hero Honda used to make good bikes”, now the situation has been totally changed, now Hero bikes are not that quality ones with bullet proof engines on the other hand these days Bajaj is improving itself day by day.

    • Abhi

      Good Luck Bajaj… :D

    • Abhi

      okay.. Y to just break our heads for these bike companies.. Which is best in quality, design,etc will rule at the first position… like HMC.. :D ;)

  • Viky

    Bajaj & technology are inversly Propotional. Is adding Spark Plug is a technology ? LOL !

    • Manty Ahmed

      Its not a tech for a rural person like u. Thats why Re & Tvs cheated thst idea bcz it wasnt a tech? Ur a rural dumbass.

  • Viky

    @ Manty….Yes its a technology meant for idiots who lives in slum area like you ! LOL ! Dont get frusted if bajaj is not Performing ! Better you sell tumara Baja j ! LOL !

  • Ninu

    Bajaj’s sales figure could have been better if Honda is without Activa, Honda’s sales mostly depends on Activa.Its a huge hit even in rural areas and has good resale value. So its not a fair comparison as Bajaj only makes motorcycles.

  • Prasanna Desigan

    I guess Stunner comes with standard Speedo, while Ignitor comes with Digital Speedo. That is the only thing better than Stunner.

  • rohit

    it will cost around 70k who said cheaper at hyd

  • Subhajit

    1 More difference is that ignitor comes with both kick and self start but stunner comes with only self start.thats a huge problem during winter & we have to start a stunner with choke(engine killer)

  • anil


  • Shashank Jain

    In Jaipur, Ignitor Cost 61,497 on Road.

    Really awesome bike, i love the ride.. :) Kool.. :)

  • shanknaad singh

    badi bhundi bike isu acha to stunner hi le lesa sala pagal banava hain kuta kahtahya ka

  • Peter Paul Markose

    hi all
    Let us wait and see till end of this year 2012. ignitor will prove the best bike of the year. let us watch patiently

  • ARUN

    i going to buy a bike of 125cc. pls suggest me which is the best. glamour/ignitor/honda twister/bajaj st discovet

  • Sanjoy Sikder

    I would like to buy a 125cc bike pls. suggest glamour/discover-st/ignitor which is the best bike

  • mohan

    i would like to buy this vehicle.But in this disc vehicle not supply in chikmagalur in karnataka,please supply disc vehicle

  • sufi

    i dont want to get into cheap talks like above mentioned. i have been using Bajaj Discover 125 since 7 years. As per my useage it did asked for maintanance but overall good bike. now i have booked Hero ignitor which is costing me 68k with disc on road price…quite decent deal. ignitor can b called as refimed version of stunner as it comes with digital speedo n analog techo meter unlike stunner. it gives kick n self start option tgthr. it comes with dry bttry and a pannel right below the tail light unlike stunner. without this pannel stunner makes irritating voice from tail light…ignitor has better graphic n colors.
    on the other hand bajaj discover st comes up with its own style n technology which is good…bajaj lover can go for that…hero lovers go for stunner…honda lover..may b shine or twister or stunner. on nutral manner….hero ignitor mat tops the chart.

    • Sufi, why you chose Ignitor over CB Stunner? Any particular reason?

    • sufi

      i have mentioned reasons above Mr.Khan.
      I wanted a bike with adequate power good looks and better mileage. Ignitor fullfills all.

    • Sufi, cool then get the Ignitor, you won’t be disappointed.

    • sufi

      Finally…i baught it…black ignitor with disc..on road price..68k…awsome bike…it wil never let u feel dat u r riding 125cc bike..power pickup mileage looks…all great……go go go for it.

    • Jaideep

      I heard that ignitor has problem with back break and also quality paint is it true

    • Jaideep, we haven’t heard any such thing.

  • Hitesh

    How much milage can ignitor give in city? Which is better ignitor or stunner in case of durability and milage? Plz anser Faisal

    • Hitesh, both are identical, so there is no difference in mileage or performance.

  • Hitesh

    How much milage can ignitor give in city? Which is better ignitor or stunner in case of durability and milage? And i have heard that ignitor self start does not work in gear? Is it true? Plz answer Faisal

  • vishal

    it is not a copy of stunner because engine is different and more smooth you can feel it.stunner is a failure from honda. now honda will come to know about the diffrences between hero and them. HONDA IS PRESENTING IN 130 COUNTRIES AND THEY R NOT IN THE OF WORLD NO ONE.Hero will definitely set the benchmark in metro’s through can see the the changes in meter as well.

  • Suman

    when it will lunch in Nepal

  • Tuhin Bumba

    i buy this bike black Ignitor..very smooth pick up till 50-55 kmph,after that it makes a sound like a sports bike which is very give 45-47 per/ltr..with out disc in kolkata cost is nearly 67k..looks better than stunner..overall its better than any other 125 cc bike

  • Tuhin Bumba

    ignitors self start works on gear..

  • Tuhin Bumba

    i want to tell u guys one more thing that is its very comfortable to ride for long time..

  • Hitesh

    Thnx Tuhin 4 answering about its start in gear….

  • dinesh

    @Faisal Khan , i read your review about stunner which was really nice and reliable. so i am reading this review too,by seeing your name. but this review of yours lack some of information. CAN YOU PLEASE SUGGEST YOUR PERSONNEL OPINION about which byke suits me?
    my requirements are
    *125CC segment
    *good look
    *mainly to use in city
    *average mailage
    *availability of spare parts
    *im not a speed rider
    was ignitor OK? or you want me to go for stunner???? OR CAN YOU SUGGEST ANY OTHER????

    • Tuhin Bumba

      @dinesh……who told u that ignitors parts and spares are available in the market?
      its totally unavailable in kolkata..

  • priyam

    boss stunner iz stunnr put discover st, n ignitor n stunner n then ask any one to choose u will find ans n bajaj can nt compete with quality of honda i have discover frm past 1 yr n in terms of quality bajaj bikes are worst

  • rishabh thakur

    I mostly like this bike from when it has launched

  • I moistly like this bike

  • saravanan

    hello sir wich byke is very nice sir so new bykes is very well

    • saravanan

      I mostly like this bike from when it has launched is very well



  • nishanth

    can any one say which bike is good in 125cc segment igniator or stunner

    • Nishanth, both bikes are almost the same with different names.

  • Raj

    Which colour is look good in ignator.pls suggest me.

  • biswaranjan satpathy

    hero companey bar bar any kampani jese bonatahe

  • hey how the milage this bike. and how to peek up this bike. tihs bike are so good or what.

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