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2012 Hyosung GT250R Launch

DSK Motowheels is launching its very first motorcycle in India today, the Hyosung GT250R. The event is taking place at Nariman Point in Mumbai and we are bringing you live updates from the launch. All the details of the Hyosung GT250R are already out with the pricing the only thing unknown. When we went to test the GT250R in Pune, the showroom guys told us that a Rs. 2.5 lakhs price is quite likely. With DSK taking over Garware stakes, could the pricing be more aggressive? Stay tuned as we find out.

Read The Hyosung GT250R Test Ride Review

The Hyosung GT250R is priced at Rs. 2.75 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). DSK Motowheels is expecting to sell 3000 units a year and feels the GT250R is the talk of the town. The company also calls it a tornado on 2-wheels and all 18 showrooms will have it on display within 5 days. DSK feels Hyosung has been recongnized in India alot and they have sold more than 600 units of their 600cc bikes. The Hyosung GT250R produces 27.6 BHP of peak power at 10,000 RPM and 22.07 Nm of peak torque at 8000 RPM. Top speed is 140 km/h and the Hyosung GT250R is available in three colours – white and red, black and red, silver and red.

DSK Motowheels will launch another motorcycle in September, the GV650, which will have a top speed of 220 km/h. The GV250 cruiser would be launched between December 2012 and February 2013. With these bikes pricing would be key as the competition is intense. Meanwhile the GT250R is being positioned as a life style product. Shirish Kulkarni says that the GT250R is a weekend bike and not a daily commuter, there is no brand ambassador as the bike is a star itself. In 18 months, DSK will start making parts locally which will result in competitive pricing. Currently rate of import duty is around 24 percent, while import excluding excise is 10 percent.

2012 Hyosung GT250R Instrument Cluster

2012 Hyosung GT250R White Red

2012 Hyosung GT250R Red Black

2012 Hyosung GT250R Price

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  • adi

    Price are to high. Good luck GT.

  • Hunky

    Wish to see GT250N compete with CBR250 in price point a view !!!

  • ams

    delayed my decision on ninja…was waiting for this launch…a korean bike not worth the price…wsd hopinh it to compete with cbr….all the best dsk…am going for ninja…

  • Amitabh

    Not Worth the Price.. Was waiting for it as well and now such a major disappointment,


    i dont think dsk will find 3000 customers who will discard the baby ninja which has more power, more speed, good looks and much more.
    looks like they have made this bike for girls, who dont care about power, speed, and quality. but if its good looking they will buy it. however there ain’t 3000 girls in india who will buy this shitty lifestyle bike. what do they think a sports bike is? a designer dress or jewellery? this bike doesn’t deserve that pricing.

  • Punit

    To Shirish Kulkarni :- My dear Shirish there was a era of 100 cc motorcycle segment, now its more of 150cc, (as people need bike which has a all around power and fuel efficiency) and slowly & gradually moving on to 250 cc because today’s youth looks for more power and he is ready to compromise on fuel for power.

    So 250 cc segment have picked up but its never a Life Style Bike now a days youth uses it for every day commute and not weekend…. i believe 600 cc + is Life Style Product…. now..

    Now very important Question should you go with GT 250 R ?????? Obviously not today’s youth who is buying 250 cc bike does a lot of researcher before buying the product and the heart of GT250 is old technology…. almost same or equal power to CBR … So DSK … just for looks paying almost 1 L plus doesn’t make sense and price equally to Ninja which is much more power full and as beautiful as it has to be …

    Overall I am disappointing with DSK …..

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Punit, you should post that letter to him, probably it will make some sense to them and they will correct prices.

  • Manty Ahmed

    I won’t buy this chinese/korean crap for 1/3rd of the price it asks. Best way to waste one’s money.

  • Mac Jason

    Copying Suzuki bike doesn’t mean manufacturing equally quality bikes. This will be the super flop bike in India.

  • Ninu

    Since price is almost same , so Ninja anyday is better. But if they priced it at 2.0 ex delhi( which is next to impossible right now) then this is a good choice. If you have money then Look nothing less than a Ninja, if having half the money then go for CBR, if having even less money then w8 for P200 with full fairing & similar performance.

  • Ninu

    If having money & don’t wana buy CBR then beg Yamaha for R25… :P

  • Anonymous

    totally disappointed DSK, wake up.

    Untill Then Comet R.I.P.

  • karikor

    After a decent show by the GT650R and GT650N, this one will only tag DSK – Hyosung as an overpriced manufacturer. 2.0 lakhs would have been more than appropriate, considering that it is a Twin cylinder after all. Are we heading into an era of really good 250cc+ but also really overpriced motorcycles ?

    For 2.75 lakhs I would have bought me and my dad a KTM Duke 200 with just 50cc less and 2 BHP lower than this.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Karikor, put Rs. 1.2 lakhs more and you get 400cc and 43 BHP more.

    • karikor

      I dont even need to put 1.2 lakhs more, for the same amount, I can get 400cc with 50bhp.
      ( 2 KTM Duke 200s ;) )

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Karikor, but you can ride only one at a time ;-p

  • http://mail preetham

    Defiantly 100% flap in Indian market ,
    Price is very very very high,

    Overall disappointing with DSK …..???????????????????????????????????

  • Ysak

    ohh..still these crappy lukng silencers ..!!

    itz nt ‘expecting to sell 3000 units a year’ , itz ‘dreaming to sell 3000 units a year’..!! ;-)

    • Ninu

      They aren’t dreaming…they are day dreaming…lolzzz

  • Sushrut

    DSK is a reputed (not sure how)builder in Pune who is in habit of constructing mediocre buildings with worst floor plans and still charge heftly for it. He is carrying the same theme here.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Sushrut, I think Garware also has a big role to play in the higher prices. Because before the takeover, I was hearing prices would be similar to the Ninja 250R.

  • akbar janjua

    i literally wasted my time for this bike……….holy crap RS3.2lakhs on road…………….bye bye dsk…….i am going for ninja……….?bloody fools hyosung………

  • Debojyoti Banik

    I was eagerly waiting for the GT250R as I took a test ride on the GT650R, producing around 75Bhp, loved it but 6L, cant afford… My wait ended, but this is not what I was expecting…
    Half the price, 1/3rd the power….
    When they say it’s gonna set a bench mark, atleast they could have done is put 6gear transmission. But no. Now again I’m lost, with a 2-3L budget, is there a good bike which really sets up a bench mark….?


    friends go for honda cbr 250r it is 1.3-1.5 lks cheaper
    & it is the best low cost sports bike available in india with such a spectacular performence
    & for the hyosung (dsk motors) like the comet 250 , the gt 250r vil also be a flop show for u in india……….

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