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Hyundai Verna 1.6 CRDI AT Test Drive Review

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Hyundai Verna Automatic Test Drive Review

Fluidic Hyundai Verna - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Hyundai Verna Review

Car tested: 2012 Hyundai Verna 1.6 CRDI Automatic

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs 13,67,940/-

Despite of being the only automatic in its segment, the Verna also happens to be the cheapest diesel automatic you can buy.

Long gone are the days when Hyundai cars would look typically Korean. Evolution and incorporation of Hyundai’s latest Fluidic design philosophy has completely changed the game for the Korean manufacturer with their cars sporting a more European form. The Fluidic Verna is clearly generations apart from its predecessor, the design is eye catching, forcing you to steal a second glance once in a while. The Hyundai Verna clearly spells success, this model commands a large waiting period inspite of Hyundai ramping up the production capacity. To have your own set of keys, you have have to hold your horses for a good six months or more for delivery. Looks aside, it is the only car in the segment to offer a diesel automatic variant. We take it for a spin and find out how good it gets.

Hyundai Verna Automatic Test Drive Review

The gearbox is the only differentiating factor between the manual and automatic variants. Everything else remains absolutely the same. Externally, you can look for the ‘Auto’ badge behind the front right wheel. Hyundai is said to be working towards offering automatic transmission in the lower variants in the coming months, this move will make the automatic variant more affordable and will also help the sale figures point north. These days customers prefer diesel cars, especially since the distance between the two fuels is increasing by the day with respect to cost. Bad road conditions, city traffic jams and the convenience of single foot driving work in favour of automatic cars and the Hyundai Verna comes across as a strong sole contender.

Hyundai Verna Automatic Test Drive Review

Verna’s automatic avatar hosts a four speed, single clutch automatic transmission, which has been lying in Hyundai’s backyard for a while. This 4 speed unit incorporates a slot shift mechanism and even though it may not seem lucrative on paper, its does a commendable job on the road. Since there are only 4 gears on hand, ratio’s are taller and widely spaced and thus the automatic variant does not accelerate as fast as its manual sibling or so does it feel. Having said this, the Hyundai Verna Automatic is less than a second slower than the manual to 100 kmph. The single clutch mechanism has an inherent lag between shifts but this is in acceptable limits. You may prefer to shift manually through the tiptronic function while overtaking on the highways. The 1.6 litre CRDI engine produces adequate power to get the job done satisfactorily with enough power on hand even in low speeds.

Hyundai Verna Automatic Test Drive Review

Manual mode reaps faster shifts and is more fun to drive but even in this mode the gearbox will upshift once you hit the rev limiter at a little over 4000 rpm. The automatic variant does not rev as freely as its manual counterpart which goes all the way to 5000 rpm. Engine refinement is brilliant and deserves a mention. The auto mode is best used in city or when you are out for a relaxing drive. Expect the fuel efficiency to drop by almost 2 kmpl in the city, on the highways, there is marginal difference between the mileage of the automatic and manual variants, thanks to the tall 4th gear. Expect around 12.5 kmpl in the city and around 16 kmpl on the highways.

Hyundai Verna Automatic Test Drive Review

The Verna automatic is far better than its predecessor and despite of being the only automatic in its segment, it also happens to be the cheapest diesel automatic you can buy. It may not score well on the highways but if you are looking for a city car, there is simply and quite literally, no competition at all. The good thing is, Hyundai is planing to offer the automatic gearbox in lower variants of the Verna, which will appeal to a large section of buyers.

Read the exhaustive review of the Fluidic Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna Automatic Test Drive Review

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  • kunal

    this might feature a 4 spd auto bt who cares, hyundai knows what ppl want n they are always there with it

  • marsh


  • Hunky

    I think Chevy cruze AT will be in similar price band as this one itself..

    How is it compare to Chevy cruze ?? What are the advantage point for Verna AT over Chevy Cruze AT ??

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Javeid Khan

      Hunky, the Cruze AT is 18.4 lakhs on road Mumbai which more than 4 lakhs more than the Verna. The upcomimg Elantra will be competition to the Cruze, therefore the Verna does not compete with the Cruze at all.

  • http://www.automaniac.in bob

    The fluidic design from Hyundai has changed the way their car looks. And now the Automatic variant in Verna should make it much more awesome…

  • http://www.picasaweb.google.com/pulsurge Deepak Dongre

    Very well written Javeid. Yeah it does make sense in the city. Though completely off-track, but most of our office cars are Honda Civic with AT…and have travelled frequently on the expressway in the car due to our office project. Surprisingly I found the car quick and was hard to believe it was an AT. We managed to hit 190 before the tunnel intervened ;)

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Javeid Khan

      Thanks Deepak. The Civic is a great car, if only it was available in diesel..

  • ranjeet

    hyundai should give atleast 5 spd auto for that price!

  • SSM

    There’s a great leap towards futuristic design by Hyundai leaving aside the typical Korean way.Now Japanese car makers are struggling to fight back Koreans in terms of style & design.But technology wise Koreans have improved a lot both Hyundai & Kia just capturing the market.Hyundai has made a dent in the luxury market too by introducing Genesis & Centennial with ultra modern gadgets fitted in the car with super refined engines.They’re now marching towards sports version with introduction of Genesis Coupe and Veloster.Now Hyundai has full range from sedan to hatchback to sports to Luxury.Unfortunately in our Indian market they’re slow in new model launches struggling with Verna,i20 & i10.Could be in the future we’ll be able to see these cars on Indian roads.

  • karan

    Hyndai verna fluidic 1.6sx (o) AT CRDi VGT
    this car very good in city
    transmission autotatic gear
    last verna is good car

  • Mayank Jain

    HOw does it compare with Ford Fiesta Petrol AT?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Mayank, Fiesta Automatic has a much superior gearbox although its not available in diesel.

  • M.Manjunath Reddy

    I am planning to by verna AT CRDI SX Model. I am using skoda Laura TDI 2011, pls surges me by verna are not,I have nee problem.my begets is 1200000

  • Janardhan

    My dream for automatic car drive. How Verne drive on India road. Please give me advice.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Janardhan, it’s a good car.

  • Saurabh Rai

    Dear Mr Faisal, I also want to buy verna at diesel, is it good to buy or I shuld make more budget for skoda octavia diesel AT.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      If you have the budget, get the Octavia.

  • Atul

    Dear I have manual transmitted verna CRDI and wants to change in automatic ,is it possible and will it be success ful

  • Manoj Kulria

    I own Hyundai verna fluidic diesel (O) automatic, the car is awesome and no doubt it is best in class for traffic driving. This is my second Verna fluidic diesel as before this I had manual transmission gearbox and this new I bought in December 2013 in which I got new projector headlamps with led and also the suspension is very much improved than the previous verna fluidic.
    The only problem I am facing is mileage, in city I hardly could get 10 kmpl of mileage and on highway if I drive very calmly then I get 14 kmpl, just wanted ask is this normal or there any problem in my car, I got it checked from the Hyundai service centre and they said it’s ok .
    Request you to please help me in getting a better mileage. It is more expensive to drive this car than a petrol car.

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