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Modified Pulsar 220 Looks Like A Hayabusa [Updated]

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Pulsar 220 Hayabusa

Even though Bajaj Auto has launched the Pulsar 200 NS, the Pulsar 220 continues to be a hot favorite amongst the bikers in our country. People love full faired motorcycle and Bajaj Auto is yet to launch a full faired Pulsar. The company is expected to give the Pulsar 200 NS a full fairing, calling it the Pulsar 200 SS. However details about this model are still sketchy. So what if you want a full faired Pulsar? Well you modify and get one and that is what one Pulsar 220 owner has just done. We feel, the result is simply mind blowing.

We don’t have details about the modifications and cost but expect it to be somewhere in the range of Rs. 15,000 – 20,000/-. The Pulsar 220 is painted in matte black, which along with the full fairing makes it look quite like the Suzuki Hayabusa in the above picture. The owner believes in keeping it simple and hasn’t added any sort of graphics on the bike. Sometimes less is more and in this case, it definitely is. The overall modifications make the Pulsar 220 look like a heavier bike. This is undoubtedly the best modification we have seen on the Pulsar 220.

The Bajaj Pulsar 220 is available in F variant. The S variant was discontinued earlier this year. The bike is powered by a 220c, DTS-i engine which produces a peak power output of 20.8 BHP at 8500 RPM and peak torque output of 19.12 Nm at 7000 RPM. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The company had positioned the Pulsar 220 as the fastest Indian but the record was broken by higher capacities machines within a couple of years time. The Pulsar 220 will be discontinued after two years, once Bajaj Auto brings in more variants of the second generation Pulsars.

Pulsar 220 Full Fairing

Pulsar 220 Best Modification

Picture Source – Facebook

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  • Ysak

    absolutely.. the best mod seen on a p220.. neat n meaty..

  • Manty Ahmed

    wow stunning. Whos the great mind behind this class?

  • Navaneeth

    if the engine is air cooled this bike will suffer from overheating of engine….better do full fairing on liguid cooled engines…..the quality of the fairing looks superb…makes an impression that its factory fitted…

  • Amit

    220F also will be discontinued ! Sad news for them who owns it

  • Amit

    Better spending 15k and doing this over a air coooled engine…better get one R15. A ton better than this

    • Faiz

      When compare to performance R15 cannot beat pulsar

    • deepankur asthana

      yes .i agree with u ,R15 cannot beat pulsar 220

    • boopathi

      do’t think like this its a great mod 15k is not much for this look

    • v

      what are u talking

  • Amish

    Just look at the mod ! It looks a ton better than R15

  • luq

    am on AMIT’S side on this one ,yes the mod is good but does the feeling change do u feel like u r riding a supersport bike,,,well if u dnt which am most-def suer u will nver better save u mney and go by a stock bike,,…with due respect to motobeam pliz post articles about original products,,

  • Sunil

    Its looks AWESOMEEEEE. Can you tell me how much it will cost me if I want to modify my 200ns into Kawasaki ninja zx10 ?

  • praji

    r 15 ton bettr than pulser ? Yes compard to 150 pulser,, ,

  • simply it s looking like a heavy nicely done.. post some fotos pls

  • Satish

    Can you please let me know whether we can modify pulsar 180cc black same as the above picture or not?

  • Shishir

    I agree R15 looks a ton better than this. But the fact that its a 150cc and not 220. R15 can never give you the feel of a 220cc machine!!

  • ramdoot

    sir want to get dis modification in my 220 pulsar plz give me cell no. Of a guy who did this modification

  • Yohi

    Sir i wana modify my pulsar 220 but i dont want da elivated seat, is it possible? nd plz give me da contact no. Of person who can modify da bike.

  • Prashant

    OMG!!!just luk at d modding guys…….its just so awesome!!dude plz tell me d place n cost of modification…..bored of driving same old school,want 2 try something new….n this thing will surely keep d head turning up n up…….dude plz plz answer me quickly

    • Sandeep Rajput

      Please give if u have

  • That is better then old 220 but it want more bater then hayabusa

  • this pulsar from indonesia not in india. modification from india less cool far from Indonesia hehe…peace

  • max

    Did someone say, R15 is better than P220 ? Ha ha ha ha ha……
    Looks, Power, Mileage, Maintenance cost… Compare on whatever standards u want… and you will find P220 win.
    Bike life…. Well, i prefer riding a P220 for 2-3 years, ruling the roads, rather than just a show off bike with average mileage and Power

    • abhishek


  • sanket

    i want to modify ma pulsar 220

  • irfan gani

    Hw much do I cost for this type of modification in my 220….

  • irfan gani

    Hw much cost do I need to spend on dis type of mod on 220

  • shaukat ali

    Faisal bhai jaan i want d same for me can u help ????????

  • Abhijit

    Faisal bhai absolutely sexy modification. can you please let me know where you did this kind of modification? my id id

  • akshay

    faisal bhai i also own a p220 in black blue color
    i want to make it like this please tell me from where i can do it in delhi
    do tell me how it will affect my bikes mileage
    currently its giving me 35-40kmpl

    • Akshay, its not advisable as it will address mileage.

  • akshay
  • Prathap

    I want some bike modifi company address

  • akshay kadu

    I have a pulsar 180.Can I modify its dome into 220 pulsar dome in nagpur or pune??
    How much it costs??

  • shajeer shah

    Really its look like hayabuza. I like it. Plz i want address & phone no of this company. Plz send to my phone no 919995673978

  • shlok

    there is a bike modifier in pune donno address. will search and tell later.u

  • Munzir khan

    Faisal bhai i want to modified my 220 like this. Then tell me bhai how i contact with u about this please help me

  • Anil Kumar

    Hi buddy,

    it is looking really good, please let me know from where did you got this done from (name & address)

  • Hi…. I want to modify my bike (P220 F plasma blue) with Projector lamps and also modify its visor like a superbike…. and also change its exhaust, to make it sounding one.. I want to know if I modify its exhaust it will effect the mileage or not… I want a best place to modify my bike with appropriate parts… so that it does not effect my bike’s engine life respectively …. plz suggest me bro.. !!

  • Ajay

    I want this modification in my pulsar 220..plz tell me where to get this from

  • rajesh

    i wanna make my pulsar220 to der any places in hydrabad for bike modifications…?

  • NIKS


    • sreedev_mj

      metal leapord?

  • ramkrish

    i can pulsar modify to looks like a hayabusha only head dome not in back, how much dis mod cost plse send me pls………..

  • ramkrish

    sir,naku me work chusi chala happy ga undhi endukante andariki race bike ride cheyalani vuntundi kani avi mailage chala takkuva so meru chese modify valla andariki chala happyga vuntundhi takkuva costlo,maintain cheyagala mailage eche bike,kavalanukune model lo modify chesukovachu

  • ramkrish

    sir i want to modify my pulsar ninja,hayabusa these two r only modify front looks n sailencer handel bar painting etc i can coming from vijayawada sir fully correct information post pls sir total cost how much

  • ramsri

    i want to modify my pulsar to hayabusa how much cost sir pls send me reply

  • dhirendra meena

    aapke kitnye rupiy lage hayabussa banane main……

  • Taufiq Karjikar

    Dud wer I can I modified Pulsar 2000 to Hyabusa in India ???????????? , Basically I am from Mumbai “”””””””””””””


  • wasim

    Nice modification. I just love it..
    Just tell me, which bike’s seat and engine guard is this?

  • PRANAV Gavande

    Dude i wnt to modify my 220 lik dis.frm where i can do the same? pls sugest.m frm baroda. 7698015473



  • bikash kumar dhangar

    i like pulsar bike. what a bike? i want this bike. i like to modify its look realy realy good.(ja bana tiye na bike tike egdom lelo laka ekdom haya bhusa ka ta hole bondhura chimtang aguitape joldi aguipe ka ) so good

  • Akshay kumar

    Awesome. Bike dude … Who is the master mind of thi bike …… !!

  • miko

    It’s made by Indonesian modificator…

  • miko

    Berkat Motor, Jakarta Indonesia ……. Syndicate Motor, jakarta Indonesia for Ducati Multistrada models (Rial Hamzah:the owner) (find them in internet)

  • Mahesh Ghanwat

    I want to modify my 150cc pulsar in sport bike.
    plz my no.9730000170 urgent

  • Biswajit Maity


  • abrar shaikh

    I loved this bike ihv never seen such abike its awsome

  • kishor n kunwar


  • kishor kunwar

    I want to modify my 220cc pulsar modify to looks like a hayabusha , how much dis mod cost plse send me pls…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… me
    I loved this bike ihv never seen such abike its awsome

    • Kishor, Rs 15 lakhs only. The only solution is to buy a Hayabusa.


    .hi sir my name is Dinesh i want modified pullsar 220f pls sir tel me the address sir pls my number is 09493665544

    • We don’t modify. Get in touch with a designer.

  • Ruchir

    Sir can u please suggest good modification center..sooo i can modify my pulsar 220 in d same manner.. please reply

  • fahimuddin syed

    Faisal bhai Ek number dikhri bhai bike apki….

  • shahbaz ahmed

    Pulsar and accidents are directly proportional. Waste of money

  • Debashis Nandi

    I want to modify my pulsar220. from where i can modify the same. Give me the cell no of urs.

  • S DS


    PLS CALL ME @ 9890039204

  • Nazeer

    This bike modified by abroad not in India so try understand guys u must find good designer and professional modifier bring this picture and buy it good quality fairing kit from show room which make fit and fix for your bike it will look fantastic then

  • Prabhakar

    How can i make my pulsar 200 like this please guide me

  • amit

    Faisal Bhai lo Lund khud ni pta modifications kahan pe hoti hai rate Hi rate bta rahe hai address to bta Hi ne re net se pic download kr ke daal di aur sbko chutiya bna raha hai bhen ke Lund address bta Teri Ma ki chut dalle

  • M sundar

    I am going to buy 220 can u pls send ur details in chennai contact numbers

  • riyo

    This modification comes from my country , Indonesia

  • meet

    if u want to modify ur bike like this just call the dc designers mr dalip chhabra in okhla,delhi

  • mike

    how cost to make it looks a like hayabusa? thanks

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