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Hero Maestro Test Ride Review

Hero Maestro Test Ride Review

2012 Hero Maestro – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Hero Maestro Review

Bike tested: 2012 Hero Maestro

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 56,891/-

Maestro, the first scooter from independent Hero MotorCorp, is a freshly designed new scooter which surely has some boy thing in it. After the aged Pleasure, which was Hero Honda’s exclusive offering targeted at female buyers, the Maestro comes as a fresh air of surprise. It is targeted towards those who need a scooter that provides freedom from gear shifting, good storage, size and ample comfort but which does not look feminine. As the scooter market is flooded with many options now a days, the Hero Maestro has to stand out of the crowd and challenge the segment leader, Honda. We will try to find out if it has anything special other than boy thing that can attract buyers.

Styling – The Hero Maestro follows a different design language that can attract the next generation and a functionality which will suit the ex-generation at the same time. At the front of the Hero Maestro, things which will gain your attention are the black colored visor and the two-tone rear view mirrors. Use of a black colored visor over the headlight is a nice touch and is first of its kind for a scooter. Also, nicely shaped rear view mirrors come in two-tone colors, one being the black as common and another being the color which is same as the body. Two-angled lines run from the top of the apron and extend to the front mudguard which adds some muscular appeal to it.

Look from the side and the design language of the Hero Maestro seems to be in harmony with the front, simple but with a hint of masculinity. From sharp nose to sharp tail, everything has an edgy feeling in it. Side panels are well executed with matte black strip running in between which discontinues monotony and gives it a distinct appeal. Rectangular tail light covers all the area at the rear along with the clear lens indicators, which appear to be inspired by the Honda Activa. Grab rails are also designed keeping in mind not only functionality but also style.

Engine – We know that Hero borrowed engine technology from their ex-partner, in past, for various bikes and scooters. But while Pleasure continues to use the last generation 102cc Honda motor, this scooter gets the tried and tested motor from the current breed of Hondas. The 109cc, 8.2 HP engine has a different state of tune which has .2 BHP more (8.2 BHP) at the same 7500 RPM and an increase of .28 Nm of torque to 9.10 Nm over 8.82 Nm of the Activa. The Maestro is also 3 kgs lighter, making it much more peppier than the Honda Activa. The engine is smooth and refined, it does get loud at higher speeds and small amount of vibrations does kick in.

Ergonomics – Bigger dimensions of scooters can accommodate big people like me easily. The seat is also wide and is cushioned nicely thus providing support well. Foot board is flat and spacious, thus one need not bend his/her legs while riding and same is for the pillion thanks to the proper placement of foldable footrests. Even with storage box (an accessory) at the front there is lot of room for my legs to play around. Longer saddle makes sure both rider and the pillion gets seated comfortably. Height and position of the handlebar is very comfortable and gives you a good upright stance while riding. Also the speed console comes in your line of sight and you need not take off your eyes from the roads. Switches are easily accessible too. The weight and saddle height is what can make this scooter difficult to ride for some female riders though.

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – Bike-inspired instrument cluster has three pod layout which houses a digital display and all warning lights sitting at either side of central round speedo-meter. Digital display shows basic information like fuel gauge, single-trip meter, odometer and service due warning message and it has an orange colored back-light which is on all the time thus making it easy to read anytime. To make it appealing to males, speedo-meter needle swings from zero to full-scale and back once you switch ON the ignition just like every other sports bike.

Some grey texture on the background and ‘Maestro’ written at the center in funky font also catches your attention. Lockable ignition cover is an added feature which has become common now a days for scooters. This ignition cover can be locked without the key by sliding a knob and unlocking obviously needs a key. Till what extent this feature increases the safety of the scooter is questionable but it inspires the confidence in the owner and also makes ignition tamper proof.

Performance, Handling and Suspension – Seating position on this scooter is upright and you don’t need much effort to reach the handle bars. Once you twist the throttle, the scooter will give a nice response and accelerates smoothly. But if Hero wants to target young males then the performance is not as lively as the Honda Dio with the same engine. You get throttle response which gets dampened by the overall body weight and size. The Hero Maestro’s zippy engine and can take you around 90 km/h in considerably good time. The Maestro has a little feel of sportiness in it. Having conventional underbone type tubular chassis, straight line stability is good on high speeds, even with pillion rider. Handle bar feels quite heavy and hence at corners you will feel less confident.

Equipped with combined braking system, the Maestro fails to impress when it comes to braking. You need to press both levers very hard for effective braking and thus it does not inspire confidence amongst the riders. On performance front let’s assume that the scooter is tuned for men and not boys. Suspension setup is typical bottom link type at the front and unit swing arm at the rear with hydraulic dampers providing cushion at both wheels. Telescopic suspension could have helped well though. Thus, the Hero Maestro is not that good at absorbing potholes. As a rider, you will feel hammering effect on your hands when you go through potholes, especially at high speeds. But your backbone is saved by a good suspension setup at the rear. Pillion comfort is also good.

Miscellaneous – Under seat storage is generous and can house a full sized helmet easily with some space still left around it. We will give full marks for luggage space. Access to luggage space is provided by a lock located on the side and not at the back which is very convenient. One more feature which is carried over from Honda is the Combined Braking System. For the first time this technology is making its appearance on non-Honda scooter. Combined braking system, as the name suggests, is a system which applies brakes on both wheels even when you press the left brake lever only. This improves braking performance of the scooter theoretically. When you press the right lever, only front wheel will get the brake force.

Conclusion – The Hero Maestro has good looks, tried, tested and trusted engine, conventional proven underpinnings, big dimensions and good features on offer. But pricing of this scooter could have been better, as direct competitor, the Honda Activa treads at a lesser price. This added price will get you fresh looks and Hero’s wide service network but remember, except this and good looks it has nothing new in it. When the scooter market is dominated by Honda, the Hero Maestro has potentials to challenge that dominance. The Maestro is thus a scooter worth considering.

Whats Cool

* Looks
* Instrument console with digital display
* Size
* Hero’s service network

Whats Not So Cool

* Brakes
* Traditional suspension set-up

2012 Hero Maestro Specifications

* Engine: 109cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC
* Power: 8.2 BHP @ 7500 RPM
* Torque: 9.10 Nm @ 5500 RPM
* Top Speed: 90 km/h
* Fuel Consumption: 50 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Suspension: Bottom Link (Front), Unit Swing (Rear)
* Tires: 90/100/10
* Brakes: 130mm drums with Combined Braking System

2012 Hero Maestro Dimensions

* Wheelbase: 1240 mm
* Ground clearance: 155 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.3-litres
* Kerb Weight: 108 kgs

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  • vivek

    nice article

  • Sushrut

    Nicely written!! Hero Motocorp should have taken this opportunity to improve front suspension setup to differentiate it from other scooters in market.

    • raj

      they dont have the tech only, they will wait for honda to give it to them..

    • RIJU H DAS

      Absolutely raj.

  • Pritam Sarkar

    Overall Maestro is good scooter ……. but it lacks Telescopic suspension

    • Faisal Khan

      Pritam, even the Honda Activa lacks a telescopic suspension.


      ;) @FAISAL

  • raj

    excellent and detailed review, good work suraj, cheers..

  • vishal

    I am a user of both activa and maestro. But i can say that except fibre body and poor braking system, maestro sets behind activa in all other aspects like mileage, looks, comfort, control, etc

  • nikunj

    good bike

  • samarjit pattnayak

    fabulous…..i just fall in love with it & ultimately went for it & believe me this scooter has got everything in it….just awesome

  • ashok

    its good bike it i likeit

  • mathuresh kumar

    I. would like to say honestly that swdeshi is

  • sachin kakkar

    pls in all information send me

    • Suraj

      @Sachin: what information you want?

  • http://yahoo Gaurav

    i like maestro and i want to buy maestro on this diwali ?
    but i have no idia which one is good activa /maestro ?

  • Suraj

    Actually both scooters are identical in mechanicals.
    The difference lies in looks, sales and service and price.
    So the call is yours and depends on what do you prefer.
    In my personal opinion Maestro looks way better than Activa.

  • Pintu

    Nice Scooter, with gud look and 110 cc Capacity Engine.

  • http://facebook rajat kandoi

    i am confuzd betwn hero mastero and honda activa ???? Which is better

    • Suraj

      as i already told Gaurav,
      Maestro and Activa are having same underpinnings and mechanicals.
      The difference lies in look only and Maestro looks pretty good and big and has nice instrument cluster too.
      So just check these factors in your area like:
      1 Availability of Service centers
      2 Price
      You can check this and go with any scooter, both are good.

  • sadanand chaudhari

    very nice review …!!
    i want to buy new bike. and give me advice which one is better. hero maestro, hero pleasure ,honda activa or suzuki swish.
    pls help me.

    • Suraj

      Out of all four scooters Swish is 125 cc scooter and rest are 110cc.
      Suzuki Swish a good scooter which has nice performance and advantage of reduced weight over its sibling Access. The built quality is also nice and Suzuki’s engine refinement is also good. But the fuel efficiency of this scooter is little less as compared to others as engine is bigger. And it is costliest amongst the lot.

      Then Pleasure is now pretty old scooter so better you leave that.
      For Activa and Maestro:
      Maestro and Activa are having same underpinnings and mechanicals.
      The difference lies in look only and Maestro looks pretty good and big and has nice instrument cluster too.
      So just check these factors in your area like:
      1 Availability of Service centers
      2 Price

      I hope this points are helpful, so go ahead with your choice.
      Have a happy riding ahead

  • kripalsinh chudasama

    hello sir, my question is more about same, which one is better access,activa or maestro? N which one has highest fuel economy?

    • Faisal Khan

      Kripalsinh, the best scooter in the 110cc segment is the Yamaha Ray.

  • vijay kumar

    Hello sir,which has the better fuel efficiency in the city, performance and longer life. for me and my father want to buy first scooter in home. i’ve little bit of confuse either activa or Maestro.

    • Faisal Khan

      Vijay, both are same as both use the same Honda engine.

  • rahulbaid

    mileage is so bad..only 25 km/lt…abhi tak mere maestro ke number nahi aaye hai.sirf 10 days hue hai.pls suggest me what to do

    • Suraj

      Hope you had contacted your dealer regarding this.
      Also you may reach Hero through their website and hotline number as well

  • Ambani

    I have purchased Hero Maestro few days back and its total 150 KMs of run as on 20.11.12. It has given me Mileage of 41.7 in the City drive conditions (some time only one passenger, some time two adult, some time two adult with two children also). However the company people were saying that it will give 30-35 of Mileage till 3rd service and after 3rd service it will give 55-60. So the Mileage is perfect infect more as per their confirmation. The Scooter is very good, head lights are very powerful, pick-up is also excellent but plastic body is the drawback. Over all, if plastic body does not make any concern for one, the Scooter is very good infect excellent.

    • Suraj

      Thanks for sharing your experience..!!

    • Faisal Khan

      Ambani, what did you find with the plastic quality?

    • SHukla ji

      bahaut khoob…
      maza aa gaya….

  • ppuni

    Honda dio or hero maestro which one is better….
    fuel efficency and handling.. and pricng

  • Partha narayan das

    Today I by my new BLUE MAESTRO, Got it after two weeks of booking..:-)

    • Faisal Khan

      Partha, congratulations on your new Maestro.

  • Srikanta Bera

    Please give me the name of Hero service centre at Bagnan(howrah distric) or near to bagnan.

    • Suraj

      Hope this would help you
      Tel: 94335 68956/(Cell : 94340 16691)

  • No One

    With 110cc engine, I expected a better mileage figure. May be at around upper 60. 50 is something now days 150cc segment tends to offer.

    My R15 gives 50

  • Aakash Varma

    I want to buy a new scooter. I am confused between Activa and Maestro… As i saw in ur earlier comments that both have the same engine but Maestro looks better.. But i wnt to which is better in terms of:

    1. Body Durability in long term
    2. Suspension
    3. Resale Value

    • Faisal Khan

      Aakash, resale value wise, Honda will be better. Overall, Maestro is the scooter to pick of the two.

    • vedant gulati

      i can buy a hero maestro it is very good luk anr it can give me 45kmpl average .. its pickup is very fast comape dan activa…

  • Partha narayan das

    Everyone is talking about suspention.. But I dont find any prob regarding this.. This scooter has just everything you could expect from your scooter.. And I think it must give a good resale value too..

    • Suraj

      The reason why every one including us are talking about suspension is, Maestro uses bottom link type suspension upfront.
      This type of suspension technology is age old now and does provide very small damping. It transmits almost all shocks from road to rider’s hands.
      We agree it is serving almost all scooters in India except few but Hero could have used telescopic suspension just like Rodeo or Duro which performs way better than this setup.

    • Prashant

      Do you have any article for Rodeo or Duro reviews?
      Why not buy from these two then!

    • Faisal Khan

      Prashant, yes Duro and Rodeo reviews are there in our archives, please use the search button on the top right.

  • anooj

    i want to buy one maestro , what shuld i do to get as fast as possible.

    • Faisal Khan

      Anooj, go to a Hero dealership.

  • anooj

    storage space which is better?activa or maestro?

  • vedant gulati

    i can buy a hero maestro it is very good luk anr it can give me 45kmpl average .. its pickup is very fast best dan activa…

  • Robin Jain

    I am liking the Maestro but am confused with 2 things:
    1. i am confused about the mileage, some say it will give 60km/L while some say 40km/L, please suggest what is true picture?
    2. Is this good for a 60-80 km journey a day???

    If you can help me with these 2 points.

  • Nithesh

    Plz tel me about correct mileage

  • manoj

    Read all comments above
    I have been loyal to hero since past 9 years
    First I had a cd dawn for 5-6 yrs
    Now I have a cbz
    I always go to hero service centre for service
    Customers who buy pleasure / maestro
    Seem pretty content
    As I have a habbit of asking ..
    Even today I a maestro guy
    And his review was ThUMBS UP
    Besides the good thing is ..
    The extensive hero network
    and the quality of service makes м̤̣̈̇ǝ​​​ a loyal customer
    Every time my bike comes from service it feels brand new
    U do have to ß alert though!
    I went to akshay suzuki twice
    Horrrrrriiiiiibbbbbllllleeeeeee service
    Both times
    So THUMBS UP for service too ..
    No idea abt honda service..
    ‎​ Måŋọ̥j Ω̶̣̣̥̇‎​ђƱjǺ

  • Sreenivas

    I would like to request all those who expressed apprehensions and doubts before buying a Hero Maestro scooter to please furnish their remarks/comments after using the vehicle for more than 60 days minimum. How do they feel after at least one servicing.

  • sanket

    i ordered it on tuesday….& i obtained it on next day…

  • alok kumar

    Can you suggest me a best one between Hero Maestro/TVS wego/Suzuki swish.
    My height is 5.11 and weight 80 kgs.

    Thank you in advance

    • Suraj

      Looking at the scooters you are considering and your posture,
      Hero Maestro is the best considering mileage and shear size of scooter.
      But if you want performance as well and ready compromise a little on mileage Wego is also good option.

  • alok kumar

    Dear Suraj,
    First of all I would like to say thanks for your immediate reply.
    Please suggest me the BEST once again after considering the following points:-
    1) Hero Maestro:-
    a. Don’t have telescopic suspension
    b. Fiber body

    2) Tvs Wego
    a) Heard that (from internet reviews) it has cold starting problem (might be rectified now)
    b) have metal body
    c) have telescopic suspension

    Thank you in advance

    Alok Kumar

    • Suraj

      TVS Wego handles better and is much peppier to ride.
      And yes, as you mentioned it has Telescopic forks up front.
      About cold starting issue, it is there with almost all scooters present in India.
      That makes it the good scooter on paper

      But IMO Maestro will give you peace of mind.

  • Robin Jain

    Dear Suraj,

    Please answer my queries too :) pls

    I need right direction here

    Thanks in Advance

    • Suraj


      Sorry for the delay in replying.
      1. The mileage of this scooter lies in the range of 43-48 kmpl max, but these mileage figures are what we get from every 100-110cc automatic scooter today.

      2. Considering convenience of automatic transmission & comfortable seating this scooter can be used for your 60-80 km ride but strictly if the roads are good enough. Because as we have already mentioned that suspension is not so good upfront and shocks are easily transferred to your hand through handlebars.

      Hope we have answered your queries well, please get back to us in case of further queries.

  • Vivek

    Booked on 10th jan ’13 at “dhanbad” and got on 17th jan ’13. On road price in dhanbad is Rs. 52,671 Blue colour. awsm bike with awsm colr. Blue is eye catching colr. Sb log road par bus dhekte rah jate hai.

  • Vivek

    Booked on 10th jan ’13 and got on 17th jan’13 at dhanbad. On road price in dhanbad is 52,671 rs. Blue clr. Awsm bike with awsm clr. Blue is eye catching clr. Road par log bus dhekte rah jate hai. Tariff sun sun kar thak gaya hun. One word for this scooty ” Terrific” . Accessories are foot mat, seat cover, ladies foot, grip cover, body gaurd and remote control key. All acc. Price is neary four thousand.

  • Siddarth Jain

    Hi Suraj,

    I have read all the reviews till now. And all the reviews were of great help.
    Comparing both (activa and maestro) I think maestro leads clearly miles ahead.
    But, only ONE doubt, I have spoke to few people owning maestro everyone said they aren’t comfortable with the braking especially the front tyre.
    I want to book one immediately within a day or two.
    Please suggest which scooter to go for activa or maestro..


    Siddarth Jain.

    • shruthi

      Hi Sid,

      I too have the same question as you mentioned about the braking. Plus, I would also like to know which vehicle is better for womens activa or maestro. Please let me know which is a better vehicle overall (i.e.) mileage, handling and after sales service.

  • Suraj

    @Siddharth Jain:
    Yes, the braking power of the scooter is about average.
    Your heart will skip a beat if you are riding at 80kmph and someone suddenly comes in your way.
    Even with combi brake system you will not feel confident while riding it.
    In looks and features Maestro is better than Activa.
    But in terms of engine and mileage both WERE similar but now Honda has recently updated their scooter lineup with Honda Eco Technology which we still not have tested.

    For a woman the choice of scooter depends on physique.
    Maestro is somewhat bigger in dimensions than Activa, if you can manage this then Maestro is a good scooter.

    • siddarth jain


      Thanks Suraj. I am still confused. Lol. It’s as confusing as getting married. Should I say yes or should I wait for someone else. Anyways, I liked your review and thank you for such a nice research work.

      Thanks and looking forward to your comments.

    • Suraj

      Actually situation became little confusing after launch of New Hondas.

      But this is bound to happen as every company ups their ante at regular intervals, to remain ahead of competition.
      Just focus on what basically you need, fix your requirements and go out for shopping, then the decision making will become much easier

  • Swastik

    Hi Suraj,
    I’m using Mahindra Duro for almost two years now…the bike is awesome in terms of power..head lamps..breaking system…and smooth ride too…..However there is only one drawback which is now costing me a lot which is the fuel efficiency…the mileage is really poor it gives arnd 25-30 km-pl.Hence now m looking to buy another can u advice me in terms of mileage which is the best scooter India?

    • lakshmi

      give to the service center

  • himanshu gupta

    i want to buy a scooty but i m confuse between activa and maestro. which milege is well…
    plz.. tell me.

    • Faisal Khan

      Himanshu, the new Activa seems like a better bet, with HET.

    • Asif

      hero maestro is the best because mileage all scooter are same but parts are cheap comparision to honda.

  • R. Venugopal

    I have been waiting to purchase Hero Maestro for more than a month now. Surprisingly, even the dealer of my area is not sure about when he can deliver the product to me. It is rather shocking in the backdrop of the fact that there are hardly any Maestros seen on the road as compared to Honda’s Activa or even the new entrants like Suzuki’s Access and Swish. It seems that I will have to find other alternatives than waiting endlessly for Maestro.

    • Faisal Khan

      R. Venugopal, get the Activa instead.

    • Hashim.M.K

      Hello,Mr. Venugopal, If you are residing in Kerala, Maestro is available in certain Hero show rooms. Yesterday, I have seen one maestro red in Palode, near Trivandrum. I am using maestro . It is a good scooter for riding. Mileage is more than 50 Kml. (Sometimes it is 58 Kms/litre). I think no other scooter will give this much mileage other than maestro.

    • bijoy

      There are many now in our state. I am from Trivandrum and have seen many on road.

  • rohan

    i m really confused in maestro n in activa what to do anyone reply please

    • Faisal Khan

      Rohan, new Activa gives better mileage with HET.

    • bijoy

      Both gives the same mileage if you ride in between 40-50kph during first days of purchase. Hero Maestro is designed mainly for males, nice design and having a good wheel base. It also give a smooth ride when compared to activa. Nice performance.

    • Faisal Khan

      Bijoy, that is a good mileage but I think new Honda HET scooters will trump every other in the mileage department.

    • bijoy

      Both gives the same mileage if you ride in between 40-50kph during first days of purchase. Hero Maestro is designed mainly for males, nice design and having a good wheel base. It also give a smooth ride when compared to activa. Nice performance.

    • Faisal Khan

      Bijoy, no the HET powered Honda scooters are more fuel efficient.

  • bijoy

    Hero Maestro is the best. Nice performance and milage.

    • lian

      The after sale service is not upto standard in case of Maestro. Honda’s excellent. So, Technical edges may or may not be there, but human touch is what matters once you bought something with your hard earned money. go for Activa.

  • M Abhiram

    Hey Faisal why r u so facinated about honda… It sells lots of products with less service centres that too very busy with lots of vehicles. I stood many hours in que for the service to be done for my brother’s honda dio… Even the serbicebis worst they don’t want to adress the poor mileage issue of my uncle’s 2012 white dio… So i hated to buy a honda product and decided to get a well repuded Hero product.. I got my blue maestro on diwali 2012… now it is retaining me a avg about 50.3kmpl which is far better than my uncles 2012 honda activa which gives just 35kmpl… Honda charges for the registration plates and mirrors… and u know,our maestro costed 2k less than activa… they didn’t charged for the no. Plates and mirrors… Honda r real crap untill they improve more service centres and increse their production to reduce waiting periods…
    Most of our people don’t dare to try a new product… They simply follow what most of the people going with…
    But i sicierly suggest u people, it’s an awesome product than activa…
    The enginevis well refined than activa…
    Service is better than activa..
    All in all its better than activa…

    I’m happy with my maestro…

    Ride safe wear helmet guys

    Thank u .. :-)

    • Faisal Khan

      Abhiram, not fascinated about Honda but the new Activa with HET is more fuel efficient than the Maestro. The Maestro is nothing but the Activa with a Hero badge.

    • Naveen

      Faisal @ how much honda paid you for writing review for het tech ? …lols

    • Faisal Khan

      Naveen, have you ridden the Activa HET scooter?

    • naveen

      Yes ridden, i dint find much of the difference. it have cold starting problem

  • Arvind

    i want to buy a scooty. But i confused hero maestro & honda activa

    • Faisal Khan

      Arvind, get the Honda Activa with HET.

    • Arun

      Hero Maestro is Best…

  • Arvind

    sir i want to buy a scooty but i confused hero maestro,honda activa and suzuki access

    • Faisal Khan

      Arvind, get the Access.

    • ARVIND

      access ki fuel average kya hai

  • Siddharth

    Very comfortable and smooth scooter. Looks great mine is the blue one…catches everyone’s attention on road. I have been using my maestro in Himachal Pradesh so the roads are kinda zig zag nd some steep heights too especially on my way….but this scooter takes it all with ease…had no problems with it whatsoever…..mileage is also good…mine gives 40 kmpl…..happy!

  • Simanta

    hero maestro kitna mileage deti he..?

    • Faisal Khan

      Simanta, read the review above and you will know.

  • Dharmesh

    Nice, Good,HERO MAESTRO


    Reply Plz-
    Winter mein start hone ki problem solve hue kya HERO MAESTRO me jo activa me deakhne ko milte thi?
    actual mileage of MAESTRO & ACTIVA HET

    • Faisal Khan

      Aaravv, Activa has higher mileage by around 3 km/l. Winter star problem is there in most carb bikes.

  • Bikash Singha june 9th2013

    Hero maestro gives how much of mileage in 1lit how much k/m around.

  • Naaz


    Am really confused between Maestro & Activa HET. Which would be better considering mileage, suspension, braking and maintenance?? Since its for my dad, i want a little lighter one! Between the two which is lighter??

    • Faisal Khan

      Naaz, get the Activa HET.

  • atanu

    I also want to buy one scooter.My choice is between Honda Aviator and Hero maestro.But cant take the decision.Where Honda aviator price is around 68k in kolkata with disk brking system and hero maestro is cheap than honda Aviator.but aviator has telescopic suspension …
    Pls help to take proper decision..

    • Faisal Khan

      Atanu, get Aviator, it has better mileage and suspension.

    • vinoth

      hey pls hero maestro is good, i too brought that, maestro is good and good milega

  • Dip

    Between tvs wego and hero maestro overall which is better?

    • Faisal Khan

      Dip, TVS Wego.

  • Nitin

    Can anyone comment or guide on what is this 5 years warranty ?? Is this plus point where one can think of going for Hero Maestro!!

    • Faisal Khan

      Nitin, yes it’s a plus point but I don’t think other scooters have issues in the first five years anyways.

  • abhishek raghorte

    I am confused between Honda Activa & Hero Maestro
    You said that the braking system is not better than Activa. for the maintenance which is the best
    I want best brakes for riding the vehicle Please suggest for purchase of vehicle
    In the Advertisement Co given 60 kmph average but people said that it given only 50 kmph average

    • Faisal Khan

      Abhisek, yes it gives 50 km/l in real conditions. Get the Activa.

  • Dip

    Between suzuki swish, mahindra duro dz and tvs wego which is the best? Please explain.

    • Faisal Khan

      Dip, Suzuki Swish any day.

  • Anantaraman

    I am an 18 year old guy looking to buy my first bike. My priorities are

    1) Ride quality
    2) Cost
    3)Fuel Efficiency
    4) Low Maintenance.

    Please suggest a good gearless vehicle.

  • Dip

    Between suzuki swish and mahindra rodeo rz which is better?

  • hasib khan

    Sirji if i had to buy low maintenance scooters,best on mileage ,good on average budget same good on look which will be better…pls sir reply

  • Aziz

    I need to buy scooty for my wife. She is 4’11” in height so my specification for scooty is – light in weight, low in height, good in balance. Price around ~50000/- Pls sugegst.

    //Thanks in advance

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes Aziz, go ahead. Also look at Yamaha Ray.

  • Nilesh Kale

    Hi friends i have purchased Hero Maestro blue from Samarth Motors ( Medha ) Satara nearly 3 months ago..I have ridden about 1500 km…. bt i found nothing wrong with this scooter…pick up is very good… average is about 55 km/pl on highway..combi break is excellent..headlight is powerful than Activa…good looking….I have also driven in “Ghat section” of Mahabaleshwar.It’s very fine in ghat section also……so why r u go for any scooterjust go for Hero Maestro…..

  • Mithu

    Hello ,

    I m bit confused so please suggest me some gud scooter –

    1. My weight 110 kg
    2. Sugar , BP patient i am

    3. comfort , looks , gud mileage , body balance , gud brakes , low maintenance , style , big ground clearance , gud dealer n service center , big height etc.

  • Amit

    I Purchased Maestro 21 July 2013, It is Amazing Bike, Superb looks, superb handling compared to ACTIVA, Great Comfort , Nice mileage before 1st servicing it’s 37/38 km/l.. But i am dam sure, mileage of maestro up to 44 plus after 1st servicing, and 2nd and 3rd servicing would be better… Around 54-58, i am Very happy with this.. So, friends Go for Hero Maestro..
    Dhak Dhak Go.

  • Rajesh

    Hi I was some confused from last 1 month: choice Mahindera Dero, Activa, Mestro… on first sight i like Hero Mestro… Still i was confused .. all relative friend suggest me Activa activa… but i want to do different … Now I do my as i like … I purchased Mestro Yesterday…! nice comfort sctoor … Activa is more expensive … accessories etc. are very high price…!

    My question is that : i my Mestro runs 95 kms.. in 3 liters .. also i feel its engine is some hot… tell me will increase milage in 1st or 2nd service … engine is hot … is normal … or I have to check to service centre

    • Faisal Khan

      It will increase after service. Let the oil change.

    • RAJESH

      Thanks …Faisal ..! tell me engine is hot.. feel some heat under seat where we put helmate .. is it normal… tell me …

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes it’s normal.

  • Amit

    Don’t worry Rajesh it’s normal, and mileage will be better when u riding more….it’s 38 kmpl till 500km.. N 1st Service Would be better.. Hav a fun

  • Moni

    Is it suitable for girls..?? ???
    is this a better choice over pleasure??? for girls??

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes it’s better than Pleasure.

    • Moni

      Thanks Faisal !!

  • sss


    I want to buy Maestro from Gandhinagar Gujarat. please tell me the mileage , resell value and defects for fiber body.


  • Amit

    I Purchased Maestro 21 July 2013, It is Amazing Bike, Superb looks, superb handling compared to ACTIVA, High Ground Clearence, Great Comfort , n Nice mileage after 1st servicing it’s 50 km/l..
    But i am dam sure, mileage of maestro 60 plus after 3rd servicing, i am Very happy with My Bike..
    So, friends Go for Hero Maestro..
    Dhak Dhak Go.

    • Gururaj B A

      Hi Faisal/ All users,
      I am planning to buy scooter for daily use of 30km. I am little bit confused between Suzuki Access and Hero Maestro. Please let me know which vehicle is better in-terms of ride, quality and mileage.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Gururaj B A

  • Amit

    Among the options mentioned, Hero Maestro would be the best selection.

  • Ridip

    I have purchased Maestro four months ago. And I have got amazing riding experience on it. Powerful Head Light, upto the mark Breaking system and the most important thing, the Style which suits male perfectly. It will not vibrate in speeds like more than 70 Km/hr like other scooters. Mileage is a concern. Hoping to increase after servicing..

    • Faisal Khan

      Ridip, what mileage are you getting?

    • Ridip

      Now, I have done 2nd servicing only day before yesterday..Average mileage is about 48 Km/L. Please suggest is it okay or it can be increased somehow!!!

    • Faisal Khan

      Ridip, mileage is good.

  • Nirmal

    I m confused that which scooter i shall buy frm 4 of the given below…….

    • Faisal Khan

      Nirmal, get normal Activa. Look at Ray Z too.

  • Gururaj B A

    Dear Friends,
    I am planning to buy a scooter for daily commute. Initially I was in confusion between Hero Maestro and Suzuki Access. After reading some of your reviews I wanted to go for Hero Maestro. But now again I am in confusion between Hero Maestro and TVS Vego. Some of the feed back says TVS Vego is good than Maestro. Even I am seeing number of TVS Vego on roads in Pune compared to Maestro.

    Before buying I wish to have your feedback and suggestion for my first scooter. Please let me know which is better among these two interms of ride, handling, comfort, fuel efficiency and after sales with ownership cost.

    Thanks in Advance ,

    Gururaj B A

    • Faisal Khan

      Gururaj, new TVS scooter coming today, wait for it.

    • Gururaj B A

      Hi Faisal,

      Thanks for the latest news. I have gone through about TVS Jupiter launch news. But they are saying that it will be selling in North India first and then to South India. But I am not sure about in Maharastra or Pune..

      I am planning to buy in few days … So please suggest me between Maestro or Wego. If the reviews are good about new TVS Jupiter and its going to available in Pune showrooms, then I will think about it.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Gururaj B A

    • Faisal Khan

      Gururaj, the Jupiter is a scooter worth considering else get the Wego.

    • Gururaj B A


      I have visited the TVS showrooms in Hinjewadi, Pune …. But they are not sure about Jupiter launch … :-( .

      Can you please high light some key points of Wego where its scores than Maestro … ???

  • upendra

    we want to buy new maestro
    what will be the mileage on highway???????????

    • Faisal Khan

      50 km/l.

  • R. Baskaran

    Which one is better between Maestro, Pleasure, Honda Dio and TVS Jupitor. I want to use this along with my Daughter. In terms of mileage, weight etc. which is better for me and my daughter ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Baskaran, TVS Jupiter is the best bet amongst this.

    • Chiragh

      Pretty correct there.

  • priya

    I am planning to buy maestro but my husband is saying that its is not suitable for women. I am 30y,70kgs. Please suggest me ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Priya, why don’t you look at Yamaha Ray. Trust me, it has better ride quality.

    • vinoth

      priya please buy hero maestro is good for gals. my wife also rider hero maestro, she is around 25yrs

    • Chiragh

      I don’t think that such a statement is right to say without even riding it. Better ride it and the other scooters yourself and then decide.

  • swetha

    hi Faisal ,

    Like priya even i am also getting the same doubt . can’t i drive maestro like any other men? does i feel any discomfort while driving maestro as a woman?

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help Faisal.

    • Faisal Khan

      Swetha, no you won’t feel discomfort. Actually the Maestro and Activa both are same and they use basic suspension which causes bad comfort on our roads.

    • Chiragh

      Better buy TVS Jupiter. Overall a better buy. Am considering one too.

  • vivek

    @Suraj -All
    I am having masetro and it is great vehicle for mileage , looks and comfort. very poor in braking system .
    Is it possible to fit disc brakes in maestro ??? kindly suggest me

  • vijay kumar

    Maine Recently Hero Maestro purchase kiya hai. kya main Maestro say Delhi to Agra ki trip kar sakta hu…Trip may Koi Problem to Nahi Ayegi or 110 cc scooter say Main Continue kitnay Km tak drive kar sakta hu.
    kindly suggest me ???

  • pooja

    I m a lady, pls suggest me among. Jupiter or maestro in terms ofweight, mileage.

    • Chiragh

      Jupiter. Rather compact, peppier and a has a very convenient self positioning centre stand and reverse kick(can be kick started with the main stand in position)

  • Md.Hanif Md.Shakir (Dhulia)

    I like Maestro & i want to buy one maestro

  • Joby

    Thanks for all valuable comments

  • vinoth

    hi friends, hero maestro is very good bike., and good millage.
    best vehicle hero maestro, its safe for all.,

  • Harsh

    Please suggest which scooter gets better mileage… New Activa HET or Hero Meastro, I want to buy in a couple of days…

  • ilhaam

    hero maestro or tvs jupiter..? plz help

  • Prabhnoor

    I am 16 and I am at the legal age to buy this vehicle
    Now I am confused between
    Maestro,aviator,activa,alpha,ray z and Dio
    So which one should I choose!
    P.S- I am an overweight,fat kid
    Mileage,features,safety,comforts and storage space matters to me

  • tako

    Hi, I bought hero maestro and from the second day I have starter kick problem, low mileage and lots of noise and front wheel making lots of noise. Not pick up and doesnot run to the speed it should run but makes only abnormal sound.Took to service center but of no use. 2 days after first service, it stops in the middle of the road. It starts after the mechanic works for 3 hrs. Now the scooter is only 47 days old but it like i am riding a scooter which is 20 yrs old. If I take to service center they only asked me to change spare parts and dig my pocket. I WISH I SHOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT IT… DONOT BUY THIS MAESTRO. HERO MAY BE GOOD COMPANY BUT THIS MODEL IS A DEFECT FROM HERO AND WHY NOT THEY ARE IN LEARNING PHASE FOR THE SCOOTER….

  • divya

    I am confused …. maestro or pleasure … does height really matter for ridding… my height is 5.. please suggest which one should I buy..

    • Faisal Khan


  • divya

    Ray! ….. I liked maestro a lot but because of my height…. thinking about pleasure… please suggest me among these 2…

    • Faisal Khan

      Ray will be easy for your height too, take a test ride.

  • shirish

    Hello going to buy first bit confused in honda aviator and hero maestro, as i dnt want to go for activa or access..heard abt fibre body of maestro…shall i go for it? Or aviator would be better?

  • Achal

    i have been using Hero Maestro for more than 10 months now.
    its a fantastic scooter in its category.
    the engine is very refined and doesn’t produce much vibrations on 50-60km/h speed also.
    the seats are very comfortable. i use it to travel to my college which is 52 KM return journey.
    the mileage is superb at 50-55kmpl after the third service. depending upon how you handle it.
    before third service, it was giving 40-50kmpl.
    service is great by the Hero people.
    as they are giving 5 year warranty and 6 free service, you need not worry about that.
    it has good braking also.
    the underseat storage capacity is good. it accomodates my STUDDS helmet very easily.
    the suspension could have been little better as in large pitholes, you will feel a little discomfort.
    overall, its a superb peice by Hero.

    • Faisal Khan

      Suspension isn’t telescopic at the front and hence it could be better.

  • utpal su

    what is actual milage hero mastor scooter.

    • Faisal Khan

      Read the above review and you will know.

  • Pawan Chaturvedi

    Greetings Sir,
    I own a Hero Maestro which is an year old . I would like to tell all of you that its an awesome scoot.I have driven Honda Activa and Suzuki Swish and Hero Maestro and I personally feel that its the best looking of the 3 moreover feature wise and look wise its a notch ahead of the two.Talking about performance I have taken it high speeds around 75-80(refuses to go beyond that),got little vibration still its a bang on scoot to ride at that speed.
    Though suspension and brakin power could be incresed.Milage given (50-55) is nice for city tose planning to buy it to not have a second thought.Its just awesome with lot of practicality.

  • ansh

    any one can tell me which is better Honda dio tvs wego or Suzuki let’s .
    I am 16 and comfort styling and light weight power matters

  • Chiragh

    On the storage and mileage front I’d say that one very under rated scooter is always left out. The Mahindra Duro DZ. 22 litres of very usable space is the best there is…And the current mileage I am getting is a constant 47-49 kmpl in all types of city conditions. My average speed zone is 40-60 kmph. With front telescopic shockers in place, the ride quality is better than the hydraulic rear link setup as well. Fuel tank is also a large 6.5 litres(actually accomodates more).
    I don’t understand why media almost always leaves out certain slow selling but rather good products. They always tend to focus more and more on the popular ones.
    You should do a shootout with all the ‘good’ scooters in the market and an unbiased one too.

    I am not a company specific fan but just an appreciator of good products.
    By the way the next scooter I am considering is the TVS Jupiter(only negative being the small 16 litres boot)

  • maestro owner

    i bought an maestro but i am unsatisfied with mileage 37 kmpl
    tested 1800 km . suspension and brake is very worst

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