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Honda Dream Yuga Test Ride Review

Honda Dream Yuga Test Ride Review

2012 Honda Dream Yuga – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Honda Dream Yuga Review

Bike tested: 2012 Honda Dream Yuga (Self-Drum-Alloy)

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 56,799/-

Post the break-up with Hero, Honda has been gunning down Bajaj Auto’s throat at a rapid pace. The Japanese automaker has brought in new product upgrades, changed its communication plan, roped in Akshay Kumar and committed itself to increase service outlets. Clearly Honda wants to snatch the numero uno spot from its erstwhile partner and the Dream Yuga is one such vehicle which is key to doing so. We take the Honda Dream Yuga out for a spin to find out if it can dethrone established commuter motorcycles in India.

Styling – The Honda Dream Yuga looks like a scaled down version of the CB Shine. The tank has a bigger scoop for better thigh support and the rear fender is sharpened with the name printed on it. The front mudguard is long which adds to the premium ‘look’ of the Honda Dream Yuga. The headlight assembly is pretty much the same as the CB Shine but smaller in size. The exhaust is sleeker and has a better looking heat-shield painted in black like in most Honda bikes. The side panels are quite distinct from those on the Shine. However, the red Honda badge on the engine casing and the 3D-emblem on the tank is missing. The rest like the rear mudguard, turn indicators, rear view mirror’s and tail lights are identical to the CB Shine.

Ergonomics – The seating position is very upright and the wide handle gives the Honda Dream Yuga a very commuter feel. The foot pegs are placed for a comfortable ride for both the rider and the pillion. The RVMs are adequate for the normal sized people but not if you are broad. Seat could have used much more cushioning for pillion and the rider, which could have made it much better to adjust to the taller handle bars. There is enough space for inner thighs to breathe and the scoops on the tank serve their purpose well with good thigh support. Overall long journeys are comfortable enough on the Honda Dream Yuga.

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – Instrument cluster of the Honda Dream Yuga is very simply laid out. There are two round dials. The one on the left is the speedometer which has 30 to 50 km/h marked as economy mode. The speedo is marked till 140 km/h though, finicky indeed. An old-fashioned trip meter sits inside the speedometer. On the right is the fuel gauge which consists of the basic things like high beam, neutral and turn lights. Switch gear is pretty decent with respectable quality for the motorcycle at this price point. It’s the very same seen on most of the Honda bikes which includes pass light and high beam button. But it misses out on the engine kill button which the competition offers. However, the switch gear will be different to operate for those people who are graduating from other bike manufacturers.

Performance and Gearbox – The Honda Dream Yuga is powered by a 109 cc, 4-stroke engine which produces 8.5 BHP of peak power output at 7500 RPM and 8.91 Nm of peak torque output at 5500 RPM. This engine is powered by what Honda calls Intelligent Ignition. All though the motor is borrowed from its sister, the Twister, it runs on slightly de-tuned state than the Twister. The motor has typical Honda traits, it is smooth and refined as a Honda should be. Thanks to the under square layout of the engine which produces sufficient torque at low revs to get you moving. The motor usually is at its best when it comes to mid and top-end power delivery.

The sound of this engine is remarkably good and for a commuter it’s an absolute delight. The power is transferred to the rear wheels by a smooth shifting 4-speed gearbox, which is a mixed bag when it comes to gearing. The first gear is of no use, it will hardly reach 15 km/h, so it’s best to shift to second instantly. Second gear gives sufficient power to get one moving and when shifted to third, you can see decent progress with the speedo showing 45-50 km/h. When shifted to a very tall fourth gear, the Honda Dream Yuga takes its own sweet time to reach all the way to its top speed of 80 km/h. Gear pattern is all down which isn’t suitable for us enthusiasts but commuters will relish it.

Ride, Handling and Braking – Despite the increase in every dimension (length, width, height, and wheelbase), the Honda Dream Yuga has the same kerb weight as that of the Twister. No, it’s not any magic, but it is all thanks to the single down tube chassis which has less weight compared to the twin tube type frame which the Twister is bolted on to. This procedure usually leads to vibrations, because engine is a part of the chassis. Luckily, there are no vibrations here, thanks to the refinement of the engine and various other factors. The 18-inch wheels on the Dream Yuga provide best in class handling and ride comfort.

Ride quality is excellent and despite 18-inch wheels, turn-in is crisp and the bike takes sweepers with great poise and in a balanced manner. Maneuvering in town as always is superb and it can go through any imaginable gap you throw at it. Braking was mediocre, primarily because brakes were new and needed some run-in to get a proper bite. Rear-brake is adequate and did most of the job effortlessly.

Miscellaneous – Fit and finish was excellent, plastic quality was good for a motorcycle of this size and price-point. Headlight throw was quite good on low beam while high beam was satisfactory on highways as well despite the small size. The ground clearance of the Dream Yuga is 161 mm while the CB Twister has 180 mm. The thing we did not understand is that inspite the Dream Yuga being projected as a tougher bike, why was the ground clearance reduced? Aerodynamics may be. You will have to pay for ‘accessories’ such as engine guard, alloy wheels, and self start (on the lower variants) and there is no option for disc-brakes in any variant.

If you need one, Honda suggests the Twister may be a better option for you. Fuel efficiency in our riding condition was around 58-60 km/l. Hopefully after first service (which was not performed on our test bike) it should increase and it could reach a more sensible 63-65 km/l in sane riding conditions. Tubeless tyres are standard, all though you won’t get tubeless in the market after current tyres wear-out, a typical Honda trait which is previously seen on all its commuter segment bikes. Paper element filter should give a very long cleaning interval and long time interval before you change one. Horn is loud enough, finally. The Honda Dream Yuga lacks features offered by key competitors such an engine kill switch, LED tail light, pilot lamp in head light, etc, despite the premium pricing.

Conclusion – The Honda Dream Yuga does its job well for a commuter segment bike. It has an excellent engine, good maneuverability and is an excellent commuter package. However it is priced significantly higher than its rivals. While Honda believes this product will help them dominate the Indian market, we think it’s just the Honda badge which will help them extract that extra cash. After all, it is Honda, Sach kardega apke sapne!

Whats Cool

* Engine refinement
* Mileage

Whats Not So Cool

* All down gearshift pattern
* Seat does not open

Honda Dream Yuga Specifications

* Engine: 109 cc, Air Cooled, 4-Stroke, SI engine
* Power: 8.5 BHP @ 7500 RPM
* Torque: 8.91 Nm @ 5500 RPM
* Transmission: 4-speed manual
* Top Speed: 80 km/h
* Fuel Consumption: 58-60 km/l (City), 63-65 km/l (highway)
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Suspension: Telescopic Fork (Front), Tube Type (Rear)
* Tyres: 80/100/18 Tubeless
* Brakes: 130 mm Drum (Front), 130 mm Drum (Rear)

Honda Dream Yuga Dimensions

* Overall length x width x height: 2022 mm X 733 mm X 1095 mm
* Wheelbase: 1285 mm
* Ground clearance: 161 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 8-litres
* Kerb Weight: 108 kgs

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  • raj

    The way honda is going, they will soon have monoply in bikes like scooter!!

  • kedar

    I dont this Honda will be a monopoly. Because looking at their pricing strategy it’s not going to work as Hero. They are pricing premium for their bikes for nothing.

    • dude

      You are wrong, Hero engine is a old honda engine. This 110cc is newly engineered honda bike, obviously it cost higher.

  • Amish

    Exhaustive Review sir,any chances of throwing in a comparo with its main competitors Hayate and Splendor?

    • Mac Jason

      I came across few such comparisons over other websites but many times features of Hayate were wisely kept hidden to make Dream yuga look better than Hayate. May be Honda have given good money to media and webmasters of automotive websites to do so. I bet here also you won’t find such Head to Head fair comparison of both bikes. Hayate is a real value for money bike though suzuki could have added few more features with it.

    • amit

      Why not to include Discover ? :D

    • Faisal Khan

      Mac Jason, we have not ridden the Hayate, so won’t be in a position to compare with it. On paper, the Hayate is more value for money, being around Rs. 4000/- cheaper. When we do review the Hayate vs Dream Yuga, trust me, the comparison will be very fair. We don’t manipulate test results. At the end of the day, the things we write, can be verified by anyone, by simply riding the bike.

    • Mac Jason

      @Faisal, Thanks for the reply, Good luck for such comparison and I also request you to drag other 100-110 bikes in to the competition(spendor, passion, YBR, TVS Star, Discover etc), if possible. Hope you will mention each details of each bike. Waiting curiously for it.

      I also apologies for raising doubts over Motorbeam information reliability.

    • Faisal Khan

      Amit, once we finish individual reviews, we will look at comparison tests.

  • sachin

    Honda is on right track…..its only the pricing issue that can prevent them from reaching top spot. Honda is charging much high premium for all their products. bikes such as CBR150 are some good examples which has given its competitors a good chance to prove their worth.

  • amit

    Now it now where seems, bajaj can regain its lost crown from Honda.

    • Nanda Kumar

      It is impossible Mr. Amit…

  • Amish

    Why disc brake is not even offered as an option? A company like Honda should focus on safety keeping in mind with price

    • amit

      Type of Brake used will be determined by the Vehicle weight, Top Speed, Accelertion. Do you really need a disc for a Bike with 109 Kg weight with top speed of 80kmph ?

  • Nanda Kumar

    Honda is on right track…..its only the pricing issue that can prevent them from reaching top spot. Honda is charging much high premium for all their products. bikes such as Dream, Shine , CBR150 etc., are some good examples which has given its competitors a good chance to prove their worth.

    I wish them all the best.

    Best Regards

    Nanda Kumar

  • Kiran

    Hi Faizal,

    I would like to buy a bike which give me more mileage and less mentaince cost in futur. Please tell me out of following which bike should be good .
    1 . Hero Honda CD delux
    2. Honda Dream Yuga
    3. Hero Honda Splendor Plus
    4. Bajaj Discover 100
    5. TVS Star Sports
    6. Honda CB Twisteer
    I hear that bajaj bike performance would became worst after few years(4 -5 ) but hero honda bike are good for average and durability.
    I am looking for such bike which give me better mileage and long running support.Also ,which hold low maintaince . My budget is around 55000 INR.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Faisal Khan

      Kiran, the Dream Yuga is a good bike to consider as the reliability of Honda is very good

    • Kiran

      Thanks Faisal for your advice , i had booked honda dream yuga on Sep 03 .

    • Faisal Khan

      Congrats Kiran. Do let us know the mileage you get.

    • bupeshkumarbachu

      Could you please let us know how the dream yuga bike as i am going to buy it?

  • bapi

    Think honda is going to give a lots of options in every segment .But old looking splender is also there and till now its selling like hotcake.

    • Faisal Khan

      Bapi, Splendor styling is very classic.

  • Kakoo

    Very detailed and preponderant coverage. I have been in the verge of buying a new bike. Honda’s Dream Yuga inspired me much more than its opponents. I started to admired its decent look first of all. Now I understood the complete inside stories after reading your versions Faisal. Dream Yuga has been introduced very recently in Chennai. I have decided to book one for me in a short while.
    Off-course, the price is some what higher indeed. Thanks for your sharing such a clear review Faisal.

  • jeevan

    Dream yuga…Huh!!! it’s definitely not keeping up the promises. i just checked my mileage it’s aroung 45km…very very poor….moreover on the 1st day itself i encountered acceleration problem. while changing the gear/slowing down i had to keep on accelerating, to prevent bike engine from stopping. I took the bike to service center and they spent 1 hour to figure out the problem. They had to removed the engine parts,clean them. It is a painful thing to see ur new bike go through all these things that to. Moreover driving in 4th gear is not that smooth; u can feel the vibrations, problem with handle when moved sidewards(left/right); it does not move freely,problem with center stand as well.

    • Faisal Khan

      Jeevan, what is the speed you usually do on your bike?

  • Anish

    faisal, after how much odo you have find out the fuel mileage of this bike. I am observing that my bike returns mileage between 42~48kmpl in city. Also there is lot of tappet noise from engine upper case. My have crossed 2600kms. What could be the reason?

    • Faisal Khan

      Anish, that is surprising. Get it checked by a Honda dealer. It should return a mileage of atleast 60 km/l.

    • zubair khan

      asssalamwalwqum bhai ramzan mubarak . i am planning 2 buy a honda bike bt m a bit confused. which 1 i shuld buy. my daily traveling is 30km one side i personaly like unicorn or stunner i stay in hyderabad please suggest me any of honda bikes according to my useage and pocket friendly

  • vignesh

    Dear Faisal,

    I want to buy a new bike. After long discussion , i select some of the models.

    Splendor Plus
    Passion Pro
    Dream Yuga

    My Budget Rs. 53000-62000. Mileage, Durability is important factor. Kindly suggest best option.

    • Faisal Khan

      Vignesh, all the three bikes are Honda underneath. So choose the one which appeals the most to you.

  • roshu

    I have purchased Hayate three months back and in pune traffic i am getting mileage of 62 km/lit sttill second service is due i have just finish 1370km on my odometer. friends i would like to say suzuki hayate is really an value for money bike .as compared to dream yuga which is 10 k costlier than hayate , i dont understand why this site has not justified the price , i would like to ask Faisal would like to pay more 10 k for an 110cc bike where you have an competitor who gives same kind of product with 10 k less but no compromise on qulaity.And you are saying that you have not tested hayate i dont believe this because hayate was launched much before than dream yuga.

    • Faisal Khan

      Roshu, we recently tested the Hayate and were surprised by the bike. Even though its cheaper, its quite promising. I never said the Dream Yuga is better or the Hayate is better but the Yuga does have a very smooth engine, which can’t be ignored.

    • Anish

      I dont agree with you faisal. I would say the smoothest engine delivered by Honda is in Unicorn. delers are refusing to understand the problem and are are saying there is no concern with bike. i am not satisfied.

    • Faisal Khan

      Anish, I never said it has the smoothest engine, it has a very smooth engine which is a one of its USPs.

  • roshu

    thanks faisal

  • madan mohan

    Hi Sire i want to buy a new bike. presently iam using splendor,2003 model and it was bored in 2010 at 55,000kms. now i want to buy new bike. which is best for me.what about the performence about hero honda cd deluxe. Is it good bike or not. pl choose me the best bike for me.

  • sakilur

    Dear sir i want to purchase a bike i have two option hayate or dream yuga.i only want milage………so please help me.

    • arnav

      If you have good service centers of Suzuki nearby; you can blindly go for suzuki hayate. Hayate is much cheaper than Dream Yuga, while it will provide you better milleage, performance and engine refinement as well.

    • roshu

      I totally agree with arnav hayate is the best bike in 110c department

  • http://motorbeam Prashanth

    Hi Frinds,

    Now i want to take Honda dream Yuga anybody tell me tha mailege i realey Confused about this bike

    • arnav

      Hi Prasanth….. If you behave well with your dream yuga you will get 60 kmpl in cities and a bit more on highways. Just don’t accelerate much while in run-in period; keep the speed below 50 kmph for the first 1500 kms and maintain regular servicing.

    • Prashanth

      thank u arnav.
      one more think wht about Extra fitting charges?

    • prasant sahoo

      hi maitre, it is quite good for mileage . it long run it gives 70 kms per litre and in busy road it gives 60kms per litre like city and town.

      so, there is no confusion on mileage. thanks

  • http://motorbeam Prashanth

    some one telling 40-50 Kmpl but Dealer givan 72 Kmpl it’s i want to know Fact Please Don’t Give fals Deatils

    • Dalton

      I am in Kerala, Idukki district, full of hill roads only. I am getting 55.74 KMPL till my first service…I’ll update after second service within another two months…

    • prashanth

      thank u Dalton,

      Wht abuot Extra Fittings?

    • Philip

      Dear Dalton,

      Kindly do let me know the real condition of dream yuga. Also i want to know, is dream yuga better than CB Shine.?

  • Sajain Geevar

    Nicely written review. I’m using Dream Yuga for 2 months now and I think you must mention extended warranty condition that it has to be serviced in every 2 months and when you take it to higher RPM you will feel the handle shifting to right/left and vibrates like a vibrator. Its not comfortable to sit above 60KM speeds.

    • Mohit

      sajain i think there’s a problem with that, we dint discover any vibrations on our media abused bike also, i think you should check with service station asap

      Sorry for the late reply some technical issues on my side…

  • Aditya N. Sharma

    I’ve tested my dream yuga in presence of honda officials and dealer, we found an avrage of! 26kmpl in city. There was eight bikes , all of them were showing between 13 to 32 kmpl. So it very disappointing regarding fuel efficiency.

    • Sourabh bera

      Is that true that Dream yuga is giving just 26 kmpl in city…….may be it is just a defective piece since the company claims 72 kmpl and the showroom claims 68 kmpl!!!!!!!!!!

  • nasir

    i have read all reviews of honda dream yuga and i am confused actually i am going to purchase honda dream yoga but now i am confused so please give me real knowledge about dream yoga
    i rwally want milege and low maintanance bike so please suggest me right bike for me

    • Faisal Khan

      Nasir, the Dream Yuga should fulfill your requirements.

  • amit

    dream yoga is not at all a desiring bike. honda is exactly following same what honda cars are doing. in return they lost the market share and now people dint even bother. fuel efficeny and vibration are the huge downside of this bike. looks are excatly same as shine. Better to go for suzuki hayate, the best looking as well as vfm. other wise go for discover.

    • Sourabh bera

      Amit are u serious about that……………..a newly launched product of Honda has such demerits!!!!!!!!!! It produces vibrations@ 60kmph—- simply not reliable!!!!!!!!!

  • Deepak

    i want to purchase bike dream yuga but i am confuse pls give me advice and suggestions about dream yuga

    • Faisal Khan

      Deepak, did you read the review above?

  • arnav

    Suzuki Hayate is better than Dream Yuga. Dream Yuga could not successfully achieve a good reputation, though being a Honda product.

  • budhadev dash

    i hv hero honda cd deluxe nd its good in milege nd comfort

  • Siby Xavier

    I Was the First customer of Dream Yuga from Purackal Honda Kanjirappally Branch , in Kerala State. I just learned driving on my Dream yuga bike. Those who are looking for mileage can consider this bike but for style and speed, go 4 other Bikes. Mud is filling in front of the engine due to bad design of front mud guard. Back wheel is very thin, so chances are to skid on wet roads. Price is bit Higher. Accessories like crash guard ,number plates comes at extra cost.

  • Mac Jason

    Bought Hayate on 14 th Sep 2012, 540 kms crossed yet without any service (as first one is recommended after 750). Getting average of 59.5 kmpl (50 % city riding) with most possible careful riding and speed limit (40 kmph).

    Hayate Pros
    Smooth Engine
    Nice Ride, Handling and Braking capabilities
    Good fuel efficiency (can’t commit exact figure before 2nd service)
    Eye catching Looks (People continuously observe at your bike)
    Easy to clean (compared to my old Samurai with spoke wheels :P )
    Good after sales service (It depends on you how you handle showroom people, they replaced faulty fuel on-off tab for me without any charges)
    Comfortable ride (suspensions are very soft and smooth)
    Excellent Material and Build quality.
    The ‘SUZUKI’ Brand and pease of mind (at least for me)

    Big turning radius
    17 inch tyres
    Lack of pass switch
    Horn sound is not loud
    Service center people refused to use Motul Oil provided by me. (I will do it with my mechanic ;))

    Will perform first service very soon and will try to provide more updates over fuel efficiency.

    • roshu

      it gives 68 + in city and 75 + on highways with top speed of 95+

    • Mac Jason

      Yes, roshu, I am also hopeful to achieve 70 in city driving conditions once the carburetor gets tuned.

  • thouseef

    all r good but spares r not yet found anywhere ,

  • Hanif

    I planing to buy bike , my requirements are Good mileage Plus Comfortable ride in city & low maintenance cost.
    I have shortlisted shine, dream yuga, discover 100cc & Hayate. I tested shine ,liked very smooth engine .
    Now need help which one to buy.

  • SHAZ


  • roshu

    on road price is 47k in pune its eye catching colours are florecent green and white .

  • Kirubanand

    Hi faisal, i’m interested to buy plusar 135ls.The features and performance are really gud, looks are also stunning…but there s a talk tat plusar 135ls is a failure model..can u clear me wit tis doubt….and i wanna know abt bajaj’s reliability…

    • Faisal Khan

      Kirubanand, the Pulsar 135 LS is not a flop, its a very good bike and worth buying. Reliability is good but not the best.

    • Kirubanand

      Thanks alot Faisal.

  • Kirubanand

    Can u suggest any other bikes in the segment(125-135)?

  • vicky

    cbr shine ya honda dream yuga …..???

  • balaji Singh

    dream yuga is good in look,milage but it have some demerit like engine guard safty,rare tyre allow
    all mud in to full engine and last it cant hold pillow rider ,must be with in 80 kgs i had taken dream yuga in july 2 and kowing its merit and demerit,from my version 3stars only

  • Manas

    Dear Faisal : Its very useful for me , a real layman who just rides a HH street ,to go through the review of Dream Yuga . I am searching for a bike which will give me – 1.comfortable pillion riding for my child and wife , maintenance & 3.good mileage . Primarily I selected Super Splendor ,Suzuki Hyate & Dream Yuga . Could you please suggest “MY BIKE” within this price range ?

  • virat dikshit

    Honda dream yuga is very good & much better than passion pro,discover,hayate i still purchase this and the mileage is 60 kmpl and low maintenance nd after second service its speed would be 90-95 kmph & i suggested that in low cost its very good and also on look nd mileage

    • prashanth

      hi virat,

      What About tha Extra Fitting?

  • ravi

    Hellow Sir

    I brought a Dream Yuga , it is very good , we are using for form lands , i don’t check thw millage till now , after first service i will check

  • Udit bajaj

    Hi i want to purchase a bike which gives good milege 50-60 & which could not vibrate hayate 2. Passionpro 3. Dream yuga 3. Pulsur 135 4. Honda shine 5. Discover125 please tell me perfect bike

  • Udit bajaj

    Hi i want to purchase a bike which gives good milege 50-60 & which could not vibrate at 50 km hayate 2. Passionpro 3. Dream yuga 3. Pulsur 135 4. Honda shine 5. Discover125 please tell me perfect bike

    • ganesh

      dont opt for Bajaj, you may get milage but your vehicle will be damaged within short time…go with HONDA

    • Ravishbhai

      1.CB Honda Shine & 2.Passion Pro. As per your requirement CB Honda shine is perfect, Second option will be Passion Pro.

  • Philip

    Dear Faisal,

    I have booked dream yuga on last week. But here there is a talk about dream yuga, which is not giving millage more than 40-45 kmpl. Someone told me to go for CB shine. but I am not interested to take Shine. I am living in a rural area. North (M.P). So please kindly tell me your opinion about dream yuga. also I want to know about Honda CB Shine.

    awaiting for your reply.
    thank you.

    • pankaj

      dream yuga is good bike am also going to book that one how can i book please tell me

    • Philip

      Go to your nearest Honda showroom and provide your identity, it will be delivered soon.

    • hitesh

      definitely…..purchase it ….. i am using it since last three month….it gives 6o km/ hr. mileage in city traffic

    • sravan

      dear i am using dreem yuga this very simply vehicle and millage giving 64kms and performence also very well and i request to honda pls give the disk also all is well………

  • Philip

    is dream yuga better than CB Shine…?

    • Faisal Khan

      Philip, not really.

    • Philip

      Dear Faisal,

      Please Can you give me the real condition about dream yuga..? So that I can change my decision.

    • Faisal Khan

      Philip, its a good commuter bike, worth buying.

  • Philip

    Thank you Faisal,

  • Rahul A

    Im really confused between Yuga and twister . :( . My concern is about their mileage and durability . Which one do you think would last longer without any problems and gives a better mileage for a long time?

    • Faisal Khan

      Rahul, ideally Twister should last longer.

    • Anup

      i dnt agree…..

  • Rahul A

    Is the twister really worth its premium pricing ? I think it costs 4k more than yuga .

  • gash

    both shares the same engine… n twister suits short persons well… soo

  • Naveen

    I am going to dream yuga pls tell me excat millage.

    • Faisal Khan

      Naveen, read the review, the mileage is given there.

  • Rahul A

    @Gash , im 6’2″ ! I need a bike that’ll be comfortable for me to ride .

  • Suzan

    Pulsar 135

  • ganesh

    what makes CB shine better than Dream Yuga? any other difference other than engine power?

    • Faisal Khan

      Ganeeh, quality and design.

    • Velutha

      @Faisal, Pray tell us how you figured that one out? Shine with its antiquated tubular swing arm and an uncharacteristically poor performance as well as fuel efficiency cannot bee better than a modern box section swingarm equipped Dream Yuga with its excellent performance fuel efficiency.

    • Faisal Khan

      Velutha, my preference was based on better performance.

  • divesh gadad

    this bike very nice

  • manoj vekhande

    such a nice bike

  • kumar

    Which bike is good in performance, long-run and maintenance among Yamaha YBR 110 and Honda dream yuga?

    • Faisal Khan

      Kumar, both will offer similar levels of performance and reliability.

    • santosh

      Dear Kumar,
      Don’t take Yamaha YBR 110; I have Alba 106 since 3yrs. But spare are expensive, also no good mileage, worst bike i got. mileage only 45-50. ‘m from Delhi

  • antush

    it’s good suspension but i dont know real average this bike

  • chethan

    what is the correct mileage of honda dream ? please

    • Faisal Khan

      Chethan, around 55 km/l.

  • chethan

    Honda dream yuga & Hero passion pro select your good mileage Bike please ……….reply

    • Faisal Khan

      Chethan, Honda Dream Yuga.

  • Nikhil

    Is honda shine good bike than hero glamour…
    What is its mileage

    • Faisal Khan

      Nikhil yes, mileage is around 50 km/l.

  • srinivasan

    i want green colour dream yuga vechicle

  • shino

    hai friends i owned hoda dream yuga on 12th nov 12,, till date ran 450 kms by 7.5 ltr petrol so it is so good bike for common man pick up, shock abs also so good sound is also nice if u want to purchase a new bike deffinately take a test drive of this

  • Amol Patil

    whats the perfect miledge of dream yuga {generaly use}

  • Tanweer Alam

    I have not decided till now which bike should i buy honda shine or honda dream and what the perfect mileage of both the bike

    • Faisal Khan

      Tanweer, get the Honda Shine but Dream Yuga is slightly more frugal.

  • MadanMohan

    Hi Faisal khan presently i am using herohonds splendor 2003 make and it has completed 80,000kms. it is giving 55-60kmpl. Now i want to purchase the dream yuga. what is the performance of dream yuga. what about the pferformence of Hero CD.Deluxe. mainly i want good milege. which is better .

    • Faisal Khan

      Madan Mohan, Dream Yuga is a good bike, should give you similar mileage as your Splendor does currently.

    • Pinaki

      … but after 9 years and 800000 kms ? I doubt it ;-)

    • Pinaki

      … read that as “80,000 kms” . Sorry for typo .

  • sarfraz

    Hi Faisal,
    I am planning for a new bike .I previously owned pulsar 150(but it was second hand) so didn’t gave much mileage.Therefore I had second thoughts over pulsar 150.However this time I was thinking to go for stunner.Which bike would you suggest for cost effective as well as good looks.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sarfarz, Pulsar 150 is a good option but also look at Suzuki GS150R.



    • Faisal Khan

      Kishan, Dream Yuga.

  • Amol Patil

    Dream Yuga bike ek bahout hi comfortable he. aur is ka milege bhi achha he .(60-65).

  • chethan

    What is the Hero passion pro prefect millage .

    • Arun

      passion pro is not good,u better cjoose honda product so gd

    • Faisal Khan

      Chethan, 55 km/l.

    • Subhayan

      Instead of going for Passion Pro, you may chose Glamour……

  • jigar

    Guys have a look at new passion Xpro.. daddy of dream yuga

  • raj bharmal

    dream yuga its nice bike but milage is only 60 very bad

  • krishna

    Hero passion X pro is Much Better than Honda dreem Yuga. Yuga is poor looking & very ordinary Bike. Milege coming Hardly 50 in the city.

  • keshava reddy

    Hero passion New xpro is stylish,gud looking,Gud milege, ultimate bike giving 60 kmpl in the city. Honda dreem yuga is dreeming, looking ordinary,it never beat Hero Xpro.

  • shiva

    sir…. am doing marketing
    so please tell me one good bike for mileage ,low maintenance ,and good pick up

    • Faisal Khan

      Shiva, Dream Yuga is a good option.

  • Abhijit

    Hello Friends,
    I am planning to purchase new bike. Which one is best between Honda Twister and Honda Dream Yuga?
    Please suggest me.

  • Abhijit

    I am planning to purchase new bike. Please suggest me, which is the best between Honda CB Twister and Honda Dream Yuga

  • Sam

    I plan on buying a new bike this week…. i want the brand to be reliable… tested by time… and be Indian brand if it is good ….which brings me down to bajaj discover 100cc.. Hero Passion xPro…and Honda Dream Yuga… though it Honda is not indian, it’s quality is legendary…moving forward… i discarded bajaj due to it’s short life….so now i am confused between Passion xPro and Dream Yuga…what do you all think….suggestions are welcome..


      Go for Honda Dream Yuga…Its best…

  • sai srinviass

    Daily i will drive 100 to 130 kms.
    it this right bike for me or not.
    pls suggest me…….

    • Faisal Khan

      Sai, yes it is.

    • Bassim Ahmed

      Faisal Khan brother,i m surprised ,,,,,,why do you reply for all the questions ,r u a honda agent ?
      or are u doing this as a partime ? pls tell so we buyers would be happy as they r now ,i mean happy after reading your responses..thanks bhaiya.

    • Faisal Khan

      Bassim, I am not a Honda agent. I suggested the Dream Yuga because its a very good 100cc bike but now with the new Discover 100T, I guess my suggestions might change.

  • palani

    i bro i decided to buy honda dream yuga bike any one say mileage about this bike for city side and highway.i was so confused.

    • Faisal Khan

      Palani, mileage is between 50-60 km/l depending on riding style and traffic conditions.

  • ravi

    hi faisal, i decided to purchase a bike but i am confused in honda dream yuga or hero passion xpro please suggest which one is better.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ravi, it all depends on your requirements, though both are good, the Dream Yuga is excellent good product for the price and quality.

  • Satish

    Following has been stated in the article “Tubeless tyres are standard, all though you won’t get tubeless in the market after current tyres wear-out”.

    Kindly clarify what are the options when the current tyres wear out. Can we not replace it with new one?

    • Mohit

      Tubeless tyres come from manufacturers but you dont get tubeless tyres from the market of this size as manufacturers get their tyres specially made! it doesn’t have any concern with thread wear.. its just that manufacturers give it to the customer after which customers buy tube tires from the market because its not available which is a disappointment

  • Vipin vp

    Plz real mileage of “honda dream yuga” city (or) highway

  • Vipin vp

    Plz real mileage of “honda dream yuga” city (And) highway

    • amit

      Millage is promising around 70-72+ in ideal condition (45-55 KM). Its consistent since last three months for me at least….

    • Gaurav

      45-55 km/L.

  • Vipin vp

    passion xpro or dream yuga which bike high mileage plz dudes reply…

  • Harish

    Which bike will be good for long run? Honda Shine or Yuga? Please reply… I’m Planning to buy a new bike and I’m confused between Yuga and Shine….

    • Harish

      Guys please help me….

  • Ramesh

    2013 CNBC-TV18 OVERDRIVE awards: Winners – Compact bike of the year: Honda Dream Yuga

  • Rmohamedjafar

    Super byk super fast …

  • sandy


    I am from Pune and want to buy yuga, shine or unicorn. As of now yuga is final but wanted to know how is the bike, its comfort on Indian rough roads and mileage.

    I am facing back problem with splendor made in 1999 which i purchased 2nd hand with good condition, splendor is indeed a superb bike but want to change it now . My priority is conform and milage so expecting your valuabel suggestions.

  • sandy

    Is a bike with monotype suspension give more comfort? Pune city roads condition is are too bad.

  • amit

    Nice article but you haven’t mentioned about its serious cold start problem, & poor breaking system on which you couldn’t reply all the time. Honda must have to figure it out asap ….

  • Mohammed Nadeem


    i want to purchase a bike , and i have shorlisted honda dream yuga, suzuki hayate and bajaj discover 100 4G . Everybody is suggesting me to take bajaj discover 100 4G as it is giving good performance and great mileage. but iam looking forward to know more about the other two bikes i have mentioned above please help me out …


  • golu

    Rs. 56,799/- . . . . . Jyada nahi ho gaya….

  • srinivasan

    I bought this bike last 2 months back with TVS tyres but at the company was introduced with MRF tyres . this is not good way .

    Kindly clarify

  • srinivasan

    I bought this bike last 2 months back with TVS tyres but the company was introduced with MRF tyres at the time of introducing.

    This is not good way .

  • Monti nalwati

    Plz help me…mujhe btao ki is bike me koi problem to nhi

  • Monti nalwati

    Plz help me…mujhe btao ki is bike me koi problem to nhi,…contact me 8285485453

  • Joevin

    I am riding a Splendor plus now and suffering from severe low back pain ever since i got it. Now, without any option, I am looking for a bike change. Will the posture in dream yuga suit me? I am 172cms tall.

    I was previously riding a kawasaki Caliber Croma and never faced the back pain problem..

    Please suggest.


    • Faisal Khan

      Joevin, Dream Yuga is comfortable however if you want more comfort, you should opt for a bigger bike.

    • Joevin

      So do you say Honda shine is a better alternative to Dream yuga.?

  • Sonu

    Hi All, I am a beginner and having 5.3′ height. So i can’t judge this bike comfort level by just a couple of test drive. Please advice me…

    • Faisal Khan

      Sonu, what is your budget?

  • Arun

    Don’t buy this bike, because after sale no service support from them,please choose another brand.

  • Vikram

    I like this bike with comfort & look

  • Jai0

    Why Honda given Dream Yuga fade colors?..The stickers resembles Hero Honda’s 80’s stickers .A good product made but presented badly.


    Honda Dream Youga’s city Milage is 90kmpl and Highway Milage is 99kmpl
    The Honda Dream Youga is Best in the WORLD



  • vihar

    plz help me … mai honda dream bike lena chahatahu kya ye bike best he abi maine bahut coment dekhe usme 70% ye bike achi nahi lagrahi he but kya ye bike 60ke uppar milage deti he plz rply

  • aquil

    I’m a beginner am planning a bike which one would u suggest dream yuga. Or passion x pro please reply

  • Tarun Kumar

    it has only pickup poor in 1 and 2nd gear. otherwise its good one.

  • Shivesh

    Hi friends ,i want to purchase a bike in 100cc segment but i am little bit confuse between discover 100t and dream yuga , which will be the better option in all aspect mainly in reliability, after sale service and last but not the least mileage.

    • Faisal Khan

      Shivesh, Dream Yuga is more reliable.

  • vishal

    dream yuga is a best. but kya ye 4-5 yrs bad achha milege degi. aur yuga bike ka vait kitna rahega. uske spares part availble to rahenge na. pl…… tell me sir…..

    • Faisal Khan

      Vishal, yes it’s a Honda so should be very reliable and parts should not be an issue.

  • Avanish

    I want buy dream yuga how does it perfome

    • Faisal Khan

      Please read the review, it clearly mentions how it performs.

  • Arvind M. N.

    These Are Lots of Problems in Dream Yuga 110cc bike
    Which Were Not Solved Yet After 5 Time Maintenance within 12 Month.
    Every Time Job Card has made for same complaint.
    1) Oil Leakage From Engine Head
    2) Pickup (when two person hardly 40 km )
    3) Average – Honda Say’s 72kmpl But We Never Get More Then 45kmpl
    4) Engine Knocking – It Happen in 2 & 3 Gear Also.
    5) Suddenly Engine Stop After Pressing Clutch At Any Gear – Which is Very Danger to Drive On Road
    6) Engine Were Stop on Neutral Position Within 15 Second On Day Mode & Within 5 Second When Headlight were On.
    7) Every Nut Bold Get Rusty Within 1 Month
    8) Engine Noise & Firing Also Not Smooth As Compare To Other Dream Yuga Bike.
    9) Fuel Indicator Not Working From Date Of Purchase
    10) Color Bubble On Front Mudguard
    11) Main Stand Was Not Stable – Solved On Second Service
    12) Engine Race High On Turn
    —- These Unbearable Trouble Which is manufacturing defect in Dream Yuga 110cc.
    Specially GUJARAT-RAJKOT people don’t purchase from DHARTI HONDA, sales people and service people giving such childish reasons of fault that “You dont know how to ride BIKE..” so funny….

    • Faisal Khan

      Arvind, did you write to Honda about these issues?

    • Mohanraj

      Hi arvind,

      This Mohan from bangalore, even I face the same problem as you mentioned. I am planning to take this issue in consumer court would you like to join with me???

      you can reach me in the bleow mail id:


  • nat

    hai faisel,
    I urgently want to buy a new bike with good mileage, low maintenance and durability. i am a new biker and will ride 50-70km / day.
    my budget is around 50k-65k.
    My height is 183cm so i need a bike suits my height.
    I’m interested in pulsar 135. pls suggest me a good bike.

    • Faisal Khan

      Nat, Pulsar 135 is a good bike and worth a buy. It will suit you.

  • Abhinna Singh

    i am confuse in honda dream yuga and hero passion xpro, my expectation is low maintenance and great mileage. please suggest me if there any other brand bike. suggest me hurry

  • Gaurav Gupta


    After reading all your comments, feedback and other reviews of Dream yuga and Discover 100 M i am very confused.
    Can you help me by telling which is better among Discover 100M and Dream yuga.???
    hope to get a reply from you soon….

  • divanshu chaturvedi

    dear mohit ,
    let me know , which is better yuga or neo and why.

  • ravikumar

    Hi, I have driven suzuki hayate and honda neo. I found hayate is better when compared to neo. Can any one suggest which one is better in maintenance and mileage.

    • kp

      if suzuki showroom is available nearby 4 u thn go hayate!

  • Hiren Jariwala

    I will buy Suzuki hayate after reading all the above reviews
    Thank you guys

    • Faisal Khan

      When are you getting it?

  • Chhayendra Chaudhari

    Honda dream Yuga is the best bike . When driven on economy mode (30-50km) gives me the milage 70-74 on highways & 65-70 on city roads. Good controls & looks .Overall it is the best byke with respect to milage, speed , pickup, maintenance ,riding comfort.Its on road price is only Rs. 54,484 (Dombivali, Maharashtra) .Only thing is that it does not give proper pickup on highways so very difficult for overtaking the speeding vehicle. so my suggetion is please donot try to overtake on highways with this byke.I am really enjoying this byke since last two months. Excellent family byke .

  • brijesh

    Hi i am 18 year old college guy..
    and I want to purchase a bike for good looking,average and low maintainance in rs. 55000 please advise

  • Deep Pathak

    Don’t buy Honda Dream Yuga Bike. Never buy this bike, very bad build quality cheap parts and very bad service, i purched this bike in 2013 after 6 months giving problem like chain, tyres, engine head leakage , service center is not solve these problem every time they just wash the bike and handover to you, so frnds take my advise and never waste your hardearn money on this bike, hero is better than honda, my 13 year old hero passion still running without any single trouble . it is worst invention of Honda. Built quality from a single screw to engine all parts are very low built quality. Many mistakes in design which are seen by any blind human.

    • angu

      hey spammr get lost, there are thousands of ppl loving the dream neo, see in mouthshut website reviews. do u even own a yuga with het

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