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2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Kawasaki has finally given the Ninja 250R some significant changes as the quarter-litre machine is for the very first time facing some real competition. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R has been the world’s best 250cc motorcycle for more than 20 years and never had any real challenger. However, Honda brought in the CBR250R last year, which has made Kawasaki sit up and take notice. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R does get minor updates (in the form of new colors) every couple of years but for 2013, the Japanese automaker has finally given the bike some very noteworthy upgrades.

The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R gets design changes all around including a new muffler and tail. The front now houses twin-headlights while the fairing has been redesigned to cool the bike faster and prevent the heat from bothering the rider. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is now more aerodynamic as well. The Japanese automaker has also gone ahead and made changes to the 250cc, parallel twin engine, giving it new cylinders, piston, crank cases along with a revamped fuel injection system and dual throttle valves. The steel tube frame has been redesigned as well which cuts down vibrations. The company has given the Ninja 250R new suspension system and brakes along with offering ABS as an option.

Another important change to the Kawasaki Ninja 250R is the new instrument cluster. Many have complained about the boring analogue meter found on the old Ninja 250R and the company has finally incorporated an all new console. The new cluster houses a rectangular LCD display along with an analogue tachometer, which is red-lined at 13,000 RPM. There are the usual tell-tale warning lights, which are spread across the complete cluster. The alloy wheels have been re-designed and look very similar to the ones found on the Bajaj Discover 125 ST. The Ninja 250R has been given new dual tone colors too. The quarter-litre machine continues to weigh the same as before, but the ABS version is 2 kgs heavier at 174 kgs. Power figures are yet to be revealed but we expect them to remain the same at 33 BHP.

[youtube: 540 375]

Bajaj Auto will almost certainly bring the 2013 Ninja 250R to India but when is the real question. Sales of the Ninja 250R have declined massively post the Honda CBR250R’s arrival. Further more, Bajaj is focusing more on brand KTM than Kawasaki which has resulted in the Austrian brand overshadowing the Japanese one in showrooms. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is currently brought in through the CKD route (kits being imported from Thailand). Bajaj Auto needs to consider local manufacturing, which can lead to the Ninja 250R’s price to drop by a good Rs. 1 lakh. The 2013 Ninja 250R at Rs. 2.25 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) is just what is needed to paint the town green. Meanwhile feast your eyes on 67 photos of the 2013 Ninja 250R below.

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  • Adi

    Much needed…..good move by kawasaki….. but other bikes could cramp up the competion by the time this come out …. and at that price, it looks very viable…any date on the launch…

    • Adi, launch will happen in 2013.

    • Hello Faisal thanks for the most awaiting important news and could you inform me whenever this bike hits thebindia market please because i was been waiting to take a bike since so long now i would like to buy kawasaki 2013 250R after i planned to take off cbr

    • Rishi, 2013 launch most certain.

  • Neil

    Just to correct the alloy wheels are much similar to that of the Discover ST 125. Please observe those carefully.

  • Manty Ahmed

    The white color on new n250 is stunning. Also ebony green

  • AVS

    Ninja should launch with a more powerful engine to beat cbr 250. Even the single cylindered CBR can easily outrun the double cylindered Ninja. So please upgrade the engine to a new level. Cant compare Ninja and CBR with Duke because the Cbr and Ninja can be also used for commuter and long travel ( The seating position of these two bikes are comfortable compared to the Austrian Rival ), Whereas duke is a power machine with not so good low end torque.

    • AVS, the CBR250R produces more torque but the Ninja 250R is a faster bike overall.

  • Looking good.thank god they changed the old looking speedo.but why they need to upgrade the engine- the cbr 250r produces 25bhp of power and the ninja250r produces 33bhp of power-then how cbr can outrun the ninja 250r which is more powerful than the cbr.?

    • Sarik, CBR250R can’t outrun the Ninja. In city, the CBR has better torque.

  • Ninu

    @ Sarik:- low end torque of CBR250 is much more than Ninja so CBR is faster in traffic light races.

  • ok ninu…i forgot about the torque.

  • Velutha

    Now thats how a Ninja is supposed to look like!

  • Arun

    Any idea when in 2013 will this bike be launched? I was planning on buying the existing model this Diwali.
    If the new model is expected in the 2nd half of 2013 then I may be tempted to buy the current one.

    • Akash

      Hy …i already ordered my 2012 250r ninja because believe it or not i didnt like the new design :)

  • swagata

    hello faisal sir.this is a owesome bike.but sir what about the milage.and the price of abs model in kolkata.plz give me the information.i think it’s gonna be rocxxxxx.

    • Swagata, price will be around Rs. 3.5 lakhs. Mileage around 25 km/l.

  • swagata

    thankxx faisal sir.25km/l its enough for me.i thought that it gives 15-18km/l.but its ok.than you faisal sir.i am the fan of kawasaki.

  • Abheet

    Hey! If anyone could tell me the month it is going to be released in 2013? Any approximate idea?

    • Abheet, by the second half of 2013. There is no word from the company, so we can’t really say which month.

  • Ramkishore

    sir, can i know the on road price of the 2013ninja in bangalore .. it looks real hot, planning to buy one soon. mileage is ok at 25kmpl. but i think bajaj people should manufacture the parts locally to give honda cbr250r a run for money. kawasaki is better than honda in looks and speed.

  • Abheet


    By second half, you mean the bikes will be delivering our just launched which will then take more 3 to 4 months atleast to deliver!

  • Chaitanya

    Hey,my frnd,faisal..
    pls help me out..

    I am willing to buy ninga250,but i had heard that kawasaki is also launching 300cc bike…
    is this true…

    Well all i want to ask is,
    should i go for ninga 250 or 300 if its in market….

  • korlum

    price price price …. Is the only challenge for ninja …
    Plzzzzz launch 2013 ninja 250 as soon as possible …
    This bike has got very sexy looks … Muuuaaaahhh i love u ninja ….lauch it

  • prabhav

    Hey faisal
    I m confused between cbr 250 and ninja 250
    which is good in all over performance
    Wat is your opinion

    • Prabhav, if your budget permits, wait for sometime as the 300R is coming soon.

  • Gugu

    This bike can never come to market because world is going to end on Dec 21 2012.

  • selvarajan

    Ninja 2013 will be loveble superbike for all young generation people……

  • Aswin

    I really like the post and the bike.
    But i have a question
    Isnt it the picture of the all new Kawasaki ninja 300

  • Harshad Naik

    Please tell me approx on road price & release date in Mumbai of Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2013..
    Above you mentioned that “The 2013 Ninja 250R at Rs. 2.25 lakh (on-road, Mumbai)”.
    Is it true??

    • Harshad, nope. 2013 Ninja 250R not coming to India, instead the 300R will be available.

    • Harshad Naik

      Very disappointed man…. :( :( :(
      was in very much hype of Ninja 250R 2013.

      Can u tell me when Ninja 300R going to release in india and its approx price?

    • Harshad Naik

      LOL dude..
      you just wrote in your another thread that “Kawasaki is bringing the Ninja 300R to the Indian market this Diwali. Although the Ninja 250R and the Ninja 300R feature similar styling, both the bikes will be sold together in the market.”
      You really confusing me man.
      Here is the link for that thread,

    • Harshad, that was a rumour, it wasn’t confirmed. Now launch is set for mid-2013.

    • Harshad Naik

      Launch set for mid-2013 of what??
      Ninja 250R 2013 or Ninja 300R?

      Please give me confirmed news of Ninja 250R and Ninja 300R of Indian release and price.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Harshad, new 250R is not coming to India. The launch of the 300R, it will be priced around Rs. 3.5 lakh.

  • Harshad Naik

    Ok…thx a ton for info..
    so i will be expecting Ninja 300R by June 2013?
    Rs. 3.5 lakhs of Ninja 300R is on road price?



  • mrFrank

    The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is already launched in Indonesia and has been since last year August 2012. Just bought one today gang and am stoked. wooooooooohooooooo

  • Abhay

    when does kawasaki ninja 250R 2013 launching in india..?
    what will be it’s on road price?

  • Hey Dude wht is price of new nija 250 with ABS on road in nashik….???? & when it come in market…..?????


    hii, ninja 250r is excellent bike with nearly 32 bhp , but cost is touching everest..3.5 lkh .. whereas honda cbr 400r is 50bhp ..cost 3.25 lakh..and mileage appx 50kmpl.. so choice is ur

  • Sakthi G

    Wonderful bike coupled with bad pricing is what all I can say!

  • tony

    ninja205 is superb. but i want to know what is the mileage of new ninja 250cc?

    • Tony, new Ninja 250 not available in India.

  • karan

    I would prefer to go with the previous EX-250 J model, which is more descent looking and this model is looking harsh, tell me what should one see if buying a second hand 2012 model of Ninja 250r EX-250 J? How much maximum distance should be considered before buying 1? Less than 10,000Km or what else?

  • dipendra singh

    Hello sir. I wanna purchase I used ninza bike which is presently in London as owner said its registered in Delhi bcz he was in Delhi last year is it safe and any legal formality is required in concern of duties plz reply me fas t

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