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Maruti Alto 800 Interiors Snapped

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2012 Maruti Alto 800

The Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is due for launch in a few weeks from now and clear interior shots have now surgaced. With the halt on India’s largest selling car, Maruti 800’s production, Maruti Suzuki will be launching the Alto 800 and is expected to be launched with factory fitted CNG option as well, in and around the upcoming festive season. The Alto 800 is expected to be priced at around Rs. 2 lakhs and is already ringing bells in the Indian car market. The exterior design is based on a mix of cars, including the Ford Figo and now you can view the interiors with these pictures.

2012 Maruti Alto 800 Steering

The Maruti Alto 800 comes in silver and beige finish interiors, which are most impressive compared to the M800. The A/C vents are impressively put, the central console has stereo system and the A/C control round knobs, the beige finish on the steering wheel, the 2012 Alto 800 has it all. The front seats have the integrated head rests and the seats are made for comfort. The height of the car has been increased, which means more leg room too. There seems to be some cost-cutting, though as it seems, the buttons for the power windows is placed in the centre below the gear lever, and there is too much use of plastic material on the dashboard.

2012 Maruti Alto 800 Center Console

The front beige and grey fabric trim inside the front door adds to the interior glow. A large pocket is also provided for small handy storage purposes in the front door. There is space allocated for mounting the speakers in the doors with round mesh on them. The outside black rear view mirrors are manually adjustable. The front view of the Alto 800 has a cute ‘V’ stretching from the view mirror up to the nose and a Suzuki emblem on the silver chrome strip on the grille. The headlamps are wide to the sides and pointy towards the inside giving off a cute ninja look and the large hexagonal grille and air-dams give Alto 800 a much more premium look as compared to the older generation Alto.

2012 Maruti Alto 800 Front-Door

2012 Maruti Alto 800 Gearbox

Pictures Source – CarBlogIndia

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  • Ankit verma

    For 2 lacks, the car is the best buy in its segment. Front view same as figo, interiors are descent compared to its segment…… The car will definately be a hit!

  • Rajan

    No complaints on teh interior. Looks good. I personally dont like the seat fabric pattern. Thsi car will definitely shake teh segment if priced well and comes with quality for its price segment

  • S Pani

    What’s with the brown interior colour???!!!

    Design isnt that great, but it’s nothing to complaint about. But the interiors still do have that rather crude feel to it, unlike the more smooth sophisticated look of the Eon.

    Also, most recent reports seem to indicate, this will be more in the range of a 2.4lac base ex-showroom price, ie replacement for the Alto.

    • Rajan

      The interiors of this one is much better that outgoing Alto i think. ??

    • S GHOSH

      It to be priced on road at around Rs. 2.1 Lakhs……. and I think the overall car looks are better than that of Eon…. I was an owner of an Eon and had to sell it for a very poor performance of the car and was disappointed on the rear legroom….. this car seems to have much more legroom than that of Eon….. This car gonna take over all the others in its segment….

  • Amish

    S Pani you are right quite much,but dont forget that Hyundai is also asking a premium price a bit above the Alto for the Eon

    • S Pani

      But you forget, the Eon does give you more for its money as well. And I dont mean just from the point of view of design finesse and quality. The Eon almost always has a bit more equipment and not to mention its more powerful engine.

      So at present prices, the Eon is about 30-40thousand costlier, but I think its better value than the Alto.

      So only if this Alto 800 can be priced at least 30-40grand cheaper than the existing Alto, I still wont make a better value proposition than the Eon. And from the looks of this new Alto, I dont see how they can reduce prices by 20%.

      And this entire segment’s future though remains in the hands of Tata, and their diesel engine equipped Nano.

    • crazy wheels

      Alto k10 is the best entry level petrol engine now available in India. The K series 900 cc engine used in Alto k10 is so more powerful than the engine used in Eon. Also We can see too much cost cutting features in Eon. The plastic interiors are too cheap and they produce more fuzzy smell when parked in sunlight. Alto also does the same smell but lot more less. Also just look at the bottom of Eon, we can see poor welding points at many areas.
      Chevrolet Spark is so better than Eon in body build. Eon is attracting customers with their ”attractive Interiors” , not with the refinement section.

    • Amish

      The Eon feels much better build and put together nicely than Alto and the Spark,and regarding welding points and plastic smell than better give a good look again to Alto and Spark

    • S GHOSH

      Totally agreed….. and also the point of fuel efficiency, Alto and Spark gives much better mileage than Eon…..

  • Suraj

    We have to remember that this car is developed in very small time span.
    Which is what reflecting in design and quality.
    But yes after all a good car built to the price.
    Don’t like the fabric pattern though.

  • Adi

    quality of interiors look great…..except for the design pattern as most here have commented….. exterior design … aaah not for me…

  • babulal parihar

    nise car

  • chandu

    its a nice car…i like this very much..interior and outlook is good..n the negative thing in the car is seating system….luking very hard

  • vikas

    i think the price is very high 300000 for this car

  • Udayraj

    Beautiful car. Great Mileage,
    Definately a tough competetion to EON.

  • nrushima lakshmi

    Marathi alto 800 is best car in Indians roads than other than all company car but if increase
    a few space in the car, ,no other car can reach to Marathi alto 800

  • mohd. faiz

    maruti suzuki alto 800 largest sale 100000 and more . best interear and exterear view fule efficent car 22.7. kmpl , lgp,cng 32.0 kmpl dati hai

  • ishan kaushik

    Out of the subject but if you want quality then a Harley starts @ This is the best car in the price range and will be buying soon for parents. They don’t like fancy stuff as in eon and Maruti service and price of spare parts (along with great Milage) make me not even think about eon. Instead of Eon one can spend a little more and go for still more options.

  • Randy82

    Tata Nano & Dastsun Go…is far better than this model……..

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