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Volkswagen Testing New Polo, With New Engines?

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2013 Volkswagen Polo Spied

Volkswagen recently launched an updated version of the Polo, giving the car minor updates along with addition of new features. The German automaker has also revised prices of the Volkswagen Polo, positioning it aggressively against segment leader, the Maruti Suzuki Swift. The reduction in prices is definitely a welcome move, although many prospective buyers still crave for more refined and powerful engines on the Polo. Volkswagen doesn’t have a 1.5-litre diesel engine in its kitty.

However Volkswagen is said to be working on a 1.5-litre TDI diesel engine, which could find its way into the Polo, Vento, Skoda Fabia and Rapid. This engine has been codenamed EA 189 and would also power the compact sedan based on the Up! Now Volkswagen has already launched the updated Polo, then why is the company still testing it. We spotted the Polo pictured here in Mumbai, with MH14 plates. In our brief encounter, we could hear slightly lower engine sound but can’t really confirm anything at this moment.

Could Volkswagen be testing a 1.5-litre diesel engine in the Polo. Notice the missing badge on the front grille. The boot of the car clearly reads TDI and there are high chances the company is working hard to bring a more powerful diesel engined Polo to the Indian market. Volkswagen recently discontinued the Polo 1.6 and could offer the Polo 1.5 TDI as a replacement. The Volkswagen Polo 1.5 TDI could very well be the performance hatchback which enthusiasts are waiting for. The 1.5-litre diesel engine (EA 189) is expected to produce 94 BHP of power and 230 Nm of torque.

Can you guess which car these pictures have been taken from?

2013 Volkswagen Polo EA189 Diesel

Volkswagen Polo 1500cc Diesel

Volkswagen Polo EA189 Diesel

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  • Jobu George

    Was this one four pot??

  • Dhayalan

    Audi Q3

  • Sidd

    There is a badge missing in the front grill
    The car you are in looks like q3 or koleous

    • Nishant

      Neither Q3 nor koleos have red color option. I think the car the pictures have been taken from might be Punto. Also the Polo doesn’t have rear wiper which means it might be comfortline variant but it has alloys

    • Nishant, which ever car it is, it is the top end model.

    • S Pani

      Nice spotting the missing badge. Thnks.

      Thinking about, very few VW’s get a front grill badges, other than the VW symbol. The sporty variants that is the GT, GTI and GTD variants generally get marked on the front grill. I am not sure, but the TSI engines also get marked on the front grill.

      Is it possible VW is looking to bring in its TSI engine range to India??

    • Atul

      No way! if TSI comes down, vento should get it before polo.

    • Atul, TSI is already here in the Jetta 1.4.

    • S Pani

      I was actually thinking more along the lines of the 1.2TSI rather than the 1.4TSI of the Jetta. The 1.2TSI can do duty in both the Vento, in its 105bhp form, and the Polo in its 85bhp form.

      May be by 2013 end we will see 3 of the best petrol engines on the market in the form of FIAT’s 0.9L TwinAir, VW’s 1.2LTSI and Ford’s 1.0EcoBoost.

    • Teekay

      This one looks like the GT version..

  • raj

    New set of alloy wheels!!

  • Dhiraj

    Its the Audi Q3 in orange colour

  • BRAINS!!

    I said it once, said it twice, said it thrice.. and many times before…

    VW needs to get its act together… has anyone seen the latest “upgrades”? While the upgrades to the Polo are welcome (should be been there for the start), the upgrades to the Vento are quite… idiotic to say the very least (A removable GPS unit with a reverse camera can hardly be counted as an upgrade- aftermarket fitment).

    The attempt to bring in new engines is a good one…. lets hope they correct their mistakes before its too late and they are chewed up and thrown out by the Indian consumer….

    They should SERIOUSLY consider bringing in the Tiguan given the sudden shift towards smaller SUV’lets!

    • S Pani

      The Tiguan wont really do good numbers in India. It is more like a sister product of the Yeti, which isnt exactly a hot seller in India. At that price, Indian’s would much prefer to go in for full size SUVs like the XUV500/Safari Storme etc.

      If they want to enter the compact SUV market, they will have to come up with something new, based on a sort of extended Polo platform.

  • Teekay

    Hey Volkswagen,

    If any of you marketing strategists in VW is reading this, please do bear in mind that the Indian automotive consumers have come a long way from the ‘you-can-choose-any-color-for-your-car-as-long-as-it-is-black’ days. So, I request you to come up with model upgrades which are worth opting for. And, why on earth is that you are not providing engine/transmission box options here in India?
    If a group of consumers do want lesser price, let em choose the 3 cyl 1.2 TDI. Why can not someone else go ahead and opt for the 1.6 TDI if he is willing to pay extra? Or why don’t you offer a 1.5 TDI? If you are worried about the lower volume demands of such a high spec engined one due to higher price n tax, let the consumer decide to choose from the options.

    Anyway, the Polo is indeed a car worth going for if one has choices in the engine/transmission.

    If the news about the 4 cylinder higher capacity diesel engined Polo, it will be hugely popular car here in India among dieselheads. :)

    • kathy

      very true…m waitin for 4cyl 1.6tdi polo

    • Teekay

      Looks like we’ ve been heard, finally ;)

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