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2012 Bajaj Boxer 150

Bajaj Auto will be discontinuing the Boxer 150 and Platina 125 from the Indian Market owing to its fading demand. The Bajaj Boxer BM 150 was launched last year targeting the value for money segment in rural markets. Priced at Rs. 43,000/-, the Boxer 150 was the cheapest 150cc bike in the market. It is powered by a 4-stroke, 150cc engine with an overall rugged built quality, the Bajaj Boxer 150 sold about 1,00,000 units each in the first two months since its launch. However, sales were seen slowing down and the numbers were dropping with every succeeding month. So, a year after its launch, Bajaj Auto has decided to phase out this model from the Indian market. The export of the Boxer BM 150 will continue and the 8,000 units manufactured last month were all used for the same purpose.

On similar grounds, the Platina 125 is also seeing a waning demand. Bajaj itself has a better offering in this segment with the Discover 125. So the diminishing demand for the Platina 125 is very well understood. Although there is a difference of about Rs. 10,000.- between the Platina and Discover, it is the latter which is enjoying more sales. But similar to Bajaj Boxer 150, the Platina 125 will be game for the export market too. The first version of the Platina brand, the Platina 100 will continue in the Indian market and is doing some good sales of about 50,000 units each month.

Bajaj Auto is targeting a ten percent growth during the upcoming festive season and has also assured that there will be no immediate price hike amidst the high demand. Hence, inspite of the slowdown, the Pune based company will be increasing its production capacity by 1.2 million from its current capacity of 4.5 million units among its four manufacturing plants. The hike in production is also because of Bajaj’s focus on the export market with the Pulsar 200NS and the Discover 125ST to begin exports next month. Initially, 5000 units of the Discover 125ST will be exported.

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  • Sushrut

    Confused strategy by Bajaj continues. Apart from Pulsar, no other bike from their stable is performing consistently.

  • Viky

    Do you think Pulsar range is Stable ? I dont think. Its just like DO or DIE…May I know where is bajaj pulsar 200, 220S , 220 Fi ??? Soon a Pulsar 100 ULS (ultra light sports) will arrive and bajaj will claim as world leader in performance bike as it did now with discover

  • AVS

    As expected !
    CT 100, Platina 100, platina 135, Discover 125 (old ),
    XCD 125, XCD 135, Boxer 100 dtsi, Discover 125 dtsi, now Platina 125 and Boxer 150.
    They should announce which other bikes are on their list apart from these.

  • Amit

    Hey this is interesting to know boxer 150 sold 1lakh in two months. Every new product launched by bajaj initially for some month becomes hit. Anyhow after some time it becomes shit…i am worried for new pulsar and discover as till now they haven’t got any ground breaking sales record. Selling few thousands may not work for bajaj. The next world’s most advanced 100cc is going to come from bajaj in December that is pulsar 100 ULS (ultra light sports). that will borrow discover chassis, Mono shock, 3 spark plugs, 4 valves, 5 gears, 6 spoke alloy, auto start, DRL, intake and exhaust tech, folding number plate, light in switches, self cancelling indicator, front and rear extra huggers…etc after all bajaj can do only this and we are watching this from decade :D

  • Amit

    Sad news for those who are holding these bajaj bikes

  • rishabh adhiraj

    What so ever bajaj has . But it is an idiotic descision
    By phasing out platina 125 with no marketing gains from
    Discover 125st . I don’t think it will be able to do the same job
    As platina 125 because it is less in price and then because of
    It’s name . For ex everyone’s choice i platina100 instead
    Of splendour or TVs star sport I think bajaj is not doing now
    A great job. Nanak doesn’t have any particular strategy

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