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Royal Enfield Updates Thunderbird 350

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Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Launch

Royal Enfield has updated the Thunderbird 350, giving it all the features of the new Thunderbird 500. Called the all new Thunderbird 350, the motorcycle gets the same design as its elder sibling. The Thunderbird 350 comes in Flicker and Twilight colors, with the on-road Mumbai price of Rs. 1,43,346/-. Bookings of the old Thunderbird 350 have been stopped and those who had booked one earlier, can now convert their booking for the all new Thunderbird 350.

Power comes in through the same 346cc UCE engine which uses TwinSpark and produces 19.8 BHP of power at 5250 RPM and 28 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM. This air-cooled engine is paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox and uses a carburetor instead of fuel injection seen on the Thunderbird 500. With production of around 10,000 units per month, the company believes prospective Thunderbird customers will not see any waiting period and can purchase their cruisers off the shelf.

For the rough price increase of Rs. 13,500/- over the old Thunderbird 350, the new model offers a stiffer swing arm, LED head lights, all new digital console, rear disc brake, 41 mm front forks and LED tail lamps. Performance is expected to remain more or less the same and the new Thunderbird 350 will appeal to those looking to use the motorcycle in the city. The new Thunderbird 350 slots right below the Classic in the Royal Enfield range.

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  • dr. suraj

    Booking it Today Yeeppeeee

  • Harish

    Jus waitin for sales 2 start….superb bike by RoyalEnfield

  • Arkaprava

    Booked it on 13th October, showroom guys gave me the tentative delivery date is 20th December. Now I’m feeling the restlessness of waiting period :(

  • Abhishek Singh

    I have booked the new Thunderbird 350 CC not only because its looks but also of its now bigger fuel tank, digital meter for various things and new head light. Hope all the believe of decades will remain unshakeble.

  • PranZ

    Booked it on 19-10-12….darn people have given me a 4 months waiting time….how the hell am i gonna wait for so long???

  • Rajiv Malik

    I have already booked , awaiting delivery ,Cheers !!!!

  • Ajay

    TB 35o is available only in two colors, both black: one flickering black and other twilight blank. 500 is available in 3 color, again all black, two same as 350 and one in matt finish black.

  • sudheer

    hiii All,

    i have to for a crusier bike but upto 2 lakhs only.

    can anyone help me

  • Aditya

    Hi guys, already own this ‘Beauty’….was lucky to get hold of one from the first lot, didnt bother to wait for any review on the bike as was confident that the bike would not cause any problem. however certain issues which are now coming to light, after first 500km servicing are as follows and would request if someone has any technical advise or guidance’
    1. Petrol tank as claimed to be 20 litres is actually just about 12 litres, which is really bothering, though i have spoken to the service centre to resolve this one.
    2. Rear wheel makes a cranking noise on speeds below 20 kmph or early morning start after idle running as u hit the road.
    3. Rear wheel disc brake heating up.
    4. After speeds of 60 – 70km, or engine warming properly, had issues of engine shutting down, had to wait for 2 sec, kickstart and the bike is running smooth for few km, till shutting down again, dont know if its petrol issue or engine heating up?

    • Winston

      Your fule tank capacity need to be checked by the service centre.. Please check once before you go to RE. Empty your tank and fill fuel to check on its capacity.

      Check if your shock absorbers and wheel bearings are properly lubricated as these noises could have been caused due to water or dry wheel parts

      Check if you are accidently stepping on the brakes by resting your foot on the pedals. Dics are prone to heat up when applying..

      Please check you fule injection system as it looks like a problem with your gas intake..

  • simanta

    Booked on 27th october in guwahati assam. just waiting desperately fr her to come

  • pawan

    Can anyone tell me the current waiting time for thunderbird 350 in india?

  • shankar

    New TB350 mileage?

    • Shiva

      @Shankar– Milage around 35-40 km

      Can some one tell me abt the performance of TB350 compared to Classic350?????

    • Shankar, same as before, around 35 km/l.

  • Samir

    Hi I got my TB 500 on Nov 9th and I love the bike. The rear wheel bearing started making noise at 400 KM. It makes a cracking noise on slow speed (10-20km). I took it to the service station and they have replaced the bearings. Other than that the bike is awesome.

  • Rakesh

    Hi Guys,

    I had booked Electra 350 after listening to long wait period of classic and then i saw this beauty TB coming soon to market, i made a change in booking on october 13 2012 and am so happy that this devil beauty is already at home less than 30 days on first batch delivery!

    I have no reviews yet because i havent ride it yet since am on travel, i ll be back this week home and i will give the first glimpse of so called “Highway Cruiser”

    • Rakesh, congratulations on your new bike ;-)

  • Saswat

    Hi guys, i need yours valueable suggesion. TB350 is my dream bike. I am planing to purchase TB from last 6 month. But i am confused whether i’ll go for it or not. Some of my friends suggest TB350 is a very good bike go for it but some are suggest that TB350 is very hevy for my physic type don’t go for it. Kindly suggest me whether i’ll purchase my dream bike or not. My body type- hight 5ft9″ weight 67kg. Waiting for yours reply.

    • harryccane

      Go for it bro.. don listen to anyone. If people say the bike doesn’t suit you, say you suit the bike :)

    • tnt

      Nice one bro..

    • Shiva Shankar

      Hi Guyz,

      Even I have a great confusion to go for TB 350 CC or Honda Unicorn and I’m confused to which one to buy. My height is 6ft.3inches and I rode on Unicorn and TB 350 CC but some are saying Unicorn is better and others saying TB 350 is good. I duno what to do. please suggest me which is better to chose. I asked my friend he said Unicorn suits me and giving negative points about TB350 of city parking or suddenly you can’t go for household items to buy & mileage wise better than TB 350 CC. The new Generation TB 350 has a stylish look and I explained him and after that he also liked it. Please suggest me which one to buy ?

    • Get the Thunderbird eyes closed. Unicorn is so outdated now.

    • harryccane

      Hi Shiva,

      I have been riding unicorn for 5 years and it is definitely an amazing bike. Now I am ‘upgrading’ to TB350 because the experience on a RE is totally different than any other bike. You can compare Unicorn with other bajaj and yahama bikes and I will say unicorn is the best. However, RE stands apart, so there is no comparison. If you want a bike that has a different class, RE is the choice. :-)

    • Ajinkya Vaychal

      hi i want to buy TB 350..can someone plz tell me the price,mileage and maintenance???

    • Please read our review, all details are there.

    • Saswat, don’t worry you will get used to the bike. Get the TB350.

    • Saswat

      Thanks Faisal. I am already plan to get that. And will book
      on coming monday 10th dec. It will take 3month to delivered in Bhubaneswar, Orissa

    • Saswat, 3 months not much considering demand and supply gap is huge.

    • Saswat

      Yup, I know demand is huge. but i just want to know after sale service is good or average or poor? and the availabilty condition of spare parts? actuly one of my friend has got classic 350 before 4month. In these 4month he has changed 2wice oil seal and once spedometer cable, and every time my friend wait minimum 15 to 20 days for original parts from showroom.
      This type of shortsuply problem is from company end or local deler end?

    • Saswat, after sales service is good, spare part availability depends, but should usually not be an issue. The short supply is from company end.

  • abhay

    Hi all,
    I have booked classic 350 in the month of march…due to long waiting period i shifted to tb350 by devcember i should get tb350
    Now iam confused as my heart says go for classic….
    My daily usage will b around 30 km
    Once in a while will make a trip to pune
    Please guys tell me what should i do?

  • Mathew

    I planned to get Classic 350cc but now i want to go for New TB350cc
    Which is good and comfortable? Some says that classic is having the actual bullet look TB350 will not be like that. What do i do? Please suggest.

    • Mathew, Thunderbird more comfortable, get it.

  • Niraj

    I’ve booked the new thunderbird 350 on 11th October. Being around 56kgs and around 5’10” people say that taking u-turns and parking would be impossible, but being a die-hard fan of the bike I just booked it. Do you think I should have second thoughts?

    • Niraj, you will get used to it. No need for second thoughts.

  • Murali S


    Can u pls anyone tell me Thunder Bird 350 is suitable for Body type 6’6″ and Weight 68Kg.
    I would like to buy.

    • Murali, yes it is, once you get used to it.

    • NAGA

      faisal bro i hav booked tb350 …but some of ma friends told tht the reviews r not so good :( :( am confused now …..want full reviews abt the bike bro ..can u suggest some website?? r u can post the reviews plllllssssssssss bro !!!!!!!

    • Naga, its a good bike. We will try to review it but can’t commit anytime soon. I would recommend the Thunderbird, 350 or 500, both are good.

    • NAGA

      oh k bro ! thanks !!!!!!!! waitin for d reviews !!!!! and btw classic r thunderbird? wats ur suggestion ???

    • Naga, Thunderbird more comfortable.

  • sagar

    TB 350 is suitable / comfortable for a man height approx 5’6″ and weight approx 70 kgs.
    pl suggest..

    • Yes Sagar, it is

    • GAURAV

      HI FAISAL,
      hv booked my Bird & delivery is around 12 jan -14,

      can you psl tell me what things i should check before taking delivery of bird , is there any manufacturing default in particular parts / sound / etc need to check pls advise


    • Have you read the what to do after buying a Royal Enfield post?

    • GAURAV


    • GAURAV

      where is that ?

    • Just search using top right search bar.

  • Karthikeyan

    Hey Guys,
    Booked my Thunderbird way back in August, changed my booking to the new one in october and that too at RE’s own show room at Adyar, Chennai. For me, the delivery time is April 2013. But I see some being promised in just 4 months for december bookings. Not sure, if I am the unluckiest one or what you have been promised is wrong.

    Also, I am full of envy for the guys who are already driving it :). Enjoy your rides.


    • Karthikeyan, you sure have some patience.

  • Dev

    Booked on Dec 02 but peoples said me to wait 6 months too long period, but at last gr8 Bird will be in my hand

  • Deepinder Singh

    I went to showroom to book Classic 350, but was allured by looks of new TB 350. Now I’m confused, The purpose is daily commuting. I somehow find Classic more comfortable to drive… Rest all Thunderbird seems good…
    I have a hefty built, so weight of bike is not much of a concern.
    Please help with your reviews….

    • Deepinder, the Thunderbird is more comfortable than the Classic.

  • Arijit

    i am a die hard fan of thunderbird 350….bt i am confused bcoz of my height 5’4”…should i go for it ??

  • amandeep

    i am already booked new thunderbird 350 but my frnzzzz said classic is better then TB what u say dear……. which bike i can buy ????…………


    I’m 5’6″, 82 kg. LOVE the looks of Thunderbird.But due to the problem of frequent complaints of usual RE,doubts should i go for it , or some japanese bike like R15 or CBR. I’m NOT much a fan of SPEED.But a fan of “comfort of driving and OWNING”. what’s your opinion?(planning to buy a new bike on 2013 FEB -my 19th b’day).

    • Darryl, get the Thunderbird, you will get used to it. Problems in Royal Enfield bikes have reduced drastically.


    one more thing , i travel total of 60 kms a day.

  • Saurabh

    Can anyone tell me which is better Avenger or Thunderbird?

  • Anand

    Hi, I have booked TB350 on 3rd Dec 12.
    Dealership has indicated waiting time of 5 months.
    any way this can be reduced……dont have patience to wait so long…

    • Sanket

      Patience my friend Patience.. :) May the god of Patience be with you.

  • Nadeem

    I booked tb350 in date of 25 nov. Plz tell me how much i should wait for it….??

    • Sanket

      Dealers are saying 4-6 months waiting.. Bt it is worth it. :)

    • Nadeem, ideally not more than 3 months.

  • Sanket

    I booked TBTS in august and shifted to NEW TB in october. Ill get mu BIRD on Friday the 14th. :)
    I feel…..When the BIRD sings it sounds like THUNDER. :) :)

    Ride safe…Ride hard Guys.. C u on Hiway..

    • Karthikeyan

      Hi Sanket,
      Where did you book your TBTS?


  • Nadeem

    Plz tell me ??

  • Manikandan


    Faisal Khan,

    I admired royal enfiled TB 350 looks. But my height is “5.4” n weight 72 kg. People were confusing me this bike not suits for my height. Kindly advise me. Pls also tell about this bike mileage…

    • Manikandan, you will get used to the bike, don’t worry about your height. Mileage is around 35 km/l.

  • Nadeem

    Thunderbird vs avenger who is best bike faisal bhai….??

  • Sassy

    Hello Guys, can any one solve my problem or help me to take decision that which one is suitable for me out of classic 350 or electra or thunderbird is suitable for me. out of these three which one will meet my needs.
    Regarding me and my physic: I am sassy from Bhubaneswar (Odisha). age 29, hight 5ft9″, wieght 66kg. my daily runing approx 50km per day. out of these 50km, 40km is in busy traffic means in city itself. and 10km in higway.
    My requirement is: 1st – Comfortable riding quality both in city and higway. 2nd – should be match to my phyisc type.
    Please suggest me which is suitable and which one i’ll purchase out of above three

  • Nadeem

    Pulser 200ns and thunderbir 350 which is best ? ?

  • Nadeem

    To faisal bhai apne 200ns kyu li hai ?

  • kamlaish dunnar

    i booked thunderbird350 on 20 november in lucknow.when i am going to get it.

  • sudeesh

    wow its an awesome bike… already covered 1700 km…. doing great….
    feel like a celebrity on road with all the peoples staring at ur bike………

  • BSK

    \Hi Guys,

    Got my new thunderbird350 on nov 7, initially had problems of petrol tank leakage, then some issues with front fork and handle which were kinda sorted out. But whats more bothering is, rear shock absorbers….when i ride the bike around 30-40kmph, over small potholes bike is giving jerks and which is hurting my back. I went to service station, they changed the shock absorbers but still the same problem. Has anyone else faced it, or any suggestions. Because, if this is the situation one can ride this bike only on highways but not on city roads, as city roads riding is not at all comfortable.

    • Bsk, there is a problem with the shocks, get it changed again.

  • Nadeem

    Which is your fov. Bike faisal???

    • Nadeem, my favorite bike is the BMW S1000RR.

  • Sunetra rai

    Hi faisal,
    I’ve booked the new thunderbird 350 on 9th decmber….can i know what is the waiting period in navi mumbai??

    • Sunetra, around 3 months.

    • Sunetra rai

      Yuppee!! So exited to get it thanks faisal!!

  • Nadeem

    Who is the best bike of royal enfield ?

  • Nadeem

    Whats the different b/w thunder 500 and 300 ?

  • Nadeem

    Whats the different b/w thunder 500 and 350 ?

  • Rahul


    Can someone please tell me , how’s the firing of thunberbird 350?
    People are saying that it’s not good. I am really confused now :(

  • Krishna Karnan

    Booked TB 350 in Chennai …Getting it next month….waiting 4 it….. when compare to classic it holds more features and upgraded version so i preferred it….. Entering RE Club….Ha …..waiting for that moment…To share about TB 350 friends can ring me to +91-8525-999-000

    • Amit

      Hi Krishna, when did you book the vehicle. I have booked on 4th July 2012 in Chennai and am yet to get the delivery. The dealer is of the view it would be delivered by 31st March, 2013

  • saket

    Hi guys I booked new Thunderbird yesterday And had a waiting period of 6 mths in Nagpur

  • Parikshit

    Hi Faisal,

    Could you please update me what would be the on road price for new thunderbird 350 in Ahmedabad.

    • Imran

      1.41 lac

  • Shubham

    its 1,38,000 in Delhi. only two colour available. bike is really awesome


    Can Any One Let me Know, which one will be best RE TB 350 or 500 ? Ans me quick as i am going to book this bike by 20th Jan 2013….:)

    • Satyaa, the Thunderbird 500 is the more exciting motorcycle of the two.

  • Himanshu

    Can anyone let me know the waiting period of thunderbid in Navi Mumbai booked on 12th Jan 2013

    • Vikrant

      @HImanshu, even i booked it on 9th from Eicher MOtors…8 months on paper waiting..but they said…around 6 months u might get the delivery.

  • subrata

    getting TB 350 this week in hyderabad…what an excitement………

    • Nitin

      I also booked TB-350 on 19/02/2013 at Voyage, Borivali. They told me that waiting period will be of aprox 10 months, but may be shorten once new plant of RE starts functioning from March 2013.
      Hopping for best….!!!

  • Prasanna Anbu

    Am enjoying the expensive ride..worth buying it…Machine is just awesome with the projector lamp and the black powder coating…

  • yesterday i booked tb 500 and today i transefered to thunder bird 350 haha .. it was scared me tb 500 no milage and tb 350 same features as tb 500 and milage is 40 why shd i nt choose it ? there is simple logic tb 350 is better as per our countrie’s petrol rate iis going increasing .. if we choose tb 350 we can manage ….. so my countdown begans today …. have a nice time … :)

  • Aishwary Chatterjee

    thunderbird 350cc 2012 model
    only 1200 km run
    mint condition

  • Sheikh Nehal

    Hi guys I booked TBTS 350 on 4th Jan from Bokaro jharkhand,and dealet has given me a date of April first week,is it possible to get in same date given by dealer in jharkhand

    • Sheikh, delivery schedule depends on location, so your dealer is best person to answer when you will get it.

  • Amit

    I have booked Thunderbird 350 on 4th July, 2012 and am still awaiting the delivery of the vehicle. I have booked with Southern Motors Chennai and those idiots are delaying it by one more month and is expected to be delivered by 31st March, 2013. Its 9 months waiting period. I dont know if other customers are been given preference over me by giving kick backs.

  • rahul Mankame

    i have booked std 350 please guide should i go for thunderbird 350 , worried about no electric start with std 350

    • Rahul, if it fits in your budget, go for it.

  • dev

    Hi Faisal… plz guide me. I m a govt. officer…hardly once in a month get time for biking but still very much fan of bullet. My age z 35 n I m going to book thunderbird….I never ride bullet before. which version ll b suitable for me. 350 or 500? Budget z no problem. Just for fun I want to purchase.

  • naga

    i want the sound of old thunderbird in new model !!!! if i change the silencer it wil affect the performance and mileage of the bike??

  • rohit

    Hi.I am rohit and my height is 5.6 and weight 58 kgs.I am planning to buy classic 350.People say it wont suit you.They say its heavy and it will be difficult to handle.I just want to know is it too heavy for me.I am a big fan of bullet.

    • Rohit, if you are confident about riding it, go get it.

  • shanmuga raja

    i need top speed acheived in new thunderbird 350cc..
    nd its milege..
    i hav been getin around i ja not abl to cross 90kmph easily tazs oly..
    pls can u tell.abt iz..

  • Shubham

    going to book it tomorrow
    confuse bw the colour

    does anyone has twilight?
    how does it look

    • Shubham, which colour do you personally like? Get that one.

  • shiv kumar

    faisal bhai i have booked TB 350 on 29 march2013 show room people have given me waiting period of 10 monts is there any possibility of getting it in oct or nov?

  • Ajoy

    I want to buy TB 350..How is its mileage?It is very heavy (192 kg).has it any difficulty in handling the bike due to heavy wt.My ht is 5’8″ and wt 72 kg age 27 yrs and profession is doctor.Is it suitable for me?

    • Ajoy, yes its suitable for you. Go ahead with it.

  • Srinath

    What is the key difference between the old and new TB 350 ? I have been enjoying the TB350 for more than a year.Just curious to know the experience of the new TB comparing the old TB 350?

    • Srinath, vast difference in styling and features.

  • George

    HI Guys, I got this bike on 1st April. After taking this bike, I am running up and down to service center. Out of 15 days the bike was with Royal Enfield Brand store service center for 10 days. The engine makes weird noise after running for 3-5 KMs. The RE Brand store does not have the skilled mechanics to fix the issues. They claim to have replaced the Rocker Arms exhaust and in-let but still the problem exists. I just got the bike from service center today after leaving there for 7 days with two time replacing the same after checking forcefully they revealed only this. But now I am getting additional noise/sound when the engine is in stop mode.

    • George, there are bespoke issues in all RE bikes, something which they are yet to eliminate completely from their products.

    • sunil

      Hi ,
      I have also booked TB350 last monday , waiting period is 10 months , I just took it for test drive , loved it , Booked it :) , FAS , What is bespoke issue , is it some serious problem ?

    • Sunil, bespoke is one-off, specific to probably your bike.


    I booked TB350 Twilight colour , what will be the exact mileage in city and highways , i will be riding around 75 to 100 Kms per day,

    kindly suggest ……..:)

  • Aditya

    Faisal… pls advice me, whether new Thunderbird 350 is good compared to older one..whether ill get the same beat, feel etc…

  • Srikanth

    Which TB350 is good? old model or new model? found some difference in length and hieght.
    Awaiting yor reply…

  • Sailesh

    Hello Guys,Can some one guide me whether new TB350 is suitable bike for my physic type and my requirement.
    First off all i would like to tell about my Physic. I am 5’8” tall and my weight is 68kg. My daily avg runing is 50km (20km in city road and 30km in Highway). Royalenfield is my dream bike.
    Some of my friend and family members suggest me don’t go for RE, bcz of heavy weight and TB is not suitable for regular use.
    Is it so?

    • Sailesh, yes the TB350 is suited to your body sttyle, go for it. Don’t listen to friends suggestions.

  • abhi

    hi faisal bai i am confused for select my bike,which one is better,thundrbird 350 or bullet standard 350

  • Raj

    Hi, I am planning to book TB350. Please let me know how much time will it take for delivery. Does the bike vibrate on 80kmph ?

  • Raj

    hahah i am 5,6′ and 58 kg…but i got the thunderbird :D…loving it,,…passion has nothing to do with mismatch..

    • Raj, bingo, you can ride anything, you just need time to get used to it.

  • Raj

    Yep… i got the idea when a mosquito thin guy (i think weighing around 45 kg) was riding bullet like comedy…so i though why not…why when a mosquito can ride a mammoth then why can’t a lemur (…excuse for funny bones ;D)

    • Raj, being thin has nothing to do with riding abilities.

  • Pramod


    Can someone guide me, Its almost 6 months now i booked RE TB350cc. On paper its delivery time is 6 months but dealer told it’l be delivered by 4th month. Suddenly now i got a call from dealer telling bookings are high and supply is low so delivery time is extended to 8-10 months ..

    At the time of 1 production unit dealer promised to deliver vehicle in 6th month.
    As all know now new manufacturing plant also has started production so there is no reason for delay of vehicle.

    Kindly comeout with suggestons or is it same thing u guys facing with all other dealer booking.

    Waiting for all valuable suggestions.

    Guys who has got vehicle delivered i wish happy thumping !!!

    Dealer Address –

    CVC Motors,
    Cauvery Circle,

    • Pramod, get in touch with the company, dealer seems to be taking you for a ride.

    • Pramod

      Hi Faisal, Thanks for ur response.
      Yes i have contacted but i heard same delivery period extension to 8-10 months.

  • mike

    I have heard that

  • Muru


    I got the new TB 350 Twilight model on May 14th after nearly 10 months waiting period. I have completed around 1000 kms in this period and have never crossed 55 km speed limit. I’m getting a mileage of around 37kms. Is it normal.. In net I’m seeing several ppl claiming mileage around 45kms?? Does it really give that much mileage. FYI. I drive around 40 kms a day with 20 kms within city and 20 kms in high way..


    • Muru, that is excellent mileage.

    • Muru

      Thanks Faisal. Seeing different threads I was worried that 37km might be a less one..



  • Deepak Rana

    which one best bike
    classic ya Thunderbird

  • Washim

    Went to the showroom to book desert storm but after getting convinced with the look and features of thunderbird 350 I couldn’t control myself . Booked it on the spot.

  • indulal premrajan

    hi Faisal, i have booked a classic 350 4 months before but i did not like the colour of any of classic 350s. Is it possible to change the colour of classic 350 to that of desert storm??? how is it done?? pls give me a reply

  • Ritesh

    Hi Faisal…. I have heard a lot that many people dont consider the thunderbird as the “Real Bullet”….. Im a bit concerned bout that…. Also i fear the after market of thunderbird will not be good as compared to the classic….. i was just concerned as incase i have to sell my new thunderbird 350(which i have already booked) will i get a good price or not(even though i dont intend to sell it but just a thought)…..want to know your view….

    • Ritesh, it’s because people consider Bullets to be retro and stuff, the Thunderbird is quite modern.

    • Ritesh

      Wat bout the after sales market for the thunderbird??? To give u an example….Im currently having Honda Dazzler…..It has the same engine as the Unicorn….yet im having trouble selling off my dazzler even tho its in excellent condition…..but the unicorn is reselling in the market like hot cake….i fear it might be the same case with the thunderbird as compared to the classic….wats ur view???

  • ajay

    I can afford the new tbt 500, but I think my dehradun city traffic never allow me to feel such a power, should I go for
    tbd 350 cc. Is it good option. What’s about engine performance of tbt 350cc

  • Jai

    can anyone tel me what is crusing speed and top speed of tb 350 ??

  • Sachin

    Hi Guys,

    I have booked TB 350 today, delivery by October end or probably earlier.

    From maintenance point of view, how does it fare compared to other RE like Classic 350?
    Any niggling issues?

    • Sachin, all latest RE bikes are more or less similar to maintain.

  • vilas

    hi faisal,
    i have offer from someone… jan2013 model tb350 …running 11000 km ..just 10 months old… at the price of 135k (negoiable)… i am confuse.. as per model and running what is the current value for this bike… we are going to north east bike expe. in dec2013… new bike not possible beacause of waiting period… i love this beauty ,,, pls suggest what can do for this bike… its good for second hand or… any info about latest tb350 available for sale in mumbai or pune… my cell no. is 09922435326 pls call me…its very urgent..

  • Manu Sebastian

    Ordered my TB350 on Oct7th. Waiting period is 8-10months.
    It was about 1.48lac in Bangalore. Also the dealer told there may be an increase in rate within this 8-10 months.

    @Faisal: Any concerns/issues you have heard/came across with TB350? I have read all the comments in this forum and I could see that some even told bike is worst. Could you please advise? At higher speed whether the engine will stall due to high temperature? Is it common for all TB350?

  • Riyas AU

    Hi, I want to buy TB 350..It is very heavy (192 kg).has it any difficulty in handling the bike due to heavy wt.My ht is 5’3″ and wt 62 kg age 27 yrs.Is it suitable for me?

    • Riyas, don’t worry, handling is easy and weight is not an issue.

  • Pankaj

    Hi faisal,

    I am bit confused between TB 350 and Classic 350. As a regular commuter + weekender (sometimes)
    which one would you like to suggest. Both are equally good but i got some negative reviews about both in different threads. Kindly reply.

    • Pankaj, the Thunderbird is a better option for its more comfortable ergonomics.

  • Sourabh


    I am planning to book TB350, but what i read in reviews is that the power is not that good. Can any user let me know what is the truth. Can I touch 100 without vibrations ?

    One more question is that, can we consider this bike to be a long term investment. Or after 4,5 years, it will be just another bike with problems in the engine ?


    • Sourabh, vibrations are there but you will get used to it. Reliability is ok but not great. I say go for it as there is nothing which gives such an experience.

  • ashish

    I got my tb 350 on 1st of novmber. on the ocasion of dhnters…i am fully satisfy with bike ..anyone who wants to bye this tb bye it.its osom.

  • krishna kiran

    Hi guys. I booked a thundrbird 350 on july in chennai at legend motors. Im getting my bike at nov 27th 2013. All i want to know is after going thru so many reviews, does the bike have any weird or troublesome problems? Replies can be made at . Thanks

    • Nope, RE’s have improved in terms or reliability.

  • Ankit jadhav

    Hii faisal i m confused between pulsar 220 and thunderbird i m sporty and i like bike with good pick up and speed and averagr upto 40 to 45
    So which will be better for me

    • Thunderbird is almost twice the cost of the Pulsar 220!

  • Devashish pawar

    After some issues i am going to buy it but the waiting period is so long even i can wait
    But in a race can tb 350 beat R15 or cbr150r

  • Ram

    I have booked last month thunder bird 350cc. Dealers told me 7 months duration to deliver.

  • Abdul

    HI Faisal Bro
    Thunderbird is good to buy.
    I WAnT DECENT performance with good return efficiency.
    Waiting for other bikes launches like 200 ss or rc 200.

  • Rahul

    Hi Faisal
    I am 6.2 and weigh at around 83kg. I want a bike that is looker and also delivers on it’s performance. My budget is under 1.5.

  • Ashish

    Keeping each aspect in mind
    Which one to go for DS 500 or TBTS 350?

  • Rahul

    But Faisal I like duke 200 but I m skeptical that whether it will suit me as I have heard it’s not suitable for tall riders. Also as per ur opinion which one is better duke 200 or cbr 150

  • Sudipto

    Faisal, I want to book a TB350. Can you please tell me the on road price for it in kolkata? As per my knowledge the leg guard is not attached with it. Will the company attach it at delivery time? how much extra does it cost?

    • It costs around Rs. 1.4 lakhs, leg guard is attached in some states where it is mandatory, it should cost around Rs. 2k.

  • prithvi raj

    hi faisal ur review is quite gud!! m thnking to take thunderbird 350 and m worried abt the mileage? each and evry site i reviwed shows diff mileage sighs so can u give the accurate mileage details for me , can u give me after 1st service ladat!!! thank u bro

  • Saswat

    Can some one guide me which one is better in all aspect ( both in city and highway ride comfort, relaibility, price) between TB350 and Continental GT.
    My daily tarvel 60km. 20km in highway 40km in city

  • faisal khan

    Thunderbird 350 or duke 200
    Both are of same price tag

  • faisal khan

    And can I know which bikes do you own

  • Amit

    Awesome bike, purchased it last week. its smooth drive is like driving the bike on butter.
    Start the bike go on on long road, put it in third gear, make speed constant at 40 KM/hr, you will feel its beats like a music.
    I got this bike in four days!
    Drawback:-> seat is a bit lower

  • kaustubh

    I just book TB350 .Is it possible to travel on TB350 with my wife and 10 years old daughter ?(is there sufficient space )

  • Pratap

    Hi, I want to buy TB 350..It is very heavy (192 kg).has it any difficulty in handling the bike due to heavy wt.My height is 5’1″ and wt 55 kg age 39 yrs.Is it suitable for me? and as per looking officially?

  • Umer

    Faisal r u RE company man ?…………………I think u r

    • Read our reviews and say that again, we have criticized RE heavily.

  • arun

    I am planning to buy the new tb 350, but really hate its silencer sound., can the silencer of the new tb 350 be changed, and will it have any effect on the mileage, thanks in advance

    • It can be changed and new one is always more frugal if you ride the same way as before.

  • dr.sachin

    @ faisal Hi…..i alredy book tb350 i told some1 that issue of backahe due to vibration..also how much average after purchase??….i given testride that time feel some knowking prb …..

  • KS

    Hi..I’ve booked my TB 350 on 25th jan 2014. RE showroom people gave me 6 months of waiting period on paper assuring that will get it withing 4 month of time. I am planning to go for Monsoon Drive along with my friends. Is it advisable/possible to go for long drive before 1st service?? I am little concern about reliability during long drive. Please Advice..

    • It’s better to get it serviced as we always get carried away on long rides and rev the engine more than what we should.

    • KS

      Hi..My TB 350 is ready and going to collect by Friday..but the color and the logo is changed as they started new color and the Logo. To me color looks good but I didn’t like the Logo on top of the Tank. My question is, Can I changed the Tank Logo After purchased??

  • Ashish

    Hello Everyone,
    I am very new to the world of RE and as well as biking. I’m planning to buy my first ride, and I’m preferring for the RE bikes. I like both the 350s ie, Electra TS 350 and the TBTS 350, but have more inclination towards the TBTS. But going through the various internet vdos & reviews, it seems that the TBTS is unable to provide the THUMP same as the Electra. Going through the specs, and talking to the dealer, i found (I may be wrong) that both Electra and TBTS shares the same engine. so if they have the same engine then why the sound is so different? Why so less thump sound in TBTS? also is there a way increase the Thump later on without decreasing the performance of the machine? or should i just go for the Electra ?

    Note: I have also posted the same question in RE website forum, still no reply. :(

  • Vinz

    Im planning to buy royal enfield…Really confused between tb 500 and bullet 500….im 6 feet 4inch guy with 115kg…big structure…which one s good looker fr me…pls advice…

  • sujay

    hello booked TB350 on 18th march but bit confused don’t know why bcoz had read lots of reviews 80% people says its good but rest are suffering from maintenance issue
    so plz help me what should i do and what precautions to be taken during the bike delivery time

  • Ankush Rain

    HI All, I need a suggestion from you..! I got my RE TB350 on 12thMarch and I did ride 40kms same day.While riding I shifted gears accrding to manual and is as below.
    1st-0-15kmph,2nd-15-25kmph,3rd-25kmph-30kmph,4th-30kmph-45kmph,5th-45kmph-50kmph. While riding I felt some vibration noise as well as felt the thump missing or kind of shrinking thump. The thump was back whenevr i shift to next gear and as soon as I accelerate the thumps begins to shrink. I thought it will be okay after first service at 500kms but things seem like going worse, The thump is there on start only and if I am riding at lower speed for any gear then i get some thump. But when i accelerate the thump is not there and I feel like i am ridding a pulsar with heavy noise. As of now I complete 800Kms.Please suggest what to do.

  • vivek negi

    I have Thunderbird 350cc 2006 model i want to modified it so could you please share some suggestion.

  • Abhimanyu

    hi I am planning to buy a TB 350. So I took test drive yesterday. I must say ride is smooth but I encountered a couple of troubling issues. First during the test drive the vibrations i felt at 45km/hr is massive, and I had to literally hold on tight to the handle bars. Secondly the brakes are not at all good for sudden stops. I applied it twice or thrice but even though the rear disc brakes stops the rear tyres the sheer inertia of the heavy bike is not allowing it to stop. My question- are these problems only related to this particular test drive model or are these regular TB 350 issues??? Plz help me out. I am planning to buy the bike in the next month and would seriously appreciate any advice. This would be my first bike, my daily commute will be near about 30 km and I am 6 ft and above 90 kgs. I also wanted to know about the std service charge of TB 350 and is the bike reliable??? I have heard that all RE bikes still suffer from regular issues like oil leakage, clutch wire breakage and so on. Even the dealership person told me that this probs still do exist with the TB 350 but company is taking care of the issue. are these true comments???
    Plz help me . in dire need of your advice….

    • If you want reliability, look away from Royal Enfield.

    • Abhimanyu

      Faisal What about the issues I faced during the test drive?? are those normal with TB350 or was it an isolated incident???

    • It’s normal and seen on almost all bikes.

  • deepak

    Hi , i am deepak of 25 before i used to ride hero cd deluxe …now i wanted to buy honda unicorn my height is 5.6 will this byte suits me…..i am not that perfect in bike riding…how will its handling be..can u pls suggest me in shine and unicorn

    • Unicorn better, try Trigger, even better.

  • Asish

    Arrived yesterday….yippeee….

  • ajay

    I want to buy TB 350..How is its mileage???? It is very heavy (192 kg).has it any difficulty in handling the bike due to heavy weight.My ht is 5’8″ and wt 63 kg age 20 yrs and im a mbbs student. Is it suitable for me?manily want to know abt mileage…….

    • Supriyo

      Re’s are known for its legassy n style. If u r very contious abt milege it is not for u lol. Other things wont create ny trouble for u.

  • ajay

    can anyone plzzzzz show me the pics of twilight and flicker……….i already booked my tb350 im in confusion plz suggest me

    • Supriyo

      The prices are same

  • Supriyo

    Dear faisal, I am an owner of yamaha fzs. Doing a marketing job. So I have to travel day in n out. 100+ kms a day 3 to 4 times in a month n rest of the month 60+kms a month. So tb 350 is suitable for me?
    Red all the reviews which clearly states that tb 350 is having hell lot of issues with wires n oil leakage n bla bla. But is there any engine issues? And tb 350 parts are more costly than yamaha’s as I am going to ride it really hard? Considering all these points is it suitable for me as I am a die hard fan of Tb350?
    All suggesions are most welcome.

  • Senthil. K from Chennai

    I plan to Buy TB350 and Book the TB350 @ Tambaram Chennai. As per the Show Room Person Comments you will get the your TB350 3 month duration. If it is any possible to get before that time duration. One more FYI i plan to Buy Net Cash also. If it is any possilble to increse the value for TB350 between this three monday time. Kindly address me ASAP.

  • karthik

    Hi friends,
    I have pulsar 200 cc (six year old). In city drive I have shoulder pain.. Due to this problem am planning to get thunderbird 350 cc..main reason for choosing this bike is big handle bar and stylish too..because everyone telling buy choosing royal Enfield classic or thunderbird you should not have any body pain.. Anyone plz suggest me while driving in city which one should be better thunderbird or classic??

  • tushar

    I am about to book TB 350..
    PLEASE suggest me which is a better colour.
    Twilight or flickr..

  • Rohan

    hi..I hve booked honda cbr 150r. .waiting period is about 1 month bt showroon people is saying that stock has nt arrived nt its already two months. .so nw I planning to cancel cbr n im in love with RE TB350.i need comfort in any one suggest which bike will be good for me..iam a diploma height 5″6′ n weight about 57kgs.

    • Do you want comfort? Then get the CBR150R only. If you performance, the Duke 200 is worth considering. Thunderbird isn’t a very reliable product.

  • jit

    Hi..faisal bro…i am about 5’6 i am planing to get ktm duke200..and this will be my 1st bike…s it ok for me..plz suggest..

    • Yes it is, just get used to the power and take it easy initially.

  • vikas

    Hi faisal,

    I have seen your comments on the all qwery raised by folks. Intially you were saying everyone go for tbts but now you are saying tbts is not reliable product.any specific reson for this, because i am confused between cl and tbts.

  • harsh sisodia

    Hi Faisal,

    I was to own a RE since long…..Now i am confused between Thunderbird 350 and Deset Strom……My freind own thunder 350 have driven alot …….have not driven Desert Strom……except for the Test bike in RE show room.
    I am confused alot ….Please suggest.

  • mohit

    Which 1 is best
    Re thunderbird 350cc or cbr 150r

  • Rahul

    Hi Faisal
    I am 6.2 and I require bike for commuting to my office. Please suggest that whether thunderbird 350 will be gooood or I should go for some other bike. My budget is under 1.5. Please advise

  • Yash Jain

    Hey! Guys could u just suggest for which 1 2 go for frm TB350/500 CBR250R!!

    • Rahul

      Hey Yash If possible go for TB 500 otherwise TB 350 is also good and have the same features as that of elder sibling TB500 Less EFI and 150CC engine. If you like sports bike then go for CBR 250R.

  • Ramzeen

    What about TB compare to Classic 350,i book TB350 is that good r not plz rply me

  • Abhi

    @Faisal bhai : Which is the better bike between C350 & TB350… Considering all aspects… Main usage is city riding with occasional highway riding… Will my dad aged 53 be able to ride TB350 comfortably… He’s 5′ 7″ & moderately built… Plz reply Bhai…

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