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  • niraj roy

    is discover 125st will best one bike for me.
    my height is 164 cm and weight 56kg.
    milage should be 65+

    plz suggest me.

    • crazywheels

      Dont get attracted to mileage figures. As in case of Bajaj the mileage drops eventually after 1 year. But Discover st is a good choice for you. First test drive the models, CB shine, CB Stunner, Phoenix and Discover 125 st. In case of refinement and ride quality, Stunner leads the segment . But we can expect a mileage of 60-65 KMPL ( Consistant ).
      Bajaj leads the segment with mileage terms, But not well with mileage after 1 year ( I dont even think this model exists after i year ! ). But very good service at Bajaj.
      But Service at Honda is poor. But you need not have issues in the Honda bike for a long time.
      Try to service Honda bikes at trusted workshops. The only Problems the honda gets is the chain tightening and you can easily get rid of that.
      First test drive and decide.

    • Faisal Khan

      Well said Crazywheels, nothing beats a test ride as that way you can judge better what suits your needs.

    • Augustine

      Clearly I can’t see any honda bikes older than 5 years on road which clearly states its life.

    • crazywheels

      Can you see any bajaj bikes older than 1 year ?, especially the discover series. Even the company itself is updating the model every 5 months with new name but with same brand discover. Can u see any Discover and pulsr ( the original kawasaki series) in the road ?
      We can still see the old dualtone coloured Unicorn , shine and stunner in the roads.

    • Abhisek

      How ignoratn your are. The Discover was presented in 2004 and after that the major update or the major bike instead of update they have is the 125ST which is actually a new bike rather than an update. the pulsar series has seen a lot of updates although but for a company making newer bikes updates are inevitable crazy. And the original Kawasaki series was not called pulsar discover rather it was called caliber, wind etc which didn’t last as long as Bajaj’s original bikes. You can see more pulsars and Discovers still than shine and stunner sir. How you can’t see any Bajaj bike older than 1 year lol I can’t help but laughing on you! Not supporting any one but laughing on your funny comment. thankyou

    • Faisal Khan

      Nirai, for 65+ mileage, you should be looking at 100cc bike.

    • Vijay Anand

      First ride the bikes and then choose, which one is better for you.
      From my side , you can easily pick Discover 125 ST. It’s best in mileage and in terms of looks it’s very good.
      It’s packed with many features and it will provide you the full value of your hard earned money.

      Honda bikes are also good but sales and spare parts are not easily available.
      Stunner is also a good choice.

      Also I want to say here that purchase what you like and what you required and after that love it…

      happy riding….

  • deepan

    Shine- engine is good- but very very viby at high speeds and very pricey for very ordinary looking bike.
    i suggest you can go for stunner with a honda heart or bajaj- discover which is less viby and is of the same price bracket (well almost)

    • Dushyant

      LOL I have discover125 st from last 8-9 months and i its so vibrate at speed of 60km/h.
      So viby dont go for bajaj discover 125ST.

  • haneef shaik

    what a bike hai yar

  • abhishek

    i just love my 125 st bike bcz it has good pikup and it giove me the mileage of 55 in pune city…………go for 125 st guys

    • RAj

      Dont go for Bajaj bikes I already spends lots of money for servicing and part replacing,Bajaj not taking responsibilities of warrenty……..Bajaj is big FAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
      Bajaj Sucks……..Realy…

  • Anupam

    Is there any probability to launch bajaj discover 135cc bike frnds ???
    This bike is so stylish & full of specification that i can’t forget it…

    Thank u…

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