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Hero MotoCorp Confirms 250cc Bike Launch In 2014

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2011 Karizma ZMR

Hero MotoCorp is developing a new 250 cc sports bike which they will unveil at the 2014 Auto Expo at Gurgaon. The company says they will be using the most cutting edge technology, sophisticated testing and futuristic styling for this powerful performance bike. It will most probably boast a 250 cc single-cylinder engine with a power rating of about 25 BHP. The bike is being developed in partnership with American company Erik Buell Racing (EBR) at their technology centre in the States.

Many top level engineers from Hero MotoCorp are working for designing and initial stages of development of this 250 cc motorcycle. The later part of development and production will be shifted to India. The bike will be available in the market later in the later half of 2014. The top bosses associated with this product said that this bike will showcase their expertise and capability to produce high tech and competent products independently.

The MD and CEO of the company, Pawan Munjal is giving personal attention in this project and has given a deadline of the 2014 Auto Expo to complete this project. After parting ways with their earlier partner – Honda, in 2010, this will be one of the first products to be built by Hero MotoCorp. They have many upcoming products ranging from commuter bikes, scooter and bigger performance oriented bikes. These products are intended for Indian as well as foreign markets that the company plans to enter.

Hero MotoCorp is taking huge steps to develop bespoke technology and products to make their mark again in the Indian two-wheeler market. The biggest challenge faced by the biggest Indian bike manufacturer is matching performance and quality levels of the Japanese rivals as well as maintaining reliability, value for money and great service that they are popular for. Given the ambition and commitment shown by the company, we can hope for great products from Hero in the future.

2011 Karizma ZMR Red

Source – Economic Times

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  • Ben

    When this bike is launched in 2014, there will be no one to buy it. The reasons are: 1. There will be better options with better performance figures at that time. 2. Ebr is not a renowned brand in Usa. 3. Ebr has only 1 bike in its stable and is not proficient in making small capacity bikes. 3. It will be the first indigenous bike from hero so it will definitively have some issues. 4. Difficulties faced by the brand for technology submission. 5. Bigger capacity bikes greater than 250cc have been launched at cheaper price.

    • Kedar

      Ben lets wait and watch. :-)

    • Ben, being a Hero, you know it will be more comfort oriented.

    • ShiMi


  • naveen

    ChillAX Dude! Why are you anxious! Leave it to Hero. When they can sell bikes by changing strong brand name “Hero Honda” with a cycle brand Hero even with a decade old crap technology, they can sell anything. They have proved almost everything which is something hard to digest or impossible to believe.

  • No One

    They must be busy reverse engineer a more popular engine technology, may be from CBR :P

    • No One, nope they can’t do that anymore.

  • Naveen

    Are you nuts ? Who is going to benchmarck crap cbr? Crap 250CC Bike weighs over 160kg. Its a bike or a bullet ?1000cc bike of EBR weighs only aroung 170 kg !

  • ShiMi

    People just think hero as nothing but let me tell you bajaj also takes technology from ktm when their bikes can be popular why not hero’s.
    and if you think of its bike as crap then let me tell you that its actually hondas technology you are calling crap.
    hero was the first to bring some good stuff in a market that was ruled by bajaj’s super fe and chetak.
    they brought the first 150cc bike,and then the first 220cc,and finally the first off roader.MAN THEY HAVE GOT GUTS(and they will get technology soon.)

  • Akash

    1- If you can’t praise, don’t criticise.

    2- If people can buy Karizma ZMR then why not this…??

    3- When it comes to HONDA’S engines, they are the best in the world.

    4- No one can guess the future of Hero. Why ? Till now hero was on top b’coz of honda’s engines. When they will replace honda’s engines with their own ones, the real picture will be seen. If they could provide reliability close to honda’s they have chance to succeed…

    5- EBR . . . Dude that 170 kg bike is a track bike. Okay. If that comes as a production version, it will be more than 200 kg heavy. Honda cbr 1000rr is more than 200. Hayabusa is 220 kg. What else.

    6- If Honda CBR250R is a crap bike. You don’t ride any bike. What is wrong with cbr ?? It is 165 kg. Is it ? Your karizma is 160 kg. 220 is 152. If you can’t handle then go to gym and get some muscles and you will even feel a harley light…. :)

    7- Hero will bring a nice bike… Just wait and watch…. :)

    • Sreekanth

      1. I agree with your point!
      2. KArizme ZMR comes no where close to a Duke200/200ns/CBR250R!! Karizma days are gone dude!!
      3. Varies from person to person, i prefer a European engine over a Jap engine!
      4. Lets hope for the best! Way to go Hero!
      5. a 250cc performance bike should not be heavy! 250cc bike should not weigh more than 155-160kg else it wont perform well! Less weight more fun! ;)
      6. Very true! Honda CBR250R aint no crap bike! Its a best tourer available now, its got good speed, great handling and is comfortable!
      7. It is very clear that the quarter litre superbikes are becoming dominant. Soon there will also be Yamaha R25, TVS apache250 and KTM RC25!! Way to go!

  • Pravin

    What will be the price of hero EBR 250 ?

  • Sreekanth

    Hero is getting late! But as they say better late than never….i am eagerly waiting for the bike to release! Yamaha and TVS (with BMW) are also working on their 250cc bikes :) but then the question arises!! Cost!! KTM Bajaj has managed to keep cost under control and i am sure by the time these 250cc bikes are out there will be a hell lot of competition from KTM Duke390, Pulsar375 and also KTM RC250!!
    Buckle up for some real good quarter litre bikes in Indian Market! Soon we will see comparison article on KTM RC25 vs TVS Apache250 vs Yamaha R250 vs Hero Moto 250R!! woah! Im excited! ;) Cheers to Hero Moto!

  • yajaman chethan

    i am waiting for the bike & cheers to Hero motor corp

  • Akshay

    waiting for the bike and hope market will be more spicyier

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