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Ducati Monster 795 Test Ride Review

Ducati Monster 795 Test Ride-Review

Ducati Monster 795 – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Ducati Monster 795 Review

Bike Tested: 2012 Ducati Monster 795

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 8,09,279/-

Italians have a flair for design and speed, whether it is the Colosseum in Rome or the Frecciarossa high speed trains which are capable of 355 km/hr, if its fast and sexy, it’s most likely from Italy. One of the prominent cities in Italy is Bologna, which has two very significant places. One is the Bologna University, which is the oldest academic institution in the world, founded in 1088. And the other, is of course Ducati which was founded in 1926. Today Ducati is owned by Audi through its Italian subsidiary Lamborghini, which too is headquartered in Bologna.

You simply can’t tame a Monster and the 795 is testimony to that.

Now Ducati has developed an emerging market specific motorcycle, called the Monster 795, which is the most affordable Ducati on sale today. Targeted at countries like India, the Monster 795 is a mix of the Monster 696’s frame and the 796’s engine. First launched in 1993, the Monster range is in its second generation and now comprises of the 795, 796 and 1100. The Ducati Monster 795 is very important for the company as it accounts for a majority of their sales. The Monster 795 is Ducati’s most important model for India and priced aggressively to help get them the volumes.

Styling – The Ducati Monster 795 boasts of Italian design and has excellent fit and finish on its minimalistic styling. This motorcycle is manufactured in Italy and assembled in Thailand. The naked 795 flexes all its muscles and does it proudly. The Ducati racing red color makes the Monster 795 a delight to ogle at. In the interest of reducing costs, the Ducati Monster 795 uses a double sided aluminum swing arm, instead of Ducati’s signature single sided one. The single sided swing arm looks terrific and is sorely missed on the 795. There are no grab rails for the pillion, which along with the twin underseat exhausts and stepped seat makes the pillion not very welcome on this very fast Monster.

The round head light, uniquely designed rear view mirrors, exposed engine, meaty body, big tank with air vents on each side, floating seats, twin underseat exhausts and LED tail light are all part of the Monster 795’s eye candy appearance. The 3-spoke alloy wheels don’t look great although attention to detail is simply marvelous and one simply can’t miss the tastefully written 795 along with the Italian flag colors on the tank. The tank also gets a black plastic stripe running right through it. The Ducati Monster 795 is very difficult to miss on the road, with its tremendous presence resulting in people turning around frantically to get a glimpse of this Italian beast.

Instrument Cluster – The all digital console of the Ducati Monster 795 is split into two parts. The bigger display carries a large digital tachometer, while the smaller display carries all the other bits like speedometer, tripmeter, odometer, temperature meter, clock, lap time recorder, etc. There are also the usual tell-tale lights including oil pressure, low fuel light, shift light, etc. You can browse through the console to activate various display modes. However there is no Ducati Data Analyzer or fuel meter present on the 795. Switchgear although basic, boasts of excellent quality with all the buttons having a robust feel to them. One can activate the rear brake light for as long as they want by switching the ignition position to parking. Headlight throw is fantastic with the round headlight offering illumination through two bulbs, each lightening a semi-circle.

Performance – Powering the Ducati Monster 795 is a 803cc, L-Twin engine, which is nothing but Ducati speak for a 90° V-twin motor. This engine comes from the Monster 796 and belts out a good 86 BHP of power at 8250 RPM and 78 Nm of torque at 6250 RPM. The powertrain uses a single injector per cylinder unlike most other bikes which use a pair of injectors per cylinder. This Desmodromic air and oil-cooled motor uses 2-valves per cylinder and as you expect from a Ducati motorcycle, performance is nothing short of nerve wracking. At a dry weight of just 167 kgs, the Ducati Monster 795 has a power to weight ratio of 465 BHP per tonne, which lends it instant twist the throttle and ready to take off characteristics.

The Monster 795 accelerates so quickly, you have to make a conscious effort to stay in tune with the speeds

With oodles of power on tap, the Monster 795 accelerates very brutally, reaching 100 km/hr in just 4.2 seconds and nudging past 150 km/hr in just 8.2 seconds. Gearing is tall and thus first gear is good for 90 km/hr, while second gear will see you well past 135 km/hr. However once past 150 km/hr, there is way too much wind blast as there is no windscreen present on the bike. The Monster 795 has a top speed of 210 km/hr and there is more than enough power on tap for our Indian roads. The 6-speed gearbox does feel a bit clunky although the hydraulic clutch is light and progressive.

Although the engine is fantastic, offering excellent mid-range punch, where the Monster 795 just pushes you back and takes off at 4500 RPM, the redline kicks in quickly at 8500 RPM. The short-stroke motor does feel a bit hasty and juddery at low RPMs and some bit of vibrations do filter in through the handlebar. The Monster’s motor feels best when it is at high revvs, where performance is nothing short of frantic. The 795 feels composed at 140 km/hr in sixth gear and can cruise all day long without breaking into a sweat.

Just like any other Monster, the 795 is vocal right from the word go and roars every inch like a Monster, only getting louder as the revvs build. The loud nature of the Monster 795 at idle comes from the Desmodromic valves, which don’t have springs. Valve springs cannot cope up at higher RPMs and thus the cams are more prone to wear and tear, but over time Ducati has managed to bring down service interval levels despite using the Desmodromic engine setup. The use of light and expensive metals in the engine has paid off with the 795’s L-twin motor being extremely light. The Monster 795 gives ample confidence aspiring feel to the rider despite being in-gear while turning into corners, it feels like a heart rather than a engine.

There is no two ways about the Monster 795’s performance. Its fast and brutally so, with ample amount of power than you would ever need on Indian roads. Overtaking is a breeze and you simply twist your right hand marginally to whiz past traffic. Throttle response is very good for newbie riders, it’s very user friendly, everybody will feel comfortable despite an upgrade from smaller displacement bikes, which is truly remarkable to achieve because we know what magnitude of performance this engine delivers. The acceleration of this bike is instant, with in-gear times being quick. Ducati has calibrated the engine to cut power if it senses RPMs being higher in lower gears, resulting in a red light flickering on the console. This has been done to prevent loss of traction. Expect an overall mileage of 20 km/l from the Monster 795.

Riding Dynamics – Armed with the underpinnings of the Monster 696, the Monster 795 uses a trellis frame with 43 mm Marzocchi upside down forks at the front and Sachs monoshock at the rear. Ride quality is on the stiffer side but is still compliant enough on our bad roads. The Monster 795 does absorb bad roads in its stride with only sharp bumps unsettling the motorcycle. The mature suspension enables one to push the bike harder through that mid corner bump, though the bike tends to run wide. The made in India steel handlebars are not very welcome on a Ducati but is synchronized well with the saddle to offer maximum comfort to the rider.

The light front end makes the 795 quite nimble in traffic enabling the rider to push the Monster through the twisties with relatively quick turn-ins. However the bike does feel a bit heavy at parking speeds. The 120/60/17 and 160/06/17 Pirelli Angel ST tyres at the front and rear respectively offer tremendous grip. Road holding on the 795 is truly supreme and the composure is tremendous. The Monster 795 uses steel braided brake lines but the lack of ABS is both shocking and unwelcome. Twin 320 mm semi-floating rotors with 4-piston Brembo calipers at the front and 245 mm disc with twin-piston Brembo calipers at the rear give the Monster 795 strong stopping power. Brake bite is excellent and the 795 sheds speeds with confidence.

The Ducati Monster 795 feels thoroughly composed at high speeds, with lane changing never an issue. Ducati has lowered the seat by 30 mm, while increasing the handlebar height by 20 mm (compared to the 796), resulting in a seating position which is more comfortable for the average Asian rider’s height. The saddle is a bit upright but still very sporty. However tall riders (above 6 feet in height) will not feel at home due to the lower seating position. The foot pegs are slightly rear set to give the sporty feeling. Even though the 795 looks like a monster in proportion, it feels relatively easy to maneuver.

Verdict – It is safe to say that the 795 is the 796 for India, with the riding position more suited to Asian riders. While Ducati has cut costs to price the 795 aggressively, this Monster doesn’t loose out on the Ducati pedigree, which comprises of sharp dynamics, strong performance and delicious styling. The 795 is a Ducati in every way and performs like a true Monster. At Rs. 3.8 lakhs cheaper than the 796, the Asian specific Monster not only appeals to the head but even to the heart. The Monster 795 is thus a total delight, making it an excellent street-fighter motorcycle suited to Indian requirements.

The Monster 795 might be an Asia specific motorcycle, but its performance and handling are true to Ducati tradition, simply outstanding! The Monster oozes a lot of muscle, making it a thoroughly desirable machine.

Whats Cool

* Gorgeous Aesthetics
* Thrilling Performance
* An affordable Ducati motorcycle

Whats Not So Cool

* No ABS offered, even as an option

Ducati Monster 795 Specifications

* Engine: 803cc, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-valve
* Power: 85.80 BHP @ 8250 RPM
* Torque: 78 Nm @ 6250 RPM
* Transmission: 6-speed manual
* Top Speed: 210 km/h
* 0-100kmph: 4.2 seconds
* Fuel Consumption: 20 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame: Tubular chrome moly steel trellis
* Suspension: Marzocchi 43 mm upside-down forks (Front), Sachs monoshock with double sided aluminum swingarm (Rear)
* Tyres: 120/60/17 (front), 160/60/17 (rear)
* Brakes: 320 mm Twin Discs (Front), 245 mm Disc (Rear)

Ducati Monster 795 Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 2100 mm x 780 mm x 1060 mm
* Wheelbase: 1450 mm
* Seat Height (Rider): 770 mm
* Ground Clearance: 159 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 15-litres
* Kerb Weight: 187 kgs

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  • suyash

    20km/l is it real wrld mileage aftr dis bliterng prformance?? M a bit cnfusd as 250cc byks give around 30km/l as my cbr!! So only 10km difrnce?? Hw..

    • Shashank

      Well that’s because these are just middle weight sports bikes with so much light weight which helps get good fuel efficiency. These aren’t petrol drinking dianosaurs like big cruiser bikes.

    • Faisal Khan

      Suyash, more power doesn’t mean lesser mileage. It also depends on various other factors, including engine tech, weight, power delivery, etc.

    • venkey

      hay dud it is mainly depend on EFI …..once EFI replace corroborater all 250cc to 1600cc giving same fuel economy with just couple of kmpl difference

  • rahul

    hmm… interesting how this would compare with a KTM duke 690.. 150 kg dry, with around 69 bhp.. which if/when launched in india would be definitely cheaper..

    • Faisal Khan

      Rahul, KTM could be faster but there is no replacement for displacement.

  • Shashank

    You guys need to update yourself. 795 is now being offered with optional ABS. Checked on its India specific website..
    Kindly correct the information in your review.

    • Faisal Khan

      Shashank, the website states optional ABS but its not available in India yet. We have confirmed the same with Ducati India. However they do plan to offer ABS as an option in India soon. The Indian website is the same as global one.

  • paul

    breath taking bike & breath taking pics

  • DevVrat

    power cut off at high rpm in low gear is seriously the best thing in this article..great job Ducati..mothers’ll bless Ducati engineers for saving their children..

    • Faisal Khan

      DevVrat, the power cut is when your revvs are higher than the speed, to prevent wheelies and loss of traction.

    • Aman Sharma

      So,it’s not made for stunt riding. Is it?

    • Faisal Khan

      Nope, it’s not.

  • Neil

    @Fas: Nice review mate. You actually get mesmerized the way Monster responds and butterflies in your stomach. It is the grunt that makes you riding this bike more and more, not like the Japs buttery smooth engine which i’ve hated the most, because you dont actually feel it till the time you dont ride it. Agreed that Japs are way ahead when it comes to technology but it ends there. When it comes to sheer fun it has to be the Italian who have that design aesthetics in abundance.

    The only thing i didnt like is the broken rear right indicator. Please ask the owner not to be cruel and take care of it :)

    • Faisal Khan

      Neil, this 795 is a media bike and hence subjected to higher wear and tear.

  • akash

    nice to see big companies like Ducati developing models for our requirements, hopefully other manufacturers will follow too

  • Deepak Dongre

    Woah…great going Fas!

  • Ben

    @faisal, the review was excellent especially the pitcures. The twin silencers look like bking’s silencers. Please also do a review on Suzuki bandit 1250sa. Its price is nearly the same as this monster but the displacement is far higher. I also heard that it can do a top speed of 99kmph in the 1st gear, (from The Hindu newspaper long back). But its not a naked middle weight but a faired streetfighter.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ben, thanks for apprenticing the review and pictures. We will try to get hold of the Bandit. The Monster does 90 km/hr in first gear not 99 km/hr. As far as the category of the bike, it is quite subjective ;-)

  • Arun

    I booked this 6 months back. Some ppl did 12 months back. The bike never came. Don’t kno if it will Ever come

    • Parminder singh

      I am also book a bike on jan 2012
      Company will not replay it’s come or not
      Let’s see

  • Gajbar

    i love this bike but i feel ducati has less dealers

  • bhavin ngada

    what is the on road price for 696 monster , mumbai rto ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Bhavin, Monster 696 is not available in India.

  • ashutosh patil

    Addressing the fact that i have the money to buy this bike n i live in a good society i.e i dont have my own garage to keep the bike safe from robbers n i live in mumbai but is it worth to keep the bike like this in a usual parking lot and if yes then what is the best level of security i can offer this bike?

    • Faisal Khan

      Ashutosh, any Italian vehicle will attract attention but that shouldn’t stop you from buying it. Best is to keep it covered all the time, buy a high quality cover.

  • SJSR

    @Faisal Awesome review man… I currently own a r15 v2.0.. I cant flat foot on both legs when riding my r15 as i am only 5.5. R15 v2.0 seat height is 810mm but ducati seat height is only 770mm.. Can i flat foot on Ducati Monster 795.. and what is your height??? Thanks in advance!!! :-)

    • Faisal Khan

      My height is 6.2 and I found it quite short. I think you should be able to handle the 795 comfortably. Do sit on the bike before making a buying decision.

  • mohan

    Hello Faisal, how easy or difficult is it to handle in really slow traffic, stop and go kind of situation. Did you get a chance to ride through any slow traffic during test ride.

  • Dipayan

    Hi Faisal, will Monster 795 make a good touring machine? I used to ride almost 900 kms in a day on CBR on solo rides, and around 400 kms with pillion. Will this bike be comfortable for this kinda use?

    • Faisal Khan

      Nope, the Monster is a bit aggressive and heavy for your riding needs, not an ideal tourer.

    • Dipayan

      Sorry if this post is deviating from the discussion, but I heard that Versys 650 will launch soon in India. Is this a rumor or credible news? Currently, I was also toying with the idea of Benelli GT600. But its torque comes in at 10,000 rpm, will be a pain on the hill roads I guess.

    • Faisal Khan

      It’s credible news, Versys 650 coming this Diwali. Wait for it before opting for the Benelli.

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