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Legendary American life style motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson is developing a small India specific bike with a 500cc V-twin engine. This bike is expected to be launched at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo and the sales will start in the same year as well. Harley Davidson is planning major expansion in India with many new dealerships across the country. This new India specific motorcycle will help them capture higher volumes and attract customers away from its Indian competitor, Royal Enfield.

The bike is expected to be priced around Rs. 3 lakh in India. Harley Davidson will achieve this by producing the motorcycle locally with maximum localization of parts from Indian component manufacturers. In spite of being a smaller capacity bike, the 500cc V-twin engine will have typical Harley characteristics in terms of looks as well as the power delivery of its bigger siblings. With a lot of interest in India for these classic American lifestyle bikes, Harley Davidson has a lot of potential here.

The design of the upcoming entry-level motorcycle has not yet been shown to the world, but we can expect it to look very aggressive but laid back like all typical Harley cruisers with wide handlebars and lots of chrome. Along with expanding dealerships, Harley Davidson is also publicizing the biking lifestyle in India to attract customers to their brand. They are organizing a special meet in Goa called the Harley Davidson HOG Rally. This new small cruiser will be sold in India only but will be introduced in other developing markets later.


Source – IndianCarsBikes

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  • Amol

    This is very good news for those who want to own a Harley Bike, but due to its high pricing of these bikes cannot afford to own…

  • Ben

    This will be the greatest setback for royal enfield. A twin cylinder for 3 lacs is the best bet ever and that too from harley is like honey in the ears.

  • ishan

    False information.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ishan, what makes you say so?

  • ishan

    Faisal, Harley will never set up a manufacturing plant in India to make 1 model. Even if they launch it for about 3 and half or 4 laks, it wouldn’t sell like hot cakes as you may think which puts Harley at loss. For sales there are 2 big ways to make it-
    Sell more with less margin or Sell less with more Margin. Harley believes in the 2nd option and the best part is if they launch a Harley for about 3 and half laks, many people will start getting it. I my self would get one :) The Brand name will go down if any moron like me can also buy a Harley.
    So No way at all Harley will launch a bike in India less expensive than Superlow. I am 100% sure about it. If you say yes they are going to, please reply with a assured news not rumors.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ishan, Harley will definitely produce more than one bike if they do local manufacturing. They do plan to bring one below the SuperLow but exact details are not confirmed.

    • Pavithra Kumar Jogimutt

      Yes, very true. Harley is planning to come up with 500 cc V-Twin Engine only for Indian Market. I got this infor from one of my Friend who owns Harley Sportster FortyEight and he gets update from his HOG Riders and Banagalore Dealer.

    • Faisal Khan

      Pavithra, it’s very good news for cruiser fans. Hopefully they price it very aggressively.

  • Shaji Chacko

    Its true that HD is century old company even i have highly admired these bikes and still have wallpapers of HD in my laptop but do any of you know that HD Engines are notorious for breaking down simply because they have not bothered to be innovative when it comes to having world class engines. Even i never new it but while searching the internet i came across many sites where people have been complaining about the faulty engines but a good news that they have come with HD Sporster 1200cc bike, which is far better than previous bikes. If any HD lover want to know the pros and cons then please go through internet simply because you are pumping in all your HARD EARNED MONEY its a BIG AMOUNT in Lacs and Read article:Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 & Why You Should Buy One – James Russell. You can also see for Victory and Indian Motorcycles. Never be in a hurry when there’s a product in market try to know about them.

    • Faisal Khan

      Shaji, yes HD engines are not modern and that is the reason they feel ashamed to disclose how much power the bike is making.

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